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by Walter J. Morgan. Crown 4to, cloth extra, 3J. 6n?.

Spettig ue (H. H.).— The Heritage of Eve. Crown 8vo, cloth, 65.
Stafford (John), Novels by.

Doris and I. Crown Svo, cloth, 3^-. 6 /.
Carlton Pr iors. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 6s.

Starry Heavens (The) : A Poetical Birthday Book. Royal iGtno,

cloth extra, 2s. 6d.

Stedman (E. C), Works by. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 9^. each.

Victo rian Poets^ | The Poets of America.

Stephens (Riccardo, M.B.). — The Cruciform Mark: The Strange

Story of Richard TreGENNA, Bachelor of Medicine (Univ. Edinb.) Crown Svo, cloth, ^s. 6>i.

Sterndale (R. Armitage).— The Afghan Knife: A Novel. Crown

8vo, cloth extra, y,s. 6d, ; post 8vo, illustrated boards, as.

Stevenson (R. Louis), Works by. Post Svo, cloth limp, 25. 6d. ea.

Travels with a Donkey. With a Frontispiece by W.A.LTER. CRANE.
An Inland Voyage. With a F rontispiece by Walter Cra ne.

Crown Svo, buckram, gilt top, 6s. each.
Familiar Studies of Men and Books.

The Silverado Squatters. With Frontispiece by J. D. Strong.
The Merry Men. 1 Underwoods: Poems.

Memories and Portraits.

Virginibus Puerisque, and other Papers. | Ballads. | Prince Otto.

Across the Plains, with other Memories and Essays,
Weir of Hermiston.

A liOWden Sabbath Morn. V.'ith 27 full-page Illustrations by A, S. BOYD. Fcap. 410,

cloth, 6s.
Songs of Travel. CrowTi Svo, buckram. $s.

New Arabian Nights. Crown 8vo, buckram, gilt top, 6s. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 2j.
The Suicide Club; and The Raiah's Diamond. (From New Arabian Nights.) With

Eiicht Illustrations by W. J. Hennessy. Crown Svo, cloth, 3s. 6d.
The Stevenson Reader: Selections from the Writings of Robert LOUIS Stevenson. Edited
by Lloyd OSBOURNE. Post 8vo, cloth, zs. 6d. ; buckram, gilt top, 3^. 6d.

Storey (Q. A., A. R. A.). —Sketches from Memory. With nearly

100 Illustrations by the Author. Demy Svo. cloth, gil t top, j-2s.6d. {Shor'/y .

Stories from Foreign Novelists. With Notices by Helen and

Alice Zim.MERN. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3 s-. bd. ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 2J.

Strange Manuscript (A) Found in a Copper Cylinder. Crown

8vo, cloth extra, with 19 Illustrations by GILBERT GAUL, 5.?. : post Svo, illustrated boards, gj.

Strange Secrets. Told by Percy Fitzgerald, Conan Doyle, Flor-

ENCE Marryat, &c. Post Svo, illustrated boards, qs.

Strutt (Joseph). — The Sports and Pastimes of the People of

England ; including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May Games, Mummeries, Shows, &c., from
the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Edited by WILLIAM IIONE. With 140 Illustrations. Crown
8vo, cloth extra, 3^-. td.

Swift's (Dean) Choice Works, in Prose and Verse. With Memoir,

Portrait, and Facsimiles of the Maps in 'Gulliver's Travels.' Crown 8vo, cloth, jr. 6d.
Gulliver's Travels, and A Tale of a Tub. Post 8vo, half-bound, 2J.
<lonath{s,n Swift : A Study. By I. Chuij io>' Collins. Crown 8vo. cloth extra, 8j.

CHATtO & WiNDUs. J^ublishefs. tii St. Martiix's I-aoe, Lotidon, W.C. 33

Swinburne (Algernon C). Works by.

A Study of Shakespeare. Crown Sro', Zs.
Songs of the Springtides. Crown 3vo,6J.
Studies in Song. Crown 8vo, 7s.
Ma.ry Stuart : A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, Zs.

