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Air d'lsabeliey for voice and violin,

Albani (violin-maker), 190
Alboni, Marietta, 135 ; birth and
career, 137 ; extracts from her
will, 139 ; in // Tj-ovatore, 217
Alteration of pitch during a con-
cert, 122
Amateur, success by an, 181
Amateurs and Professionals, xii
Amati, Nicolo (violin-maker), iii^

186, 190
Andante et Rondo Riisse, 60
Antoinette Clavel, I
Arditi, 82, 109; his song II Bacio,

Art of playing in tune, 121
Artot, 64 ; in Chapter XX. I have
omitted to mention the grand
duet for voice and violin by
Artot, entitled Variations Con-
Auber, his opera Gtistavus^ 215
Augustines, the hall of the, at

Brussels, 63
Aujac (tenor), his singing, 216

Bagioli (teacher of Alboni),

Balfe, the composer, dd, 213
Bannister, John, 114
Banti, Brigitta, the "Queen of



Barbaja, Impressario, the, 34
Barn Elms on the Thames, 8
Beale, Willaert, his book, 217
Beauce, Madame, 182, 197
Beethoven, his violin music, 178
Bellasis, his Life of Cherubini,

Bellini, 29 ; family of, 30 ; his

lady-love, 34 ; letter on com-
position, 70 ; failure of his

Norma, 72
Bergfreiheit, the burgomaster of,

Berlioz, anecdote of, xv
Bertolini, a violin by, loi
Bertolotti, Madame (teacher of

Alboni), 138
Beumer, first violin of Brussels

Opera, 59, 63
Bibliographic gossip, 212
Bohemian Orchestral Society, the,

126, 202; members of, 204;

Repertoire of, 207 ; profits of

concerts, 208
Bordogni, his Vocalises, 174




Bottesini and his last concert, io8 ;

birth and career, 109, 112;

operas by, in ; portrait, 2l8
Boucher (violinist), 10, 13
Braga, his compositions, 167,

Brambilla, Marietta (contralto),

Buonaparte, Napoleon, 8

Cafe du Divan, the, 142

Callcott, J. G., 206

Capidetti, /, opera of, 33, 37

Carcano, the theatre, Milan, 41

Carrodus (violinist), 184

Catalogues, modern music, 173

Cerito, celebrated dancer, 147

Chanot, F. W., loi, 173

Chenier, Andre (poet), 10

Cherubini, opinion on Bellini's
orchestration, 42 ; anecdote of,
143 ; {see Bellasis), 218

Christopher Columbus, opera of,

Clark, his Marche aux Flam-
beatcx, 16

Classical School, the, 67

Clayton, Miss, her work on the
Queens of Song, 2 1 7

Composers of operas and sym-
phonies, 124

Composition, a lesson in, 66

Concert, the last, of Bottesini,
113; first public, in England,
114; at Southsea, 184

Cremona, German workmen at,
132 ; violin makers of, 190, 191

Crescendo, the, xv

Dauchet, Mademoiselle, 183
Day, Mr. John, of H.M. Private
Band, 89

De Beriot, 57, 59, 62, 169;
reminiscences in his music, 66 ;
his manner of tuning, 123 ; his
Etudes Melodiques, 126

D'Entraigues, the Count and
Countess of, 7 ; their assassina-
tion, 9

De Sussex, his villa near Paris,

Devismes, M., 23

Diavolo aella Notte, Opera, li 2

Dido7iy the Opera, 6

Di Noja, the Duke, 34

Doche, Madame (celebrated
actress), 147

Donizetti, the composer, 19, 33,

Dragonetti (contrabassist), 108
Dreyfuss, Madame, 182
Dubois (poet), 10
Duet for Violin and Contrabass,


Eco (It iVapoli, the, 66
Edinburgh, the Duke of, 180
Eeckhout (the painter), 150
Elphinstone, Sir H[oward, 175,

Emperor of Russia, anecdote of,

Ernani, Opera of, by Bellini,

forbidden, 42
J^tudes Melodiques by De Beriot,

Evening Neivs, extract from the,

Exhibition of violins, 180

Failures of Operas, ratio of, 69
Ferny, the sisters (violinists), 64
Fetis, 59, 60
Fifths, perfect, 123



