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mayor of the city.


A contract was made with the Sun Electric Light Co.
and signed February 3, 1891. The incandescent hghts boiler
blew up and destroyed the plant February 4, 1895. The plant
was then moved near the depot and arc light installed.
The Eagle Electric Co. was installed in 1900 with arc Hghts.

Today Washington is the model little residence city. It
has all the modern conveniences which go to make a happy
and contented lot of people. It has a wealthy and progressive
class of citizens. As has been truthfully stated there are
more wealthy people residing here than in cities many times
larger. Not only is this true, but the people as a whole are
all in moderate circumstances.

The business square of Washington was paved with
brick in 1903 and one year later South Main street was paved
to the corporation line. A contract has now been let for the
paving of the street to the city limits on the north. It will
not be long until the streets are also paved to the city limits
east and west. Gravel roads connect at the city limits and
run in the four directions, the gravel road being nearly com-
pleted on the west all the way to Peoria.

Complete List of Graduates of the

Washington High School From 1876

The following is a list of the graduates of the Washing-
ton High School:

Class of 1876— Charlotte Wells, Belle Cameron, Clara
Crane, Mary Italin.

Class of 1880— Mary Cameron.

Class of 1881— Angle Benford, Lizzie Gorin, Mate Maffit.

Class of 1882— Carrie McDonald, Frank Neitz.

Class of 1883— Lizzie Rickman, Frances Crow, Lizzie
Van Meter, Anna Voorhees, Bertha Nafzinger, Mary Jane
Hill, Lou Cameron.

Class of 1884 — Ida Pierce, Carrie Voorhees, Mam.ie
Bratt, Ida Parsons, Kate Harms, Nellie Gorin, Carrie Gibson,

Lulu Gove.

Class of 1885— Cassie Danforth, Leva A. Crane, Telva
B. Andrews, NelHe Crane, Hattie Zinser, Tina Van Meter,
Harry L. Zinser.

Class of 1886— John A. Andrews, Louisa Portman, Theo-
dore Roehm, Hattie Sheppard, Kate Miles, Robert Comelison,
Marv McDonell.


Class of 1887 — Mary Hartwell, Hattie Frederick, Cora
Huddleston, Julia W. Smith, Clara Alphonso, Bertha Small.

Class of 1888 — Edith Dougherty, Asa H. Danforth, Josie
North, Eugene Fuesslej Louis Kelso.

Class of 1890 — Lillie Long, Edgar Bon Durant, Herman
Danforth, George Wehner, Plutella Chaffer, Laura Cress,
Orestes Ferner, Frank Rickman.

Class of 1891 — Martha Dougherty, Luella Cress, William
Van Meter.

Class of 1892 — Jessie Enos, Violet Crane, Christie Wohl-
gemuth, Susie McDonell, Nina Magarity, Prudence Schmuck,
Fannie Watson, Laura Rickman, Harriet Heiple.

Class of 1893 — Paul W. Busse, Amy Shaffer, Maona
Cress, Pearl Long, Clara Neitz, Harry Graham, Viola Cress,
Lulu Hornish, Dora Weber, Clara Stormer, Hattie Rickman,
Mary Smith, Josephine Witte.

Class of 1894 — Avis Price, Mary Stormer, Fannie Price,
Jessie Waring, Josephine Chaffer, Anna Andrews, Mary Dan-
forth, Edith Welch, Rae Crane, Fred Kehr, Ralph Weirick,
Etta Habben, Frank Thomas, Emma Voorhees, Eloise Allen.

Class of 1895— Emma Miller, Samuel McCluggage, Ollie
Berney, Charlie Wehner, Susie Allen, Ida Birkett, William
A. Gott, Mary Bullock, Susie Wagner, Sadie Glabe, Bessie

Class of 1896— Etta Smith, Grace Corbin, Mary Hayes
Watson, Laura Dougherty, Dora Holland, Celia Bayler, May
Cassell, Lynn Kent, Marion Wilson.