Selections from the Poetical Works of

A. C. Swinburne. Fcap. 8vo 6j-.
Atalanta in Calydon. Crown 8vo, 6s.
Chastelard : A Trag^edy. Crown 3vo, ■js.
Poems and Ballads. First Series. Crown

Svo, or fcap. Svo, gs.
Poems and Ballads. Second Series. Crown

8vo, 9<
Poems & Ballads. Third Series. Cr.Svo, yj.
Songs before Sunrise. Crown Svo, lo^. 6U.
Both well: A Tragedy. Crown Svo, 123-. 6d.
Songs of Tiwo Nations. Crown 8vo, (>s.
George Chapman. (See Vol. II. of G. Chap-

MA.V'S Works.) Crown Svo, 3J. 61/.
Essays and Studies. Crown 8vo, x^s,
Erechtheus: A Tra^'ody. Crown Svo, 6j.
A Note on Charlotte Bronte. Cr. 8vo, 6^.

Tristram of Lyonesse. Crown Svo, gf.
A Century of Roundels. Small 4to, 9s.
A Ifllidsuramer Holiday. Crown Svo, 7s.
Marino Faliero : A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, 6s.
A Study of Victor Hugo. Crown Svo, 6s,
IVIiscelianies. Crown 8vo, 12s.
Liocrine : A Trag^edy. Crown Svo, 6s.
A Study of Ben Jonson. Crown Svo, 7s.
The Sisters: A Tragedy. Crown Svo, 6J,
Astrophei, &c. Crown Svo, 7s.
Studies in Prose and Poetry. Cr. Svo, gs.
The Tale of Balen. Crown Svo, 7s.

Syntax's (Dr.) Three Tours: In Search of the Picturesque, in Search

of Consolation, and in Search of a AVife. With ROWLANIjSON'S Coloured Illustrations, and Life of the
Author by J. C. HOTTEN. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 7s. 6ii.

Taine's History of English Literature. Translated by Henry Van

LaUN. Four Vols., small demy 8vo, cloth boards, 30^.— POPULAR F-DITION, Two Vols., large crown
Svo, cloth extra, i^s.

Taylor (Bayard). — Diversions of the Echo Ciub: Burlesques of

Modern Writers. Post Svo, cloth limp, qs.

Taylor (Tom). — Historical Dramas. Containing ' Clancarty,

'Jeanne Dare," "Twixt Axe and Crown,' 'The Fool's Revenge, 'Arkwri^jht's Wife," 'Anne Boleyn,"
* Plot and Passion.' Crown Svo, cloth extra, 7^-. 6c/.

♦*♦ The Plays may also be had separately, at is. each.

Temple (Sir Richard, G. C.S.I.).— A Bird's=eye View of Pictur=

esque India. With 32 Illustrations by the A uthor. Crown Svo, cloth, gilt top, 6s.

Tennyson (Lord) : A Biographical Sketch. By H. J. Jennings. Post

S vo, portrait cover, if. ; cloth, is. tci.

Thackerayana : Notes and Anecdotes. With Coloured Frontispiece and

Hundreds of Sketches by WILLIAM MAKKPEACE THACKERAY. Crown Svo, cloth extra , y. 6d.

Thames, A New Pictorial History of the. By A. S. Krausse.

With 340 Illus trations. Post Svo, cloth, is. 6U.

Thiers (Adolphe). — History of the Consulate and Empire of

France under Napoleon. Translated by D. FORBES CAMPBELL and JOHN Stebbing. With 36 Steel
Plates. 12 Vols., demy Svo, cl oth extra, i2j-. each.

Thomas (Bertha), Novels by. Cr. 8vo, cl., 3s. 6i^. ea.; post Svo, 25. ea.

The Violin -Player. | Proud Ma iaie.

Cressida. Post Svo, illustrated boards, as. ^

Thomson's Seasons, and The Castle of Indolence. With Intro-
duction by ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, and 48 Illustfations. Post Svo, haif- bound, -is.

Thornbury (Walter), Books by.

The Life and Correspondence of J. m. W. Turner. With Eijjht Illustrations in Colours and
Two Woodcuts. New and Revised Edition. Crown Svo, cloth, ^s. (>d.

Post Svo, illustrated boards, ■zs. each.
Old Stories Re-told. I Tales for the Marines.

Timbs (John), Works by. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. bd. each.

