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Thus Paraphras'd.

Who, viewing Thefe ! can doubt the plunder' d Land,

By Sword and Eire, had felt th' Invader's Hand ?

Yet, when th' Enquirer hears, no Scythian bold,

Nor harden'd Goths, have done, what we behold ;

But, that a Natural, and a Christian King,

Could, of himfelf, fuch Defolations bring : Could

Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. in K. EDWARD the Vltlvs Reign. I 1 7

1545 \zz\ James Johnfon, 2 Walter yobson

Could be the Author of thefe dread Remains,

Which once adorn'd the Hills, the Groves, or Plains :

When nothing, but a fpecious Name, appears

Between His chief, and filthiest Deeds of theirs :

What must be thought, vile Sacriledge would crave, \

When, thro' Devotion, bleeding Wounds he gave,

So deep, as fent His Church near to Her Grave. )

[.;•;] But the King dy'd the following Year ; and was bu-
ry'd at Wind/or, where he had begun for himfelf a Princely Monu-
ment, and founded a College for 13 poor Knights, and two Priests.
Thus much more may be laid of him : That, by a Tyrant Popilh
.Monarch, the Kingdom was delivered from Subjection to the Sec of
Rome: The Confequence of which, was, That the Bleffed Gofpel
of Peace, Meeknefs, and Love, loon after took Place ; and, when it
had past fome fevere and fiery Tryals of Perfecution, triumph'd, in
Splendour, as we now behold it : In which happy State, GOD
grant it may long continue, amongst its faithful Profeffors, who are
adorn'd with univerfal Charity, even to the End of the World.

+ + + + + + + +. : +,+ ._+ + ^^i$^^^^^

King EDWARD VI. Jan. 28.

1546 TOhn Thacker, 1 *f No. Overfall % oxOverf ale

1547 J Thos. Dalton, 1 J William John fan

1548 [aaa] John Harrifon John Thorpe, or Thorn

\aaa~\ Tho' fo man)- Hofpitals had been lately destroy'd ; yet
this learned and excellent Magistrate had the courageous Piety to
ere< ta New One, near the Low-Church, in ChapeULane,{or poor Peo-
ple, as many as Ten Shillings a Week, in commi m, would maintain.
But he order'd, in his Will, tinted in 1550, (in which Yearhedy'd)
That what he left his dear Wife Elisabeth, mould, after her De-
ceafe, be apply'd to their I'fe, U>v better Maintenance, which was
confiderable, to be paid to them, Weekly, thro' the Care of the
Mayor, Burgefles, and their Succeflbrs, whom he appointed to iV «.•
his Will executed. And indeed he had pretty Estates in ///ill ,■ as
three Mefluages and Gardens in High-Street; with Lands, Tene-
ments, Meadow s,and Pastures, in the County; others, al Eaflwick,
in Holdernefs ; Cottiug/tatn, in Yorkshire; Barton, \x\ Lincolnshire;
and in other Places: All whit h, at the Lady's I )eath, were apply'd
to his Defire ; And, no doubt, bul th<- Number in the 1 [ofpital were
:. in Proportion t" the additional Charity.

1 1 8 Chap. vn. Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. in Rcigu of EDW. VI.