Class of 1897— Caroline Price, Roy Smith, Maude Hugill,
Ethel Keene, Edna Hoover, Pearl Rapp, John McCluggage,
Roy Zinser, Blanche Stoll, Clara Schaeber, Elizabeth Weirick,
Harold Jones, Harry Mason, Ethel Cress.

Class of 1898 — Carrie Harms, Florence Bayler, Dean
Cassel, Louisa Miller, Effie Downing, Dave McCluggage, Jes-
sie Holland, Thomas E. Holland, Frank Stormer, Nellie E.
Watson, Frank Cramer, Anna Haas.

Class of 1899 — Eva Lonnecker, Bessie Rapp, Katherine
Witte, Anna M. Stahl, Mary Weiser, Clyde Smith, Edith
Yale, Marie Wrenn, Mabel Armstrong, Gertrude Heiple, Ada
Zinser, William Blumenshine.

Class of 1900 — Jennie Holland, Laura Devine, Bessie Bir-
kett, Callie Eddy, Clyde Strubhar, Gertrude Wilson, Mabel
Whitehill, Ella F. Harms, Clara Keil, Mary Rapp, Gertrude
Carlson, Mae Reynolds, Beatrice Cockbill, Viola Bamber.


Class of 1901— Maude Heiple, Hulda Minch, Harry Bir-
kett, Dolly Birkett, May Heiple, Roy Miller, Martha Birkett,
Bertha Kraus, Nellie Wilkinson.

Class of 1903 — Beulah Hornish, Elsie Wrenn, Maude An-
drews, Alice Pifer, Elna Stolt, Hattie Carlson, Eunice Zaneis,
Laura Kice, Regie Sencenbaugh, Gusta Blumenshine.

Class of 1904 — Hattie Holland, Theresa Jacquin, Elsie
Heyl, Ruby Rapp, George Danforth.

Class of 1905— Mabel Tobias, Robert F. Wrenn, Bessie
Tervene, Frank Heiple, Barbara Strubhar, Grace Alvord,
Daniel Vaubel.

Class of 1906— Mildred Husser, Pauline Pfeiffer, Mabel
Jones, Ernest Rich.

Class of 1907 — Fred Sweitzer, Walter Goddard, Arthur
Specht, Stacy Merchant, William A. Pfeiifer, Blanche Lowry,
Frieda Streid, Sylvia Holland, Annie Smith, Frances Dough-

Class of 1908 — Edna Burkey, Alvin Brunnenmeyer, Ma-
bel Bontz, Horace Dougherty, Florence Ebert, Edward Heiple,
William Holtzman, Louise Miller.

Class of 1909 — Eleanor Pruen, Isadore Engel, Ethel
Cooper, Caroline Heiple, Harold Geason, Forrest Moyer,
Anna Frederick, Ida Bellows, Elsie Danforth, William Vau-
bel, Meinhardt Ryf , Chester Birkett.

Class of 1910 — Roy Risser, Lloyd Sampson, Emma
Vaubel, Hattie Stolt, Hayes Ferner, Elsie Pfeiffer, Harold
Heiple, Mary Holtzman, Arthur Vogelgesand, Esther Wolge-
muth, Bernard Volz, Josephine Sullivan, William Sullivan.

Class of 1911 — Harry Blumenshine, Ochel Haines, Wil-
liam Buck, Oliver Enselman, Donald Heiple, lona Heyl, Cul-
lom Long, Beulah Manshardt, Jack Waltmire, Sadie Vaubel,
Prudence Trowbridge, Steele Zinser, Milton Rich, Inez Samp-
son, Clayton Roehm, Ray Sencenbaugh, Irene Wehner, Max
Webster, Glenn Weeks, Martha Waltmire, Aldred Waltmire,
Fred Vogelgesang, Sarah Vaubel.

