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Burton (Robert).— The Anatomy of Melancholy. With Transla-
tions of the Quotations. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, -/S. (xi.
Melancholy Anatomised! An Abridgment of Burton's Anatomy. Post 8vo, half-bd., sj. td.

Caine (Hall), Novels by. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 35. t>d. each. ; post

Svo, illustrated boards, 25. each ; cloth limp, 2J. 6d. each.

The Shadow of a Crime. | A Son of Hagar. | The Deemster.

Also Library F,ditions of The Deemster and The Shadow of a Crime, set in new ty)ie,
crown 8vo, and bound uniform witl> The Christian, 6j. each; and the CHEAP POPULAR EulflON of
The Deemster, medium 8vo, portrait-cover, bd. ; clotli, is.

Cameron (Commander V. Lovett).— The Cruise of the * Black

Prince' Privateer, Post 8vo, picture boards, ■zs.

Captain Coignet, Soldier of the Empire: An Autobiography.

Edited by LOREDAN Larchey. Translated by Mrs, CAREY. With 100 Illustrations. Crown 8vo,
cloth, 3^. 6d,

Carlyle (Jane Welsh), Life of. By Mrs. Alexander Ireland. With

Portrait and Facsimile Letter. Small demy 8vo, cloth extra, ts. bd.

Carlyle (Thomas).— On the Choice of Books. Post 8vo, cl., 15. dd.

Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle and R. W. Emerson. 1834-1872. Edited by
C. E. Norton. With Portraits. Two Vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 24J.

Carruth (Hayden).— The Adventures of Jones. With 17 Illastra-

tions. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, ■zs.

Chambers (Robert W.), Stories of Paris Life by. Long fcap. 8vo,

cloth, 2j. dd. each.

The King in Yellow. | In the Quarter.

Chapman's (George), Works. Vol. I., Plays Complete, including the

Doubtful Ones.— Vol. II., Poems and Minor Translations, with Essay by A. C. Swinburne.— Vol.
HI., Translations of the Iliad and Odyssey. Three Vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 3r. dd. each.

Chappie (J. Mitchell).— The Minor Chord: The Story of a Prima

Donna. Crown 8vo, cloth, y. Od.

Chatto (W. A.) and J. Jackson.-— A Treatise on Wood Engraving,

Historical and Practical. With Cliaptcr by H. G. BOIIN, and 450 fine Uhists. Large 4to, half-leather, ■zSs.

Chaucer for Children : A Golden Key. By Mrs. H. R. Haweis. With

8 Coloured Plates and 30 Woodcuts. Crown 4to, cloth extra, 3J'. 6d.
C haucer fo r Sc ho ols. By Mrs. H. R. Haweis. Dem y Svo, cloth li mp, gj. 6d.

Chess, The Laws and Practice of. With an Analysis of the Open-
ings. By Howard Staunton. Edited by R. B. WORMALD. Crown Svo, cloth, sj.

The Minor Tactics of Chess : A Treatise on the Deployment of the Forces in obedience to Stra-
tegic Principle. By F. K. VOUNG and E. C. HoWELL. Long fcap. 8vo, cloth, as. 6d.

The Hastings Chess Tournament. Containing the Authorised Account of the 230 Games
played Aug.-Sejjt., 1895. With Annotations by PlLLSHURY, Lasker, TARRASCH, SteiniTZ,
Ai.BiN ; Biographical Sketches of the Chess Masters, and 2a Portraits. Edited by H. F. Cheshikh.
C heaper Edition. Crown Svo, cloth, SJ.

Clare (Austin), Stories by.

For the Love of a Lass. Post 8vo, Illustrated boards, 3/. ; cloth, 7s. M.

By the Rise of the Blver : Talcs and Sketches in South Tynedale. Crown tvo, buckram, gilt
tu^, 6>'.

CHATTO A VVlNbl)S, Pubilshefs. tn St. Martin'^ Unfe, Undofl. W.C. S
Clive (Mrs. Archer), Novels by. Post 8vo, illust. boards, 25. each.

Paul Ferroll. | W hy Pan l Ferroll Killed hig Wlte.

Clodd (Edward, F!.R.A. S. ).— Myths and Dreams, Cr. 8vo, y.6d.

Coates (Anne).— Rie's Diar y. Crown 8vo. cloth, 35. 6d.

