Society of Writers to H.M. Signet (Great Britain).

A history of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet [electronic resource] : with a list of the members of the society from 1594 to 1890 and an abstract of the minutes online

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Online LibrarySociety of Writers to H.M. Signet (Great Britain)A history of the Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet [electronic resource] : with a list of the members of the society from 1594 to 1890 and an abstract of the minutes → online text (page 29 of 62)
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Died 1st July 1890. Mar. 21st November 1851, Isabella, eldest daughter of
James Hunter of Thurston, East Lothian.


Signs Minute of 16th December 1594,

STEWART, ROBERT, of Ardvorlich. 27th June 1822.

Apprentice to James Dundas. — Eldest son of William Stewart of Ardvorlich,
Perthshire. Born 25th August 1799. Died 16th July 1854, unmarried.

STEWART, ROBERT, of Carphin. 27th June 1823.

Apprentice to John Donaldson. — Son of James Stewart of Carphin. Born 1797.
Died 25th May 1868. Mar. (1) 14th September 1826, Elizabeth, daughter of
Andrew Pringle of Kersmains; and (2) 1st July 1841, Agnes, daughter of James
Jeffrey, M.D., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Glasgow,



STEWART, WALTER. 16th July 1661.

Apprentice to William Henderson. — Son of John Stewart of Newhalls, Linlithgow-
shire. Bkd before 1711. Mar. 28th July 1653, Helen Dowie.

STEWART, WILLIAM. 21st March 1865.

Apprentice to James Steuart. — Son of William John Stewart, W.S. Born 25th
June 1840. Mar. 1st June 1875, Mary Harriet Binns, daughter of George

STEWART, WILLIAM JOHN. 12th December 1822.

Apprentice to John Irving. — Fourth son of William Stewart of Hillhead. Bwn
10th December 1798. Died 13th February 1842. Mar. 28th July 1835, Alison,
daughter of Charles Steuart, W.S.

STIRLING, JAMES, of Homehill. 18th November 1841.

Apprentice to John Dundas and William Wilson. — Only Son of William Stirling,
Architect in Dunblane. Born 27th May 1816. Died 31st August 1866. Mar.
23d January 1844, Christian, daughter of David Erskine of Elambazar, Bengal.

STIRLING, WILLIAM. 23d February 1680.

Apprentice to John Cunningham. — Son of George Stirling, indweller in Glasgow.
Died 21st February 1726. 3Iar. (1) Elizabeth Watson; and (2) April 1704,
Margaret, sister of Robert Cathcart of Drumjoan, Ayrshire, and widow of Robert
Crawfurd of Crawfurdton, W.S. Fiscal, 1686-90.

STIRLING-GRAHAM, WILLIAM, of Duntrune. 12th June 1818.

Apprentice to Andrew Storie. — Only son of Patrick Stirling of Pittendreich,
Merchant in Dundee. Born 12th June 1794. Died 19tli December 1844, un-
married. Admitted Advocate 5th December 1823. Assumed name of Graham.

STODART, DAVID RIDDLE. 21st February 1856.

Apprentice to, and second son of, John Riddle Stodart, W.S. — Born 12th
October 1832. Mar. 2d April 1861, Louisa Flora Wilhelmina, daughter of Peter
Shepherd, Merchant, Quebec.

STODART, GEORGE TWEEDIE, of Oliver and Holmeshaw. 2d December 1824.

Apprentice to Francis Wilson. — Son of Thomas Stodart, Biggarsheils, Lanark-
shire. Born 13th October 1799. Died 26th August 1869. Mar. 4th June 1833,
Mary Wilson, daughter of Alexander Paul, Merchant in Birmingham.


Apprentice to, and third son of, George Tweedie Stodart, W.S. — Born 18th
January 1841. Died 23d May 1882, unmamed.

STODART, JOHN RIDDLE. 7th July 1815.

Apprentice to Andrew Storie. — Fifth son of Robert Stodart of Kailzie, Peebles-
shire. Died 5th February 1871. Mar. 5th July 1826, Jemima Henrietta,
seventh daughter of David Brown of Greenknowe, Stirlingshire.


STORIE, ANDREW. 2d December 1794.

Apprentice to Alexander Duncan. — Only son of Andrew Storie, Candlemaker in
Edinburgh. Died 10th May 1862, aged 94. Mar. 3d February 1803, Penelope,
daughter of Barclay Fyfe, Merchant in Leith. Treasurer, 1828-62.

