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Sic ibaut omnes; sic ibiinus, ibitis, ibitnt.
JJT Ere lieth the Body of Stephen Tri-
stram, a Child of a Year and two
Days old, who died in 1 730.
To screen him from all Earthly Charms,
Death took him from his Mother s Arms,
Happy s the Change, his free from Care,
And d'odls where Blessed Angels are.
[Buried in the decay'd Chancel.]

On a Table, North Side, in the Church.
12 Nov. 171 j.
"Homas Sedm \n, cf Scarb
Gentleman, devis'd to the Bailifl

r,foi thi 1 <• of the Poor, an
House and Garth, (being three T
ments) in Cargate, for an Hospital for
six poor People, and a Close with a
1 of Ground adjoining i" the same,
mar 1I1. | .v Garth, the Rent where-
of was to be paid on tb First I >ay of

May, at the < Ihun h I > ol St At

to all 5u< li 1'"' 'i a ■ frequent the same,

>■ •■■ ■ pi 20S, R hi' h was [i> be li H

• 1 the II" pita) ii needful ; and
if not, then to be paid to tl
i' 1 1 pital.

+ Some Ruins, in or near this .
/cent to //id/, ate, that thc/e had bee/t tl

in House there iu former Timet,


228 [Scarbro.'] POSTSCRIPT


rabli the former.

(~Ui ,.>i;\ FYSH, in the Year 1640.

unto M then Vicar,

and i" lii— Successors for ever, one

t . lying in a Street called the M ■ -

■ said Vicar paying out of

the same Ten Shillings Yearly to the

Church- Wardens for Repairs of the

Window v. h cast, being

Buri 1! 1'l.n I amily : Ami

also the Vicar of s igh, ami his

B • one Parcel of Ground

lying . Head , rid also to

the Grammar-School one Close, lying in

II -Grave, fur the teaching of

four poor Scholars ; ami also to the

Hospital of St. '/' i reel of

Ground called by the Name of St. John's

II - . lying near New Hike-Bank ; ami

alio feveral other Bequefts in Money.

* It is at the North V~t*t End.

On a 7' . on the South Side,

where formerly luid been a Chantry.

R E M E .1/ J: i: R T 11 E POOR.

C IK John Dawson gave 100 Pounds,

the Interest thereof being 61. per

Annum, to be distributed Yearly on

St. Thomas's Day to the Poor of the

Town for ever. Mr. Thomas Farror

of this Town, Merchant, by his Will
gave two Hospitals near the Lo\ -
duit, in a Plaee call'cl Cook-Row, adjoin-
ing the Quakers Meeting - House, for
the Habitation of as many poor 'Wi-
dows, as the same can conveniently
entertain for ever.

Another TABLE.
For GOD loveth a cheerful Giver.

ATR. Conyers by his Will gave 40s.

per An. to be distributed on St.

Thomas's Day to the Poor of this Town

for ever. -Elisha Trott by his Will

gave an Hospital in Tanner-Street for
an Habitation to the Poor ; and also
an Acre of Ground, lying in Burton-
dale, to repair and maintain the same,
if needful ; or to be distributed to the

poor Widows there for ever. Alice

Chambers, late of Scarborough, Widow,
by her Will gave 20L the Interest to
be distributed Yearly, upon St. T<
I ( . by the Minister and Church-War-
dens to the Poor for ever.

preceding Tables, is this
Inscription upon a Brass Plate.

"XT lis Window was wholely rebuilt,
in the Form it now is, at the pro-

per Ch ' B \y, Wi-

dow, ( whos Body lies near hereto)
. / Bom. 1 714.

On thi East Side 0/ tin- Steeple,

F 1 J 1669.

