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now in L'-e ; of their curiousl) painted Windows ; the la

and many ol ' ited : The Lives oi tin- An hbishops ot this Sec : 1 he Govern.

ment of the Northern Parts undei I I by the Em] naand

' who both dyM in thi-. City: ( »t thi (tin oi I . ind othei

illu-tn , who have honour* d York with theii 1 in Account of the

, and Baylifii ; Lord Mayors and.Sherifls ; (with everal remarkable Transactions,

not published before) from different Manuscript t, down to the third ifeai



208 BOOKS Sold at the Pri nting-Office, &c.

Majesty King GEORGE the Second. To which is added, A Defcription of the most
noted Towns in Yorkshire, with tin- antient Buildings, that have been therein : Alpha-
betically digested, for the Delight of the Reader ; not only l>y the Aflistance of antient
Writn-, lnu from the Observations of feveral ingenious Persons in the prefent Age.
[ Pria .p |

■ t + + + + + + % + ■■+ t$$$$g \% + % mm +

II. HTII E Antiquities of the most noted Places in the County, faithfully
collected : As of

Beverley, \ / Leeds, \ i Keighley,

Bippon, I 1 Knaresborough, I \ Skipton.

Vontefract, j j Selby, I j With other remarkable

Wakefield, } \ Hotolden, } \ Places.

Both these carefully collated bg Mr, Thomas Gent, of YORK.

Together with a Poem on Studley-Park, written by Mr. Peter Aram; and

another on the amusing Delights of a Country Life, by a Young and Learned
I) I v I N E. [Price, Bound in Caff Leather, 4s. 6d. in Sheep 4s]

£ £ j$ + .+ ".+ f&&&&&$! 4.: :+;+:■:+'? + ■ &}&&&&&

III. \fISCELLAXEA C U It 1 S A : Or, Entertainments for the Inge-
nious of Both Ken*. Containing, I. E N I <; M A ' S . II. PARA-
DOXES. III. M a t H k M a ti c A L Q v E s t i o N s. Suited both to Begin-
ners, and also to such as have made higher Advances in those S T U D 1 1. S .
Published Quarterly. Price Six Pence each Book.

Lately Published, Price One Shilling,

IV. r*Ritical REMARKS on the EPISTLES, as they were publish'd from
^feveral Authentic COPIES, by J H N 15 eb e i. i r s, at Basil, in

1531. A'. /.'. The Common READ! NG stands first. To which is subjoin'd
BEBELII'S's Text : Together with such A DTHOKl 1 1 E s as favour it :
Which A r THORITIE S, consisting of Manuscripts, Dithers, and Printed Co-
pies, near Forty in Number, are taken from Dr. MILL, and OTHERS.

B y B E N J AM I N D A W N E Y.

«®« ®®w + + + m mwm § +m

V. A New General English DICTIONARY, calculated chiefly for the
"^ Young Ladies, in order to spell and write more correctly than usual :

And indeed is necessary for the Improvement of those ingenious Readers, who
do not understand the Learned Languages ; and useful for those who do, since
they may not retain in their Memory all the Terms made use of in


Divinity, . Hunting, -Mi sick,

Gardening, Husbandry, Navigation,

Grammar, Law, '■ PAINTING,

Hawking, ! Logick, Poetry,

Astronomy, Heraldry, Mathematicks, j Rhetorick,

Botany, j History, Mechanicks, S< i lpture,

Chymisiry, Horsemanship, I Military, I Surgery, $c.

To which is prefixed, a Compendious English GRAMMAR, with general Rules for
the ready Formation of one Part of Speech from another : Together with a Supple-
ment of the most proper Names of KINGDOMS, Provinces, Cities, Rivers, <jr.
throughout the known World : As also of the most celebrated Emperors, Kings,
Queens, Priests, Poets, Philosophers, Generals, fc. whether Pagan, Mahometan*
Jewish or Christian. The Whole Alphabetically digested ; and collected for the
Use of such Persons, who have but an imperfect Idea of the English Orthography.
[Price Six Shillings.']

[s^ff a*m.i ADDENDA.