STRACHAN, FRANCIS. 24th November 1766.

Apprentice to David Anderson. — Son of Arthur Strachan, Writer in Edinburgh.

Died 20th December 1798. Mar. Katherine, daughter of Button, Merchant

in Edinburgh.
STRACHAN, JOHN, of Craigcrook. 5th November 1683.

Apprentice to James Cheyne. — Died 21st April 1719. Mar. Jean Moodie.

Fiscal, 1696-97. He mortified his lands of Craigcrook, Mid-Lothian, which he

purchased in 1698, for certain charitable purposes.

STRACHAN, ROBERT. 23d March 1796.

Apprentice to Robert Hotchkis. — Second son of John Strachan, Merchant in
Edinburgh. Born 1773. Died 23d April 1832. Mar. 11th March 1806, Janet,
third daughter of Paul Darling of Bogangreen, Berwickshire.

STRACHAN, THOMAS RENNY, of Tarrie. 19th November 1782.

Apprentice to (1) Alexander Robertson ; and (2) William Leslie. — Youngest son
of Thomas Renny, Merchant in Montrose. Died 20th October 1823. Mar. 20th
December 1796, Harriet, daughter of Shadrach Moyse, Solicitor to the Board of


Signs the Acts 26th December 1627.

STRATHERN, ROBERT. 14th March 1872.

Apprentice to John and Henry Gordon Gibson. — Eldest son of Alexander
Strathern, Sheriff-Substitute of Lanarkshire. Born 16th July 1839. Mar. 23d
December 1867, Wilhelmina, daughter of Daniel Brown, Shipowner, Liverpool.


Commissioner, 1st June 1607. Mar. 11th November 1606, Margaret Kincaid.

STRATOUN, ARTHUR, of Snawdoun. 15th May 1629.

Apprentice to James Stratoun. — Re-admitted 21st November 1661. Mar. (1)
14th April 1630, Catherine Menteith; and (2) 26th April 1642, Bessie Purves.

STRATOUN, JAMES, of Stratoun. 22d December 1610.

Commissioner, 26th December 1627. Died before 1648.

STRONG, THOMAS. 26th March 1857.

Apprentice to (1) John Gibson ; and (2) Andrew Storie. — Son of Thomas Strong,
Merchant, Leith. Born 1st September 1819. Died 14th January .1881, un-


STEUTHERS, JAMES. 7th July 1807.

Apprentice to Thomas Adair. — Only son of John Struthers, Merchant in Strath-
aven. Born 1st July 1776. Died 3d February 1841. Mar. 12th November
1813, Marion, youngest daughter of James Carmichael, Douglas, Lanarkshire.

STUAET, ANDREW, of Craigthorn and Castlemilk. 10th August 1759.

Apprentice to, and second son of, Archibald Stuart of Torrence, Lanarkshire,
W.S.— Diei^ 18th May 1801. Mar. October 1790, Margaret, fourth daughter of
Sir William Stirling of Ardoch, Bart. Keeper of the Signet, 1777-79. Com-
missioner for Trade and Plantations, 1779. M.P. for Lanarkshire, 1777-84 ;
Weymouth, 1790-1801. Author of Genealogical History of ilu, Stewarts, 1798.

STUART, ARCHIBALD, of Torrence. 9th January 1723.

Apprentice to Hugh Somerville. — Seventh son of Alexander Stuart of Torrence,
Lanarkshire. Died November 1767. Mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Andrew
Myreton, Bart., of Gogar, Mid-Lothian.

STUART, DAVID, of Duchra. ' 2d March 1804.

Apprentice to John Hunter of Doonholm. — Son of Andrew Stuart, Maltster in
Ayr. Died 11th March 1824.

STUAET, JAMES, Younger of Dunearn. 17th August 1798.

Apprentice to Hugh Robertson. — Eldest son of Dr. Charles Stuart, Physician
in Edinburgh. Born 1775. Died 3d November 1849. Mar. 29th April 1802,
Eleanor Maria Anna, only daughter of Dr. Robert Moubray of Cockairnie, Fife-
shire. In 1822, having killed Sir Alexander Boswell of Auchinleck in a duel,
he was tried for murder before the High Court of Justiciary, but was honour-
ably acquitted. Afterwards Editor of The Courier newspaper and Inspector of
Factories. Collector of Widows' Fund, 1818-28.

