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Suffolk Deeds.



^UG 28 1906
D. of D.

Suffolk llegtstrn of gccbs*

Boston, August 25, 1905.

The Board of Aldermen of the City of Boston,
acting as County Commissioners for the County of
Suffolk, by an order approved by the Ma3^or Dec. 8,
1902, authorized the Register of Deeds "to have
printed, stereotyped, indexed, and distributed the
fourteenth volume of Suffolk Deeds."

The order was passed in answer to the following
petition: —

To the Honorable the Board of Aldermen of the City of
Boston: — ■ •

The undersigned, members of the Suffolk Bar and others,
having already called the attention of your Honorable Board
to the worn, mutilated, and illegible condition of the early
records of deeds of the County of Suffolk, as set forth in
their former petitions, respectfully represent that said rec-
ords can best be preserved by printing the same ;

Wherefore they pray your Honorable Board to oi-der that
the fourteenth volume of records of Suffolk Deeds be printed







4 Preface.














This volume has been printed and the index pre-
pared under the supervision of Miss A. Grace Small.
The proof sheets have been read, not from the copy,
but from the original record.

Lib. XIY. begins with the deed from Robert Taft
and Sarah, his wife, to Corneliss Peeterson " Duch-
man." This deed was recorded June 22, 1686, and
is attested by Daniel Allin, Recorder.

The ensuing entries are attested either by Daniel
Allin as Clerk or Recorder, or by Thomas Dudley as
Clerk or Recorder, until July 20, 1688 (p. 218). The
remaining deeds are attested by Joseph Webb as
Clerk, or Register.

When Isaac Addington reassumed the office of
Clerk, after the overthrow of the government of Sir
Edmund Andros, he began a new volume, the fif-
teenth of Suffolk Deeds, recording the first instru-
ment in it IS^ov. 6, 1689. Joseph Webb, who suc-
ceeded Addington, completed that volume and began
and finished Lib. XVI. and Lib. XYIL, using mean-
while the blank leaves in Lib. XIV. for recording

Preface. 5

powers of attorney and other miscellaneous instru-

Having completed Lib. XYII., lie turned to this
still unfinished book, and recorded (p. 270) the deed
from Thomas Stapleford to Joseph Vickers, and (p.
271) the deed fi-om Timothy Hide and wife to Edward
Dorr, entered Apr. 1, 1697. From that time he con-
tinued to record deeds and other instruments in Lib.
XIV. until its completion. The volume ends with
the deed from Deborah Wedge to John Winchester,
entered Xov. 6, 1697, and attested hy Joseph Webb,
Register. Three powers of attorney were, however,
subsequently recorded in this book, on pages 267, 268
and 452 respectively.

As in the case of the volumes previously printed,
the pages of the MS. volume are indicated by
numerals placed at the top of each printed page, and
also in brackets in that portion of the printed page
where each page of the original begins. There is no
other pagination, and the index is thus made to refei-
directly to the pages of the original.

The reader should bear in mind that according to
the Julian Calendar, which was in use when these
recoi-ds were made, the legal year began on the 25th
of March, so that when the month is designated by
number, and not by name, March is the first month.

A key to the charactei"S representing the contrac-
tions used in the manuscript is added.


Register of Deeds.



5 anno, corSl, coram,
t) l)er, bus.

c accon, action.

6 cer, crc.

facien3l, faciendam.

dd, delivered.

e ee.

8 prelts, presents.

fi clir, charter.

2 domi, domini.

t tre, letter.

iii mm.

ni fornily, formerly.

ii piits, presents.

nl ner, num.

o mentio, mention.

mo, month,
p par, per, por.
p pre.

e pro.

q qstion, question.
(J que, quire,
f Apr, April,
f cof, coram.
KR* Regni Regis.

1 capf, captain.
f da?, datum.

Q uer, ver, um.



