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Vitam Viam prczmonjlravit : pojlquam Vitam mediocriter non
Longcevam, non mediocriter beneficam, impleverat ; multum de-
fidcratus occubuit.

Which is thus translated.

NEAR this Pillar is laid up safe the ruinous Tabernacle
of Mr. NICHOLAS ANDERSON, formerly Vicar of this Church
for the Space of twenty seven Years : Who, for his confum-
mate Learning, Sanctity of Life, inviolable Attachment to
our holy Mother the Church ; for his Apoftolical Gravity in
all Minifterial Offices ; for his fingular Prudence and Hu-
manity ; and, above all, for his unshaken Stedfaftnefs of
Refolution, that knew not how to yield or give Way either
to the Threatnings or Flatteries of the People ; and what
ever elfe was required as great and venerable in the moft


Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 23

accomplish'd Paftor ; made him highly efteem'd by all vir-
tuous Perfons ; except only thofe who differ from our Com-
munion. The Brightnefs of all his fingular Virtues shewed
the Flock committed to his Charge the true Way to Eter-
nal Happinefs : Who, after he had spent a Life, not of a
great Length, and yet in that Time very ufeful to the World,
died much lamented.

Mr. Anderson's Latin Infcription is in the Chancel.

North of the Altar, is this following.

TIT Ere lies in Peace Hugh Arming, Draper, and once
-*■ A Mayor of Kingfton-upon-Hull, who departed this Life, in
the Faith of Chrift, the 25 th of June, 1606.


Near the Veftry Door, on the South Wall of the Choir,
is the following Infcription.

J-TA UD procul hiuc jacet Georgius Baker, Miles,

Pater \

Avns Geo. Baker, Armig.

Proavus )

Qui poflquam viulta pro Rege, pro Patria fecifjet tuliffctq ;

Prcecipuc in propugnando fortiter Novo-Caftro,

Contra Scotos tunc Rebellcs.

Hie tandem indigno ct meritis fuis diffipari fato conceffit,

4to Augufti Anno 1667.

At non paffus cfl Dens tantam virtu tent penitus latere:

Obfcurc obiit, honorifice tamcu fepultus.

Fun us ejus profequcutibus

Militum Tribuuo, totaq ; Cohorte Militari,

Mcmorabili Honoris Pietatifq ; Exemplo,

Tandem cum per quadraginta plus minus Annos ncglcclus jacui [fct ,

Nepos ejus Thomas Baker, S.T.B, Sattfti Johannia Cantab.

Non tarn Virtutis quam adverfce Fortunes Heeres,
Avi Charifjimi indignee fortis mifertus,
Hoc ci Monumeu/um nurreus lubeus pofuit.

Anno 1710. Which


24 Chap. it. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in
Which is thus render'd.

Not far from this Place lies interr'd GEORGE Baker,
Knight ; the Father (Grandfather, and Great Grandfather)
of George Baker, Esq. Who, after he had done and
suffcr'd much for his King and Country, especially for gal-
lantly defending Newcajlle againft the rebellious Scots, at
last submitted to an unequal Fate, unworthy his great De-
ferts, the 4th of Augufl, 1667. But God would not suffer
so great Virtue to lie conccal'd : Tho' he dy'd obfeurely,
he was bury'd honourably ; the Colonel of the Militia, and
the whole Train-Band, attending his Funeral, as a memora-
ble Example of Valour and Loyalty. At last, having lain
buried unobserved more than forty Years, his Nephew
THOMAS Baker, Batchclor in Divinity, of St. John's Col-
lege, in Cambridge, the Heir, not more of his Virtues, as of
his adverfe Fortunes, pitying the unhappy Fate of his dear
Grandfather, out of his great Affection, caufed this Funeral
Monument to be creeled, in the Year 17 10.

On a South Pillar, near the Steeple, is the following.