STUART, JOHN, of Castleton. 18th June 1802.

Apprentice to William Handyside. — Son of Dr. David Stuart, Physician in
Aberdeen. Died 8th April 1815. Mar. January 1800, Isabella Wright.

STUART, JOHN. 12th November 1868.

Apprentice to (1) Edmund Baxter ; and (2) Frederick Pitman. — Son of William
Stuart, Attorney in Exchequer. Born 15th August 1844. 3Iar. 28th September
1875, Jessie Warren, eldest daughter of E«v. Thomas Mitchell, Minister of

STUART, JOSEPH GORDON. 21st July 1875.

Apprentice to Robert L. Stuart and Harry Cheyne. — Son of Joseph Gordon
Stuart, Manufacturer, Balgonie, Fife. Bom 31st December 1849. Mar. 6th
June 1877, Moncrieff, only daughter of the Very Rev. Principal Leitch, Queen's
College, Kingston, Canada.


STUAKT, ROBERT LAIDLAW. 13th November 1856.

Apprentice to Henry Cheyne. — Youngest son of Alexander Stuart, Circuit Clerk
of Justiciary. Bm-n 16th February 1832. Mar. (1) 15th October 1861, Maria
Campbell Hill, daughter of Rev. George Anstey, Richmond, Surrey; and (2)
I2th December 1887, Marie Louise, only daughter of Thomas Treloar of
Plymouth. Circuit Clerk of Justiciary, 1863-69. Procurator-Fiscal for Mid-
Lothian, 1869.

STUART, WILLIAM. 10th March 1836.

Apprentice to Thomas Corrie and David Welsh. — Son of Robert Stuart, Deputy
Presenter of Signatures in Exchequer. Born 12th October 1810. Died 10th
April 1881. Mar. (1) 13th July 1830, Charlotte, youngest daughter of William
Douglas, Edinburgh ; (2) 21st June 1860, Isabella Rachel, youngest daughter of
John Scotland, W.S. ; and (3) 31st March 1864, Helen, daughter of Peter Scott,
Banker, and widow of John Erskine of Tenia w, Peeblesshire. Sheriff-Clerk of
Peeblesshire, 1843.


Apprentice to (1) J. 0. Mackenzie, W. R. and John Kermack ; and (2) John
Philp Wood. — Second son of Robert Sturrock, Banker, Dundee. Born 31st
October 1853. Mar. 8th August 1881, Josephine Lucy Florence, second daughter
of Lieutenant Benjamin Woolley, R.N.


Apprentice to Alexander Blair. — Son of Neil Sutherland, M.D., Aberdeen. Born
16th January 1804. Died 25th October 1869, unmarried.

SUTHERLAND, ALFRED. 12th April 1886.

Apprentice to Henry Tod.^ — Fifth son of George Sutherland of Forse, Caithness.
Born 4th February 1862. Mar. 26th August 1890, Helen Barbara, eldest
daughter of R. D. Crawford. 0L^XJ X ^ XW, / J^ $"*

SUTHERLAND, ANDREW, of Pitgradie. 6th December 1699.

Apprentice to Robert Watson. — Died before 1715. Mar. 24th October 1702,
Barbara, daughter of John Guthrie, W.S.


Apprentice to (1) A. L. Ramage and John Blair ; and (2) James Dundas. — Only
son of Arthur Sutherland, of the island of Jamaica.


Apprentice to Adam Gib Ellis. — Son of Josiah Sutherland, Merchant in Wick.
Died 12th October 1853, aged 53, unmarried.

SUTTIE, GEORGE 11th December 1699.

Apprentice to John Cunningham. — Lied March 1701.


SUTTIE, JOHN. 30th June 1741.

Apprentice to Hew Crawford. — Second son of Sir James Suttie of Balgone, Bart.
Died 23d August 1764.

SWAN, JAMES. 8th July 1806.

Apprentice to Hamilton BelL — Son of George Swan, Merchant in Edinburgh.
Died 1841, aged 58. Mar. 27th April 1807, Sarah, daughter of Benjamin Bartlet,
Storekeeper, Edinburgh Castle, and widow of William Buchanan of Auchmar,


Signs Minute of 17th January 1606. Died April 1623. Mar. 29th April 1604,
Marion Fithie.