[nomas < Iliver, J •' y

THUS, Sir, I have given you an
A S ough as well as [was

able : Ami, in order to get a List of the

it wis formerly govera'd
by such, and also of the Bailiffs, who
ruled before the Rise, ami since the De-
cline of thai 1 ': : I appl) 'd mj self
to an ingenious Gentleman for that
Purpose ; who courteously told me,
That no certain Account could bt had
from their Original; m- tlni there might
I" Wop ! to find it, yet the Attainment

It, by Reason that t/u last
had gone off with the Records.
The Occasion of which, (if another
sensible Person has inform'd me right)
was thro' the following Transaction.
Most English Historians relate, That
Scarborough had signaliz'd its Loyalty
to King James II. in a very high de-
gree, by a most eloquent * Address to
that unhappy Prince, upon his Maje-
sty's ] (eclaration for Liberty of Const
And so zealous was the Mayor, that
he order' d the Curate of St. Mary's to
read it in the Desk, or Pulpit ; which
the conscientious Divine refusing to
do, that Magistrate basely struck the
Minister, or Caned him, even in the
Place of Divine Worship. Such unpa-
rallel'd Usage was resented by many ;
and particularly by a Captain of the
Army, who not long after sent for the
Mayor to the Old Bowling Green : Put
the Magistrate slighting the M
as impertinent from a military Offi-
cer, the Captain made no more ado,
but by a File of Musketeers fore'd him
to come, and then oblig'd him to un-
dergo Sancho Pancho's rude Discipline
of being Toss'd in a Blanket. Soon af-
ter the exasperated Mayor took Post
for London, in order to make his Com-
plaint to the King ; and the Captain
rode another Way, to avert the dread-
ful Punishment intended against him
by his highly affronted Adversary. But
the Revolution happening, and the


* The Substance of which Address is set
forth, by Way of Note, at tin Bottom of
the Pages 1S4 and 1S5 of this Book.

[Bridlington.] POSTSCRIPT. {Bridlington} 229

King abdicating his throne, a Period
was put to the Officers Fear ; and the
Mayor had no opportunity to glut his
Revenge. Then follow'd a Succession
of two Bayliffs each Year in Si
rough, as they now happily continue ;
and, with great Prudence, Justice and
Honour, govern an honest, active,
thriving and most courteous People.


to your
Desire I have
visited Brid-
lington, or
Burlington ;
a n d h e r e -
with I send
you the fol-
1 w i ng In-
scriptions I
could find
within tli at
antient Edi-
fice, St. Ma-
ry's Church,
which once
did belong
to the demo-

' : ;'; v/ : ■ iwjiiiiiimiiiiiimiiiiii;

| 1 lieth the Body of "Ruth A
[Wife to Thomas Aclam, wli
the 19th of July, 1 7^2 a 1 23 Years.



] [Ere lieth the Body of Mary, Wife

■ 1 i' I 1
who died July 23, [7i6,aged38 \
9 Months, by wl •' 7 ( 'hil-

dren, rid lie here.

S II '■ t
l f the i

T I Ere lieth the Body ol "
1 l Halt, who died Ah. 1696. Bu-

1 ,it- Yard.

of Bridlington, who departed this
Life May 2-. ii- II - was marry'd

i 5

ill i<

of Bridlington- Key, Men hant,
who depart 1 if<- the 2(>\\\ of

June, I657. A! Fi "ii of

Edward Sous ■ , lieth William Bower of Bridling-
ton-Key, Merchant, who departed
this Life the 23rd of March, 1671. in the
74th Years of his Age ; and Thomasin,
the Wife of the said William, departed
the 14th of Sept. aged 59. He did in
his Life-time erect at his own Charge
at Bridlington a School-House ; and
gave to it 20/. per Annnm for ever for
maintaining and educating of the poor
Children of Bridlington and Key in
the Art of Carding, Knitting and
Spinning of Wool.

TLI Ere lieth the Body of Edward Son
of John Bower of Bridlingtom-Key,
who departed this Life March 8, aged
7 Months, and Thomasin Daughter of the
said John, who departed the nth of
March 1669, aged 10 Months, and lie
buried here. [All within the ChancelJ]
"T-JIc jacet hoc tumulo Corpus Gu-
lielmi filii Culielmi Buckle, qui
obiit tertio Octobris, Anno Dom. 1712,
aetatisque suae vicesimo primo. In-
terred in the Church-Yard.
AT the Foot of this Tillar lies interred

the Body of Mr. William /-
Bridlington-Kcy, Merchant, who
parted this Life the 9th Day of May,
1702. in the 53rd Year of his Age. He
had 2 Wives ; the first was Sarah the
Daughter of Robert Belt, Esq; of Bossal,
by whom he had 7 Children, and 6 by
the latter, who is Catherine the Daugh-
Edward Trotter, Esq j of Skelton-
Castle in Cleveland, at whose Charge
this Monument is erected. Mr. Bower
lies buried X. in the ('.'
TTEn Body of Mrs. Elisabeth