TSJEar this Place lieth interr'd the Body of Mrs. GRACE,
the Wife of Mr. JOHN BARKER, of this Town, Mariner,
who departed this Life, March 30, 17 18. in the 40th Year
of her Age. She was a loving, prudent, virtuous Wife ; a
dutiful Daughter, indulgent Mother, a kind Friend, and
obliging to all. She had 3 Sons, and 6 Daughters. Her
youngeft Son had not been many Days in this Life, before
she exchang'd it for a better. This Infcription is by her
sorrowful Husband, dedicated to her Memory, that, tho' dead,
she may yet live in the Minds of thofe that survive her.


In the South Isle, the Wejl End.

OllN BARCLATE, Pewterer, dy'd in the Year 17 10. And
in the Chancel, North of the A I tar, is this.

"LJEre lieth the Body of the Worshipful Henry Barnard,
twice Mayor of this Town, who departed this Life the
4th of Augufl, 1 66 1. And alfo the Body of William Bar-
nard, Esq ; his Grandfon, second Son of Sir Edzvard Barnard,
Kt. who died the 28th Day of January, 17 18, aged 47 Years.


Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 25

In the South Part of the Choir.
"LJEre lieth the Body of Mrs. Mary Bayne, who depart-
ed this Life the 25th Day of November, 1728. in the
67th Year of her Age.

7/7 the South Isle of the Chancel.
UERE lieth interr'd the Body of Michael BEILBY, of this
Town, Mercer, who departed this Life the 26th of
September, Anno Dom. 1707. aged 48 Years. Here alfo lieth
the Body of William Beilby, his Son, who died the 14th
of November, 1707. aged 6 Months.

In the South Isle, at the Weft End of the Church.
"NJICHOLAS Bewicke, Woollen-Draper, dy'd Oct. 2, 1680.

He lived piously, and died peaceably, had eleven Chil-
dren, fix of whom are buried befide him.

In the South Isle, at the Weft End of the Church.
"LJEre lies the Body of Alderman Samuel Boise, twice

Mayor, who dy'd February 13, 1729. dktat. 79. and
ELIZABETH his Wife, who dy'd April 12, 1725.

On a Hatchment, upon a South Pillar, is the following
Infer ipt ion : Alfo a Memorial over her Grave.

MEAR hereunto lieth the Body of ELIZABETH BLOUNT,
the Wife of Francis Blount, of this Town, Alderman, by
whom he had 4 Sons, William, Charles, Francis, and John ; and
4 Daughters, Anne, Alathca, Anne and Mary. She was firft-
born to Thomas Bacon of Wharram-Grainge, Gent. She de-
parted this Life the 28th Day of March, in the 43rd Year of
her Age, 1687. In the South Isle of the Chancel.

] [ERE lieth interred the Body of Mr. THOMAS BROAD

of this Town, Merchant, who married Agues, Daughter
of Robert Carlisle, Alderman, by whom he had Iffue one Son,
and one Daughter. He died the 12th of Sept. 1724. sEt. 64.
/)> the South of the Chancel, on the Ground, the Effigies in
Brafs of an Alderman (and his Lady) with this.

i£3c Ricarde jaces Bylt, pCuws pfene tfafcontf,
afDcnnanmts cra^ ^creator & itftuttf ctrlnjB,
$cj3tc cations, t Cn0c fZmz obrute face scctnum,
anno Q^tfrcno C.cutatcr. £>cmcf. % vecttato.

t- Net >thnio riguta post Jlmti A/or 1 e jacebant. Li


26 Chap. ii.. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in


HERE, Richard BYLT, thou licft bury'd, (formerly an
Alderman, and a Merchant of good Reputation) who dy'd,
in two Days Time, by the Pcftilence, in the Year 1401.

At tlic Feet of the Lady's Effigies, alfo on the Ground.

Ccrra cfatt^c tarn, mtper p>om$$ov ^onortg,
©ifecta $tctcra& gencroga era& quia tuta:
Odiobris avenge tmgrang an Bcgna jucitnfta,
dtt qmnquageno ; una mxt fine tubais.


