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From the collection of the

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o Prelinger

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San Francisco, California




Agenda for the American people, Clm.^-.


Air age transportation, Ogburn, 55
Aladdin's wonderful lamp, Kaempffert,


Alcoholism, roads to, Myerson, 49
Allied choices, three, Hill, 478
American choices, Mlllis, 241
American invasion, Mclver, 165
Among ourselves, 3, 35, S3, 115
Amphibious medicine, Brunner, 443
Anti-discriminatory legislation : On the
calendar of our consciences, Polier, Jus-
tine and Shad, 47


"Alert, the," painting by Alex Mac-
pherson, 203

"Atomic power," cartoon by Fitz-
patrick, 356

"Attila," etching by Ralph Fabri, 155

"Bernard M. Baruch." bronze sculp-
ture by Max Kalish, 401

"Britain's heritage," wartime post-
ers, 184

"Bullets and Barbed Wire," drawing
by Kerr Bby, 289

China in wartime, 130

"China's pursuit of light," Li Hwa,
cover illustration, Apr.

"Common Stream of Justice," murals
by Boardman Robinson, 236

"Communal Feeding Center," painting
by Leonard Daniels. 204

Cover illustrations, see Cover illus-

"Ebb Tide, Tarawa," drawing by
Kerr Bby. 288

"Encamped Britain," paintings by
David Lax, 158

"Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1882-
1945," portrait bust by Jo David-
son, 169

"Ghost Trail," drawing by Kerr Eby,

"Manufacturing the Larger Size
Bombs," painting by Leslie Cole.

"President Harry S. Truman," bronze
sculpture by Max Kalish, 308

"Ruby Luftus, skilled war worker,"
painting by Dame Laura Knight,

"Sandbag Workers," painting by

Ethel Gabain, 205
"Small Mortar Loading," drawing by

Kerr Eby, 287
"Tarawa : Deathless Victory On the

Island of Death," drawing by Kerr

Eby, 288
"V-splrit of the people," paintings,

"Vannevar Bush," bronze sculpture

by Max Kalish, 428
"We Couldn't Have Done So Good

Without Him," drawing by Kerr

Eby, 289

"Women's Land Army : Dairy Train-
ing," painting by Evelyn Dunbar,


Atlantic Charter :

Four freedoms and, Shotwell, 172
Text of, 168

Atomic bombshell, the. Gilflllan, 357
Atomic energy, control of, Shotwell 407
Australia: Partners in the Soutlh Pacific
Nevins, 228

Babies on the doorstep, Davis, 438
Book reviews :

