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' Chairman of the Committee on Expenditures of the
House, and member of Roads and Bridges and Fed-
eral Relations ; and was re-elected by a plurality of
328, his opponents being William H. Hall (Dem. )
I and John W. Shurter (Pro.) His majority in 1886
I was 3.253, there being no Democratic candidate.
Mr. G.'s plurality in 1884 was 1,301.

Schenectady County.

Population, in 1365, 20,898; in 1875, 22,892.
AUSTIN ANDREW YATES (Rep.), of Schenec-
tadv citv. Mr. Y. was born in Union College, Sche-
nectadv, March 24, 1836, and is a c^escendant of Col.
Christopher Yates of Revolutionary times. His
father was John Austin Yates, Professor ot Rhetoric
in Union College. He also is a nephew of Governor
Joseph C. Yates. He was educated in common
schools, academy at Warren, Mass., and Union
College, graduating from the latter in 1854. He has
been a lawver, editor, and Major and Judge- Advocate
in the United States Army, and is at present en-
gaged in the practice of law in Schenectady. He en-
listed in the armv in 1862, and served until 1865 as
Captain in the lĀ»tth Regiment, N. Y. Vols. , and as
Major and assistant to the Judge-Advocate General.
He has always been a Republican; was District At-
tornev of Schenectadv county from 1868 to 1871, and
County Judge from 1873 to 1879. He was elected to
the Assemblv bv a plurality of 6, his opponents being
Edward D. Cutler (Dem.), who was chosen to the
last House by a plurality of 366, and Henry B. Salis-
bury (Pro.)

Schoharie County.

Population, in 1865, 33,353; in 1875, 32,419.
ALONZO B. COONS (Dem.), of Sharon Springs.
Mr. C. was born at Buel, Montgomery county, N. Y.,
September .3. 1841; educated in the common pchools,
Ames (N. Y.) Academy, 1557, '58, and New York
Conference Seminary at Charlottesville, N. Y., 1859.
He was formerly a clerk and teacher, and is now a
lawyer. During the war he acted with the Republi-
cans, and has since ,been a Democrat; was District
Attorney of Schoharie county, 1881-'84; and was
elected to the Assemblv by a plurality of 1,207, his op-
ponents being H. Louis Reed (Rep.) and Chauncey
W. Hinman (Pro.) The Democratic plurality in
1*)6 was 820.

Schuyler County.

(Population, in 1865, 18,441 ; in 187.% 18,828,
FREMONT COLE (Rep.), of Watkins. Mr. C.
was born at Covert, Seneca county, N. Y., Septem-
ber 18, 18.56. Both his parents were born and passed
their whole life in the town of Covert. He was
educated at district schools and at Farmer Village
Union School, and was a larmer until 1877, when he
began the study of law with Hon. Oliver P. Hurd,
County Judge of Schuyler county. He was admit-
ted to the bar, in May, 1880, at the age of 2.3, com-
menced practice in January, 1881, and is now a mem-
ber of the firm of "Cole Brothers," his younger
brother b'ing the Junior partner. He has been a
Republican from birth, being a namesake of General
Fremont; was Clerk of Surrogate's Court, 1S77-'8I ;

Chairman of County Committee, and member of the
Congressional Committee, 1882. Mr. C. never held
an elective otlice previous to his Assembly service.
He was a member of Assembly in 1885, serving as
Chairman of the Committee on Engrossed Bills, and
member of General Laws, Banks, and Privileges and
Elections; in 1SS6, serving as Chairman of Railroads,
and member of Judiciary ; in 1887, serving as Chair-
man of Kailroads, and member of Judiciary, Public
Lands and Grievances ; and was elected to the
present House by a plurality of 619. his opponents
being Adrian Tuttle (Dem.) and W. H. Morris
(Pro. ) Mr. Cole was chosen Speaker at the opening
of the present session. His plurality in 1886 was
1,232; in 1885, 579; in 1884, 330. Mr. C. is the only
man ever elected for a fourth consecutive term in
Schuyler county.

Seneca Connty.