[1] This Indenture Made tlii^ Thirty day of Sejitenib''. in
the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred Eighty and
one and in the thirty third year of the reigne of our Sover-
eign Lord Charles the Second by the grace of God
King of Enghind Scothmd Fraunce and L'ehmd Taft
Defender of the faith & between Robert Taft now Pcetersou
resident of ^Nlendoni in the County of Sutlblk, and
Cok)ny of the ]Massachusets in New Enghind Ilouse-Car-
penter and Sarah his wife of the one partye and Cornehiss
Peeterson Duchnian formerly of Boston but no\\^ of the Same
towne and County as afores'' Shi[) Carpenter of the other
Perty Wittnessetli that the said Robert Taft with Sarah his
wife for a Valluable Consideracon in money to him or Them
or either of Them in hand paid liefore the Sealing and de-
livery hereof l)eing well and truly })d by the al)ovenamed
Cornelisse Peetcrsone the recei})t of which ValliabU' Con-
sideracon being five pounds Twelve shill. & Six[)encc in
money, and the s'' Robert Taft and Sarah his wife do ac-
knowledge the recept by Virtue of these p'sents, and
therewith to be fully satisfyed Contented and paid, iSc theirof
do Acquit and discharge y*^ s'' Cornelis Peeterson his heares
Execufs admin" and Assigns them and Every of them for
Ever, and by these p'sents Have Given (Jraunted bargained
Sold aliened Enfeofed and C^ontirmed and by these })''sents
Doth fully clearly and a])sohiteIy Give, Graunt, bargain Sell
aliene Enfeof and Contirme unto the s'' Cornelisse Peterson
his heires and Assignes for ever the one half part of a tive
acre Lott lying in the Towne of Alendam afores'' it being
one quarter part of the Twenty acre Lotts of the last divi-
sions lying and being in the s'' Towne County and Colony
as above Specifyed To Have And To Hold the one half part
of the aI)ovesaid tive Acre Lot with all the mines Mineralls,
Timber uuderw^oods Marshes and meadowes both salt and

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. XIV., 1, 2, 3.

Fresh, Swamps and Qiiaiyes of Stone Commonage together
with all priviledges and appurtenances that in any wise now
Do or hereafter may or shall thereunto ])elong to the aboves''
one half of s'' live acre Lot when it is Leaqually divided l)y
the select men Chosen for that jjurpose, That is to Say with
the one half of all and every other Priviledge and Appurte-
nance [2] or appurtenance thereto belonging or in any wise
appertaining with all the Estates, rights "titles and Interests
use and Propertyes and Possession Claime and Demand
AVhatever of me the s'' Robert Taft and Sarah his wife, of in
or to the s'^ half part of s'' live acre Lott with all the Privi-
ledges thereunto belonging as afores'' with Every part and
Parcell thereof, unto the s^' Corneliss Peeterson unto his
lieires and Assignes for Ever to his and their Owne i)roper
use and l)ehoof for Ever, and the s'' Robert Taft and his wife
Sarah for themselves and their respected heires Executor's Ad-
ministrato's and Assignes Doth Contract Covenant promise
and Graunt and with the s'' Cornelisse Peeterson his heires and
Assignes Ijy Virtue of these Presents in jVlanner and forme
following. That is to say That the s>'. Robert Taft & his
Wife Sarah at the time of the Graunt Bargaine and Seale of
the Premises untill the deli^'ery hereof unto the s'^ Cornelis
Peeterson to the use of himself and Assignes, now were the
true and rightfull Owners of the a1)()ve bargained Premises
and That they in their Owne right have full power and Law-
full Authority of the Premises to graunt Bargain sell and
Contirme as afores'' and That the Same is free and Clear and
freely discharged and acquitted, or otherwise, from the s''
Roljert Taft and Sarah his wife their heires Execu" adminis-
trato's to Save harmelesse of and from all Singular former
and other graunts, Bargaines, Sales Mortgages Leases, gifts,
Estates, Dowries, titles, Charges and incumbrances, he had,
may do or Suffer to be done l)y the s'^ Rol^ert Taft or Sarah
his wife, or any other Lawfully Claiming l)y or from them
and that the S'' Cornelisse Peeterson and his heires and As-
signes shall and may from hence forth. Lawfully })eaceably
and quietly Have, Hokl, use. Occupy, Possesse and Enjoy
the aboves'' Bargain, of s'' Half the live acre Lott w"' all the
Priviledges as above Specifyed and Ap})urtenances thereunto
l)ek)nging, without any Lett, Trouljle, Suite Dammage, vex-
ation distiirbance or Molestation of the s'' Rol)ert Taft or
Sarah his wife or any other Person or Persons whatsoever
Lawfull}', Claimeing or pretending to have any Estate, right
title or interest to any of s'' Premises, from by or under
Them or either of them. And Shall Warrant and Ever defend
all those Graunted [3] Graunted Premises, as well against
himself and all and every other person and Persons, Claiming