1 549 [fid/?] Walter Jobfon, i . IVm. Angle or Angel

1 550 J n. Overfail, or Overfall Tkos.ipr Rofil.) Dalton

1 55 1 [ccc] Alexander Stockdaile, 2 Walter Flint on

1552 John Thacker, 2 y antes Stockdaile

\bbb~\ This Year the Corporation made a ftrict Regulation, to
prevent what might be remifs in the Civil Government They
came to a Refolution, to punifli Vice, and Immorality, in a more
fevere Manner ; and to correct the paft Negligences of thofe who
had been, or future Remifnefs of others who were to be, in Power,
for difhonourable Actions, whilft in Office. Upon which Account,
fending for Mr. Job/on, Mr. John/on, and Mr. Thorpe, who had been
Sheriffs but of late, and had not feaftcd fo splendidly as they ought
to have done ; nor, as the Charter ordain'd, upon Enterance into
their Office, bought, along with their own, Scarlet Gowns, alfo,
for their Ladies (the Penalty of which Neglect was decreed to be
20I. to be levy'd for the Ufe of the Corporation, and \ol. to
be apply'd towards the fettling of the Poor in Charity-Hall)
to be ornamented with, on publick Occafions, during their Hus-
bands Shrievalty ; the Court laid a heavy Fine upon them : And
further decreed, that every Sheriff, for the future, fliould (as they
were to do) pay 6/. 13^. 41I. for every fuch Offence, which feem'd
to be an Affront upon the Magiftracy, to whom they wereoblig'd
to be fubfervient, purely for the Honour and Dignity of the Town.

[ccc] Becaufe the Town of Hull had been always loyal to the
Anceftors of the King, and confequently tohim, the young Monarch
granted, to the Inhabitants, the entire Manor of the Town ; the 6th
Part of That of Sutton, in Holdeniefs; the Manor of Tupcotcs, with
JJ/y/tw, which lately belong'd to Sir William Sidney; the Patronage
of the Charter-Houfe Hofpital ; and, in fhort, all the Jurifdictions,
relating to Courts, Ecclefiaftical, or Civil, in Kingjlon, and Towns
belonging to the County of Hull. Nor was his careful Munificence
lefs, than that of his Bounty : For he deliver'd, into their Cuftody,
the Caftlc, and Block Houfes, (including the Gardens and Lands
within their Circuit) which flood on the Side of Drypool, in the
County of York. Thus were they to be abfolute Keepers, inde-
pendant, without being accountable, of the Profits, to the King, or
his Succeffors : Only, that they were obliged to uphold the Works
at their own Expence (except 50/. Yearly, which his Majefty al-
low'd out of fome of his Revenues) with fufficient Ordnance and
Ammunition for their Security : And therefore, the King further
granted, That, from thenceforth, the Places, whereon they flood,


Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. in the Reign of Queen MAR1 I. I 1 9

Queen MARY I. July 6,

1553 JjEnry Thurfcrofs, 2 \ddd\ZJUgh Hall

1554 Tho. Dalton, y<v//. 1 [^r] //7;/. Dingley

with their Bounds, fhould be no more faid to be within the Limits
of ) 'orkshire, but in the Priviledgeof Hull ; whofe Inhabitants fhould
have the fame Power, as they had in the Town. To make their
Authority yet greater, they might place therein, or displace, whom
they thought convenient. The)- had alfo given them the Right of
Prefentation of the Church-Hofpital, near the Town, to commence
after the Death of the Incumbent : Which House they were then
to infpect, that the People might not be Sufferers therein ; but live
comfortably, accordingto the pious Intent of the Founder. Yet foon
after Commiffioners being fent to examine what Riches, Plate, or
Jewels, belong' d to Churches in general ; under their Examination,
thofc of Hull were again plunder'd to fuch degree, that they had
fcarcely remaining a Cloth to cover the Altar in Decency, or a Cha-
lice to hold the Wine, at the Administration of the Bleffed Sacra-
ment ! This Year was taken, at Haffel Cliff, a prodigious Fifh, 20
Wards in Length ; which was look'd upon as an unhappy Omen :
Put I will not, nay, i cannot fay, of the young innocent King's
Death; tho' it was not very long after this, that his precious Soul
departed from the World, into the Hands of the Almighty.

\_ddd~\ The Inhabitants of Hull, having had a long Suit with
thofe of Beverley, who, as they deny'd to pay for, were prevented
from, palling thro' the Bridge of //////, that had been creeled by the
Queen's Father, was this Year left to the Decifion of Robert Cou-
Jlable, and Wright, of HotJiam, and Wellwick; * Inthony Smethby t oi
BrantingJiam : Thomas Grim/ion, of Godtnanham, Efquires ; and
Tliomas Dowman, oi Pocklington, Gentleman. Each Party was
oblig'd, in 200/. Bond, to fubmit to their Arbitrators: Who gave
linft the former Inhabitants, by allowing the Veffels, belonging
to Beverley, and all the Towns, joining on the River, to fail freely
through the Bridge, with their Malls upright, if they thought con-
venient About this time, feveral of the Reformed Clergy were
either forced to quit this Realm, or obliged to live in a private

tirement, from the Duties of their Holy Function.

