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RICHARD CARPENTER LOCKWOOD, N. Y. (26471 ). Supplemental. Son of Jeremiah
Talcott and Louise (Carpenter) Lockwood; grandson of Jeremiah Talcott and Jane
(Shurrager) Lockwood; great-grandson of James and Nancy Vorhies (Albin) Lockwood;
greatS-grandson of Jacob Lockwood, Drummer, Third Regt., Connecticut Troops; great-
grandson of Simeon and Annie Ekert (Ackert) Shurger (Shurrager); greatS-grandson of
Andres Shurger, Ulster County, New York patriot, killed by Indians and Tories.

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FRANK OTEY LONG, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. (.36776)'. Son of Henry and Frances Burton
(Scurlock) Long; grandson of T. P. and Anne (Huntsman) Scurlock; great-grandson of
Adam and Sarah Wesley (Quarles) Huntsman; great*-grandson of William Queries,
Ensign and Second Lieutenant, First Regt., Virginia Troops.

LEON MILNER LONG. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. {36777)- Same as Frank Otey Long. Tenn.

CHARLES LAWRENCE LONGLEY, Boise, Idaho. (35108). Son of Alfred and Julia M.
(Read) Longley; grandson of Thomas and Martha Arms (Taylor) Longley; great-
grandson of Edmund Longley, Captain, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Militia.

ANDREW J. LOOMIS, Santa Fe, New Mex. (30093). Son of Thompson and Laura
(A ) Loomis; grandson of Solomon and Hannah (Armstrong) Loomis; great-grand-
son of Simon Loomis, private, Connecticut Militia, Col. Sheldon's Light Dragoons and
Putnam's Cont'l Troops, pensioned.

MILTON E. LOOMIS, Westfield, N. J. (36693). Son of L. Rood and Mary W. (Early)
Loomis; grandson of Charles H. and Julia Ann (Rood) Loomis; great-grandson of
Anson and Highly (Hitchcock) Loomis; great'-grandson of Michael Loomis, Ensign, Col.
John Fellows' Regt., Connecticut Militia.

HAROLD CLARENCE LOUNSBERRY, Marshalltown, Iowa. (36246). Son of Harvey
Wellington and Sarah Agnes (Gonsley) Lounsberry; grandson of Joshua Whitney Hill-
man and Priscilla M. (Gager) Lounsberry; great-grandson of Joseph and Mary (Whit-
ney) Lounsberry; greats-grandson of Michael Lounsberry, private. Ninth Regt., New
York Militia.

ROBERT ADDISON LUSE, Sharon, Pa. (36320). Son of Robert and Calista Freelove
(Slater) Luce; grandson of Nathan and Freelove (Grossman) Slater; great-grandson of
Benjamin Slater, private, Connecticut Militia.

ROBERT WILLIAM LUSE, Sharon, Pa. (36321). Son of Robert Addison and Henrietta
Marvin (Fell) Luse; grandson of Robert and Calista Freelove (Slater) Luse; great-
grandson of Nathan and Freelove (Grossman) Slater; great'-grandson of Benjamin
Slater, private, Connecticut Militia.

DONALD FISHER LYBARGER, Ohio. (34598). Supplcmentals. Son of Jesse James
and Margaret Shuler (Fisher) Lybarger; grandson of Elijah Crum and Julydia Work-
man (Winterringer) Lybarger; great-grandson of James Thompson and Amelia Eagle
(Crum) Lybarger; greats-grandson of Andrew and Naomi (Thompson) Lybarger; great'-
grandson of Ludwick Lybarger, private, Bedford County, Pennsylvania Militia; great -
grandson of Lewis Crum; greats-grandson of John Crum, private, Eleventh and Seventh
Regts., Virginia Troops.

EDWARD CANFIELD LYON, Caldwell, N. J. (36381). Son of Edward Thomas and
Mary Waynman (Canfield) Lyon; grandson of Thomas and Abigail Parmelia (Mead)
Lyon; great-grandson of Caleb Lyon, Jr., private, Westchester County. New York
Militia; greats-grandson of Caleb Lyon, private, Fourth Regt., Westchester County, New
York Militia; grandson of Abraham C. and Sarah C. (Waynman) Canfield; great-grand-
son of Jacob and Eunice (Munson) Canfield; greats-grandson of Abraham Canfield,
Express Rider, New Jersey Light Horse; greatS-grandson of Moses Munson, Captain.
Morris County, New Jersey Militia, Captain and Foragemaster Team Brigade.