Clubs and Club Life in London: Anecdotes of its Famous Coffee-houses, Hostelries, and

Taverns. With 41 Illustrations.
English Eccentrics and Eccentricities: Stories of Delusions, Impostures, Sporting Scenes,

Eccentric Artists, Theatric al Folk, &c. With 48 illustrations.

Transvaal (The). By John de Villiers. With Map. Crown Svo, 15.
TroTlope (Anthony), Novels by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3^. 6<i. each ; post Svo, illustrated boards, %s. each.
The Way We Live Kouf. I Mr. Scarborough's Family*

Frau Fruhmann. | T he Land-Leaguers.

Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.
Kept In the Dark. j The American Senator.
The Golden Lion of Gr anpere. | John Caldigate. \ Marloa Fay.

Trollope (Frances E.), Novels by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, ?r. 6d. each ; post Svo, illustrated boards, zj. each.
Like Ships Upon the Sea. i ~ Mabel's Progress. t Anna FurueaSi

«4 CHATTO & WINDUS, Publisher, ill St. Martin's Lan e, London, W .C.
Trollope (T. A.).— Diamond Cut Diamond. Post 8vo, illust. bds., 2s.
Trowbridge (J. T.).— Farnell's Folly. Post 8vo, illust. boards, 25.
Twain's (Marie) Boolcs.

CroAvn 8vo, cloth extra, 3^. ftif. earh.
The Choice Works of Mark Twain. Revised ami Corriicted throughout by the Author. With

Life, Portrait, and numerous Illustrations.
Roughing It ; and The Innocents at Home. With 200 Illustrations by F. A. Fraser.
The AiTierican Claimant. Witli St Illustrations by Hal Hurst and others.
Tom Sawyer Abroad. With 26 Illustrations by Dan Beard.
Tom Sawyer, Detective, <Vc. With Pliotojfravnre Portrait.
Pudd'nhead Wilson. With Portrait and Six llUustrations by LOUIS LOHB.
mark Twain's Library of Humour. With 197 Illustrations by E. W. Kemblb.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, y. 6d. each ; post 8vo, picture boards, 2S. each.
A Tramp Abroad. With 314 Illustrations.

The Innocents Abroad; or, The New Pilgfrim's Prog-ress. With 234 Illustrations. (The Two Shil-
ling Edition is entitleil Mark Twain's Pleasure Trip.)
The Gilded Age. By Mark Twain and C. D. Warner. With 212 Illustrations.
The Adventures of Tom Savryer. With in Illustrations.
The Prince and the Pauper. N\''ith 130 Illustrations.
Life on the Mississippi. With 300 Illustrations.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. With 174 Illustrations by E. W. Kempi.B.
A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur. With 220 Illustrations by Dan Beard.
The Stolen White Elephant.
The £1,000,000 Bank-Note^

Mark Twain's Sketches. Post 8vo. illustrated boards, 2s.

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. With Twelve Illustrations by F. V. Du MOND.

Crown 8vo, cloth. 6.f.
More Tramps Abroad. Crown 8vo, cloth, pilt top, 6s.

Tytler (C. C. Fraser=).— Mistress Juditli: A Novel. Crown Svo,

cloth extra, 3^. 6(i. ; post Svo, illustrated boards. 2s.

Tytler (Sarah), Novels by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 35. 6d. each ; post Svo, illustrated boards, is. each.
Lady Bell. i Buried Diamonds. | The Blackhall Ghosts.

Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.

What She Came Through.
Citoyenne Jacqueline.
The Bride's Pass.
Saint Mungo s City.

Crown Svo, cloth, 3J. 6d. each.
The Macdonald Lass. With Frontibpiece.
The Witch-Wife.
Mrs. CarmichaerE Goddesses.

The Huguenot Family.
Noblesse Oblige.
Beauty and tha Beast.

Upward (Alien), Novels by.

A Crown of Straiar. Crown Svo, cloth, 6s.

Crown Svo, cloth, 3J-. 6d. each ; post Svo, picture boards, 2J. each.
The Queen Against Owen. | The Prince of Balkistan.

*God Save the Queen I ' a Tale of '37. Crown Svo, decorated cover, is ; cloth, 2j.

