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the United States from 9,525 in 1942 to
12,050 in 1953. These figures reflect the
difficulties with which Australian publishers
are still faced, and most of them still have
to engage in bookselling to survive. Though
Australians, along with New Zealanders, still
buy more books per head than people in any
other country they should be encouraged to
support Australian publishing by buying
more Australian books. There has been a
noticeable improvement in the standard of
Australian book production and many Aus
tralian books now compare favourably with
overseas books both in scope and quality of
their writing.

A detailed analysis reveals that 287 of the
total of 516 titles were published by 40 firms,
including six new firms, publishing two or
more books each. Societies and institutions
with which publishing is merely subsidiary
to some other purpose were responsible for
132, firms producing a single volume for 52
and private individuals for the remainder, 45.
Only nine publishers produced ten or more
books totalling 174, only 12 produced between
five and ten totalling 63, and 19 produced
less than five totalling 50. New South Wales
produced 165 titles; Victoria, 164; South
Australia, 35; Western Australia, 12; Queens
land, 21; Tasmania, 10; and the Australian
Capital Territory, 9.

There were 106 works of imaginative
literature, including poetry, drama, fiction,
essays and criticism ; 97 on the social sciences,
including politics and economics; 81 on
history, biography and travel ; 74 on business
and technology ; 26 on religion ; 20 on science ;
19 on sports and amusements; 14 on music
and the arts; 11 on libraries and bibliography;
and 2 on philosophy.

Fifty-five titles were reprints, 42 of books
first published overseas and 13 of books first
published here.

The Annual catalogue includes also books
published overseas by Australian authors or
about Australia. Fifty-two such titles were
published in 1953, nine of them in foreign
languages. Well known writers translated
into French, German, Dutch and Polish
respectively included Jon Cleary: You can t
see round corners , Nevil Shute: Round the
Bend; Robert Close: Love me Sailor; Stanley
Porteous: Providence Ponds ; Katherine
Susannah Prichard: The Golden Mile. Books
reprinted overseas in English include Frank
Davison : Dusty ; Ruth Park : Dark Roses and
Witch s Thorn; and Thomas XVood s Cobbers."


Information from this State is gleaned from
Library Staff News, issued monthly by the
staff of the Public Library of New South
\Vales and the libraries of the N.S.W. Govern
ment Departments and Institutions. A very
interesting little journal, this, in case you
have not seen it. Dr. and Mrs. Kunz manage
to collect in each issue not only, as one
might expect, details of appointments, resig
nations, intra and extra institutional activi
ties of staff members and so on, but also a
comprehensive account of the official doings
of the Library Board and, in each issue I
have seen, an account of the activities of one
of the less well known of the associated

On the doings of the Board it would appear
as if Mr. McGreal and his staff seem to earn
their travelling expenses. I find that Mr.
McGreal, during July and August, visited
Katoomba, Maitland, Orange, Deniliquin,
Mathoura, Moama and Echuca, while Miss
Miller over the same period showed the flag
in Kyogle, Graf ton, Casino, Taree, \Vingham,
and Shires of Manning and Gloucester, in
Paramatta and in Temora.

Altogether the situation in New South
Wales w r ould appear to be one of continuous
progress. Again over the July-August period
we find that in addition to the development
in Orange in the Clarence area and in the
Riverina, The Scone and District Public
Library was opened, the Shire of Cudgegong
adopted the Act, there were new develop
ments at Kiama, a mobile library service was
established on the Upper Murray and



October, 1954

Wollongong embarked on their second book


As an examiner as well as an editor, may
one pass a bouquet to Tasmania for Library
Opinion, and especially for the criticisms of
the recent papers. I always find L.O. interest
ing; interesting too is the fact that such a
relatively small branch should have had the
initiative to start its own journal. As to the
criticism of the papers, the official opinion of
the Board may not be in accord with mine,
but I think it quite valuable for such criticisms
to be made openly by competent persons.
As far as I can judge personally I would rate
them as just, and I speak, remember, as a
victim myself !


Having provided for too large a proportion
of this issue already it might be not unreason
able to preserve a discreet silence at this
stage !