OLIVER CRANE LYON. Montclair, N. J. (36285). Son of Edward Canfield and Caroline
H. (Crane) Lyon; grandson of Edward T. and Mary Waynman (Canfield) Lyon; great-
grandson of Thomas and Abigail Parmelia (Mead) Lyon; greatS-grandson of Caleb
Lyon, Jr., private. Fourth Regt., Westchester County, New York Militia; grandson of
Oliver and Marion Dunn (Turnbull) Crane; great-grandson of Stephen Fordham and
Matilda Howell (Smith) Crane; gfeat^-grandson of Peter Smith; Lieutenant, Third and
Fifth Regts., Pennsylvania Troops and Private Secretary to General Washington.

LOUIS BLALOCK McCARTHY, West Roxbury, Mass. (36803). Son of Louis and
Theodosia (Blalock) McCarthy; grandson of Samuel W. and Nancy S. (Young) Blalock;
great-grandson of Tilman and Sarah Ainsworth (Wilson) Blalock; great - grandson of
John Blalock, Lieutenant, Col. Downman's Regt., and Captain of Guards, North Caro-
lina Militia, pensioned.

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DAVID McCONAUGHY, Montclair, N. J. (36382). Son of David and Uana (Mathews)
McConaughy; grandson of James Burroughs and Catherine (Griffith) Mathews; great-
grandson of Samuel Griffith, Captain, Maryland Cont'l Troops.

FRANK KELLY McCUTCHEN, Dalton, Ga. (35225). Son of Cicero Decatur and Frances
Cornelia (Kelly) McCutchen; grandson of Thomas Davis and Phoebe Caroline (Bryan)
Kelly; great-grandson of Andrew and Delphie Garnett (Jones) Bryan; great*-grandson
of Andrew Bry-an, private, Chester County, Pennsylvania Militia.

COREY FULLER McFARLAND, Keokuk, Iowa. (36239). Son of Jacob Corey and Mary
(Woodcock) McFarland; grandson of David and Polly (Stevens) MacFarlin; great-
grandson of Elijah and Sarah (Marshall) MacFarlin, Jr.; greats-grandson of Elijah
MacParling, private, Plympton County, Massachusetts Troops, died in service.

CLEMENT L. McKEE, Washington, Pa. (36323). Son of Finley and Eliza Ann (Harper)
McKee; grandson of Henry and Susanna (Hornbeck) McKee; great-grandson of John
McKee, private, Fayette County, Pennsylvania Militia, pensioned; grandson of Daniel
and Margery (Huston) Harper; great-grandson of William and Mary (Morrison) Huston;
great*-grandson of Joseph Huston, private, Capt. George Vance's Co., Pennsylvania
Rangers and Frontiersmen.

NEWTON FELCH McKEON, Paterson, N. J. (36393). Son of Marcus James and Par-
thenea Dow (Felch) McKeon; grandson of Isaac Newton and Margaret Holmes (Dow)
Felch; great-grandson of Nathan and Rebecca (Shepard) Felch, Jr.; greats-grandson of
Nathan Felch, private, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Militia, pensioned.

JOHN HOWARD McLAUGHLIN, Westfield, N. J. (36292). Son of Alexander and
Amanda (Spayde) McLaughlin; grandson of Archibald and Rebecca (Wells) McLaugh-
lin; great-grandson of Samuel and Hannah (Barnes) Wells; greats-grandson of Samuel
Wells, private, Col. Charles Armand's Regt., Virginia Cont'l Line.

WILLIAM HENRY McMASTER, Alliance, Ohio. (36484). Son of James Nelson and
Susan Elizabeth (Neff) McMaster; grandson of Samuel and Sarah Ann (Gregory) Mc-
Master; great-grandson of Robert and Sarah (Meek) McMaster; great*-grandson of
William McMaster, private, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania "Associators."