Vashti and Esther. By 'Belle' of The World. Cr. Svo, cloth, 3s. 6d.
Vizetelly (Ernest A.).— The Scorpion: A Romance of Spain. Willi

a Frontispiece. Crown Svo, cloth extra, js. td.

Walford (Edward, M.A.), Works by.

Walford'B County Families of the United Kingdom (1890). Containin? the Descent.

Birth, Marriag:e, Education, &c., of 12,000 Heads of Families, their Heirs, Otiices, Addresses, Clubs,

&c. Royal Svo, cloth K'lti 50J.
Watford's Shilling Peerage (1899). Containing a List of the House of Lords, Scotch and

Irish Peers, &c. 32ino, cloth, is.
Walford's Shilling Baronetage (18991. ContaininjT a List of the Baronets of the United

Kin(jdoin, Biofjraphical Notices, Ad<lresses, &c. 32U10, cloth, is.
Walford's Shilling Knightage (1899). Containing? a List of the Knights of the Uclted

Kintjdoin, IJiogrraphicai Notices, Addresses, &c. 32ino, cloth, is.
Walford's Shilling House of Commons (1899). Containing: a Complete List of Members ot

Parliament, their Addresses, Club-,, &c. 321110, cloth, is.
Walford's Complete Peerage, Baronetage, Knightagei and Housa of Commons

vl889). Royal 32iiio, cloth, ijilt edi;es, 5J [7'*"-

CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers, iii St. Martin's Lane, London, VV.C. 25
Waller {5. E.)-— Sebastiani's Secret. With Nine full-page Illus-

tratioiis by the Author. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler ; or, The Contemplative

Man's Recreation, by IZAAK WALTON ; atid Instructions How to Angle, for a Trout or Grayling in a
clear Stream, by CHARLES COTTON. With Memoirs and Notes by Sir HARRIS NICOLAS, and 6i

Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth antique, js. bd.

Walt Whitman, Poems by. Edited, with Introduction, by William

M. ROSSETTI. With Portrai t. Crown 8vo, hand-made paper and buckram, 6j.

Ward (Herbert), Books by.

Five Years with the Congo Cannibals. With 92 Illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, 14*.
My lilfe with Stanley's Rear Guard._ Witii Map. Post 8v o, is. ; cloth, is. 6d.

Warden (Florence). — Joan, the Cur ate. Crown 8vo, cloth, 35. 6d.
Warman (Cy).— The Express Messenger, and other Tales of the

Rail. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3J. (>d.

Warner (Charles Dudley).— A Roundabout Journey. Crown 8vo,

cloth extra, 6s. _________^

Warrant to Execute Charles I. A Facsimile, with the 59 Signatures

and Seals. Printed on paper 22 in. by 14 in. 2X.
Wai'rant to Execute Mary Queen of Scots. A Facsimile, including Queen Elizabeth's Signa-
ture and the Great Seal. ■2s.

Washington's (George) Rules of Civility Traced to their Sources

and Restored by MONCUR E D. CONVVAY. Fc ap. Svo, Jap anese vellum. 2J. 6d.

Wassermann (Lillias) and Aaron Watson.— The Marquis of

Carabas. Post Svo, illustrated bo.irds, 2J.

Weather, How to Foretell the, with the Pocket Spectroscope.

By F. W. Cor y, with Ten Illustrations. Crown Svo, \s. : cloth, is. td.

Weltall (William), Novels by.

Trust-Money. Post Svo, illustrated boards. 2J-. ; cloth, 2J. td.

Sons of Belial. Crown Svo. cloth extra, 35. 6;/.

With the Red Eagle: A Romance of the Tyrol. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6j.

A Woman Tempted Him. Crown Svo, cloth, gilt top, or.

Westbury (Atha).— The Shadow of Hilton Fernbrook: A Ro-

mance of Maoriland. Crown Svo, cloth, 3^. dd. ^

White (Gilbert).— The Natural History of Selborne. Post 8vo,

printed on laid paper and half-bound, 2s.

Williams (W. Mattieu, F.R.A.S.), Works by.

Science in Short Chapters. Crown Svo, cloth extra, ts. 6d.

A Simple Treatise on Heat. With Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth, 2J. 6/i.

