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"A Very Tough Institution". Robinson, 80
Accent on process, Close,, 313
After 45 how about a job? Clague, 173
After 65 what about income? Haber, 177
Aims of modern education, the, Taylor, 109
Among Ourselve*: 3, 51, 107, 171,, 227. 283.

346, 378, 395. 427, 475, 533
Anxiety, poem, Housman, 442
Army in power, the, Deuel, 88
Asia's freedom and the land question, Witt-

fogel, 477

Atlantic City April 1950, Amidon, 309
Author of Indian liberty, Lucke, 417

Belated concern for Okies, Isslei, 246, 378

BOOK REVIEWS: 37, 88, 154, 206,, 261, 332,
369, 388, 417, 462, 510, 566.

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Mary Ellen
Chase (Springer), 520

Adjustment of the blind, Hector Chevigny
and Sydell Braverman (Gruber), 571

African dependencies. Nwanko Chukwue-
meka (Locke),, 470

Again the goose step, Delbert Clark
(Carey), 161

Alcohol and social responsibility, Raymond
G. McCarthy and Edgar M. Douglass
(Billstone), 370

Altruistic love, Pitirim A. Sorokin (Pa-
ton), 568

American as reformer, the, Arthur M.
Schlesinger, Sr. (Dilliard), 510

American labor leaders. Charles A. Madi-
son (Fitch), 424

American mind, the. Henry Steele Co:n-
mager (Farrar), 206

American people and foreign policy, Ga-
briel A. Almond (Wright), 272

American social insurance. Domenico Gag-
liardo (Corson), 40

American social security system, the, Eve-
line M. Burns (Corson), 40

Analytic group psychotherapy, S. R. Slav-
son (Illing), 373

Anti-semitism and emotional disorder, Na-
than W. Ackerman and Marie Jahoda
(Schreiber)., 261

Authoritarian personality, T. W. Adorno,
Else Frenkel-Brunswik. Dar.iel J. Levin-
son, R. Nevitt Sanford (Schreiber), 261

Availability for work, Ralph Altman
(Witte), 215

Backgrounds of power, Roger Burlingame
(Coyle), 40

Backwoods Utopias, Arthur Eugene Bestor,
Jr. (Dilliard), 510

Beetlecreek, William Demby (Hansen), 154

Before you marry, Sylvanus M. Duvall
( Groves ) , 336

Black liberator, Stephen Alexis (Fish), 212

Bowery to Bellevue. Emily Dunning Bai-
ringer (Baumgartner), 421

Brazilian culture. Fernando de Azevedo
I In man), 574

Building Atlanta's future. J. E. Ivey
(Feiss), 101

Challenging years, autobiography of Ste-
phen Wise '(Holmes), 39

Chicago-Cook county health survey, the.
(Emerson), 94

Commerce of nations. J. B. Condliffe
(Orion), 275

Communities for better living, James
Dahir (Robbins), 569

Congress and Jordan policy, Robert A.
Duhl (Roiicek), 572

Congress makes a law, Stephen Kemp

Bailey (Magee), 371
Cost and financing of social security, Lewis

Meriam, Karl Schlotterbeck, Mildred

Maroney (Corson),, 269
Courts on trial. Jerome Frank (Berle), 90
Creative power through discussion, Thomas

Fansler (I.asker), 388
Crime problem, the. Walter C. Reckless

(Van Waters), 420
Culture of industrial man, Paul Meadows

(Coyle), 265
Decision in Germany. General Lucius D.

Clay (Deuel), 88
Drinking's not the problem, Charles Clapp,

Jr. (Billstone). 221
Dynamics of prejudice, Bruno Bettelheim

and Morris Janowitz, (Schreiber), 261
Economics of labor and industrial relations.

Gordon F. Bloom and Herbert R. North-

rup (Tead), 421
Educating our daughters, Lynn White, Jr.

(Smith), 337
Education for a new Japan, Robert King

Hall (Bisson), 92
Emotional disorders of children. Gerald

H. J. Pearson, M. D. (Wortis), 102
Emotional life of the ill and injured, Ar-
thur Jess Wilson (Taylor), 273
Ends and means in education, Theodore

Brameld (Crowder), 423
Envelope, the. James S. Plant, M. D.

