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digested after your easy and accustom-
ed Method, which I doubt not but will
prove acceptable Memorials to many of
the surviving Kindred. I am, <£c.


S I K , Scarborough, 1734.

V C( ording to my Promise, I send you
several [nscriptions, both in our
Church and Church-Yard, which are
as follow.


Hie deponitur quicquid erat mortale
Johannis Batty, nuper de Scarbrough,
Gen. obiit decimo quinto Novemb.
Anno Salutis 1 7 19. .Ktat. 5S.

Sub hoc tumulo sepulta jacet Anna
Boteler, Vidua Relicta Noehs Boteler,
olim hujus Ecclesias Vicarii, tertio Die
Januarij, Anno Dom. 1718-19. Spe Re-
snrrectionis faelicis fatis ceflit. This Gen-
ii d in tin Middle Tt '■■ .

Isabel, Wife of Milborne liotteril,
died 172S. aged 33.

Thomas, Son of James Boyes, died
1 727. aged 9 Years.

Thomas Brackenbury, Gentleman,
dy'd aged 47. Buried in tin Church.

Milcah Uxor Christopheri Brown hie
jacet, sepulta Jan. 17, A.D. 1676-7. .Kta-
tis sua; 65. Virtus post Funera vivit.

Henry Burgh, died 1726. aged 47.
I pon his white Marble 'bomb is this.

All you that do behold my Stone,
think how quickly I was gone .'
hi • ' '.always J} irning givt ,

Tin a (mi in careful how you live.

I .!i/. Burton, i~~'

Anne burton, Wife of Mr. Ri-
chard burton of Fakgrave, died A.D.
1719. aged 65.


Elizabeth, Wife of I
and their Daughters, all dy'd in 1 . D tighter of J I

1 Esq; died In

171;. I old.

Captain William 1 lemenf dy'd 1707,
8l ; and I abel hi I Wil

parted in 1710, aged S5.

Mr. Thomas Cockerill, 1726. aged
40. 11. Cor. \i. 2. For he saith, &c.

Jane, Wife of Thomas Cockerill,
died 1712, aged 43. Acts xiv. 22. We
must through much tribulation, &c.

John, Son of Thomas Cockerill, died
1 7 13. aged 24.

I lie jacet ( iuliel. ( looper de Scarburg.
Com. Ebor. Gener. qui obiit 27 Die
Feb. 1695. Ann*) /Etatis suse 54.


Mr. George Davee, died Aug. 3. 1728
aged 34. Lies buried in tht Church-Yard,

near tlu H'< ■' Door.


Mr. Matthew Endick, died 1729.
aged 62.


Judith, Widow of Sage Fowler, died
in the 48th Year of her Age.

7/7. tin Centaur's Back,

His circl d ( b trst apply' d,
And three Degrees therein had passed,
/'■■',/ i/f thai Timi slit dy'd.
John their Son departed this Life
when he was three Y ears old.


A lire, Wife of Francis Goland, 1725-6
(iol) grant that all who on me cast an Eye,
May straightway go. and wisely learn 1

Jams Harden, died 1729. aged 37.
Margaret, Wife of John Harrison.
1702. aged 33. II. Cor. v. 1. For we
know, that if our earthly house, &c.

Mr. Daniel Harwood, died 1727.
aged 37.

William H ly'd 1717.

. Has .' ■ J wrt was his I 'ft ,
And ' ■'. End :

: i/mir's bi .'

Take G

Alice, Wife of Mr. John Kenyon,
died in 1 7-' |. agi d 41 >.
Shi wai bul I II yon what :

1 bins w bat a W Ifi should bi and • i"- ».t- that.
William Norwo id, of F iley, Ship-
1 1 i 5 1 .

I lie dei mill! 1 1 ; mnis

Nunwii 1. I k nei . qui [2mo D Janu-
ipremam, A. D.
1717. 1 • ■ 1.1.

I 1.
< 'lni tophei < iwston, 1725.

tut flu ll'iill, lit tin West 1 1

tin Churehfit tin'. Eiunc juxta Locum


222 [Scarbro.'] ADDENDA . [Scarbro'.]

intur Cinen Rol rti lilii Ro-
bert] Raine, Chyr. qui 21 Martii su-
premam clausit Diem jti<> fuse .Etat.
Anno. Dom. 1722.