HENRY W. McMillan, West Burlington, Iowa. (36241). Son of Charles and Mary E.
(Woodworth) McMillan; grandson of Samuel and Mary (Sample) Woodworth; great-
grandson of John and Ann (Taylor) Sample; greats-grandson of Henry and Mary
(Blackburn) Taylor; greats-grandson of Robert Taylor, private. Fifth Regt., Virginia

STEPHEN YERKES McNAIR, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36452). Son of Stephen Yerkes and
Mattie E. (Knowles) McNair; grandson of John and Mary (Yerkes) McNair; great-
grandson of Stephen and Alice (Watson) Yerkes; greatS-grandson of Harman Yerkes,
private, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Militia.

EARL CLEVELAND MAIN, Sioux Falls, So. Dak. (30666). Son of Gilbert S. and Alice
Maria (Brainerd) Main; grandson of Alfred Kellogg and Hannah Merritt (Small)
Brainerd; great-grandson of Halsey and Rachelua (Kellogg) Brainerd; greatS-grandson
of Joshua and Hannah (Fuller) Brainerd; greats-grandson of Abner Brainerd, Lieutenant,
Capt. Holmes' Co., Connecticut State Troops and Cont'l Line.

BENJAMIN BROWN MANCHESTER, Providence, R. I. (36505). Son of Silas Henry
and Ellen Frances (Munroe) Manchester; grandson of Jonas and Julia Ann (Smith)
Munroe; great-grandson of Abraham and Sarah (Knight) Munroe; greatS-grandson of
Nathaniel Munroe, private, Massachusetts Militia at Lexington Alarm.

HENRY FRANCIS MANCHESTER, Providence, R. I. (36504). Same as Benjamin

Brown Manchester (R. I., 36505).
HENRY IRELAND MARBLE, Ridgewood, N. J. (36360). Son of W. Irving and Caro-
line B. (Ireland) Marble; grandson of James Frederick and Eliza (Monell) Marble;
great-grandson of James and Charlotte (Smith) Monell, Jr.; greats-grandson of James
Mounell, Lieutenant, Ulster County, New York Militia.
WASHINGTON IRVING MARBLE, Ridgewood, N. J. (36359). Son of James Frederick
and Eliza (Monell) Marble; grandson of James and Charlotte (Smith) Monell, Jr.;
great-grandson of James Mounell, Lieutenant, Ulster County, New York Militia.

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WILUAM GUY MARKHAM, Rush, N. Y. (36470). Son of Gay and Elira Emma (Wil-
liams) Markham; grandson of Wiliiam Markham, private and Sergeant, Col. Nichols'
Regt., New Hampshire Militia.

%% ROY HARRISON MARKIyEY, Middletown, Pa. (36754). Son of Abram Ackcrman
and Rebecca Sparks (Kennard) Markley; grandson of William Groyer and Hanxiah
Matilda (Simmons) Kennard; great-grandson of William and Rachel Ann (Giffitig) Ken-
nard; great*-grandson of John Kennard, Jr., private, Thirteenth Battalion, Kent County,
Maryland Militia.

WILLIAM F. MARSH, Pelham. N. H. (36252). Son of Enoch M. and Mary E. (Hobbs)
Marsh; grandson of Moody and Elizabeth P. (SpofFord) Hobbs; great-grandson of Dud-
ley and Mary (Atwood) Spofford; great*-grandson of Thomas Spofford, Ensign and Ser-
geant, New Hampshire Militia.

JOHN W. MARSHALL, Richmond, Va. (35098). Son of Elcazer and Rebecca (Wilson)
Marshall; grandson of Isaac Marshall, private. Fourteenth and Tenth Regts., Virginia
Troops, prisoner, pensioned.

GEORGE D. MARTIN, MerchantviUe, N. J. (36394). Son of Julius C. and Mary (D )

Martin; grandson of Samuel and Mary (Willett) Martin; great-grandson of Samuel
Willeit, private, New Jersey Militia.

WILLIAM BLOOMFIELD PEPPER MARTS, Montclair, N. J. (36398). Son. of Warren
and Lillian (Pepper) Marts; grandson of William Bloomfield and Emeline Louretta
(Stithams) Pepper; great-grandson of Daniel and Elizabeth (Tubman) Stithams; great -
grandson of Nehemiah and Ann (Peirce) Tubman; great*-grandson of Ahel Peirce,
drummer and private. Col. Rufus Putnam's Regt., Massachusetts Militia.

