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June 1854. liar. 21st October 1885, Eliza, daughter of John Granger of Pitcur,

Died 1628.

SEMPLE, JOHN, of Balgone. 28th August 1635.

Apprentice to Harry Veache. — Brother of Mr. James Semple, Minister of
Carmichael. Died 20th June 1662. Mar. Anna, second daughter of Sir Archibald
Sydserff, Bailie of Edinburgh. Commissioner, 1st May 1649.

SEMPLE, JOHN, of Balgone. 23d July 1674.

Apprentice to (1) John Semple, his uncle j and (2) Walter Ewing. — Died 1680.

SETON, WILLIAM. 6th December 1707.

Apprentice to Arthur Forbes. — Died 18th August 1747.

SHAND, DAVID LISTER. 25th November 1869.

Apprentice to John Cook. — Son of John Shand, W.S. Bm'n 31st July 1839.
Mar. 23d July 1873, Angelica Manning, daughter of John Inglis Harvey of
Kinnettles, Forfarshire, Accountant-General, Bengal.

SHAND, JOHN. 4th December 1823.

Apprentice to Hugh M'Queen. — Son of the Rev. James Shand, Minister of Mary-
kirk. Bern 6th January 1801. Died 26th October 1876. Mar. 4th September
1827, Isobel, only daughter of David Lister of Kininmonth, Fifeshire, W.S.

SHAND, JOHN BATTY. 26th November 1829.

Apprentice to William Bell. — Second son of John Shand of the Burn, Kincardine-
shire. Born 1804. Died 1st August 1877, unmarried.

SHARPE, WILLIAM, of Hoddam. 10th July 1820.

Apprentice to John Forman. — Son of Charles Sharpe of Hoddam, Dumfriesshire.
Born 1791. Died 18th December 1875, unmarried,

SHAW, CHARLES. 11th December 1834.

Apprentice to William Mackenzie. — Son of Duncan Shaw, residing at Nunton,
Benbecula. Born 1st March 1812. Died 10th September 1885. Mar. 4th August
1842, Ann Margaret, eldest daughter of James Thomas Macdonald of Balranald,
North Uist. Sheriflf-Substitute at Lochmaddy, 1843-81.

SHAW, DAVID. 21st May 1812.

Apprentice to Craufurd Tait. — Eldest son of Charles Shaw, Writer in Ayr. Bom
5th November 1788. Died 9th October 1870. Mar. 1st November 1826, Glencairn
Dalrymple, eldest daughter of John Armstrong, Cherry Vale, County Antrim.


SHAW, DAVID. 27th June 1872.

Apprentice to Thomas Thomson and David Scot Dickson. — Bom 14th June 1835.

SHAW, DUNCAN. 21st January 1874.

Apj)rentice to Colin Mackenzie and A. D. M. Black. — Son of Charles Shaw, W.S.
Born 7th October 1850. Mar. 15th January 1889, Elizabeth, third daughter of
George Gordon, Aberdeen.

SHEPHERD, ALFRED. 11th April 1887.

Apprentice to James Hotchkis Jameson. — Son of David Shepherd, Property
Agent, Dundee. Born 6th June 1857.

SHEPHERD, JAMES. 10th March 1817.

Apprentice to George Dunlop. — Son of the Rev. Robert Shepherd, Minister of

Daviot. Born 6th February 1790. Died 4th December 1857. Mar. 2d May

1848, Marion Scott, daughter of William Handyside, W.S.
SIBBALD, CHARLES. 22d November 1776.

Apprentice to John Bell. — Son of William Sibbald, Tailor, Edinburgh. Died 11th

October 1777.

SIBBALD, DAVID, of Abden. 2d June 1809.

Apprentice to Edward Bruce. — Son of John Sibbald of Abden, Fifeshire. Died
23d February 1815.

SIBBALD, GEORGE. 18th January 1656.

Apprentice to John Learmonth. — Son of James Sibbald in Drumgay. Died March
1668. Mar. Janet Learmonth. Re-admitted 14th January 1662.

SIBBALD, HENRY. 27th February 1819.

Apprentice to James Gibson. — Ninth son of William Sibbald of Gladswood,
Merchant in Leith. Born 1793. Died 13th August 1837. Mar. 3d October
1821, Agnes, only child of James Edmund, Glasgow.


