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being fecur'd by Captain Copley, he then let the Prisoners at Li-

[ 1 9 o ]


Continuation of the MAYORS, Sheriffs, and
Chamberlains, down to t lie present Year.

Kino- William III. and Ouecn Mary II.
February 13, 1689.

A.D. MAYOR W': Chamberlains .
Sheriff. \

1689 "P Obert Trippet, 1 ) \\7'ill.Cro\vl, or Crowle
[r] William I dell ) Will. St. Quintin

berty, when he knew it was impoflible for them, as being difarm'd,
to make the leaft Efforts againft the Proteftants. — Whilft the
Prince was triumphing, thro' his increafing Numbers, the King's
Affairs were in a declining Condition : 'Twas too late to make A-
mends for the Breaches he had made with his People. In his go-
ing to meet the Prince, to engage him, his Nofe, of a fudden, bled
to fuch a degree, that proved very difadvantageous by prolonging
the Time: Lord Churchill (afterwards Duke of Marlborough) left
him ; whom he had advane'd to greateft Honours. Prince Geofge
of Denmark, follow'd: The Princefs (afterwards Queen A wig
was oblig'd to live with her Husband, and defert her Father: His
Queen fore'd to fly beyond Sea; and he himfelf to fail from his King-
dom, andfeek Protection in France, under the King of that Country.
Thus a mighty Prince, who would grant a Toleration in Religion,
to every Body, was fore'd away from his Crown and Dignity, for his
own Faith ; becaufehe would eftablish Cf)<U, which was contrary to
the Conftitution of his Kingdom ; and mult have proved, in the End,
deftructive to thofe, for whofe Sake he feemed to plead for fuch Li-
bertyof Confcience: A Liberty, which would foon have been deny'd,
if the Counfel of Father Petre, and other Catholicks, had prevail'd,
in what they fo ardently fought for, to the Ruin of their Prince.

[r] The Kirft of January, King James arriv'd at Amb/c/eufe,
in France. — Sir John Hotham was made Governour, on the Se-
cond, tho' in his old Age, being a Perfon of whom the Prince well
approved; more fortunate than his Predeceffors : But he died the
26thof March following. — King William, having heard of the gal-
lant Behaviour of Captain Copley, made him Lieutenant-Gover-
nour; and, perhaps a Colonel, as I find him call'd by fevcral Wri-
t ers> — The Tenth of January, William Gee, and John Ram/den
Efqrs.appear'd at the Convention. — The Twenty Third, Mr. George


Chap. xit. Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. Reign of K. Will. &c. 191

1690 Anthony Ivefon \ Joshua Scott, or Scot
[f] II r illiam Hall ) Edmund Duncalf

1 69 1 Richard Gray, 1 7 Towers Wall is

[ ^ ] John Callings j Henry Lambert

1692 George Bacchus, 1 ) Michael Bielby, Mercer
[//] Thomas Harrifpn) James Mouldy Mowld

1693 Richard Ellis 7 Daniel Hoare, or Hoar

[ w ] Edmund Duncalf ) Thomas Clark, Merchant

1694 Henry Maifter, 2 7 J onn Thornton
[x] John Li /ala 11 ) John Brown

1695 Simon Si Hon ) John Somerfcales
[y] Martin Rafpin ) Jeremiah Shaw

BaccJius was elected Alderman. — The 13th of March, CJiarlcs Os-
born, and John Ram/den, Efqrs. were Members of Parliament. —
On the 6th of May, the Rev. Mr. Robert Banks was elected Vicar.
Mr. I VilliamBeilby was chofen Sheriff, before Mr. William Idell; but
fet afidc, becaufe he refufed to take the Oath. November the 12th,
the Danes arrived at //////. — William St. Quintin, Efq; one of the
Chamberlains, \yas afterwards created a Baronet, and madea Mem-
ber of Parliament for the Town.

[/"] Nov. 13. Lieutenant Franklin was try'd for killing Captain
Cony. — Mr. Hall was unfortunately slain the Year following, on
the 28th of September ; and Mr. John Higden was chofen in his
Room for the Remainder of the Time.