Fioravanti, 33

Florimo, Bellini's letter to, 72
Fra Diavolo at Brussels, 90
French Revolution, i, 10, 19
Frery, Mademoiselle, episode in

her life, 57
Frezzolini, jNIadame, 217
Fumaroli, Madalena, 34

Gabrielli, 21

Gallait, celebrated pictures by, 51

Garcia, Pauline, 168

Giorgi, a sketch, 51

Giraldoni (poet), 35

Gliick, his Artnide, 4 ; anecdotes

of, 6, 25
Goethe (poet) on singing, xi
Gordignani, his Ca7'o niio be7t, 169
Gossec (composer), 5
Gould, R. H. (conductor), 203
Gounod, Ch., his Ave Maria, 168 ;

his Rede/nplioJi, 204
Grassini, 21

Graziani (baritone), 217
Gretry, a saying of the composer,

Grisi, Madame, 37, 72, 140, 201
Guadagnini, Lorenzo (violin

maker), 131
Guarnerius (violin maker), 89,


Guercia, his song // Sospiroy 168
Gumbert, song by, 168
Gustavus, the libretto of, 215

Habeneck (violinist), anecdote

of, XV

Halle, Sir Ch., life and letters, 82,

Hambro' Orphanage, the, 183
Handwriting of Stradivarius and

Stainer, 187

Hart, George, 128, 131, 192
Havanah, the opera at, 1 1 1
Herold, air by, 168
History of a Stainer violin, 189
Holzhammer, Marguerite, 192
Howard, Miss, 47

Intonation, faulty, 125

Kelly, Michael, his memoirs,

Kloz, Sebastian (violin maker),

lor, 128, 190
Kreutzer, his study No. 23, 127
Kuhe (pianist), 82, 217

Labels, violin, 186, 187
Lablache (basso), 35, 39
La Brianza, in Lombardy, 17
Lafont (violinist), his challenge

to Paganini, 85
Lago di Como, the, 17, 38
Larkom, Madame Agnes, 184
La Sfrattia'a, opera of, 36
Lavignac, his new work, 219
Lemoyne (conductor), 3
Lemmens-Sherington, 59, 182
Leonard (violinist), 57 ; his Elegie,

58 ; his solos for violin, 169
Lesueur and Spontini, anecdote

of, 69
Lindley (violoncellist), anecdote

of, 213
Litolff, Henri (pianist and com-
poser), 150
Lodoiska, opera of, 143
Lombardy, the plain of, 18
Louis XVL, I, II, 19
Louis Napoleon, Prince, 44, 46
Lubbock, Mrs., her singing, 197
Luchesi (tenor), his singing and
acting, 216



Ludicrous scene at the opera, 92
Lumley, his book, 217
Littin lie la Vallee, ballet of the,
145, 148

Maestrino, the title of, 33
Malibran, Madame, her good
nature, xvi, 169; anecdote of, 213
Mapleson, 217
Mara, Madame, 100
Mariani (baritone), 37, 40
Margheritta, H.M. Queen, 81
Marie Antoinette, Queen, 8, 20
Mario, 195; his vocalisation, 217
Marks under notes, xiv
Marmontel, 7

Marseillaise, the music of the, 10
Martin, anecdote of the singer, 143
Mathews, Ch., letter of, 29
Martinez, Madame Isidora, lOO
Maucotel (violin maker), loi
Mehul, the composer, experiment

by, 219
Meisser, Dr., Professor of Ana-
tomy, 96
Mercadante (composer), 32
Meric-Lalande, Madame, 30
Method of study at Paris, 72
Michelet, wig-maker to the Opera,


Milan, conservatorio of, no
Milanollo, Teresa, 57
Milanollo, Maria, 58
Milanollo, the sisters, 64
Mittenwald, 133
Monticello, village of, 18
Music at Brussels, 91

Napoleon I., 13
Napoleon III. plays a barrel-
organ, 48
Nillson, Madame Christine, 168

Octaves, thirds, and sixths, 127

Opera, the, Asseaio di Firefize,
III; at Cairo and Constantine,
112; to produce an effective,

Operas, ratio of failures, 69 ; by
Bottesini, in, 112; in which
Tamburini sang, 201 ; per-
formed, 1849-59, 91

Orchestra, the organisation of an,

Orchestral performances encored,

Original air, difficulty of com-
posing an, Sy

Orphanage, the Hambro', 176

Otto (violin maker), 189, 191

Pacini (composer), 33, 37

Paganini, his fortune, 40 ; new
features in his life, 82 ; his
natural gifts, 85 ; and Spohr,
87 ; and Lafont, 2>2» ; music of,
125 ; his Rondo, 127; romantic
style of, 169

Panseron, his Soiige tie Tarlini,

Papini, Guido, his Hope March,
16, 108, 113, 169; his A une
Jleur ! 126 ; his Rotfianza, 168 ;
solos by, 172

