Society of Writers to H.M. Signet (Great Britain).

A history of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet [electronic resource] : with a list of the members of the society from 1594 to 1890 and an abstract of the minutes online

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Online LibrarySociety of Writers to H.M. Signet (Great Britain)A history of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet [electronic resource] : with a list of the members of the society from 1594 to 1890 and an abstract of the minutes → online text (page 20 of 62)
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Jean, daughter of Mr. Robert Cheyne, one of the Ministers of Edinburgh ; and
(2) Katherine Lumsden.

HAY, ALEXANDER, of Hardengreen. Ist July 1819.

Apprentice to Francis Wilson. — Son of James Hay, Assistant Clerk of Session.
Born 11th August 1796. Died 18th December 1854. Mar. 24th November 1834,
Jane, youngest daughter of Robert Brown of Westbarns, East-Lothian.

HAY, ANDREW, of Haystoun.

Signs the Acts 7th December 1612. Son of John Hay of Kingsmeadows, Peebles-
shire. Died 1655. Mar. Janet Hay.

HAY, ANDREW, of Montblairie. 23d November 1719.

Apprentice to John Stewart, Senr. — Son of James Hay of Rannes, Aberdeenshire.
Died 5th December 1750. Mar. (1) Mary, second daughter of Sir Alexander
Ogilvy of Forglen, Lord of Session; and (2) 1721, Mary, daughter of George
Allardice of that Ilk.

HAY, CHARLES. 14th November 1800.

Apprentice to William Balderston. — Son of Alexander Hay of Mordington,
Berwickshire. Died in Ceylon 27th December 1819.


Reported not having an " open buith " 1607. '•


HAY, FRANCIS, of Balhousie.

Son of Peter Hay of Kirkland of Megginch, brother of George, first Earl of
Kinnoull. Died before 1661. Mar. Margaret, daughter of James Oliphant of
Bachilton, Perthshire. Fined £2000 by Cromwell's Act of Grace and Pardon
1654. Commissioner, 26th December 1627.

HAY, JAMES, OF Carriber. 16th August 1671.

Apprentice to William Charters and John Kennedy. — Second son of David Hay
of Woodcokdale, Linlithgow. Died December 1702. Mar. Magdalen Robertson.

HAY, JAMES, OF Cocklaw. 9th December 1728.

Apprentice to Andrew Hay of Montblairie. — Second son of Adam Hay of Asleid.
Died 20th June 1771. Mar. (1) July 1733, Ann, daughter of Alexander Far-
quharson, W.S. ; and (2) July 1746, Agnes, daughter of John Moodie of Ardbikie,

HAY, JAMES. 3d August 1742.

Apprentice to Alexander Stevenson of Montgreenan.— Second son of Lord
WilUam Hay of Newhall, Mid-Lothian. Died 31st May 1779. Mar. October
1744, Jane, daughter of John Henderson of Liston, Haddingtonshire. Warden of
the Mint, 24th March 1744-79.

HAY, JAMES. 3d July 1778.

Apprentice to Samuel Mitchelson. — Son of James Hay, W.S. Died 6th June 1788.

HAY, JAMES. 13th July 1780.

Apprentice to (1) William Hay; and (2) John Syme. — Eldest son of William
Hay, W.S. Died 1794.

HAY, JAMES. 30th June 1789.

Apprentice to Thomas Tod. — Eldest son of John Hay, younger of Hopes, East-
Lothian. Died 15th October 1821. Mar. 11th July 1798, Matilda Hay, daughter
of Captain John Clark, H.E.I.C.S., and widow of Alexander Falconar of Woodcot.


Commissioner, 4th December 1595. Mar. 26th May 1602, Maria Johnston.

HAY, JOHN, OF Restalrig. 1st March 1726.

Apprentice to Hew Crawford. — Second son of Alexander Hay of Huntingdon,
East-Lothiau. Died 6th December 1784. Mar. December 1727, Anne, daughter
and heiress of James Elphinston of Restalrig, Mid-Lothian. Treasurer to Prince
Charles, whom he accompanied to France. Attainted, 1746. Fiscal, 1732-34.
Treasurer, 1736-46. Substitute-Keeper, 1725-41, 1742-46.

HAY, ROBERT. '^^^ "^^''^ ""' 13th June 1646.