[ / ] On the 24th of July, the Lord Chief Juftice Holt, and
Judge Turton, came to Hull: The 7th of Auguft following, one
Bani/ler was executed.

[ u ] On the 23d of May, Mr. Laurence Pear/on was kill'd.

[ to] The 30th of March, a large Ship, call'd the Number, was
launch'd. — The Firfl of April, a Lieutenant, of Capt. Heemskirk's
Company, was (hot. — The 24th, Mr. Wat/on, and fome others, were
unfortunately drowned. — A Soldier was (hot on the 23d of July;
and another fuflfer'd tin- fame Death on the 29th. — Alderman
John/on was indicted for Barratry, on the 7th of Auguft.

[ x ] Mr. Jehu Brown, Chamberlain, died in his Oilier this
. and Mr. Erafmus Darwin wa ele< t< d to ferve tin- Remain-
der "i tii Time. Mr. Billington's Eioufes were burnt down. —
July 10, Enfign Allgoodvraa slain by Enfign Bulmer, — Tin- 20th,
the Judges Traby and Turton came to //////.

\y] A Ship, call'd the: Newark, was launch'd on the )d of June.

Bb One

IQ2 Chat. xii. Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. Reign of K. WlL. &c.

1696 Robert Mafon ) Thomas Broadley

[ z ] Towers II 'all is ji Thomas Clark, Druggiji

1697 Robert Nettleton ) John Watfon

[a] JoJm Chapelow ) J. Sothoron,^ Southern

1698 William Mowld ) Andrew Perrot

[b] John Thornton ) Benjamin Blaydes

1699 Sir\\. St. Quintin, Bar. i ) W. Fenwick,0rFennick
William Maijlers ) John Field

1700 Daniel Hoare } Thomas Seaman

[ C ] Joint Somerscailes, or Somcrscalcs ) John Tripfrogett

One Hayncs, a Soldier, was executed this Year for ftabbing his
Companion. — The 23d of October, Sir William St. Quintin, and
Onirics Osborn, Efq ; were Parliament-Men, &c.

[ .? ] About this time the Magiftratcs were empower'd to creel;
Houfes of Correction for idle Perfons, as well as Places forhoneft
poor People to employ themfelves, if of Strength and Ability,
that they might obtain a more comfortable subfiftance.

[ a ] One Mr. Barnard Tower was elected Sheriff this Year :
Upon which, a Serjeant being order' d to his Habitation, in or near
Leeds, he promifed to wait upon the Bench ; but afterwards fent a
Letter from YORK, That lie was taken very ill, which prevented
him ; So, upon St. Lukc^s Day, after three Proclamations to take
Poffeffion of his Office, and he not appearing, the Court fined him
Two Hundred Pounds. Next Day, proceeding to a new Election,
the Gentleman above-mention'd was both chofen, and fworn. —
The King, upon the Town's Recommendation, made Edward
Barnard, Efq ; ( Son of Sir Edward Barnard, Kt.) Recorder, as
his Father once had worthily been, before Robert Hollis, Esq ;
was made a Deputy-Recorder, by the Lord Langdale.

[ /; ] Sir William St. Quintin, and Charles Osborn, Efq ; Parlia-
ment-Men. — The Poor Children, in the Cloth-Hall, never thriving
in paft Times, as was expected, the Magifbrates this Year got an
Act, For promoting the Englifh Manufactures ; to incorporate,
and appoint Truftees to take Care of the fame. To which End, the
antient Edifice was to be granted, under the Town's Seal, in order
to be pull 'd down, and rebuilt more convenient : Which was con-
fented to, on Condition, That if the Good defigned by the Act did
not fully take Effect, it might again revert to the Corporation ;
and that what was done therein, might be bought for the Ufc of
the Town and County, &c.

[c~\ Sir William St. Quintin, and William Maijlcr, Efq;
Members of Parliament. [ d ] Mr.