Passalacqua, Count Lucini, his
villa, 38

Pasta, Madame, 37, 38 ; her voice,


Patti, Madame Adelina, memoirs,


Pcpoli, the Marquis, 140
Pessoneaux, the Abbe, 1 1
Phillips, Henry (baritone), 195,

Phillis (guitarist), i



Phipson, Mrs. T. L., her singing,
167 ; her talent as accompanist ,
183 ; founder of the Bohemian
Orchestral Society, 203 ; her
charities, 210

Piano, the, in the Orchestra, 125

Piatti (violincellist), 1 1 1

Piccini (composer), 5, 7, 30

Pichegru, the General, 8

Pirata, II, opera of, 29, 37

Plunkett, Mademoiselle, her danc-
ing, 147

Pope, Henry (basso), 184

Preliminary training, 100

Pressenda, violins by, loi

Proch, songs by, 168

Programme, a brilliant, 114, 120

Regnard, a play by, 5
Reminiscences in music, 66
Repertoire, my violin, 169; of the

Bohemian Orchestral Society,

Revolutionary tribunal, i, ii
Riciardi (tenor), 182
Robaudi, his songs, 168
Robert le Diable, ludicrous ending

to, 95
Rocca, violins by, lOl
Rode (violinist), 169
Roland, Madame, 12
Romani (poet and librettist), 35,

36, 70
Romantic School, the, 67
Rossini, his method of study, 72 ;
anecdote of, 121 ; his opinion
of Alboni, 138 ; on Bellini's
duet for two basses, 201 ; and
Richard Wagner, 214 ; and
Meyerbeer, 215 ; and the organ-
grinder, 215
Rouget de lisle, 10

Royal Ladies' Homes, the, 183
Royal Marine Artillery, string

band of, 184
Rubini (tenor), 30, 35, 37, 39, 40,

Rutter, Mrs. H., and Gounod's

Redemption, 204

San Carlo, the theatre, 34
Santley, his memoirs, 217
Schoelcher, his life of Handel, 218
Schott, 167, 173
Sembrich, Madame, 100
Serenata, La, by Braga, 167
Sibire, the Abbe, 189, 193
Sims Reeves, his book, 218
Singelee, Mademoiselle, 100, 182
Sivori, Camillo, 86, 145
Sonna7?du(la, La, opera of, 31,

36, 41
Spagnoletto (violinist), 175
Spohr, 169; his autobiography,

Spontini, his opera La Vestale, 69
Stagno, Roberto (tenor), 80
Stainer, Jacob, 128; his career,

i85> 193
Stainer, Marcus, 191

Standish, Henri, 58

St. Huberty, Madame, 2

St. Leon, and the Violon dii Diable,

142 ; his appearance, 144 ; his

dancing and playing, 145 ;

music of, 147
Stradivarius, violins by, loi ; a

rival of, 128
Studies for the violin, 169
Study of composition, 68, 72, 219
Style in music, xiii ; to acquire a

good, 173
Success by an amateur, 181
" Sunrise on the Righi," 150




Tamburini (baritone), 30 ; his
cow, 195; his villa, 198; his
singing, 201 ; operas in which
he sang, 201

Tartini, 69, 126

Titiens, Madame, 183

Tomarissen and the Bey of Tunis,
a sketch, y;^

Tosi, Ernesto, 35

Tosi, Signora, 35

Tyrolean school of violin-making,
190; timber, 12S

Ugalde, Madame, 182, 196

Van der Beek, Celestine, 182
Van der Beek, Sidonia, 116
Verdi, his opera // Trovatore^

xiii ; originality of his melodies,

68; his education, 71 ; his opera

Falstaff, 71; his opera Aida^

Viardot, Madame, 168
Vieuxtemps (violinist), 126, 182
Villa Cenerentola, Alboni's, 138;

La AfoIf}'asio, 38 ; Passalacqua,

38 ; Tamburini's, 198
Viotti (violinist), 169, 195
Violin, a, by Bertolini, loi ; by

Guarnerius, 176; Lafont's 89;

St. Leon's, 148 : Spagnoletti's,

175; strings improved, 123;

varnish, characteristic, 104 ;

solos, 170, 172; studies, 169;

writing for the, 173 ; maker to

the Emperor, 186
Violins by Sebastian KIoz, 1 29 ;

by Stainer, 188, 191; exhibition

of, 133, 180; Elector-Stainer,

190, 191 ; effects of age on, 102,

Violinist of the Boulevards, the, 44
Violon du Viable^ ballet of the,

145, 146
Vocal organs, nervous strain of, 99
Voice, Madame Alboni's, 137 ;

