Society of Writers to H.M. Signet (Great Britain).

A history of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet [electronic resource] : with a list of the members of the society from 1594 to 1890 and an abstract of the minutes online

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Online LibrarySociety of Writers to H.M. Signet (Great Britain)A history of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet [electronic resource] : with a list of the members of the society from 1594 to 1890 and an abstract of the minutes → online text (page 22 of 62)
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KIRKWOD, JAMES. 30th June 1628.

Apprentice to Robert Kirkwod. — Died 1646. Mar. 16th November 1631, Jean


Signs Minute of 17th Januarj- 1606. Died before 1642. Mar. 4th October 1610,
Sibylla Gilbert,

KNOX, JOHN. 28th February 1684.

Apprentice to John Campbell of Succoth. — Died 6th December 1705, aged 46.
Mar. 9th December 1684, Marjory Dundas.


Signs Minute of 17th January 1606. Died about 1622.

LAIDLAW, JAMES. 16th November 1784.

Apprentice to Robert Jameson. — Son of Robert Laidlaw, Tenant in Peile. Died
1st May 1831. Mar. llth August 1801, Jean, daughter of John Pitcaim,
Merchant and Provost of Dundee.

LAKE, RICHARD. 25th November 1780.

Apprentice to James Stuart. — Son of Richard Lake, Merchant in Edinburgh.
Died December 1798.


LAMBTON, STEPHEN. 11th July 1833.

Apprentice to William Renny. — Son of Arthur Lambton, residing in Norwich.
Bom 25th February 1809. Died 1851. Mar. 4th December 1833, Frances
Elizabeth, second daughter of Major George Brown, 4th Dragoons.

LAMBIE, JAMES. 29th November 1673.

Apprentice to Robert Alexander. — Mar. 30th June 1670, Janet Rae.

LAMONT, ALEXANDER, of Knockdow. 21st May 1812.

Apprentice to Craufurd Tait. — Eldest son of James Lamont of Knockdow, Argyll-
shire, ^orn 1784. Z'iet^ 21st August 1861. ilfar. 3d April 1827, Jane, daughter
of Alexander Chrystie of Balchrystie, Fifeshire.

LAMONT, WILLIAM. 1st July 1819.

Apprentice to (1) Henry Jardine; and (2) Richard Hotchkis. — Son of Peter
Lamont, Brewer in Edinburgh. Died 1858, aged 69. Was twice married.

L'AMY, JOHN RAMSAY, of Dunkenny. 22d February 1838.

Apprentice to George Combe. — Eldest son of James L'Amy of Dunkenny, Forfar-
shire, Advocate. Born 9th April 1813. Mar. (1) 10th June 1845, Mary Riche
Macleod, only daughter of WiUiam Mitchell Innes of Ayton; and (2) 10th
November 1885, Mrs. Adeline Atty or Malcolm, London.

LANG, JAMES. 16th November 1812.

Apprentice to Ninian Hill. — Son of John L.ang, Writer in Glasgow. Died 1869.
Mar. 14th April 1818, Eliza, fourth daughter of John Dickson of Kilbucho,

LANG, WILLIAM. 27th February 1818.

Apprentice to Robert Fleming. — Son of John Lang, Sheriff-Clerk of Selkirkshire.
Born 1791. Died 12th January 1837. Mar. 27th April 1830, Isabella, daughter
of the Rev. Andrew Murray, D.D., Minister of Auchterderran.

LAUDER, DAVID. 7th April 1694.

Apprentice to George I)a,l\a,s.— Died 20th January 1709, aged 46. Mar. 18th
December 1696, Isabel, daughter of John Thomson, Merchant, Edinburgh.


Died before 1630. Mar. 18th October 1610, Margaret Clapperton.

LAURIE, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, of Rossend. 27th June 1823.

Apprentice to William Inglis. — Son of Alexander Laurie, Depute Gazette Writer.
Boi-n 1800. Di^d 27th October 1870. Mar. (1) 6th February 1821, Harriet
Oakley, youngest daughter of Robert Beatson of Kilry; and (2) 16th August
1864, Isabella Taylor, daughter of Captain William Riddock, 4th Regiment.