Apprentice to Thomas Forrest. — Eldest son of Robert Hay, Writer in Edinburgh.
Mar. Christian Rae. Re-admitted 21st November 1661.


HAY, WILLIAM, or Crawfordton. 13th January 1755.

Apprentice to James Hay. — Son of James Hay, Physician in Dumfries. Died
13th June 1776. Mar. January 1752, Mary, daughter of Ludovick Cant of
Thurston, East-Lothian.

HAY, WILLIAM, of Craufordton. 20th June 1769.

Apprentice to James Hay of Cocklaw. — Son of Dr. James Hay, Physician in
Dumfries, and brother-uterine of Alexander, Lord Banff. Died 25th December
1796. Mar. Mary, daughter of Samuel Forbes of Knapperny, Aberdeenshire.

HAY, WILLIAM WARING. 24th May 1821.

See Newton, William Waring Hay.


Signs Minute of 17th January 1606.

HECTOR, DAVID. ' 6th December 1827. .

Apprentice to Charles Oliphant. — Youngest son of John Hector, residing in
Aberdeen. Born 1802. Died 23d December 1874. 3Iar. 16th November 1855,
Mary Charlotte, daughter of William Hay, of Laxfirth, Zetland. Admitted
Advocate, 10th February 1837. Advocate-Depute, 1852. Sheriff of Galloway,

HEGGIE, GEORGE, of Pitlessie. 15th May 1817.

Apprentice to David Wemyss. — Son of James Heggie, Merchant in Kirkcaldy,
and grandson of George Heggie of Pitlessie, Fifeshire. Died at Moulmein,
East Indies, 5th January 1842, aged 50, unmarried.


Son of William Henderson, W.S. Died 1697.

HENDERSON, JAMES, of Pittadro. 11th December 1682.

Apprentice to, and eldest son of, William Henderson, W.S.

HENDERSON, JOHN. 25th November 1824.

Apprentice to William Inglis. — Second son of William Henderson of Scotscalder.
Sheriff-Substitute of Caithness. Born 21st December 1800. Died 25th August
1883. Mar. 10th August 1829, his cousin, Barbara, daughter of William
Henderson, Edinburgh. Author of Notes of Caithness Family History.

HENDERSON, RICHARD. 7th June 1797.

Apprentice to Charles Stewart. — Eldest son of Archibald Henderson, Merchant
in Glasgow. Died 30th June 1820. Mar. 16th June 1803, Jean, third daughter
of Alexander Fisher, Greenock.

HENDERSON, ROBERT. 30th June 1831.

Apprentice to (1) William Forbes; and (2) Hugh Tod. — Son of Robert Hender-
son, Writer in Stirling. Brni 17th April 1807. Died 27th October 1852,
unmarried. Admitted Advocate 26th November 1836.




Apprentice to David Smith. — Son of William Henderson, Inspector, National
Bank of Scotland. Bmn 2d June 1835. Died 8th October 1866, unmarried.

Commissioner, 15th December 1594.


Apprentice to Robert Pringle. — Son of John Henry son, servitor to Mr. William
Hay, one of the Clerks of Session. Re-admitted 21st November 1661.


Apprentice to William Charles Balderston and John Scott. — Second son of
Robert Henderson of Abbotrule, Roxburghshire. Bom 8th October 1821. Died
3d February 1859, unmarried.

HENDRY, JOHN. ' 13th November 1862.'^

Apprentice to John Stewart. — Born 18th November 1833. Died 18th May
1863, unmarried. Author of a Manual of Conveyancing, 1859, and other works.

HENRY, MA.TTHEW. 16th July 1888.

Apprentice to J. R. M. Wedderburn. — Son of John Henry, S.S.C. Born 10th
May 1864.

HEPBURN, JOHN BUCHAN, of Castle Dykks. 24th November 1831.

Apprentice to Morrison and Burnett. — Third son of Sir John Buchan Hepburn
of Smeaton, Bart. j9o»-n 2d May 1808. J5i«i Uth December 1874. Mar. 30th
May 1837, Margaret Sophia, youngest daughter of A. F. Swinton, Warsash
House, Hants. Solicitor to Court of Exchequer.

HEPBURN, JOHN STEWART, of Colquhalzie. 8th December 1808.