\eee] Sir /!'. Knowles, this Sear, prefented the Corporation with
a Gold Chain, weighing 4 Ounces, and a half; upon Condition,
that the Mayor fhould wear it every Sunday, I [oliday, and on par-
ticular Occasions, or elfe to forfeil 40/. for every Omiffion, Upon
the I lop.- of the Queen 1 being with Child, great Rejoicings wen

Q madi

120 Chap. vii. Mayors, Sin-rip, &c. in Reign of Q. Eliz.

1555 [ohn Thornton [fff] Jas\oxJno)Clarkfon

1556 Walter [obfon, 2 John (or George) Shawes t or

1557 Robert Dalton, 1 Edward Dalton {Shares

+ +. + + t + + + + + + + + ■+

Queen ELIZABETH, Nov. 17.

1558 A Lex. Stockdaile, 3 / Aw. Warton,ox Wharton

1559 J as. Clark Ion [ggg] Franc. Thorp, or '///o/yv
[56oThomas Dalton, 2 IVilliam Gee

made by the Catholicks in this Town : Their Prieft exerted his
( Oratory on the ( >ccafion, with the highefi Panegyricks on her Ma-
jefty, and her Royal Confort Kin- Philip: Te Denm was fung in
the Chancel of the High Church ; to which, and returning from
thence, the)- walk'd, in folemn Proceffion : But their Triumphs
were blafted, when News came, that there was no Sign-of the
Queen's Pregnane)-.

[fff] The Cloth Hall was let this Year, to .Mr. Thornton, for
one and forty Years, at the Annual Rent of 6/. i$s. 4>/. In for-
mer Times, it was ul'ual.that all Cloth fhould be examin'd herein,
before it was expos'd to Sale, by Strangers, under the Penalty of 3^.
4</. for every Neglect : Which cuftom was now renew'd by a frefh
Order, to render it more binding.

[&£&~\ O nc ^ r - G re g or y being chofen Sheriff this War, upon de-
nying to (land, a great Confufion fpread over the Town. This,
very juftly, mov'd the Magiftrates to complain of him to the Court.
The Queen, and her 1'rivy-Council, being much inceiifed at his
Refufal, order'd him to be fined One Hundred Pounds, disfranchi-
Ped, and turned out of the Town : All which was executed accord-
ingly, to the great Difgrace of that obftinate Gentleman.

AND here I conclude this long Chapter, wherein a tolera-
ble Account has been given of the MAYORS and Sheriffs;

but, indeed, very little, or almoft none of the Chamber-
lains; any farther, than, that their Original fprung from
antient Times, not long after the Building of the Town ;
Hut now, proceeding, for the greater part, to a regular Suc-
ceflion ; their Names, alfo, lhall be mention'd, under the
next Head, with as much Care, and F.xactnefs, as the feve-
ral Accounts, that I lhall carefully perufe, will poflibly enable
me to perform CHAP.


< I ( Continuation of the M AY ORS, S 1 1 e r t f fs ,

together with fome Account of the Chamberlains, and what
Transactions have happen' d, relating to Kingfton-upon-Hull,
until the Year */ CHRIST, 161 i.

A. D. MAYORS and +' r

c C II A M B E R LA I X S .

S 11 E R I F F S . +

[561 npHomas Allured ) OObcrt Wood

l/t/t/t) yohn Smith ) Geo. Hewit, or Hewet

1562 William Gee. I ) Wil. Williamfon, or Wilfon.

[Hi] Rod. Armin, or Annyn. ) J allies (or Sam.) Almond.