The Chemistry of Cookery. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6s.

The Chemistry of Iron and Steel Making. Crown Svo, cloth extra, gs.

A Vindication of Phrenology. With Portrait and 43 lUusts. Demy Svo, cloth extra, 12/. 6rf.

W1 l liamson (Mrs. F. H.) . — A Child Widow . Post Svo, bds., 2s.
Wills (C. J.), Novels by.

An Easy-going Fellow. Crown Svo, cloth, 35. Cd.

His Dead Past. Crown Svo, cl- tii, 6f.

Wilson (Dr. Andrew, F.R.S.E.), Works by.

Chapters on Evolution. With 259 Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, ys. td.
Leaves from a Naturalist's Note-Book. Post Svo, cloth limp, sj. 6d.
Leisure-Time Studies. With Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 65.
Studies in Life and Sense. With numerous Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 6*.
Common Accidents: How to Treat Them. With Illustrations. Crown Svo. w.; cloth. \s.i,d.
Glimpses o f Nature. With 33 Illu strations. Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3c. 6d.

Winter (John Strange), Stories by. Post 8vo, illustrated boards,

2j. each : cloth limp, zs. 6d. each.
Cavalry Life. _| Kegimental LegendSt

Cavalry Life and Regimental Legends. Library Edition, set in new type and hand-

sornely bound. Crown Svo, cloth. 3;-. 6ct.
A Soldier's Children. With 34 Illustrations by E. G. THOMSON and E. STUART HaRDY. Crown

Svo, cloth extra, 3J. 6^.

Wissmann (Hermann von). — My Second Journey through

Equatorial Afric,a . With 92 Illustrations. Demy Svo, clot h. i6s.

Wood (H. F.), Detective Stories by. Post Svo, boards. 25. each.

The Passenger from Scotland Yard. | The Englishman of the Sue Cain.

a6 CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers, iii St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.

■ ■ — — ^

Woolley (Celia Parker).— Rachel Armstrong; or, Love and The-

ology. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2j. ; cloth. 2S. 6d.

Wright (Thomas, F.S.A.), Works by.

Caricature History of the Georges ; or, Annals of the House of Hanover. Compiled from
Squibs. Broadsides, Window Pictures, Lampoons, and Pictorial Caricatures of the Time. With
over 300 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, 35. 6rf.

History of Caricature and of the Grotesoue in Art, Literature, Sculpture, and
Paintin g. Illustrated by F. W. Fairhqlt, P.b.A. Crown 8vo, cloth, "js. 6d.

Wynman (Margaret). — My Flirtations.

J. Bernard Partridge. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s.

With 13 Illustrations by

Yates (Edmund), Novels by. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. each.

Land at Last. I The Forlorn Hope. | Castauray.

Zangwill (I.). -— Ghetto Tragedies.

A. ii. BOVD. Fcap. 8vO, cloth, 2.r. net.

With Three Illustrations by

*ZZ* (Louis Zangwill).— A Nineteenth Century Miracle. Cr.

8vo, cloth, 3J. 6 J.

Zola (Emile), Novels by. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 35. 6d. each.

The Fortune of the Rougons. Edited by Ernest A. Vizetelly.

The Abbe Mouret's Transgression. Edited by Ernest A. Vizetelly. [Shortly.

His Excellency (Eugene Rougon). With an Introduction by ERNEST A. ViZHTELLV.

The Dram-Shop (L'Assomnioirj. With Introduction by E. A. ViZHTELLY.

The Fat and the Thin. Translated by Ernest A. Vizetelly.

Money. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

The Downfall. Translated by E. A. VjZETELLY.

The Dream. Translated by Eliza Chase. With Eieht IlIustraHons by JEANNIOT,

Doctor Pascal. Translated by E. A. Vizetelly. With Portrait of the Author.

Lourdes. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

Rome. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

Paris. TranslatT!:d by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.


*** For fuller cataloguing, see alphabetical arrangement, pp. 1-26.
The Mayfair Library. Post 8vo, doth limp, 2s. 6d. per Volume.

A Jcumey Round My Room. By X. de Maistre.