Ciiat. xii. Mayors, Sheriffs x &c. Reign of Queen ANNE. 193

1 70 1 Philip Wilkinfon
[d] Andrew Per rot

\ Barnard Wilkinfon
) Jonathan Beilby

Queen ANNE,
1702 J? Obert Carlisle ^
[ e ] Benjamin Blaydes )

1703 William Hydes
TJwnias Clark

1704 Samuel Boife, 1
Benjamin JVade

1705 Robert Trippet, 2
[/] y°h u Puwcr

1706 Richard Gray, 2
Lawrence Robin/on

1707 Erafmus Darwin
George Green

1708 Andrew Perrot
\g\ 7 ohn Beat riff

March 8.

JOnathan Tims
Ralph Peacock
John Purver
Lawrence Robinfon
William Walker
Jofeph Green
Richard Beaumont
George Green
John BeatrifT
John Burril
George Dewick
Richard Sykes
John Col lings

John Maddifon
1709 William f Fenwick, 1 7 Thomas Scott

[//] Richard Beaumont $

1 7 10 Towers Wall is )
yofeph Green }

171 1 John Somerfcales, 1 }
yolin Maddifon $

17 1 2 Benjamin Ward /

Leonard Col lings
Stephen Cliff
Philip Wilkinfon
William Thomfon
William Coggin

[ /] Philip II 'ilkinfon, Jun. ) John Wood

[ d ] Mr. Wilkinfon dying (or as a different Manufcript has it,
was loft) Mr. TJwnias Howard, or Ffawort/i,was choten for the time.
The fame Members of Parliament this Year, as before-mention'd.

fe] July 15, the Judges Powis and Blencoe came to Hull.
/] Mr. Thomas Peacock was elected Town-Clerk, in the Room
<>f Mr. Duncalf

The Judges came t<> ////// this Year. — + Or Pennick.
\ It \ The abov< Mayorwas elected in tin Room of Mr. Bac-
chus, who became vi ry infirm, after hi was chofen a fecond Time,
[*'] The Mayor proclaimed Peace, at the Market-Place, on the
10th of Ma n/i, 17 1


194 Chap. xii. Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. Reign of K. GEORGE T.

1 7 13 John Collings, 1 ) William Mantle
Thoma s Scot ) Samuel Beilby

King GEORGE I. August 1.

17 14 "yyilliam Mould, 2 ) J^Obcrt Carlisle

ll'i Hi (mi/ Coggin ) Chriftopher Bales

1715 5//'\Ym.St.( )uintin,2 ) Jonathan Beilby
[k] John Wood ) William Burnell

1 7 16 Leonard Collings, 1 ) John Wright
[/] William Win/pear \ William Ashmole

1717 William Coggin ) John Monckton
Chriftopher Bailes j William Wilberfofs

1 7 18 Samuel Boife, 2 ) Joiiah Robinfon
[;//] William Ashmole j> Thom as Ryles

\k~\ The abovefaid Mayor was made one of the Privy-Coun-
cil. The Sheriff, dying in his Office, Mr. William Tfwmfon was
elected for the Time. On Tuefday, Feb. 1. this Year, was a vio-
lent Storm, which blew down Pinacles from St. Mary's Church.
The Day after, Mr. Maijler was chofen Member of Parliament, a-
long with Sir William St. Quintin. — A raging Fire happen'd oh
Monday, the i ith of July, which held for above a Day and Night,
upon which Account fome Houfes were blown up : The Lofs, fuf-
tain'd hereby, was reckon'd to exceed 20000 Pounds. — The 3d of
December, the Rev. Mr. Charles Mace was chofen Vicar of Holy
Trinity Church. This Gentleman's* Father dy'd in the Pulpit : For
as he was preaching in F^rX-Caltletothecondemn'd Prifoners, (who
were to be executed the Day following) one of them was fo har-
' den'd, as openly to interrupt, and even defy him, in that Part of the
Difcourfe, that hinted at his + Crime: Which unparalell'd Auda-
city fo deeply piere'd the tender Minifter to the Heart, (whofe melt-
ing Oratory was pathetically employ'd in moving the unhappy
Wretches to repent of their crying Sins, whereby to obtain Divine
Mercy) that he inftantly fainted away, dropt down, and departed this
Life, to the great Sorrow of all thofe Perfons, who were Witneffes
of his Holy Life, and innocent Converfation.