LX Bowlton, WHe of William Bowlton
of Bi idli igton, who dii 'I 1 >i c 1, 1 7 1 7.
and of William their Son, < >ctob. 17,
1717, aged 1 Year, 7 Month , and 2]
Daj , B ied in the Church Yard.


T I i ;,■ lieth the Bodyof William 1

of Bridlington, Gentleman, who
died in the Lord the 12th •■! I ■ l-maiy,

is Yeai . Mi , A
bet dii d in U

ill Richard Cam*

mel of Bridlington, who di

iv. 2, 1721. Richard h
1706. John Comtnel, 1722. Buried In
the < 'lino h-yard.
o Death, how bitter it thy Sting,
That Youth and Age to Earth do't bring !
j j 1 o- lieth the Body ol Henry E

•| 1, m Carter, who «1 i«-» 1 July 26
1715. aged 13 1 1

230 [Hri'iiliNg/oN ] POSTSCRIPT. [Br itWngto/i.}

Ere lieth the Bodj of Mattlmo
Cornwell of Bridlington-Key, Ma ;
fter and Mariner, who died Aug. 7, 1 733.

/.' In the O rrli- Yard.

T T Ere lieth the Body of Mr. William
Cocke, Son of Mr. Samuel Coch of
New caflle.

J-JEre lieth the Body of Elizabeth,
Wife of Henry Cowton of Bridling-
ton, Merchant, one of the Daughters of
John Bower, late of Bridlington-Key,
Merchant, deceafed, who departed this
Life the 16th Day ol December; A.I>.

1 in the z8th Yeai of hei Age.
And with her two Sons ; William, who
was born the nth Day of December,
1694. and died the 13th Day of the

Month ; ami the other abortive.


TJEre lieth the Body of John Barley,
■*■ of Swerby, Sen. who died March
3, 172S. aged 78 Years. Interred in the

T-JEre lieth the Body of George, the
Son of Richard JDeale of Bridling-
ton-Key, who died Dee. 1 7 10. aged 8
Years. Buried near the Passage t<> the
S /; . /'■ >• qftl • ■' urch.

TJEre lieth the Body of John Dods-
worth, Son of John Dodsworth,
late of Scarborough, who was Lorn
the 14th Day of October 1647, and died
the 8th of Sept. Anno Dom. 16S5.


Ere lieth the Body of Melchior Gib-
sou, Son of Thomas Gibson, who
was born at Bridlington in the Year of
our Lord MDCXL. and deceas'd the
first of September in the LXXI. Year of
M 1 M < \ I. Mors meet
Vita milti.

Ere lieth the Body of Rob ri Gfreome,

who died March 17. 170S.

7S Years, 2 Months, and 4 Days : And

)ara bis \\ ife, who died Oct. 29,

1706, aged 66 Years, 7 Months, and

15 Days.


Ere lie the Bodies of James and
Joseph, Sons of Thomas Harrison of
Bridlington-Key, Master and Mariner :
The former died Dee. 23d, 1714. aged

2 Years, and 14 1 >ays ; the latter died
Jan. 1 71 5. aged 10 Weeks and 2 Days.
TJEre lie the Bodies of Jane and James

the Daughter and Son to Thomas
(and Catherine) Ha/wsom of Bridlington
Key, Master and Mariner : The former
died March 6, 1722. aged 15 Months ;

H ;



the latter died May the 9th, 1722.
aged 3 Years and 11 Months.
TJEre lieth the Bod} of John Hodgson,
of Bridlington, one of the Paten-
:■ . who died in the Lord.
1) M. Fraiicisci Holdstcorth, A.M. et
Christiana; Uxor ejus, llic oh. 29.
Jim. 1687. Eetat. 52. Ilia 9 Jim. 1712.
tctat. 05. P.O. imitemur. fj/mt tin
v 5 Hearts interwoven.

