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road was completed without a hitch by the
end of January, 1951.

The library exists primarily to serve the
needs of the academic staff and students, and
the acquisition programme has closely
followed the establishment and development
of the various departments within the four
research schools. It is a working library and
for this reason no attempt has been made to
acquire material which is outside the scope
of the University s research work and, in
consequence, whole fields of knowledge are
entirely unrepresented in the stock. If the
scientific departments were to do the work
for which they were established, it was
imperative that early steps be taken to
provide the essential published material and
the library has now built up strong serial and
book collections in the non-clinical medical,
physical, geophysical and chemical sciences,
and in the associated fields of mathematics
and mathematical statistics. In these fields
it has very largely filled the gap in library
resources which formerly existed in Canberra.
To pursue their studies satisfactorily in
certain branches of the social sciences, par
ticularly Australasian history, government
and politics, students must frequently have
access to original documents and manuscript
material which, by the nature of things, is
generally to be found in one or other of the
major national or historical collections,
among which may be mentioned the Com
monwealth National Library in Canberra and
the Mitchell Library in Sydney. The former
also aims at completeness in printed material
in certain fields, particularly in Australian
history, government and politics. In select
ing material in the social sciences the library
staff had one definite guide the University
was intended to provide for post-graduate
research and study but for the rest it had
to exercise imagination combined with a
considerable measure of reserve in the expec
tation that the authorities controlling other
libraries in Canberra and elsewhere would
make their resources freely available to the
University. Such indeed has proved to be the
case and it is pleasing to record that relation
ships with other libraries have been most
cordial and co-operative. The University
library has therefore not attempted to pur
chase rare items and unique material, but

January, 1955



has sought rather to acquire in the social
sciences a good collection of secondary
material of high standard which would be of
maximum service to members of the Univer
sity. It is endeavouring, however, to establish
a first class collection of geographical material
in both its physical and human aspects, and
to provide a good coverage of books in the
related studies of sociology, anthropology
and ethnology. The library possesses about
20,000 volumes in Chinese and Japanese
designed to serve the Department of Far
Eastern History and the Department of
International Relations. It comprises material
of classical and historical interest, including
most of the dynastic histories and modern
works in history, literature and political

From its inception the library has en
deavoured to make its stock freely available
to the reader. As far as possible all books
are on open access. Every effort is made
to catalogue expeditiously so that there may
be little de,lay between the receipt of books
and their placing on the shelves, while
borrowing restrictions have been reduced to a
minimum. Because of its youth the library
contains little dead stock and the demands
on it are now heavy and continually increas
ing. Its future development will of necessity
be guided by that of University departments
but there is a considerable measure of agree
ment that the University will best be served
by a library of moderate size which will make
it possible to continue the intimate relation
ship between academic staff, library staff, and
books which has proved successful in the
early years.

The construction of a permanent building
to house the general collection will enable
the library to provide a number of desirable
services at present not possible, and above all
will eliminate the fire hazard associated with
a timber structure. Plans for the lay-out of
the library to be incorporated in the per
manent Medical School building, at present
under construction, provide for the storage of
30,000 volumes and comfortable reading

The forthcoming second supplement to the
second edition of the "Union Catalogue of the
Scientific and Technical Periodicals in the
Libraries of Australia" will undoubtedly

make more widely known the library s
resources in the scientific fields. In the mean
time copies of a check list of scientific
periodicals held at 31st December, 1953,
which was distributed among State, univer
sity and C.S.I.R.O. libraries, have proved of
value. Details of holdings in social science
periodicals are being supplied to the National
Library Union Catalogue.

In conclusion, the librarian extends a
hearty invitation to his colleagues to use the
library whenever they feel that it can be of
assistance to them. The inter-library loan
system has functioned well and the Univer
sity library borrows freely from and lends
freely to other libraries in Canberra and


Among the recent accessions to the Library
reported in this issue were three notable gifts.
The first of these was the presentation which,
during his visit, Dr. Schellenberg made on
behalf of the United States National Archives.
This was a copy on microfilm of Despatches
from United States Consuls in Sydney, 1836-
1906, now in the United States Archives and,
until their microfilming, an untapped source
of Australian historical research. The second
was the arrival of 1,200 items, the gift of
Sir Edward Hallstrom, formerly housed in the
School of Pacific Administration in Sydney.
The collection covers history, comparative
religion and sociology, with particular refer
ence to the Pacific Area, and includes a
number of rare items and valuable sets. The
third was a gift from the Library of the
House of Commons, comprising approxi
mately 750 volumes of early law and legisla
tive material relating to British Colonies and
filling in gaps prior to the series received by
the Library under its arrangements for inter
governmental exchange of official publica
tions. Another gap in the Library s collection
was reduced also by the acquisition of two
further series of Martens Recueil-general de
traites: the Nouveau supplement, 1817-42, and
the Nouveau recueil-general, 1843-56. Earlier
volumes of the Rolls Series and Public Record
Office publications unsuccessfully sought over
some years were acquired from a collection
formerly in the Royal Institution in London.