Cobban (J. Maclaren), Novels by.

The Cure of Souls. Post 8vo, IJlustrated boards, 2t.

The Red Sultan. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, ^^.Cd. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 7S.

The Burden of Isabel. Crown 8vo, clotii extra, y. 6,i. •

Coleman (John).— Curly : An Actor's Story. With 21 Illustrations

by J. C. DOLLMAN. Crown Svo, picture cover, ts.

Coleridge (M. E.). — The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. Fcap 8

cloth, IS. td. ; leatherette, is.

Collins (C. Allston).— The Bar Sinister. Post 8vo, boards, 25.


Collins (John Churton, M.A.), Books by.

Illustrations of Tennyson. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

Jonathan Swift. A Biographical and Critical Study. Crown Svo. cloth extra . Rf .

Collins (Mortimer and Frances), Novels by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, y. 6rf. each ; post Svo. illustrated boards, sj. each.
From Midnight to Midnight. | Blacksmith and Scholar.

Trausmigration. | Yon Play me Falsa. | The Village Comedy.

Post 8vo, il^strated boards, ■2S. each.
Sw eet Ann e Page. I A Fight with Fortune. | Sweet and Twenty. | Franc es.

Collins (Wilkie), Novels by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, many Illustrated, 3X. 6d. each ; post Svo, picture boards, 2S. each ;

cloth limp, 2j. 6d. each.

. Antonina.

Hide and Seek.
The Woman in White.
The Moonstone.
Man and Wife.
After Dark.
The Dead Secret.
The Queen of Hearts.
Mo Naitae.

My Miscellanies.
Poor Miss Finch.
Miss or Mrs.?
The Mew Magdalen.
The Frozen Deep.
The Law^ and the Lady.
The Two Destinies.
The Haunted Hotel.
The Fallen Leaves.

Jezebel's Daughter.
The Black Roba.
Heart and Science.
• I Say No.'
A Rogue's Life.
The Evil Genius.
Little Novels.
The Legacy of Cain.
Blind Love.

Popular Editions. Medium Svo, 6d. each; cloth, is. each
The Woman In White. I The Moonstone. | Antonina.

The Woman in White and The Moonstone, Popular Edition, in One Volume, medium
Svo, cloth, ^s.

Colman*s (George) Humorous Works: 'Broad Grins,' 'My Night-

gov^-n and Slippers,' Szc. With Life and Frontispiece. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3^. 6d.

Colquhoun (M. J.).— Every Inch a Soldier. Crown 8vo, cloth,

y. 6.'i. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s.

Colt=breaki ng, Ji i n t s on. By W. M. Hutchison. Cr. 8vo,cl,, 35. 6d.
Conv alescent Cookery. By Catherine Ryan. Cr. 8vo, i^. ; cl., is. 6d.
Conway (Moncure D.).— George Washington*s Rules of Civility

Traced to their Sources and Restored. Fcap. Svo, Japanese vellum, 2S. M.

Cook (Dutton), Novels by. ~

Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2J. each.
Leo. I Paul Foster's Daughter.

Co oper (Edward H.). — Geoffory Hamilton. Cr. 8vo, cloth, y. 6d.
Cornwall. — Popular Romances of the West of England ; or, The

Drolls, Traditions, and Superstitions of Old Cornwall. Collected by ROBERT Hu^^^, F.R.S. With
two Steel Plates by GEORGE CRUlKS HANK.. Crown Svo, cloth, 7J. 6d.

Cotes (V. Cecil). — Two Girls on a Barge. With 44 Illustrations by

F. H. TOWNSEND. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3J. 6d. : post Svo, cloth, 2j. 6d.

Craddock (C. Egbert), Stories by.

The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains. Post Svo, illustrated boards, as.
His Vanished Star. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. 3s. 6d

Cram (Ralph Adams).— Black Spirits and White. Fcap. Svo,

doth, IX. 60.

6 CHATTO & WlNDUg. Publishefs, lit &t. Maftifi*a Ufie. Ldndod, W.C«
Crellin (H. N.), Books by.

Romances of the Old Seraglio. With s3 lUustrations by S. L. WOOO. Ctoira Sto, cloih, y. 6d,
Tales of the Caliph. CrcA-n Svo, cloth, ar.
The Nazarenes; A Drnma. Crown Svo, u.