THE Earth, being clos'd upon thee, thou art in filent Reft,
who lately enjoy'd deferved Honour, and was belov'd, for
thy generous Difpofition, proceeding from an upright Heart.
This Gentlewoman died in the Month of October, in the Fif-
tieth Year of her Age ; and is now gone into the Regions of
Blifs : Where, may she live happy for ever.

Or, if you pleafe, take tiiefe R/iiwes.

(for tl)t GENTLEMAN.

J^O ! RICHARD BYLT, in Peace is here laid down,

Once Alderman, and Merchant, of this Town :
But two Days Sicknefs ftopt his vital Breath ;
Death's conq'ring Sword brought him unto his Death.
'Twas paft the Year (ofjESUS CHRIST, behold)
One Thoufand, and One Hundred, four Times told.

tfor tlje lady.

r Ate in great Fame, and lovely to behold,

Lies here, a Lady's Corpfe, within the Mold !
Heaven's Gifts and Graces crown'd her happy Life ;
The sweetest Maiden, and moft tender Wife :
October s Month her dying Eyes did clofe,
When juft unto her Fifti'th Year she rofe.
O may her Soul, (lamented Shade ! ) remain
In Heav'n with his, and all th' Angelick Train.

Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 27


At the Wcjl End, near the Organ.

An Epitaph upon the Death of Mr. John Carleton, Master
and Mariner ; lost in his Long-Boat, 18th of November,
1674. ALtatis 21. Son to William Carleton, Merchant, She-
riff, Anno 1668.

ZJERE rejh his mortal Part asleep again,

Who zvas oncefaved nodding in the Main ;
But caft the fecond Time on f Thetis' Lap,
Ah ! Providence fent none to hand him back.
The curled Billows wept to fee him lie,
Dive/led of his IMMOR TALITY !
Then fomed his Remains above the Deep,
And now his Dujldoes with his Eathers sleep ;

Waiting Azvahing, when all Tempejls ceafe,
And toffed Bodies land in pcrfeft Peace. %

Upon the same Stone is the following.
"MOW refts, in his eldest Son's Urn, that divine Philofo-
pher WILLIAM Carleton, Gentleman, whofe great
Wifdom and Learning made him ufeful and defirable.
He lived, and died like a Christian, April \y, 1705. in the
84th Year of his Age.

Buried in the Great Isle, We/l End.

jVTRs. Dinah Carleton, who departed this Life, March
13, in the Year of our Lord, 1690.

/;/ the South Isle, at the Wcjl End.

OEbe lieth the Body of Mr. EDWARD Carleton, who
departed this Life in the true Faith of Christ, by

t Daughter of NEEEUS, (a God of the Sea, Son of OCEANUS and TETHYS) Mo
thcr of Homer mentions her in the 1 8th and 19th Books of Iliad
Where that I'rinco of Poets tells us, the Manner how THETIS obtain'd fron

Vulcan a Suit of complete un Armour, adorn'd with the in oft en

rious Devices, for the \J(q of her beautiful and valiant Sun, in which lie be
ie invulnerable, whilft he was revenging the lamented Death of hi

PATEOCLUS, slain by the renowned II) I FOE, U] feveral ol the Royal Auxi

liaries to King Priam, many of the TrojatU, and laftly on that Hero liiinkll.
,' I remember to have read, in a f A/tho' Death's Anchors Jh\>
1 itch- Yard, belonging to a Sea- 1 And link in with t I
Port, a pretty Epitaph, over a S.u- 1 Yet, one* ''. s '<"«, toe muftfet Sail,
lor, concluding with thefe Lines. Our Admiral ClIKl.ii to meet,

w bofe

28 Chap. ii. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in

whofe Example he piously forgave his Enemies : He was
generous, brave, juft. and charitable, willing to affift all in
Diftrefs, ever true to his Friend and Promife, tho' to the
Hazard of his Life : He liv'd bclov'd, and died lamented
the 3rd Day of Augufl, 1704. Aged 33 Years.
f^Uicquid Dix.i-: Uxoris Johannis Monckton FUub Gulielmi
^ Carleton ct DlN/ii Uxoris ejus Terrenum fitit in Terrain
(nullo uon lugenie) rcdiit 15 Die Augufli 173 1, /Eta lis Anno 66.