Apprentice to D. Henry and Charles Cook. — Son of John Sibbald, M.D., Edin-
burgh. Bom 25th October 1866.

SIMPSON, DANIEL. 26th July 1695.

Apprentice to George M'Kenzie. — Died 28th January 1715. Mar. June 1698,
Jean, daughter of Robert Aitchison of Sydserff, East Lothian.


Apprentice to Alexander Mitchell of Craigend. — Di^d before 1733.

SIMPSON, ROBERT RUSSELL. 12th November 1869.

Apprentice to Thomas Dawson Brodie. — Fourth son of Alexander Simpson,
Banker in Bathgate, and nephew of Sir James Young Simpson, Bart. Born 31st
December 1840. Mar. 26th December 1877, Helen Dymock, eldest daughter of
Samuel Raleigh, Manager, Scottish Widows' Fund, Edinburgh.


SIMSON, CHARLES SIMSON RANKINE, of TiiREirwooD. Utli March 1872:

Apprentice to John and James Turn bull. — Son of the Rev. John Rankine, D.D.,
Minister of Som. Born 15th October 1847. Assumed name of Simson on suc-
ceeding to estate of Threipwood.

SIMSON, JOHN THOMAS. 31st May 1860.

Apprentice to James Shepherd, T. M. Grant, and William Cuthbertson. — Son of
the Rev. Henry Simson, Minister of Chapel of Garioch, Aberdeenshire. Bm'n
26th May 1837. Disd 9th November 1865, unmarried.

SINCLAIR, GEORGE. 4th August 1777.

Apprentice to Leonard Urquhart. — Third son of James Sinclair of Durran, Caith-
ness. Died 6th December 1779. Mar. 19th September 1775, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of John Sutherland of Forse, Caithness.

SINCLAIR, GEORGE LEWIS, of Dalreoch. 23d November 1827.

Apprentice to William Renny. — Second son of James Sinclair of Forss, Caithness.
Bom 1803. Died 22d October 1878. Mar. 11th February 1830, Frances Ann,
second daughter of John Boazman of Acornbank, Westmoreland.


Apprentice to James and Charles Nairne. — Son of Lieutenant-Colonel John
Sutherland, R.A. Born 1805. Died 16th January 1834, unmarried.

SINCLAIR, JOHN, of Balgrigie. 28th June 1736.

Apprentice to James Graham. — Only son of George Ross, Advocate. Died 26th
October 1784. Mar. 25th October 1753, Rachel, daughter of John Moncriefif,
Merchant, Perth. Admitted Advocate 11th June 1748.

SINCLAIR, PETER. 18th June 1739.

Died 1763. Fiscal, 1755-63.

SINCLAIR, ROBERT. 31st December 1708.

Apprentice to John M'Farlane. — Died 11th April 1715, aged 30. Mar. 18th
January 1711, Lilias, daughter of John Anderson, Coppersmith in Edinburgh.

SINCLAIR, WILLIAM. 8th August 1785.

Apprentice to Francis Anderson.— Youngest son of Alexander Sinclair of Barrock,
Caithness. Died 7th July 1 799, unmarried. Commissary of Caithness.

SINGER, JAMES. 12th December 1822.

Apprentice to Robert Ainslie. — Son of the Rev. William Singer, D.D., Minister of
Kirkpatrick-Juxta. Died 1st February 1836, aged 35, unmarried.

SKELTON, JAMES. 12th February 1824.

Apprentice to Robert Fleeming. — Son of John Skelton, Sheriff-Substitute at
Kinross. Born 1799. Died 14th May 1882. Mar. 11th October 1830, Margaret
Marjory, eldest daughter of Thomas Kinnear of Kinloch, Fifeshire. Sheriff-Sub-
stitute at Peterhead, 1829-70.

2 a



Mentioned 16th May 1611.

SKENE, JOHN, of Hallyaeds.

Commissioner, 18th October 1631. Second son of Sir John Skene of Curriehill,
Lord Register. Died December 1644. Mar. 29th June 1603, Alison, sister of
William Rigg of Athernie^ Fifeshire. Clerk of the Bills, 1614. Clerk of Session.