Population, in 1865, 27,653; in 1875, 27,299.
JAMES M. MARTIN (Dem.), of Ovid. Mr. M.
was born at Romulus, Seneca county, N. Y. , Oc-
tober 20, 1839 ; educated at Ovid Academy ; is a
farmer and cattle dealer; was County Treasurer,
1872-'75 ; and was elected to the Assembly by a plu-
rality of 314, his opponents being John F. Covert
(Rep.) and S. L. Robinson (Pro.) The Republican
plurality in 1886 was 420.

Steuben County.

Population, in 1865,66,192; in 1875, 73,923.

1st District. (Towns of Avoca, Bath, Bradford,
Campbell, Cohocton, Dansville, Fremont, Howard,
Prattsburgh, Pulteney, Thurston, Urbana, Wav-
land, Wayne and Wheeler.) AZARIAHC. BRUND-
AGE (P.ep. ), of Bath. Mr. B. was born in the town
of Urbana, Steuben county, January 20, 1837 ; his
father, Abraham Brundage, was a musician in the
war of 1812. He was educated at the district schools
of Wheeler and Urbana; Franklin Academy, winter
of 18.52, '53 ; Starkey Seminary, winter of 1854, '55; and
Genesee Wesleyan Seminary at Lima, winter of 1856,
'.57, and is a farmer. He enlisted as a private April 25,
1861, was elected corporal on organization of company
I, 34th Regiment, N. Y. Vols., and served in that po-
sition until the battle of Fair Oaks, in 1862, in which
battle his regiment was engaged, assisting in the
memorable charge of Sumner's Corps. During that
charge he was struck by a bullet in the neck, and he
was discharged July 30, 1862, on account of the
wound. The bullet still remains in his neck. He
was President of the Agricultural Society of Steuben
county in 1874 and '75, He has always been a Re-
publican, He was a member of Assembly, 1878, '79,
serving in 1878 on the Committees on Agriculture,
Roads and Bridges and Sub-Committee of the Whole,
and in 1879 on Villages, Roads and Bridges and Pub-
lic Lands. In 1883 he was an unsuccessful candidate
for the Assembly, being defeated by a majority of
10.5, by Hon. Geo. E. Whiteman, He was elected
to the Assembly of 1887 by a plurality of 460, and
served as Chairman of Excise and member of Char-
itable and Religious Societies, and the Special Com-
mittee on Constitutional Convention; and was re-
elected by a plurality of 47.5, his opponents being
EmmettiB. Ross (Dem.) and C. C, Tinker (Pro.) A
determined effort was made by the State Associa-
tion of Brewers and Maltsters to defeat Mr. B. Not-
withstanding this and the nearly trebled Prohibi-
tion vote, Mr. B. 's plurality was larger than last
year. This district hadbeen represented by Demo-
crats for six successive years, the candidate of that
party receiving 44 majority in 1885.

2d District. (Towns of AddLson, Cameron, Canis-
teo. Corning. Caton, Erwln, Greenwood, Ilartsville,
Hornellsvllle, Hornby, Jasper, Lindley, Rathbone,
Troupsburgh, Tuscarnra, West Union and Wood-
hull.) MILOM. ACKKK (Rep.), of Hornellsville.
Mr. A. was born at Ilartsville, Steuben county, Oct.
.3, 1854. Until twenty-one years of age, he worked at
home on a farm during summers, and in the logging
camps of Pennsylvania during the winters. During

Evening Journal Almanac, 1888.


his leisure moments, he studied and read industri-
ously, attending common schools a short time, and
Andover School, from which he graduated with high
honors. While in attendance at that school, he
worked for his board. . He was a farmer until 1881,
when he entered the office of Judge Hakes, at Hor-
nellsville, as a law student. He was admitted to
the bar in 1.-^3, and became a member of the flrni in
188.'). In 1879 and 1880, he was Supervisor of the
town of Hartsville ; and was Police Justice of Hor-
nellsville in 1886. He was elected to the Assembly
by a plurality of 6.5U. his opponents being Wm. F.
McNamara (Dem. ) and Charles R. Adams (Pro. )
The Republican plurality in 1886 was 712,

Suffolk County.