[Old Malfon.]

+ t + + + +■ +■ + ^: + -W1^4H+^i + + +■+■■+ +

The following PIECES coming into my Hands at
Times, I thought might not be unacceptable.




Sheriff-Hutton, ijj


Took Notice of you, when visiting
our demolish'd Castle : Little can be
said of it now, except that it is magni-
ficent in its very Ruins : But as to our
Church, dedicated to St. Helen, which
you also internally view'd, I hope you
regarded the Place of a Chantry on the
North Side, (founded by Sir Guy Fair-
fax, to the Honour of the Holy Trinity,
St. Nicholas, &c) where there is an
Effigy of a Knight Templer ; other re-
markable Images of a noble Family, as
appears by one of those being adorn'd
with a Coronet ; and an antient In-
scription, engrav'd on Brass, affix'd
to a Stone, that is over the Bodies of
Sir Thomas Wytham, and his Lady ;

the Feoffees of which Knight founded
a Chantry within the Chapel of St.
Giles, of Cornborough, the Town where
the said Knight had in his Life-time
resided. Before the Altar lies buried
John, a Gentleman of the Family of
/ t, with Dorothea his Spouse ; and

another Couple, Thomas and Anne, of
the Daeres, who dy'd near the latter
End of the l6th Century. The Effi-
gies of them are portray'd in Brass ;
a-, also of Mrs. Mary, the most dear
Wife of Mr. Henry Hail, once of this
Parish, who dy'd the first of Septem-
ber, 1657. and is represented with her
little Son Edward in her Arms. I am,
Sir, a Well-Wisher, to all your Under-
takings ; and,

Tour humble 8ervant, iVc.


S I K, Old Malton, 1732.

\ ' irding to your D< 1 d you

the Ins< rlption 1 ovei the 1 1
[nour venerable Church. Pacing the

Altar, upon a handsome raised Tomb,
is this. "Here lieth the Body of
" Mr. John Bower, hue of Nt wcastle,
" Merchant, who departed this Life
"the 26th of July, 1715. aged 32
" Years." And in the Middle Isle were
these following.

Richard, Son of Richard Bielby, dy'd
October 1 1 . 1 730. aged 6 Years, and 6

Months. [Lionel Foster dy'd 1609.

George Foster, 1675. these lie before the

Altar.) Man/ Galloway, dy'd Dec.

3, 1720. John Luccock, Mason,

dy'd May 1, 1723, aged 49. Judith
his Wife, Jul// 31, 1727. aged 41. John
their Son, Jan. 3, 1 719. aged 11 Years.
— Hicjacet Leonardus Richardson, Ge-
nerosus, qui obiit 19 Apr. Anno Domini
1672. A-'Ant. sua 64. — Here lieth the
Body of Elizabeth Usher, who died the
20th of June, 1682. James Usher, of
New-Malton, Cent, was buried Feb. 3.
1706. aged 58 Years. Margaret and
Mary his Daughters ; the former dy'd
July 27, 1683 ; the latter in Septem-
ber, 1697. In the Church-Yard

are Inscriptions over Percival Luccock,
who dy'd July 26, 1729, aged 60 ; over
11'i/lium Brown, who dy'd 172S ; Jane,
the Daughter of John Story, Feb. 24,
1726. and Francis Hope, who dy'd the
fame Year.

The Church, now much diminished,
I take to have been that, which Fu-

ttace, the S f John endow'd the an-
tient Priory of Mutton with ; which

terj be had found) d; Who
William, (being ripp'd oul of his ten-
dei Mother' Belly, who was Daughter
and lleii oi liuit, Veeey) when grown
up, took the Name oi ' . inni m'd
to those (iiii'irtini Monk what his Fa-
ther had given, and granted on

\"i!i of his '•" 11 : To them belong M

the < hapd "i St, Michael and Si I

• >uirit :

2io [Old-Malton] .1DDRXDA. [R Mood's Hay.]

nard: But tlii - Church, I fuppofe, was
dedicated to St. Mary, It has a well-
built Steeple ; and what elfe is (land-
ing, shew the Remains of antient cu-
Workmanship, fuch as Walks a-
bove to go formerly round it, and par-
ticularly a fine Stone + Gallery over
the Altar. I am Sir, o


The following Epiftle is a Copy from
the Original of what was fent from
Sir John Lawson, as mention'd Pag.
198. to Luke Robinson, Esq; which I
had communicated to me by a Lo-
ver of Antiquity, next Scarborough.