JAMES PLEASANTS MASSIE, Richmond, Va. (36551). Son of Eugene Carter and
Laura Roy (EHerson) Massie; grandson of Henry and Susan Elizabeth (Smith) Massie,
Jr.; great-grandson of Henry and Susan Preston (Lewis) Massie; great*-grandson of
Thomas Massie, Major, Eleventh and Second Regts., Virginia Cont'l Line; great-grandson
of Thomas Bolton and Caroline S. R. (Thomson) Smith; greats-grandson of William
Russell and Elizabeth (Sabb) Thomson; great*-grandson of WUliam Thomson, Colonel
and Brevet Brig. -General, South Carolina Rangers and member First Provincial Con-
gress, prisoner.

HENRY JEFFREY MATCHETT, Fort Leavenworth, Kans. (33321). Son of Abraham J.
and Amelia (Warwick) Matchett; grandson of Frederick and Eliza (Helm) Warwick;
great-grandson of George M. and Catherine (Wolfe) Helm; great'-grandson of Wood-
hull and Eliza (McDonald) Helm; great'-grandson of Thomas Helm; great-grandson of
William and Dorothy (WoodhuU) Helm; greats-grandson of Nathaniel Woodhull, Brig-
adier-General, New York Militia, President Provincial Congress, died of wounds.

GEORGE NICHOLAS MECHAM, Nebr. (33890). Supplemental. Son of Harrison Alex-
ander and Ruth Alice (Coyle) Mecham; grandson of John Wesley and Ruth Prudence
(Vallier) Mecham; great-grandson of Joseph and Hannah Ladd (Tyler) Mecham; great -
grandson of Joseph and Sarah (Bradford) Mecham; great*-grandson of Samuel and Phoebe
(Main) Mecham (Meacham); great*-grandson of Samuel Meacham, Selectman, Enfield,
New Hampshire, in charge of Association Test; great-grandson of Joseph and Mehitable
Esther (Ladd) Tyler; great«-grandson of Ehenezer Tyler, private. Col. Chase's Regt.,
New Hampshire Militia.

ROBERT THORNHILL MESSLER, Westfield, N. J. (36296). Son of David Nevins and
Lounetta (Opdycke) Messier; grandson of William S. and Margaret M. (Van Zandt)
Messier; great-grandson of Peter and Esther (Smith) Messier; greats-grandson of
Cornelius Messier, private, Hunterdon and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey Militia.

BENJAMIN CLEMENT MINER, Summit, N. J. (36397). Son of Champlin Qement and
Anna E. (Sturdevant) Miner; grandson of Clement and Sally (Crane) Miner; great-
grandson of Benjamin Miner, Captain, Morris County, New Jersey Militia, pensioned.

CLAXTON MONRO, Burlington, Vt. (33847). Son of Hezekiah Usher and Harriet M.
(Barnes) Monro; grandson of George Thomas and Emily A. (Berry) Monro; great-
grandson of Thomas B. and Clarissa (Sanford) Monro; greats-grandson of Thomas and
Sybil (Borden) Monro; greats-grandson of Thomas Monro, Surgeon, prisoner on Prison
Ship "Jersey."

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THOMAS HUNTINGTON MONROE, Atlanta, Ga. (35223). Son of Alonzo Judson and
Lucretia Anna (Huntington) Monroe; grandson of Charles Andrew and I^ucretia At-
wood (Waterman) Huntington; great-grandson of Thomas and Eleanor (Dodge) Water-
man; great-grandson of Arannah Waterman, Connecticut Minute-Man and Assistant
Commissary; grandson of Alonzo Welton and Anna Maria (Albee) Monroe; great-grand-
son of Joseph Porter and (^tha (Putnam) Albee; great-grandson of Dan. Baldwin and
Maria Ivouise (Ensign) Putnam; great'-grandson of Israel Putnam, Major-General Cont'l

JOSEPH MONTGOMERY, 2nd., Harrisburg, Pa. (36755). Son of James B. and Emma
Lynn (Buchecker) Montgomery; grandson of James and Sarah Ann (Peipher) Mont-
gomery, Jr.; great-grandson of James and Susan (Fedder) Montgomery; great-grandson
of Robert Montgomery, clerk Fourth Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Militia.

BENJAMIN LUCIAN MOORE» Springfield, Tenn. (36071). Son of Jerome Egbert and
Rebecca (Litzy) Moore; grandson of Risdon Dent and Mary Arseneth (Mitchell) Moore;
great-grandson of Smith Moore, Second Lieutenant, Fifth Regt., Maryland Troops.