SKENE, WILLIAM FORBES, D.C.L., LL.D. 16th November 1831.

Apprentice to (1) Francis Wilson ; and (2) Sir H. Jardine, G. T. Stodart, and
William Eraser. — Son of James Skene of Rubislaw, Advocate. £mn 7th June
1809. Author of The Siffhlanders of Scotland, tJieir Origin, History, and Antiquities,
1837 ; Celtic Scotland, and other works. Depute-Clerk of Session, 1st November
1853-67. Historiographer-Royal for Scotland, 1881.

SKINNER, JOHN ROBERT. 6th July 1813.

Apprentice to Alexander Youngson. — Son of James Skinner, Writer in Edin-
burgh. Bm-n 1786. Died 13th September 1849. Mar. 21st April 1814, Ann,
daughter of William Black, Writer in Brechin.

SKINNER, WILLIAM, of Corra. 16th November 1848.

Apprentice to John Hunter, Auditor of Court. — Son of John Robert Skinner,

W.S. Born 24th July 1823. Mar. (1) 18th June 1850, John Ann Farish, only

, surviving child of Robert Kirk of Drumstenchill, Kirkcudbrightshire ; and (2)

,. 25th November 1880, Charlotte Eremengarde, youngest daughter of Charles

Warren of Longford and Market-Drayton. Town-Clerk of Edinburgh since 1874.

SLIGO, GEORGE, of Auldhame. 23d June 1820.

Apprentice to William Dallas. — Youngest son of John Sligo, Merchant in Leith.
Born 1797. Died 3d December 1847. Mar. 4th June 1822, Anna Sita, eldest
daughter of Benjamin Outram of Butterly Hall, Derbyshire.


Apprentice to Robert and James Alexander Haldane. — Son of James Small,
Accountant, Calcutta, and grandson of the Rev. Alexander Small, D.D., Stirling.
Brni 26th July 1854.


Signs Minute of 17th January 1606.


Mentioned 20th January 1608. Mar. 9th August 1598, Isabella Coult.

SMALL, THOMAS. 5th March 1801.

Apprentice to William Dunbar. — Only son of Charles Small, Wigmaker in Edin-
burgh. Died 1st October 1830. Mar. (2) 27th April 1829, Margaret, daughter
of Colin Clark, Edinburgh. Marchmont Herald, 1801-30.


SMITH, ADAM. 31st March 1707.

Apprentice to William Thomson. — Died 1726. Mar. Lilias Drummond.

SMITH, ALEXANDER. 23d February 1816.

Apprentice to John Smith, his brother. — Son of Thomas Smith, one of the
Principal Clerks of the Bills. Died 3d August 1868, aged 82. Mar. (1) 1st June
1830, Mary, eldest daughter of James Christie of Durie, Fifeshire ; and (2) 27th
July 1842, Margaret Louisa, daughter of Henry Wedderburn of Wedderburn.

SMITH, ANDREW. 6th July 1813.

Apprentice to John Campbell of Annfield. — Eldest son of John Smith, Farmer at
Law, Linlithgowshire. Died 17th December 1861, aged 77, unmarried.

SMITH, DAVID. 30th November 1826.

Apprentice to James Greig. — Second son of Alexander Smith, Banker in Edin-
burgh. Bm-n 13th January 1803. Died 16th December 1880. ilfar. (1) Uth
September 1830, Harriet Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Allan of Lauriston ; and
(2) 22d February 1849, Charlotte Eliza, second daughter of Charles William
Bigge of liinden, Northumberland.

SMITH, DONALD M'CALLUM. 16th July 1888.

Apprentice to James Bumess. — Son of Alexander Bell Smith, LL.D., Edinburgh.
Born 23d July 1863.

SMITH, HARRY. 25th November 1852.

Apprentice to John and John Robert Tod. — Fifth son of Alexander Smith,
Advocate in Aberdeen. Barn 12th August 1829. Mar. 6th August 1861, Julia
Medina, daughter of Colonel Rice Jones, K.H., Royal Engineers. Admitted
Advocate 6th June 1857. Sheriff-Substitute at Greenock, 1874-85.

SMITH, JOHN. 23d July 1628.

Apprentice to George Mack.