Crim (Matt.). — Adventure5 of a Fair Rebel. Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, with a Fro ntispiece by Dan. BeaRD. 3?. 6ci. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, ss.

Crockett (S. R.) and others. —Tales of Our Coast. By S. R.

Crockett, Gilbert Parker, Harold Frederic • - -

Illustrations by FRANK Brangwyn. Crown Svo, cloth,

Crockett, Gilbert Parker, Harold Frederic, 'Q.,' and w Clark Russell. With

Croker (Mrs. B. M.), Novels by. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 35. 6d.

each ; post Svo, Illustrated boards, 2j. each ; cloth limp, 2J, 6rf. each.

Pretty Miss Neville. I Diana Barrlngton. | A Family Llkeneta*

A Bird of Passage. I Proper Pride. I • To Let.'

Village Tales and Jungle ^Tragedies. I Two Masters. | Mf. Jervlai
Married or Single 7 I The Real Lady Hilda.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, ^s.6ri. each.
In the Kingdom of Kerry. I Interference. | A Third Personi

Beyond the Pale.

Miss Balmalne's Past. Crown Svo, buckram, gilt top, 6s.

♦P. P. C (A New ' Times Novel.') Crown Svo, buckram, 6j. [Skor{tf4

Cruikshank's Comic Almanack. Complete in Two Series : The

First, from 1835 to 184^; the SECOND, from 1844 to 1851. A Gatheringr of the Best Humour of
Thackeray, Hood, Mavhew, Albert Smith, A'Beckett, Robert Brough, &c. With
numerous Steel Engravings and Woodcuts by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, Hine, LandELLS, &c.
Two Vols., crown Svo, cloth gilt, 75. dd. each.
The Life of George Cruikshank. By Blanchard Jerrold. With 84 Illustrations and a
Bibliogra phy. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3^. 6d.

Cumming (C. F. Gordon), Works by. Demy Svo, cl. ex., 8s. td. ea.

In the Hebrides. With an Autotype Frontispiece and 2^ Illustrations.

In the Himalayas and on the Indian Plains. With 42 Illustrations.

Two Happy Years in Ceylon. With 28 Illustrations.

Yla Cornwall to Egypt. With a Photogravure Frontispiece. Demy 8vo, cloth, -js. M.

Cussans (John E.). — A Handbook of Heraldry; with Instructions

for Tracing Pedigrees and Deciphering Ancient MSS., &c. Fourth Edition, revised, with 408 Woodcuts
and 2 Coloured Plates. Crown Svo , cloth extra, ts.

Cyples (W .). — Hearts of Gold. Cr. 8vo, cl., 35. 6i. ; post 8vo, bds., 25 .
Daudet (Alphonse). — The Evangelist; or, Port Salvation. Crown

' Svo, cloth extra, y. 6d. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, ■2s.

Davenant (Francis, M.A.).— Hints for Parents on the Choice of

a Profession for their Sons when Starting in Life. Cro wn Svo, cloth, is. (xi.

Davidson (Hugh Coleman). — Mr. Sadler's Daughters. With a

Frontispiece by Stanley Wood. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3J. Cd.

Davies (Dr. N. E. Yorke=), Works by. Cr. Svo, is. ea.; cl., is. 6d. ea.

One Thousand Medical Maxims and Surgical Hints.
Nursery Hints : A Mother's Guide in Health and Disease.
Foods for the Fat : The Dietetic Cure of Corpulency and of Gout.

Aids to Long Life. Crown Svo, ss. ; cloth limp, 2S.61I.

Davies* (Sir John) Complete Poetical Works. Collected and Edited,

with Introduction and Notes, by Rev. A. B. GROSART. P.P. Two Vols., crown Svo, cloth, 3r. 6J. each .

Dawson (Erasmus, M.B.).~The Fountain of Youth. Crown Svo,

doth extra, with Two Illustrations by HUME NiSBCT, 3s. dd. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 2J,

De Guerin (Maurice), The Journal of. Edited bv G. S. Trebutien.

With a Memoir by Sainte-Beuve. Translated from tlie 20th French Edition by JESSIE P. FROTH-

INGHAM . Fcap . 8vo, half-bound, 2J. (>d.

f I I ■

De Maistre (Xavier).— A Journey Round my Room. Translated

by Henry Attwel l. Post Svo , cloth li mp, 2j. 6.?.