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. XIV., 8, 4.

or to Claime aiij Estate Kiglit title interest Ciaiine or demand
whatsoever of or to the bargained Premises unto the s'' Cor-
nelisse Peeterson his heires Executc/s admin'" and Assignes
for ever, with any part or parcell of the aforemeiilioiied
premises in Wittnes Whereof 1 the l\()I)ert Taft and Sarah his
wife have hereunto Set tlieir hands and Seales the Day and
Year first above Specifyed, Anno(j Christi 1681.
Signed Sealed & Deliv'd in Robert (R) Taft

Presence of us his Mark & a Seale

Test: John Whaley. Sarah Taft .si a Seale

John Aldyen.

Robert Taft acknow^ledged this instrument to be his Act
and Deed 2.S fel): 1(581 "before Sam" Nowel Assist'.

Recorded 22 June 1680. p Daniel Allin Record''.

Bee It Knowne to all men by these presents Tiiat I Edward
Tyng of Boston in New England upholster for Valhiable
Consideracons l)y me in hand Received l)ef()re the Ensealing
and delivery hereof and upon Such promises hereafter
mentioned have given, Graunted Bargained and Sold, Tyng
and Do by these presents Bargain, Sell, Give Graunt Everei
Enfeofe and Confirme unto James Everell of the
Same Boston Shoomaker all that my wharfe in the s'^ Boston
against the End of the great street witli all my Right title or
interest in the tiatts l)efore it downe to Low water mark East-
ward, l)eing l>oundcd South by the Townes way downe upon
the flatts, North by the AVharfe and line of m'" Yenner, West
l)y the houses & Warehouses which stand fronting to the s''
wharfe, East by the Ghannel or low water mark, The breadth
of the s'' wharfe from the Townes way on the South to m''
Yenners AVharfe on the North being about One hundred
fourty and Six foote To Have and To Hold the s'' Wharfe
and flatts together w"' all and Singular the appurtenances
I*riviledges Protfits utilityes and incomes thereof (onely Ex-
cepted what is hereafter Excepted) To him the s'' James
Everei his heires and Assignes for Ever to be to his and their
owne proper use and uses [4] Without Lett Hinderance,
Molestation or Interrui)tion by mee or of from or by any
person or Persons what so ever which may pretend any
Claime or interest therein from by or under mee or l)y any
meanes of mine for ever Provided alwayes and it is hereby
agreed upon the making the s'' Bargaine and Sale, That the s*^*
James Everell his heires and Assignes for Ever shall Sufler
and allowe a free and unrestrained Egresse and Regrcsse from
and to my Brew house. Dwelling house Warehouses Cellars
or other places, for all Goods whatsoever or wood or Beer or
any Such like receiving no wharfege for whatsoever wood

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. XIV., 4, 5.

shall be Spent in my Said Brewliouse or Dwelling house
Scituate adjoyning to the s^^ Wharfe, nor for whatsoever
Beer shall be brued in the s'^ Brewhouse and for all other
Goods shipped of or Landed for or brought to any of the s*^
Houses l)rewhouse.s Cellars or other storehouses or places to
the s'' Wharf adjoyning which are or may l)e erected to re-
ceive the Accustomed wharfeage and also for all beer and
wood l^eforementioned if it be suffered to ly at any time
upon the s'^ Wharfe above the Space of fourty Eight houres.
And further it is provided and hereljy agreed That the s''
James Everell his heires and Assignes for ever Do from time
to time and at all times hereafter maintain and keep in Such
good repair the s'^ Wharfe and Every part thereof as where1)y
all those buildings of mine adjoyning thereto as afores'' shall
or may be Secured from any harme or Damage of the Sea in
its Ordinary and Usuall Course And also that there ha a
high way maintayned and kept for the Use of the Towne
upon the s'^ wharfe all along before the houses and ware-
houses adjoyning thereupon. In Wittnesse of which Bargaine
and Sale to he made good as afores''. I The s'' Edward Tyng
for me my heires Executo's and admin'', have hereunto set
my hand and Scale this twelfth Day of Decemb"". l(J5l^ :
Sealed and Deliver'^ in the James Everell and a Scale
presence of James Everell Came be-