Class of 1912 — Imogene Goddard, Trella Valentine, Clara
Theilbar, Grace Hornish, Marguerite Bennett, Dorothy Holt-
greve, Isabelle Danforth, Grace Belsly, Matilda Schuck, Elva
White, Helen Hungerford, Hazel Wagner, Ella Best, Bessie
Lowry, Esther Strubhar, George Willhardt, Robert Stormer,
Glenwood Tanton, John Glabe, Paul Holtgreve, Clyde Petri,
Herbert Keil, Robert Zinser, Charles Strathman, Robert
Dougherty, Donald Hops.

Class of 1913 — Patience Pennewill, Clifford Stivers,
Lawrence Smith, George Moehl, Lester Spring, Ralph Swal-


low, Henry Wiese, Robert Sullivan, Ruth Sencenbaugh, Caro-
lyne Phillipi, Phillips Goddard, John Brunnenmeyer, Denver

Class of 1914 — Vera Manshardt, Vera Valentine, Bessie
Martini, Bessie Belsly, Opal Petri, Marguerite Geason, Flor-
ence Berney, Helen Miller, Eleanor Jenkins, George Zehr,
Wendell Trower, Clifford Manshardt, Frank Stivers, William
Engel, John Blumenshine.

Class of 1915 — William Scharp, Nellie Ropp, Josephine
Myers, Luella Brunnenmeyer, Josephine Pennewill, Ruth
Strubhar, Telva Roehm, Barbara Imhoff, Clarence Roehm,
Gertrude Holtgreve, Louise Ryf, Rufus Rich, Agnes Ensel-
man, Florence Danforth, Lester Ebert.

Class of 1916— Alice Birkett, Wayne Bennett, Verna
Belsly, Charles McVey, Frances Childress, Knoble Roe^im,
Mildred Garber, Ernest Pfeiffer, Bernice Weeks, Robert Mil-
ler, Helen Weeks, Harold Ebert, Helen Holtzman, Susan
Simpson, Paul Schmidt, Harold Sampson.

Class of 1917 — Augusta iMoehl, Katherine Jenkins, Na-
thaniel White, Bessie Morris, Katherine Schmidt, Bell Cock-
bill, Clee Roth, Ross Huguet, Maurice Thomas, Berl Bride,
Irma Minch, Frances Mahle, Lee Blumenshine, John Norris,
Bernice McClintock, Robert Schroen, Florence Thielbar.

Class of 1918— Josephine Belsly, Amy WilUams, Edward
Koenig, Iva Naffziger, Elizabeth Schuck, Thomas Waughop,
Silas Crocker, Harold Muller, Lloyd Risses, Raymond Ebert,
Kenneth Petri, Robert Ryf, Harold Jenkins, Gladys Horn-
beck, Mabel Risser, Lena Deatherage, Mary Burroughs, Eber-
hardt Schoon, Harold Blumenshine.

Class of 1919 — Margaret Belsly, Pearl Hagenstoz, Viola
Hoeflin, Orva Kera, Ruth Schaefer, Erma Stormer, Gladys
Weeks, Olga Winkler, Fay Chase, Harlan Danforth, Kem
Homish, Floyd Muller, Jesse Orth, Clifford Roehm, Lyle
Strubhar, Edward Sullivan, Samuel Zinser.

Class of 1920 — Chauncey Blumenshine, Miriam Roehm,
Nealie Hawbecker, Ethel Spring, Keith Wehner, Marie Fer-
ner, Grace Huddleston, Christian Sommer, Ralph Sullivan.

Class of 1921— Russell Decker, Evalyn Camp, Thelma
Ebert, Esther Hoefln, Mars Homish, Josephine Miller, James
Morris, Charlotte Norris, Raymond Pfeiffer, Ethel Shaffer,
Lois Thewlis, Homer Thomas, Harold White, Ruby Williams.

Class of 1922— Margaret Burgi, Maud Danforth, Helen
Garber, Dorothy Fichl:, Esther Glabe, Walter Guth, Charles
Heiple, Elenora Hexamer, Lucy Horabeck, Raymond Jones,


Anna Hulse, August Martini, Clifford Menz, Thurman Muller,
Paul Mahle, Susan Belsly, Edward Schabinger, Mae Scharp,
Beatrice Snell, Viola Sommer, Earl Summer, Lloyd Vercler,
Myrvan Weeks, Esther Willhardt, Eugene Wehner.