Mr. John Robinson, died An. 1702.
Mrs. fane, 1703. Thomas and Timo-
thy Robinson, [680, p>si .
Mary, Wife of Mr. John Robinson,
I in 1722, . ■■ ■! 52.

Death inflexible ! that would not spare
a loving Wit.', and tender Mothei
. fee.

Ilic dep muntur Cineres Gulielmi
ifus, qui diem claufit
fuprem > die Mentis Martij

A quadragefi

Annoq; Dom. millefimo feptingen-
tifiimo et decimo quinto.

Nicholas Rowe, dy'd 1713. aged 19.
/; i within tin <'!■■■■


Mr. William Scriven, died 1727.

aged 67.

Hie deponuntur Cineres Richardi
Shepherd, qui obiit Svo Junii, Anno
Dom. 1 71 1. /Etatis fuse 56.

Hie jacet fepulta Elizabeths I
R irdi Shepherd, quae obiit 29 Julij,
A.D. 1 7 1 5. .Etatis \\.\x 55. Interr'din
the Church.

In fpe Resurrectionis gloriofie prope
petram fepulta eft Anna Sinclare
Gulielmo Sinclare, Chyr. obiit 25 De-
cembris Ann. Salutis 1723. .Etat. 60.
fuit pia ec probitate micans, fponfo-
que fidelis.

Hie requiefcit in Spe RefurrecUonis
Domini noftri Jesu Chrifti Francifcus
Sollit, qui obiit nono die Menus No-
vembris Anno .Etatis fua: 62, 1680.

Hie requiefcit in Spe RefurrecUonis
Domini noftri Jesu Christi K
Sollit, uxor Francisci Sollit, hie fita ;
qua; obiit l2mo Die Mens. Martij,
1 68 1. .Etat 60.

Mr. Samuel Springall, of Great-Yar-
mouth ; who, having received a mor-
tal Wound Aug. 14, 1709. in defending
his Ship against a French Privateer
bore the Anguish, with the Courage of
a Christian, 'till ( >ctober the 24th, when
he refigned his Soul to Guu, about the
40th Year of his Age.

M.S. Elizabeths nuper Uxoris Gu-
lielmi Stockdale, quae (Menfibus fex-
decim Connubio nondum peracti-) di-
em claufit fupremam xviiivo. die No-
vembris, Anno Salutis Humanoe 1714-
/Etatifq ; fuse 33. Cujus exuvias in he-

tam et folk cm Refurrectionis diem nioi-l-

tiffiinus Maritus curavit hie reponi.

11 ntur fato paulumq ; morato,

Si rin Mm 1 sitiusst ,1, ,,/ proper amusadtmam

eliitic renDereD.
3 1 red Memorj of Elizabeth,
late Wife of William Stoekdale; who

ly enjoying a Marriage-Stal
[6 Months) fubmitted her mortal Bo-
dy to Death the 1 St 1 1 of November, in
tli 1 ' B] 1 of our Redemption,

1711. .dpi of li-'i Age 33 : Whose Re
mains her sorrowful Husband here
interr'd, until the joyful and happy
Day of Refurred tii

Alt Things are subject to a lingering Tate,
, or laU r to tht "Earth we fall,

1 , riir, ,both for the Poor \ Gi > at
■■ inexorable Death shall call.


Hie jacet Stephanus Thompson, < ren.
qui ol>iit 3tio Decemb. .Etat. fuae 63,
A.D. 1698. vicinis vixit charus, ju-
cundus amicis, moribusq ; bonum fe
praestitit exemplar.

William Tindall, dy'd 1 71 5, aged 65.
Vir apprime procus, omnibus amieus,
fiendus omnibus.


Hie requiescit Jacobus Wilson, Ge-
nerosus, partis hujus olim Telon
qui diem elausit supremam 23 Maij

Anno Dom. 1 70S. /Etatis fuse 55. /■'"-
the lit arch, hi or tin Font.

Martha Wilson, Daughter to James
Wilson, dy'd 1716. Buried in tin Church.
'Hie Rev. Mr. l'eter Withington,
late of Bolton in the Moors, Lanca-
shire, died in 1722. aged 34. I shall be
satisfied wlten I awafo with thy Likeness.

Rebekah, Wife of Thomas Wood-
cock, died in 1728, aged 25.