J. Monckton, Ann. (fupra nominatns) hujus Vilhe Major,
obi it 22 Sept. 1733. THAT IS,

Whatever was mortal of Dinah, Wife of John Monckton.
Daughter of William Carleton, and his Wife Dinah, re-
turn'd to Earth, (lamented by all) the 15th Day of Angnjl,
173 1. in the 66th Year of her Age.

John Monckton, above-named, Mayor of this Town, dy'd
the 22d of September, 1733.

/// the South Isle of the Chancel

TNterr'd here the Body of Robert Carlisle, twice Mayor
of Kingfton-upon-Hull, who departed this Life the 17th
of January, 1707. the 65th Year of his Age. Alfo the
Body of his Wife Esther. She departed this Life, February
13, 1696. the 40th Year of her Age.

North of the Altar, with his Effigy, in Brafs.

"L-T Ere lieth in Peace, Christopher Chapman, Draper, once
Mayor of Kingjton-upon-Uull, who died, in the Faith of
Christ, the 1 ith Day of December, 161 5.

/// the Chancel.

TLJEre refteth James Clarkson, thrice Mayor of Kiugjlou-
upon- 1 full, Merchant- Adventurer, who died the 17th Day
of Nov. Anno Dom. 1585. in the true Faith of Jesus Christ.

Note, There are two ant lent Effigies of a P erf on of Quality,
and his Lady, that lie North in the Chancel.

In the South Isle of the Chancel.

"LTEkk lieth the Body of Dorothy Cliffb, Wife of
ri Mr. Stephen Cliffc, of this Town, Mercer, Daughter of
Alderman Lambert. Merchant, who departed this Life the 10th
of June, 1722. And alfo Anne their Daughter, who died
an Infant. Di

Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 29

/;/ the South Isle, at the Wejl End.

TN this Vault reft the Remains of Anne, Wife of Alderman
John Collings, who departed this Life the 26th of June,
172^. JEtatis fuce 39. Also here lieth the Body of Alder-
man John Collings, above-named, thrice Mayor of this
Town, who died the 13th Day of November, 1733. in the 60th
Year of his Age.

Near it are thefe.

TV/TR. John Collings, Merchant, dy'd June 15, 1705. and
Mary his Wife, Jan. 1709.

J-JEre lies interr'd the Body of Mr. John Cornwall, Mer-
chant, who departed this Life, in the Faith of Christ,
the 20th of October, 17 14. He marry'd Mary, the Daughter
of Alderman Hydes, by whom he had one Son, and one
Daughter, who are alfo here interr'd. JEtatis fuce 35.

T-J Ere lieth the Body of * Eleanor, (Wife of Mr. f George
Crozole, Merchant, and Alderman) who dy'd Anno 1662.

A Nne, Wife of John Crowther, Draper, dy'd the 4th
(and interr'd the 6th) of February, 1650.


/// the South Isle of the Chancel.

T-J Ere lieth the Body of Thomas Dalton, thrice Mayor of
King flon-upon-H nil, Merchant of the Staple, and Ven-
turer, who died the 4th Day of June, A.D. 1590. in the Faith
of Christ, and in Hope of the Refurreclion to Life Eternal.
In the Chancel.

T-TErk lieth the Body of the Worshipful Francis Dewick,
Merchant-Adventurer, once Mayor of KingJlon-upon-IIull ,
who departed this Life the 2d of May, 1663. And alfo
Margaret his Wife, who departed this Life the 15th of
February, 1C61. A

* That pious Gentlewoman was a Benefa&refs to the curious modern Library.
1 He • reeled an Hofpital, and set up this remarkable [nfcription.

Da tin >n Tan pus hades, tibi propria Manus /Aries ;

Auftret hoc ntmo, quod dabti ip/e Deo. <;.('. 1661. E. C.