Apprentice to John Campbell of Annfield. — Son of Thomas Hepburn of
Colquhalzie, Perthshire. Bom July 1783. Died 20th September 1872. Mar.
19th September 1815, Helen, second daughter of Adam Stewart of Clunie.

HEPBURN, ROBERT, of Stonislate and Baads. Uth May 1705.

Apprentice to John Macfarlane. — Died 27th October 1738. Mar.' I3th August
1707, Katherine, daughter of Sir David Home, Lord Crossrig.

HERIOT, JAMES, of Ramornie. 4th October 1798.

Apprentice to Andrew Stuart. — Second son of Captain the Hon. Frederick
Maitland of Rankeillor, Fifeshire. 5(wn 11th September 1774. Died 2&th. April
1848. Mar. 31st December 1813, Margaret, the second daughter of William
Dalgleish of Scotscraig, Fifeshire.

HERON, JAMES, of Dalmorf^ 19th November 1835.

i^< Apprentice to Tod and Hill. — Son of James Heron, Merchant in Ajrr. Boi-n 2d

March 1811. Died November 1849, unmarried. ,;


HERRIES, WILLIAM YOUNG, of Spottes. 18th November 1817.

Apprentice to, and only son of, Alexander Young, of Harburn, W.S. — Born 3d
July 1794. Died 12th February 1872. Mar. 3d September 1822, Hon. Amelia
Saumarez, youngest daughter of James, first Lord De Saumarez. Assumed name
of Herries, 1823.

HEWAT, PETER. 21st December 1809.

Apprentice to Michael Linning. — Son of Peter Hewat, Baxter in Edinburgh.
Born 1782. Died 4th December 1832. Mar. 12th March 1819, Isabella, eldest
daughter of Andrew Taylor of Westbams.


Commissioner, 15th December 1594. Signs the Acts 26th December 1627.

HIGGINS, JAMES ALEXANDER, of Newck. 10th March 1789.

Apprentice to James Ferrier. — Only son of John Higgins of Newck, Stirlingshire.
B&m 17th September 1765. Died 26th September 1822.

HILL, ANDREW. 29th November 1821.

Apprentice to Francis Brodie and George Imlach. — Third son of Dr. Andrew
Hill, Physician in Greenock. Born 1797. Died 19th March 1874, unmarried.

HILL, HENRY DAVID. 5th March 1818.

Apprentice to Walter Cook. — Fourth son of George Hill, Principal of St. Mary's
College, St. Andrews. Died 25th July 1858, aged 67, unmarried.

HILL, JAMES. 4th July 1822.

Apprentice to, and eldest son of, Robert Hill, W.S. — Bwn 1800. Died Feb-
ruary 1841.

HILL, JOHN BOSWELL. 21st July 1879.

Apprentice to, and son of, James Lawson Hill, W.S. — Born 11th December 1855.

HILL, JAMES LAWSON. 5th March 1835.

Apprentice to Walter Cook. — Son of Charles Hill of Luthrie, Fifeshire. Bm-n
27th April 1812. Died 26th February 1883. Mar. (1) 19th November 1838,
Margaret, youngest daughter of James Dunlop, Glasgow ; and (2) 26th April
1853, Sibella, daughter of John James Boswell, Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. Commissary
Clerk of Mid-Lothian, 1860-83.

HILL, LAWRENCE, of Baklanekk. 12th July 1779.

Apprentice to (1) John Bell; and (2) Alexander Menzies.— Son of James Hill,

Writer in Glasgow. Died 11th December 1792.
HILL, NINIAN. 30th June 1801.

Apprentice to Robert Hill.— Son of James Hill, Writer in Glasgow. Died 27th

March 1814. Mar. 13th December 1801, Isabella, daughter of John Lang,

Writer, Glasgow.


HILL, ROBERT. 12th March 1795.

Apprentice to (1) Lawrence Hill; and (2) Harry Davidson. — Son of James Hill,
Writer in Glasgow. Born 1771. Died 184:2. ifan 4th August 1794, Barbara,
daughter of Mr. Geddes, Merchant, Cupar.

HILL, ROBERT, of Rosebank. 19th June 1812.

Apprentice to John Anderson. — Son of Robert Hill, Kilmarnock. Died 11th
August 1813. Mar. Jane Caldwell.

HILL, ROBERT. 17th March 1859.