Apprentice to Archibald Watson Goldie. — Son of the Rev. Henry Laurie, Minister
of Lochmaben. Born 26th June 1806. Died 2d March 1869. Mar. 23d December
1834, Christina, daughter of the Rev. William Bayne of Greenock.

LAW, JAMES, OF BoGis or Bogness. 28th December 1629. ■

Keeper of the Signet, 26th December 1627.

LAW, JAMES. 17th February 1825.

Apprentice to Walter Dickson. — Son of James Law of Elvingstone, Surgeon in
Edinburgh. Died 7th October 1867, aged 67. Mar. 29th July 1828, Mary, eldest
daughter of John Burnett, Surgeon in Edinburgh.

Mentioned 1606.

LAWSON, JAMES. 19th June 1818.

Apprentice to James Laidlaw. — Eldest son of Peter Lawson, Seedsman in Edin-
burgh. Died 27th February 1864, aged 70. Mar. April 1826, Margaret, youngest
daughter of John Clark, Edinburgh.

LAWSON, JOHN, of Cairnmuik. 21st May 1805. '^

Apprentice to (1) Hugh Robertson ; and (2) James Dundas. — Eldest son of William
Lawson of Cairnmuir, Peeblesshire. Born 1780. Died 9th June 1834. Mar. (1)
5th January 1808, Isabella, daughter of William Robertson, Deputy-Keeper of
the Records ; and (2) 25th January 1825, Janet, second daughter of James Brown
of Edmondstone, Lanarkshire. Representative of Lawson of Highriggs.

LAWTIE, ADAM, of Sauchtonhall.

Commissioner, 1594. Son of David Lawtie, Writer, Edinburgh. Died 1628. J

LAYNG, JOHN, of Spittalls. ^^ ■

Depute-Secretary and Keeper of the Signet, 16th December 1594. Died 14th
February 1612. Mar. Rebecca Dennistoun.


Commissioner, 18th October 1631. Died November 1649.

LEGAT, ROBERT. 16th July 1858.

Apprentice to Adam Paterson. — Only son of Robert Legat of Esk Park, Mussel-
,,„ burgh. £w» nth April 1831. i>i«rf 6th December 1877. i¥rtr. 3d February 1866,

Emily, youngest daughter of James Eddowes, Surgeon, Royal Artillery.

LEISHMAN, JOHN. 19th November 1835.

Apprentice to William Fraser. — Only son of the Rev. Robert Leishman, Kinross.
Boirn June 1807. Died 18th September 1867. Mar. 3d March 1840, Hannah
Elizabeth, daughter of John Weatherly, Whickham House, Durham.


Bee Ross, John Leith. -iJ**'^' t'"" '"" ""*. • ■■"" t'r*""*-'* '■'■''-


LENY, GKAHAM, of Glins. 17th May 1799.

Apprentice to (1) William Anderson; and (2) Robert Dundas. — Second son of
George Leny of Nether Glins. Died 21st January 1827.

LESLIE, ALEXANDER. 21st February 1655.

Apprentice to Francis Hay. — Eldest son of Lachlane Leslie of Miltoun in

Balvanie, Banffshire. Died February 1670. Mar. (1) Margaret, daughter of

Scott, City Clerk of Edinburgh; and (2) 13th October 1668, Jean Lindsay.
Re-admitted 8th July 1661.

LESLIE, Sir JOHN, of Wardis and Findrassie, Bart. 16th November 1784.

Apprentice to Andrew Stuart. — Son of Charles (John 1) Leslie, Writer in Edin-
burgh. Died 30th October 1825. 3Iar. 15th July 1794, Caroline Jemima, only
daughter and heir of Abraham Leslie of Findrassie, Elginshire. Claimed and
Assumed Baronetcy as 4th Baronet.

LESLIE, WILLIAM. 22d November 1776.

Apprentice to Alexander Robertson. — Son of Thomas Leslie, Merchant in
Montrose. Died 16th October 1798.

LEVEN, JOHN. 8th June 1804.

Apprentice to John Tait. — Son of John Leven, General Supervisor of Excise.
Barn 1780. Di^d 3d April 1862. Mar. 31st August 1826, Janet, youngest
daughter of the Rev. James Wemyss, Minister of Burntisland.

LIND, ARCHIBALD. 10th March 1808.

Apprentice to Robert Trotter. — Fourth son of David Lind of Bearlawholme.
Died 1811.