SWINTON, AECHIBALD. 1st August 1788.

Apprentice to Samuel Mitchelson, Sen. — Third son of John Swinton of Swinton,
one of the Senators of the College of Justice. B(yrn 1762. Died 2 2d April 1840,
unmarried. Eeporter of Cases before High Court of Justiciary, 1835-40.

SYDSEEFF, JOHN. 14th January 1634.

Apprentice to James Kinnear.

SYM, JAMES PITCAIEN. 24th January 1878.

Apprentice to (1) Eobert Dobbie Eoss ; and (2) John Eoss. — Son of William Sym,
residing in Edinburgh. Born 1st June 1853. Mar. 2d August 1883, Elizabeth
Leslie, only daughter of Eev. John Watt, Minister of Fetteresso.

SYM, EOBEET. 30th November 1775.

Apprentice to Eobert S3nne, his uncle. — Second son of Andrew Sym, Merchant
in Glasgow. Born 29th February 1752. Died 2d April 1845, unmarried.

SYME, JAMES GOEDON. 8th October 1883.

Apprentice to (1) Charles Morton and John Neilson; and (2) T. D. Brodie and
J. G. C. Brodie. — Son of James Syme, Merchant in Edinburgh. Bom 10th July
1854. Mar. 20th October 1887, Nellie, second daughter of Donald Macgregor
of Ardgartan, Argyllshire.

SYME, JOHN, OF Barncailzie. 31st January 1750.

Apprentice to Thomas Goldie.— Only son of Alexander Syme, Writer in Edin-
burgh. Died 6th June 1790. Mar. (2) Mary Eavenscroft.

SYME, JOHN, OF Cartmore. 10th July 1794.

Apprentice to Samuel Mitchelson, Jun. — Eldest son of David Syme of Cartmore.
Died 19th June 1821. Mar. 20th October 1795, Barbara, daughter of James
Spottiswoode of Dunipace, Stirlingshire.

SYME, EOBEET. 4th August 1735.

Apprentice to Hew Crawford. — Third son of John Syme, Merchant in Glasgow.
Died 21st November 1780.


SYME, THOMAS. 23d June 1820.

Apprentice to Harry Davidson. — Son of James Syme of Northfield, East Lothian.
Born 5th November 1795. Died 28th November 1869, unmarried.

TAIT, ADAM DUNCAN. 15th July 1889.

Apprentice to John Kirk. — Son of the Rev. Walter Tait of St. Madoes. Born
20th December 1863.

TAIT, ALEXANDER. 9th July 1756.

Apprentice to (1) John Hay; and (2) George Balfour. — Son of Alexander Tait,
Merchant in Edinburgh. Died 8th July 1781. Mar. Janet, third daughter of
William Blair of that Ilk. Substitute-Keeper, 1744-62. Principal Clerk of
Session, 13th November 1760, till death.

TAIT, CRAUFURD, of Harvieston. 10th December 1789.

Apprentice to, and son of, John Tait of Harvieston, Clackmannanshire. — Born
1765. Died 2d May 1832. Mar. 17th June 1796, Susan, fourth daughter of
Sir Hay Campbell of Succoth, Bart., Lord President of the Court of Session.
Father of His Grace Archibald Campbell Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury.

TAIT, DAVID WARDLAW BROWN. 24th October 1879.

Apprentice to Sir John Gillespie and Thomas Paterson. — Son of James Tait of
Langrigg, Berwickshire, W.S. Bom 21st October 1855.

TAIT, JAMES, OF Langrigg. 14th November 1839.

Apprentice to George TumbuU. — Son of James Tait of Edenside, Kelso. Born
3d June 1816. Mar. 24th April 1849, Elizabeth Moir, daughter of James
Stormonth Darling of Lednathie, Forfarshire, W.S.

TAIT, JAMES. 17th November 1859.

Apprentice to John Gibson. — Second son of John Renny Tait, Baker in Edin-
burgh. Born 16th November 1836. Died about 1882, unmarried.

TAIT, JAMES CAMPBELL. 27th June 1823.

Apprentice to, and second son of, Craufurd Tait of Harvieston, W.S. — Born 1st
November 1798. Died 17th January 1879, unmarried.

TAIT, JOHN, OF Harvieston. 8th March 1763.