De Mille (James).— A CastTe In Spain. Crown Svo, cloth extra, with

a Frontlspiye, y. td . ; post 8jo,_Hlusirated boards, ■»$.

Derby (The) : The BluTRibborTofThe Turf. With Brief Accounti

tfXkjlOAJUl. By I.0U13 H&f<HY CUKZON, Uowa tvo, cloth Ump, w, M,

CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers, in St. Martin's Lane, London. W.C. 7
Derwent (Leith), Novels by. Cr, 8vo, cl., 35. 6d. ea. ; post 8vo, 25. ea.

Our Lady of Tears. | Circe's Lovers.

Dewar (T. R.).— A Ramble Round the Globe. With 220 Illustra-

tions. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, js. 6d.

De Windt (Harry), Books by.

Through the Gold>Fields of Alaska to Berlnig Straits. With Map and 33 full-page Illus-
trations. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, i6s.
Stories of Travel and Adventure. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3^^. 6d. [S/tortly.

Dickens (Charles), About England with. By Alfred Rimmer.

With 57 Illustrations by C. A. VANDERHOOF and the AUTHOR. Square 8vo, cloth, y. 6d.


The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names In Fiction, Allusions, References,
Proverbs, Plots, Stories, and Poems. Together with an English and American
Bibliography, and a List of the Authors and Dates of Dramas an&Operas, By
Rev E. C. Brewer, LL.D. A New Edition, Revised throughout. Cr. 8vo, cloth, -js, 6d. {Oct. 13.

Authors and their Works, with the Dates. Crown 8vo, cloth limp, 2s.

A Dictionary of Miracles: Imitative, Realistic, and Dogmatic. By the Rev. E. C. Brewer,
LL.D. Crown 8vo, cloth, y. Sd.

Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. With Historical and Explanatory Notes by Samuel
A. Bent, A.M. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, ^j. 6d.

The Slang Dictionary : Etymological, Historical, and Anecdotal. Crown Svo, cloth, 6s. M.

Words, Facts, and Phrases: A Dictionary of Curious, Quaint, and Out-of-the- Way Matters. By
Eliezer Edwards. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3J. 6d.

Diderot.— The Paradox of Acting. Translated, with Notes, by

W.\lter HerrieS Poll ock, with Preface by Sir HENRY IRVING. Crown Svo, parchment, 4?. 6d.

bob^on (Austin), Works by.

Thomas Bewick and his Pupils. "With 95 Illustrations. Square Svo, cloth, 6s,

Four Frenchwomen. With Four Portraits. Crown Svo, buckram, gilt top, 6s.

Eighteenth Century Vi gnettes. IN Three Series. Crown Svo, buckram, &f. each.

Dobson (W. T.).— Poetical Ingenuities and Eccentricities. Post

8vo, cloth hmp, ss. 6d.

Donovan (Dick), Detective Stories by.

Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s. each ; cloth limp, zs. 6d. each.

The Man-Hunter, i Wanted!

Caught at Last.

Tracked and Taken.

W^ho Poisoned Hetty Duncan 7

Suspicion Aroused.

A Detective's Triumphs.
In the Grip of the Laiir.
From Information Received.
Link by Link. 1 Dark Deeds*
Riddles Read.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, jr. 6d, each ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 2J. each ; cloth, iSi 6d. each.
The Man from Manchester. With 23 Illustrations.

Tracked to Doom. With Six full-page Illustrations by GORDON BROWNE.
The Mystery of Jamaica Terrace. | The Chronicles of Michael Danevltch.

Dowling (Richard). — Old Corcoran' s Money. Crown 8vo, cl., 35. 6 d.
Doyle (ATConan). — The Firm of Girdlestone. Cr. 8vo, cl., 35. 6d.
Dramatists, The Old. Cr. Svo, cl. ex., with Portraits, 35. 6d. per Vol.

Ben Jonson'S Works. With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, and a Biographical Memoir by

William Gifford. Edited by Colonel Cunningham. Three Vols.
Chapman's Works. Three Vols. Vol. I. contains the Plays complete ; Vol. II., Poems and Minor

Translations, with an Essay by A. C. SWINBURNE ; Vol. III., Translations of the lUad and Odyssey.
Marlowe's W^orks. Edited, with Notes, by Colonel CUNNINGHAM. One Vol.
Wassinger's Plays. From Gifford'S Text. Edited by Colonel CUNNINGHAM. One Vol.