From on Board the Common - Wealth
S/iif>, near QuiNBROUGH, this iSth
of March, 1652.


~yOur's of the first Infant came to my
Hand but Yesterday : Mr. Coxmore
is not Secretary to the Honourable Com-
miffioners for the Admiralty : therefore
I fuppose it has laid in his Hands. I
heartily thank your Honour for your
great Expreffions oj . I it- lion mentioned
towards me, as also of your great Love
and Tenderness in relation to my dear
Wife and Little Ones, by your writing to
his Excellency and Mr. Speaker in their
Behalf. Upon the Intelligence of my Re-
moral hence, I mujl take it as a greater
Favour than can be done me in my Life-
time : and therefore do acknowledge my
felf engaged for it in the highefl Bonds
of Gratefulnefs. The Almighty and my
good God has renewed my Life to me ;
and indeed has redeemed it from the
Jaws of Death : J lis Name Idefire with
that Life to give (and bring) Glory to,
the comfortable Lffue of our lafl En-
nents, who only fbruck Terror into
the Hearts of onr Enemies, and fent them
away with LoJ's and Shame. ( Oh ! the
Lord was HE the Author and Fini-

f That Gallery, -which appear d like a
Canopy of curious carved Ston
the Altar, was taken down, about the
Year 1734, in repairing the Church,
which was made more lightfome, and
adorird with new Seats, Sec

slur 1 if it ! ) His Xante therefore be
magnified for it, the Honour and Praise

of it is Ais: And truly I trnjl he will
keep the Hearts of his Jnjlruments hum-
ble with him : elfe they may jujlly ex-
pect his withdrawing for the future.
Honourable Sir, the Right Honourable
Council of State Commiffiotters of the Ad-
miralty, ami Generals of the Licet, have
appointed me Bear- Admiral of the Fleet :
. 1 very high Tru/l! I pray Cod enable
me to discharge it : Fur of my felf I am
not able; it's too heavy: But I trujl,
that as the Lord, and their Honours,
has called me to it, without any peek-
ing of my own ; Jo He will in
measure enable me to answer that by
Faithfulnefs and /'dire/ire, which L
want in Ability; and that he will keep
my Heart humble with Himfelf. Lam
forty to hear you have been fo ill: L
shall not further become tronblefome
at prrfent, but in the presenting my
itiojl humble and bound en Set ■ 1
your felf and good Mrs. Robinfon. My
kind Love and Befpccis to all, youds,
all faithful Friends, L take Leave,
but remain Honourable, Your Honour's
and the Common- Wealth's Faithful Ser-

JoJm Law/on.

I n, tt , ■ of the Fairfax into the

George, a gallant Ship, t/w' /
Jiavi been content to have si rent in tin
Fairfax : But thii is a mort stately Ship
of about 60 Guns. I have not >>
London. The Fairfax is gone to Cha-
tham to be repaired. Tit is Ship
here. I shall be ready to sail within
i, ,1 or fourteen Days; but am command-
ed, when this ship's jit to sail, to attend
Hair Honours at White-Hall. J. L.


SIR, Robin Hood's Bag, 1733.

J" Took Notice in the Church-Yard of
thefe following Infcriptions, vie.

Lotherington Bedlington, dy'd 17151

aged 22 Years.

My weary Days, and Irksome Nights, I've past
With sighs and Groans, which gave me Rest at

Ann Bosicick, dy'd in 1727, aged 40.

likewise, Father, and Mother dear,

Bo lie beside me buried hen.

[ W h i t b v.] ADDENDA. [Whitby.] 211

• . dy'd 1725. aged 83.