I (Jive whillt you've Time, ami life I gen'rotl ■ Hand :

1 (Jive whillt you're Time, ami ufe a gen'rou Hai
) Wbat/i giv'n to Ikuv'n, no Mortal can demand.

30 Chat. ii. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in

A Copartment, North Wefl in the Church.

TSJE.u: this Place licth the Body of the Worshipful Hum-
phrey Dungalf, Alderman, Mayor of this Incorpora-
tion, Anno Dotn. 1668, Woollen Draper. He departed this
Life, in the true Faith of Christ, the 22d of Oclob. 1683.
Hi tat. ftUB 64. Alfo Anne, his Wife, the Daughter of Alder-
man William Popple, She died, in the Faith of Christ, the
25th Day of November ; 1691.

South Weft, near the Church Door, is a Copartment, with
the following Infcription.

VyiTHiN the Porch, adjoining to this Church, is interr'd the
Body of the Worshipful * Joseph Ellis, who dy'd the
19th of Augufl, A.D. 1683. being then Mayor of this Town,
[Alfo in 1682.] aged 48 Years. Mors eft ultima Linca Rcrum.

In the Great Isle of the Chancel.

TLTEre licth the Body of Mr. Joseph Fernley, Merchant,
who married Mary, the Daughter of Mr. John Shcpheard,
by whom he had one Daughter, the prefent Wife of Nathaniel
Rogers, Efquire. His second Wife was Sarah, the Daughter
of Alderman Henry Maijler, who bore him 5 Children ;
two of which, one Son, and one Daughter, survived him.

* That Gentleman placed four Widows in an Hofpital, which he
had built in Salt-Houfe-Lane : The Management of which, by
his Lafl Will, he left to the Corporation. In it, he only defired,
That Mrs. Jane, his Spoufc, (joiu'd with Mr. Richard, his
Brother, Execut. and both obligd to keep it in good Repair du-
ring their Lives) should upon any Vacancy, have Power to place
therein the Pcrfon she thought fit to nominate. The Gentlewoman
was afterwards marry' d to Mr. SUGDEX of Beverley ; whom she
piously perfuaded generously to depofite Sixty Pounds in the Hands
of the Mayor and Aldermen of Hull, so that the Interefl of that
Sum, Three Pounds Yearly, might pur chafe Coals for the Ufc of
the said poor Widows: Which, being prefen ted accordingly, was
accepted, for that Purpofe, by the Worshipful Magiflratcs.


Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 31

He exchanged this Life for a better, the 5th of September,
Anno Doni. 1725. JEtatis 76.

The following lies North of the Altar.
JJEre lieth the Body of the Worshipful Thomas Ferres,
Mafter and Mariner, once Mayor of this Town, who
departed this Life, in the true Faith of Christ, Anno Dom.
1 63 1 . + Quod fum, fner is.

Within the Altar Rails.
TNterred within this Vault is the Body of Mrs. Mary
Foxley, Wife of Mr, William Foxier, Alderman, and
sometime Major of this Incorporation, who departed this
Life the 28th Day of January, 1673. being the 68th Year of
her Age.

/// the Broad Isle of the Choir.

J^Ere refteth the Body of the Worshipful W illi a m
Foxley, Alderman, and twice Mayor of this Town,
who departed this Life, the 24th Day of September, 1680.
aged 71 Years.

Near the South Wall, at t/ie Wcfl End, is a raisd Tomb,
of Black Marble, with this Infcriptiou.

JJEre lieth the Body of the Worshipful Joseph Field,
twice Mayor of this Town, and Merchant-Adventurer,
who departed this Life, in the true Faith of Christ.

Here is a Field fown, that at length mttfl sprout,
And gainfl the rifning Harvcfl's Time break out ;
When to that Husband it a Crop shall field,
WJ10 firfl did drefs, and till this now f own Field :
Yet ere this Field you fee this Crop can give,
The Seed firfl dies, that it again may live.

Anno Dom. Decemb. 1627. /Etat. 63.

Sit Dcus Amicus.

Sanctis, vel in Sepulchris, Spes eft.