Duncan ^Sara Jeannette: Mrs. Everard Cotes), Works by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, js. 6d. each.
A Social Departure. With m Illustrations by F. H. Townsend.
An American Girl in London. With 80 Illustrations by F. H. TO^VNSEND.
The Simple Adventures of a Memsahlb. Wi th 37 Illustrations by F. H. Townsend.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each,
^A Daughter Of To-Day. I Vernon 's Aunt. With 47 Illu stra tions by Hal Hurst.

Dutt (Romesirc7).— England and India: A Record of Progress

during One Hundred Years. Crpwn Svo, c loth, gJ.

D yeF (T. prt his eltonj.— The Folk»Lore of Plants. Cr 8vo. cl , 6^.

Early English Poets. Edited, with Introductions and Annotations

by Rev. A. B. Grosart, D.D. Crown Svo. cloth boards, y. 6d. per Volume.
Fletcher's iGilesI Complete Poems. One Vol.
Davies' (Sir John) Complete Poetical Works. Two Vols.
Herrick's (Robert) Complete Collected Poems. Three Vols.
Sidney's (Sir Philip) Complete Poetical Works. Tliree Vols.

Edgcunrbe~(SiFErR. Pearce).— Zephyrus: A Holiday in Brazil

and on the River Plate. With 41 Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, ji

8 CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers, in St. Martin's Lane, Lond on, W.C.
Edwardes (Mrs. Annie), Novels by. Post 8vo, illust. bds., 25. each.

Archie Lovell. | A Point of Honour.

_ A Plaster Saint. Crown 8vo, cloth. 3s. 6fi. [Shor tly,

Edwards (Eliezer).— Words, Facts, and Phrases: A Dictionary

of Curious, Quaint, and Out-of-the-Way Matters. Clieaper Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, y. bd.

Edwards (M. Betham=), Novels by.

Kitty. Post 8vo, boards, zr. ; cloth, zs. (>d. \ Felicia. Post 8vo, illustrated beards, *».

Egerton (Rev. J. C, M.A.). — Sussex Folk and Sussex Ways.

With Introduction by Rev. Dr. H. WAGE , and Fou r Ill ustrations. Crown Svo. cloth extra. 5J.

Eggleston (Edward), — R oxy ; A Novel. Post 8vo, illust boards. 25 .

Englishman's House, The : A Practical Guide for Selecting or Build-
ing a House. By C. J. RICHARDSON. Coloured Frontispiece and $34 lUusts. Cr. 8vo. cloth, y. td.

Ewald (Alex. Charles, F.S.A.), Works by.

The Life and Times of Prince Charles Stuart, Count of Albany (THE YOUNG PRETEN-

DER). With a Portrait. Crown Svo, cloth extra, -js. M.
Stories from the State Papers. With Autotype Frontispiece. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6*.

Eyes, Our : How to Preserve Them. By John Browning. Cr. Svo, 15.
Familiar Short Sayings of Great Men. By Samuel Arthur Bent,

A.M. Fifth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Crown Svo, cloth extra, ys. 6rf.

Faraday (Michael), Works by. Post 8vo, cloth extra, 45 6d. each.

The Chemical History of a Candle: Lectures delivered before a Juvenile Audience. Edited

by William CROOKES, F.C.S. With numerous Illustrations.
On the Various Forces of Nature, and their Relations to each other. Edited by
William CROOKES, F.C.S. With illustrations.

Farrer (J. Anson), Works by.

Military Manners and Customs. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. 6x.

W ar ; Three Essays, r eprinted from ' Military Manner<; and Customs.' Crown Svo, f j. ; cloth, is. td.

Fenn (Q. Manville), Novels by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3J. 6rf. each ; post 8vo, Illustrated boards, is. each.
The New Mistress. I Witness to the Deed. I The Tiger Lily. | The White Virgin.

A Woman Worth Winning. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top. ts.

Fin- Bee. — The Cupboard Papers : Observations en the Art of Living

and Dining. Post Svo, clo th limp, gj. 6d.

Fireworks, The Complete Art of Making ; or, The Pyrotechnist s

Treasury. By Thomas Kentish. With 267 Illustratio ns. Crown Svo, cloth, 55.