(Frank), 388
Europe and the United States, Vera

Micheles Dean (Kohn), 332
Facts of life and love. Evelyn Millis Du-
vall (Widoff). 515
Family living. Evelyn Millis Duvall

(Groves), 336
Father of radio, autobiography Lee de

Forest (Krieghbaum), 516
Forever the land. Russell and Kate Lord

(Wevbright). 264
Forty-Eighters. the. ed. A. E. Zucker

(Dilliard), 510
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. Edna Yost

(Potter), 96
Freedom and U'elfare in the Caribbean.

Annette Baker Fox (Fish), 215
Freedom, power and democratic planning.

Karl Mannheim (Van Kleeck), 515
From the Wagner act to Taft-Hartle^'.

Harry A. Millis and Emily Clark Brown

(Stark), 369
German catastrophe. Friedrich Meinecke

(Shuster), 263
German faces, Ann Stringer,, Henry Rie?

(Vernon). 569
Germany. Key to peace in Europe, Karl

Brandt (Carey), 161
Get your home the cooperative way, Elsie

Danenbers: (Pink), 103
Goals for American education, Lyman Bry-

son, Louis Finkelstein, R. M. Mac Tver

(Crowder). 423
Group medicine and health insurance in

action. Robert E. Rothenberg, M. D.

(Davis). 95
Handbook of correctional institution design

and construction (Alper). 519
Handicapped child, the, Edith M Stern

and Elsa Castendyck (Wishik), 419. 466
Heywood Broun, Dale Kramer (Laidler).

Hn'"e Town. Cleveland Amory ( Hansen K


Horace Greeley, William Harlan Hale
(Dilliard), 510

Horse's mouth, Joyce Gary (Hansen), 154

How psychiatry helps, Philip Polatin anil
Ellen C. Philtine (Duval), 208

How to help your child in school, Mary
and Lawrence K. Frank (Woodcock), 520

How to wage peace, Hans W. Rosenhaupt
(d'EstourneHes), 39

Humanity and happiness. George Broch-
niann ( Overstreet ) , 268

Human relations in modern industry, R.
F. Tredgold (Laird), 266

Human use of human beings, the, Norberl
Wiener (La Barre),, 512

/, my ancestor, Nancy Wilson Ross (Han-
sen). 154

Incredible tale, Gerald W. Johnson (Britt).

Individual and his religion, the. Gordon
W. Allport (Braisted), 279

Industry's unfinished business. Sara E.
Southall (Coyle), 513

International relations in the age of con-
flict between democracy and dictator-
ship, Robert Strausz-Hupe and Stefan T.
Possony (Kohn), 332

Introduction to psychosomatic medicine.
C. Alberto Seguin (Brush), 370

Jews, the, ed. Louis Finkelstein (de Sola
Pool), 270

John L. Lewis, Saul Alinsky (Seidman), 92

Juvenile delinauency, Paul W. Tappan
(Areson), 341

Kokntai No Hongi, ed. Robert King Hall
(Bisson). 92

Labor and management in a common en-
terprise, Dorothea de Schweinitz (Tead).

Labor in America, Foster Rhea Dulles
(Fitch), 213

Labor story, the. Aleine Austin (Mac-
Donald), 213

Last call for common sense. James P.
Warburg' (Krieghbaum), 41

Laurel, Alice Fellows (Hansen), 154

Liberty in the modern state, Harold .1.
Laski (Krieghbaum), 41

Life of Mahatma Gandhi. Louis ''Fischer

(Lucke). 417

,Lonely crowd, the. David Riesman (John-
son), 514

Lone dav's dving. a. Frederick Buechner
(Hansen), 154

Louis Pasteur, Rene J. Dubos (Gruenberg)