Population, in 1865, 42,896 ; in 1875, .'i2.08S.

hampton. Mr. H. was born at Southampton, Suf-
folk county, April 17, 1828. He was educated in the
district schools until he was twelve years of age, and
at Southampton Academy until seventeen. After
leaving school, he worked three years at the trade
of oil compressing. He then entered the whaling
service at Sag Harbor, and made successful voyages
to the Arctic ocean, Ochutsk sea and New Zealand,
making three consecutive voyages from San Fran-
cisco. Leaving the sea, he settled upon a farm at
Bridgehampton, and has since pursued that voca-
tion. He was Superintendent of the United States
Life-saving Service from June 9, 1869, to July 24,
1885, when he was removed by President Cleveland.
He has always been a Republican ; was a member
of Assembly in 1886, serving on the Committees on
Commerce and Navigation, Civil Divisions and
Claims; was defeated for re-election by the Hon.H.
A. Reeves, in 1886, by a plurality of 9; and was
elected to the present House by a plurality of 274,
his opponents being Henry A. Reeves (Dem.) and
Elias Smith (Pro.) The canvass last fall was very
exciting, the Democratic county ticket being sacri-
ficed to elect Mr. Reeves.

Sulliraa County.

Population, in 1865, 32,741 ; in 1875, 34,935.

MARTIN A. SMITH (Rep.), of Fremont Centre.
Mr. S. was born at Middlefield, Otsego county, N.
Y., October 6, 1834. His parental ancestors came
from Connecticut to New York in 1790, his mother
being the seventh generation from Roger Wil-
liams, her parents coming from Rhode Island about
1780. He was educated at the common schools ;
attended Oxford (N. Y.), Academy, 1849-51; was
formerly a farmer and lumberman, and is now a
farmer. He has always been a Republican; was
Supervisor of the town of Fremont, 1858-'60 ; was
a member of the last House, serving on the Com-
mittees on Railroads, Banks, Public Health and
Sub-Committee of the Whole; and' was re-elected
by a plurality of 516, his opponents being James D.
Decker (Dem.) and Horace W. McKoon (Pro.) His
plurality in 1886 was 290. Mr. S. was one of the
36 Assemblymen who elected Hiscock Senator,

Tioga County.

Population, in 1865, 28,163; in 1875, 31,744.
JONATHAN C. LATIMER (Rep.), of Tioga Cen-
tre. Mr. L. was born at Abingdon, Knox county,
Illinois, May 5, 1842, and is descended from a fam-
ily of English ancestry, which settled in New Lon-
don, Conn., about or prior to 1660. His great-great
grandfather, Jonathan Latimer, was Captain of the
militia of Hempstead, Conn., which marched to
Albany in 1757. His great grandfather, Jonathan
Latimer, Jr. , and his company of soldiers, went on
board a sloop at Gardner's Wharf to sail lor Albany,
in 1758; the latter also served in the Revolutionary
war as colonel, and after the war niove<l to Tennes-
see. In 1829 the father of the present member
moved to Illinois. He was an active, energetic and
successful business man. Jonathan C. Latimer took
a classical course at Knox College, Galesburg, 111..

graduating in 1864 with the degree of A. B.; en-
tered the law department of Harvard College in
September, 1865, and graduated with the degree of
LL. B. in 1866, receiving the degree of A. M. from
Knox College in 1867. During the war he enlisted
for one hundred days' service in 1862, as private in
Co. E, 71st Regiment, III. Vols., and served the
time. He was a practicing lawyer in Chicago, 111.,
ls67-'77, when he removed to Tioga Centre, where
he has since resided, being a farmer, and also owns
three large lumber mills, employing many men.
He has held the office of Supervisor of the town of
Tioga, which is strongly Democratic, for the last
four terms; was a member of the last Assembly,
serving on the Committees on Stale Charitable In-
stitutions, Civil Divisions, Agriculture and En-
grossed Bills ; he favored Federal aid for improving
the canals, the Vedder ta.x bill and the revision of
the assessment laws ; and was re-elected by a plu-
rality of 1,146, his opponents being Frederick G.
Lowman (Dem.), William Elwell (Pro.) and George
Turner (United Lab.) His plurality in 1886 was

Tompkins County.

Population, in 1865, 30,966; in 1875, 32,915.
FRANK J. ENZ (Rep.), of Ithaca. Mr. E. was
born in Germany, April 10, 1839 ; educated in the
schools of Germany from 1849 till 1852, and acquired
the English language in the district schools of this
country. Was a farmer for six years, a traveling
salesman, 18 years ; and is now a manufacturer and
wholesale dealer in stationery. He has been a Re-
publican since the formation of the party ; and was
elected to the Assembly by a plurality of 1.178, his
opponents being Alonzo H. Clark (Dem.) and Cor-
nelius Sweet (Pro.) The Republican plurality in
1886 was 370. Mr. E. was nominated by acclama-
tion, and elected by a larger majority than any can-
didate in 16 years. He carried every town in the
county, which has never been done before.