LINDESAY, JAMES. 22d June 1837.

Apprentice to Walker, Richardson, and Melville. — Son of William Lindesay, Mer-
chant in Leith. Born 16th April 1812. Died 12th January 1888, unmarried.

LINDSAY, JAMES. 1st March 1832.

Apprentice to John Mowbray. — Son of George Lindsay, residing in Edinburgh.
Barn 4th July 1806. Mar. 27th September 1849, Jessie Brand, daughter of
Robert Kellie Douglas, Birmingham.


Apprentice to Patrick Blair. — Son of William Lindsay of Hermitage Hill, Leith.
Barn 5th October 1849.

LINDSAY, JOHN MACKENZIE. 17th November 1814.

Apprentice to Alexander Pearson. — Fourth son of James Lindsay Carnegie of
Boysack, Forfarshire. Born 15th March 1792. Died 4th August 1873. Mar.
22d July 1835, Florence, daughter of Rev. Charles Brown ofWhitestone Rectory,
Devon. Director of Chancery, 25th June 1858-73. Principal Clerk of Session,
26th February 1847 to 6th July 1858.


LINDSAY, ROBERT JOHN. 7th June 1872.

Apprentice to James Lindsay, his uncle.— Son of Robert Lindsay, Pharmaceuti-
cal Chemist in Edinburgh. Born 16th February 1848. Mar. 6th April 1887,
Isabella Littlejohn, daughter of Adam Patersou, LL.D., Writer in Glasgow.

LINDSAY, WILLIAM. 14th July 1789.

Apprentice to Archibald Tod.— Third son of Martin Lindsay, Writer in Edin-
burgh. Died 1849. Mar. 20th February 1792, daughter of John Mackenzie,
Merchant in Stirling.


Apprentice to (1) Henry Inglis; and (2) John W. Young and John Blair.— Son
of John Kyle Lindsay, S.S.C. Bmn 25th April 1861.

LINNING, MICHAEL, of Cumberhead. 18th June 1801.

Apprentice to James Drummond. — Son of Thomas Linning, and grandson of the
Rev. Thomas Linning, Minister of Lesmahagow. Born 1775. Died 17th Febru-
ary 1838. Mar. 29th April 1800, daughter of Henry Patrick Wilson, H.E.I.C.S.

LISTER, DAVID, of Kininmonth. 9th July 1805.

Apprentice to Edward Bruce. — Son of James Lister, Farmer, Pitlessie Mill, Fife-
shire. Died 18th December 1827, aged 66. Mar. 14th February 1801, Janet,
daughter of James Blyth of Kininmonth, and widow of Andrew Fernie of Wester
Kilmux, Fifeshire.

LITTLE, JAMES. 2d March 1804.

Apprentice to Thomas Cranston. — Youngest son of John Little of Stewarton.
Died 9th September 1816.


See GiLMOUR, Robert Little.
LIVINGSTON, JOHN. 3d July 1828.

Apprentice to John Murray. — Son of John Livingston, Merchant in Strathblane.

Bom 1800. Died 24th November 1838, unmarried.


Apprentice to Robert Strathern. — Son of James Livingston, Merchant, Edinburgh.
Born 14th January 1866.

LOCH, JAMES. 4th July 1769.

Apprentice to James Syme. — Third son of William Loch of Hawkshaw, Writer in
Edinburgh. Died 2d September 1793. Mar. Miss Colville of Sunbury. H.M.
Remembrancer to the Court of Exchequer.

LOCKHART, EPHRAIM. 25th February 1803.

Apprentice to (1) William Blair; and (2) Campbell Adie.— Sonof Ephraim Lock-
hart of the Customs, Leith. Died 26th November 1850, aged 74. Mar. 22d April
1818, Janet, daughter of John Learmonth, Parkhall, Stirlingshire.


LOCKHART, NORMAN, of Taebrax. 21st May 1805.

Apprentice to William Macdonald. — Third son of Charles Lockhart of Muiravon-
side. Died 5th March 1853, aged 73. Mar. 3d January 1806, Phillis Barbara,
daughter of John Macmurdo, Dumfries.

LOCKHART, WILLIAM. 8th December 1662.

Apprentice to John Semple. — Son of James Lockhart of Cleghome, Lanarkshire.
Having been appointed Commissary of Lanark, suspended 8th January 1666.