8ht likt a Lilly, fresh and green,

Was soon cut it" . more seen .'

Thus, Sir, I have given you the
greatest 1'art of the Inscriptions : But
there are .so many yet remaining, that
I shall but just exhibit the Sir-Names
of the Deceased, which are as follow.

Allatson, Allenbg, Allison, Arnold,
Armstrong, — Baynes, Beswick, Bird,
Brathwaite, Bridday. — Chapman, Coal,
Colscij, Cook, Cooper, Cottrel, Co
Crow, Cowhy. — Dak, Dickinson, Dis-
brough, Dobby, l< I , Dusbrey, Dunslay.
— Emlinton. — FU trier, Ford. — ffamblt ,
Go/ton, Gole, Grainge. — Hall, Hallden,
Harper, Hart, Henderson, Hind, Hodgson,

[Scarbro'.] ADDENDA. [Scarbro.'] 223

Holland, Hovington, Hudson, Huntriss. —
Jackson, Johnson. — Kendal, Kitchen,
Knaggs, Knowsley.—Zambt rt, Lindsey. —
Mating. Maxwell, Millenar, Mcggin,
, MoJcdin, Moor, Mortcen. —
Naylor.—Ouram. — Purr. "Pearson, Prat,
]'■ ./' ,Por ret, Potter. — Ranwick,

i; '. Rickinson, Robinson, Ross, Sump,
Ritssel. — Sawdon, Scafe, Seller, Sherman,
Simpson, Skcltoti, Slee, Steel, Stephenson,
S iker, Story, Strotton, Sunlay.^Tay-
lor, Tindall, Tocket, Ton; Topcliff, Tltoip,
Tristram. — Walker, Waind, Williamson.
Wilmington, Wilson, Wood, Woodall, and
I conclude, (having exceeded
the Bounds of a Letter) Sir, Your
humble Servant, Ac


SIR, borough, 1734.

* !'i IN the Rock, (near the Assembly-
Rooms) which leads down to the
. was formerly a Church, dedica-
ted to St. Nicholas, of which scarce re-
mains the Foundation. There was al-
so .S". Sepulchre's Church, near Cook-Row;
of this, the Limits of the Yard are
perceivable. The Church of St. Tho-
mas was near Ncwborough-Bar, on the
North Side : The Hospital, called by
that Saint's Name, was founded by the
Burghers in the Reign of King Stephen;
for which pious Intent the J. and was
given by Hugh dt Bulmere : The Ap-
purtenances belonging to it were after-
ward-, used in common by the Brothers
and Sisters of St. Nicholas's Hospital,
not far from the Church. The antient
Benefactors, both to Scarborough, and o-
ther Places, were as follow. 1. Ame-
fthis Place, help'd to suppl) Ros-
Nunnery with Oyl. 2. Maiden,
• this I own, b stow 'd lib Favours
Hon Priory. 3. Aylmar d<
land gave liberally to St. Mary'i Altar
at Scarborough, with Money foi '

officiate. 4. A

Toft v. ■ '1 bj bi 1 ' "'• // -

v A greal B Rock

■'■' , Son of Gunner. 6.

n by bis Brothei Ri-

chard I ds and

allow'd F i^h. >\<-. ( it 1 n-r Bern

Emera, a bi autiful and re-
ligious Virgin, the Daughtei ol Robert
de Filey, Anno 1 219 2 ad Ju-

:■•, ol Nt u burgh Ooddard
and BogardtheU Sons \ William 1/
cake, Tho. Fitsen, and John dt Hansard j
' a, who

also gave Lands to Kirkstall-Abbey and
Keldholme Nunneiy ; Some Land under
the Cliff was bestow'd by William dt
Harton ; and Thomas Hardin gave fi ine
of his own that was in the Town.

As to the Car, in lite Fryery, it was
suppress'd in the Reign of K. Henry V.
A Benefactor to this was William Tot-
hole, a Knight Hospitaller, who gave a
Mefluage, &c. which lay between the
Lands of John Blake, (then held by
William dc Harun.) fr< in the South, and
the Street which is called le Dumple on
the North, $c. Dated at Melthebwn,
■ I ■ 1 11, 1300. The Wood under Crop-
ton Castle belong' d to the FryersMino-
rites. The Black-Fiyers resided in the
Lane that conns Northward into the
Middle of the Market-Place, facing //<■/-
perby-Lane on the South. Spied writes,
That King 'Edward II. Henry Karl of
Northumberland, and Sir Adam Sage,
were their great Benefactors. In my
next, T shall give you the Heads of
some of the Town's Charters. In the
mean time, I am your's %e.