[//////] The Reader is defired to obferve, That, for the future, the
Letters, which refer to Notes at the Bottom of the Page, will be un-
der the Figures of each Year, preceding the Sheriff's Name. This
Year, therefore, Anno 1561, His Grace, Thomas Young, Archbi-
fhop of York, coming- to vifit Hull, the 9th Day of June, was met,
upon his Enterance,by the Mayor and Aldermen, in their Scarlet
Robes, attended by the Sheriff, Chamberlains, Burgefles, <&r. in their
feveral Formalities. That Prelate, being invited to the Houfe of
thi 1 lead Magiftrate, was there fplendidly entertain' d. Soon after.
having fettled Ecclefiaftical Affairs, he preach'd an excellent Ser-
mon, and confirmed fome thoufands of People.

Hi] A notorious [mpiety was difcovered. One Thomas Weft,
.1 Taylor, and Tfabel, his Wife, being, thro' [dlenefs, pul to their
Shifts to live, contrived a very wicked Method : the one to turn a
hectoring Bully; the other, a fcandalous Proftitute. No fooner
had fhe entie'd each juvenile Mars into the Net ofherluftful Em-
braces ; but, out comes the valiant Taylor, Sword in Hand, more
fierce than a terrible Vulcan, threatning either to caftrate the Of-
fender, or fheath the dreadful Blade in his tender Heart's Blood :
except he paid very dear, confiderably above the Market-Price
for hi> Redemption ! This Trade the thriving Couple had carry'd
on for fome Time; 'till, at length, being difcover'd, they were ap-
prehended, and brought to Juftice The man was disfranchise ;
both committed to Prison, where they were kept a .Month on Bread
and Water; afterwards ignominiously drawn, through the Str
in a Cart, with a Paper on their Heads, declaring their abominable

A< tioiis ; and, at lall, banilh'd out of the Town, never to Ut Foot

therein again, under Pain of more severe Punifhment.

'■'■\ Madam

122 Chap. vtii. Mayors^ Sheriffs, &c. in Reign of Q. Eliz.

1563 John Smith ) William Smith
yohn Bir, <>r /lever ) John I )rake, or Brake

1564 R.(ia\ ton.. ■;■( a\ ton ) Thomas Hog, orHoggG
Ju. or Wil Parker,or Barker ) W'il. Seearth, or Scath

1565 Walter Flinton ) Tho. Arenfton,^Arnefton
Rob.Naylor^ox Nayler ) Jn. Mattifon, wMaddifon

1566 John Thornton, 1 ) HughKirlfoot^Kirkfoot

Thomas Dowley \ Jn. Hodgfon^Hodgden

1567 Robert Dal ton, 2 ) J n .FawtherorFairweather
yn.Gregorie,orGregory ) Wil. Scholes, or Scales

1568 James Clarkfon, 2 ) William Carlisle
[kkk] William III If on ) Edward Clarke

1 569 Thomas Dal ton, 3 ) John Loggan, or Logan
[///] yohn Rimington ) John Mounfey,^^Alanfy

[/•/•/■J Madam Knowles, (who became the Spoufe of John
An FORD, Efq; ) enlarg'd the Golden Chain, (which the Knight,
her former Husband, had given, forthe Mayor's IJfe ) byaddingthe
Value of Ten Pounds in Angel Gold. That of Three Pounds more
was given by Madam THURSCROSS. So that the Whole, which
confifted of 317 Link's, weighed near 12 Ounces.

[///] An Insurrection broke out in the North. Nicfwlas Mor-
ton, a Romilh Prieft, is said to have been lent, by the Pope, to pro-
nounce the Queen an 1 leretick ; which occafion'd a Writing, That
the old Englilh Religion was to be reftor'd, for which they had ta-
ken up Arms. The Duke of Norfolk, and feveral Catholicks,
declaring againlt it, offer'd their I'erfons, and Purfes, againft thofc
Men that begun it ; and who now, being increas'd to 4OOO Foot,
and 6000 Horfe.werc march* d to Durltam; in which Cathedral they
tore both Common-Prayer-Books, and Bibles. The Heads of thefe,
were the [ 1] Earls of Northumberland and Wefimoreland ; the
Lords Edward Dacres and Nevill : with Gentlemen of Note ; as
[2] Norton, Tempefl, Danby, and others. But hearing, they were
foon to be oppos'd by the Earl of Sujfex, Lieutenant of the North,
whom they thought to have taken Prifoner at Cawood, where he
refided ; that he was to be affiled by the Lord Scroop, with Sir
George Boives ; and that M VRY, Queen of Scots, for whofe Sake
they role, was removed from Tutbury to Coventry; then they
came, in Fury, and befieg'd I3] Baynard Caftle : Which, after
fome time furrendering, they thought to have furprized Kingfton-