Alice Tinker & fore me and acknowledged

John Tinker : that the instrument written

on this side the paper to which
his hand and Scale is put is
his Act and Deed
July 19 1682 @ John Hull assists

Enter'd 10 July 1G8G : p Daniel Allin Eecord"".

[5] To all Christian People unto whome this p'sent Deed
of Sale shall come, John Hubbard of Boston in the County
of Suffolk and Colony of the ]Massachusetts in New England
merch^ Sendeth Greeting. Kno^v Yee That I s'^
John Hubljard for and in Consideracon of a Vallu- Hubbard
aide Summe of money to mee in hand well and Sewai&c«.
truly paid, at and before the Ensealing and delivery
of these presents, by Samuell Sewall Escf, Eliakim Hutchin-
son and Peter Sergeant all of the Same Boston Merchants,
to full Content and satisfaction the receipt whereof I Do
hereby acknowledge have given graunted bargained sold
Enfeofed, Conveyed and Confirmed and by these presents Do
freely fully and al)solutely give graunt Bargain Sell alienate
Enfeofe Convey and Contirme unto the Said Samuell Sewall
Eliakim Hutchinson and Peter Serireant their heires and

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. XIV., 5, 6,

As.signes for Ever in Kcjiiall parts and })rop()rtiori The full
Moiety or just half part of all that plat or parcoU of Land,
Scituate lyinir and beino- in Braintroy within the s'^ County
of Suffolk near to the Ivoad or high way Leading from l>rain-
trey to Weymouth which I purchased of William Penne by
Deed bearing date 18 of Octo'. 1682 which s'' Land is
l)ounded with the Countrey Roade Southerly running from
the s'' Road to an elme tree Standing near the Landing phicc
and from the s'' Elme tree running South-Easterly to the h)W
water mark, and bounded Xortherly with Monota(]Uod riv""
bounded westerly with a runnell of water Issuins; from a
Swamp Commonly Called the Soape house Swamp, and as a
Speciall ai)purtenance and Priyiledge Annexed thereunto as
much more land Adjoyning and bounded by the s'^ Riyer as
the s'' Hub])ard shall haye Occasion to Flow which parcell of
Land is Commonly knowne l)y the name of William Renns
upper Landing place where the Saw Pitts are with the Priyi-
ledge of the Riyer for the setting u}) a mill and Ingresse,
Egresse, and Regresse, way and Passage to and from the Same
also the full Moiety or Just half part of all the land and
rights lil)ertyes and Priyi ledges which I purchased of Joseph
Allin of Braintrey upon the Norwest side of s'^ Monotaquod
Riyer as may appeare by Deed upon Record, bearing Date
y^' 26 day of Decemb"" 1682 together with one half part of
the Iron works [6] Forges Dame, Pond, Flume and Saw
mill l)y mee Erected and made now standing upon or near
unto the s'' Riyer and of all other housing Edifices and build-
ings whatsoeyer upon the s'^ Lands or on any part or parcell
thereof Standing or being and all rights Libertj'cs Priyi-
ledges, Benetitts, Commod^"'^ Hereditam'^ and a})purtenances
whatso eyer thereto belonging or in any kind appertaining
also all the Estate right title interest Property, Possession,
Claime, and Demand whatsoeyer of me the s'^ John Hubbard,
of in and to the s'' ]\Ioyety. To Haye & To Hold one ]\Ioity
of all the above graunted Lands Iron workes Forges, or
Bloomaryes Danie Pond Flume and Saw mill with the uten-
sills thereof, and of all other Edifices buildings wayes Waters
watercourses rights Libertyes, Priyiledges benefits heredita''
and A})purtenances whatsoever therto l)elonging or in any
wise api)ertaining unto Them the s'' Samu^U Sewall P^liakim
Hutchinson and Peter Sergeant their heires and Ass' To their
onely proper use benefit and behoofe in Equall parts and
Proportion for Ever: And Is'' John Hubbard for mee my
heires f]xecuto''s and admin'". Do hereby Covenant })romise
Graunt and Agree To and with the s'' Samuell Sewall Elia-
kim Hutchinson and Peter Sergeant Their Heires Executo's,
Admin'"., and Assignes, that at the time of this Bargain