Apprentice to A. Hamilton, G. T. Kinnear and Robert Beatson. — Son of Alexander
Stuart Logan, Advocate, Sheriff of Forfarshire. Born 7th May 1851.

LOGAN, CHARLES BOWMAN. 9th February 1860.

Apprentice to, and son of, John Logan, W.S. — Bom 3d May 1837. Mar. 16th
July 1863, Margaret Carrick, daughter of Robert Romanes of Craigerne, Peebles-
shire. Fiscal, 1883-87. Crown Agent, 1883-85, and February to June 1886.
Deputy-Keeper of the Signet, 15th December 1887.


Died 19th January 1614. Mar. 11th April 1611, Martha Muire.

LOGAN, EDMUND. 4th February 1830.

Apprentice to James Hope. — Fourth son of William Logan of Clarkston. Bkd
24th January 1865, aged 61, unmarried.

LOGAN", GEORGE. 12th December 1822.

Apprentice to William Bell. — Eldest son of Robert Logan, Milldown, Berwick-
shire. Born 1799. Died 18th July 1877. Mar. 5th August 1823, Marion,
second daughter of Thomas Manson, Lambeth. Clerk of Teinds, 1841-77.

LOGAN, JOHN. 19th November 1829.

Apprentice to James Mackenzie and William Innes. — Son of Robert Logan,
residing in Lanark. Boi-n 25th August 1792. Died 11th July 1883. Mar. 7th
August 1833, Helen, daughter of Charles Bowman, Depute-CIerk of Teinds.

LOGIE, WILLIAM. 1st March 1832.

Apprentice to Gibson and Oliphant. — Son of Major Logic, 97th Regiment. Born
18th December 1808. Died 15th November 1872. ifar. 1st June 1837, Jane
Hewat, eldest daughter of James Black, Glasgow. Sheriff-Substitute at Airdrie,

LONGMORE, JOHN ALEXANDER, of Deanshaugh. 12th November 1835.

Apprentice to John Donaldson. — Only son of Adam Longmore, Junr., of the
Exchequer. Boi-n 28th October 1812. Died 16th April 1875, unmarried.

LOTHIAN, EDWARD. . 7th July 1795.

Apprentice to Charles Innes. — Son of the Rev. William Lothian, D.D., Minister of
Canongate. Died 12th April 1840. Admitted Advocate, 3d June 1815.


LOTHIAN, JAMES HUGH. 7th July 1820.

Apprentice to Craufurd Tait. — Eldest son of the Eev. Andrew Lothian, Minister
of the Associate Congregation of PortsburgL Died 3d April 1831.


Apprentice to R B. Ranken. — Son of William Loudon, Administrator-General,
Bombay. Born 6th January 1865,

LOUTFOUT, JOHN. 3d October 1671.

Apprentice to George Sibbald. — Son to John Loutfout, Tailor, Burgess of Edin-
burgh, representative of the family of Orchil. Died 1709. Treasurer, 1699-1703.
Keeper of the Privy Seal.

LOW, GEORGE 23d April 1873.

Apprentice to John Brown Innes. — Youngest son of James Low of Laws, Berwick-
shire. Born 7th March 1849. Mar. 27th April 1880, Agnes Elizabeth, third
daughter of Major Jocelyn Ffoulkes of Eriviatt, Denbighshire.

LOW, HENRY MALCOLM. 3d July 1820.

Apprentice to Samuel C. Somerville and Charles B. Scott. — Son of Robert Low
of Clatto, Fifeshire. Died at Meeady, Pegu, 5th April 1858, aged 60, unmarried.

LOWE, WILLIAM DUNCAN. 18th March 1889.

Apprentice to J. A. Jamieson, G. Dalziel, J. Craik, and J. W. Tod. — Fourth
son of John Duncan Lowe, Publisher, Edinburgh. Born 22d April 1849. Mar.
2d April 1890, Edith Campbell, daughter of Rev. Robert Gordon Balfour, of New
North Free Church, Edinburgh.

LUMSDEN, CLEMENTS. 8th July 1823.

Apprentice to Richard Hotchkis and James Tytler. — Son of Harry Lumsden of
Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire. Died 27th November 1853, aged 60. Mar. 3d July
1827, Jane, third daughter of James Forbes of Echt, Aberdeenshire. Admitted
to Society of Advocates in Aberdeen, 1825.