First Book, My. By Walter Besant, James Pavn. W. Clark Rus-
sell, Grant Allen. Hall Caine. George r. Sims, rudyard Kipling. A. Conan Dovle,
M. E. Braddon, F. w. Robinson. H. Rider Haggard, r. m Ballantvne, I. Zangwill,


Winter, Bret Harte, • Q..' Robert Buchanan, and R. i,. Stevenson. With a Prefatory Story
by Jerome K. Jerome, and 185 Illustrations A New Edition. Small demy 8vo. art linen. 3J bd.

Fitzgerald (Percy), Works by.

Little Essays: Passages from the Letters of CHARLES Lamb. Post Svo. cloth, 3i. id.

Fatal 2<ero. Crown t\o, cloth extra, 3.;. 6^. : post favu, illustrated boards, 2s.

Post Svo, illustrated boards. 2S. each.

Bella Donna. I The Lady of Brantome, I The Second Mrs. Tillotson.

Polly. I Never Forgotten. I Beventy-five Broolte Street.

The Life of James Boswell (of Auchinleck). With Illusts. Two Vols., demy 8vo, cloth, vas.

The Savoy Opera. Witli 60 Illustrations and Portraits. Crown Svo, cloth. 3J. 6rf.

Sir Henry Irving t Twenty Years at the Lyceum. With Portmit. Crown Svo, is.', cloth, ix. 6rf.

Flammarion (Camille), Works by.

Popular Astronomy: A General Description of the Heavens. Translated by J. ELLARDGore,

F.R.A.S. With Three Plates and 2SR Illustrations. Medium Svo. cloth, los. td.
Urania: A Romance. With 87 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, y^.

Fletcher's (Giles, B.D.) Complete Poems: Christ's Victorie in

Heaven, Christ's Victorie oa Earth, Christ's Triumoh over Death, and Minor Poems. With Notes liy
Rev. A. B. GROSAkt, P.p. Crown Svo, cloth boards, y. dd.

Fonblanque (Albany).— Filthy Lucre. Post 8vo, illust. boards, zs.

CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers, in St. Martin's Laiie, London, W.C. 9
Forbes (Archibald).— The Life of Napoleon III. With Photo-

gravure Frontispiece and Thirty-six full-page Illustrations. Demy 8vo, cloth, gilt top, I2 S-.

Fowler (J. Kersley).— Records of Old Times: Historical, Social,

Politic al, Sporting, and Agricultural. With Eight full-page Illustrations. Dem y 8vo, cloth, loj. dd.

Francilton (R. E.), Novels by.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3.?. td. each ; post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2J. each.
One by One. | A Real Queen. | A Dog and his Shadow.

Ropes of Sand. Illustrated

Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2^-. each.
Queen Cophetua. I Olym pia. | Romances of t he 'L&'sa. | King or Knave ?

lack Doyle 's Daughter. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3^. 6d.

Frederic (Harold), Novels by. Post 8vo, cloth extra, 35. 6i. each ;

illu'.trated boards 2.r. oach.

Seth's Brother's Wife. | The Lawton Girl.

French Literature, A History of. By Henry Van Laun. Three

Vols., demy 8vo, cloth boards, -js. 6d. each.

Fry's (Herbert) Royal Guide to the London Charities. Edited

by John L ane. Publi shed Annually. Crown 8vo, cloth, is. 6ci.

Gardening Books. Post 8vo, is. each ; cloth limp. is. 6d. each.

A Year's Work In Garden and Greenhouse. By George Glenny.
Household Horticulture. By Tom and Jane JerroLD. Illustrated.
The Garden that Paid the Re nt. By Tom Jerrold.

My Garden Wild. By Francis G. Heath. Crown 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 6s.

Gardner (Mrs. Alan).— Rifle and Spear with the Rajpoots : Beins:

the Narrative of a Winter's Travel and Sport in Northern India. With numerous Illustrations by the
Author and F. H. TOWN'SEND. Demy 4to, half-bou nd, 21J.

Garrett (Edward).— The Capel Girls: A Novel. PostSvo, illustrated

ooards, gj.

Gaulot (Paul),— The Red Shirts: A Story of the Revolution. Trans-

lated by JOHN DE ViLLIERS. With a Frontispiece by STANLEY WOOD. Crown 8vo, cloth, y. 6d.