SIR, Scarborough, 1734.

XT Ing [Henry II. (of whom it's said,
that he gave New-Burgh without
the Walls to another of his own crea-
ting call'd the Old-One, from which
Time the Burghers possi >s'd Wah
now call'd by his < barter

granted to the Town the same Privi-
ledj and ( lustoms that Fork enjoy'd :
But for tho-. e Houses, whose Sides were
turn'd towards the II' '. each

Yearly was to be paid ; and if their
Ends \\ ere that way placed, then qd.
each. Ring John's Chartei was much
to thi I •• ■. 1 1 quod ij'si deuna-

Scardeburgh, cty'us Oa-
buhtm est tumat\

fdent singulis annis quatuor dena-

,y de ill is domibus, quorum latera

snnt erg a viam sex denarios i" r
.!,'„' . And then follows his

1 mand, Thai the Inhabitants shall 1 nj< >\ the W001 PI is,
l . .\v. bel( inging to them.

// ry III In S in- .1 Libci •

ty to Innld T( n( iik nts as they tl
c onvenienl ; tho te 1 >l S( 1 il and 1
b. . :empti d from ol h( 1 That,

foi the future, the I
Heirs, hould an w< 1 foi theii Tow n'a
!■ .11 in even Michaelmas a) the /


I l

22-1 [SCARBRO.'] - I DDEND. I . [SCARBRO*.]

quer : None to be impleaded out of
the Burgh, except as to Tenures
are not within it ; and that a Fair
might be kept on the Assumption of
the Blessed virgin Mary, to the End of
St. Michael, if it did not prove to the
Damage of Provifions. Tn another
Charter, the same King granted I
dom of Ponl ig i throughout bis I tomi-
nions : That the Inhabitants might
take Distress for their Debts, and de-
fend themselves from all Claims, (ex-
cept the King's) by the Oath
Freemen, up.ui paying 66/. a Year ;
and the Penalty of 10/. was to be laid
on nnv Person that should disturb them
in their Priviledges. On the 25th of
May, i22n. the same Monarch granted
to them the Manor of Falsg ave, with
Liberty of Free Passage thro' Pickering
Foreft, for Wood gratis, which they
might cany away, without Hinderance
from the Verderers, except on the for-
bidden Month. Again, in the Year
1255, lie gave 'em the Mills and Pools
of Fal ith 60 Acres in the

Fields of East-Scarborough, paying 25/.
Yearly for the Freedom, whereby they
were to have free Warren. I have lit-
tle more to add at present, but that in
King Henry the Vlllth's Time an Aclof
Parliament was obtain'd for repairing
the Pier-. Sir William Strickland, Bart.
and William 7 "■ . I ; Membersof

Parliament for this Borough, in the 5th
Year of his present Majesty obtain'd
another for their Enlargement. I »ur
present Baylifis are Mr. Oockeril and
Mr. Hepden ; Mr. Harrison, our Town-
Clerk ; and we have 2 Coroners, 4
Chamberlains, and a Council of 36.
We have alfo proper Officers, fucli as
are at York, from which City we are
diftant 30 Miles N. E. 1 am, §c.


SIR, Scarborough, 1735.

T Sent you, the last Year, what I really
thought material, relating to the An-
tiquities of our Town. Every one, who
has been here, knows that we frequently
abound in Plenty of the finny Train,
( which fupplies the Country for 30
Miles) such as Cod-Fish, Fluke, Had-
dock, Herrings, Ling, Mackrel, Whi-
ting, $;c. The Sweetness of the Air
from the Ocean, the Beauty of the Pros-