[ /] Mr. Mai/Zerdied,and M.r. Rogers was elected Parliament Man.

\_m] A violent Storm happen'd on the 14th of February, which
blew down two Pinacles of Holy Trinity Church. — In this Mayor's
Time, the North-Bridge was built.

* It was about the Year 1711, when the Rev. Mr. Charles Mace, >*\\, thus de-
parted this Life.

t The Criminal had barbarously murdered a Clergyman, who was hi> Wife's Uncle;
and bury'd him in a Field, where he was found by the Scratching of his own Dog : Yet
the Wretch received the Sacrament as a Token of his Innocency ; faid that .Mr. Mace's
Death was a Judgment upon him for fuppofing him guilty ; and did not confess till the
Moment he was going to be turn'd off the Ladder.

Chap. xii. Mayors, Sheriffs,.&.c. Reign of K. George II. 1 95

17 19 Jonathan Beilby 7 Thomas Bridges
John Mockton ) William Watts

1720 Erafmus Darwin, 2) James Wallis
Jofiah Robin fon ) Ric.<7^Wm.Williamfon

1 72 1 Andrew Perrot, 2 ) George Healey
[//] Thomas Bridges ) Triftram Carlisle

1722 William Wilberfofs ^ Samuel Watfon

[ ] Wm. Mantle, or Mantel ) William Cornwell

1723 George Green ) William Ivefon
George Healah, or Healey ) John Farwin

1724 William Ashmole ) Henry Maifter
[/] John J T right ) John Rogers

1725 John Somerfcales,2 ) Jof.Lafenby^Lafonby
Triftram Carlisle ) John Froggett

1726 John Collings, 2 ) Wil. Mowld, or Mould
[a] Thomas Ryles ) Theophilus Somerfcales

§>M + + +1000000000000000

King GEORGE II. June n.

1727 "y^illiam Fenwick,2 ) THomas Haworth
[ r ] Jofeph Lafenby) Thomas Twisleton

[;/] In this Mayoralty ( [72J) the Town-Dyke was dreffed.

[0] On the ;th of April, Sir William St. Quintin, Bart, and
Mr. Rogers, were chofen Parliament-Men. — The Mayor, above-
mention'd, ( William Wilberforce,ox Wilberfofs, Efq;) was elected
Alderman on Wednefday the 25th of April, in Mr. Perrots Mayoral-
ty; on which Day, Mr. William Mafon was chofen Vicar of Holy
Trinity Church. — The Sheriff dy'd in his Office, and was fuc-
ceeded by Mr. William Williatnfon.

[/>] On Jan. the 23d, Mr. rowle was elefled Member of

Parliament, in th< Room of Sir William St. Quintin, deceafed.

[</] The Friendly Society was begun in Augufi this Year.

[/*] The new Hells, in St. Maryfs Steeple, were firft rungin April,
having been hung up but a little while before.— The [8th of
fane, the King wa pro< laim'd at 1 1 nil. - . Xugufl the 3d, the Lord
Micklethwaitc,axi& Mr. 6 r0rc&,wcreele< ted Mini in 1 ;ol Par-

liament. — About this time, a new Set of Bells were hung in the
High Church Steeple, which were rung on the 17th.— There was


196 Chap. xii. Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. Reign of K. GEORGE II.

1728 Thomas Scot ) Henry Lee
[/] John Froggett \ John Wood

1729 Leonard Collings, 2 ) John Porter

[ / ] Henry Maifter ) Chrif. Hearel,<?^ Heron

1730 Richard Williamfon ) Benjamin Ward
[//] y antes Melles, or Milns ) James Roe

1 73 1 Samuel Watson ) Joseph Pease
[w] IVilliam Mowld ) Lancelot Iveson

1732 John Monckton \ Peter Thornton
[x] Chrif. Hearel ,or Heron ) George Woodhouse

a great Scarcity this Year: Even Beans were fold, in the Weft-Ri-
ding, at 4.0s. a Quarter ; and Corn would have been miferably
dear, had not his Majefty, in Commiferation to his poorer Subjects,
been fo gracious, as to take off the Duty of foreign Grain : Here-
upon, in our Diftrcfs, we were fupply'd with Ship-Loads, from Ita-
ly, Flanders, Poland, and other diftant Parts, to the unfpeakable
Comfort of many Houfe-Keepcrs, who might have been undone,
without the King's kind Condcfcenfion, thus to relieve them in
Time of their great Neeeffities.