Love is not enough. Bruno Bettelheim
(Ridenour), 523

Margaret Dreier Robins. Mary Dreier
(Perkins), 512

Market for college graduates, the, Seymour
E. Harris (Sackett). 338

Marriage, Robert A. Harper (Groves), 336

Marriage analysis. Harold T. Christensen
(Barman). 391

Marriage is what vou make it. Paul Pope-
noe (Rogers). 419

\frtrv Irene Atkinson speaking for children.
ed. Chenev C. Jones and Gertrude
Springer (Washington), 209

Meaning of anxiety, Rollo May (Benedek),

Measure of Freedom, a. Arnold Foster
(Turner), 336

Mexico, Frank Tannenbaum (Inn-an), 418

Mexico, Joseph H. L. Schlarman (Inman),

Modern arms and free men, Vanneyar Bush

(Kaempffert), 37
Modern pattern for marriage, Walter R.

Stokes, (Groves), 336

More about psychiatry, Carl Binger (Ste-
venson), 208
Nancy Clark, social worker, Cora Kasius

(Spencer), 97
Negroes in American society, Maurice R.

Davie (Stone), 211
Neighbors in action, Rachel Davis DuBois

(Lasker), 526
Neurosis and human growth, Karen Hor-

ney, M. D. (Lancaster), 572
New world of Southeast Asia, Lennox A

Mills (Thompson), 217
Ninth graphic arts production yearbook

(Amidon), 373
No cause for alarm, Virginia Cowles

(Krieghbaum), 95

Of men and mountains, William 0. Doug-
las (Neuberger), 334
On being human, Ashley Montagu (Tead),

Other side of the bottle, Dwight Anderson

(Gardner), 570
Our rejected children, Albert Deutsch

(Stern), 463
Palestine is our business, Millar Burrows

(Jones), 93

Peabody sisters, Louise Hall Tharp (John-
son), 157
Peace by investment, Benjamin A. Javits

(E. L. Dulles), 278
Personalities in social reform, G. Bromley

Oxnam (Lasker), 160
Philanthropy in America, Edward C. Jen-
kins (Mayo), 518
Philosophy of Peace, the, John Somer-

ville (Ascher), 43
Pivot of Asia, Owen Lattimore (Bisson),

Price of union, Herbert Agar (Corwin),


Primer on alcoholism, Marty Mann (Gard-
ner), 570
Problems of human adjustment, Lynde C.

Steckle (Ruggles), 165
Promise and fulfillment, Arthur Koestler

(Voss), 159
Prophets of deceit, Leo Lowenthal and

Norbert Guterman (Schreiber), 261
Psychoanalytic study of the child, Vol. 3

& 4, ed. Anna Freud (Wortis), 102
Psychosomatic medicine, Franz Alexander

(Brush), 464
Public library in the political process,

Oliver Garceau (Warren), 166
Public library in the U. S., the, Robert

D. Leigh (Long), 519
Puerto Rican Journey, the, C. Wright

Mills, Clarence Senior, Rose Kohn

Goldsen (Speer), 526
Race relations in a democracy, Ina Corinne

Brown (Stavisky), 211
Radio, television and society, Charles A.

Siepmann (Krieghbaum), 516
Ramparts we guard, R. M. Maclver

(Hintz) 266
Rebuilding rural America, Earle Hitch

(Waring), 335
Rehabilitation of the handicapped, ed. W.

H. Soden (Felton), 158
Rehearsal for destruction, Paul Massing

(Schreiber), 261
Republic^ of Israel, the, Joseph Dunner ,

(Inman), 468
Room for one more, Anna Perrott Rose

(Gordon), 571
Security for the people, Roland W. Bart-

lett (Levin), 99
Security, loyalty and science, Walter Cell-

horn (Britt), 462
Segment of my times, Joseph M. Proskauer

(Alger), 333
Selected writings of Edward Sapir, ed.