Ulster County.

Population, in 1865, 69,813; in 1875, 88,271.
1st District. (1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and <Jth wards of
the city of Kingston and towns of Hurlev. Kingston,
Saugertfes and Woodstock.) CHRISTOPHER N.
DeWITT (Rep.), of Hurley. Mr. D. was born of
American parents at Hurley, August 28, 1850 ; edu-
cated in the common schools and Kingston Acad-
emy, graduating in 1868. He is a farmer. He has
always been a Republican; was Supervisor of Hur-
ley. 1880-'86, being Chairman of the Board in
1883; and was elected to the Assembly by a plural-
ity of 1.S6, his opponents being Michael "E. Donlon
mem. ) and Henry E. Legg (Pro.) The Republican
majority in 1886 was 2,783, the Democrats having
no candidate.

2d District. (5th. 6th, 7th and 8th wards of
Kingston, and towns of Esopus, Lloyd, Marbletown,
Marlborough, Plattekill and Rosendale. ) JOHN
JOSEPH O'REILLY ( Den). ), of Creek Locks. Mr.
0. wns born at Eddyville. Ulster countv, Julv 15,
18,55. His parents were both natives of Ireland', who
came to this country when young and settled in
Ulster county. He was educated in the public
schools of Eddyville, leaving school at the age of
thirteen. He was formerly a quan-vman and boat-
man on the river and canal, and is now a clerk. He
has always been a Democrat; is at present a Com-
missioner of Highways of the town of Rosendale ;
and was elected to the As.sembly bv a plurality of
299, his opponents being Wiliet I." Van Demark
(;Rep. ), who was chosen to the last House by a plu-
rality of 277, and John L. Schultz (Pro.)

3d District. (Towns of Denning. Hardenburgh,
Gardmer, Olive, New Paltz, Rochester, Shandaken
Shawangunk and Wawarsing. ) CHARLES H
WEIDNER (Dem. ), of West Shokan. Mr . W w";
born in Bavaria, Germany, November 10, 1837- was
educated at home in the intervals between business
hours, at primary school for a short time, and one
year in a private school. Was formerly a clerk


Eve?ii7ig Jour?ial Al?na?mc, 1888.

manager and merchant, ami is no^\' a farmer and
stock-raiser, lie was a member of the Town Com-
mittee while residing at Woodbridge, N. J., 1873-75
He has always been a Democrat, but supported the
administration tluring the war; and was elected to
the Assembly bv a plurality of 183, his opponents
being William Base (Kep.) and Simon J. Roosa
(Pro. ) The Democratic plurality in 1860 was 70,

"Warren County.

Population, in 1S65, 21, 138; in 1875, 23.295.
rensburgh. Mr. A. was born at Thurman, Warren
county, January 15, 1851 ; educated in the common
schools of Thurman, Warrensburgh Academy and
Dartmouth College. During his youth he worked
on a farm summers and attended school winters, and
is now a physician. He was Supervisor of Stony
Creek, 1873-7-1 ; Supervisor of Warrensburgh, 1886-
'87 ; and was elected to the Assembly by a plurality
of 919, his opponents being Daniel F. Keefle (Rep.)
and Dennis ^tone (Pro. ) The Republican plurality
in lS.-^6 was 4l>6, Mr. A. being a defeated candidate.
Mr. A. ran 1,286 votes ahead of his ticket last fall.

Washington County.

Population, in 1865, 46,244; in 1875, 48,167.