Abend, Hallet, Treaty ports, 132
Adams. James Truslow, Big business

in a democracy, 453
Alland and Wise, The Springfield

plan, 449

Authoritarian attempt to capture edu-
cation, 451

Baker, Ray Stannard, American
chronicle, 136

Bartlett. Ruhl J., The league to en-
force peace, 69

Beals, Carleton. et al. What the
South Americans think of us, 454

Becker, John, Negro in American
life, 332

Berge, Wendell. Cartels challenge
to a free world. 72

Beveridge, Sir William, The price of
peace, 448

Binper, Carl, The doctor's job. 299

Brandt, Karl, The recontruction of
world agriculture, 136

Brogan, D. W., The free state, 488

Bryson, Finkelstein, and Maclver,
Approaches to world peace, 69

Buck, Pearl S.. Tell the people, 132

Chase, Stuart, Democracy under pres-
sure, 298

Chase, Stuart, Men at work, 348

Chatto and Halllgan. The story of
the Springfield plan, 449

Churchill, Henry S., The c-ity is the
people, 449

Clark, John Maurice, DemobWasation
of wartime economic controls, 298

Cleghorn, Sarah, The seamless robe,

Colcord, Carver, Sea language conies
ashore, 105

Collins, Frederick L., Uncle Sam's
billion-dollar baby. 455

Daniels. Josephus, The Wilson Era :
Years of peace 1910-1917. 25

Davis, Harriet Eager, ed., Pioneers
in icorld order, 448

deHusxiu 1 . George B., New perspec-
tives on peace, 104

Du Bois, W. E. B., Color and democ-
racy, 415

Duffus. R. L., The valley and its peo-
ple. 71

Karhart, Mary. Frances Willard, 74

Eddy, Sherwood, / have seen God
work in China. 132

Kmbree, John P., The Japanese na-
tion, 415

Ernst, Morris L., The best is yet, 297

Feis. Herbert, The sinews of peace,

Finer, Herman, The TV A lessons
for international application, 71

Finletter. Thomas K., Can repre-
sentative government do the job

Fitzpatrick, Edward, McCarthy of
Wisconsin, 74

Fleisher. Wilfrid, What to do with
Japan, 134

Forman. Harrison, Report from Red
China, 132

Fry, Varian, Surrender on demand.
349 ,

Ooldmann. Franz, Public medical
care. 488

Gordon, R. A., Business leadership
in the large corporation. 298

Graham, George A., and Reining-.
Henry. Jr., Regulatory administra-
tion, 28

Gruber. Ruth, 7 went to the Soviet
Arctic, 73

Hansen, Alvin H., America's role in
the world economy, 348

Hansen. Alvin H.. and Perloff, Har-
vey S., State and local finance in
the national economy, 27

Harvard Committee, General educa-
tion in a free society. 376

Hauser, Heinrich, The German talks
back, 488

Hinshaw, David, A man from Kansas,

Jaffe, Bernard, Men of science in
America, 348

Jensen, Vernon H., Lumber and la-
bor, 454

Juran, J. M., Bureaucracy: A chal-
lenge to better management, 28

Kingdon. Frank, An uncommon man :

Henry Wallace and 60 million jobi,

T.a Farge, Oliver, Raw material, 347

Ijasker, Bruno. Asia on the more,

Lawrence, Josephine, Let us consider
one another, 331

Lorwin, Lewis L., Time for planning,

MacNeil. Neil, An American peace,

Maki, John M., Japanese militarism,
its cause and cure, 331

McWilliams, Carey, Prejudice : Jap-
anese Americans, symbol of racial
intolerance, 415

Miller, Arthur. Situation normal, 138

Milletl. Fred B., The rebirth of lib-
eral education, 137

Mises, Ludwig von, Omnipotent gov-
ernment, 104

Morgan, Arthur E., Edward Bellamy,

Mumford, Lewis, City development,

Murphy. Gardner, ed.. Human na-
ture and endurinij pence, 416

Niggi, Josephina, Mexican village,

Norris, George E., Fiuhtino liberal.

Ortega y Gasset, Jose, Mission of the
university, 137

Palencia, Isabel de, Smouldering free-
dom, 450

Payne, Robert. Forerrr China, 450

Perry, Ralph Barton, One world in
the makintj. 447

Richter, Werner, Re-educating Ger-
many, 415

Pink, Louis H., Freedom from fear,
an author replies, 75

Rosenman, Dorotihy, Million homes
a year, 296

Rosinger, Lawrence K.. China's crisis.