Begone, fond World ! I've had enough of tbee,
And do not care what thou can'st say of me :
Thy Smiles I hug not, nor thy Frowns I fear,
For now. behold, my Head lies quiet here.
What Faults thou tiud'st in me, strive thou to

shun ;
Aud look at home, enough there's to be done.

Sir, I am juft going into the Domi-
nions of Neptune ; but am, Your's, $c.


SI R, Whitby, 1734.

/ UK Church, (as you defired an Ac-
count of it) is dedicated to St. John.
*Tis a large Edifice, cover* d with Lead,
but of no great Altitude, and has a low-
flat t Steeple, with 4 Bells. The Motto
on the lead is, Repent in Time. 170S.
On that, of the next Degree, JESUS
d. 1626. J. J. G. C. On the
third, out of Virgil, (A-'.h. Lib. VI. J is,
Justitiam tnoniti, \ non temnere
THvos. 1590. And upon the largefl,
Gloria ]>•■■ ! /' // minibus,

1637. R. R. W. II. C. C.J. U. S. K.
1 >. S. Within the Church are d
Galleries, adom'd with Scripture Sen-
tences : The Pulpit and Communion
Table ornamented with red Velvet,
fring'd about with Cold, §c. Thefe
Infcriptions I wrote down to oblige
you. Here heth the Body of Nicholas
Bernard, who was interr'd the 13th
Day of March, 1673-4. and Anne his

'.', 1689. Alfo S
1689-90. They lie buried in the N.
Isle. And againft the Wall within the
Chancel on the South Side of the Al-
tar, are these of the Cholmley Family.
1 1 pofitum Richardi Cholmeley Equi-
■;i, I lenrii i ' IhoLmeley Equitis
Aurati filij primogeniti, Richardi
Cholmeley Equitis et Catharinae Clif-
foril fili.i; 1 ! imitis < lumbriae

Aurati Abnecotis, ab antiqua Familia
Cholmeleyorum de Cholmi
mitatu Ceftrienli oriunde, viri lam
exterior! Corpori ibilis,

quam potioribus animi dotibu
nati, Domini hujus Nfanerii : qui
poflquam pei mull in his

partib 1 lot um

Confuiai I >omini
in partibtu Borealfbus fi b


\ A Sketch of 'the (
with Mr. Hunt i'

niflimis Regibus Jacobo, et Carolo ex-

titiffet, Corpus fuum huic fepulchro,
fpirito veto fuum immortalem patri
pie placideque reddidit vicefimo ter-
tio die Septembris Anno Erse Chrifti-
anae 1631. .-Ktatis fuae 65. ex Sufanna
priori Conjuge filia Johannis Led-
gard Armigeri reliquit Hugonem
Cholmeley Equitem Auratum. et Hen-
ricum Cholmeley prseterea Richardum
Equitem Auratum, et Urfulam Georgii
Trotter Armigeri Conjugem. Ex Mar-
gareta filia Gulielmi Cob Armigeri
Conjuge pofteriori reliquit Richardum
et Gulielmum adhuc fuperftites. Mar-
gareta Relicla msestiffima Conjugi a-
mantiffimo et bene merito pofuit.

Thus render 'd in English.

The Remains of RICHARD
CHOZMELEY,Kt. eldest Son of Henry
Cholmeley, Knight, Grandfon of Richard
Cliolmeley, Knight, and of the Right
Honourable Catharine Clifford Daughter
of Henry Karl of Cumberland, Great
Grandfon of Jlor/tr Cholmeley, Knight,
defcended of the antient Family of the
Cholmeleys of Cliolmeley in Cheshire ; a
Man equally admirable as well for
the Gracefulnefs of his Prefence and
noble Mein, as for the nobler Endow-
ments of his Mind : Who, after he
had been many Years a Justice of the
, the King's Lieutenant, and of
the Council to the Lord Prefident of
the North under the most ferene Prin-
ces James and Charles, at length de-
voutly aud meekly relign'd his Spirit
i> the 23d Day of September, 1631.
aged 65, and lies here buried. By .Sk-
in- first \\ tfe, 1 f John
Ledgard, Efq ; he left Hugh I
Knight, and Henn > 1 and Richard

ley, Kt. ai
Trotter, Efq; By Margaret, Daughter of
William Cob, Efq; his fecond Wife, he
Left Richard and William, who furvived
him. Margaret, his forrowful I

numenl to the Memory
.if fo affectionate and tender a I lus-

band. Above 'this Infcription are

reprefented three 1 lands joimnj .
from three different Coats of Arms ha-
ving I their Thumbs : I >ver
them an tiour-i