January, 1955



Federal Council has now approved dates
and a rough outline programme for the
Conference. This programme is printed here
with in order to give members as much notice
as possible to facilitate arrangements for
leave and so forth.

The Queensland Branch will undertake to
book accommodation if such a service is
desired and in this connection "Book Early"
appears to be the watchword. A certain
amount of billeting in private homes will be
available for those who prefer it.

Members are reminded that Council has
approved the principle of subsidy to Branches
to enable the largest number of delegates to
attend the Conference. The subsidy, allotted
on a basis of forty delegates from New South
Wales and two from Western Australia, with
other Branches in proportion to size and
distance, will have the effect of reducing the
return air fare for each delegate to about 17.
Delegates will still have to pay for their own


Tuesday, 23rd August-
Morning University of Queensland
10.00 a.m. General Council meets.
12.45 p.m. Luncheon.

2.00 p.m. Council resumes.
4.30 p.m. Adjournment.
7.30 p.m. Board of Examination meets.


Wednesday, 24th August
Morning University of Queensland

Plenary Session

11.00 a.m. Introduction by President.
11.10 a.m. Official Opening.
11.30a.m. Presidential Address.
12.45 p.m. Luncheon.
Afternoon University of Queensland

2.00 p.m. Sections meeting in Committees

of the whole.

5.00 p.m. Adjournment.
6.30 p.m. Buffet Dinner for distinguished

Evening Brisbane City Hall (or elsewhere

in City)
Plenary Session

8.00 p.m. Address (by Dr. Luther Evans ?)
9.15 p.m. Conversazione/Sherry Party.
Thursday, 25th August-
Morning University of Queensland

Plenary Session and Committees
9.30 a.m. Annual General Meeting.
10.00 a.m. Resolutions from Committees to


11.30 a.m. Resumption of Committees.
12.45 p.m. Luncheon.
Afternoon University of Queensland

Committees and Plenary Session
2.00 p.m. Resumption of Committees.
3.30 p.m. Resolutions from Committees to


4.45 p.m. Votes of thanks.
4.55 p.m. Closing address by President.
5.00 p.m. Conference concludes.


Friday, 26th August ~
Morning University of Queensland
9.30 a.m. Council resumes.
12.45 p.m. Luncheon.

2.00 p.m. Council resumes if necessary and
continues to finish of business.


The United States Educational Foundation
in Australia announces that, under the pro
vision of the Fulbright Programme, travel
grants are available to Australian citizens to
go to America for an academic or educational
purpose, such as study, research, lecturing or
the pursuance of further educational activi
ties. All awards are competitive.

The basic criteria for awarding travel
grants are:

(a) Applicants must hold a University
degree or recognised professional quali
fication prior to actual departure.

(b) Applicants must possess a guarantee of
financial support in dollars for the pro
posed period of the visit to America.

(c) All applicants, whatever their pro
gramme in America, must be definitely
affiliated with an American institution
of higher learning. In the case of
medical internships, the hospital to
which the applicant hopes to go must
be acceptable to the registration body.

(d) The minimum period of study in the
United States for graduate students is

Library Bookbinding


Country Clients

Loose Parts are Lost Parts
Have Them Bound

Phone: LU 2745


1955 Handbook



including postage

from the office of the

c/o. Public Library of N.S.W.
Macquarie Street, SYDNEY

The Hour Strikes!



For information and assistance,

write to the
Queensland Branch L.A.A.

c/o. The Library
St. Lucia, S.W. 6, BRISBANE

Directory of "* |J
Special? Libraries

Sj , in Australia

Compiled by

The Special Libraries Section of



This is a Directory of the Special Libraries

of Australia and of Special Collections in

the large Reference Libraries, with

a Subject Index

Publication Date February 1955

Price 1-0-0

Pre-Publication Orders accepted now at the office of the

Association, c/o Public Library of N.S.W.,

Macquarie Street, Sydney

January, 1955



nine months. Lecturers and senior
research workers must intend to spend
at least three months in the United
States (exclusive of travel time) of
which about two-thirds should be spent
at one university or recognised research
institution. Grants cannot be given for
attendance at conferences alone. All
candidates are expected to return to
reside permanently in Australia.
(c) All applicants must be Australian


These travel grants are available for travel
to America for or during the American
academic year, September to June. All travel
grants cover the cost of direct travel between
the candidate s home in Australia and the
Institution he wishes to attend in America.
No allowances are made for dependents

Since the funds of the Foundation are in
non-con vert able Australian currency, it is
not possible to offer grants for maintenance,
tuition or incidental expenses whilst in the
United States.