11 re lies in

Which Nature in the World

But sheath' d, :wu\ put it up a
] [Ere lieth the Bod) of " illiam Eild-

yard, Son of Hugh

of Chri topher HUdyard of Wystead in
Holderness, Kt. Which said William
was bom the 14th Day of September,
1659; and departed this Life the last.

Day of December in the

Year of King Charles the Second's hap-
py Restoration. Hurled near the Altar.
T I Ere lieth the Body of Tliomas Howdon
of Bridlington-Key, Master and
Mariner, who died July the 15th,
171 7, aged 40 Years, 5 Months, and
7 Days.

TJEre lieth the Body of Jane Howdon,
Wife of William Howdon, who

died I >ec. 2'), A.D. I 712, aged 5(1 \
] I Ere lieth the Body of John 11

of Martin, who departed this Life
the 151I1 of September, 1707. aged 74
Years. As also William Holden, Son to
the said John Holden, who died the
10th of January, 1705-6, aged 20 Years.
TJEre lieth the Body of Tliomas Hood
of Bridlington-Key, Mariner, who
died Jan. 25, 1720. aged 28 Years.

T-JEre lieth the Body of Richard Jack-
son, who died fuly 7, 1692.

L. '

QUod mortale fuit Elizabethan Zamont,
Jun. 24, 1 714. Maria Zamont, [ul.
16, 1719. et Thomcc Lament, Octob.
31, 1722. in Isetam refurrecTionis diem
Parentes hie reposuerunt.
TJEre lieth the Body of Edward Law-
son of Newcastle, Anchor-Smith,
who deceased Jan. 29, 1640.
TJEre lieth the Body of Hirrts Lister,
Son to Thomas and Frances Lister
of Key, who died Feb. 2, 1727. aged
5 Months. Mrs. Lifter had by her
former husband 3 Children, who were
interred here.

TJEre lieth the Body of Hannah /."<■/:,
X1 Wife of William Luck of Bridling-

[Bridlington] POSTSCRIPT. [Bridlington] 2;


ton-Key, Mafter and Mariner, who de-
parted this Life Octob. 22, 1722, aged
64 Years and 9 Months. Buried in the
Church Yard:

T-TEre lieth the Body of Thomas May-
shall of Bridlington, who died
Anno 1 712. Buried in the Church Yard
XJ Ere lieth the Body of Hannah Mat-

chou, Wife of William Matchon of
Bridlington, Woollen Draper, who de-
parted this Life the 9th day of Auguft,
in the 36th Year of her Age, A. D.

TTEre lieth the Body of DinahMedforth
±X the Wife of William Medforlh of
Bridlington- Key, Master and Mariner,
who died June 29, 171 7. aged 28
years, 2 months, 6 days. Alfo Samu-
el their Son, who died the fame Year.
THoma^ Myers de Allerthorpe, Gen.
1 Ob. xx DecembrisMDCCXVIII.An.
SX, 58. Eliz. Myers uxor ejus 6 ejusfd.
Menf. Anno .Etat. 65. Jo-cm. Myers,
fil. 12 OaobrisMUCCXXIII. Annoq;
iEtat. 30. Bur. in the iV. IV. Isle.

TIT Ere lieth the Body of Katherine
Newton, the Daughter of Eliazar
Newton of Bridlington Key. Baptized
Nov. 10, 1663, and died Sept. 14, 1690.
1-JEre lieth the Body of Samuel Ni-

chol/on of Bridlington-Key, Mafter
and Mariner, who died March 19, 1715.
aged 31 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days. Alfo
John Nicholfon his Son. Buried in
the Church Yard.