But, lest we be hung for a lamb whereas
we are in reality a very healthy sheep, here
in conclusion is an interesting progress report
from Townsville. Mrs. West wrote as follows:

"Enclosed is a photograph of a display
which the Children s Library arranged for the
Townsville Annual Show this month. I
thought it might be of interest to readers of
the Journal.

An assistant was in attendance during the
show and a record was kept which showed
that just over 1,000 persons inspected and
discussed the books on display. Fifty of these
books were reserved for readers, there were
45 enquiries about extra library activitie.s, 50
new readers joined the Library at the show,
and over 200 parents discussed their children s
reading problems with us. We considered the
effort in arranging the display to have been
well worth while. The cost of the display,
approximately 5, was for floor space, rental
and cartage of books and furniture from the
library to the show ground. The posters were
done in the Library with the help of council
draughtsmen, and the walls were draped with
pale green binding cloth in such a way that
we were able to use the cloth for binding
purposes later."


Your attention is drawn to two vacancies
appearing in the advertisement pages.



^ i i - ^ ~- - *.

Plug Contoura into nearest

electric light outlet. Place * a
sheet of paper over area to be
copied. Place Contoura on top of
paper and press switch for about
five seconds. Copy is then ready
for developing.



Now Available in Australia !

XX ERE is the ideal portable photo-copying machine
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Contoura photo-copier has already proved itself
a great asset to students in England and America.
Whenever you wish to make copies from books or
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minutes. The Contoura weighs only 8 pounds and
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all your copying needs.

For further information, contact . . .

Sole Australian Agents:

VIZ-ED EQUIPMENT PTY. LTD. 149 Castlereagh St., Sydney

Telephones: M 6657, MA 9516


A standard work revealing the beauties of ancient and
modern Prague - the Queen of European cities.
208 full-page reproductions; text, in English, French, German
and Czech; cloth; 10X14 ins. Price: 37 sh. 6 d-


The Slovak countryside and its folklore treasures seen
through the eye of a leading European master of the camera.
224 full-page reproductions; text in English, French, German
and Slovak; cloth; 10 X14 ins. Price: 37 sh. 6 d.


An outstanding work on Slovak folk art covering architec
ture, folk costumes and embroideries.

649 illustrations (50 in colour); text in English and Slovak;
cloth; 8 Xll ins. Price: 72 sh. 6 d.


A selection of remarkable pictures of the wild beauty of
the highest Czechoslovak mountain range and its flora.
170 full-page reproductions; text in English, French and Slovak;
cloth; 9 1 / 2 X12 1 - ins. Price: 37 sh. 6 d.


Sole Australian Distributor:

Library Bookbinding


Loose Parts are Lost Parts
Have Them Bound

Country Clients

Phone: LU 2745

Dixson Library

Wanted to Purchase

One copy Dewey Decimal Classification,
14th ed. Must be in good condition and

For Sale

Lea, H.C. A History of the Inquisition of
the Middle Ages. N.Y., Macmillan Co., 1906,
3 vols. Clean set and in good condition, 10.

Apply to The Librarian, Dixson Library,
University of New England, Armidale, 5.N.,


Metal Finishing, March, 1953.

Industrial Chemist, Feb., 1952.

Industrial Finishing (American), Feb.,
March, May, June, Nov., Dec., 1949; Jan.,
July, 1950; May, Dec., 1951.

Please write Technical Librarian, Austral
asian United Paint Company Limited, Port
Adelaide, South Australia.


It may be remembered that, on a previous
occasion, I pointed with some hesitancy to
one of the major disadvantages of locating
the editorial offices of any journal in a non-
central position. I made what I thought was
the obvious point that it was in fact the
responsibility of members in other States to-
see to it that the Journal did not become a
Queensland periodical.

I would direct your attention to the con
tents of the present issue. Now I am nothing
loth to print material originating in my home
State. There are people here who have things
to say on matters library and our journal is-
an appropriate medium for their expression.
On the other hand, it seems likely that on a
mere matter of proportion there must be at
least some other persons in the more populous
States who have had similar stirrings. Please
have your contributions to the January issue
in before Christmas. EDITOR.