GEORGE GIDEON MORRIS, Washington, D. C. (36129). Son of James B. and Kezia
(Way) Morris; grandson of Levi and Lucretia (Stevens) Morris; great-grandson of
George Morris, private, Third Regt., Pennsylvania Conti Line, pensioned.

CLARENCE RAYMOND NEIDENGARD, SteubenvOle, Ohio. (36490). Son of Henry
and Julia Emilie (Odell) Neidengard; grandson of John Valentine and Jane (Fisher)
Odell; great-grandson of John Fisher, private, Second Regt., Virginia Militia.

WILLIAM WASHINGTON NEIFERT, Conn. (27344). Supplementals. Son of WUliam
and Lucinda (Luidner) Neifert; grandson of Jacob and Elizabeth (Faust) Neifert;
great-grandson of John and Mary Rosina (Huntzinger) Faust; great-grandson of Johan-
nes Paust, private, Berk's County, Pennsylvania Militia; great-grandson of John G.
Huntzinger, private, Northampton County, Pennsylvania Militia.

SAMUEL BROOKS NEWMAN, East Orange, N. J. • (36370). Son of Samuel Brooks and
Mattie O. (Lonsdale) Newman; grandson of Samuel Brooks and Jane (Miller) New-
man; great-grandson of Joseph and Dolly (Brooks) Newman; great-grandson of Thomas
Newman, Sergeant, Essex County, Massachusetts Militia.

JASON HOWARD NEWTON, Springfield, Mass. (361 12). Son of Frank H. and Emma
Reed (Morton) Newton; grandson of George W. and Ellen Butler (Boynton) Morton;
great-grandson of John Alden and Sophronia (Thayer) Morton; great-grandson of ^noch
Thayer, private, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Militia.

NORMAN THOMAS NEWTON, Wyoming, N. Y. (D. C. 36130). Son of John P. and
Jessie (King) Nevrton; grandson of George Oscar and Amanda Elvira (Vance) King;
great-grandson of Hollis and Sally (Babcock) King; great-grandson of Levi and Lydia
(Sartwell) King; great«-grandson of Adonijah King, private. Col. Josiah Whitney's
Regt., Massachusetts Militia; great*-grandson of William King, private, Third Regt., New
Hampshire Cont'l Troops; great-grandson of John Henderon and Mary Ann (Games)
Vance; great-grandson of Robert and Margaret (Moore) Vance; great'-grandson of
Robert Vance, Captain, Col. John Gibson's Ninth Regt., Virginia Militia.

RALPH WALDO NICKERSON, Hillside, N. J. (3639ft). Son of George F. and Mary
Maria (Springer) Nickerson; grandson of Thomas and Mary Ann (Manchester) Springer;
great-grandson of Knight Springer, private, Rhode Island Militia and Cont'l Troops,

LIONEL CRENELLE NIGHTINGALE, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36467). Son of Lionel Bridges
and Julia Stuart (Crenelle) Nightingale; grandson of William Henry and Julia Porter
(Huntington) Crenelle; great-grandson of Joseph Carew and Julia Stewart (Dodge)
Huntington; great-grandson of Joseph and Eunice (Carew) Huntington; great*-grandson
of Andrew and Lucy (Coit) Huntington; great*-grandson of Jabez Huntington, Major-
(General, Connecticut Militia.

WILLIAM NORRIS OCHILTREE, Cleveland, Ohio. (36426). Son of William E. and
Estelle May (Norris) Ochiltree; grandson of John Jasper and Elizabeth C. (Ellis) Norris;
great-grandson of Aquilla and Sarah (Sargent) Norris, Jr.; great-grandson of Aquilla
Norris, Captain, Harford County, Maryland Militia.

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MYLES POWERS O'CONNOR, NashviUe, Tcnn. (36068). Son of Jerome St John and
Henrietta (Blackman) O'Connor; grandson of Albert Washington and Elizabeth Hard-
way (Andrews) Blackman; great-grandson of Bennett and Anna (Clinton) Blackman;
great*-grandson of Richard Clinton, private, South Carolina Militia, pensioned.