Class of 1923 — Alice Risser, Helen Mahle, Isadore Bay-
ler, Meredith Mosley, Mary Evelyn Hoeilin, Lyle Spring,
Clarence Blumenshine, Orva Wistehuff, Christian Blumen-
shine, Donald Muller, Clara Frederick, Harvey Summer, Alice
Esch, Ervin Wagner, Mary Stormer, Alvin Menz, Margaret
Ebert, Luella Guth.

Class of 1924— Helen Birkett, Anna Bridt, Gladys Bra-
die, Lorraine Decker, Elsie Ekena, George Femer, Gerdon
Gundy, Harold Heitzman, Ethel Kehl, Maurice Marshall, Car-
line Ortwein, Harper Roehm, Lura Springer, Marietta Storey,
Edna Snell, Mildred Wurmnest, Carolyne Zinser, Adrian
Brook, Clarence Brunnenmeyer, Arthur Berck, Marion Deck-
er, Mabel Esch, Florence Guth, WelHngton Heyl, Agnes
Hunkler, Ralph Muller, Susan Mahle, Ralph Rinkenberger,
Lillian Rich, Ira Summer, Ida Shaffer, Lois Tilton, Helen

Class of 1925— NeUie Belsly, Margaret Birkett, Alice
Chellberg, Carl Diebel, Ralph Esch, Viola Guth, Gertruc^e
Heiple, Pauline Hucckins, Glenwood Imhoff, Mary Jenkins,
Marcia McClung, Viola Newman, Margaret Orth, Doris Ropp,
George Storey, Orva Vogelgesang, Carl Wood, Glenn Wag-
ner, Frank Belsly, Esther Bradle, Carroll Imhoff, Miles Dun-
nington, Catherine Fish, Rhoda Hornish, Cecil Huguet, Vic-
toria Hoeflin, Gilbert Kyes, Louise Myer, Fred Nash, Ben-
jamin Pfefhnger, Eunice Schertz, Ralph Vercler, Ethel Wind,
Walter Williams.

Class of 1926— Clyde Nutty, Bernice Bradle, Ruth Hol-
land, Henry Kehl, Lucile Vaubel, Walter Muller, Josephine
Mahle, Eva Stock, Mildred Heyl, Angie Thomas, Milton
Wagner, Harold Boley, Catherine Stormer, Ernest Hurst,
Frances Decker, Homer Muller, Lois Brown, Verna Summer,
Nellie Hartman, Robert Roehm, Raymond Blumenshine,, Or-
ville Guth, Richard Payne, Cecilia Brown, Sybil Ficht, Mae
Muller, Beula Attig, Irvin Slonneger, Esther Kinsinger, Les-
ter Vohland, Floy Crabtree.

Class of 1927— Frances Birkett, Thelma Deatherage,
Kenneth Naffziger, Jessie Oberlander, Orvel Schroen, Mel-
vin Sommer, Stephen Smetana, Margaret Handschu, Sarah
Gerken, Frances Miller, Maona Nafziger, Clara Thomas,
Helen Tilton, Carl Vaubel, Homer Stormer, Margaret Stein,


Ii-vin Vogelgesang-, Donald Willhardt, Josephine Vohland,
Minerva Robbins, David Snell, Harry Williams, Orville Kamp,
Joseph Deatherage, Gertrude Decker, Fayette Draher, Helen
Ebert, Dorothy Imhoff.

Class of 1928 — Glen Slonneger, Orville Thomas, Stanley
Weppler, Frances Mahle, Willis Brown, Clara Davison, Glad-
den Esch, Louise Murray, Willis Sullivan, Walter Koppen-
hoefer, Edith Kinsinger, John Roehm, Wilson Kimmell, An-
drew Hoeflin, Henry Esser, Ernest Miller, George Funk,
Martha Stock, Irvin Nofsinger, Irvin Kopp, Vernon Nof-
singer, Eugene Zinser, Clarence Slonneger, Paul Sullivan,
Erma Blumenshine, Russell Leighton, Edward Diebel, Mil-
dred Garber, Alma Shaffer, Frieda Minch, Donald White,
Tilman Theobald, Elmo Muller.