1st District. (Towns of Argyle, Cambridge, Eas-
ton. Fort Edward, Greenwich, Jackson, Salem and
White Creek.) J. WARREN FORT (Rep.), of
South Easton. Mr. F. was born at South Easton,
June 18, 1^36. His paternal ancestors emigrated
from the north of France, settling at Crescent, Sara-
toga county, the original name being La Forte. His
maternal ancestors were Dutch. He was educated
at Fort Edward Institute and Albany Business Col-
lege ; was formerly a merchant and farmer; and is
now a farmer. He was Supervisorof Easton 1876,77;
was a member of the last House, serving on the
Committees on State Prisons, Agriculture and
Petitions of Aliens ; and was i-e-elected by a plu-
rality of 1.102, his opponents being Wm. M. Ken-
yon (Dem.) and Frederick 0. Ives (Pro.) His plu-
rality in 18S6 was 1,346.

2d District. (Towns of Dresden, Fort Ann,
Granville, Hampton, Hartford, Hebron, Kingsbury,
Putnam and Whitehall.) ORSON W. SHELDON
(Dem.). of Fort Ann. Mr. S. was born at Queens-
bury, Warren county. N. Y. , September 2, l!S28.
His paternal ancestors were English and German,
and his mother's Irish, who came to this country
many years since. He received a limited education
in district schools. Was engaged in boating on the
canals twenty-one .years, from 1843 to lf^64, and is
now a banker, lumberman and builder of canal
boats. He is president of the firm of John Hall &
Co., bankers, of Fort Ann, and the Smith County Na-
tional Bank at Smith (jenier, Kansas. He has
alwav.s been a Democrat; was on the electoral
ticket in 1880; Supervisor of Fort Ann, 1872, '73, '77-
'79 and 1887; and was elected to the Assembly by a
majority of 465 over George L. Clemons (Rep.)
The Republican plurality in 1880 was 875.

Wayne County.

Population, in 1805, 47,498; in 1875,49,882.

1st District. (Towns of Butler, Galen, Huron.
Rose, Savannah, Sodiis. Williamson and Wolcott. )
CHAIILES T. SAXTON (Rep.), of Clyde. Mr. S.
was born at Clyde. July 2, 1846. He was educated at
Clyde High School. wFiere he prepared for college,
but the war breaking out he enlisted in the 90th N,
Y. Vols., November 19, 1861, and served until Feb-
niarv. 1806. He was engaged in the Port Hudson
and Red River campaigns in Louisiana and Shen-
andoah Valley campaign in Virginia in 1864, and
wa.i but twenty years of age when discharged with
the rank of Sergeant-Major. He is a lawyer, having
been admitted to the bar in 1S07 ; was Justice of the
Peace, 1873-77; Clerk of Civde village, 187.3, 74;
Trustee, 1876, '77, and President, 1876, Has been ,

delegate to several State conventions, was alter-
nate to the last National Convention at C'hicago. and
has delivered aildresses upon various public occa-
sions. He was a member of the last House, serving
as Chairman of Grievances and member of Judiciar^-,
Public Health and Two-thirds and Three-Fifths
Bills; and was re-elected by a plurality of 345, his
opponents being Elliott B. Norris (Dem.) and Henry
W. Levanway (Pro.) His plurality in 1S86 was
1,453. A desperate effort was made to defeat Mr.
S. by the large malting interest in the district.
The contest grew out of his attitude upon the
liquor measures of 1887, Mr. S. having made an
argument, which was widely quoted, against the
constitutional objections to the Crosby High Li-
cense Bill raised by Governor Hill. Because of
these efforts his plurality was greatly reduced. In
the Legislature. Mr. Saxton was instrumental in
securing the passage of several important acts,
among them being the bill providing for the distri-
bution of the Code of Public Instruction to the school
districts of the State, and a bill appropriating $10,0()0
to construct a lift bridge across the Erie canal at
Clyde. He was a member of the important commit-
tee of five appointed to investigate the subject of
telephone charges, which has held sessions since the
adjournment of the session of 1887.

2d District. (Towns of Arcadia. Lyons, Macedon,
Marion, Ontario, Palmvraand Walworth.) BARNET
H. DAVIS (Rep. ), of Palmyra. Mr. D. wasbornat
Fonda, N. Y., January 27. 1830, and received a com-
mon school education. He was a grocer at Fort
Plain, N. Y. , 1801-64, when he removed to Palmyra,
where he has since been engaged in the grocery and
drug business. He has been one of the trustees ol
the Globe Printing Press Works for eleven years, its
treasurer two years, and is now president of the
concern. He has always been a Republican ; was
Delegate to the State Conventions of 1874 and 1879,
which nominated Dix and Cornell torGovernor ; was
a member of Assembly in 1886, serving as Chairman
of the Committee on Engrossed Bills, and member
of Canals, Public Health and Expenditures of the
House; in 1887, serving as Chairman of Villages and
member of Canals and Public Health ; and was
elected to the present House by a plurality of 196,
his opponents being Nelson Reeves "(I'em.) and
Charles D. Johnson (Pro.) His plurality in 1886 was
996, and his majority in 1885 was 726.