Roth. Andrew, Dilemma in Japan,

RumI, Beardsley, Tomorrow's busi-
ness, 298

Sands and Lalley, Our jungle diplo-
macy, 70

Shaw, Bernard. Everybody's political
what's what, 70

Smith and Zucher, A dictionary of
American politics, 75

Snow, Edgar, Pattern of Soviet
power. 490

Staley, Eugene. World economic de-
velopment, 70

Stapleton. Laurence, Justice and
world society, 72

Stegner. Wallace, One nation. 452

Tillich, Paul J., et al, The Christian
answer, 448

Tocqueyille, Alexis de. Democracy in
America. 332

Tong, Hollington K., China after
seven years of war, 132

Twentieth Century Fund, The pnti-rr
industry and the public interest, 71

Wales, Nym, The Chinese labor
movement, 132

Walton, Frank L., Thread of victory,

Warburg, James P., Foreign policy
br/iins at home. 69

Ward, Robert S., Asia for the Asi-
afirs, 414

Welles, Sumner. ed.. An intelligent
American's guide to peace, 349

White, Walter, A rising wind. 452

Ziff. William B., The gentlemen talk
of peace. 70

Zucker. Morris, The philosophy of
American History, 489

Bridges of the future, Shotwell. James

T., 37

British viewpoints, symposium, 185
By their French bootstraps, Roche, 476

California's health insurance drama, Sar-

tain, 440
Canada : Northern neighbor, MacCormac,


Cartoons : Fitzpatrick in St. Louis Post-
Dispatch, Mar. cover

Charter of the Golden Gate, Shotwell, 309
Child labor: They harvest New York's

crops, Close, 21

China in wartime, woodcuts, 130
Citizenship, trail-blazers in, Carlson, 362
Clean sweep in Puerto Rico, Clark, 63
Close-up, Gannett, 15'J
Collective bargaining-, new boundaries in,

Harris, 433
Congress: Will Congress clean house?

Kreighbaum, 409
Conscription, postwar, why now? Thayer.

Cover illustrations :

Bow of hospital ship "Solace," of

Okinawa ( photograph ) , Nov.
Call to work (photograph), Oct.
Cartoon by Fitzpatrick, Mar.
Crossed flags, Reiss, May
Helicopter, Aviation News, Feb.
Hungry, stateless, displaced persons

(photograph), Dec.
Liberty alight after V-E Day (photo-
graph), June

Modern research, U. S. Rubber Com-
pany (photograph), Jan.
"Pursuit of liglht," Li Hwa, Apr.
Stettinius. Edward R. (photograph),

Television control rfoom (photograph).


Victory, Sept.
Crops, New York's, harvest of, Close, 21

Delinquents, they can be made over, Mc-

Cormick, 127
Displaced persons : A USA close-up,

Karpf, 282
Dumbarton hopes, Mowrer, 3


Economic bill of rights. Murray. 397
"Economic high command," Batt and

Mullen, 181
Education :

In a complex world, Hansen, 103
Reconversion on the campus, Thomp-
son, 366
Veteran goes to college, Andrews,

Electron tube : Aladdin's wonderful lamp,

Kaempffert, 89
Employment, full :
Act of 1945, 395
American bill : From patchwork to

purpose, Keyserling, 95
British plan : What Beveridge pro-
poses, Stewart, 93
Postwar taxes and, Newcomer, 60
Europe and the Mediterranean, Dean, 190

Farmers must go fishing, Davis, 125
Figlhting against time. Lehman, 474
Finch, Earl M., "An ordinary American."

Close, 52

Flanner House (photographs), 338
Fortunate city, Riis and Waldron, 339
Four freedoms :

Atlantic charter and, Shotwell. 172

Text of, 170

From the rubble up, Hagen, 477
Full Employment Act of 1945. 395
Future is already here, Amidon, 6


Germany :

Four horsemen over, Hagen, 434
Looking in on the Germans. Hansen,


What shall we do about? Shotwell. 99
Ginger in the British medicine chest.

Davis, 212

Go political, young man, Fischer, 322
Great Britain :

American invasion, Mclver, 165
British viewpoints: As tihey ft- it.

Ginger In the British medicine chest.

Davis, 212

Things of the spirit, Commager. 237
United Kingdom since Dunkirk.

Browne, 206

What the British face. Coyle. 213
When the coalition ends, Barnes, 2"!
Great partnership, the, Reed. 178


Hatch. D. Sprncer : Neighbor in n Jlcxi-

can valley, McEvoy, 290
Health :

Babies on the doorstep, Davis, 438
Better, for country folks. Glover and

Harding, 372
California's insurance drama. S;>r-

tain, 440

Care for all, Davis, 280
Farmers must go fishing, Davis, }-'<
Ginger in the British medicine chi-si.