I I Lie lieth the Body of Mr. Robert
/'aimer, of Bridlington-Key, -Mer-
chant, who departed this Life the 26th
i.f Dec. 1640. As alfo Jane Palmer,
to him above-named, being in-
terred October 15, 1629.
[ [ Ere lieth the Body of FrancisPalmer
of Bridlington, who died iii the
•he 2.1th hi Feb. 1639, aged 62.
1 [ Bre lieth the Body of 'Robert Parkin,

Who died tin: I Ith o( I '. ■ ■

1718, aged ■ ■ Nigh unto whom

Is interred the Body of Alice hit Wife,
who departed thi Life the 2d of I eb.

and alfo a
their Children.

it. Body ^f Sarah the

Wifeol J'llm ParfoMoi Bridlington.

Bur i.d 111 the Church •

IJ Ere lieth the Body of Entanu 1
**rUagt, who died A. D. 1699,

H ]


Ere lieth the body of John Pierson,
of Bridlington-Key, Mafter and
Mariner, who departed this Life the 5th
of July, 1728, aged 37 Years.
' Ere lieth the body of John Rickaby,
'Son of John Rickaby of Bridlington-
Key, who deceased June 25, 1634.
TJ Ere lieth buried the Body of Thomas
Rickaby, who died An. Dom. 1665.
Alfo here interred Elizabeth Rickaby,
XJ Ere lieth the Body of John Rickaby,
the Elder, of Bridlington, Merchant:
A Man true to his Truft, just in his
Dealings, and one that with wonderful
Patience fubmitted to the Will of God
in all thofe unaccountable Difpenfations
of Divine Providence to him in his
latter Years. Obiit the 25th of Dec.
1 701. Ali. fuse 68. Alfo the Body of
Giles Rickaby, Merchant, Son of the
above John Rickaby, who died the 27th
of July, 1729. in the 54th year of his
Age. Bur. at the IV. End.
TTEre lieth the Body of Emma Rick-
man, Wife of Richard Rickman, of
Bridlington, who died Oct.. 15, 1720.
aged 64 years, and 10 months.

TT Ere lieth the Body of Jane, Wife of
John Sander/on; who died in 1 717.
TTEre lies interred the Body of Mrs.
■^ Jane Skinner, fecond Daughter of
Alderman 'William Skinner, Merchant
of Hull: She died the 19th of July,
1727. in the 68th year of her Age. Bit-
ried within the Rails of the Altar.
TTEre lieth the Body of John Stabler,
of Bridlington. Key, Master and
Mariner, who died May 13, 1708, aged
61 Years: Also his Children, Elizabeth

and John ; the former died March 17,

1687 ; the latter Jan. 24. 1692.

\Z Ere lieth the Body "t Solomon Ste-

/■/icusou, nf Bridlington, Woollen-
Draper. < M'iit the 3111 <'i February,
1710, Aged 63 \'

A,i/.'/,,. A alms.

Ere lieth th( : hySur,

Wile .ii Rob rl Sui, who di< d the
1 , ,,i Da . [698. aj 1 d 69 jn ■•< , "ho
In. I Twenty Three Children of her awn
Body bom. w

iii,, Ueth Hi. i Daugh-

n ter ol 1 homa and Sufanna /,'
i ( » kob. .'i- >7i" ■ ,! 7 Months

and I \ \

* See Ins Epitaph, /'.-• . . -12 . / tht 1

H 1


232 {Bridlington^ POSTSCRIPT. {Bridlington^

N :

[Ear this Place lie die Bodies of
Thomas Wilf on, Merchant, and Lucy
his Wife, who had [ffue 6 Sons, and 2
Daughters. 1 [e was defcended from .1
worthy Family of Thirsk in this County:
Was a tender Husband, a kind Fathi r,
and a true Friend ; jufl in his Dealings,
which defervedlj intitled him to the
Character of an honeft Man. She was
a Daughter of Edward Harrin toi , Efq ;
of anantient and noble Family in the
County of Rutland, and by her Mother's
Side Great Grand-Daughter of Sir
Walter Alexander of Scotland, Kt. Cup-
Bearer to King James the First, s 1 1 <_ •
was a dutiful Wife, a tender Mother,
and endued with all other amiable
Qualities. He died 24 Feb. A. I >.