Westchester County.

Population, in 1865, 101,197; in 1875, 100.660.
1st District. (Towns of Greenburgh, Mt. Pleasant
and city of Yonkers. ) JAMES IRVING BURNS
(Rep. ), of Yonkers. Mr. B. was born in Biddeford,
Maine, August 10, 1843; prepared for college at"\\'ise-
well's Military Academy ; studied in Madison Uni-
versity. 1859, '00; and Union College, 1801, '62, when
he graduated, receiving the degree of A. B. He has
also received the degrees of LL. B. from Columbian
Law School, Washington, D. C.and A. M. from
Madison University. He was formerly a lawyer,
and Superintendent of Bonded Warehouses, in the
New York Custom House, 1874-'84, and is now man-
ager of the Knickerbocker Subscription Agency of
New York city. He was trustee, secretary and
treasurer of Rutger's Female College, New York
city, for seven years ; and is president of the Spring
Creek and Rockerville Water and Mining Company
of Dakota. He has always been a Republican, and
active in every campaign; was delegate to State
Conventions. 1885, '87; is now Chairman of the Re-
publican Central Committee of Yonkers ; was Al-
fierman of Yonker.s, 1883, '84. declining re-election.
He was a member of the last House, serving on th<'
Committees on Cities, Public Printing and Public
Lands; he took an active part in legislation, intro-
ducing and fpassing several bills of importance, in-
cluding the Suburban Rapid Transit Bill, and bill
forever prohibiting insurance companies from doing
more than one kind offbusiness in the State. He
was re-elected by a plurality of 1,288, his opponents
being James .T. Corbalis (Dem. ), John Pagan (Pro. )

and William Moss (United Lab.) Ilis plurality in
1886, over the same Democratic opponent, was 99.
The district is naturally Democratic.

2d District. (Towns of Harrison, Mamaroneck,
New Rochelie. North Castle, Pelham, Rye, Scars-
dale, White Plains, East Chester and Westchester.)
BRADFORD RHODES (Rep.), of Mamaroneck.
Mr. R. was born in Beaver county. Pa., February
25, 1847, and is the son of William Rhodes, Sr.,a life-
long resident of that place. His ancestors were
English and German, who came to this country
many years ago. Being the eldest of a large family
he was obliged to practically educate himself; he
attended the common schools ot Beaver county
while young, and by teaching school winters and
working on his father's farm summers, he was soon
able to pay his way, and secured a high-class aca-
demic education, graduating from Beaver Academj'.
He was afterward Principal of the old Darlington
Academy, in Western Pennsylvania. In 1863 he
enlisted in the 134th Pennsylvania Volunteers, and
passed the physical examination, but the mustering
officer would not swear him in on account of his
youthful look. He was obliged to return home. In
1872 he removed to New York city with less than ten
dollars in his pocket. He at once secured employ-
ment as reporter on the Daily Globe ; he was soon
advanced to the position of assistant editor and gen-
eral monetary writer; the paper not being a success
he soon left it and entered the business department
of the Bail}/ Bulletin. Soon after he started the
Safeguard, a. jonruaA devoted solely to the irterests
of depositors in savings banks. By hard work he
made the paper a success, and in about a year it was
enlarged and gained a paymg circulation. In 1875,
he was associated with Hon. Emerson W. Keyes in
the preparation of the General Savings Bank Law for
this State, which became a law on May 17 of that
year. In the early part of 1876, he advocated the
repeal of the two-cent stamp tax, which the Gov-
ernment then imposed on the withdrawal tickets of
every depositor, before the Ways and Means Com-
mittee of Congress, and with the aid of Abram S.
Hewitt and others, a bill repealing the act passed
the House. In 1877, the Safrtjuard was merged into
a monthly magazine called the Jnurnul of Banking.
which is now conducted by Mr. Rhodes, in connec-

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