Gentleman's Magazine, The. 15. Monthly. Contains Stories,

Articles upon Literature, Science, Biography, and Art, and • Table Talk * by SYLVANUS URBAN.
♦»♦ Sound Volumes/or recent years kept in stock, is. 6d. each. Cases for binding, 2S. each.

Gentleman's Annual, The. Published Annually in November. 15.
German Popular Stories. Collected by the Brothers Grimm and

Translated by EDGAR TAYLOR. With Introduction by JOHN RUSKIN, and 22 Steel Plates after
George CRUIKSHANK. Square 8vo , cloth, 6.f. 6rf. ; gilt edges, -js. 6d.

Gibbon (Chas.), Novels by. Cr. 8vo, cl., 35. 6d. ea.; post 8vo, bds., 25. ea.

Robin Gray. With Frontispiece. I Loving a Dream.

The Golden Shaft. With Fro ntispiece. | Of High Degree.

Post 8vo, illustrated boards, zs. each.

The Flow^er of the Forest.

The Dead Heart.

For Lack of Gold.

What Will the World Say?

For the King. | A Hard Knot.

Queen of the Meadow.

In Pastures Green.

In Love and War.

A Heart's Problem.

By Mead and Stream.

The Braes of Yarrour.

Fancy Free.

In Honour Bound.

Heart's Delight. I B lood-Money.

G i bne y (Somerville).— S en tenced ! Crown 8vo, cloth, is. td.
Gilbert (W. S.), Original Plays by. In Three Series, 25. 6d. each."

The FIRST Series contains : The Wicked World— Pygmalion and Galatea— Charity— The Princess^

The Palace of Truth — Trial bv Jury.
The SECOND SERIES : Broken Hearts— Engaged— Sweethearts— Gretchen—Dan'l Druce— Tom Cobb

— H.M.S. ' Pinafore' — The Sorcerer — The Pirates of Penzance.
The Third Series: Comedy and Tragedy— Foggerty's Fairy— Rosencrantz and Guildenstern —

Patience— Princess Ida— The Mikado— Ruddigore— The Yeomen of the Guard — The Gondoliers—

The Mountebanks — Utopia.

Eight Original Comic Operas written by W. S. Gilbert. In Two Series. Demy 8vo, cloth.
■2S. (xi. each. The FIRST containing: The Sorcerer — H.M.S. 'Pinafore ' — The Pirates of Penzance—
lolanthe — Patience — Princess Ida — The Mikado — Trial by Jury.

The SECOND Series containing: The Gondoliers— The Grand Duke— The Yeomen of the Guard—
His Excellency — Utopia, Limited— Ruddigore — The Mountebanks — Haste to the Wedding.

The Gilbert and Sullivan Birthday Book: Quotations for Every Day in the Year, selected
from Plays by W. S. GILBERT set to Music by Sir A. SULLIVAN. CompUed by ALE.X. WaisoN.
Royal i6mu, Japanese leather, ■zs. 6ci.

10 CHATTo & WINDUS, Publlshtffs, iti St. MafUn'^ Lane, London, W.C.

Gilbert (William), Novels by. Post 8vo, illustrated bds.. 25. each.

Dp. Austin's Guests.

The Wizard of the Mountain.

Dp. Austin's Guests._ I James Duke, Costermonger.

Qlanville (Ernest), Novels by.

Crovm 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. M. each ; post f!vo, illustrated boards, 2S. each.
The Lost Heiress : A Tale of Love, Battle, and Adventure. With Two Illustrations by H. NiSBET.
The Fossicker : A Romance of Mashonaland. With Two lUustrutions by HUME NiSBET.
A Fair Colonist. With a Frontispiece by STANLiiY Wood.

The Gc^den Rock. With a Frontispiece by Stanley Wood. Crown Syo, cloth extra, y. 6d.

Kloof Yarns. Crown 8vo, picture cover, is. ; cloth, js. 6(.i.

Tales from the Veld. With Twelve Illustrations by M. NiSBET. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3^. M.

Glenny CQeorgje).— A Year*s Work in Garden and Greenhouse:

Practical Advice as to the Manageuientof the Flower, Fruit, and Frame Garden. Post 8vo, is. ; cloth, is.(>ci.

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