Madame Pasta's, 39 ; and the

strings, 96 ; and violin, 167 ;

practice injurious to the, 97
Vuillaume, violins by, loi

Wagner, Richard, anecdote of,

Withers, loi
Wood of which violins are made»


Zaira^ opera by Bellini, 37
Zieger, Ch. Denis, 140
Zingarelli, 32, 33


Printed by Bai.lantyne Hanson &> Co.
Edinljurgh &* London









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Academy Notes, 1880-84. Complete in

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Academy Notes, 1890-94. Complete in

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Grosvenor Notes, Vol. I., 1877-82. With

300 Illustrations. Demy Svo, cloth ts.
Grosvenor Notes, Vol. II., 1883-87. With

300 Illustrations. Demy Svo, cloth, 6^.

English Pictures at the National Gallery.

With 114 Illustrations, xs.

.Old Masters at the National Gallery.

With 128 Illustrations, ts. 6d.
Illustrated Catalogue to the National
Gallery. With 242 Illusts. Demy Svo, cloth, 3;.

The Illustrated Catalogue of the Paris Salon, 1898. With 300. Sketches. 3^.

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The Ascent of Man. Crown Svo, cloth, 5s.

Dramas in Miniature. With a Frontispiece by F. MADOX BRO^VN. Crown Svo, cloth, gj.

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With special Preface for the English Edition. Crown Svo, cloth, 3J-. 6rf.

Bourne (H. R. Fox), Books by.

English Merchants : Memoirs in Illustration of the Progress of British Commerce. With 32 Illus-
trations. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d.
English New^spapers : Chapters in the History ofTournalism. Two Vols., demy Svo, cloth, 255,
The Other Side of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition. Crown Svo, cloth, 6s.

Boyle (Frederick), Works by. Post 8vo, illustrated bds., 2s. each.

Chronicles of No-Man's Land. | Camp Notes. | Savage I.ife.

Brand (John). — Observations on Popular Antiquities; chiefly

illustrating the Origin of our Vulgar Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions. With the Additions of Sir
Hen ry Ellis, and numerous Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, js. 6d.

Brewer (Rev. Dr.), Works by.

The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, Allusions, References,
Proverbs, Plots, Stories, and Poems. Together with an English and American
Bibliography, and a I-ist of the Authors and Dates of Dramas and Operas, a
New Edition, Revised throughout, and Reset in New Type. Crown Svo, cloth, 7s. 6d. {October 13.

Authors and their Works, 'with the Dates : being the Appendices to the Second Edition of
' The Reader's Handbook,' separately printed. Crown Svo, clotli limp, 2J.

A Dictionary of Miracles: Imitative, Realistic, and Dogmatic Crown Svo, cloth, y. 6d.

Brewster (Sir David), Works by. Post 8vo, cloth, 45. td. each.

More YTorlds than One : Creed of the Philosopher and Hope of the Christian. With Plates.
The Martyrs of Science; Galileo, Tycho Brahe, andKEPl-BR. With Portraits.
Lette rs on Natural Magic. With numerous Illustrations.

Brillat=Savarin.— Gastronomy as a Fine Art. Translated by

R. E. Anderson, M.A. Post Svo, half-bound, gf.

Brydges (Harold).— Uncle Sam at Home. With 91 Illustrations.

Post 8to, illustrated boards, u, ; doth limp, w, ^

4 CHAtTd & WlNDlJS, PubiUhePit. iti St. Martians Lartfe. Londbfi. W.C.
Buchanan (Robert), Novels, &c., by.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3J. 6d. each
The Shadow of the Sword.
A Child of Nature. With Frontispiece.
God and the Man. With 11 Illustrations by
Lady Kllpatrick. fFuED. Barnard.

The Martyrdom of Madeline. With
Frontispiece by A. W. COOl'ER.

post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2J. each.
Love Me for Ever. With Frontispiece.
Annan Water. I Foxglove Manor.

The Neur Abelard. | Rachel Dene.
Matt : A Story of a Caravan. With Frontispiece.
The Master of the Mine. With Fronti>ipiece.
Tho Heir of Linne. | Woman and the Man.

Red and White Heather. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 35-. 6(i.

The Wandering Jew^ : a Christmas Carol. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

The Charlatan. By Robert Buchanan and Hhnry Murray. Crown 8vo, cloth, with a
Frontispiece byT. H. ROlilNSON, 31. 6d. ; post 8vo, picture boards, '2S.

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