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. XIV., 6, 7.

and Sale and iintill the Ensealing and delivery of these
l/sents I am the true Sole and LawfuU Owner of all the
aljove graunted Premises and stand Lawfully Seized thereof
in my Owne Proper right of a good perfect and Absolute
Estate of Inheritance in fee Simple, and have in my Self
full power and Lawfull Authority to graunt Convey and
Assure the Same free and Clear and freely Acquitted and dis-
charged of and from all former and other Graunts Bargaines
Sales Leases Mortgages Judgements Executions Jointures
Dowers titles Troubles Charges Claimes and incum])rances
whatsoever, and One full ]\Ioiety or half part of all the above-
mentioned and graunted premises will warrant and Defend
unto the s'^ Sam'^ Sewall Eliakim Hutchinson and Peter Ser-
geant their heires and Assignes for Ever, Against the Lawfull
Claimes and Demands of all and every person and Persons
whomsoever, in Wittnesse whereof I The s'^ John Hub-
bard And Anne my wife in Testimony of her Consent and
full relinquishment of [7] all right of Dower or Power of
thirds to l)e liy her had or Claimed in or to the herel:)y
Graunted Premises have hereunto Set our hands and affixed
our Scales the 19"' day of Xoveml/, Anno Dom'. IGS-l Annocj
K Ris Caroli Secundi Ang"". &c^Tricess° Sexto.
Signed Sealed and Delivered -John Hubbard (a Scale)

in the Presence of Anne Hubbard (a Seale)

Sarah Leveret
Elizabeth Cooke :

M'" John Hubbard and Anne his wife personally appearing
this 19 day of Xov"". 1684 acknowledged this instrument to
be their act and Deed ])efore mee : Elisha Cooke Assist.

Entered 12 July 1686. p Daniel Allin ReC.

To all Christian People To whome this Bill of Sale shall
Come Know yee That I Joakim Pagett of Boston in New
England marin*" for and in Consideracon of the Sume of
Thirty pounds and two shitt. in Current mony of
New England to mee in hand paid Ijy Robert Hooper Pagett
of Boston afores*^ Marin^ The receipt whereof I Do Hooper
hereby Acknowledge and my Self there w"' to be fully
Satisfyed and paid. Have and hereby Do Bargain Sell, Alien
Convey and Confirme unto the s'' Robert Hooper and his As-
signes one quarter part of the Sloop Called the Amity Bur-
then Thirty Three Tunns or Thereabouts Together with one
quarter part of the mast Boome, Bow Spreit, Cables Anchors
Sailes, ropes rigging Boate, Oares, Tackling furniture appar-
ell, and all other the Materialls, necessaryes and Appurte-
nances whatsoever Thereunto belonging or in any wise
Appertaining To Have and to Hold, and Peaceably to be

Suffolk Deeds, Lib. XIV., 7, 8.