Translated by HENRY ATTWELL
Quips and Quiddities. By W. T). Adams.
The Agony Column of 'The Times.'
Melancholy Anatomised : Abridgment of BURTON.
Poetical Ingenuities. By W. T. DObSON.
The Cupboard Papeia. By Fin-Bec.
W. S. Gilbert's Plays. Three Series.
Songs of Irish Wit and Humour.
Animals and theii- Masters. By Sir A HELPS.
Social Pressure. By Sir A. Helps.
Curiosities of Criticism. By H. 1. JENNINGS.
The Autocratof the Breakfast-Table. By Oliver

\Vi-:ni)I-ll Holmes.
Pencil and Palette. By R. KEMPT.
Little E.ss;ays: from LAMB'S LETTERS.
Forensic Anecdotes. By Jacob Larwood.

Theatrical Anecdotes. By Jacob Larwood.
Witch Stories. By E. LYNN LiNTON.
Ourselves. By E. LYNN LiNTON.
Pastimes and Players. By R. MacgreGOr.
Nsw Paul and Virginia. By W. H. Mallock.
The New Republic. By W. H. MaLLOCK.
Puck on Pegasus. By H. C. Pennell.
Pegasus Re saddled. By H. C. PENNiiLL.
Muses of Mayfair. Edited by H. C. Pknnell.
Thoreau : His Life and Aims. By H. A. PAGE.
Puniana. By Hon. HUGH ROVVLEV.
More Puniana. By Hon. HUGH KOWLHY.
The Philosophy of Handwriting.
By Stream and Sea. By William Senior.
Leaves from a Naturalist's NoteBook. By Dr.
Andrew Wilson.

The Golden Library. Post 8vo, cloth limp, as. per Volume.

Diversions of the Echo Club. Bayard Taylor.
Son.Gcs for Sailors. By W. C. Bennett.
Lives of the Necromancers. By W. Godwin.
The Poetical V/orks of Alexander Pope.
Scenes of Country Life. By Edward Jesse.
Tale for a Chimney Corner. By Leigh Hunt.

The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table

OLIVER Wendell holmes.
La Mort d' Arthur: Selections fiT>m Mallory,
Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal.
Maxims and Reflections of Rochefoucauld.


Handy Novels. Fcap. Svo, cloth boards, is. 6rf. each.

The Old Maid's Sweetheart. By A. ST. AUBYN.
Modest Little Sara. By Alan St. Aubyn.
Seven Sleepers ol Ephesus. M. E. Coleridgh.
Taken from thi Enemy. 6y H. Newbolt.

A Lost Soul. By W. L. Alden.
Dr. PalHser's Patient. By GRANT ALLEN
Monte Carlo Stories. By Joa.n Barrett.
Black Spirits and White. By R. A. Cram.

My Library. Printed on laid paper, post Svo, half-Roxburghe, 2S. 6d. each.

Citation and Examination of William Shakspeare.

By W. S. Landor.
The Journal of Maurice de Gnerln.

Christie Johnstone. By Charles Reade.
Peg WofQngton. By CHARLES RRAOE.
The Dramatic Essays of Charles Lamb.

The Pocket Library. Post Svo, printed on laid paper and hf.-bd., 2s. each.

The Essays of Elia. By Charles Lamb
Robinson Crusoe. Illustraled by Cr. CRUIKSH.'VNK
Whims and Oddities. By Thom'as Hood.
The Barbers Chair, By Dquglas Jurrold.
Gastronomy. Bv BRiLLAT-SAVARfN.
The Epiiurean, &c. By THOMAS MOORH.
Leigh Hunt's Essays. Edited by E. Ollier.

White's Natural History of Selborne.
Gulliver s Travels, Ac. By Dean Swii'T.


Anecdotes of the Clergy. By JACOB Lakwood.
Thomsons Saasons. Illustrated.
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table and The Professor
at the Breakfast Table. By O. W. Holmes.

CHATtb & WiNbtIa, f'ubiisnefs, Hi at. Martin's Lane, London, W.C. 27


Library Editiohs of Novels, many Illustrated, cfov/n 8vo, cloth extraj 3s. 6d. each



A Life Interest | Monas Choice | By Woman's TTit

By F. Al. ALLEN.
Green as Grass.


The Great Taboo.

Dumaresq's Djiughter.