[/"] Myton-Gate Bridge was entirely built this Year.

[/] In this Mayoralty, Beverley- Gate was entirely finifhed. —
On the 17th of July, Baron Hall, and Juftice Page came to J Lull ;
before whom one Partrick was condemn'd for ftcaling fcveral Pie-
ces of Plate, which belong'd to Mr. Mowld; But he made his Ef-
cape : Since that Time, (about the Year 1732.) a mo ft mifcrablc
Wretch was executed, for ftabbing his tender Wife in the Breaft
with a fliarp Knife, of which Wound flic foon after died.

[ // ] The Sailors Society was held, I think, about this Time.

[w] The RELIGIOUS SOCIETY, being begun, it occafion'd
fome Difputes, about their often receiving the Holy Sacrament :
But the Controverfy foon ended in a peaceable Manner, thro' the
Endeavours,as was said, of a Gentleman, who went under the Name
of Philanthropos. This Society is eminent for its Religious Zeal ;
and efpecially, its well-order'd Charity, in refpect to poor Peoples
Children, for whofe Education they take particular Care. — The
Wall at the South End was erected this Year.

[.i'] The above Worfhipful Mayor departed this Life the 20th of
September, the Year following : Alderman John Collings was there-
fore fworn to ferve the few remaining Days 'till the next Election ;
(the Day after Miclunluias,\\\\(i\\ Sheriffs, Chamberlains, err. are ac-
cuftom'd to be chofen, tho' not fworn 'till the Festival of St. Luke, the
1 8th of Oclober) by which Means, that Gentleman became a third
time Mayor of Hull, to his great Honour and Reputation.

Chap. XII. Mayors, Sheriffs, &c. Reign of K. GEORGE II. 1 97

1733 Joseph Lasenby ") James Shaw

\y\ 3^ ames Bee ) J. Haweth, or Haworth

1734 William Mould ) Andrew Perrot
\z\ JoJm Ferron ) David Field

[ y] Mr. William Hud/on was Warden to the Burgeffes Society.

[ s ] A Sociable Affembly was held, Mr. Jofeph Berry, Warden.

As we are now in this Mayoralty, the following Account of what
was found about March 24, 173', (by a young Damfel, Daughter
to a Smith, near the Roman Wall in Northumberland, hard by a
little purling Stream) will, I hope, not be unacceptable, as it is a
valuable Relique of Antiquity. The Defcription is thus. // is
a Piece of Silver, now the Property of Mr. COOK, Goldfmith in
Newcaftle-on-Tyne, who bought, a ml highly cjlccms it) fashioned like
a Tea-Board, 20 inches long, and 15 broad, weighing about 148
Ounces. ' Tis hollow* d about the Depth of an Inch ; the Brim fat,
an Inch and Quarter in Breadth; flower' d with a J 'ine full of Grapes,
and other Curious Devices. The Figure of A\io\\o is on the right Side
of the Plate: A Bow in his Left Hand, and a Phyfical Herb in his
Right, under a Canopy, borne by 2 Pillars of the Corinthian Order:
Near his left Leg a Tyre, or Girdle ; under that an Heliotrope, being
an Herb, which is f aid to turn round, or follow theCourfe of the Sun;
at his Feet a Python : This la pi. was a mou herons Serpent produced by
the Farth after Deucalion's Flood, which Apollo slew with his . 1 r-
rows, and was thereupon called Pythius, in Honour of which the Py-
thian Games were inftituted. Near the Right Hand Pillar, is ano-
ther : but made after a different Manner, with a Sun for its Capital.
Again/? this, a Priejlefs, looking at Apollo, fits upon a Tripod, or
Three-footed Stool : Beneath her Feet is an Altar, near to which a
Stag lies upon his Hack. Xigh the Priejlefs. is a beautiful Woman,
with her Head unveil 'd, having a Wand, with a Ball on the 'Top, in
her left I fund. .War her. is the Figure of the Goddcfs Minerva,
with a Helmet upon her Head ; in her left Ha ml a Spear, pointing
with Iter Right to a fufpos'd lluutfman, on the other Side of a large
Thi Figure of the Headof Medufa, one of the < rorgons, {who
is fa id to have turned the People near the Tritonian Lake into
Stones, for which lecollated by Perfeus, Son of Jupiter and