1 718. Mtat. 74. And she 7 An-. I72j.
^Etat. 59. — Near the fame Place is alio
depofited the Body of Elizabeth Sick-
man, Daughter of the laid Edward
Harrington, Efq ; who was first married
to Francis Bowes. I i j . ldest Son of
Sir Francis Bowes of the Bishoprick of
Durham, Kt. and afterwards to John
Hickman, of Warwickshire, Efq ; She
was an obedient Wife, had an agreeable
Perfon, and a line Understanding, im-
proved by a polite Education. She
died 31 July A. D. i73 2 - aged 71 ■ To
the Memory of thefe dear Friends,
Tank Harrington, their fur-

viving Sister, hath erected this Monu-

TJEre lies the Body oiyane, the \\ ife
of Richard WUfon, of Bridlington-
Key, who departed this Life on the 13th
Day of Nov. 1730. aged 36 years.
A/T S. PrifcUla nuper uxoris Rogeri
Wbodburn, qua diem claufitfu-
premam x° die August! Ahum Salutis
Humana: 1715. /Etatifque fua 26.
Cujus Exuviae in lsetam ec fehcem re-
furrectionis diem maestiffunus Viduus
curavit hie reponi.

Omnia ilrhnitu,- Jul,, paulwttq; mOTOtO,

SeritM aut citius tedem properamus ad unam.

'Ere resteth the body of Hannah
Woolfe, the late beloved \\
Richard Woolfe, Jun. Daughter of Mr.
Jolm Rickaby, who departed this Life
the 12th Day of July, A. 1). 1712. aged
40 years, 6 month-, and 12 days.

Under this Stone doth lie, bereav'd of Life.
An indulgent Mother, and a tender Wife;
A kind Relation, and Indearing Friend,
Helov'd in Life, lamented at her End :
In doing Good, Time wisely did employ; [Joy"
From whence ("she said) "There sprung a secret

H 1

An Epitaph's too short by much to toll
1 be Worth of bar, who liv*d and dy'd so well.
Then why should we lament ? it is in vain :
lo in r tn live, was Christ ; tu die, was Gain.

j I Ere lieth the Body of Man; Wife

x o( Mr. Richard Woolfe, and Daughter

of Mr. John Bower, both of Bridlington

Key, Merchants. She departed this Life

the 19th 1 >a> id ( >ctob.i723. in the 35th
Vear of her Age ; had Iffue 4 Sons, and
3 Daughters; Henry, William, % George,

deceased ; and near hereunto interred.

IT Ere lieth the body of John Yates
the Elder, late of Bridlington, who

deputed this bile the I2lh day of Sep-
tember, and in the 77th Year of his
Age, A. I). 1680.

On the Back of the King's Arms the
following Words, &c. are painted.

Thomas Walker, Minifler. Gilbert
MainforiJi, Thomas/fill, Richard I lardy
Church-Wardens, 1713 The Gal-
lery, X. of the Chancel, was erected
by John Walker, Church-Warden, in
the Year 1 716.

/ think, Sir, I have sent you ccery
thing that I could poffibly collect by
transient Observation. I need not write
much further, sinet you hove (in your
lies! Vol. at the End of the History of
York, Pag, 243^ given « general Account
of In, tii Church and Town. When the
Monastery of the Regular Canons flour-
ish 1 d, '• •' for John Me Prior, a
pious Han : but, as it is reported of him,
strang< to rhiming Prophecies,
who dy'd Anno 1379, aged 60. Sir Jolm
Ripley was another Canon of the Place.
' Tis said, that having been excellently
learned, studying 20 Tears in Italy, he
found on' th, Philosopher 1 s Stont : and
expressed his Joy tltereat in these raptu-
rous Words, Inveiii quern diligit anima
mca. Returning to England, he left the
1 .,/, and becam a < larmelite Ancho-
ret at lioston, when he wrote several
Books, particularly o/Alchimy : Bui so
modest was this contemplative Han, that
I,, desired them to be burnt, as being his
own Opinio,!, which I"' thought afforded
no certain Proof; and departed this Life,
withapt rfectResignation in the Year of our