Mayors, Sheriffs, Chamberlains, ike. in Q. Eliz. Reign. I 23

1570 Lawrence Wharton) Luke Thurfcrofs^/Thrif-

Wittiam Smith fChriftopher May (crofs

157 1 Chrilt. Stockdaile [JohnFrewick^rFrowick

upon- Hull, thro' the Treachery of one named iSmttf), who engaged,
in the Night Time, to fet open the Gates. But the Man, be-
ing taken, and difcovering his Intention, the Defign was timely pre-
vented. After this, the People of the Country arifing, purfued them
into the North ; where feveral were taken, and from whence others
efcaped into Scotland. Above 60 Men were hang'd, fortius Offence,
at [4] Durham. The Earl of Wejimoreland lived to an old Age ;
but in a miferablc Condition, amongd the Spaniards, to whom he
fled, being fupported by them but with a veryfmall Penlion: And
at [5] York, where feveral had been executed, the Earl of Northum-
berland was, on a Scaffold erected at the Pavement, beheaded on
the 22d of Augttjl, 1572. The pale and ghaftly Head was placed,
as a wretched Spectacle of Adverfe Fortune, on a high Pole, upon the
Top of Micklegate Bar : [From which, about two Years after,
much about the Time when a great Earthquake happen'd in York,
it was ftolen away] Hut his Bod)- was interr'd in Crux Church, only
attended by twoof his Men Servants, and three Women. The other
Rebellion, that foon, in the fame Year, [viz. 1569.] follow'd what
has been mention'd, was at Naworth Caftlc, belonging (and near)
to which was a Town, of that Name, in Cumberland, occafion'd (in
order likewife to procure the Queen of Scots Deliverance) by Leo-
nard Daeres, Son to the late Lord of that Name The Youth very
bravely withftood, for fome time, the Attacks of the valiant Lord
I Inn/don, Governour of Berwick : But being over-power'd, was obli-
ged to fly into /-'landers ; and coming to Lovain, he made his hill
Exit, in miferable Poverty.

\jnmni\ A difmal [6 Flood happen'd, on the Night of All-Souls,
which occafion'd the like Damage to //////, and indeed to many
other Parts, as happened at the lall mention'd dreadful Inun-
dation, when Merchandize, People, and Cattle, were deftroy'd.

Explanatory Inferences to the Notes belonging to the )■■■ ■ 1569 and 1571.
|1| Thorna I' ind Charles. \i\ < >n the 271I1 of May, 157". Thomas and

drawn from the Tower >>f London t>> TybttrA, ami there hang'd,
and quarter'd. \\\ It was defended 11 Days, 1 1 1 1 ■ >" the the Valour of Sir George
. and his Brother Robert \.\\ The chiefefl "i whom, was an Alderman
of the City; and Mr. Plumlree, a Prieft. -[5] On the 27th of March, 1570
nii'ii 1 1 I hue : John Fnlth 'lierh, Yorkshire, I rt Penetnan,

<>f StokesUy, and Simon "Bishop, Jun. of Pocklington, Gentlemen, were hang'd at
limy, tlit.ii II- d ! Q iters placed on tin I G . and al publick
1 |'. I f/ollingshead \oit<_-s, it

[////// ) The

[24 Chap. vill. Mayors, Sheriffs, %lc. in Reign of Q. Eliz.