; and on ra. li Side two Angels,

. with the

light' d ] n, as If they w< re< ictln-


212 [Win ri'.Y.] ADDENDA. [Whitby.]

guished them fbi Sorrow : Willi many
other Ornaments Bnelj done on Mar-
• Alabafter. I >n the Top of all
is a Pol of [ncense, representing a
clear burning Fire. Sir, I shall send
you mote Inscriptions in my next ; for in
this I have exceeded the Bounds of an
Epistle. I "hi, Tour's, &c.

I . E T T E K V I

S I R,

Whitby, 1734.

( )N the North Side of the Altar, near
the Wall, is the following Infcrip-
tibnonablew Marble Tomb. " Here
" lieth the Body of Nathaniel Cholme-
'• ley, Esq;who marry'd Mary, Daughter
"and Heir of Sir Hugh Cholmeley of
" Whitby, Baronet, by the Right Ho-
" nourable the Lady Anne vompton,
" his only Wile. He departed this
"Life the 20th of April, 16S7. He
" left by his faid Wife two Sons, and
"one Daughter. Hugh, the eldefl ;
" and John. Anne his Daughter was
«• born five Months after bis Death."

Another large blew Stone, on the
South Side of the former, has this.
" Here lies the Body of Sir Hugh
" Cholmeley, who departed this Life the
" 9th of January, 16S8. in the 57th
"Year of his Age. lie marry'd the
" Hon. Lady Anm Cajnpton, (Daughter
"to Spencer, Karl of Northampton) by
" whom he had two Daughters, Mary
" the Eldest marry'd to Nathaniel
fi Cholmeley, Efq; Anne the Younger
"died four Years old. Likewife the
" Body of the Right Honourable the
" Lady Anne Cholmeley, interr'd the
"26th of May, 1705. the 6Sth Year
" of her Age." On a white Mar-
ble Stone before the Altar. "Here li-
" eth the Body of Anne Cliol
" Daughter to Nathaniel Cholmeley, Efq;
" by Mary his Wife, Daughter and
" Heir to Sir lli"jlt Cholmeley of 'Whitby,
" Bar. She was born September the
" 2 1 st, 1687. and departed this Life
•« April 28, 1691. being of the Age of
" 3 Years, 7 Months, 7 Days." — Ad-
joining to this, is a lesser white Mar-
ble Stone with this. " Here lieth A nne,
" Daughter to Sir Hugh Cholmeley, by
" Anm\ his Wife, Daughter to the Rt.
" Hon. Spend r Earl of Northampton.
" She was untimely born the 28th of
" May, 1672, and died the 31st."— I
will send you the remaining Infcrip-

tions within the Church at proper op-
portunities ; and am, Sir, i\V.


SIR, Whitby, 1734.

|\ the Church Porch is this Inscrip-
tion : Here lieth the Body of Robert
Constable interred, who departed this
Life the 6th Day of April, 1710. in

the 33d Year of his Age.- Between

the Choir and the Pulpit is a white Mar-
ble Stone, with //lis. Here lieth the Bo-
dy of liny Fair/ax oiSteeton, Esq, who
departed this Rife at Whitby, on the

10th of August, 1095. /;/ the Church

Porch. Here lieth the Body of Mr. /''
niel Oughton, who was Minister of
Whitby 5 Years, interr'd here the 30th

of January, 1704. aged 49 Years.