David G. Mandelbaum (La Barre), 263

Social group work practice, Gertrude Wil-
son and Gladys Ryland (Illing), 210
Social philosophies of an age of crisis,

Pitirim A. Sorokin (Hintz), 566
Social work in a revolutionary age, Ken-
neth L. M. Pray (Mayo), 157
Southern legacy, Hodding Carter (Tucker),
Speech problems of children, Wendell

Johnson (Clark), 517
Stakes of democracy in Southeast Asia,

H. J. Van Mook (Stevens), 467
State of Europe, the, Howard K. Smith

(Krieghbaum), 95
Stevens America, the, Alden and Marion

Stevens (Chandler), 336
Story of Ernie Pyle, the, Lee G. Miller

(Alsop), 513
Stranger and alone, J. Saunders Redding

(Hansen), 154

Strategy for liberals, Irwin Ross (Hintz), 46
Struggle for Germany, the, Drew Middle-
ton (Carey), 161
Surging cities, McCrosky, Blessing and

McKeever (Feiss), 101
Theodore Weld, Benjamin P. Thomas

(Dilliard), 510
They came in chains, J. Saunders Redding

(Stavisky), 528

Third strike, the, Jerry Gray (Billstone), 46
This I do believe, David E. Lilienthal

(Ferguson), 41
Thomas W. Salmon. Earl D. Bond, M. D.

(Bronner), 334
To promote the general welfare, Hyman H.

Bookbinder (Fitch), 389
Trade unions in the new society, Harol-j

J. Laski (Bookbinder), 165
Treason, Nathaniel Weyl (Carman), 271
Treasury of Great Reporting, a, ed. Louis

L. Snyder and Richard B. Morris

(Krieghbaum), 219
Understanding politics, Louise M. Young

(Lee), 268
Unions before the bar, Elias Lieberman

(Kheel), 523
United States and the Soviet Union, the,

report prepared by American Friends

Service Committee (Tead), 91
Utopian communist, the, Carl Wittke (Dil-
liard, 510
Varieties of delinquent youth, William H.

Sheldon (Glueck), 215
Vintage, the, Anthony West (Hansen). 154
Wall, the. John Hersey (Hansen), 154
War or peace, John Foster Dulles (Kohn),

Whitehead and the modern world, A. H.

Johnson, Victor Lowe, Charles Hart-

shorne (Hintz), 566
Yes and Albert Thomas, E. J. Phelan

(Johnson), 94
Vou can stop drinking, Harold Sherman

(Gardner), "570
YJTCA, the, Mary S. Sims ( J. D. Britt), 267

Brackett, Jeffrey R., death of, 35
Breaking adoption bottlenecks, Nott, 443
Britain's Issue Welfare, Ratcliffe, 62
Broad program for mental hospitals, Close,

Burning driftwood, poem, Kayko, 402

Child DP's to the USA, Amidon, 144
Children: 3, 34, 82, 85, 138, 190. 194. 197,

241, 252, 256. 293, 303, 360, 362, 434,

443, 482, 535
Children first, Gulick, 256
Children and Congress, Robinson, 197, 282
Ching, Cyrus S., 475
City or community, Handasyde, 33
Civil liberties and security, Soil, 541
Civil liberty in public sen-ice. Britt, 462
Clinical notes and overtones, poems, Hous-

man. 172

Colleges for Negroes, Myers, 227, 233
Common welfare: 31, 80, 144, 197, 256,

330. 365, 386, 412, 456, 504, 560

Communists, 109, 115, 181

Community progress, by formula, Zeisler,

Conference and people, the, 320

Conference personalities, 328

Conservation, 379, 439, 496, 499, 536

Co-op way, the, Widutis, 494

Cover, February, drawing by John Teppich

"Creeping Mobilization", Robinson, 412

CROP (Christian Rural Overseas Pro-
gram), 35

Czechoslovakia, 115

Delinquency, 34, 138, 293, 434
Discrimination, 10, 34, 84, 107, 150, 298.