LUMSDEN, JOHN, of Blanerne. 3d February 1701.

Apprentice to William Thomson. — Second son of Robert Lumsden of Stravithy.
Died 27th December 1757.

LUMSDAINE, WILLIAM. 24th February 1778.

Apprentice to Samuel Mitchelson. — Fourth son of James Lumsdaine of Strath-
tjrrum. Died 19th January 1794. Mar. 14th October 1781, Ann, daughter of
Sir Alexander Gordon of Lesmore, Bart.

LUNDIE, ARCHIBALD. 9th August 1782.

Apprentice to (1) Robert Menzies ; and (2) John Moir. — Only son of the Rev.
Henry Lundie, of Trinity College Church, Edinburgh. Bom 1748. Died 4th
May 1841.


LYALL, DAVID. 4th December 1823.

Apprentice to Richard Cowan. — Son of Alexander Lyall, Comptroller of the
Customs, Aberdeen. Died 17th October 1826.

LYELL, DAVID. 28th January 1881.

Apprentice to Thomas E. 0. Home. — Son of David Lyell, S.S.C, Edinburgh.
Bm-n 19th May 1857. Mar. 14th June 1887, Florence, eldest daughter of
William Tolson, Fazeley, Stafford.

LYON, DAVID. 11th August 1682.

Apprentice to John Lyon. — Son of William Lyon of Easter Ogil. Died 1726.
Mar. May, daughter of Mr. Alexander Guthrie, Minister of Stracathro, Forfar-
shire. Commissary of Brechin.

LYON, GEORGE, of Wester Ogil. 15th June 1810.

Apprentice to Alexander Duncan. — Eldest son of Hugh Lyon, Captain in the
Service of the English East India Company. Died 14th November 1866, aged 80.
Mar. 28th March 1810, Catherine, third daughter of the Rev. Thomas Fleming,
D.D., Minister of Lady Yester's Church, Edinburgh.

LYON, JOHN. 2d December 1672.

Apprentice to Alexander Leslie. — Mar. 1st March 1667, Helen Ramsay.

LYONS, MATHIAS. 1st March 1799.

Apprentice to Horatius Cannan. — Eldest son of Mathias Lyons, Merchant in
Lerwick. Died 1837.

MACALISTER, CHARLES. 20th November 1818.

Apprentice to Walter Cook. — Youngest son of Alexander Macalister of Strathaird,
Skye. Drowned on board the steamer Comet ofiFGourock, 2l8t October 1825.

MACALLAN, ALLAN BERTRAM. 18th November 1858.

Apprentice to David Smith. — Son of James Macallan, W.S. Born 26th June
1836. Died 19th March 1888. Mar. 19th August 1876, Agnes Gertrude, eldest
daughter of David L. Bum, St. Andrews.

MACALLAN, JAMES. 12th December 1816.

Apprentice to Francis Wilson. — Son of Thomas Macallan, Officer of Excise,
Edinburgh. Died 16th June 1868, aged 76. Mar. (1) 30th April 1822,
Catherine, eldest daughter of Robert Ainslie, W.S. ; and (2) 27th July 1826,
Cecilia, daughter of William Bertram of Nisbet, Lanarkshire.


Apprentice to Robert Macandrew and J. P. Wright. — Only son of John Mac-
andrew, S.S.C. Born 17th July 1857. Mar. 29th January 1889, Elsie Mabel,
only daughter of Major-General W. Lambert Yonge of Westwood, Frimley,


MACANDREW, ROBERT. 12th July 1860.

Apprentice to William Ramsay Kermack. — Son of Robert Macandrew of the
Chancery Office, Edinburgh. Bam 7th October 1832. Died 18th February 1876,

MACAO, WILLIAM ROSS. 29th January 1824.

Apprentice to Joseph Gordon. — Son of William Macao, Accountant of Excise,
Edinburgh. Born 1799. Died 25th September 1881. Mar. (1) April 1832,
Caroline, daughter of Alexander Anderson of Udoll; and (2) 19th August 1879,
Adeline Louise, daughter of Chauncey Marshall, Merchant, State of New York.

MACARA, JAMES. 23d January 1818.

