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hibit emplovment of children under 13 years of age
in manufactories, and to regulate the hours of labor
therein ; to prohibit the use of substitutes for hops
in the manufacture of ale and beer ; and to prohibit
the manufacture and sale of oleomargarine.

Twenty third District.

(Counties of Herkimer, Madison and Otsego. Popu-
lation, 133,997.)
FRANK B. ARNOLD (Rep. ), of Unadilla. Otsego
countv. Mr. A. was born in Clare county, Ireland,
March 29, 1S39; educated at Gilbertsville (N. Y. )
Academv and Hamilton College ; is a lawyer; was
Supervisor of Unadilla from 1879 to 1885, being Chair-
man of the Board in 1881. He was a member of As-
semblv in 1885, serving on the Committees on Judi-
ciarv, "Villages, Civil Divisions and Engrossed Bills ;
in 18.^, serving on the Judiciary, Charitable and
Religious Societies. State Charitable Institutions and
Engrossed Bills ; and in 1887, serving on Judiciary,
Revision, Engrossed Bills, Rules, and Chairman
of Appropriations. He was elected to the Sen-
ate bv a plurality of 1,317, his opponents being George
F. Be"rry (Dem. ) and Wm. A. Fenn (Pro. ) The Re-
publican plurality in 1885 was 2.378.

Tirenty-fourth District.

(Counties of Broome, Chenango and Delaware.
Population, 129,999.)

WILLIAM LE^VIS (Rep.), of Hamden, Delaware
countv. Mr. L. was born in Scotland, October 31,
1827 ; "educated in the common schools of Delaware
county ; was a farmer until 1850, and has since been
a merchant and railroad contractor. He built
twenty miles of the New York and Oswego Midland
Railroad in 1870-71. He was a Whig until 1856, and
has since been a Republican; was Assistant Assessor
of Internal Revenue, ]873-'79; Supervisor, 1876-83,
and Chairman of the Board, 1877, 78 ; member of
Assemblv, 1873, '74 and '81, serving on the Commit-
tees on Railroads, Roads and Bridges, Banks, Inter-
nal AtTairs, Agriculture and Sub-Committee of the
Whole. He was elected to the Senate by a pluraUty
of 4,311, his opponents being Robert T. Johnson
(Dem.) and E. R. D. Briggs(Pro.) The Republican
pluraUty in 1885 was 3,893.

Twenty-fifth District.

(Counties of CJortland and Onondaga. Population
H. was born in Kingston, Ulster county, November
23, 18.34 ; educated at common schools and Albany
Academv; is a merchant; was a member of the Board
of Fire "Commissioners of Syracuse, 1877, 78, and
Mayor of Syracuse, 1880, '81. He was a member of
Assembly in 1884, serving as Chairman of the Com-
mittee on State Charitable Institutions and member
of Cities and Indian Aftalrs; and in 1885, serving as
Chairman of the Committee on Indian Affairs and
member of Cities and State Charitable Institutions,
and also Chairman of the Special Committee to in-
vestigate matters in connection with the State and
Adirondack Survevs. He was a member of the last
Senate, serving as Chairman of Cities, and member
of .Miscellaneous Corporations, Grievances and Man-
ufacture of Salt, and was re-elected by a plurality of
6, 19'i, his opponents being Judson C. Nelson (Dem.)
and W. H. S. Greene a'ro.) His plurality in 1885
I was 5, U/.'.

Twenty-sixth District.

(Counties of Cavuga, Seneca, Tioga and Tompkins.
Population. 153,171.)
WILLIAM L. S'SNT^ET (Rep.),'of Waterioo, Seneca
county. Mr. S. was born at 'VVaterloo, October 25,
1850. "His ancestors were early residents of Seneca
county. He was educated at Waterford lioion
School, Friends' Academy, Union Springs, N. Y.,
1865, and Cazenovia Seminary, 1867. He commenced
business in 1872, as a produce dealer, organizing the
firm of Cook & Sweet of Waterioo, produce dealers
and maltsters. He also organized the firm of C. C.
Sweet & Co., of New York city, flour and grain com-
mission merchants, in 1880. In 1885 he bought the
Waterloo Mills and started the firm of Sweet, Mon-
gin & Cook, ot which he is the senior partner, and is
engaged in the manufacture of Hungarian rolled
flour. He has been a member of the New York
Produce Exchange for the past ten years. He has
always been a Republican; was President of the
Boardof Education, 1884; President of the village, 188,5,
'86; member of Assembly, 1887, serving on the Com-
mittees on Canals, Villages and Agriculture; and
was elected to the Senate by a plurality of 4,363, his
opponents being Monroe M. Sweetland (Dem.) and
John W. Barrus (Pro.). The Republican plurality
in 1885 was 3,140. Mr. S.'s plurality for the .Assem-
bly in 1886 was 420.