possessed and Enjoyed by the s'' Rol)eit Hooper his Heyres,
Executo's Adm''. and Assiones for Ever and to his and Their
sole and Proper use benefit and behoot'e from hence forth for
Ever, and I the s'' Joakini Ptiiiett for my self my heires Exec-
uto's and Admin'*. Do Covenant Promise and Graunt to and
with the s'' liol)ert Hooper his heires Executo'"s and Assignes
That I am the true and proper Owner of the s'' Quarter part
and other the Bargained premises and have in my Self power
Sutiicient The same to Bargaine Sell Alien and Confirme to
the s'' Rol)ert Hooper and his Assignes in ^Manner as afores'',
and That all and Singular the Bargained Premises [8] are at
the Sealeing and Delivery hereof free and Clear acquitted
and Discharged of and from all former and other Gifts
Graunts Bargaines sales, Mortgages, Titles, Troul)les, Acts,
alienations & incuml)erances whatsoever and That I shall and
will Warrant and make good the sale thereof to the s'' Kol)ert
Hooper, and his Assignes against all and Every person law-
fully Claimeing or pretending to have any right thereto or
interest therein for the Space of one whole year and a day
from and next after the Date hereof According to the lawes
of Oleron in that case made and provided, perills by Sea tire
and Enemyes Excepted In Wittnes Whereof I The s'' Joakim
Pagett have hereunto Set my hand and Scale the second day
of July Anno Dom: One thousand Six hundred & Eighty
five 1G85 :
Signed Sealed and Deliv''d Joakim Pagett and a Seale

in Presence of
William Davis :
Thomas Kemble :

Enterd 20 July 1686 p Daniel Allin R^

To all Christian People unto whome this present Deed of
Sale shall come James Barton of Boston in New EngP.
Ropemaker and Margaret his wife Send Greeting Know
Yee, that the s'' James Barton and Margarett his wife
for and in Consideracon of the Sume of fifty pounds Bartou

. ' To

current money in New England to them in hand well Richards
and Truly pd before the Ensealing and Delivery of
these p'sents by John Richards of the Same Boston ]Merch*
the Receipt whereof to full Content and Satisfacon they do
hereby acknowledge, and thereof and of Every part and par-
cell thereof Do acquit Exonerate and discharge the s'' John
Richards his heires Executo'"s and Admin''', for Ever, By
these presents Have given graunted Bargained Sold, Aliened,
Enfeofed and Confirmed, and by these p'sents Do fully,
freely Clearly and absolutely give grant bargain Sell alien
enfeofe and Confirme unto him the s"* John Rich'', his heires

Suffolk ])p:eds, Lib. XI^^, 8, 9.

and Assignee for Ever All That their j>eice or parcell of Land
Scituate, Lying, and being at the Southerly end of the Towne
of Boston aboves'' l^eing hutted or bounded at y'. Front or
Easterly End by the ropefeild fronting to the Sea late belong-
ing to eJohn Harrison Sen'' Deceased, on the Southerly side
by the Land of Abraham Harrison and on the westerly end
or reare by a street or lane leading up to fort hill and on
the northerly Side by the Land of John ]Marion Jun'.
Measuring in Breadth at the Front in the line of the fence
Standing there [9] from the land of the s'' Al)raham Harri-
son to the Land of the s'' John Marion Jun''. by the s'' Rope-
feild one hundred and Six foot & Eight Inches, and in
breadth at the reare from the land of the s'' Abraham Harri-
son to the Land of s'' John Marion jun'' by s'' street one
hundred and Eleven foot ten inches and So accordingly to
runne from Front to rear the whole Depth of s'' Land, (re-
serving onely out of the Same a peice of Land of Thirty foot
Square formerly Graunted unto John Harrison Jun' by Deed
from his fiither John Harrison Sen'' Deceased, and also all
that their peice or parcell of Ropefeild Banke Wharfe and
Flatts that lyeth before and above the aforementioned peice
of Land being butted & bounded Southerly by the land
Banke and Flatts of S'' Abraham Harrison westerly partly
by the aforementioned peice of Land and Partly
c »lsH2 hy the Land of s'' John Marion Jun'", and North-
g f'^?l' erly by the land Banke >Miarfe and Flatts of the
I io.?!.!^ s'' John Marion Jun''. Easterly by the Sea or Salt
bS-I-" water, Measuring or Extending in breadth alone:
by the s'' Fence above the Ijank from the land of
the s'' Abraham Harrison by and Throughout the
gc-^^gp^ abovegraunted })eice of Land into the line of the
||=5p-o fence beloni>ing to s'' John Maryon Jun'' One
hundred and Eighteen foot keeping the Same
lireadth throughout the whole length downe to
Lowater marke (reserving also onely out of this

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