PAUL Q. OLIVER, Westfield, N. J. (36688). Son of William Henry and Katharine
Mintum (Baker) Oliver; grandson of Nchemiah and Jane Dearman (Mintum) Baker;
great-grandson of Allen Baker, Essex County, Massachusetts, Minute-Man at Lexington

HAROLD DEMENT PADGETT, San Francisco, Calif. (36412). Son of Benjamin H.
and Eliza Belle (Dement) Padgett; grandson of William Edward and Eliza E; (Wolfe)
Dement; great-grandson of John Edward and Rebecca Dent (Briscoe) Dement; great -
grandson of Edward and Sarah Marshall (Wilkinson) Briscoe; great*-grandson of Wil-
liam Mackall and Asa Herbert (Dent) Wilkinson; great-grandson of John Dent, Brig-
adier-General, Maryland Militia.

THOMAS ALEXIS PAINTER, Upper Montdair, N. J. (36293). Son of Thomas Alexis
and Adelaide Elizabeth (Lockwood) Painter; grandson of Alexis and Thalia Maria
(McMahon) Painter; great-grandson of Thomas Painter, private, Connecticut State
Troops, prisoner.

PAUL BARBOUR PARKER, Kokomo, Ind. (35520). Son of Edmund L. and Elizabeth
(Barbour) Parker; grandson of Edmund A. and Laura (Hubbard) Parker; great-grand-
son of Lemuel and Eliza (Hosley) Parker, 3rd.; great*-grandson of Lemuel Parker, Jr.,
musician and drum-major, Massachusetts Militia.

HENRY HERBERT PARMELEE, Paterson, N. J. (36371). Son of William Smith and
Mary Elizabeth (Butterworth) Parmelee; grandson of John Edwin and Catherine (Smith)
Parmelee; great-grandson of IJnus and Priscilla (Handy) Parmelee; great*-grandson of
Samuel Parmelee, private. Thirteenth Regt., Connecticut Militia.

OWEN C. PEARCE, Manasquan, N. J.. (36363). Son of Benjamin B. and Annie (Curtis)
Pearce; grandson of Robert and Rebecca (Newbury) Pearce; great-grandson of Benjamin
and Elizabeth (Newbury) Pearce; great'-grandson of William Pearce, private. New Jersey
Conti Line and Monmoudi County Militia.

JOHN CALDER PEARSON, Ohio. (34140). Supplementals. Son of John Keeling and
Mary Frances (Perkins) Pearson; grandson of Orrcn and Sarah M. (Clinton) Perkins;
great-grandson of Joel and Mary (Matthewson) Clinton; great'-grandson of John and
Mary (Scribner) Clinton, Jr.; great'-grandson of Zacheus Scribner, private, Connecticut
Militia and Cont'l Line; great-grandson of William and Parthenia (Miller) Perkins;
great'-grandson of Samuel Miller, Corporal, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt., Massa-
chusetts Militia; greaf-grandson of John Clinton, Sr., New York patriot and signer Peti-
tion to Committee of Safety; great'-grandson of William Matthewson, private, Massa-
chusetts and Rhode Island Militia, pensioned; grcat*-grandson of David Perkins, private,
Plymout County, Massachusetts Militia; grandson of John and Rebecca (I^ewis) Pear-
son; great*-grandson of John Lewis, Sergeant, Third Regt., Tryon County, New York
Militia, prisoner; great«-grandson of Peter Lewis, Tryon County, New York, patriot, who
had all property destroyed; great'-grandson of John and Sarah (Putnam) Lewis; great*-
grandson of Teunis Putman, private, Second Ragt., Albany County, New York Militia.

EDWARD HARRISON PENCE, Chicago, 111. (36221). Son of Winfield Scott and Lillian
Woods (Grafton) Pence; grandson of Ambrose and Rebecca Ellen' (Woods) Grafton;
great-grandson of Joseph Hamilton and Sarah (Hcvcring) Woods; great*-grandson of
Andrew and Mary (Stephenson) Woods; great'-grandson of Joseph Woods, delegate,
Pennsylvania Provincial Congress.

VALENTINE R. PENNEY, Los Angeles, Calif. (36403). Son of Rufus and Elosia

(Parker) Penney; grandson of Valentine and Polly ( ) Parker; great-grandson of

Nathaniel Parker, private, Col. Gideon Warren's Regt., Vermont Militia.