Apprentice to William Eraser of Ford.— Eldest son of Thomas Tait of Buthlaw,
Aberdeenshire. Died 11th March 1802. Mar. March 1764, Charles, daughter
of Thomas Murdoch of Cumloden, Kirkcudbrightshire.

TAIT, JOHN. 16th November 1781.

Apprentice to John Tait. — Son of George Tait, Tenant in Redbog. Died 29th
July 1817. Mar. 16th September 1782, Margaret, daughter of Peter Edgar of
Bridgelands, Mid-Lothian. Judge of Police, 1805-12.


TAIT, JOHN, OF Pirn. 7th July 1808.

Apprentice to Archibald Gibson. — Eldest son of William Tait of Pirn, Mid-
Lothian. Bom 1783. Died 12th December 1838. Mar. 23d March 1819, Harriet,
eldest daughter of Archibald Hepburn Mitchelson of Middleton, Mid-Lothian.

TAIT, JOHN, ieriius. 17th May 1811.

Apprentice to, and son of, John Tait, W.S.— J5ora 1786. Died 29th March 1832,

TAIT, JOHN CRAUFUED. 19th July 1855.

Apprentice to James Campbell Tait. — Eldest son of John Tait, Advocate, Sheriff
of Clackmannan and Kinross. Born. 31st August 1825. Mar. 7th December
1863, Maria Louisa Mann.

TAWSE, ANDEEW, of Nether Leaston. 22d June 1819.

Apprentice to Charles Tawse, his brother. — Youngest son of John Tawse, Writer
in Edinburgh. Born 22d October 1788. Died 13th July 1851. 3Iar. 28th March
1822, Margaret, fourth daughter of Alexander Bonar of Ratho, Mid-Lothian.

TAWSE, CHAELES. 7th July 1808.

Apprentice to Alexander Duncan. — Eldest son of John Tawse, Writer in Edin-
burgh. Born 1785. Died 22d October 1826. Mar. 16th September 1817,
Sarah Harriet, only daughter of John Connell of Carlisle.

TAWSE, JOHN, OF Nethek Lkaston. 13th November 1849.

Apprentice to Walter and John Cook. — Eldest son of Andrew Tawse of Nether
Leaston, East Lothian, W.S. Born 20th April 1824.

TAWSE, JOHN WARDROBE, of Stobshiel. 22d November 1838.

Apprentice to Andrew Tawse. — Eldest son of John Tawse of Stobshiel, East
Lothian, Advocate. Born 21st September 1813. Died 9th July 1887, unmarried.

TAYLOE, GEOEGE. 26th June 1832.

Apprentice to James Macdonell. — Son of Robert Taylor, Writer in Tain. Born

20th October 1808. Died 1st October 1864. Mar. 3d August 1841, Robina,

daughter of Alexander Smart of Cononsyth, Forfarshire.
TAYLOR, JAMES, of Pitcairlie. 9th June 1698.

Apprentice to John Cunningham. — Mar. 6th March 1701, Catherine, daughter of

John Menzies of Cammo, Mid-Lothian, Advocate.

TAYLOR, JAMES, of Pitcairlie. 4th August 1731.

Apprentice to, and son of, James Taylor of Pitcairlie, Fifeshire. — Resigned his
Commission, 5th August 1778. Died 1784. Mar. July 1751, Margaret Balfour,
relict of James Callander, Writer, Edinburgh.

TAYLOR, JAMES PRINGLE. 12th January 1885.

Apprentice to Donald Beith and Andrew Forrester. — Son of the Rev. James
Taylor, D.D. Born 6th September 1851. Mar. 11th February 1886, Annie,
youngest daughter of Charles Thornton, Leeds.


TAYLOR, JOHN, of Blackhouse. " 20th July 177&.

Apprentice to Alexander Mackenzie. — Son of the Rev. William Taylor, Minister
of New Deer. Died 30th January 1810.

TAYLOR, WILLIAM. 5th March 1840.

Appi'entice to William Scott, W. C. Balderston, and John Scott— Son of Robert
Taylor of Broomlands. Bmi 28th July 1817. Died 2d July 1888, unmairied.

TENNENT, PATRICK. 23d May 1808.

Apprentice to Archibald Gibson. — Third son of Robert Tennent, Brewer in Glas-
gow. Born 1782. Died 18th December 1872. Mar. 27th April 1812, Margaret,
youngest daughter of Hugh Lyon of Wester Ogle, J'orfarshire.