Class of 1929 — John Blumenshine, Clarence Brown,
Blanche Dingledine, Gilbert Gross, Bessie Heiser, Catherine
Imhoff, Milton Kamp, Gertrude Ochenrider, Elda Spring,
Catherine Schabinger, Vera Vogelgesang, Virginia Busse,
Mildred Brown, Arta June Dixon, Lyle Hartman, Anna
Randschu, Alice Kimmell, Clyde Belsly, Clara Perrine,
Dorothy Small, Catherine Spring, Ruth Wehner, Robert
Bradle, Nellie Christ, Florence DuBois, Willis Hett, Dorothy
Holtzman, Robert Kern, Clare McClung, Dorothy Sullivan,
Clayton Summer, Elizabeth Storey.

Celebration of the 105th Anni-
versary of the Methodist Church

The Centennial of the establishment of the Methodist
church in Washington was celebrated on April 19, 20 and 21,
1928. The event was planned by Rev. S. L. Myers, pastor,
and the members of the congregation.

On Thursday evening, April 19, the pageant, "A Century
of Methodism," written by Mrs. Esther Myers, was presented
at the church. There were three scenes in the pageant, "The
Founding of the Methodist Society at Holland's Grove in
1828," "The Departure of Rev. and Mrs. Stephen Beggs in
1830," and "The Building of the First Methodist Church in

The cast of characters was as follows:

William Holland E. Garber

Mrs. William Holland Mrs. P. A. Birkett

Senath Holland - Roberta Burkey


William Heath L. E. Wood

Mrs. William Heath - Mrs. W. E. Petri

James Harvey George Muller

Mrs. James Harvey Cora Hill

Lawson Holland Howard Hughes

Rev. Jesse Walker J. M. Cooper

Elizabeth Heath Lois Tilton

Harriett Heath Lois Birkett

Rev. Stephen Beggs Lucien Wise

Matilda Holland Elizabeth Wood

Rev. Zadok Hall Ralph Muller

Henson Thomas Kenneth Naffziger

. Mrs. Henson Thomas Iris Tilton

Abraham Van Meter Davd Snell

William Birkett Chester Birkett

William Thompson Wilson Kimmell

Thomas Trimble Gilbert Muller

William Holland, Jr James Small

Mary Holland Ruble Casper

Hannah Harvey Marion Birkett

Wesley Harvey .— - James Roehm

William Harvey William Roehm

Levicy Holland Audrey Seaton

The pageant was coached by Mrs. Pauline Hughes and
Mrs. Rita Marshall.

Friday evening, April 20, was Fellowship evening. At
6:30 a pot-luck supper, and at 7:30 a program of music and
speaking in the auditorium. Mrs. W. A. Pinckney, Rev. R.
W. Ames and Rev. W. B. Shoop recalled memories of former

Sunday, April 22, at 11 a. m., sermon by Dr. Guy Z.
Moore, and at 7:30 p. m. an address by Dr. John H. Ryan,
the conference historian.

Historical List of Many of Our

Old Settlers Compiled for Record

Those Whose Birth Antedate 1800, Thomas Birkett, Sr.

A. D. Henry Bogardus
James Allison of Eureka Rev. John Bowen
Rev. Wells Andrews, Sr. George Burrow-
Nicholas Baker William Birkett
Sam Beck Reuben Bandy
John Birkett. Sr. Walter Birkett



Thomas Birkett

Thomas Brady

Garret Burns

Dr. Robert Burton

Thomas Bullock of Eureka

Willoughby Capes

Rev. Nathan W. J. Curtiss

Mathew Crane, Sr.

"Pap" Coon

Thomas Camlin

Archie Crobb

Ira Crosby

Dr. Carr

Peter P. Cartwright

Rev. Jason Corwin

Richard N. Cullom

Thomas Castle

George Cradle, Sr.