Within theChurch,near the Chancel.Here
lieth the Body of Charles Thomlinfon,
( lent. Samofybhh Thomlin/onoi Whitby,
Gent, both buried in one Grave. The
faid CharlesiaaxiiedjEsther, the 2dl Sligh-
ter oi Robert Rujfel of Rufwarp, Gent.
He died the 10th Day of July, 1690.
aged 41 Years. Within the Choir is
a blew Marble Stone, with this long
Infcription. Here lieth the Body of
Hannah Wigginer, eldest Daughter of
Mr. Will. Wigginer oi Whitby, deceafed.
She was first married to Luke Bagwith,
of Whitby, deceased, by whom she had
seven Children, i. William, deceased.
2. Christopher. 3. Mary. 4. Jane. 5. Wil-
liam, deceased. 6. Thomas. 7. Luke.
After Mary, married to Francis Com;/// ol
Whitby, Gent, and had 3 Children by
him. I. Timothy, deceased, who died
within six Days after his Birth, and
interr'd under this Stone. 2. Marga-
ret. 3. Katharine. She died the 19th
oi March, 1670-71. Also Timothy Bay -
with, Gent. Son of the above deceas'd
Luke and Hannah Bay with, aged 44
Years, Feb. 5, 1696. leaving a Wife

and 4 Children. In the North Part

of the Church are 3 Folio Books. 1. A
Defence of the Apology of the Church
of England. 2. A Companion to the

Temple. 3. A Book of Martyrs.

There is a Memorial of Benefactions

to the Church and Poor of Whitby.

Anno 1657. Mr. William Cleveland gave
5/. j/ir Ann. to put two poor Children

Apprentices. 1668. Mr. William

Wigginer gave a Silver Chalice to the

Church. 171 1. Mr. Robert Fother-


[ W h i t 1 5 v.] ADDENDA. [Whitby.] 213

ley, and his Sister Elizabeth, gave 50/.

to buy Church Ornaments. -\~\2.

Mr. George Trotter gave to the Church

3 Silver Salvers. 1 702, and 1715.

Mr. Robert Nbrrison, and his Wife Eli-
zabeth, gave 40/. to the Poor of Hdwf-
her. — 1722. Mr. William Pear/on gave
two Houses to the Poor of Whitby. —
1723. Mrs. Margery Bowes gave 61. per
Ann. to put 4 poor Children to Trades ;
and 3/. 4-c per Annum to put 8 poor
Children to School ; izd. per Week to
12 poor Widows ; and one House for
two poor Widows. 1723. Mr. Wil-
liam Coverdale gave 20/. to the Poor of

Hawsker. 1725. Mr. WiUiam Wig-

giner gave to the Church a Silver

Flaggon. / shall gh>e you J'ome

of the Inscriptions in the Church- Yard in
my next : and am, Sir, Yours, &.c.


S I R, Whitby, 1734.

"TO oblige you ( because you urge
Things to be effectually done) I
shall take upon me to send the Infcrip-
tions on the Tomb Stones, &*c. in our
Church Yard, which are many.


Richard Alleson, Master and Mari-
ner, dy'd 1 71 1.

Elizabeth, Wife of William Addison,
died 1720. aged 50.

A faithful, hind and virtuous Wife,
While conversant in Earthly Things,

Ho- left the Toils of Human Life,
Tn »ei tk' 'Eternal King of Kings.

Mr. William Atkinson, dy'd 1 702.

Thro' many various Tempests haw- 1 past ;
Hut a safe' Harbour 1 have bond at last.

Elizabeth, Wife of Andrew Atkin-
!v'd 1 72 1.

Why should I unwilling bt to die,
Who add to long <« Fain, Sec


Jacob Bean, dVd A.D. 1688.
Robert Bonltby, died 1721 ; and
Hannah his Wife, 172S.

1 1 >• c. 4, 1691.
B .' 1, i6'ii. and Barbara his
Elizabeth, Wife of Matthew Brown,

dy'd 1722.

Why should I / bt to dye,

Who I" 'd m long m /'

/,- ./' /'/ . , ehust to '/ ■ to flu ittf

And tin 1 1 a ifb him 1 1

Mi trn not for me, my Husband dear,

I am not dead, but sleeping be :
My "Debt is paid, my Bed see Jure,

Think what has past, then come to me.


Mary, Wife of Richard Chapman,
dy'd 1 70 1 ; also her Husband, 1712.