Apprentice to Walter and John Cook. — Third son of Rev. Alexander Hill, D.D.,
Professor of Divinity in the University of Glasgow. Bom 14th April 1831.
Mar. 26th March 1861, Mary, daughter of Thomas Croil, Merchant, Barbadoes.

HOGARTH, ANDREW. 23d June 1829.

Apprentice to George Hogarth. — Son of David Hogarth of Hilton, Berwickshire.
Bom 1806. Died 22d March 1884. Mar. 25th March 1834, Dorothy, daughter
of Patrick Dickson of Whitecross, Berwickshire.

HOGARTH, GEORGE. 22d June 1810.

Apprentice to J. A. Higgins. — Eldest son of Robert Hogarth, Farmer in Carfrac,
Berwickshire. Died 12th February 1870, aged 85. Mar. Ist June 1814,
Georgina, daughter of George Thomas, Principal Clerk to the Hon. Board
of Trustees. Author of Musical History, Biography, and Criticism, 1835, and other
works. Father-in-law of Charles Dickens, novelist.

HOGE, WILLIAM. 24th December 1673.

Apprentice to John Wilkie. — Died before 1688. Mar. April 1676, Isobel,
daughter of Mr. John Sinclair, Minister of Ormiston.

HOGG, ANDREW. 28th July 1690.

Apprentice to William Hoge. — Died October 1691. Mar. Jean Sinclair.

HOGGAN, EDWARD. 5th July 1821.

Apprentice to Francis Napier. — Son of George Hoggan of Waterside, Dumfries-
shire. Z)ie(i 20th February 1867. Jfar. 1834, Elizabeth Craigie.

HOGUE, THOMAS JOHN. 11th July 1839.

Apprentice to Alexander Hunter. — Second son of Arthur Hogue, residing at
Barron House, Somersetshire. Bom 23d November 1815. Died at Chittagong
27th July 1844, unmarried.

HOME, ALEXANDER. 27th November 1673.

Apprentice to William Chieslie. — Son of John Home of Manderstoune, Berwick-
shire. Died 15th May 1702, aged 56. Mar. (1) 1st June 1676, Anna Home;
and (2) Euphan, daughter of Thomas Young of Leny, Mid-Lothian, W.S.
Commissary of Lauder, 1690-1702.


HOME, GEOEGE, of Wkdderburn and Paxton. 8th July 1763.

Apprentice to James Purves. — Second son of Alexander Home of Sardenfield,
Berwickshire. Died 10th February 1820. Principal Clerk of Session, 26th July
1781 to 11th November 1808. .-

HOME, HENRY. 29th July 1762.

Apprentice to John Davidson. — Eldest son of Alexander Home, Writer in Duns.
Barn 1732. Died May 1803. Mar. February 1767, Elizabeth, daughter of the
Rev. Andrew Boyd, Minister of Twynholm.

HOME, JAMES, of Gamelsheills. 2d March 1686.

Apprentice to Andrew Young. — Son of George Home of Gamelsheills. Died 1719.
Mar. 19th February 1696, Agnes, only daughter of Andrew Arrett of Dunbam.

HOME, SIR JAMES, of Blackadder, Bart. 20th June 1726.

Apprentice to Robert Hepburn. — Second son of Sir John Home of Blackadder,
Bart. Died 28th March 1755. Alar. Catherine, daughter of George Livingstone,
Depute-Clerk of Session. Commissary of Lauder, 15th December 1739.

HOME, JAMES. 25th November 1765.

Apprentice to (1) Robert Hepburn; and (2) Thomas Baillie. — Eldest son of
Alexander Home, Collector of Excise, Stirling. Died 9th October 1768. Mar.
1754, Mary, daughter of William Mitchelson, Builder in Edinburgh. Depute-
Clerk of Session, May 1768.

HOME, JAMES, of Linhouse. 19th March 1782.

Apprentice to Samuel Mitchelson. — Only son of James Home, W.S. Boi-n 17th
December 1755. Died 2d January 1819. Mar. 20th August 1802, Catherine,
eldest daughter of William Mitchell, Edinburgh. Lyon-Depute, 8th August 1796.

HOME, JOHN. 20th February 1812.