Davis, 212

Legs of the hospital bed. Davis. :!2S
More things than one, Davis", 342
Progress, a milestone in, Davis, 185
Public health in the postwar world.

Winslow, 119
Statesmen discover medical care,

Davis, 101

Today and tomorrow, Davis. 40
When doctors disagree, Davis, 412
Housing, public, charts its course, Klutz-
nick, 15

India, Pacific basin and. Carter, 199
Insurance, buying, against sickness.

Klem, 483
Interdependent world, Shotwell, 359

Japanese-Americans :

Ordinary American, an, Close, 52
We're Americans again. Toriumi, 325

Joe Doakes, patriot, deFord, 43

Labor :

Problem .with a future, Lewar, 19
They harvest New York's crops.

Close, 21
Land and the Union of South Africa,

Bennett. 232

Last hundred thousand. Harrison, 460
Legislation, anti-discriminatory : On the
calendar of our consciences, Polier, Jus-
tine and Shad, 47

Legs of the hospital bed, Davis, 32S
Lend-lease, two-way (photographs), 172-

Letters and life, Hansen :

Education in a complex world. 10"
Looking in on Germany, 24
To be young, poor, and black, 68
West and the Far East, 131
White of Emporia, 487
Letters to the editor: About "Juan,"

Garcia, 305

Life savers, new. Galdston. 292
London's burning. Stuther (poetry). 217
Looking in on the Germans. Hansen. 24


Maps : Niger and its territory, 9
Medical care, statemen discover, Davis,


Medicine, amphibious, Brunner. 443
Mediterranean, Europe and the. Dean.

Milestone in health progress, Davis, 485


National personnel department, Corson

Negroes :

Fortunate city. Riis and Waldron,

"My Happy Days," these make up

(photographs), (ifi

To be young, poor, and black, Han-
sen, Harry. 68
Neighbor in a Mexican valley, McEvov,


New Zealand, partners in the South Pa-
cific. Ncvins, 228
Niger valley, Rossin. 8

Norris, George W. : Champion of popu-
lar rights, Hansen. 295


On the calendar of our consciences, Po-
lier, Justine and Shad, 47
Our "endless frontier," Shotwell, 429
Our last great chance, Agar, 153

Pacific Basin and India, Carter, 199

Palestine as a refuge from fascism,
Hirschmann, 195

Palisades, the 3d call, Lament, 317

Peace :

Bread and. Dewey, 117

Empty pay envelopes and. Hal!, DIM

Permanente Health Plan, that Kaiser
built, Garfield, 480

Personnel department, a national, Cor-
son, 432

Photographs :

Aircraft to lit varying postwar needs,


"Along the Palisades." 320
Blitzed cities look ahead, 218-220
i >ewey, John, 116
Flanner House, 338
Fortunate few, the, 468
del tins? acquainted, 162-164
"Lest we forget," 392-393
"My Happy Pays." these make ui>.


"On the Niger River." 2
San Quentin prison, war production,


ShoUvell. James T., 36
Szoltl. Henriftta. 18KO-1945, 84
Two-way, 172-177
"V" that does not stand for victory,


Wagner, Robert F., 276
Poetry: London's Burning, Struther, 217
Political: Cli-an sweep in Puerto Rico

Clark, 63
Postwar :

Air age transportation, Ogburn. 55
('(inscription, why how? Thayer, 314
Future is already here, Amidon. 6
Health today and tomorrow, l>avis,

Public health in the postwar world.

Winslow, 11!)