Duchess 01 Powysland.

Blood Royal.

I. Greet s Masterpiece,

The Scalljrwag.

At Market Value.

Under Sealed Ordert.

PTilUstia. I Babylon,
btran^e Stories.
>'or Maimie s Sake,
In all Shades.
Tne Beckoning Hand.
The Devil's Die.
This Mortal Coil.
The Tents of Shem.

Othello's Occupation.

Phra the thcenician. | Constable of St. Nicholas,

In a Steamer Chair. 1 A Woman Intervenes.
From Whose Bourne. | Revenee !

The Woman of the Iron Bracelets.
The Harding Scandal. | A Missing Witness.

Vashtl and Esther.
By SirW. BESANT and J. RICE.

By Celia's Arbour.
Chaplain of the Fleet.
The Seamy Side.
The Case of Mr. Lucraft.
In Trafalgar's Bay.
The Ten Years' Tenant.



My Little Girl.
With Harp and Crown.
This Son of 'Vulcan.
The Golden Butterfly.
The Monks of Thelema

All Sorts and
tions of Men.
The Captains' Room.
All in a Garden Fair.
Dorothy Forster.
■Dncle Jack.

World Went Well Then.
Children of Gibeon.
Herr Paulus.
For Faith and Freedom.
To Call Her Mine.
The Revolt of Man.
The Bell of St. Paul's.

In the Midst of Life,

A Living Lie.

Shadow of the Sword.
A Child of Nature.
God and the Man.
Martyrdom of Madeline
Love Me for Ever.
Annan Water.
Foxglove Manor.
The Charlatan

The Minor Chord.

The Shadow ot a Crime. I The Deemster.
A Son of Hagar. |

Eie's Diary.

Armadale. I AfterDarK. (
No Name. ! Antonina !
Basil. I Hide and Seek.
The Dead Secret.

The Holy Rose.
Armorei of Lyon esse.
S.Katherine's bv Tower
'Verbena Camellia Ste-

The Ivorv Gate.
The Rebel Queen.
Beyond the Dreams of

The Master Craftsman.
The C.ty of Refuse.
A Fountain Sealed.
The Charm.


The New Abelard.
Matt. I Raohel Dene.
Master of the Mine.
The Heir of Linne.
Woman and the Man.
Red and White Heather.
Lady Kilpatrick.

Queen of Hearts.
My Miscellanies.
The V/oman in 'WliltB.
The Moonstone.
Man and Wife.
Poor Miss Finch,
Miss or Mrs. ?
5he New Maedalea,
itht Fro2ca 0eey.


The Two Destinies.
The Law and the Lady.
T'ne Haunted Hotel.
The Fallen Leaves.
Jezebel's Daughter.
The Black Robe.
Heart ?.nd Science,
' I Say No.'
Little Novels.
The Evil Genius.
The Legacy ofOala.
A Bogne'i Lift,

Blacksmith A Schelar.
The "Village Comedy.

From Midnight to Mid-
You Play me False.


The Red Sultan. | The Burden of Isabel.


Every Inch a Soldier.


Geoffory Hamilton.


Two Girls on a Barge.


His Vanished Scar.


Romances of the Old Seraglio.

The Adventures of a Fair Rebel.

By S. R. CROCKETT and others.

Tales of Our Coast.



The Real Lady Ht'da.
Married or Single '?
Two Masters.
In theXingdom of Kerry
A Third Person,
Beyond the Paie.

By B.

Diana Barringtou,
Proper Pride.
A Family Likeness.
Pretty Miss Neville,
A Bird of Passage.
'To Let.' I Mr. Jervis.
Village Tales.

Hearts of Gold.

The Evangelist : or. Port Salvation.

Mr. Sadler s Daughters.

The Fountain of Youth.

A Castle in Spain.

Our Lady of Tears. | Circe's Lovers.

Tracked to Doom. | The Mystery of Jamaica

Man from Manche.ster. | Terrace.
The Chronicles of Michael Danevitch.

Old Corcorans Monev.

The Firm of Girdiestone.

A Daughter of To-day. | Vernon's Aunt.
A Plaster Saint.


The New Mistress. I The Tiger i.ily.

Witness to the Deed. | The White Virgin.

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