1572 [ohn Smith. 2 ) Rich. Lodge, e/- Logan
William Scearth ) Edw. Priston, 0^ Preston

1573 William Gee, 2 } Here I find that no Cham-
yohn I Itirdc a file ) berlains arc mentioned.

[574 Wil. Williamfon ) Step.Prieftwood,^Prefton

[mm] Tho.Arnelfon,oxArenton ) I ,e< m.ird Wilfnn/vAYifton

1575 Robert Gayton ) Jeffery Jeffefs^r Jefferfon
[000] yohn Logan ) Robert Legard

1576 Jn. Fairweather ) Jn. Harryfon, or Harrifon
\ppp\ Edmund Clarke S Peter Richardfon

[nnn] The Magiftrates, this Year, by the wholfome Enftruc-
tions of the Archbifhop of York, dated y«/j> 20, fet about the Pu-
nilhmeiit of Vice, (occafion'd lliro' the Multitude of Mariners com-
ing to //////) without any RefpecT: of Perfons.

!<'('<'] Agreeable to the Defign, in the former Year, Church-
Wardens, and Sidefmen, were appointed, in every Ward ; to vifil
Ale-Houfes, Streets, and Clofes : tofeewhowere finfully fpending
their Time, when they mould have been at Church ; and to pre-
fent their Names, and Places of Abode.

\_ttr 1 The Plague raging beyond Sea, and Quarentine not 1"
ing well perform'd, it was brought, in fome degree, by Seamen, to
this Town: And that fatal Diftemper, being chiefly confin'd to
Black-Frycr-Gatc, (where, however, fcarcely perifh'd one hundred
Perfons) it was immur'd, at both hauls, by Order of the Magi-
ftrates ; only two little Doors, with fm.aU Porches, for the Watch-
men, that none of the Infected might efcape from thence ; and t<>
take in Provifions, with what was necefiary, for the Sick, in their de-
plorable Condition : But God, in Mercy, Mopping the Progrefs of
the Contagion, the Town was quickly replenifh'd, for what Peopli
they had loft. — Soon after, a prodigious Excefs of Apparel, grow-
1 immoii amongft the Ladies, the Magiftrates ui'cd their Endea-
vours to prevent it, by engaging the Minifters to pronounce their
Orders, very folemnly, in the Churches. But the lovely Females,
not much regarding that Doctrine, a more coercive Declaration
came forth, which quoted the Words of a Statute, That whatever
Woman wore Velvet in her Apparel, should immediately quit the
fame, or find a light Horfe toferve in Battle. What might be
thought of Mantccns, had they been ufed in thofe Days ?