A Copartmoil on the South Wall, the Wcfl End.
"MEar this Place is interred the Body of the Worshipful
John Field, Merchant, late Alderman, and fometime
Mayor of Kingflon-upou-llull ; and S\ i:\11 his Wife, by whom

+ In the Cathedral of Norwich, dedl* (Alt you that do /■:.

ted to the Holy Trinity, i, t!.<- ' Remember Death, whi,
1 Skelc'

eshortatory Lines.

Figure of a Skeleton, with thefe \Atyouar ■ 1 ;

. /;.',/ <u / am. /,< thati


32 Chap. 11. Epitaphs and Ins crip tions in

he had 8 Sons, and 6 Daughters. She departed this Life the
30th of January, 1685. and he the 26th of Oclobcr, 1689.
after they had been married 27 Years. Both Lovers of
God, and the Church of England; in the Faith and Com-
munion of which they lived and died, and do here reft in
Hope of a joyful Refurrection. Vivit pqft Funera Virtus.

In the South Isle of the Chancel.
JJEre lieth interr'd the Body of the Worfhipful JOHN
FORCET, Grocer, who departed tin's Life the 30th of
February, 1685. in the 64th Year of his Age, he being then
Mayor of this Corporation. And ELIZABETH, his Wife, who
dy'd the 10th of February ; 1699.

Weft End of the Church.

J-JERE lieth interr'd the Body of the Worfhipful GEORGE
Frogat, Merchant, and Alderman of this Town, who
departed, in the true Faith of CHRIST, the 29th Day of
Oclobcr, 1683. in the 5 2d Year of his Age.


Q.ILEAD GOCHE, Gent, died 1679. Dorothea, Wife of
Mr. Nathaniel Gochc, departed this Life Anno 1700.
On a Copartmcnt, inward Pillar, North, W. End.

T lETIl interr'd on the Weft Side of the Font, GlLEAD
Goche, Gent, and Anne his Wife, with ELIZABETH the
Daughter of Nathaniel Gochc ; and Dorothea his Wife, el-
deft Daughter of William Grimfton, Efq ; and Dorothea NOR-
CLIFFE. Departed the 20th of July, Anno 1700.

South Isle, at the IV. End.

JN this Vault lieth the Body of Mr. Robert Gray, Son of
Alderman Richard Gray, who departed this Life Augujl
the 26th, A.D. 1724. aged 54 Years. Alfo the Body of his
Sifter JANE, Widow of Mr. Richard JVait, Merchant, of this
Town. She departed this Life the 26th of Auguft, 1730.
Aged 63.

Copartmcnt, on the South Wall, at the IV. End.

"[SJEar this Place is interr'd the Worfhipful Alderman
Richard Gray, Merchant, twice Mayor of this Corpora-
tion, an able Man, fuch as fear'd God, a Man of Truth,


Holy Trinity Chur ch in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 33

hating Covetoumefs, the 18th of November, in the 96th
Year of his Age, A. D. 1727.

1621. Buried in the


vyiLLiAM and Leonard Hudson,
VV South Isle, at the Wejl End.

North of the Altar.

]-[Ere lieth the Body of Mr. Hunt, Surveyor of His Ma-
jefty's Cuftoms at Bojlon ; who dy'd at Lincoln, April
28, 1678 ; and, by his own Appointment, here interr'd.


Beneath the Steeple.
UERE lieth the Body of Thomas Johnson, Merchant, twice
Mayor of Hull ; and of Juliana, his Wife. She departed
this Life, the 19th of Augufl, 1676. He died the 13th of June,
1700. being the 70th Year of his Age ; and alfo the Body of
Anne their Daughter, who died the 24th of October, 1689.

/// the South Isle of the Chancel.
££re lieth the Body of Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson,
Daughter of. Edward Neltkorpe of Barton in Lincolnshire,
Esq ; Wife and Relict of Alderman JoJin Rogers; then of
Alderman Thomas Johnfon of this Town. By the former
(he had 3 Sons, and 3 Daughters. She dy'd the 23d of June,
1707. in the true Faith of CHRIST, JEtatis face 63.