Taxes and full employment. New-
comer, 60

Public housing charts its course, Klutz-
nick, 15
Puerto Rico, clean sweep In, Clark. 63


Race relations : Fortunate city, Riis nnd

Waldron, 339
Reconversion :

Is not enough, Haber, 389

On the campus. Thompson, :ii;ii
Roads to alcoholism, Myerson, 49

San Quentin prison : Joe Dnakcs, patriot.

deFord, 43

Security, more secure, Corson. 277
"Sixty million jobs" if , Amidon. 400
Social security, ten years of, Altmever,

Statesmen discover medical care, Davis,

Szold, Henrietta, 1860-1945 (photograph),


Taxes, postwar, and full employment,

Newcomer, 60

Television in 1960, Kaempffert, 344
Things of the spirit, Ciimmagor, 237
Toward a bigger pie, Grant, 285
Trail-blazers in citizenship. Carlson, 362
Transportation, air age, iiuliurn, 55


Unemployment: Empty pay envelopes and
peace, Hall, 394

Union of South Africa, land and, Ben-
nett, 232

United Kingdom since Dunkirk, Browne,

Veterans :

As uniforms are shed, Buell, 401
Goes to college, Andrews; 402


Wagner, Robert F (photograph), 276
War production, San Quentin prison,

deFord, 43

West and the Far East, Hansen. 131
White, William Allen, of Emporia. Han

sen, 487

Without a country. Chamberlain, 85
World War II :

American invasion, Mclver, 165
Common tasks and common purposes,

Roosevelt, 170
"Economic hig'h command." Batt and

Mullen, 181

Great partnerships, the Reed. 178
How one partner prized another

Churchill, 167
United Kingdom since Dunkirk.

Browne, 206
What the British face. Coyle, 213

Yalta charter, from, to the Golden Gate.
Shotwell, 123


Agar. H.rbert. <iur last great chance. 153
AJtmeyer, Arthur J., Ten years of social

security, 368
Amidon, BeulaJh :

"Best is yet, the," Morris L. Ernst

(book review), 297
Future is already here, the, 6
"One nation," Wallace Stegner (book

review), 452

"Sixty million jobs" if , 400
Andrews, John N., Veteran goes to col-
lege, 402

Arnold, Thurman, "Cartels challenge to
a free world," Wendell Berge (book
review), 72
Ascher, Charles S. :

"Bureaucracy : A challenge to bet-
ter management," J. M. Juran
(book review), 28

"Regulatory administration," George
A. Graham and Henry Reining, Jr.
(book review), 28

"Uncle Sam's billion-dollar baby."
Frederick L. Collins (book re-
view). 455
"Valley and its people, the," R. L.

Duffus (book review), 71
Astbury, B. E., British viewpoint, 189
Barker, Sir Ernest, British viewpoint,

Barnes. Joseph, When the coalition ends.

Batt, William I,., and Mullen, Robert R.,

"Economic toigh command," 181
Bennett, Hugh H., Land and the Union

of South Africa, 232

Beveridge, Sir William, British view-
point, 185

Bradley, Phillips. "McCarthy of Wis-
consin." Edward Fitzpatrick (book re-
view). 74
Browne, Mallory, United Kingdom since

Dunkirk, 206

Brunner, Endre K., Amphibious medi-
cine. 443
Buell, Bradley. As uniforms are shed,

Burris, Quincy Guy. "Mexican village,"

Josephine Niggli (book review), 454
Buttenheim, Harold S.. "Million homes a
year," Dorothy Rosenman (book re-
view), 296

Carey, Jane Perry Clark, "Can repre-
sentative government do the job,"
Thomas K. Ftnletter (book review),

Carlson, Avis D., Trail-blazers in citizen-
ship, 362

Carter, Edward C., Pacific basin and In-
dia, ,199

Chamberlain. Joseph P., Wittiout a coun-
try, 85
Chase. Stuart, Agenda for the American

people, 13
Churchill, Winston. How one partner

prized another, 167
Clark. Dean A.. "Public medical care,"

Franz Goldmann (book review), 488
Clark, Marjorie R., Clean sweep in Puerto

Rico, 63
Clark, Sir Kenneth, British viewpoint,

Close, Kathryn:

Ordinary American, an, 52
They harvest New York's crops 21
Commager. Henry Steele. Things of the

spirit, 237
Constant, Julie d'Estournelles de :