October, 1954



Board of Examination


Australian Capital Territory

Preliminary Examination


Barr, Heather Grace

Robinson, Judith Catherine

Schneider, Anne Theresa

Burne, Bruce Thomas

Crofts, Ruth Carey

Menzies, Walter Neil

Salvador, Christine

Velins, Erika

Whittle, Edith Julia

Wilkinson, Margaret Ada

Australian Capital Territory
Qualifying Examination

Pass in Four Papers

Cook, Norma Gertrude (with Merit Q9)
Pass in Three Papers

Leaper, Dorothy May (with Merit Q8)

Nolan, Audrey Margaret Grahame
Pass in Two Papers

Neilson, Nigel James Bruce

Van Pelt, Jan Daniel
Pass in One Paper ,

Cox, Margaret Heather

Davies, Mary Grace Elizabeth

Freiberg, Michael

Heseltine, Ann Elizabeth

New South Wales

Preliminary Examination


Laws, Ruth Rosemary

McPherson, Ailsa

Paterson, Helen Fairlie

Ramsay, Dorothy Stanbury

Spinks, Betty Rose

Taylor, Jill Annette
Abbott, Leone Edith

Adamson, Patricia Ruby

Allen, Megan Constance

Bongers, Beverley Anne

Brolly, Elizabeth Helen

Brooker, Margaret Rosemary

Cable, Wendy Elizabeth Ross

Callaghan, Patricia Mary

Cambridge, Julia Gray

Chambers, Gwenneth Evelyn

Chester, Esther Lina

Clare, Margot Beverley

Clouston, Marie

Clout, Anita

Crane, Roslyn Ann

Culley, June Eleanor

Dawson, Judith Anne

Doniela, William Vyt

Duffy, Robin Moynie

English, Carole Louise

Evans, Joan Patricia

Everingham, Robyn Virginia

Ferrier, Mary

Fitzgerald, Helena Margareta

Fowler, Margaret Phyllis

Fullagar, Kathleen Beryl

Gatley, Merice Elaine

Gillam, Helen

Gilmour, Anthony Hugh

Goddard, Dorothy Elizabeth

Gordon, Elizabeth Helen

Green, Philippa Rodwell

Grooms, Janis Rosemary

Handscomb, Gladys Clare

Harvey, Brian Warwick

Hogan, Margaret

Holdom, Kathleen Mary

Hope, Cherry

Horner, Reginald

Humphries, Shirley Gladys

James, Nina Lorna

Kellett, Joyce

Kennedy, Margaret Joyce

Keys, Jasmine Churchill

Kirkness, Vera Joan

Llewellyn, Shirley Ivy

Lovering, Beatrice Maud

Me Adam, Jill Douglas

McKinnon, Margaret

McMahon, Anne Monica

McPhee, Janice Mary

Marsden, Elizabeth Anne Gunson

Meletios, Janice Helen

Miller, Jeanine Genevieve

Mitchell, Judith Joy

Neville, Eileen Mary

Nicolson, William Peter Steele

Nielsen, Julie Marie

O Farrell, Margaret Anne



October, 1954

O Leary, Philippa Perpetua
Palmer, Patricia Ann
Pert, Mary
Powrie, Audrey Ruth
Quilter, Judith Anne
Quodling, Helen Patricia
Reading, Marina Elizabeth
Rees, Alan Lloyd
Rider-Jones, June
Robb, Julie Rose
Roe, Marjorie
Rovkin, Ruth
Ryan, Jeanette Ruth
Saddington, Helen Menzies
Sim, Helen Grant
Stayner, Robina
Stilwell, Geoffrey Thomas
Sullivan, Marcia Mary
Taunton, Julia Marjorie
Teale, Valerie Claire
Thompson, Olga Camillus
Waine, Beverley Ann
Walker, Anne Romaine
Warnes, Mabel Gertrude
Warwick, Patricia Joan
Waterhouse, Evan Wilson
Wilkie, Diana Edina
Wilson, Barbara Isabel
Wilson, Barbara Jean
Wright, Judith Mary

New South Wales
Qualifying Examination

Pass in Six Papers

Giffin, Heather Mary Sinclair

Pass in Four Papers
Charteris, Frances Joan
Dowd, Marion Frances
Dyce, Jean Bell (with Merit Q2)
Geake, Joyce
Lewis, Betty