Apprentice to John Davidson. — Eldest son of George Home, Town-Clerk of Leith.
Born 1758. Died 13th October 1831. Mar. (1) Janet Halliday; and (2) Jean
Morrison. Substitute-Keeper of the Signet, 1785-1831.

HOME, JOHN. 12th January 1866.

Apprentice to John and Henry Gordon Gibson.— -Son of William Home, W.S.
Born 20th May 1838. Died 10th April 1890, unmarried.

HOME, PATRICK, of Bastlerig. 13th July 1695.

Apprentice to Robert Carstairs. — Died August 1717. Mar. Helen Home.
Treasurer, 1703-10.

HOME, WILLIAM. 19th June 1823.

Apprentice to, and son of, John Home, W.S. — Died 6th May 1846, aged 50.
Mar. 8th April 1829, Charlotte Helen, daughter of John Bume of Kingston.


HOPE, DAVID. 12th December 1707.

Apprentice to Thomas Pringle. — Fourth son of Sir Archibald Hope, one of the
Senators of the College of Justice. Died December 1736, unmairied.

HOPE, HUGH. 8th February 1838.

Apprentice to Walker, Richardson, and Melville. — Fourth son of Sir John Hope
of Pinkie, Bart. Bom 3d June 1813. Died 15th August 1876. Mar. 1st August
1848, Catherine, daughter of Archibald Spens of Manor.

HOPE, JAMES. 1st March 1799.

Apprentice to James Walker. — Third son of Dr. John Hope, Physician in Edin-
burgh. Bm-n 7th September 1769. Died 14th November 1842. Mar. 16th July
1805, Jane, daughter of James Walker of Dairy, Edmburgh.

HOPE, JAMES. 4th July 1828.

Apprentice to James Hope. — Third son of the Eight Hon. Charles Hope of Gran-
ton, Lord President of the Court of Session. Bm-n 28th May 1803. Died 14th
February 1882. Mar. 2d December 1828, Elizabeth, daughter of David Boyle of
Shewalton, Lord President of the Court of Session. Joint Deputy-Keeper of the
Signet, 1828-50; sole Keeper, 1850-82.

HOPE, JAMES, OF Belmont. 10th December 1840.

Apprentice to, and second son of, James Hope, W.S. — Born 1st July 1818. Mar.
16th April 1850, Hon. Gertrude Elphinstone, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel
James Drummond BuUer Elphinstone, and sister of William, fifteenth Baron

HOPE, JAMES ARTHUR, LL.B. 28th October 1889.

Apprentice to John Kirk. — Son of David Boyle Hope, Advocate, Sheriff of

Dumfries and Galloway. Bom 21st January 1865.
HOPE, JAMES EDWARD. 31st October 1879.

Apprentice to (1) James Hope ; and (2) A. Howe, J. S. Tytler, and W. Macgillivray.

— Eldest son of James Hope of Belmont, W.S. Born 6th November 1852. Mar. 1st

June 1880, Sophia, fifth daughter of Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath, Bart.
HOPE, JOHN. 12th November 1829.

Apprentice to, and eldest son of, James Hope, W.S. — Born 12th May 1807.

HOPKIRK, JOHN GLASSFORD. 15th November 1811.

Apprentice to Sir James Gibson-Craig. — Second son of James Hopkirk of Dal-
beth, Lanarkshire. Barn 1789. Died 2d August 1859. Mar. 12th September
1815, Jessie, second daughter of John Hamilton of Poltnont Bank, Stirlingshire.

HORNE, DONALD, of Langwell. 6th July 1813.

Apprentice to James Home, his uncle. — Second son of John Home of Stirkoke,
Caithness. Died 23d June 1870, aged 83. Mar. Ist June 1821, Jane, daughter
of Thomas Elliot Ogilvie of Chesters, Roxburghshire.


HORNE, JAMES, of Langwell. 16th November 1781.

Apprentice to James Marshall. — Son of William Home, tacksman of Scouthill,
Watten, Caithness. Died 29th September 1831, aged 79.

HORNE, THOMAS. 3d May 1881.

Apprentice to, and eldest son of, Thomas Elliot Ogilvie Home, W.S. — Barn 25th
June 1854. Mar. 6th August 1885, Horatia Georgiana Ramsay, second daughter
of Major James Wardlaw, Belmaduthy, and widow of William G. C. Asher.