See Cunningham, John Smith.
SMITH, JOHN. 21st December 1730.

Sheriff-Clerk of Lanarkshire, 1743; Fiscal, 1763-77. Resigned his Commission

Uth July 1778.

SMITH, JOHN FAIRFULL, of Westfield. 19th November 1829.

Apprentice to William Bell.— Son of Captain Smith of the 33d Regiment. Died
7th January 1868, aged 62. Mar. (1) 12th June 1830, Caroline, third daughter
of Dutton Smith Turner of Clarendon, Jamaica; and (2) 10th January 1850,
Alexandrina, second daughter of William Thomson, Dumfries.

SMITH, WILLIAM. 29th May 1878.

Apprentice to James Peddie and Alexander Peddie Waddell. — Son of William
Smith, Writer in Edinburgh. Bm-n 20th May 1855. Mar. 7th February 1882,
Elizabeth Mary, eldest daughter of Jackson Coward Robinson, Ambleside.


SMYTH, JAMES, of Balhaery. 5th April 1742.

Apprentice to James Graham. — Son of John Smyth of Lietsie, Writer in Alyth.
Died 1781. Mar. Cecil, eldest daughter of Dr. John Kinloch.

SMYTH, JAMES. lOth December 1789.

Apprentice to Thomas Adaii-. — Son of Robert Smyth, Schoolmaster in Paisley.
Born 1759. Died 28th June 1827. Mar. 2.3d March 1798, Barbara, daughter of
John Barbour of Laws, Renfrewshire.

SMYTH, JOHN, of Balharry. 12th July 1779.

Apprentice to, and only sou of, James Smyth, W.S. — Died 7th February 1809.
Mar. (1) Agatha, fourth daughter of Sir John Wedderbum, third Baronet of
Blackness ; and (2) Joanna, daughter of Robert Gray, Writer in Edinburgh.

SMYTH, ROBERT, of Balharry. 2d June 1809.

Apprentice to, and second son of, John Smyth, W.S. — Died 6th October 1855,
aged 73, unmarried.

SMYTH, ROBERT GILLESPIE, of Gibliston. 18th June 1802.

Apprentice to John Campbell (1785). — Son of Dr. James Gillespie, Principal of
St Mary's College, St. Andrews. Bor7i 4th February 1777. Died 11th November
1855. Mar. 8th November 1806, Amelia, daughter of Sir Robert Murray Keith,
Bart. Assumed name of Smyth on succeeding to estate of Gibliston, Fifeshire.

SNODGRASS, FRANCIS. 10th March 1803.

Apprentice to Thomas Gordon. — Son of Hugh Snodgrass, Writer in Paisley.
Died 1824. Resigned his Commission 24th November 1823.


Apprentice to Charles Morton and John Neilsou. — Son of Graham Somervell of
Som Castle, Ayrshire. £wm 13th July 1854. Died 3d February 1889, unmarried.

SOMERVILLE, HUGH, of Inverteil. 1st June 1696.

Apprentice to Robert Carstairs. — Second son of James Somerville of Corehouse,
Lanarkshire. Died 29th May 1793. Mar. Agnes, third daughter of Sir Alexander
Gibson of Pentland, P.C.S.

SOMERVILLE, JOHN. 27th February 1650. '"'


Apprentice to John Tait. — Second son of the Rev. Thomas Somerville, D.D.,
Minister of Jedburgh. Died 18th June 1823. Mar. 16th July 1807, eldest
daughter of Robert Low of Clatto, Fifeshire.

SOMERVILLE, ROBERT. 26th June 1846.

Apprentice to James Macallan. — Son of the Rev. James Somerville, Minister of
Drumelzier. Ji(yrn 20th April 1814. Died 5th February 1867, unmarried.


SOOTE, GEORGE GIBSON. 15th November 1872.

Apprentice to James Mackenzie, J. B. Innes, and C. B. Logan. — Son of James

Soote, Merchant and Shipowner in Dundee. Bom 13th March 1849. Mar. 17th

April 1886, Alice Victoria, youngest daughter of General Lynch of Partry,

Ballinrobe, co. Mayo.
SOUTER, JAMES, of Kinminities. 11th March 1830.