Pass in Three Papers
Bairstow, Isla
Boyd, Benjamin John
Collins, Anne Therese
Drew, Ruth Irene
Fardell, Gladys Joyce
Fordyce, Gladys Patricia (with Merit Q6)
Joynson, Shirley Ruth
Kunz, Egon Francis
Macallister, John Ferguson
Miller, Margaret Mary (with Merit Q6 & Q7)
O Leary, Mary Elizabeth
Scott, Joan Margaret

Pass in Two Papers

Ashton, Thelma Elsie

Beck, Frederick Arthur George (with
Merit Q2)

Beddie, Merle Kirkpatrick (with Merit Q2)

Borchardt, Betty

Burke, Mary Madeline

Cope, Russell Leslie David

Hatten, Judith Clare

Hudson, Lindsay Grace Barrow

Hunt, Leonard Douglas

Kunz, Elsie St. Ledger

Levett, Gwendolene

Masterman, Leslie Charles

Muller, Joan

Murray, Heather Betty May

Remington, Susan Mary Cochrane

Rider, Marjorie Hope

Robertson, Ruth Helen

Steel, Judith Ellen

Trask, Margaret (with Merit Q4B)

Watkinson, Renate

Woodward, Helen Chaseley
Pass in One Paper

Barwell, Margaret Joan

Bing See, Rosemary Dawn

Bowen, Barbara Gladys

Cottle, Cynthia Jane

Ellis, Frederick John

Hall, Noelene Maree

Hicks, Jean Shirley

Morton, Jack

Parkes, Anne Stuart

Perks, Gwendoline Joan

Scott, Margaret Joan

Simkin, John Edgar

Smith, Hessie

Stonehill, Shirley


Preliminary Examination


McLeod, Fiona Margaret


Barry, Joan Evelyn
Busteed, Jill Palmer
Denmead, Rosemary Clare
Doig, Anne Judith
Donald, Mavis Lorraine
Greenstreet, Judith Anne
Harding, Claire" Ann
Manni, Florence Margaret
Mansfield, Sally Patricia
Miitze, Freda
North, Jennepher Anne L.

October, 1954



Nussey, Edward Reid

Pleak, Clifford Theo

St. George, Judith Ann

Smith, Jean Eunice Hackshall

Thatcher, Alison Carson

Weeks, Lynette Marjorie

Windson, Shirley Ruth


Qualifying Examination
Pass in Four Papers

Young, Lesley Ellen
Pass in Three Papers

Cornelius, Herbert Francis

McDougall, Betty

McPhail, Isabel Jean

Melville, Corinna Edith
Pass in Two Papers

Brown, Christine

Brown, Maureen Vera

Collocott, Felicity Clare

Power, Lola Winifred

Schindler, Charles
Pass in One Paper

Cotton, Greta

Griffiths, Colleen Margaret

O Brien, Kathleen Mary

Scott, Ellen

Shearer, Barbara Ray

South Australia
Preliminary Examination

Brice, Annette

Creaser, Helen Mary

Dawe, Peter Harold

Lawry, Shirley Joy

Mortimer, Arthur William B.

Price, Margaret Anne

Proudman, Dorothy Mena

Smith, Jennifer Ann

South Australia
Qualifying Examination
Pass in Four Papers

Zwillenberg, Hans Joachim
Pass in Three Papers

Bettison, Margaret Selina

Owen, Gwenyth Winsome
Pass in Two Papers

Batley, Josephine Mary

Correll, Shirley Edith

Olding, Raymond Knox

Wells, John Anthony
Pass in One Paper

Hand, Elizabeth Joyce

Harslett, Gwenda Tancred
Russell, Peter

Preliminary Examination


Moody, Diane Shaw

Clippingdale, Mary Margaret

Lovett, Phillipa Ann

Shone, Verna Jennifer

Willson, Robert Kingsley

Qualifying Examination

Pass in Four Papers

Britcliffe, Kay
Pass in Three Papers

Pitt, Margaret Jessie

Tucker, Marjorie Clare
Pass in Two Papers

Borchardt, Dietrich Hans

Buckie, Joan Margaret

Pickering, Tom Mansergh
Pass in One Paper

Laskey, Mary Elain


Preliminary Examination

Donaldson, Jean Valerie

Gunner, Iris Marea
Acton, Margaret Mary

Anderson, Hugh McDonald

Booth, Doris Margaret

Brett, Joan Frances

Britain, Ian Charles S.