Twenty-serenth District.

(Counties of Allegany, Chemung and Steuben.
Population, 157,523.)

J. SLOAT FASSETT (Rep.), of Elmira. Mr. F.
was born in Elmira, November 13, 1S53. He was
educated at the Grammar and High Schools of El-
mira; Rochester University, lS7l-'75, taking the
senior prize for the best essay ; and Heidelberg Uni-
versity, Gei-many, 1882, '83. He is a lawyer, and was
appointed District Attorney of Chemung county in
1879, in place of A. Robertson, resigned, and served
one year. He is also a trustee of Cook Academy
and Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Elmira
(College, and is a trustee of Rochester Univer-
sity. He was a member of the Senate in 1884,
'85, serving as Chairman of the Committees on Com-
merce and Navigation and Joint Library, and Mem-
ber of Insurance, Public Expenditures and Griev-
ances; in 1886, '87, serving as Chairman of Insur-
ance, and member of Finance, Engrossed Bills and
Joint Library ; and was re-elected to the present
Senate by a plurality of 1,560, his opponents being
Stephen N.Bennett (Dem.) and William A. Rose
(Pre.) An especial eflTort was made to defeat Mr.
F. last fall, resulting in a marked decrease In his
plurality. His plurality in 1885 was 3,019, and in 1883
it was 2,301.

Twenty-eighth District.

(Counties of Ontario, Schuyler, Wayne and Yates.
Population, 136,226.)

JOHN RAINES (Rep.), of Canandaigua, Ontario
county. Mr. R. was born at Canandaigua, May 6,
1840. His father was born in England and his mother
in Canandaigua. He is a brother of Thomas Raines,
who was State Treasurer two terms, and of George
Raines, who was Senator from the Monroe district
in 1878, '79. He was educated in common schools,
and is a graduate of the Law Department of the Al-
bany University, class of 1861. He was formerly a
school teacher, and is now an insurance agent and
lawyer. lie commenced the practice of law in Gen-
eva soon after graduating, but in the fall of 1861 he
raised a company of volunteers and was conmiis-
sioned Captain of Company G, 85th N. Y. Vols, He
served in the Army of the Potomac and in North
Carolina until July, 1863, when he returned to Geneva
and resumed the practice of law. He removed to
Canandaigua in 1867. He has been a Republican since
1860, and active in every campaign ; has been Clerk
of School Dl.-itrict No. 11 In Canandaigua for the last
ten years: was member of Assembly in 1881, serving on
General Laws; Internal Affairs and State Charitable

Evening Journal Almanac, 1888.


Institutions; In 1882, serving on Insurance and State
Prisons ; in 1885, serving as Chairman of the Com-
mittee on Militia andmember of General Laws, In-
ternal Affairs, Subcommittee of the Whole and
Special Committee on Code Revision of the Statutes.
He was a member of the last Senate, serving as
Chairman of Villages, Public Expenditures, Erection
and Division of Towns and Counties and Joint Li-
brary, and member of (Janals, State Prisons and
Agriculture; and was re-elected by a plurality of
4.710, his opponents being P. Narborne Nicholas
(Dem. ) and Oscar F. Ingoldsby (Pro.) His plural-
ity in isSo was 3,822. His plurality for the Assem-
bly in 1881 was 1,255 ; in 1880 it was 1,033, and in 1884
it was 686.

Twenty-ninth District.