Apprentice to, and son of, Donald Home, W.S. — Bom 1st January 1829. Died
26th June 1884. Mar. Priscilla Moore. I J Ji


Apprentice to D. Beith, R. D. Beith, A. Forrester, and P. Murray. — Son of
William Horsbrugh, Cupar-Fife. Bvrn 16th July 1865.

HORSBURGH, WALTER 27th Febraary 1818.

Apprentice to John Tweedie. — Son of Thomas Horsburgh, tenant in Yair, Sel-
kirkshire. Bom 1792. Died 22d June 1858. Mar. 21st September 1830, Eliza-
beth, daughter of the Rev. Andrew Murray, D.D., Minister of Auchterderran.

HOSSACK, CAMPBELL. 13th January 1890.

Apprentice to Alexander Paterson Purves. — Youngest son of Robert Campbell
Hossack, Bonnington Grove. Born 26th August 1865.

HOTCHKIS, JAMES. 23d June 1820.

Apprentice to Richard Hotchkis and James Tytler. — Only son of Richard
Hotchkis, W.S. Bcn-n 16th August 1795. Died 24th March 1865. Mar. 20th
July 1824, Margaret, youngest daughter of Major Thomas Hart of Castlemilk,


Apprentice to George Dunlop. — Eldest son of Major Richard James Hotchkis,
and grandson of James Hotchkis, W.S. Born 16th July 1863.

HOTCHKIS, RICHARD, of Templehall. 1st August 1788.

Apprentice to (1) John Bell; and (2) James and William Tytler. — Son of James
Hotchkis of Hoxwood, Shropshire, Brewer in Edinburgh. Born 5th May 1759.
Died 23d February 1824. Mar. 1st July 1791, Isobel, daughter of Richard
Gardner, Comptroller-General of Customs. Treasurer, 1792-1824.

HOUSTOUN, ARCHIBALD. 29th December 1699.

Apprentice to Robert Carstairs. — Killed in a brawl by Gilbert Kennedy, younger
of Auchtyfardle, March 1706. Mar. 27th January 1702, Esther, daughter of
Robert Carstairs, W.S.


HOWATSON, WILLIAM, of Hazelbrae. 16th June 1818.

Apprentice to Alexander Goldie. — Eldest son of William Howatson of Hazelbrae.
Born 1793. Died 7th May 1821.

HOWDEN, ANDREW. 19th June 1818.

Apprentice to John Mowbray. — Son of James Howden, Watchmaker in Edin-
burgh. Died 27th March 1861, aged 66. Mar. 16th July 1827, Laura, daughter
of Robert Richard Maitland, Edinburgh.


Apprentice to John Renton and Joseph Grant. — Son of Alexander Howden,
Merchant in Leith. Born 1801. Died 19th March 1875. Mar. (1) 3d Septem-
ber 1827, Catherine Sinclair, only child of Adam Robinson of Pearmontj and
(2) Miss Fulton.

HOWDEN, ROBERT. 9th July 1821.

Apprentice to William Dallas. — Eldest son of Francis Howden, Goldsmith in
Edinburgh. Born 1797. Died 20th June 1858. Mar. 27th November 1852,
Eliza Sophia, daughter of H. C. Burnet, York, and widow of W. H. S. James,

HOWE, ALEXANDER 8th November 1849.

Apprentice to (1) John Mackenzie Lindsay ; and (2) Thomas George Mackay. —
Son of Charles Howe, residing in Forfar. Born 26th April 1820.

HUGHES, GEORGE. 15th November 1832.

Apprentice to George TumbuU. — Born 17th August 1808. Died 6th November
1873. Mar. 7th August 1838, Helen Magniac, youngest daughter of David
Erskine, of Elambazar, Bengal.

HUME, JOHN. 12th August 1783.

Apprentice to David Anderson. — Third son of John Hume of Nine wells, Berwick-
shire. Died 10th October 1806.


17th November 1816.
Apprentice to Michael Linning. — Son of Norman Macdonald of Scalpay, Inver-
ness-shire. Born 1793. Died 7th July 1878. Mar. (1) 5th March 1818,
Catherine Finnan; (2) 26th July 1831, Grace, daughter of Sir John Hay of
Smithfield and Haystoun, Bart. ; and (3) 25th April 1843, Agnes Hume of Nine-
wells, second daughter of the Hon. David Hume, Baron of Exchequer.