THOMSON, ALEXANDER. 26th May 1818.

Apprentice to David Thomson and Robert Fleming. — Son of David Thomson,
W.S. Died October 1867. Mar. (1) 12th July 1819, Ann, eldest daughter of
Charles Hay, Edinburgh; and (2) 24th December 1832, Eliza, daughter of Robert
Burn, Architect in Edinburgh.

THOMSON, ANDREW, of Kinlooh. 2d June 1809.

Apprentice to Robert Hill.^ — Son of Andrew Thomson of Kinloch, Fifeshire.
Died at Saratoga, U.S.A., 19th August 1831. Mar. 20th February 1818, Barbara,
youngest daughter of James Hiuiter of Sea.side and Glencarse, Perthshire.

THOMSON, ANDREW. 23d June 1820.

Apprentice to John Russell. — Son of John Thomson of Priorletham, Fifeshire.
Died in Florida, 14th July 1841, aged 52, unmanned.

THOMSON, DAVID. 12th March 1788.

Apprentice to John Syme. — Son of Alexander Thomson, Accountant of Excise.
Died 28th Febraary 1837, aged 73. Mar.

THOMSON, DAVID, of Holkkettle and Orkie. 19th June 1812.

Apprentice to Robert Hill. — Son of John Thomson of Holekettle, Fifeshire. Born
1784. Died 12th January 1853. Mar. 25th May 1829, Lilias, eldest daughter
of Milner, Boghall.

THOMSON, EDWARD PETER. 20th October 1885.

Apprentice to Robert Russell Simpson. — Son of the Rev. Edward Anderson
Thomson, Minister of Free St. Stephen's Church, Edinburgh. Born 8th June
1861. Mar. 31st January 1889, Mary Lamond Haig, second daughter of William
Lindsay Christie, Assistant Keeper General Register of Sasines, Edinburgh.

THOMSON, FRANCIS. 16th August 1671.

Apprentice to William Thomson, his brother. — Son of William Thomson of
• • Augustoun.



THOMSON, GEORGE MONRO. 21st October 1874.

Apprentice to James Lindesay, Jun. — Son of the Rev. John Thomson, Minister
of Balmerino, Fife. Born 12th February 1851.

THOMSON, JAMES, of Bogie. 21st November 1777.

Apprentice to James Chalmers. — Son of John Thomson, Merchant in Cupar.
Died 25th October 1831, aged 82. Mar. 24th July 1809, Helen, daughter of
Patrick Moncrieff of Reidie, Fifeshire.


Signs Minute of 17th January 1606, and the Acts 26th December 1627.

THOMSON, JOHN, of Charlton. 15th October 1706.

Apprentice to Robert Carstairs. — Difd December 1738. Mar. 28th January 1709,
Rachel, daughter of John Brymer of Edrom, Berwickshire.

THOMSON, THOMAS. 6th March 1834.

Apprentice to (1) Sir James Gibson-Craig; and (2) John Dundas and William
Wilson. — Son of John Thomson, Cashier of the Royal Bank, Edinburgh. Born
11th June 1807. Dkd 6th July 1877. Mar. 8th July 1851, Elizabeth, daughter
of Alexander Cleghorn, Inspector of Imports and Exports for Scotland.

THOMSON, WILLIAM. 29th June 1661.

Apprentice to Robert Alexander.— Son of William Thomson, Portioner of
Angustoun. Died March 1693. Mar. 7th November 1664, Margaret Young.
Lyon-Depute, 1666.

THOMSON, WILLIAM. 9th February 1681.

Apprentice to, and only son of, William Thomson, W.S. — Died 12th January
1708, aged 56. Mar. September 1698, Jean, daughter of John Mason, Merchant,

THOMSON, WILLIAM. 19th March 1888.

Apprentice to T. E. 0. Home, Thomas Home, and David Lyell. — Son of Andrew
Thomson of Mainhill, Roxburghshire. Born 19th May 1864.

THOMSON, WILLIAM GIBSON. 20th December 1827.

Apprentice to Sir James Gibson-Craig. — Second son of John Thomson, Merchant
in Edinburgh. Died 25th January 1832, aged 28, unmarried.


Apprentice to Thomas Corrie and Thomas Welsh. — Son of the Rev. AYilliam
Thorburn, Minister of Traquair. Died 1852, aged 47, unmarried.