(Counties of Monroe and Orleans. Population,

DONALD McNAUGHTON (Dem.). of Rochester,
Monroe county. Mr. M. was born at Mumford,
Monroe county, March 29, 1830. His parents came
from Perthshire, Scotland. He was educated in the
district schools of Mumford until he was sixteen
years of age ; was formerly a millwright and clerk,
and is now a lawj-er. In 1864, the citizens of the
town of Wheatland presented him with a law li-
brary. He is Secretary and Treasurer of the Roch-
ester and State Line R. R., and was connected with
its construction against determined opposition. He
has always been a Democrat ; has been a delegate
to State, county and district conventions ; was Su-
pervisor of the town of Wheatland eight years, serv-
ing as Chairman one year. He was elected to the
Senate by a plurality of 529, his opponents being
John W. Hannan (Rep.) and Zachary P. Taylor
(Pro.) The Republican plurality in 1885 was 3,514.

Tliirtietli District.

(Counties of Genesee, Livingston, Niagara and Wy-
oming. Population. 153,614.)
tavia, Genesee county. Mr. W. was born at Byron,
Genesee county, June 14, 1837, and educated at Gen-
esee Wesles'an Seminary, Oakfleld, N. Y., Academy
at Wilson, Niagara county, and Genesee College,
now Syracuse University, graduating in June, 1861.
He is a lawyer and capitalist ; was trustee of Syra-
cuse University, 1873, '75 ; trustee New York State
Institution for the Blind, 1872-76 ; Commissioner of
Auburn Theological Seminary, 1873-'74; and is at
present trustee of Ingham University. He has al-
ways been a Republican ; was a member of Assem-
bly in 1869, '70, serving as ChairmaTi of the Commit-
tee on Public Education. He was a member of the
last Senate, serving as Chairman of the Committees
on Banks and Manufacture of Salt, and member of
Railroads. Insurance, Public Printing and En-
grossed Bills ; and was re-elected by a plurality of
3,705, his opponents being Thomas J. Gamble (Dem.)
and Rev. DeWitt C. Durgin (Pro.) His plurality in
1885 was 2, 846.

Thirty-first District.

(County of Erie. Population, 199,570.)
JOHN LAUGHLIN (Rep.), of Buffalo. (32 and
34 Hageri Building. ) Mr. L. was born at Newstead,
Erie county, of Irish parentage, March 14, 1856. He
lived on a farm until he was eighteen, attending dis-
trict schools; in 1874 he entered Lockport Union
School and completed the course of three years and

six months. Upon graduation, he began the study
of law- in the office of Hon. Richard Crowley, of
Lockport, at that time United States District Attor-
ney for the Northern District of New York. In
April, 1880, when Mr. Crowley removed to Buffalo,
Mr. L. accompanied him, and was admitted to the
bar in October of the same year. Subsequently he
entered into partnership with Mr. Crowley, which
continued until the latter removed to New York. Af-
terward he associated with him Joseph E. Ewell
and Daniel Mcintosh, under the firm name of Laugh-
lin, Ewell and Mcintosh, which still continues. Mr.
L. defended Mrs. Hattie Penseyres in her trial for
the murder of her husband in May and June, 1887,
and it was due to his exertions that her life was
saved, and a verdict in the second degree rendered
by the jury. He served four years in the Niagara
Light Guards, a separate company of State Militia.
He was elected to the Senate by a plurality of 4,301,
his opponents being Spencer Clinton (Dem.) and
Joseph H. Sherer (Pro.) The Republican plurality
in 1885 was 1,989.

Thirty-second District.

(Counties of Cattaraugus and Chautauqua. Popula-
tion, 113,346.)