Mr. Davidson of Eureka

John Durham

George Duncan, Sr.

Rev. John Evans

Rev. George Elliott

Ira Fish

Samuel G. Franklin

William Farrow, Sr.

Abraham Grove

Henry Grove

Emanuel Hartman

William Holland, Sr.

William Heath

Joshua N. Harlan

Martin B. Hornish

William Houshaw

Samuel Hawkins

Titus Hungerford

Jonathan Hodge

Janes Harvey

Rev. Zadock Hall

Luke Humphrey

Richard Higgins

George Hill

Amhurst Kingsbury

George Kern

Laban Kyes, Sr.

Abram Rice

Joseph Kilso, Sr.

William Kern

Henry Kice

Jacob Lindley

John Lindley

John L. Marsh

Joseph Buckingham Miles

James McClure

Benjamin Mitchell

Rev. Reuben H. Maffett

Parker Morse

Morgan McCockhill

Benj. Majors of Eureka

Phillip Nicholai

Rufus North

Cyrus Parker

Jacob E. Parsons

Haven "Dad' Pierce

Joseph Planck

Alden Ranney

William Ricketts

John Redman

Eli Redman

Milton Shurtleff

Joshua Staples

George H. Shaw

Wm. G. Spencer

Robert Smith

Lyman Smith

John Sunderland.

Peter Tobias

William Thompson

William Trimmer

Thomas Trimble

Abram Van Me.>;r

Thomas L. Wathan

William Wilson

James West

James Wright

Levi Walkei-

William Weeks

August Whipple

James Waughop

Theodore Walker

E. A. Whipple

Mr. Wagner

James F. Waughop

Dr. G. P. Wood

James Wathen

Those WTiose Births Were From
1800 To 1835

John H. Anthony
Dr. R. G. Allen
Rev. William Adams



Brazilla Allee

Dr. J. Quincy Adams

Chas. N. Anthony, Sr.

Elijah M. Applegate

Robert Anderson

Benjamin Allen

George Applegate

John Brown

Phillip Brown

John M. Bush

Lewis Beal

Peter Brubaker

Robert Barnard

George Bayler, Sr.

Asa Brown

William Burroughs

Benjan-in Beddow

George Bon Durant

Mr. Baird, Eureka, 9 8 years

James S. Bell

Thomas Baird, Sr.

William B. Bogardus

David Brubaker

Thomas Baker

William Buckley

John Bayler

Thomas Baird, Jr.

Rev. Romulus Barnes

Squire D. Baker

Ira Castle

Dr. 3. W. D. Chase

David Cargill

Henry Cress, Sr.

Rev. I. A. Cornelison, D. D.

Thomas Cress

Abram Chaffer

Thomas Cooper

Vivian Cloud

William Criswell

Mr. Capes

George Cashman, 1805

James R. Crane

John Cargill

Orin Castle

A. A. Couch

Mathew Craig

John Cassels

James Cogswell

Joseph Culbertson

Andrew Cress

Chauncv C. Crandle

William Cunningham
George Crandle, Jr.
Shelby M. CuUom
Thomas Crane
Joel Cloud
Henry Dimmott
Asa Danforth
Samuel Davis
Henry Danforth, Sr.
John Dunlary
George Deibert
John Dingeldine
John W. Dougherty
Andrew Denhart
Joshua Dunnington
Isaac P. Dayhoff
James H. Elworthy
Wm. Eiramett
Isaac Eversoll
Joseph Eccles
Mr. Eggleston
H. Slem Eckhart
Rev. George Elliott
Roland Ellis, Sr.
John Enrest
Joseph Ellis, Sr
Benjamin Egley
Mr. Eichelberger
Mr. Engle
Phillip G. Ferree
Thomas Fish
George Ferner, Sr.
Anthony Field
Rev. George W. Freese
Andrew Frazer
Peter Fleming
Jonas Farlin
John Frederick
Nicholas Fries
George Fish
Frederick Fries
Geo. L. Gibson
John Gaunt
Jiles Greenman
Sanford P. Gorin
Christian Garber, Sr.
Wm. C. George
George Gipp
Mr. Gillura
Hiram Gove
Samuel Gove



Heuiy Grove

Abrani Grove

Henry Geason

George Gerard

Andrew Gerbrick

Thomas Gaunt

Jack Gorin (colored)

Emanuel Garber, Sr.