Apprentice to Robert Fleming. — Son of the Rev. John Macara, Minister of the
Antiburgher Congregation, Path of Struie. Bm-n 1788. Died 22d January 1855.
Mar. 11th July 1834, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Halkerston, S.S.C, LL.D.
Author of The Four Leading Doctrines of the New Jerusalem.

MACARA, LAURENCE MUDIE. 19th December 1833.

Apprentice to .^neas Macbean. — Son of Robert Macara, Merchant in Dun
fermline. Bom September 1804. Died 15th December 1875, unmarried.


Intimation to be given him, May 1636.

Died before 1614.


Signs Minute of 19th November 1596. Clerk to Society. Died about 1647.
Mar. Katherine Wallace.

MACBAYNE, JOHN CLERIHEW. 30th November 1792.

Apprentice to John Smyth. — Only son of Lauchlan Macbayue, Grocer, Edinburgh.
Died 14th November 1800. Mar. Susan Kerr.

MACBEAN, ^NEAS. 27th November 1807.

Apprentice to Archibald Milne. — Son of Alexander Macbean, Merchant in
Campbelltown. Born 11th September 1776. Died 30th August 1857, unmarried.

MACBEAN, ^NEAS. 16th November 1848.

Apprentice to ^neas Macbean, his uncle. — Son of the Rev. Hugh Macbean,
Minister of Ardclach. Born 13th June 1820. Mar. 15th April 1852, Mary Ann,
second daughter of Harry Gordon, Liverpool. Circuit Clerk of Justiciary, 1864.


Apprentice to, and son of, .^Eneas Macbean, W.S. — Born 1st November 1857.


M'CALLUM, GEORGE KELLIE, of Braco. 18th November 1825.

Apprentice to John Forman.— Only son of George M'Callum of Thornhill, Perth-
shire. Bvrn 1804. Died 2d June 1884. Mar. 21st July 1841, Margaret Ann,
only surviving daughter of George Kellie, M.D., Leith.

M'CANDLISH, JOHN M'GREGOR. 12th June 1845.

Apprentice to John Archibald Campbell. — Son of William M'Candlish, Receiver-
General of Taxes for Scotland. Born 12th January 1821. Mar. 20th August
1863, Mary Sibbald, eldest daughter of Patrick Dalmalioy, W.S. General
Manager and Actuary of the Scottish Union and National Insurance Company.
President of the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland.

M'CHEYNE, ADAM. 15th December 1814. "

Apprentice to Robert Graham. — Son of William M'Cheyne, Thornhill. Bom
1781. Died 24th February 1854. Mar. 1st November 1802, Lockhart Murray,
daughter of David Dickson of Locherwoods, Dumfriesshire.

M'CHEYNE, DAVID THOMAS. 30th November 1826.

Apprentice to, and son of, Adam M'Cheyne, W.S. — Born 1804. Died 3d July
1831, unmarried.


Apprentice to Alexander Young. — Third son of Thomas M'Clelland, Agent for
the Bank of Scotland, Ayr. Bom 26th December 1800. Died 19th October 1867,
unmarried. Author of Predestination and Election Vindicated from the Dependence
on Moral Necessity, 1848.

M'COOK, JAMES. 23d November 1813.

Apprentice to George Robinson. — Eldest son of James M'Cook, Advocate in
Aberdeen. Died 28th April 1847, aged 59. Mar. 25th April 1820, Ann, only
daughter of Thomas Laing.

M'CULLOCH, JOHN SHEPPARD. 13th January 1890.

Apprentice to R. L. and J. G. Stuart. — Son of John M'Casland M'Culloch of the
British Linen Bank, Edinburgh. Bom 18th June 1867.

M'CULLOCH, WALTER, of Ardwall. 11th March 1830.

Apprentice to John Gibson, Junr. — Second son of James Murray M'Culloch of

Ardwall, Kirkcudbrightshire. Bom 21st November 1807. Steward-Clerk of

Kirkcudbright, 1849-59.
MACDONALD, ALEXANDER, of Calley. 24th November 1774.

Apprentice to Alexander Cunningham.— Eldest son of Duncan Macdonald, Writer

in Edinburgh. Died 6th February 1813.

MACDONALD, COLL, of Dalness. 18th March 1788.