THORBURN, THOMAS. 5th July 1821.

Apprentice to John Russell. — Son of Thomas Thorburn, Tanner in Dumfries.
Born 1797. Died 30th July 1872. Mar. 7th May 1861, Margaret Johnston.


THRfiSHIE, DAVID SCOTT. 16th November 1819.

Apprentice to William Bell. — Son of Kobert Threshie of Earnbarroch, Writer in
Dumfries. Bam 1796. Died 18th November 1878. Mar. (1) 1816, Jean, eldest
daughter of John Crawford, Merchant in Leith ; (2) 9th Febniary 1829, Penelope
Gordon, widow of Patrick Duff of Carnousie; and (3) 6th June 1854, Eliza
Bird, youngest daughter of Charles Ray Martin, Bengal Civil Service.

TINNING, JOHN. 16th June 1796.

Apprentice to John Macnab. — Son of Francis Tinning, Tobacconist in Glasgow.
Died 15th December 1808.

TOD, ALEXANDER. 20th February 1834.

Apprentice to, and second sou of, John Tod, W.S. — Burn 23d June 1810. Died
8th November 1883, unmarried.

TOD, ARCHIBALD, of Drygrange. 3d July 1781.

Apprentice to, and eldest sou of, Thomas Tod, W.H.—Bom 31st May 1758. Died

20tli April 1816. Mar. 1st February 1802, Elizabeth, third daughter of Sir

James Pringle of Stichell, Bart.

Mar. Margaret Porteriield, who died about 1635.
TOD, HENRY. 11th December 1823.

Apprentice to John Campbell, Jun. — Son of Henry Tod, Merchant in Edinburgh.

Died 31st October 1871, aged 73. Mar. 4th June 1832, Isabella, daughter of

James Blyth.
TOD, HENRY. 17th January 1861.

Apprentice to, and son of, Henry Tod, W'.ii.—Bont 19th March 1836. 3Iar. (1)

2d June 1869, Margaret, second daughter of Robert Walker, Hillside, Portlethen ;

and (2) 19th April 1877, Margaret Louisa, daughter of John Moir, M.D.,

TOD, HEW. ' '

Mentioned loth November 1633.
TOD, HUGH. 17th November 1814.

Apprentice to James Robertson. — Son of William Tod, Factor to the Duke of

Gordon. Born 1780. Died 3d October 1857, immarried.
TOD, JAMES, OF Deanston. 29th November 1820.

Apprentice to David Wemyss. — Son of James Tod, sometime Merchant at Bo'ness,

and afterwards at Hope Park, Edinburgh. Died 26th March 1858. Mar. 27th

July 1830, Susan, daughter of James Mercer of Scotsbank, Selkirkshire.
TOD, JOHN. 5th May 1796.

Apprentice to, and son of, Thomas Tod, W.S. — Boi-n 9th March 1773. Died

24th December 1856. Mar. 9th April 1808, Helen, daughter of Alexander Duff

of Hatton, Aberdeenshire.


TOD, JOHN ROBERT. 16th November 1837.

Apprentice to, and thiid son of, John Tod, W.S. — Bmn 14th February 1814.
Died 29th July 1856. Mar. 17th August 1841, Jemima, youngest daughter of
Richard Wharton Duflf of Orton, Elginshire.

TOD, JOHN WHARTON. 27th May 1869.

Apprentice to Thomas Graham Murray.— Only son of John Robert Tod, W.S.
Bom 10th April 1845. Mar. 5th October 1869, Margaret Mary, second daughter
of John Ord Mackenzie of Dolphinton, W.S.

TOD, THOMAS, of Drygrangk. 3d February 1755.

Apprentice to Samuel Mitchelson. — Second son of Archibald Tod, Writer in Edin-
burgh. Born 6th December 1726. Died 5th December 1800. Mar. November
1755, Jean, daughter of James Gartshore, W.S.

TOD, WILLIAM. 20th December 1821.

Apprentice to Roger Aytoun. — Second son of William Tod, Surgeon in Lanark.
Died 27th November 1866, aged 70, unmarried.

TRAIL, ANTHONY. 7th July 1829.

Apprentice to John Irving. — Son of Thomas Trail, Merchant in Montrose. Died
27th September 1866, aged 64. Mar.

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