Brown, Rhoda Grace

Burrage, Winifred Mary

Calder, Mary Elizabeth

Canavan, Eunice A. R.

Chesterfield, Isabell Ann

Cross, Helen

Cummins, Joyce Irene

Darling, Keith Selwyn

Davis, Kathleen Frances

Davy, Lesley Jane

Dawson, Diana Ruth

Dick, Emily

Engelman, Tamara

Evans, Janice Melva

Farsnworth, Mary Ann

Fuller, Deidre Ngaio

Gates, Barbara Violet

Gleeson, Winifred

Gribble, Dorothy Helen

Harris, Dorothy Estelle

Hansen, Lila Gertrude

Henderson, Joan Humphries



October, 1954

Hitchins, Barbara Anne
Hoctor, Laura Anne
Hughes, Elisabeth
Hynam, Barbara Mavis
Judkins, Lynette
Kelly, Frances Mary
King, Joan Elizabeth
King, Vera Joy
Krahnert, Brian Eric
Laxton, Helen Denise
Lobb, Lillian Ernestine
McCutcheon, Lesly
McKenzie, Janet Elaine
McPhee, Anne Philomena
Mantel, Hannelore
Maslen, Joan Winsome
Masters, Joan Mary
Miller, Janet Fergus
Newton, Betty
Palfy, Katherine
Pescott, Gwynneth Ann
Pethebridge, Dorothy Irene
Porter, Hal

Radvansky, Susan Catherine
Ritchie, Anne Christine
Sharp, Ronald Cecil
Shillinglaw, Lynette Anne
Southby, Rosemary
Steele, Dorothy Margaret
Stowell, Pamela La Mothe
Tuxen, Mary Evelyn
Ward, John Livingstone
W T ebber, Alan Reid
Wedge, Lois Thelma
Whight, Jack Cecil
White, Margaret Joy
Wise, John Henry
Wood, Lesley Elizabeth

Qualifying Examination

Pass in Four Papers

Dirkis, Patricia Claire

Reynolds, Edna Patricia (with Merit Q4A)
Pass in Three Papers

Boyd, Walter Henry

Challenger, Beryl Ruth

Doubleday, Betty Constance L. (with
Merit Q5)

Forbes, Annie

Johns, Helen Wallace

Kelly, Ian Melville

Trier, Pamela Rosemary (with Merit Q8)

Wright, Nonie
Pass in Two Papers

Aitkenhead, Janet Margaret

Anthony, Margaret Helen
Barber, Janet Clare
Burns, Una Millicent
Carroll, Gwenneth Marian
Chapman, Elizabeth Noel
McNamara, Irene Winifred
Odgers, Ida Dorothy
O Keeffe, Kathleen Mary
Young, Jocelyn Lois
Pass in One Paper
Andrews, Ruth
Brown, Isabel Anne
Covill, Keith Knapp
Eastwood, Isabel Margaret
Harnett, Mary Florence
Holman, George Clavering
McShane, Margaret Mary
Prince, Pixie Patricia
Shaw, Joan Hambly
Stanley, Beatrice Lorraine
Van Dantzich, Sigmond

Western Australia
Preliminary Examination


Roberts, Leila Shirley

Western Australia
Qualifying Examination

Pass in Two Papers

Tweedie, Ian Douglas

White, Antoinette Elizabeth M. S.
Pass in One Paper

Cromer, Charlestra Lillian

Lewis, Valerie

McConnell, Natalie Elaine


The following completed the Qualifying
Examination this year:

Cook, Norma Gertrude

Heseltine, Ann Elizabeth

Leaper, Dorothy May

Burke, Mary Madeline

Charteris, Frances Joan

Drew, Ruth Irene

Dyce, Jean Bell

Geake, Joyce

Giffin, Heather Mary Sinclair

Hicks, Jean Shirley

Kunz, Egon Francis

Lewis, Betty

Macallister, John Ferguson

Masterman, Leslie Charles

Miller, Margaret Mary

October, 1954



Watkinson, Renate

Woodward, Helen Chaseley

Brown, Christine

Brown, Maureen Vera

Cornelius, Herbert Francis

Young, Lesley Ellen
South Australia

Zwillenberg, Hans Joachim

Borchardt, Dietrich Hans

Pitt, Margaret Jessie

Barber, Janet Clare

Doubleday, Betty Constance L.