[Bn'd/ingfon] POSTSCRIPT. [Bridlington] 233

Lord 1492. Another of the (
was called Robert the Scribe, vol
buried before the Cloy&U r Door. 1 i
a swift Penman, end wrote several horn-
ed Books. But what need I disc
a Monastery, or t lie Worthies of it,

t no such thing, except the venerable
Church, in Being ? J I
guess where the Priory stood, (by the
breaking off of the Church Pillars, and
the stopt-up Arches) that it was on the
South Sidt thereof: A ound,

a pleasant Country round about, and a
• vicing air from the Ocean, tnay be
the Means to inspirt Mortals with a bap-
pier - little to be wondi
that Bridlington should have produced
such famous Gentlemen, being admirably
blest with a delightful Situation. Walter
de Gant was the Founder of the aforesaid
Priori/, which became worth near "ool. a
Year. Gilbert, his Son, who was Earl of
Lincoln, confirm' d what his Father bad
done, and desired to be buried at
them. In Kin;/ Henry the First? a /
William de Percy was a Bi nef actor.
Kinj Henry II. confirmed to the Canons
flair Lands Walter de
Yen, King Stephen, Hugh and Ralph
de Xevill, added to their Happiness
But the last Prior, named William
Wolde, opposing the Designs of King
Henry the Eighth, that unfori
Gentleman suffered Death at Tyburn,
London, A. D. 1537- The Key ia
teems a i< ry
beautiful Town, barn,;/ Houses fronting
each other til' " Street. South <f this is

S ', in which two Piers are built of a
"h, forming a narroio
Entry for Ships to pass into a Place of
On the Fast Side is pleasant
Strand to walk or ride upon foi 3 or 4
Miles to a Promontory (forming a Creek)
FlamboFOUgh-Head ; and West-
ward, o,u- may ride, as I hear, for 10 or
12 Miles together, with a pleasant Pros-
pect qftht 1>"ij. ami frequently of Ships

Bridlington has likewise a
long St ! v. At some

the Church, is a

/ bicb I am not certain

whether or no might not haei belong' d to

tin dissolv'd Priory, and terminated their

>m that Sid- : lint now it is

called the Old Bail, in a part of which

■f tors are conjtn'd 'till such time as

' ■! to York Castle. In

: » But ding is a spacious Court-Room ;

ami Stont Steps t,, ascend to the Top,

which is flat, and I suppose covered with

Lead. Mr. William Hustler was a

great Benefactor tn a Grammar School in

this Town. The present glorious Orna-

tnent to Bridlington, is the Earl thereof,

the Maecenas of Learning, the Encoura-

ger of Arts, and tin Comforter of all

'''■a. Thin is a fine Spaw near

the Town, and another at Filey, on the

Sea Coast betwixt Inn and Scarborough:

So that almost every Viae, along tin Shore

charms tin Traveller mto Excess of

Joy, ami affords inconceivable Delight,

and Itt 1 n at i, ,,i. I am, SIB,

Your's, J-"c.






Names of the Subfcribers,

A/T R. Jofeph Addington (
The Reverend Mr.

James Addifon.
Mr. \\ illiam Anderfon
Mr. I'eter Aram, Author of'

a Poem on Studley-Park
Mr. Eugenius Aram
Mr. Samuel Afcough

Mr. Thomas Bakewell
Mr. Edmond Barker
Mr. Cornelious Barker
Mr. Thomas Bedell
Mr. Stephen Beverley
Mr. Jofeph Boddington, 8ta-

i ■. - Ion

Mr. Henry Boddington
Mr. Rol ■■:• Bollans
Mr. George Bourne, Station'


Barbara Bradley
Mr. John Brenn ind
Mr. Mannaduke Bullock
Mr. Jofeph Burton
Mr. Joseph Bull

\li J« inn '
Ml 1 lin ( lark
Mr. A. Clark
Mr. Edward Coats, P
Stiu uf- / '

Mrs. Magdalen Conyers *

Mr. John Coffins

Mr. John Davidfon
Mr. Benjamin Dawney
Mrs. Rebekah Deacon
Mr. James Dewitt -

Mr. James Dickinfon
Mr. Thomas Dickinfon
Rev. Mr. Tho. Dowbiggin Q
Mr. John Dowbiggin

Mr. 1 homas Ellis
Mr. E. Ellis
Mr. Richard Eggleston, Spec- p

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