Cornelius Clark, Master and Mariner,
died 1723.

Who saiCd for Heaven tin- Tort to gain,

In Hopes with Christ for to rim" in.
Mary Cowston, dy'd 1718.


John Dent, Jiiii. dy'd 1 7 19.
Francis Dickinson, dy'd 1705.
William, Son of William and Do-
rothy Dickinson, dv'd 1711.


Robert Fotherley, 16S6, and his
Grandson. Elizabeth Wife of Robert
Fotherley, 1665 ; and Robert her Hus-
band, 1687.


James, Son of James and Elizabeth
Gildersleve, interr'd May 21, 1700.
Also Elizabeth the late pious Wife of
James Gildersleve, interr'd January 18.
1708. being the Day of her Birth.
Begom for ever Mortal Things,

Thou Molehill Earth adieu, farewell I
Angels aspire on lofty Wings,
Let me with JESUS ever dwell.


Isabel, (Wife of Mr. Leonard Heart,
Master and Mariner) dy'd in 1 719.

Here lit s entomb' d a dear and U ndt r Wife,
irbo ints well-known to had a pious Life:

Peace, Love, and Unity, did her inspirt ;

And to relieve the Poor was her Desire.
With Worldly Cart sht it no mart oppri it:
No, mi, she's gom to everlasting Best.

Jane, Daughter of John Hill, 1701.

Jane, Wife of Francis Hill, 1674.
And Francis Hill. Also Elizabeth
Hill, 1720. all three under one Stone.

William rlobson, dy'd 690.

William Hohson, ./"". 1703.


John and Elizabeth Jackson.
A loving CoupU lien doth
Who spent their Turn in Ptaet and Unity.

Peter facl 1, Sen. 1035. and hia

\\ it. Susannah, 10S;.


On a Tomh-Stom is this written, Ruth,
\\ ife "i Thoma 1 N ' tei and

Mariner, 1710

O /.<■/,/, the wai not pw't in Mind,
:fiil Eye :

214 [Whitby.] ADDENDA. [Whitby.]

Xt>>- did she exercise herself
I Things that wen tm, high:

But as the Child that weaned is,
Ev'n from her Mot/wr'i 5

S ' I she, Lord, behave ftersclf,
In Silt nee, and in Rt it.
/.' no tlf" hast calfd her

Jttsi Prim of Years,

U Soul with thee doth dwell,

Without all Grief, «/■ Fears.

William Long, died 1 7-)- alfo his
three Children, viz. John 1697. Wil-
liam, 1704. Jane 1 704.


Thomas Marshal, Master and Mari-
ner, ami his three ' Children, viz. I
1697. William and Jane, 1704.

On a liands »ne Tomb is this Lisa \

Here lieth interr'd Mary the Wife of
I rl Milner, Master and Mariner,
who departed this Life April 6, 1722.
aged 40. Alfo five of their Children
buried by her.

A loving Wife, am! tender Mother dear,
A faithful Friend, alas! lies buried here !
I; 1 "Earth her lati fair body is,

Till ( %rist morefair shall raist it unto Bliss.
Best thou, whose Rest givesnu a restless Life,
S / //'"•<• lost a kind and virtuous Wife;
Whose ('in', -if 1/ procur'd Iter such a Name,
As is recorded in tin Boohs >•/ I

Richard Marfingate, dy'd 1692-3.


William, Son of Mr. Robert Noble,
Minister of Danby, 1696.

Mary. Daughter of John and Jane
Noble, died 1720, aged 18.

All you tli ii eome my Grave to sec,
As I urn now, si must you in :
I in mi/ Youth was snatch' d away ;
Therefore repent, mah no Delay.


William and Sufanna, Son and
Daughter of William Parkins, 1710.

Orrni I Death, that would not dt ign to spare
A loving Son and courteous Daughter fair :
Great is tin Grief their Parents do sustain,
Tin,' they in Heav'n will evermon remain.

Samuel Prudam, Master and Mari-
ner, 1729. aged 33 Years.

Ctreat is the loss to those that's left behind ;
But he, no doubt, eternal joys will tiud,

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