Apprentice to William Macdonald. — Eldest son of James Macdonald of Dalness,
Argyllshire. Bmn 1762. Died 1st January 1837. Mar. 22d October 1796,
Elizabeth Barbour, daughter of Captain Donald Macbean, 10th Regiment.


MACDONALD, DUNCAN. 7th March 1833.

Apprentice to, and son of, Coll Macdonald, W.S. — Born 9th November 1809.
Died at Demerara 8th June 1842, unmarried.

MACDONALD, GEORGE RAINY. 24th October 1885.

Apprentice to Thomas S. Maclaren and William Traquair, Junr. — Son of Harry
Macdonald, Writer and Banker in Portree. Born 11th December 1860.


See Buchanan, Hector Macdonald.

MACDONALD, JAMES. 28th October 1874.

Apprentice to John Auld. — Son of John Macdonald, Accountant, Edinburgh.

Born 3d July 1850. Mar. 18th December 1889, Isabella Wilhelmina, younger

daughter of Rev. William Cousin, Melrose.

Apprentice to Charles Baxter. — Son of James Macdonald, LL.D., Rector of Ayr

Academy. Bwn 13th August 1858.


See Hume, Mathew Norman Macdonald.


Apprentice to John Russell. — Fourth son of LieutenantrColonel Robert Mac-
donald of Inchkenneth, Argyllshire. Born 25th February 1810. Died 19th
September 1875. Mar. (1) 24th May 1836, AHcia Jane, eldest daughter of Rev.
Nathaniel Bridges, Vicar of Hensbridge; and (2) 16th September 1875, Mary
Ann, daughter of W. Horsman, and widow of E. Sandys Bain of Easter Livilands,
Stirlingshire, Sergeant-at-Law.

MACDONALD, THOMAS. 19th July 1779.

Apprentice to William Macdonald. — Eldest son of James Macdonald of Falside,
Sheriff-Substitute of Kincardine. Died 1821. Mar. 1st June 1780, Sarah,
daughter of George Skene of Skene.

MACDONALD, WILLLAM, of St. M.uitins. 11th January 1762.

Apprentice to Robert Grant. — Eldest son of James Macdonald of Ranathan, Perth-
shire. Born 1732. Died 17th May 1814. Mar. 4th January 1772, Cecilia,
daughter of David Kinloch of Kilry, Perthshire.


Apprentice to James Macdonell. — Youngest son of Alexander Macdonell, Writer
in Inverness. Died 11th August 1851, aged 50, unmarried. Sheriff-Substitute of
Wigtownshire, 1829-47.

MACDONELL, JAMES, of Milnfield. 17th May 1811.

Apprentice to Coll Macdonald. — Eldest son of Alexander Macdonell, Writer in
Inverness. Bom 1785. Died 23d November 1841. Ma/r. 4th January 1813,
Mary Proby, second daughter of George Mackenzie of Pitlundie.


MACDOUGALL, PATRICK, of Crichen. 20th July 1704.

Apprentice to Harry NicolL — Died May 1734. Mar. 20th March 1701, Elizabeth,
daughter of Robert Martin of Burnbrae.

MACDOUGALL, ALLAN, of Gallanach. 25th June 1770.

Apprentice to Colquhoun Grant. — Eldest son of Dugald Macdougall of Gallanach,
Argyllshire. Died 24th December 1807. Mar. Margaret, second daughter of John
Hay of Newhall, Mid-Lothian, Agent for the Commissioners of Annexed Estates.

MACDOUGALL, ALLAN, of Hayfield. 26th February 1824.

Apprentice to John Young. — Son of Patrick Macdougall of Macdougall. Born
1798. Died 3d August 1876, unmarried.

MACDOUGALL, PATRICK, of Gallanach. 27th June 1839.

Apprentice to John Patten. — Eldest son of Dugald Macdougall of Gallanach,
Argyllshire. Born 26th November 1817. Died 5th April 1866, unmarried.

MACDO WALL, CHARLES. 5th July 1821.

Apprentice to John Campbell quartus. — Son of Archibald Macdowall, Surveyor
of Customs of Leith. Boi-n 1796. Died 27th July 1837. Mar. 26th November
1832, Jane Margaret Sawers, daughter of John Finnic of Swanston.

MACDUFF, ALEXANDER, of Bonhard. 14th November 1839.

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