pect, and the Diversions of the Town,

might demand a Visit from the most
curious Persons at the extremest Parts
of the Realm, and other Countries :
But, above all, the sovereign Vertues
of the SPAW (discovered about 115
Wars ago by Mrs. FARROW, then an
Inhabitant of Scarborough) attract the
Nobility and Gentry, who extend their
Charity to the afflicted Poor. The hap-
py Discoverer, whose Memory ought to
be for ever precious, one Day walking
along the pleasant Strand, and observ-
ing in the Streams a russet 'Pin- tare,
she made an Experiment with Galls,
which converted the Water to a purple
Colour : Afterwards drinking a fresh
Quantity, and at several times as she
thought convenient ; the Consequences
were so visible and wonderful, that
with Jov she communicated their Ex-
cellency to the World. Dr. WITTY
tells us, That this ever-flowing Spring
(which in an Hour yields more than 24
Gallons) proceeds from a Participation
of Alum, Iron, Nitre, Salt and Vitriol :
The last gives the Water a sharp Taste;
the Smell is like that of Ink ; and the
Colour azure, much resembling the Sky.
'Tis this, (this justly celebrated SPAW,
which is the Preservative of Health,
the greatest of all earthly Blessings)
that generally draws some Company
hither from May to September, makes
the Town to flourish, and consequent-
ly the stately Buildings continually
increase, even to Admiration.

But I shall conclude at present, with
acquainting you, That if ever you de-
sign to publish a more ample Account
of this Place, and let me know, I shall
endeavour to procure for you (what you
once desired) sufficient Materials for
the Purpose. In the mean time, I wish
you the greatest Success, as to your ex-
tensive Design in setting forth, TJte
HISTORY of that Gnat Emporium
of KIX(;S'I'o\-upon-7/c7ZZ. In a
Manuscript I find, that in the Reign of
King Edward III. Anno 1354. Gilbert
dc Berhin and Roger de Strode were
Members of Parliament for that im-
portant Place. May Happiness attend
you in your laudable Undertakings.
I am, I assure you, Sir, Your Well-
Wisher, and very humble Servant,







11 to this Book was compleated according to my

firji Dejign, and ready to be scut to the Binders : Yet as the
following Additions relating to the Town ^/"SCARBOROUGH'

with an Account of BRIDLINGTON, came to Hand ; in Gratitude
therefore to my generous Subscribers, and to oblige the Pnblick

more and more, I could not find in my Heart to omit them.

Ni >TE, The Infcriptions and Epitaphs are within the Churches,
except those mentioned to be in the Church- Yards.

SIR, borough, Aug. 8, 1735.

T Have sent you some Additions to
my former Accounts ; and ; 111

Your Humble Servant.

Within tin Church, <if the West End, on
the Wall, near tht Stairs, is the fol-
lowing Inscription and Epitaph.
"Ill jacc-t clariulmus Vii Do

h-Hdl ;

Nation . I rbis Jedburgea, fepif-

fime Conful, Juri-. Seoticani peritiffimus :

I usti Mix 1. \\\\ III.


fll .1.1 nil:. IMA VIETTTS.

I '.he Motto of 1 Wan,

li I he by holy I naintain :

Whether /<<< Lovt in Ood you shall consider,
Or that In paid unto his Brother,

II ■ >/■/■ n Strange) ; and we know
y<i otht hy it tin 11 in 1

Than I

I Death abroad to spread his 1

./. tn. I, Cart to glorify his Name.
1 i hi 1 1 h ml. ,

1 ill hear,

Then ' ' ill in payed there.

J-JEi'e lieth the Body of Mr. Paul

Batty, who departed tin I
the 24th of April, Anno Domini 1705.
aged 70. His Text was the 39th Pfalm,
4th Verfe. "Lord, make nie to know
" mine end, and the Me ifure of my
"days, what it is: that I may know

"how frail I am." Hie jacet

Pauli s i; m 1 y, Generosus, Vir ap-
prime probus et amicorum per quam
optimus, nullis corumpendis, nun pro-
d publii femper 1 onfuluil 1 om-
modo ; Nautarum Propogatoi fponta-
neiis. Obiil 24 April: , - 1 tatis sues

I pi ilnu All J ; I >< in. I705.

I Ere lieth the Body ol Mi Clarj
Bai nr, 1 ite Wife ..1 Mr. /
Batty, who departed this I ife the 2d

May, 1 714 ed 79 Yi
i" Month : lli rexl was the 88th
Pfalm, 1 I and t " O Lord

"i my Salvation, I
" day and alghl before thee .- < > lei my
" Prayi 1 entei into thy Prefi m e, in-

thine eai unto my call
J j l lieth the Bod) ol Hat ,, Wife
of Biehetrd Beilby, and thai Son ■.
1 Sept. 1713 iged ;'>.