"An intelligent American's guide to
peace," Sumner Welles, ed. (book
review), 349

"Price of peace," Sir William Bever-
idge (book review), 448
"The gentlemen talk of peace," 'Wil-
liam B. Ziff (book review), 70
Corson, John J. :

More secure security, 277
National personnel department. 433
Coyle, David Cushman. What the British

face, 213
Dacey, W. Manning, British viewpoint,

Davidson, Jo, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1882-1945, portrait bust, 169
Davis, Kingsley :

"Asia on the move," Bruno Lasker

(book review), 135

"Japanese militarism, its cause and
cure," John M. Maki (book re-
view), 331
Davis, Michael M. :

Babies on the doopstep, 438
Farmers must go fishing. 125

Ginger in the British medicine chest,

Health today and tomorrow, 40
Health care for all, 280

Legs of the hospital bed, 328
Milestone in .health progress, 485
.More things than one
Statesmen discover medical c;^ :
"The doctors job." Carl Binger

(book review), 299
Whi'ii (inctor? disagree, 412
Iv.'in. Yera Alicheles, Europe and the

Mediterranean, 190

deFord, Miriam Allen, Joe Uoakes, pa-
triot, 43

Dewey, John, Peace and bread, 117
Dickerman, Judson C.. "The power in-
dustry and the public interest" (book

review). 71

Dodds. Harold W.. "The rebirth of lib-
eral education," Fred B. Millett (bonk
review), 137

Eby, Kerr, drawings by, 287-289
lOliel, Paul, "Lumber and labor," Vernon

H. Jensen (book review), 454
Fabri, Ralph, "Attila," etching, 155
Feibleman, James, "Justice and world
society," Laurence Stapleton (book re-
view), 72
Fischer, Louis, Go political, young man,


Gaklston, lago. New life savers, 292
Gannett. Lewis ,S.. Close-up, 159
Garcia, J. D., Letters about "Juan," 305
Garfield, Sidney R., The plan that Kaiser

built, 480

Gibson, George, British viewpoint, 188
Gilfillan, S. Colum, Atomic bombshell,

Glover, Katherine :

Better health for country folks, 372

"The TVA lessons for international

application." Herman Finer (book

review). 71

Granger, Lester B., "Rising wind, a,"

Walter White (book review), 452
Grant, Ellsworth S. :

"Big business in a democracy," James
Truslow Adams (book review), 453
Toward a bigser pie. 285
Giver, Guy, "The city is the people,"
Henry S. Churchill (book review). 44!)
Gruenberg, Benjamin C., "Men of science
in America," Bernard Jaffe (book re-
view), 348
Haber, William, Reconversion is not

enough, 389
Hagan. Pan 1 :

Four horsemen over Germany, 434
From the rubble up, 477
Hall, Helen. Empty pay envelopes and

peace, 394
Han.sen. Harry :

Back into the democratic . stream

(book reviews), 347
Education in a complex world, 103
"Fighting liberal, autobiography of
rjje W. Norris" (hook review)
Governing a troubled community

(book reviews), 330
Harvard's sixteen courses (book re-
view), 376

Looking in on the Germans, 24
Morality in the modern world (book

review), 447
Three views of Japanese life (book

reviews), 414

To be young, poor, and black, 68
West and the Par East, 131
White of Emporia (book review),

Harding, T. Svvann, Better health for

country folks. 374

Harris, Herbert, New boundaries of col-
lective bargaining, 433

Harrison, Earl G., The last hundred thou-
sand, 469
Hartley, Sir Harold, British viewpoint.