Danae) was on the Breafl of the Goddefs; under whofe Feet was an

Altar, and near it a Wolf looking up to a Man, who has an . I

in his Right Hand, with a Bow in his Left. In a c orner, beneath

him, is the Figure of a Rock, with an I T rn in the Middle, which f cents

to flow with Waters. All thefe Similitudes are rats' d large, with a

jujl Symmetry of ( 'all- Work t without any Sim of l. 1 I ven :

I98 Memorable Perfons bom in KlNGSTON-UPON-HULL.

On the Back indeed feem a few Scratches of a Punchy or Chijfel :
The Three firfl are, 1. 1*. X; but the reft are unintelligible. Under
the Middle of it (before the Smith broke il off ) was a low Frame,
which had been all of a Piece, about 7 Incites long, 4 broad, 1 and \
deep: All which may exereife the Curiofity of the moft occult Per-
fons, who are well learned in the Roman Antiquities.

But, to return to Kingflon-upon-Hull — As to memorable Per-
fons born therein, (tho 1 Scarborough claims too the Honour of his

Nativity) one was Sir J< IHN L.\\\s< >\ ; who, from mean Parentage,
and a poor Sea-Lad, was advane'd to be an Admiral, and obtain'd
the Honour of Knighthood, lie gloriously fignaliz'd himfelfat
Sea, againft the Dutch, about the Middle of the laft Century. I
have the Copy of his Letter, written in a very religious Style, from
on Board a large Ship, called, The GEORGE, to the Honourable
LUKE ROBINSON, Efq; Member of Parliament, whofe Seat was
at Pickering-Lyth, Yorkshire. This valiant Admiral was ever
faithful to his Truft ; contributed to the Reftoration, when it was
in his Power lawfully to do it; and fore'd the Algerines to make
an honourable Peace with the Chriftians: But at length he was
slain, in the Year 1665, by a Shot in the Leg from a Dutch Man of
War. — Another Perfon of Note, born here, was Dr. Thomas
JOHNSON, a great Phyfician, slain at Bajinghoufe, fighting for King
Charles the Firfl, on whom this Epitaph was written.

Hie JoriNSONE, y"rtYr.r : fed fi Mors cedcret Herb is
Arte fngata tua eederet ilia tuis.

This Paraphras'd.

JOHNSON ! (O learned Dodor !) here Thou'rt laid

In Death's cold Arms, to whom all muft fubmit ;
But if that Death had Phyfick's Art obey'd,

Thou would'ft efcape, by overcoming it.
The King of Terrors muft have fall'n to Thee,

Who now has plac'd thy Soul in happy State,
Where Thou fhalt live (when lie no more shall be)

A glorious Saint, beyond the Power of Fate.

Several other eminent Perfons have been born in this Town :
Which has given the Title of Earl to ROBERT PlERPOINT, of
Holme, (whole valiant Family came in with the Conqueror) Yif-
count Newark, created fuch the 25th of July, 1628. King Charles
the Firft us'd to call him, The good liar! of KINGSTON. He is
faid to have been taken Prifoncr at Gainsborough ; and slain by
fome of his own Friends, upon the Ifnmber, who thought to refcuc
him, as he was on his Paffage to Hull, in order to be more fecurely


Account of the Plate belonging to the Corporation. 1 99

confin'd ; tho' his Death, with the Circumftances of it, are diffe-
rently related, from others, in Pag. 156. of this Book. His Son and
Succeffor, Henry, was made Marquefs of Dorchcflcr, Anno 1645,
which Title dy'd with him, in 1680, as having no Heirs : But the
Earldom went to Robert PlERPOlNT, Son of Robert, Son of William
of Thoiccrsbv, fecond Son of Earl Robert ; who departing this Life
unmarried, was fucceeded by his Brother William, A. D. 1690.
And he dying without Iffue, the Succeffion pafs'd to Evelin, his
Brother, who became Marquefs of DorcJieJler, Duke of King/Ion,
and not long fince was made Lord Privy-Seal.