300, 494, 502, 545
Displaced persons, 144, 149, 258
Dykstra, Clarence A., dealh of, 283

Education, 33, 482
Aims of modern education, 109
Colleges for Negroes, 233
In defense of the regional plan, 300
Kentucky outgrows segregation, 358
Modern parents go to school, 190
Teachers and parents united, 194
Teaching in a fishbowl, 362
Union teacher, 549
What do the students want, 113
With the humanities upward, 29

England, 62, 403

Everybody's business, the young of the na-
tion, Close, 535

Families, 83, 150, 282, 482

"A very tough institution", 80
Breaking adoption bottlenecks, 443
Modern parents go to school, 190
Mother, father and the children, 252
Spiritual values in family living, 304
Teachers and parents, united, 194
The family in an aging population, 51, 67
The turbulent middle years, 121
Young families in 1950, 17

Family in an aging population, the, Ran-
dall,, 51, 67

Family training for parent and child, 190

Farms, 126, 379, 439, 496

Fels, Samuel S., Kellogg, 135

Fermenting ideas since 1880's, Farrar, 206

Films about facts, Wachtel, 227, 240

Foundations of our security, Johnson, 229

From homestead to valley authorities, Mac
Kaye, 496

From strikes to reasoning, Davis, 285

Genesis and Jefferson, MacKaye, 556
Geography to Geotechnics, 439, 496, 536
Germany, 181, 408
Get "em while they're young, Close, 434,

474, 475, 532

Glenn, John Mark, Harrison, 308
Government by the people, Neuberger, 490
Growth of a new science, Mac Kaye, 439
Growth of personality, Frank, 388

Hand of Helen Keller, Lewis, 384
Health: 58, 131, 246, 256, 354, 386, 458.

560, 562, 563
Health care England and the USA,

Whipple, 403
Holding the line, 456
Holmes, John Haynes, retirement, 3
Housing: 23, 27, 107, 243, 244, 245, 351,

354, 502, 551

Housing: a 1950 tragedy, Johnson, 551
How can we fight discrimination? Saenger,


Human engineering. Crook. 347, 378
Human rights and slum clearance, Abrams,


In defense of the regional plan, Stoney,

300, 474
It happened at Shadyoaks, Holladay. 401.

It's our responsibility, Abel, 317, 394

Jail is no place for a child, Close, 138, 226
Johnson, Alvin H., 75th birthday, 3

Keller, Helen, 384

Kentucky outgrows segregation, Dawkins,

358, 387, 394

Key of the future, the, Baker, 115
Korea, 477

Labor, 82, 173

From strikes to reasoning, 285

Samuel Gompers and the labor move
ment, 289

Union teacher, 549

Laboratory for theologians, Hough, 354, 395
Legislatures, our rotten-borough, 53
Lenroot, Katharine F., Survey award to, 313
Let's take the children west, Neuberger,

360, 426
Letters and Life: 37, 88, 154, 206, 261,

332, 369, 388, 417, 462, 510, 566
Linde:nan, Eduard C., 459
Los Alamos, poem, Church, 228

Magna Charta for the aging, Robinson,

448, 532

Meaning of history, the, Hintz, 566
Mental health see Health
Mental health begins at home, .Rees, 131
Mental health for child and delinquent,

Robinson, 293

Messiah concert, poem, Schauffler, 548
Midcentury White House Conference on

Children and Youth, 535
Migrants, 148, 246

Modern cities now or never, Churchill, 23
Modern parents go to school, Osborne, 190
Moral sense of India, Lindeman, 397
Mother, father, and the children, Groves, 252
My life is thine, Korea, poem, Mo Youu

Sook, 489

National Conference of Social Work, 283,
309 ff.

"Need" is an anachronism, Corson, 134

Negro families in Stuyvesant Town, Black,
502, 533

Negroes: 33, 84, 107,494
Colleges for Negroes, 233
How can we fight discrimination, 545
In defense of the regional plan, 300
Kentucky outgrows segregation, 358
Negro families in Stuyvesant Town, 502

Trial and error in St. Louis, 13
What about Negro Americans, 453
Youth and the race problem, 298
Nehru, 397

New look in valleys, Richards, 379, 426
New styles in fiction, Hansen, 154
Night at the 38th Parallel, poem., Mo Youn
Sook, 383


Jeffrey R. Brackett, 35
Clarence A. Dykstra, 283
John Mark Glenn, 308
Ernest Poole, 51
Old people: 31, 34, 51, 67. 136, 173, 177,

427, 448

Old woman asleep, an,, poem, Acton, 307
Our new social security, Burns, 429
Our rotten-borough legislatures, Neuberg-
er, 53
"Our side is well in the lead", Mayer, 243