There are offering two types of awards:

(a) For advanced research scholars and
visiting lecturers (usually scholars at
the doctorate level). The closing date
for receipt of applications is 15th

(b) For postgraduate students. The clos
ing date for the receipt of applications
is loth February.

Note. No applications can be considered
after the closing dates.

Further information and application forms
may be obtained from the United States
Educational Foundation, c/- American
Embassy, Canberra.


Bliss The organization of knowledge and
the system of the science.-

JOHN HIRST, 82 Anzac Parade, Kensing
ton, Sydney.


Proc. of the Physical Society of London
(Series A), from Jan., 1948-Aug., 1953 (incl.).

Journal of Scientific Instruments, Jan.,
3945-Dec., 1952 (incl.).

Physics Abstracts, Jan., 1947-Dec., 1952

Apply Librarian, C.S.I. R.O., University
Grounds, City Rd., Chippendale, N.S.W.


The Linderman Library of Lehigh Univer
sity, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., has
instituted the plan of employing always one
qualified librarian on the staff from the
British Commonwealth. Miss Margaret M.
Kennelly, a graduate of the Library School
of the Public Library of New South Wales,
and until her departure for the U.S., Assistant
Librarian of the United States Information
Service Library, Melbourne, is the first

The purpose of the plan is to provide a
means for in-service professional experience
and for the interchange of ideas and outlook.

Specific provisions include the following :

1 . The applicant shall hold proper certifica
tion as to professional qualifications in the
country of residence: and shall be between
25 and 35 years of age ; either male or female.

2. The employee becomes a regular mem
ber of the library staff who works under the
same conditions of employment, including
salary, as American members of similar

3. Employment is to endure for one year,
renewable for a second year upon the recom
mendation of the librarian of Lehigh Univer
sity, and with the approval of the U.S.
Immigration and Naturalization Service.

4. The employee is to perform his or her
work during the first year in the Cataloguing
Department of the Technical Processes
Division. The time during the second year
(if any) is to be divided at the ratio of 3 to 1
between the Cataloguing Department and
Reference, respectively.

It is recognized that, apart from these
specific duties the Commonwealth Librarian
should gain by an understanding of the
general method of library operation. There
fore, a certain amount of training in both
acquisitions work and administration may be

5. The employee will be required to file
with the librarian of Lehigh University, and
with his immediate superior in the country
of origin (if on leave), a detailed report of
each year s work.

6. The applicant must provide his or her
transportation to and from Bethlehem,

Note. All applications from Australian librarians
should be made in the first instance, to the Hon
orary General Secretary of the Library Association
of Australia. Ed.



January, 1955



Bair, Heather Grace
Burne, Bruce Thomas
Crofts, Ruth Carey
Menzies, Walter Neil
Robinson, Judith Catherine
Salvador, Mrs. Christine
Schneider, Anne Theresa
Velins, Mrs. Erika
Whittle, Edith Julia
Wilkinson, Margaret Ada


The Children s Library, Newport.
Current Book Distributors.
Electrolytic Zinc Co. of Australia.
The Liberal Party of Australia (N.S.W.

Division) .

Newcastle University College, Tighe s Hill.
Sutherland Shire Library.
The University of New England, Armidale.
Allen, Mrs. Megan Constance
Allen, Mrs. Yvonne Cresswell
Bampton, Mrs. Gladys Olga
Bongers, Beverley Anne
Brolly, Elizabeth Helen
Brooker, Margaret Rosemary
Cabb, Wendy Elizabeth R.
Callaghan, Patricia Mary
Cambridge, Julia Gray
Chambers, Gwenneth Evelyn
Chester, Esther Lina
Clare, Margot Beverley
Clouston, Mrs. Marie
Clout, Anita H.
Crane, Roslyn Ann
Cully, June Eleanor
Dawson, Judith Anne
Doniela, William Vyt
Duffy, Robin Moynie
English, Carole Louise
Erdos, Renee Fauvette
Evans, Joan Patricia
Everingham, Robyn Virginia
Ferrier, Mary