226 [Scarbro:] 1 >< )STS( ' R 1 1 T. [Scarbro:]

T-TEre lieth the Body of John Braehen-
bury, Gent, who died An>m 1 7 1 _ .


T-TEre lieth the Body of Mrs. Elizabeth
1 x Clark, Wife of Mr. F/wicm Cltor*,
and their two Daughters. Elisabeth

died the 2d of April, aged 6 Y
Mary, June 23, aged 17: Mrs. (;/./;•/•,
./".v. the 271;!, aged 51 : All in the
Year 1727.

"L-TIc jacet Cathei a Co ttable, filia
Marmaduci Constable de Wassam,
Armigeri, denata 6 Apr. 1666. Reliquiis
juxta Sororem repositis
TJEre lies the Body of Henry Oottrell,
• n - who died A. D. 1 73 1. Buried in
the Cliureh- Yard.

TTEre lieth the Body of Anne Couhon,
Wife of Edward Coulson, who de-
parted this Life the 27th of April,
A. 1 >. 1 7 14. aged 36 Years
"VFEar this Place lies the Body of
iN Elisabeth, Daughter of Mr. John
, Lite of this Town, She depart-
ed this Life in Sept. 1692.


TJEre lieth the Body of Robert Bighton

■ LX who departed this Life the 25th of

May, 1729 aged 60.

XJIe deponuntur Cineres Gulielmi

J - L Bodsworth, filius Gulielmi & Janae

Dodsworth de Scarburgia : Qui obiit

umo Die Decembris An. Dom. 1704.

.l-'.tat. sua 24.

TTEre lieth the Body of Alice Dods-

1 'worth, who departed this Life, July

26, 1 710. aged 25 Years.

LTEre lies the Body < >f William Bunslay;

xx who died August 25, 1732. Lies

buried in the Church-Yard.

Tic' B J^anrf.Neptune'* "'"- s

// ' H m to and fro ;
Y \ itill, by God's divine !>■
I harbour h re below :
Where I do now at Anchor ride,

II' ; ■ f our Fleet ;
But once cif/aiii, J must set Sail,
Our Admiral CHRIST to meet.


TTEre lieth the Body of Sarah Elding,

Wife to Richard Elding* who died

February the 6th, 1 733-4- aged 30 Years.

Buried in the Church-Yard.


A/T S. Hie deponuntur Cineres Ada mi

iV1 • F<irside,Gen. Corporations Scar-
burgesis, bis Consulis : Qui placide
requiescens in Domino, obiit decimo

quarto die Junij, Anno Dom. 1701.
.l'.tatis sum 45.

AT S. Unlit! mi I'arsidc, Generosi, cu-
ius Reliquiae, (una cum Maternis
in hoe Tumulo, Annus abhinc xxv
tumulatis) in laerum <.\: felicem Resur-
recHonis diem hinc sunt repositse.
Domini Adatni et Dominoe Anna Far'
side lilius fuit unicus. Consulatumq ;
agens, fupremum clausit diem ; obiit
wjv fulij Die, Anno Salutis Humanae
MDCCXIII. /Etatis faae xxv.
"Humana cuncta, Fumus, Umbra, Valutas,
Et nihil hie Orbis, quod percrct possidet.
AT s. Sub Pedibus in Avi sui Tristrami

Tumulo complures inter Pro
sepultus jacet Timatheus Fish, < renerofus.
Obiit 23 Die Decembris Anno .l'.tatis
sua 1 55, Annoq ; Dom. 1727.
Nbn omnis moriar.
TVJ Euioriae Sacrse Daniel, filius
minimus natu Gulielmi Foord de
trough, Generosi, natus Oclob. un-
decimo 1637, denatus Martij 23, 16S2.
Cujus Exuyias moerens maeftaque
Vidua curavit hie reponi.
CEpultahic jacet Anna Foord, Gene-
rosa, quae Charitatis & Annorum
plena diem clausit supremum vi<
die Maij 1 71 7. .Ltatis suae 66.
I_l Ere lieth the Body of Richard Ford,
Mailer and Mariner, who died
Aug. II. 1730. Bur. in Church-Yard.
Awake, arise, behold th<,;> hast
Thy Life a Leaf, thy Breath a B

At Night lie down, prepare to JuiVt

Thy 'Sleep thy Beath, thy tcatry Grave.