Dr. Goodman

Rev. Dr. Green

Noah Graves

Charles Greenman

Henry Heiple, Sr.

Michael Herbert

David Hill

Wesley B. Harvey

Alathew Holland

Rev. Hughes

William Higgins

Milton Hicks

William Huxtable, Sr.

Martin Huddlesion

Mr. Hawbaker

Berry Huddleston, 1835

Richard Higgins

James Huddleston

Henry Hops, Sr.

Frederick Hill

Lev. Heriford

Rev. Daniel R. Howe

J. Hadley

William Hittle

Lawson Holland

William Holmes

Israel Hicks

Richard Hartley

J. Hadley

Rev. Dr. S. W. Harkey

Thomas Huxtable

William Hepperly

William Holland, Jr.

Thomas Holland, Sr.

Andrew Hoeflin, Sr.

Conrad Italin

John Johnson

J. Roger Jenkins

Daniel Jones, Sr.

Joseph Kelso

William Kelso

Benjamin P Kelly

David Kindig

Joseph Kindig

Francis A. Kellogg

Nathaniel Kellogg

Ji cob Kern

John Kyd

Mathew Kingman

James Kyes

David Kyes

George Kinnear

Emanuel Kindig

John Kice

John Kopp

Robert Kelso

Aaron Kelso

Prof. Kellogg

Benjamin Kindig

Henry Kopp

Thomas Kirk

John Kern

Edwin Kingsbury

Adam Koker, Sr.

Joseph Kidd

Jacob Kennel

Charles L. Kyes

William Lockwood

John Lowman

Billings Lewis

Watson Lockwood

Ezra Lee

George Lewln

George Lewis

Wilson Lane

James Lane

Rev. F. Sanford Martin

Rev. John Maris

Mr. Milligan

Solomon Myers, Sr.

Benjamin Miles

John McClintock

James Marsh

William Mooberrj

William Murphy

William Merchant

Peter Myers

John McClintook

Benjamin Miles

Jonathan Mills

Joe Majors

Will Major

Joe Meek

Henrv Meek



Jack Mitchell
George McCuUough
Geo. L. Myer
Rev. R. B. McCorkle
Milas McCorkle
John Minch, Sr.
Josiah Moore
Alex Mooberry
William Monroe
Jack McGinnis
James McCloud
Hamilton McClure
Timothy McCarty
Valentine Naffziger, Sr.
Cyrus Nyles
Dr. Benjamin Nichols
Thomas Norvell, 1825
George P. Nicolai
Thomas Nelson
Benjamin O'Brien
Dennis Osborn
Phillip Orth, Sr.
David Osborn
Mr. Ott
Mr. Pearl
Allen Patrick
Peter Portman, Sr.
John Plum, Sr.
Andrew Pinkham
Joseph Portman
Jesse Petty
Eli Patrick
Andrew Pinkhani
Alfred Phillips
James Plum, Sr.
John Phillips
Hiram Parker
William Reed
George Reubsam
William A. Ross
William Ricketts
James Ramsey
George Rogers
Thomas Roberts
Joseph Rich, Sr.
Andrew Roads, 1810
Mr. Rubles
James Robinson
Prof. B. J. Radford
David Riegel
Thomas Reed

Hamilton Riddle

Mortimore Robinson

Mr. Ratleff

Christian Risser

Joe Reed

Mr. Richardson

A. Stockwell

J. Randolph Scott

William Sample

L. J. Smith

Jaser Sickler, Sr.

John Stock (father of George)

Christian Shaffer

Thomas Scott

Samuel Stumbaugh

Auric Smith

Thomas Strickland

William Sang

Mr. Sutton, S.-.