Forbes, Annie

Kelly, Ian Melville

Reynolds, Edna Patricia


Detailed comments on the papers by
examiners will be published in the Handbook
for 1955. Brief extracts are given here to
show the examiners general impressions, and
it is evident from these that whilst there has
been come improvement in some papers the
general weaknesses of previous years have
not been greatly reduced.

Too many candidates are still just having
a shot, very much in the dark; they are ill
prepared by themselves or their teachers and

are far more interested in getting through
anyhow, than in getting a knowledge of
librarianship. Some candidates have not the
standard of general education, of assimilation
and expression of knowledge, which is sup
posed; especially for the Qualifying Exami

Even for the Preliminary Examination
candidates are supposed by the matriculation
requirements to be capable of work on the
subjects of the examination at first year
university level, and Qualifying Examination
candidates may be expected to attain a
university pass degree standard. Many
candidates do not appear to appreciate what
this standard requires, and other, including
many university graduates, do not appear to
think that librarianship is worth the effort
required to attain it.

It is possible that many candidates, and
some of those who advise or prepare them,
simply do not realise that examinations
which are not set by universities, but by
their own professional body, are at the same
tertiary level, and not that of an examination
for letter sorters.

What the examiners of one paper said
applies to most: the candidates show "lack
of reading and too much reliance on know
ledge and experience of the local library

Passes and Failures by Papers

Pass Fail

Ql. Cataloguing, excluding classification and subject

headings 38 (45, ) 46 (55 A )

Q2. Classification and subject headings . . . . 44 (58, ) 32 (42, )
Q3. Cataloguing and classification : Practical .. 42 (47 J 47(53%)

Q4. Provision, administration, processes and services

of libraries :

A. General reference libraries

B. General lending libraries

C. University and college libraries . .

Q5. Provision, administration, processes and services
of special libraries and information services :


I. Australiana .

Total Merit


76 3


12 (70. )
11 (52,)

7 (47,)

18 (78,)

5 (30, )

10 (48, )

8(53 t )

5 (22, )

Q6. History and purposes of libraries and related

32 (71

Q7. Production, acquisition and indexing of materials

for research ............ 22 (58 )

Q8. Production, publication, history and care of

books ............ 23 (68 )

Archives, with special reference to Australia . . 3 (100


Q10. Work with children

19(45 ( )

13 (29 (
16 (42 (
11 (32
23 55










October, 1.954

scene." Candidates often use the private
language or slang which grows up in most
libraries, apparently without any of the
awareness that should come from reading
that it is not standard and may be unknown
to the examiners.

The following are the comparative statistics
for the Preliminary Examination, 1953 and

Preliminary Examination

1953 1954

Passed . . . . 198 (69/ c ) 205 (67/ t )
Failed .. .. 89(31) 90(33%)

Total . . . . 287 304

Merit . . . . 6 (2,, ) 13 (4%)

The following are general statistics for the
Qualifying Examination for 1954:

Passes in Groups of Papers

1 who took 6 papers passed in 6

1 1 who took 4 papers passed in 4

1 1 who took 4 papers passed in 3

3 who took 4 papers passed in 2

5 who took 4 papers passed in 1

19 who took 3 papers passed in 3

19 who took 3 papers passed in 2
15 who took 3 papers passed in 1
25 who took 2 papers passed in 2

20 who took 2 papers passed in 1
1 who took 1 paper passed in 1

Total 130 who passed in one or more papers
out of 174 who attempted one or
more papers at the Examination
. 29 candidates completed the Qualify
ing Examination in 1954.
The following are extracts from the
examiners general remarks on papers:

P.I. Books and Libraries: "Rightly or
wrongly, the examiners took the view, as
always, that this Preliminary paper must be
regarded as just that, that it should not be
unduly exacting and that it should be marked
with reasonable liberality. The shocking
thing is that even under these conditions a
number of candidates could not achieve pass

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