CHARLES EDWARD PERKINS, New Orieans, La. (35993). Son of Edward Henry and
Hannah (Boyce) Perkins; grandson of Henry W. and Harriet C. (Smith) Perkins;
great-grandson of Willis and Laura (Dickerman) Perkins; great'-grandson of David and
Lola (Todd) Perkins; fr?at«-grand8on of Reuben Perkins, private, Derby, Connecticut

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ROBieRT MERRITT PERKINS, Newark, N. J. (36372). Son of Merritt Greenwood and
Matilda Drake (Riker) Perkins; grandson of John and Lucia Willis (Greenwood) Per-
kins; great-grandson of Asa and Huldah (Hay ward) Perkins; greats-grandson of Timothy
and Huldah (Ames) Hayward; great«-grandson of Sylvanus and Huldah (Johnson)
Ames; great*-grandson of Isaac Johnson, Major, Plymouth County, Massachusetts Militia.

ARTHUR PERRIN, Brookline, Mass. (36804). Son of Franklin and Ivouisa Charlotte
(Gage) Perrin; grandson of Augustus and Harriet (Child) Perrin; great-grandson of
Abraham Perrin, private, Connecticut lyight Horse.

HARRY AMBROSE PERRIN, Jacksonville, 111. (3621 1). Son of Daniel A. and Achsah
Rebecca (Perrine) Perrin; grandson of James William and Deborah ^Ann (Dey) Perrine;
great-grandson of William I. and Catherine (Davis) Perrine; great*-grandson of James
Perrine, private, Monmouth County, New Jersey Militia.

OSCAR HOYT PERRY, Portland, Me. (36583). Son of Albert and Jane Salmon (Hart)
Perry; grandson of William and Keziah (Drury) Perry; great-grandson of Abel and
Asenah (Havcii) Perry, Jr.; great*-grandson of Abel Perry, lieutenant, (General Ward's
Regt., Massachusetts Militia.

AI3ERT HOVEY PEYTON, (Borgia. (35222). Supplemental. Son of Thomas West and
Mary Thornburg (Hovey) Peyton; grandson of William Marshall and Ellen Eliza
(Thomburg) Hovey; great-grandson of Thomas and Margaret Catherine (Miller) Thorn-
burg; great*-grandson of John and Sophia (Clendennin) Miller; great^'-grandson of
Christian Miller, Sergeant, Shenandoah Co., Virginia Militia, pensioned; great*-grandson
of William Clendennin, Captain, Virginia Militia.

JOHN NEWTON PHARR, Olivier, La. (35989). Son of Henry Newton and Anna Jane
(Smith) Pharr; grandson of John Newton and Henrietta Clara (Andrus) Pharr; great-
grandson of Elias and Martha (Proline (Orr) Pharr; greats-grandson of Henry and
Margaret (Bain) Pharr; great'-grandson of Walter Pharr, private, General Horatio
Gates' Regt, Cont'l Troops, wounded.

LEWIS EUGENE PIERSON, Brooklyn, N. Y. (36451). Son of Edgar L. and Anna B.
(Southard) Pierson; grandson of James Washington and Sarah Ann (Peshine) Southard;
great-grandson of Gilbert and Anna (Wey) Southard; great'-grandson of Thomas South-
ard, private, Dutchess County, New York Militia; great-grandson of Jacob and Prussia
Ailing (Ball) Peshine; greats-grandson of Bdzvard Ball, private, Essex County, New
Jersey Militia and Sergeant, Col. Sheldon's Cont'l Troops.

WILLIAM BARTLEY PIRTLE» Louisville, Ky. (36526). Son of James Speed and Emily
Mathusa (Bartley) Pirtle; grandson of William Thompson and Emily Mathusa (John-
son) Bartley; great-grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Julia (Flournoy) Johnson; great*- •
grandson of Robert Johnson, Captain under George Rogers Clark, and member Virginia
Legislature of '82.

WINTHROP PIZZINI, Lieut., A. E. F., New York City, N. Y. (36453). Son of William
B. and Florence A. (Webber) Pizzini; grandson of Andrew and Anna Gertrude (Davis)
Pizzini, Jr.; great-grandson of Benjamin and Burronsinia (Solis) Davis; greats-grandson
of Daniel and Sarah Helm (Norris) Solis; great*-grandson of Eden and Anna (Hiers)

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