Haynes, George E., British viewpoint,

Herrick, Elinore M., "Smouldering free-
dom," Isabel de Palenia (book review)

Hill, Russell, Three Allied choices, 478

Hintz, Howard W., "Democracy in Amer-
ica," Alexis de Tocqueville (book re-
view), 332

Hirschmann, Ira A., Palestine as a ref-
uge from fascism, 195

Hogg, Quintin, British viewpoint. 187

Holmes, Oliver. "Our jungle diplomacy "
Sands and Lalley (book review), 70

James, Earle K., "What the South
Americans think of us," Carleton Beals
et al (book review), 454

Johnson, F. Ernest :

"Christian answer, the," Paul .1. Til-

lich, et al (book review), 448
"The seamless robe," Sarah Clegliorn
(book review), 416

Jones, Allan Creech, British viewpoint,

Kaempffert, Waldemar :

Aladdin's wonderful lamp, 89
Television in 1960, 344
Karpf, Ruth, Displaced persons : A USA

close-up, 282

Kellogg, Richard Patrick, "Situation nor-
mal." Arthur Miller (book review), 138
Keyserling, Leon H. :

From patchwork to purpose, full em-
ployment, 95
"Time for planning," Lewis L. Lor-

win (book review). 377
Klem, Margaret C., Buying insurance

against sickness, 483
Klutznick, Philip M., Public housing

charts its course, 15
Kreigihbaum, Hillier, Will Congress clean

house? 409
Laider, Harry W.. "Edward Bellamy,"

Arthur E. Morgan (book review), 26
Lament, Corliss, The Palisades 3rd call

Lasker, Bruno :

China from the bottom up (book re-
views), 132
"China's crisis," Lawrence K. Ros-

inger (book review), 348
Laski, Harold J., British viewpoint, 180
Lasswell, Harold D., "Demobilization of
wartime economic controls," John Mau-
rice Clark (book review), 298
Lax, David, "Encamped Britain," paint-
ings by, 158
Lehman, Herbert H., Fighting against

Lewars, Diana, Labor problem with a

future, 19

Lindeman. Eduard C., "City develop-
ment," Lewis Mumford (book review),

Lindsay, Kenneth, British viewpoint, 187
Locke, Alain :

"Color and democracy," W. E B

DuBois (book review), 415
"Negro in American life," John

Becker (book review), 332
MacCormac. John, Northern neighbor, 225
MacDonald, Lois, "Wtorld economic de-
velopment," Eugene Staley (book re-
view), 70

Mallon, J. J.. British viewpoint. 187
McCormick, Elsie, They can be made

over, 127
McDonald, James G. :

"New perspectives on peace," George
B. deHuszar, ed (book review),

"The sinews of peace," Herbert Feis
(book review), 104

McEntire, Davis, "Prejudice : Japanese
Americans, symbol of racial intoler-
ance," Carey McWilliams (book re-
view), 415

McEvoy, J. P., Neighbor in a Mexican
valley, 290

Mclver, Honora Bruere, American in-
vasion, 165

Mead, Nelson P., "Surrender on demand "
Varian Fry (book review), 349

Mickle, Joe J.. "What to do with Japan "
Wilfrid Fleisher (book review), 134

Millis, Walter, American choices, 241

Moorhead, Helen Hovvell, "Pioneers in
world order," Harriet Eager Davis, ed
(book review), 448

Mowrer, Edgar Ansel. Dumbarton hopes 3

Mullen, Robert R., see Batt. William L

Murray, Philip, An economic hill of rights,

Myerson, Abraham, Roads to alcoholism

Neilson, William A, "Mission of the uni-
versity." Jose Ortega y Gasset (book
review), 137

Neumann. Sigmund. "Re-educating Ger-
many," Werner Riohter (book review).

Nevins, Allan, Partners in the South Pa-
cific. 228

Newcomer, Mabel. Postwar taxes and full
employment. 60

Ogburn, William Fielding, Air age trans-
portation, 55

Phillips. Lena Madsin, "Frances Wil-
lard," Mary Earhart (book review) 74

Pink, Louis H., An author replies, Free-
dom from fear, 75

Polier, Justine and Shad, On the calendar
of our consciences, 47

Reading, Lady, British viewpoint, 188

Reed. Philip D.. 'Great partnership, 178

Reiss, Winold, cover illustration by. May

Riis, Roger William, and Waldron,

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