I qqq J The

Mayors, SJieriffs, Chamberlains, &c. in Reign of 0. ELIZ. 125

1577 John Thornton, 2 } William Bra)
\gqq\yohn Whelpdaile ) Robert Taylor

1578 JamcsClarkfon,3) W'il.Robfon.^/'Robertfon
Edward 11 akefield ) Chriftopher Wormley

1579 John Gregory ) Tho. Emfon, or Empfon
Edward Prefton ) Robert Pelton, or Dal ton

1580 William Smith ) John Lynne (sley
Robert Legard ) Greg. Porman, or Worm-

1581 Edward Wakefield ~) Michael Webfter
Leonard 111 /ton ) William Richardfon

1582 William Gee, 3 ) Bartholomew Burnet
[rrr] II llliam Bray ) Peter Crew, or Green

1583 John Smith, 3 ) Anthony Burnfall, or
Robert Taylor ) George Davis (Burnfell

[<](]<]] The Archbifliop of York, Dr. Thomas Young, returning
from London (where he bad been a longtime lick) into Yorkshire ;
the Magiftrates of Hull fent his Grace, as a Mark of their Affec-
tion, a Prefent of a Butt of Sack. — Henry Hajlings, Karl of Hun-
tington, being Lord Prefidentofthe North, fent in Cuftody, to this
Town, feveral Romifli Priefts, Incendiaries, and Recufants, of their
Perfuafion, to be kept under clofe Confinement. — Pyrates were fo
common at this time, that fcarce a Merchant Ship could fail in
Safety : The Queen then ordering the Lord High Admiral to ufe
his Endeavours again fl them, he required this Town to fit out two
flout Men of War. Thefe, being gallantly mann'd, took feveral of
thofe Robbers, and brought 'em Captives to //////. They were try' d
before the Mayor and .Aldermen, (to whom the Queen had fent a
Commiflion) aflifted by the active Lord Prefident aforefaid, Sir
Thomas Gargravc, Sir Henry dales, together with feveral Gentle-
men. Theguilty Wretches could plead nothing, to Purpofe,in 1 >e
fence of their Lives; and therefore fix of them were coiideiun'd
to be hung in Chains upon the Sea-Coafts, as a Warning to others.

[rrr] The Lord WlLLOl GHBY, being fenl Ambaflador to the
King of Denmark, embark'd at //////, on the i.|th of July, attend-
ed by th<- King .it Arms, to cany the mofl noble Order of the
Garter to the Danifli Monarch. The Archbifliop of York fent
.hi Ecclefiaftical Commiflion, dated yuly 7. empowering the Ma-
giftrates mor< 1 fif( ' tually to fupprefs finful Immorality.

\JJJ I Sir

126 Chap. VIII. Mayors^ Sheriffs, &c. in Reign of Q. Eliz.

1584 William Wilfon ) Anthon) Cole, or Pole
\lff\ Robert Pulton ) Edward Coke, or Cocke

1585 Leonard Wiston ) John Lister
\ftf\fVilliam Richard/on ) Lawrence Blacklocke

1586 Luke Thriscroffe ) George Almonde

yoliu Lyiuie ) John Graves

1587 William Bra) ) John Chapman

Richard Read ) Hugh Arming

1588 Robert Dalton ) John Yates

Anthony Cole ) Robert Spencer

1 589 John Gregor) ) William Barnard

Edward Cocke ) Marmaduke Hadlesey

1590 William Smith ) James IIaliey,^rIIallter

yo/ni Lifter ) Thomas Thackeray

i59iWilliamRichardfon ) Hugh Graves

yolin Chapman ) Mich.Beisbies^Beisley
1592 Edward Wakefield') Walter Peck
[vw] Anthony Burnfell ) John Dobson

\_fff~\ Sir Francis Waljingham was made (this Year) High-
Steward of Hull, to which he prov'd a kind Benefactor.

\_t 1 1~] The Lord Prefident fat as Judgeofthe Criminals: Some,
being convicted of Felon}-, and Burglary, fuflfer'd the Law : Vet,
what was more remarkable, an old Woman, for fuppofed Witch-
craft, was fentene'd to ftand 4 times in the Pillory, 4 1 lours every
time, and to fuflfer a Year's Imprifonment. But fuch like Accu-
fationshave been little regarded, fince the Tryal of Jane Wenham^
at Hartford, thro' the eminent Wifdom of the learned Judge, who
then fat upon the Bench. — About 800 Perfons, in Hull, fign'd an
Affociation to ftand by the Queen againft the Spanish Armado ;
when the Town alfo lent her 600/. to be paid out of the Exche-
quer, as loon as the Danger was over: Which, indeed, was not
long, thro' the Valour of her Naval Forces; who, bringing intire
Confufion amongfc the Spaniards, made them fly for their Lives.

\yvv\ On the 26th of September, an odd and furprizing Fifh
was (1)}- Storms from the South Eaft) driven to Shore on Drypool.
It was almoft of an Oval Shape, 6 Foot long, 5 broad, and 6 be-
tween the extreme- Parts of the upper and lower Fins : One of which

\\a s

Mayors, Sheriffs, Chamberlains, &c. in Reign of Q. El .IX. 12J

1593 Anthony Cole ) Chriftopher Harrifon
[www] Jas. Haddlefey ) James Gallon, <7/'Caffion

1594 Robert Taylor 7 # Adam Barkdaile (fon
Marmaduke Haddlefey ) # Geo.Wilfon^rWilliam-

1595 John Lifter ) f George Chapman

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