Apprentice to William Inglis. — Son of Stewart Souter of Melrose, Banffshire.

Born 1806. Died 18th July 1858. Mar. 5th April 1831, Anne, daughter of

Patrick Camegy of Lour, Forfarshire.

SPALDING, THOMAS. 21st March 1865.

Apprentice to Thomas M. Grant and William Cuthbertson. — Only son of William
Spalding, Professor in the University of St. Andrews. Born 31st December
1840. Died 4th March 1878, unmarried.

SPALDING, WILLIAM MELLIS. 21st November 1833.

Apprentice to William Fettes Pitcairn. — Son of William Spalding of Glennebray.
Bom 9th February 1811. Died 4th September 1857. Mar. 30th April 1846,
Jane, daughter of William Gordon of Hallmyre, Peeblesshire.

SPEID, JAMES. 21st April 1875.

Apprentice to J. 0. Mackenzie, W. R. Kermack, and George Mackenzie. — Son of
William Speid, Forneth, Blairgowrie. Bom 22d August 1849.

SPEID, JOHN, OF Ardovie. 4th March 1841.

Apprentice to William Murray. — Second son of Robert Speid of Ardovie, Forfar-
shure, W.S. Bm-n 26th June 1814. Died 16th May 1861, unmarried.

SPEID, ROBERT, of AiiUOViE. 20th June 1793.

Apprentice to William Leslie. — Only son of Robert Speid, Merchant in Dundee.
Died 20th December 1846, aged 82. Mar. 23d November 1801, Isabella, daughter
of James Hall of Millholm, Renfrewshire.


Signs the Acts 4th April 1607.

SPENS, DAVID. ISth June 1730.

Apprentice to James Armour. — Died 6th February 1771. Mar. Elizabeth,
daughter of the Rev. Lawrence Johnstone, Minister of Duns.

SPENCE, JAMES. 6th March 1828.

Apprentice to William Dallas.— Second son of Alexander Spence, Goldsmith in
Edinburgh. Died 15th September 1856, aged 68. Mar. 23d September 1834,
Jemima Grace, youngest daughter of James Hall, Major of the Forces, Gibraltar.

SPENS, NATHANIEL, of Craigsanquhar. 25th November 1830.

Apprentice to James Hope. — Eldest son of Colonel James Spens of Craig-
sanquhar, Fifeshire. Bom 18th February 1805. Died 22d November 1869.
Mar. 23d January 1840, Janet Law, daughter of George Guild.


SPENS, REGINALD HOPE. 21st April 1870.

Apprentice to Colin Mackenzie and A. D. M. Black. — Fourth son of Archibald
Spens of Lathallan, Stirlingshire. Burn 6th November 1850. Mar. 18th April
1876, Mary Elizabeth, elder daughter of Francis Anderson, W.S.

SPOTTISWOODE, DAVID. 20th June 1793.

Apprentice to Cornelius Elliot. — Sixth son of James Spottiswoode of Dunipace,
Stirlingshire. Died 8th March 1807.

SPROT, THOMAS. 12th June 1823.

Apprentice to James Renton.^ — Youngest son of Alexander Sprot, residing in
Edinburgh. Born 27th January 1800. Died 23d July 1880. Mar. 3d August
1874, Margaret Morrison Malcolm.


Signs the Acts 7th December 1612.

STEELE, ANDREW, of Crosswoodhill. 18th March 1788.

Apprentice to Alexander Cunningham. — Only surviving son of James Steele,
Merchant in Edinburgh. Born 5th January 1759. Died 5th November 1832.
Mar. 15th August 1810, Marion, eldest daughter of Thomas Bell of Nether
Horsburgh, Peeblesshire. Deputy-Keeper Register of Sasines, 1788.

STEIN, ANDREW. 8th July 1847.

Apprentice to Henry Inglis. — Fourth son of Robert Stein of Kilbagie, Clackman-
nanshire. BmTi, 31st July 1824. Mar. 6th August 1856, Margaret Haig, daughter
of Francis Stupart, Major in 2d Dragoons (Scots Greys).


Apprentice to James Peddie, A. Peddie Waddell, and H. Ivory. — Son of James
Stenhouse of North Fod, Dunfermline. Born 28th December 1858. Mar. 16th
October 1889, Mary Johnston, elder daughter of Arthur Colville, Edinburgh.