COMMODORE P. TEDDER (Rep.), of EUicott-
ville. Mr. V. was born at EUicottville, February
23, 1S38. He attended the Springville Academy,
1859-'61; is a lawyer, and has been a farmer, sailor,
schoolmaster and soldier. He was a Democrat until
the firing upon Fort Sumter ; enlisted as a private
in the 15th N. Y. Vols., in August. 1862 ; remained
therein until the close of the war ; promoted First
Lieutenant, Captain and Brevet-Major. U. S. A. , for
gallant and meritorious services at Lookout Moun-
tain, and Lieut. -Col. for gallant conduct in the cam-
paign to Atlanta. He was in the battles of Chancel-
lorsville, Wauhatchie, Lookout Valley, Lookout
Mountain or Chattanooga, Rocky-faced Ridge, Siege
of Savannah, with Sherman in his march to the sea,
and through the Carolinas and Bentonville, and also
spent two weeks in Libby prison. He was Register
in Bankruptcy from 1867 to 1875, when he resigned;
was Assessor of Internal Revenue from May 10,1869,
until May 4, 1871 ; was a member of the Assembly in
1872, '73, '74. '75, serving the first year on the Com-
mittees on Judiciary and Two-thirds and Three-
fifths Bills, and Chairman of the Committee to draft
Articles of Impeachment against Judge Barnard,
acting as manager of the subsequent trial of that offi-
cial. In 1873 he was Chairman of Civil Divisions and
member of Judiciary. In 1874, he was Chairman of
Privileges and Elections and Local and Special Laws,
and member of Judiciary and Canals. In 1875. he
was a member of Judiciary and Indian Affairs. He
was appointed State Assessor, March 9, 1880, and
served until March, 1883. He was a member of the
Senate in 1876, '77, serving as Chairman of Indian
Aftairs and Internal Affairs of Towns and Counties,
and member of State Prisons; of the Senate of 1884,
'85, serving as Chairman of the Committees on Tax-
ation and Retrenchment and Indian Aftairs, and
member of Commerce and Navigation, Canals and
Erection and Division of Towns and Counties ; 1886,
'87, serving as Chairman of Taxation and Retrench-
ment, Indian Affairs and Game Laws, and member of
Insurance and Privileges and Elections ; an<l was
re-elected to the present Senate by a plurality of 5,965,
his opponents being George P. York (Dem.), J. L.
Higbee (Pro.) and J. H. Gould (United Lab.) His
plurality in 1885 was 5,652, and in 1883 it was 3,708.


Reptiblicans 21

Democrats 11

Total 32


Evening Journal Almanac, 1888.


The Assembly consists of 12S Members, elected annually by single districts. Each county has at least
one Member. They receive a compensation ol $1.5iX) per annum, and also $1 for every ten miles traveled
in going to or returning from the place of meeting once in each session. In case they serve as managers of
an impeachment, theyare entitled to an allowance of $10 per diem additional. Their officers are chosen at
the opening of the session.

FREMONT COLE, of Schuyler (Rep.). Spml-fr.
CHARLES A. CHICKERING. of Lewis (Rep.), aerk. ALMON C. GREENE {Vie^p.), Assistant aerk.

ISAAC SCOTT, of Erie (Rep.), Seraeant-at-Anns.
"W. L. LEOB, of Albany (Rep.), Stenographer. HOMER T. WEBB, of Ontario (Rep.), Doorhecpir.

Albany County.

Population, in 1S65, 115,524; in 1875, 147,530.

1st District. (1st, 2d, 3d and 15th wards of the
city of Albany, and towns of Bethlehem, Berne,
Coevmans, Rensselaerville and Westerlo.) FRED-
ERICK W. CONGER (Dem.), of Reidsville. Mr.
C. was born at Reidsville, on the 16th of July, 183S.
His education was obtained mainly in the district
schools of his native town. He is a farmer by occu-
pation. During the years 1877-82, he represented
the town of Berne in the Albany County Board of
Supervisors. He has held no other pubUc office.
He was elected to the Assembly by a plurality of
1,498,* his opponents being Stephen V. R. Slade
(Rep."), Frank T. Keefe (United Lab.) and Stephen
Baurais (Pro.) The Democratic plurality in 1886
was 1.733.

2d District. (10th, 11th, 14th, 16th and 17th wards
of the city of Albanv and towns of Guilderland,
Knox and New Scotland.) VREELAND H.
YOUNGMAN(Rep.), of Albany. Mr. Y. was born
in Alban.v, November 6, 1839; educated in grammar
and Higti schools of Lowell. Mass., and is a whole-
sale coal dealer, of the firm name of Leonard &
Youn^man. He was Treasurer of the Boatmen's
Relief Association for eight years, has been and is
now President of the Albany City Tract and Mis-
sionary Society, and is a director of the Equal Rights
Benefit Association. He was a member of the last
House, serving on the Committees on Cities, Appro-
priations and Public Health ; and was re-elected by
a pluralitv of 988, his opponents being William J.
Nellis (Dem.), A. T. Tvgert (Pro.) and Frederick
Capallo (Lab.) His plurality in 1886 was 1,260.