Fitzgerald, Helena Margareta
Fowler, Mrs. Margaret Phyllis
Fallagher, Kathleen Beryl
Gatley, Merice Elaine
Gillam, Helen
Gilmour, Anthony Hugh
Goddard, Mrs. Dorothy
Gordon, Elizabeth Helen

Green, Philippe Rodwell
Grooms, Janie Rosemary
Handscomb, Gladys Claire
Harvey, Brian Warwick
Hogan, Margaret
Hope, Cherry
Horner, Reginald
Houghton, Keith Ernest
Humphries, Shirley Gladys
James, Nina Lorna
Kennedy, Margaret Joyce
Keys, Jasmine Churchill
Kirkness, Vera Joan
Laws, Ruth Rosemary
Llewellyn, Shirley Ivy
Louis, Mrs. Phyllis Nena
Lovering, Mrs. Beatrice Maud
Me Adam, Jill Douglas
McCracken, Eileen
McKinnon, Margaret
McMahon, Anne Monica
McPhee, Janice Mary
Marsden, Elizabeth Anne
Meletios, Janice Helen
Miller, Jeanine Genevieve
Mitchell, Judith Joy
Nariznyj, Symon
Neville, Eileen Mary
Nicolson, William Peter Steele
Nielson, Julie Marie
O Farrell, Margaret Anne
O Leaty, Philippa Perpetua
Palmer, Patricia Ann
Paterson, Helen Fairlie
Pert, Mary
Powrie, Audrey Ruth
Purser, Mrs. Anne Clarke
Quiller, Judith Anro
Quodling, Helen Patricia
Raine, Jocelyn Mary
Ramsay, Dorothy Stanbury
Reading, Marina Elizabeth
Rees, Alan Lloyd
Rider- Jones, June
Robb, Julia Rose
Rovkin, Ruth
Ryan, Jeannette Ruth
Sim, Helen Grant
Spints, Betty Rose
Stayner, Robina
Stilwell, Geoffrey Thomas
Sullivan, Marcia Mary
Taunton, Julia Marjorie
Taylor, Jill Annette
Teate, Valerie Claire
Thompson, Olga Camillus

January, 1955



Waine, Beverley Ann

Walker, Anne Romaine

Warnes, Mabel Gertrude

Warwick, Patricia Joan

Waterhouse, Evan Wilson

Wilkie, Diana Edina

Wilson, Barbara Isabel

Wilson, Barbara Jean

Wright, Judith Mary


Barry, Joan Evelyn

Basteed, Jill Palmer

Denmead, Rosemary Claire

Doig, Anne Judith

Donald, Mavis Lorraine

Greenstreel, Judith Anne

Harding, Claire Ann

McLeod, Fiona Margaret

Nanni, Mrs. Florence Margaret

Mansfield, Sally Patricia

Mutze, Freda

North, Jennepher Anne Landsborough

Nussey, Edward Reid

Pleak," Clifford Theo

St. George, Judith Ann

Smith, Jeane Eunice Hackshall

Thatcher, Ailison Carson

Weeks, Lynette Marjorie

W T indon, Shirley Ruth

South Australia

Chrysler Australia Ltd.

Perry Engineering Co. Ltd.

Aylmore, Neville Charles

Brice, Annette

Brough, Mrs. Linda

Cocks, Gillam Anne de Bohun

Creaser, Helen Mary

Dawe, Peter Harold

Devitt, Helen Levaun

Gray, Joan Elizabeth

Hill, Helene Mary

Jenkins, Jennifer Marjorie

Mason, Billie Claudette

Mildren, Margaret Anne

Mortimer, Arthur William Blake
Price, Margaret Anne
Proudman, Dorothy Mena
Shephard, Vivienne Elizabeth
Shepherd, Jillian Lloyd
Smith, Jnnifer Ann


Clippingdeale, Mary Margaret

Hellewell, Vida Mary
Jackson, Judith Ann
Lovett, Phillipa Ann
Mollross, Kathleen Madge
Reynolds, Jennifer Mary