STENHOUSE, JOHN. 19th June 1812.

Apprentice to Alexander Pearson. — Youngest son of James Stenhouse, Farmer at
Grange. Died 6th February 1821.


Apprentice to Charles Patrick Finlay. — Son of the Rev. Thomas Stephen, Minister
of Kinloss, Morayshire. .Boi'w 14th April 1862.

STEUART, ALEXANDER, of Edingla.ssie. 26th July 1727.

Apprentice to Andrew Hay of Montblairie. — Died 19th September 1787. Mar.
Margaret, only child of Colonel Cranston of Glen, Peeblesshire.

STEUART, ANDREW, of Auchlunkart. 15th July 1763.

Apprentice to Alexander Stewart. — Third son of George Steuart of Tannachy,
Banffshire. Died 10th October 1798. Mar. December 1778, Harriet, daughter of
James Gordon of Cocklarachy, Aberdeenshire.


STEUART, ARCHIBALD. 23d June 1853.

Apprentice to, and second son of, James Steuart, W.S.—Born 25th July 1828.

Mar. 21st March 1859, Christian, third daughter of George Graham Bell of

Crurie, Advocate.
STEUART, CHARLES. 21st December 1786.

Apprentice to William Dick. — Second son of James Steuart, Writer in Edinburgh.

Born 19th September 1760. Died 6th February 1821. Mar. (1) 13th April 1795,

Mary, daughter of William Gordon, Bookseller in Edinburgh; and (2) 27th

October 1801, Margaret, daughter of James Lindesay, Merchant, Leith.
STEUART, CHARLES. 15th November 1832.

Apprentice to James and Charles Nairne. — Second son of Charles Steuart, W.S.

Born 1st April 1804.

STEUART, CHARLES. 14th November 1851.

Apprentice to, and eldest son of, James Steuart, W.S. — Bom 7th December 1827.

Died 9th May 1888, unmarried.
STEUART, GEORGE, of Tannachy. 20th December 1791.

Apprentice to Andrew Steuart. — Eldest son of Patrick Steuart of Tannachy,

Banffshire. Died 25th October 1814, aged 45.


Apprentice to R. L. and J. G. Stuart. — Son of George Steuart, Accountant to the
Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses, Edinburgh. Borii 10th December 1866.

STEUART, JAMES. 8th July 1763.

Apprentice to James Pringle. — Third son of Charles Steuart of Ballechin, Perth-
shire. Died 16th September 1779, unmarried.

STEUART, JAMES. 20th May 1794.

Apprentice to James Walker. — Fourth son of Robert Steuart of Ballechin, Perth-
shire. Born 22d May 1767. Died 4th August 1803, unmarried.

STEUART, JAMES. 22d December 1825.

Apprentice to (1) Charles Steuart ; and (2) Francis Walker. — Eldest son of Charles
Steuart, W.S. Born 1st October 1802. Died 21st September 1886. Mar. 27th
February 1827, Elizabeth Brand, eldest daughter of Archibald Scott, Solicitor,
Edinburgh, and Procurator-Fiscal for Mid-Lothian.

STEUART, JAMES. 15th July 1884.

Apprentice to, and eldest son of, Archibald Steuart, W.S. — Bom 7th September
1860. Mar. 15th January 1890, Agatha, youngest daughter of Rev. Francis
Coulman Royds, Rector of Coddington, Cheshire.

STEUART, JOHN. 17th November 1701.

Apprentice to Daniel Simpson. — Son of Charles Steuart of Ballechin, Perthshire.
Died December 1750. Mar. Helen Steuart. Commissary of Moray. Fiscal,
1717-22. Treasurer. Resigned his Commission 1st August 1747.


STEUART, JOHN, of Dalguise. 7th June 1825.

Apprentice to Harry Davidson. — Eldest son of Charles Steuart of Dalguise,
Perthshire. Born 7th August 1799. Died 29th Decemher 1881. Mar. 6th
April 1829, the Hon. Janet Oliphant Murray, eldest daughter of Alexander, 8th
Lord Elibank. High Sheriff of Cape Colony, 1829.