3d District. (4th, 5th, 6th, th, 12th, 13th and
part of the 9th ward of the city of Albany.) WIL-
LIAM J. HILL (Dem.), of Albany (96 Madison
avenue). Mr. H. was born in county Tipperary.
Ireland, January 24, 1846, educated in Ireland and at
Bryant and Stratton's Business College, Albany; was
formerly engineer and distiller for John Tracey &
Co. .Albany; started in the wholesale liquor busi-
ness for himself in 1871, and now does a business of
f75,fXX) per year. He is President of the United
Irishmen of Albany ; Chancellor of Branch 87, Cath-
olic Mutual Association, and member of Division
No. 4, Ancient Order of Hibernians. He was Super-
visor of the 4th ward of Albany, 1885, 'SC), and held
the office when first elected to the Assembly. He
was a member of the last House, serving on the
Committees on Public Printing and State Prisons;
in the session he was prominently Identified with
all measures affecting Albany, including bill relative
to water supply, and important amendments to the
city charter ; also the weekly payment bill. He was
re-elected by aplurality of 1,523, his opponents being
Alexander H. Spierre (Rep. ), Charles Parsons (Pro.)
and John H. Reagan (Lab.) His plurality in 1S86
was 1,011.

4th District. ( Part of the 9th ward of the city of
Albany, city of Cohoes and town of Watervliet.)

* The full vote for members of Assembly Is given
on pages «5 and -f,.

JOHN THOM.VS GORMAN (Dem.), of Cohoes
Mr. G. was born in Brooklyn, N. Y. , October
20,1856; received an academic education; Is
merchant; was for five years an active member of
the Howard Engine Company, and was the first
Captain of Steamer Company No. 3. He has also
served in the State Militia. He is a prominent
Knight of Labor, is President of the Merchants'
Exchange of Cohoes, and has held office in the State
Merchants' Association. He has always been an
unswerving Democrat ; in 1882 he was an unsuc-
cessful candidate for Supervisor, being defeated in
a Republican ward by a slender majority. He was
a member of the last Assembly, serving on the Com-
mittees on Canals and Militia, and succeeded in
passing fourteen local and two State bills, the Mer-
chants' Prize Goods bill, and the State Labor bill
He was re-elected by a plurality of 699, his opponents
being John H. Hulsapple (Rep.), Matthew Fitzpat-
rick (Lab.) and Wm. A. Austin (Pro.) His plurality
in 1886 was 328.

illegany Connty.

Population in 1865, 40,285; in 1875, 41,721.

Richburg. Mr. C. was born in the town of Wirt, Alle-
gany county, November 20, 1842. His father was a
natiVe of Rhode Island and his mother of Massa-
chusetts. They moved from Scott, Cortland county,
N. Y., in 1842, to Wirt. Mr. C. attended the district
schools of Wirt during the winters until 1859 :
1853 he attended the Union School at Bath five
months; and afterward Richburg Academy. Be-
tween 1859 and 1866 he completed a two years' course
at Alfred University, and received a diploma there-
from. He was brought up on a farm and worked
thereon and taught school until elected School Com-
missioner in 1875, except during the war. Since his
term as School Commissioner expired in 1882. he has
devoted most of his time to the development of the
oil and natural gas resources of Allegany county.
He was one of the pioneers in that industry, being
one of the three members of the Richburg Oil Com-
pany, which took the leases forthe first Richburg oil
well, and became responsible for its completion.
This was a test w-ell drilled in the Spring of 1^81,and
" demonstrated the high character of Allegany as
oil Territory. " He was one of the stockholders and
principal organizers of the (Tuba Natural Gas Com-
pany and its Superintendent until the business of the
company was successfully established. He been a
Director of the First National Bank of Richburg
since its foundation ; and is a member of Maxson
Post (3. .\. R. , being its first Commander, serving
two consecutive terms as such. He is also int^erested
in farming and real estate. September 2, 1861, he
enlisted as a private in Company C. 85th Regiment,
N. Y. Vols.; was transferred to the band of the
Regiment in November following, and was mus-
tered out August 11, 1862, at camp near Harrison
Landing, Ya., by an act of Congress discharging all
bfinds connected with Volunteer Regiments. Here-
eiilisled;Sei)teniber 19,1864. in the First Brigade Band,
Hardin's Division, 22d Army Corps, and was dis-
cliargeilat the closeof the war, June 27, 1865. Hewas
with the s.oth in several skirmishes, and in the bat-