Emil Schaeber

James Smith, Jr

George Shafer

Nicholas Slagle

James Slagle

James Slack, Sr.

Peter T. Strubhar, Sr.

John Sampson

Jacob Stevens

James Patterson Scott

Peter P. Scott

James Smith, Sr

R. D. Smith

Adam Switzei

John Seitzei, Sr.

William Smith, Sr.

Horace Sill

Elmore Shoemaker

Jacob Sonneman

Robert Small

John Small, Sr.

Alex Small

Josiah Snyder

Jethrow Sumler

Reuben Skinner

Lorin Trowbridge, Sr.

Lewis Tobias

Andrew Thomas

Morris Reece Trimble

Mr. Timberman

Henry Tobias

James Thomas



Frank L. Tobias

Tunas Ten Eyck

Hensen Thomas

George Thomas

Mr. Truett

Jolin Unsicker

Jolin Vining

Rhodes Van Meter

William Van Camp

Jacob Vining

John Van Camp, Sr.

Nathan W. Van Meter

Real D. Van Meter

William Van Meter

Phillip Vauble

John Vauble

George Woodcock'

Dr. Elias Wenger

Richard Waughop, Sr.

James J. Waughop

Dr. R. B. M. Wilson

Jacob Wilsoi:

Phillip Wareham

Richard White, Sr.

Mr. Webster (father of A. M.)

John E. Waughop

George Woodcock

James Wright

Warren Willard

Dr. Elias Wenger

James J. Waughop

Levi Walker •

Ja:ob Wilson

Richard White, Sr.

Dr. E. F. Wood

Prof. Josiah P. Wood

William Wallace

James Wathan

William Witte

Silas Willard

Richard Waughop, Sr.

John Weeks

Samuel Y. Weiser

Nesbert Young

Prof. Moses Yoder

George C. Yale

William B. Yale

Solomon Zinser, Sr.

Mr. Zaneis (father of Nicholas)

Frederick Aubrey

Those Whose Births Were After

Frank Aubertine, Sr.

Wells Andrews, Jr.

John Augustine

Dr. A. Alphonso

J. C. Ashmon

George Andrews

John Asa Andrews

Ernest Augustine

Hamlet Amsbary

A. Abrahams

Charles Anthony, Jr.

Henry Bliss

Chas. L. Birkett

Herman Bunn

William Barnes

John Baetty

Robert Bamber

Elias Benford

Benjamin Bratt

T. O. Brown

John Bassett

R. S. Burnham

Obed Brown

R. Bingham

R. B. Brandon
J. W. Blumenschein
P. A. Brubaker
George Bayler, Jr.
Frank Risser
Valentine Burkey
James Baughman
Wesley Beauchamp
Joseph Birkett
Thomas Barrett
James Burns
Adam Burke, Sr.
Sol Betz
James Berney
Milton Berry, Sr.
Thornton L. Benford
George Burchard
John Bloodworth
W,m. A. Birkett
John Brown
J. C. Bowman
John Blumenshine
Wm. G. Bontz



B. F. Biser
Charles Bayler, Jr.
G-eorge Blackwell
G. C. Bradford
James F. Brady
Lafayette B'rkett
W. S. Bowen
George Botham
Joe Bassett
John Burkey
John Crandle
Thomas Cooper
Milton Cloud
Thomas Crane
John Chaffer
Dr. Willia^m Crane
Samuel Cushmaa
James Cams
James Cameron
J. P. Oullen
G. G. Curtiss
Walter H. Crow
Jack Cress
Dan J. Chaffer
Elijah Chaffer
Johnson Cornwell
Jesse B. Cooper
Fred Chaffer
Mathew Craig
Isaac Cams
Mr. Corzelius
H. A. Criswold
George M. Cullen
George Crance
Charles Crane
George W. Cress
George Cline
Dr. Crawford
Calvin Cress
Thomas Cress
Andrew Cress
Peyton Cress
Peter Dorward
Henry Deffenbaugh
John Dunnington

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