Personalities and Projects: 35, 86, 152, 203,

259, 368, 387, 416, 459, 508, 564
Pointer toward survival, Britt, 106
Politics, 53, 487, 490
Polls and politics, Bigelow, 487
Poole, Ernest, death of. 51
Prayer for 1950, poem, Kayko, 79
Prevention of war, Kohn, 332
Prices, wages and consumers, Clague, 504
Progress by planning, 323
Public welfare officials meet, 365
Public welfare round table, Hoehler, 31

Race relations: 13, 84, 107, 298

Radio, see Television

Reconstruction in full swing, Dangremond,


Record of a peaceful revolution, Stark, 369
Reformers who helped shape America,

Billiard, 510
Robinson,, Virginia, award to, 85

Samuel Fels, a great citizen, Kellogg, 135
Samuel Gompers and the labor movement,

Fitch, 289

Sculpture: Torch of Freedom, Seley, 52
Segregation: 13, 33, 84, 107, 233, 298, 300,

358, 475

Senility, poem, Housman 407
Social impact of television, the, Riley and

Peterson, 482
Social security, 31, 58, 229, 415, 429, 456

Social work, who's to pay for, 58
Social workers in Paris, Glasser, 413
So much for so little, Arthur, 136
Spiritual values in family living, Wood-
ward, 304

St. Louis, trial and error in, 13
Starr, Mark, 549

Survey award, 31, 80, 106, 171, 227, 318
Survey, editorials on, 2, 426

Teachers and parents, united, Kawin, 194
Teaching in a fishbowl, Fabrizius, 362
Television hopes and limitations, Siep-
mann, 5

see Social impact of television, 482
They live as conquerors,, Blankfort, 408
"Tolerance is not enough", Oppenheimer,

10, 51, 107

Tradition and pride, put to work, photo-
graphs, 245

Training southern workers, 387
Trial and error in St. Louis, Lawrence,, 13
Turbulent middle years, the, Gruenberg, 121
Turnabout on "Something for Nothing",

Bremner, 73
Twenty million acres of tree farms, 499

Undercutting the foundations of prejudice,

Schreiber, 261
Union teacher, Amidon, 549
United Nations, 3, 10, 106, 427

Vandalism our chosen American sport,

Clark, 76
Visit to my past, Hirsch, 181, 282

Welfare state,, 31, 58, 73
What about Negro Americans ? Butcher, 453
What do students want? Smith, 113
What the " farm shooting is all about,

Kramer, 126

When scientists wage war, Kaempffert, 37
White House Conference on Children and

Youth, 86, 535

Who's to pay for social work? Mayo, 58
Widening horizons of public health,, Wins-
low, 560

Winter threnody, poem, Gleason, 12
With the humanities upward? Hovde, 29

Yellow beetle, the, Griffin, 303

Young families in 1950, Close,, 17

Youth and the race proble.n, Johnston, 298


Abel,, Barbara, It's our responsibility, 317,

Abrams, Charles, Human rights and slum

clearance, 27
Acton, Ellen, An old woman asleep

(poem), 307

Alger, George W., book review, 333
Alper, Benedict S., book review, 519
Alsop, Gulielma F., book review, 513
Amidon, Beulah:

Atlantic City April 1950, 309

Child DPs to the USA, 144

Union teacher, 549

book review, 373
Vreson, Clinton W., book review, 341

thur, Julietta K., So much for so little,

Ascher, Charles S., book review, 43

Baker, John A., Jr., Key of the future, 115
Barman, Alicerose, book review, 391
Baumgartner, Leona, M.D. book review, 421
Benedek, Therese, M.D., book review, 376
Berle, A. A., Jr., book review, 90
Bifielow, Charles L,, Polls and politics, 487
Billstone, Laurie, book reviews, 46, 220, 370
Bisson, T. A., book reviews, 92,, 467
Black Algernon D., Negro families in Stuy-
vesant Town, 502, 533

Bookbinder, Hyman H., book review, 165
Braisted, Paul J,, book review, 279
Bremner, Robert H., Turnabout on "Some-
thing for nothing", 73
Britt, George:

Civil liberty in public service, 462

Pointer toward survival, 106

book reviews, 376, 462
Britt, Jane Dickey, book reviews, 267
Bronner, Augusta F., book review, 334
Brush, A. Louise, M.D., book reviews, 370,

Burns, Eveline M., Our new social security,

Butcher, Margaret Just, What about Negro

Americans?, 453

Carey, Jane Perry Clark, book reviews, 161
Carman, Harry J., book review, 271
Chandler, Thomas E., book review, 336
Church, Peggy Pond, Los Alamos (poem),

Churchill, Henry S., Modern cities now

or never, 23
Clague, Ewan:

After 45 how about a job?, 173

Prices, wages and consumers., 504
Clark, Howard D.. Vandalism our chosen

American sport, 76

Clark, Ruth M., book review, 517
Close, Kathryn:

Accent on process, 313

Broad program for mental hospitals, 386

Everybody's business the young of the
nation, 535

Get 'em while they're young, 434, 474,
475,, 532

Jail is no place for a child, 138, 226

Young families in 1950, 17
Corson, John J. :

"Need" is an anachronism, 134

book reviews, 40, 269
Corwin., Edward S., book review, 277
Coyle, David Cushman, book reviews, 40.

265, 513
Crook, Eleanor, Human engineering, 347,

Crowder, Farnsworth,, book review, 423

Dangremond, Lucille M., Reconstruction in
full swing, 351

Davis, Michael M., book review, 95

Davis, William H., From strikes to reason-
ing, 285

Dawkins, 0. C., Kentucky outgrows segre-
gation, 358, 387, 394, 475

D'Estournelles, Julie, book review, 39

Deuel, Wallace R.:

Army in power, the, 88

book review, 88
Dilliard, Irving:

Reformers who helped shape America, 510

book reviews, 510

Dulles, Eleanor Lansing, book review, 278
Duval, Addison M., book review, 208

Eliot, Martha M., address at National Con-
ference, 326
Emerson, Haven, M.D., book review, 94

Eabrizius, Peter, Teaching in a fishbowl,

Farrar, John:

Fermenting ideas since the 1880's, 206

book review, 206
Feiss, Carl, book reviews, 101
Felton, J. S., book review, 158
Ferguson, Charles W., book review., 41
Fish, Olive C., book reviews, 212, 215
Fitch, John A.:

Samuel Gompers and the labor move-
ment, 289

book reviews, 213, 389, 424
Frank, Lawrence K.:

Growth of personality, 388

book review, 388

Gardner, Yvelin, book reviews, 570
Glasser, Melvin A., Social workers in

Paris, 413
Gleason., Harold Willard, Winter threnody,

(poem), 12
Glueck, Sheldon and Eleanor, book review,


Gordon, Henrietta L., book review, 571
Granger, Lester B., address at National

Conference, 327

Griffin, Ernest G., Yellow beetle, the, 303
Groves, Gladys Hoagland:

Mother, father and the children, 252

book reviews, 336

Gruber, Kathern F., book review, 571
Gruenberg. Benjamin C., book review, 344
Gruenberg, Sidonie Matsner, Turbulent

middle ye,ars, the, 121
Gulick, Helen Swift, Children first, 256

Haber, William, After 65 what about an
income?, 177

Hansen, Harry:

New styles in fiction, 154
book reviews, 154

Harrison, Shelby M., John Mark Glenn, 308

Hintz, Howard W.:

Meaning of history, the, 566
book reviews, 45. 266, 566

Hirsch, Felix E., Visit to my past, 181, 282

Hoehler, Fred K., Public welfare round
table, 31

Holladay, Elizabeth, It happened at Shady-
oaks, 401, 474

Holmes, John Haynes, book review, 39

Hough. Robert L., Laboratory for the-
ologians. 354, 395

Housman, Mary W. :
Anxiety (poem), 442
Clinical notes and overtones (poems), 172
Senility (poem), 407

Hovde, Bryn J., With the humanities up-
ward?, 29

Illing, Hans A., book reviews, 210, 373

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