Evening Journal Almanac^ 1888.


ties of Fair Oaks, Seven Pines and Seven Days bat-
tles. He has always supported the Republican
ticket, except in 1872, when he voted for Horace
Greeley for President; has held the offices of Assessor
and Justice of the Peace ; was Supervisor, 1882, '83,
serving as Chairman of the Board in the latter year;
and was elected to the Assembly by a plurality of
2,590, his opponents being Samuel Carpenter (Dern.),
Justin B. Bradley (Pro.) and George A. Hunnell
(United Lab.) The Republican plurality in 1880 was
2,416. Mr. C. made no regular canvass, and although
there were more candidates for Assembly than for
some other offices, his vote and plurality were the
largest received by any candidate.

Broome County.

Population, in 186.5, 3.^,933; in 1875, 47,913.

ALONZO D. LEWIS (Rep.), of Lisle. Mr. L.was
born at Fair Haven, Conn., September 29, 1840, and
was educated in common schools. On his father's
side he is descended from Benjamin Lewis, who set-
tled in Connecticut in 1639, and on his mother's from
Jonathan Dayton, the owner of the original patent
of the land which was the site of the present city of
Dayton, Ohio, and the founder of that city. Mr. Lewis
served in the Union Army as a member of the 109th
Regiment, New York Volunteers, and participated
with the regiment in all of Grant's campaigns from
the Wilderness to Appomattox. Since leaving the
army he has been engaged in the hardware business
at Lisle. He was a member of the board of Super-
visors of Broome county in 1880 and 1881, being
Chairman of the Board the latter year, but has never
held any other public office. He was elected to the
Assembly by a plurality of 2,284, his opponents being
Hiram H. Rogers (Dem. ) and Alexander McDowell
(Pro. ) The Republican plurality in 1886 was 1, 583.

Caitaraagus County.

Population, in 1865, 42,205; in 1875, 48,477.

1st District. (Towns of Allegheny, Ashford, Elli-
cottsville, Farmersville, Franklinville, Freedom,
Hinsdale, Humphrey, Ischua, Lyndon, Machias,
Olean, Portsville and Yorkshire.) HARRISON
CHENEY (Rep.), of Sandusky. Mr. C. was born
at Freedom, N. Y., of New England parentage, Jan-
uary 3, 1830; was educated in common schools and
Arcade Academy, and has been a farmer since early
youth. In July and August, 1S62, he raised Com-
pany D., 1.54th Regiment New York Volunteers, and
was commissioned Captain in September, promoted
to Major, February 16, 1S65, and to Lieutenant-Colo-
nel, March 24, 1865. He was engaged in the battles
of Chancellorsville, Gettysburgh, Lookout Valley,
Missionary Ridge, etc., and was honorably dis-
charged from the army in June, 1865. He was a
Democrat until 1856, since a Republican ; was Super-
visor of the town of Freedom, 1861, '73 and '74; Jus-
tice of the Peace, 1866: member of Assembly in 1876,
serving as Chairman of the Committee on Indian
Aflfairs and member of Internal affairs ; and was
elected to the present House by a plurality of 727,
his opponents being Frank Tyler (Dem.), F. W.
Crosstield (Pro.) and J. J. Sippert (Lab.) This dis-
trict has been represented for the past four years by
the Hon. Frederick W. Kruse, whose plurality in
1886 was 56.

2d District. (Towns of Carrollton.Cold Spring,
Conewango, Davton, East Otto, Great Valle}% Leon,
Little Valley, Mansfield, Napoli, New Albion, Otto,
Perrvsburgh, Persia, Randolph, Red House, Sala-
manca and South Valley.) JAMES S. "WHIPPLE
(Rep.), of Salamanoo. Mr. W. was born at Steam-
burg, Cattaraugus county, October 1, 1852. His
father fought in the Rebellion, being taken prisoner
at Gettysburg, and died in Andersonville prison.
The younger Whipple was thus early left to shift for
himself. He learned the steam-fitting trade, and
was employed by the New York Central R. R. for
eight years as steam-fitter, switchman, dispatcher,
bill clerk and ticket agent at Salamanca, working
nights for four years. During this period he studied

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