Apprentice to Robert Burt Ranken. — Son of Charles Bannatyne Steven, Writer
in Edinburgh. Born 8th September 1864.

STEVEN, ROBERT. 12th November 1869.

Apprentice to John Beatson Bell. — Son of Alexander Steven, Glasgow. Bom
31st July 1839. Mar. 22d September 1870, Je.ssie, younger daughter of James
Maxwell, Crossmichael.

STEVENSON, ALEXANDER. 22d December 1686.

Apprentice to James Johnston. — Died before 1698. Mar. 22d October 1676,
Janet, fourth daughter of Quentin Hamilton of Banicluith, Lanarkshire.

STEVENSON, ALEXANDER, of Montgreenan. llthMai-ch 1712.

Apprentice to Thomas Pringle. — Son of Hugh Stevenson of Montgreenan,
Ayrshire. Died 25th February 1755. Mar. 19th December 1711, Ann, third
daughter of Sir Archibald Hope of Rankeillor, one of the Lords of Session.
Treasurer of Society, 1722 and 1746-55.

STEVENSON, ALEXANDER. 28th January 1803.

Apprentice to Alexander Duncan. — Second son of Alexander Stevenson, Depute-
Clerk of Session. Died 6th July 1805.


Apprentice to John Campbell. — Son of Hugh Stevenson, Merchant in Oban.
Died 30th September 1815. Mar. 29th August 1811, Martha, youngest daughter
of James Pollock, Campbeltown.

STEVENSON, ALEXANDER. 23d November 1819.

Apprentice to John Forman. — Son of Thomas Stevenson, Farmer at Gilmerton.
Bom 1794. Died 7th April 1877. Mar. 17th August 1824, Catherine, second
daughter of Andrew White, Glasgow.

STEVENSON, ARCHIBALD, of Montgreenan. 17th July 1755.

Apprentice to, and eldest son of, Alexander Stevenson of Montgreenan, Ayrshire,
W.S.— Died 13th July 1791.

STEWART, ALEXANDER. 5th April 1716.

Apprentice to Thomas Boyes. — Died before 1733.

Apprentice to John Bowie. — Son of Joseph Stewart Menzies of Foss, Perthshire.

Born 13th November 1820. Died 8th March 1873, unmarried.


STEWAET, CHARLES. 19th April 1876.

Apprentice to J. 0. Mackenzie and "W. R Kermack. — Son of John Stewart of

Eskgrove, Mid-Lothian, W.S. Born 2 2d September 1852.

Apprentice to John Ferrier. — Second son of Alexander Stewart, Surgeon at Gogar.

Bwn 1794. Died 13th August 1836. Mar. 10th February 1826, Mary Henrietta,

daughter of Andrew Wood, Surgeon in Edinburgh.
STEWART, DAVID, of Stewarthall. 6th July 1768.

Apprentice to Samuel Mitchelson, Sen. — Youngest son of Archibald Stewart of

Stewarthall, Stirlingshire. Brn-n 1744. Died 2d May 1823. Mar. April 1772,

Margaret, daughter of Robert Eamsay of Camno and Arthurstone, Forfarshire.

STEWAET, FEANCIS. 16th February 1826.

Apprentice to (1) Walter Dickson and George Dunlop; and (2) George Dunlop.
— Son of General Francis Stewart King of Lesmurdie, Banffshire. Born 1801.
Died at Paris, 23d September 1833, unmarried.


Apprentice to Alexander Howe and William Macgillivray. — Son of Colonel
Duncan Stewart^ 92nd Highlanders. Born 8th September 1865.

STEWAET, JAMES. 25th November 1672.

Apprentice to William Guthrie. — Son of John Stewart of Fungorth, youngest
son of Sir William Stewart of Grandtully, Perthshire.

STEWAET, JOHN. 29th January 1705.

Apprentice to William Dallas. — Died 12th August 1731. Mar. April 1707, Janet,
daughter of Sir Eobert Blackwood, Dean of Guild, Edinburgli.

STEWAET, JOHN, of Eskgrove. 29th June 1837.

Apprentice to John Ker and Henry Gordon Dickson. — Youngest son of Charles
Stewart, Captain of the Airly Castle, East Indiaman. Born 21st November 1813.

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