TTEre lieth the Body of Mrs. Eliza-
beth Gidne, who died Septemb. 27,

1727. aged 70.

TTEre lieth the Body of George Qoland,

who died in the Year 1733.
/1/fAry, Wife of Francis tin/and, de-
parted this Life the 15th of Au-
gust, 1734. aged 41 Years. Buried
in the Church-Yard.


TJ Ere lieth the Body of Mary Hodgson,

1 who departed this Life 1696.
TTEre lieth the Body of Mr. Francis
Hodgson, who departed this Life
the 22d of February, 1707. aged 61.

T N hoc Tumulo requiescit Corpus
Josephi Jenkinson, de Scarburgia,
Pharma-copei, qui decimo 4to Janu-


POSTS CRIPT. [Scardro 1 .] 227

arij, Annoq ; .Ktatis tricesimo sexto fhtis
cessit, Anno 84.

Dici'j ; beat us
Anti "hit it Hi nemo, supremaq; ftun ra dt bt t.

TLT Ic jacet Jana Jenkinson, quondam
Joseph] Jenkinson Conjux charis-
sima : in cujus pietatis erga Deum,
indigis munificentise, erga omnes cha-
ritatis, et illi praeter mo rem amoris,
curse & indulgentiae memoriam ; ut
vivi qua possint defunct amulentur
virtutes, utq ; suam Gratitudinem le-
taretur, haec inscribi curavit mastissi-
mus oepos Robertus North : Obiit
imoOclobris, A.D. 1722. .Etat. sua; 69.

TJ Ere lies the Body of * \V i l 1. 1 a m
Kitch ING M A N , of Pontefract,
Esq ; who departed this Life the 6th
Day of August, Anno Bom. 1732. in
the 32d Year of his Age.

* lb was Mayor of Pontefracl in the
Tear 1729, as a Manuscript of that
Town infon


rosus, qui xxxmo Septembris
MDCXC, hujus Municipij Scriba co-
optatus, et postquam per spatium xxi
Annorum munus inculpate sustinuit,
fatis ceffit xmo Januarij MDCCXII.
-Ktat. XLV.

J-JEre lieth the Body of Hannah,
Daughter to GEORGE LLOYD of
Manchester, Merchant, born August 22,
1605. buried July II, 1701. aged 96.

' P.
DOberi Pallet, died A. D. 16S1. Bu-
ried in the Church-Yard.
T_I Ere lieth the Body of Mrs. Sarah
I'm, it, who departed this Life
.1/-"/ 16, 171 1. aged 10 '.


T T Ic reconduntur < >■



Yir eximius,

Hujus Municipii multoties Praefectus,

■ -s Juraque Fidi i lissa

avit ;
Comm . Ordinetn el Cone n llam

Rite sustinuit ;

Omni quae ad Cultura Divinum

Aut Soctetatem Humanam pertinet,

Yirtute praecelluit.

itinentei ■ .<l"

Mi;-. & quatuor Anno, complevit

Obiitque 8 P . February 1732^.

MtmoriaJutii debet extolli, Jnjusti abolerit

In the Ruins of the Chancel, upon a hand-
some Tomb, is the aforesaid Inscription.
TJIc requiescit Jacobus Rickimon, Ge-

nerosus, qui diem clausit supremam
vicesimo primo Aprilis Annoq ; Dom.
1 71 1. ktatis fuse 55.

Diciq ; beat us
A nte obit u m iu iiio.fuprcmaq \funera debet
JJIc jacet fepultus Jacobus filius Ja-
cobi Kickinson, Gener. qui placide
requiescens in Domino obiit vicesimo
quarto die Mensis Octob. A. atat. suae
20. A. D. 171 1.
T-TIc jacet Sara Rickiuson, filia jacobi

Rickinson, Gener. qua; obiit primo
die NovembrisA.D. 1711. atat. sua-. 15.


TTEre lieth the Body of THOMAS

Simpson, who died the 6th of
March, 1 734. aged 51 Years.
J-J Ere lieth the Body of Mary Skcl/on,
who departed this Life April 1726.


"p M. S. Hie jacet Elizabethan uxor

Francisci Thompson de Scarbo-
rough, Armigeri, quae clausit extre-
mum diem 4 Aprilis 1666. Cujus Exn-
vias ma-stissimus Viduus curavit hie

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