State Rivers and Water Supply Com
Acton, Margaret May
Anderson, Hugh McDonald
Brett, Mrs. Joan Frances
Britain, Ian Charles
Brown, Mrs. Rhoda Grace
Burchett, Winston Harold
Calder, Mary Elizabeth
Canavan, Eunice Aimee Ronget
Chesterfield, Isabell Ann
Cross, Helen
Cummins, Joyce Irene
Darling, Keith Selwyn
Davis, Kathleen Frances
Davy, Lesley June
Dawson, Diana Ruth
Dick, Emily
Donaldson, Jean Valerie
Engelman, Mrs. Tamara
Evans, Janice Melva
Fainsworth, Mary Ann
Fuller, Deidre Ngaio
Gates, Barbara Violet
Gleeson, Winifred
Gribble, Dorothy Helen
Gunner, Iris Marea
Harris, Dorothy Estelle
Hansen, Lila Gertrude
Henderson, Mrs. Joan Humphries
Hitchins, Barbara Anne
Hoctor, Laura Anne
Hughes, Elizabeth
Hynam, Barbara Mavis
Judkins, Lynette
Kelly, Frances Mary
King, Vera Joy
Krahnert, Brian Eric
Laxton, Helen Denise
Lobb, Lillian Ernestine
McCutcheon, Mrs. Lesly
McKenzie, Janet Elaine
McPbee, Anne Philomena
Mantel, Hannelore
Maslen, Joan Winsome
Masters, Joan Mary
Miller, Janet Fergas


January, 1955

Newtown, Betty

Palfy, Mrs. Katherine

Pescott, Gwynneth Ann

Pethebridge, Mrs. Dorothy Irene

Porter, Hal

Radvansky, Mrs. Susan Catherine

Ritchie, Anne Christine

Sharp, Ronald Cecil

Shillinglaw, Lynette Anne

Southby, Rosemary

Steele, Dorothy Margaret

Stowell, Pamela La Mothe

Tuxen, Mary Evelyn

Ward, John Livingstone

Webber, Alan Reid

Wedge, Lois Thelma

Wright, Jack Cecil

White, Margaret Joy

Wise, John Henry

Wood, Lesly Elizabeth

Western Australia

Moora District Public Library
Roberts, Leila Shirley

Corresponding Corporate

Sveriges Allmanna Biblioteksforenin^


Corresponding Corporate-
Indiana State Library.

Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Univer
sity of California.


Practical Aspects of Photo graphic Charging
is the title of the June, 1954, issue of the
University of Illinois Library School s
Occasional Papers. It is Number 39 in the
series and was written by Marianna Andres,
Chief of the Circulation Department of the
Evansville, Indiana, Public Library. Miss
Andres discusses the selection of a Photo-
charger for the Circulation Department of
the Evansville Public Library and the
changes this entailed in furniture, equipment
and personnel. She describes the use of the
Photocharger in various routines, such as
charging and discharging of materials, hand-
lirg of reserves and overdues, and the
registration of new patrons, and points out
the advantages and disadvantages of the new
system from the viewpoint of both patrons
and staff.

A copy of this paper will be sent to any
individual or institution without charge.



Mr. E. Seymour Shaw, M.B.E., a member
of the Library Board and President of the
N.S.W. Branch, spoke on Free Public Libraries
to a well attended meeting at Grenfell on
Wednesday, 13th October. On 12th Novem
ber he opened a new Public Library at

An enjoyable Christmas Party in the
Holme and Sutherland Room of the Sydney
University Union was held on Friday, 10th
December, from 5.30-7.30 p.m., and was
attended by about 110 members and their

The Branch Council for 1955 consists of
the following members:

President: Mr. C. E. Smith, B.A.

Past President: Mr. E. S. Shaw, M.B.E.
Yice-President : Miss M. McKechnie, B.A.
Hon. Secretary: Mr. T. B. Southwell, B.A,

Hon. Treasurer: Mr. H. Peake, B.A.
Other members are: Mrs. M. Cotton, Miss W.

Radford, B.A., B.S., Mr. C. C. Linz. Mr.

R. J. O Brien.
Representative on the Library Board: Mr.

E. V. Steel, B.A.
Representative Councillors: Miss F. M. T.

Thomas, B.A., LL.B., Mr. E. S. Shaw,



Since the last issue of the Journal appeared
two Branch meetings have been held. On
the 23rd September members heard an
address by Mr. L. Pring of the Oxley
Memorial Library, within the Public Library
of Queensland. He outlined the history of
this Library, giving brief accounts of many
of the people who had contributed to its
development, and also mentioned some
interesting items in the collection. The
Library, he said, had been for a number of
years very short of space, but recently more
room had been allotted to it and half a floor
of the Public Library building was now being
rebuilt and furnished for it.

On the 9th December, Mr. C. J. Austin,
Honorary Librarian of the Historical Society
of Queensland, gave an interesting and in
formative paper on the history, scope and
organisation of the Welsby Memorial Library.
Mr. Austin spoke of the life of Thomas
Welsby and of the collection which he pre
sented to the Historical Society. He also
dealt with many of the problems which he



Plug Gontoura into nearest
electric light outlet. Place a
sheet of paper over area to be
copied. Place Contoura on top of
paper and press switch for about

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