HUNT, JAMES, of Navity. Slst May 1860.

Apprentice to (1) John Cosens ; and (2) James Charles Murray. — Son of William
Hunt, W.S. Born 9th February 1828. Died 13th October 1879, unmarried.


HUNT, WILLIAM, of Navity. 25th June 1819.

Apprentice to James Mackenzie and William Innes. — Eldest son of Charles Hunt,
Dunfermline. Died 9th October 1854, aged 59. Mar. 17th April 1826, Mary,
only daughter of James Normand of Baltilly, Fifeshire.

HUNTEE, ALEXANDER. 22d November 1813.

Apprentice to, and fourth son of, John Hunter of Doonholm, Ayrshire, W.S.
—Bm-n 9th January 1790. Died 28th September 1858. Mar. 26th April 1819,
Maria, third daughter of Alexander Maclean of Coll, Argyllshire. Sheriflf-Clerk
of Ayrshire, 1827-58.

HUNTER, ALEXANDER GIBSON, of Blackness. 7th June 1797.

Apprentice to John Anderson. — Eldest son of David Hunter of Blackness,
Linlithgowshire. Bm-v, 1771. Died 9th March 1812. Mar. 29th August 1800,
Ann, daughter of Alexander Gibson Wright of Cliftonhall, Mid-Lothian.

HUNTER, EVAN ALLAN. 15th June 1848.

Apprentice to John M. Lindsay. — Son of Alexander Hunter, W.S. Born 19th
June 1825. Died 16th April 1890. Mar. 15th June 1871, Ernestine Eglinton,
daughter of John Stuart Hay Newton of Newton. Sheriff-Clerk of Ayrshire,

HUNTER, FRANK. 28th October 1881.

Apprentice to Evan AUan Hunter, his uncle. — Son of Alexander Maclean Hunter,
residing at Balla-Balla, Cranboume, Australia. Born 26th July 1858. Mar. 31st
March 1886, Elizabeth Agnes, daughter of Rev. John Mein-Austin of St. Mungo.

HUNTER, JOHN, of Doonholm. 26th June 1769.

Apprentice to John Bell. — Second son of Andrew Hunter of Abbotshill, Ayrshire,
Writer in Edinburgh. Born 21st April 1746. Died 24th April 1823. Mar.
1773, Jane, second daughter of William Fergusson of Doonholm and Bonnytoun.

HUNTER, JOHN. 22d November 1821.

Apprentice to William Mackenzie and Alexander Monypenny. — Son of David
Hunter, Brewer in Aberdeen. DiM 21st January 1848. Mar.

HUNTER, JOHN. 6th July 1826.

Apprentice to Walter Cook. — Eldest son of Dr. James Hunter, Professor of Logic
in University of St. Andrews, ^wre 1801. Di«d 3d December 1869. J/wr. 18th
September 1829, Helen, daughter of Richard Vary of Crossford, Lanarkshire.
Auditor of Court of Session, 1849-66.

HUNTER, RICHARD. 15th November 1838.

Apprentice to Mackenzie and Sharpe. — Son of Richard Hunter, of the Hon. East
India Company's Service. Bom 20th June 1817. Died July 1844, unmarried.



HUNTER, THOMAS. 11th November 1647.

Apprentice to James Farquharson. — Son of Thomas Hunter, Bailie in Carsland,
ft Ayrshire.

HUNTER, WILLIAM. 30th December 1647.

Resigned his Commission, 15th October 1663, on account of his age.


Apprentice to David S. Dickson and David Shaw. — Son of Patrick Hunter of
Watery butts, Perthshire. Bom 14th March 1865.

HUNTER, WILLIAM VARY. 17th March 1864.

Apprentice to Charles Morton. — Son of John Hunter, W.S., Auditor of Court of
Session. Boxn 30th September 1839. Died 18th January 1872, unmarried.

HUTCHESON, JAMES. 1st August 1707.

Apprentice to Adam Fullerton. — Died 1726. Mar. Margaret Scougall.

HUTCHESON, JAMES. 27th June 1878.

Apprentice to George Dalziel. — Bmn 10th August 1846.

HUTCHINSON, ALEXANDER. 4th February 1830.

Apprentice to James Amott. — Son of Captain John Hutchinson, Commander of

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