An Account of the Plate, with other Things, that
belong to the Corporation ^/"Kingfton-upon-Hull.

CHAINS, &c. 0A Seal for parting Fines.

THE Mayor's Gold Chain, §§■ AnotherforStatuteMerchants

1 given by Sir William m A Stone-Seal, beingthe Gift of

Kxowles, Knight. X Mr - R obert Stockdale.

The Gold Chain, worn by the ) BADGE S, Sic.

Mayorefs,theGiftofMr. Gee. \ l npWO Brafs Ones for the

Four Silver Chains for the • A Beadles.

Waits. H A Badge for the Mafter of the

A Large Sackbut. gg Houfe of Correction.

SWORDS, & c. ® Two Bells for the Bellman.

p^ Large One, and a leffer : © CANDLESTICKS, &c.

With a Cap of Mainte- <+} JWO Large Candlefticks,

nance, for the Sword-Bearer, {$} L 2 Snuffers, and a Cradle, gi-

MACES,&c. ven by Alderman Shinuer.

QNE Large, and Gilt. {+] BOX E S .

Another of a Leffer Size. {+} A Silver Tobacco-Box, given

Two fmall Silver Ones. + ^ by Mr. Vawfs Executors.

A Mace, made of Wood, but + \ Silver Sugar-Box, given by

tijpt with Silver, for the Ufe + Alderman Jofeph Ellis.
of the Water-Bailiff. T a ^t c o ?

A Wood-Oar, for the Admi- \ L A P L h & ' ^ c '

ralty-Office. + A SllvCr ° nc ' bou S nt ''- v thc

+ Town.

• s '- A L s • + Another Silver Ladle, given by

A Silver One, kept by the ! Mr. William Cook, who was

Mayor. i >k to the Corporation.

A Seal, call'd, The Corporation W A Uafuii, and I're.

Seal, made of Copper. TLA TES,


200 Chap. XII. K. WILLIAM'* Statue ere6led AD. 1734.


q^W'O Silver Plates.

A Silver Spoon, given by
Alderman Jofeph Ellis.

Others, called, The Twelve
. Xpoftles Spoons, the Gift of
Mr. Sn 1 cat on.

A Silver Salt.


A Silver Bowl, the Gift of
^ Mr. John Dobbins.
A Large Gilt One, with a

One, for Beer, that was given

by Mr. Thurfcrqfs.
Another Bowl, which was the

Gift of Mr. George Painter.


TWO handfome Ones, made
of Silver, were given by
Mr. John Lifter.


A Silver Tankard, given by
Alderman CrowU.

Two Large Silver Ones, were
given by Alderman Dob/on.

Mr. Robert Hog, the Town's
Cook, made the Corporation
a Prefent of another large-
Silver Tankard.

CUPS, &c.

^\NE called, The Chalice Cup,
which has a Cover.

Another Silver Cup, and Co-
ver, prefented as a Sheriff's
Fine, by Mr. John/on, who
became an Alderman, &c.

A gilt Cup, and Cover, given
by Alderman Croivlc, in his
fecond Mayoralty.

A Silver Goblet, the Gift of
Mr. Smeaton.

But here, with Reverence, I come to exemplify the Gratitude
of Hull, to the immortal Memory of King William III. by the fol-
lowing plain, but comprehenfive Irifcription, under the Equeftrian
Statue, (made by Mr. Scheemaker, and fet up Nov. 3. 1734. ) on the
Side of the Pedeftal, which is lately rail'd about.

Another Inscription, but not fet up.

Memorial GULIELMI tertii Regis

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