In the Great Crofs Isle.

T_T Ere lieth the Body of the Worfhipful Anthony [veson,

Alderman, Mayor in 1691. [His Mayoralty begun 1690.]
Died aged 63, April 25, 1697. Mors Lucrum Sanctis. Alfo
Anthony Ivefon, his eldeft Son, who dy'd Oclob. 25, 1700.
aged 28. Here alfo lieth ANNE, the Wife of the above faid
Alderman, Daughter of Lance/lot Roper, late Alderman of
this Town, who dy'd the 5th of January, 1722. Aged 68.

K. Under the Steeple.

are interr'd the Bodies <»f Mr. MARK KlRKBY, <>i'

i Town, Merchant; and Jam., his Wife She died
tlie [6th of June, [686. aged 35. And he, ihlob. 22d, [718.


II 1 ',, 1 .


34 Chap. ii. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in

aged 80. Alfo their Daughter, MARY, Wife of Mr. Richard
Sykcs, who died April the 4th. 1714. aged 32. And their el-
deft Son Mr. RICHARD KlRKBY, who dy'd Oclobcr II, 17 19.
aged 40. And their Son Mr. CHRISTOPHER.

And on a Pillar, N. of the Great Tower, arc the following
Infcriptions of him and his Family.

"\TlGH this Monument are interr'd the Bodies of Mr. Mark
KlRKBY, of this Town, Merchant ; and JANE, his Wife,
(Daughter of CJiriJlopJicr Richard/on, Alderman, and twice
Mayor) by whom he had 10 Children : Four died young :
The reft were Dinah, Richard, and Chriflophcr ; Mary, Mark,
and Ifabcl : MARY dy'd before him : The other 5 furviv'd
both. He was an affectionate Husband, a kind Father, a
prudent CEconomift, fincere in promifing, and punctual in
performing. She dy'd June 16, 1686, aged 35. He Oclobcr
the 22d, 17 18, aged 80.

The fweet Remembrance of the Juft,
Shall flourifli when he sleeps in Duft.

Vita jfufli Via Geli.

ALSO nigh this Place lies their Daughter MARY, (late
Wife of Mr. Richard Sykcs) who dy'd April 4, 17 14.
sEtat. 32. and their eldeft Son RICHARD, who dy'd Oclobcr
11, 1 7 19. JEtat. 40.

North of the Altar.

TJNder this Stone lieth the Body of Mr. John King, of
the Town of Kingflon-upon-Hull, Merchant, who died
the 17th Day of May, 1678, and in the 23rd Year of his Age.

<r>-<a^-*3^— a>— j - - t - i - i - i - i - i - i - i - i — i — i .<o.<r-<i.


A Copartment on a Pillar, at the IV. End, in the Church, as alfo
much the same Words on his Grave Stone.

"NT Ear this Place lieth the Remains of Alderman Axtiionv
LAMBERT, fometimes Mayor of this Corporation, who
took to Wife Anne the Daughter of Mr. George Saltmarsh, of
this Town, and by her had 8 Sons, and 5 Daughters. And
after he had lived 58 Years piously towards God, faithfully
towards his Friend, and ufeful in his Stations to all, he de-
parted this Life, the 28th of May, 1688. much lamented.

J^)OROTHY, the Daughter of Anthony Lambert, Alderman,
dy'd June 4, 1667.

Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 35

T-JEre lieth interr'd the Body of Anne, Wife of Anthony
Lambert, Alderman, 1667, with whom he was married
29 Years, and 5 Months, and had by her 8 Sons, and 5
Daughters ; and, after a prudent and pious Pilgrimage, de-
parted this frail Life in the true Faith of Chrift, Aug: 21,
1684. aged 49 Years, waiting for the Refurrection of the Juft.

Near them arc burydfnne of the Family, viz.

UEre lieth the Body of Anthony Lambert, Jun. and el-
deft Son of the Worfhipful Anthony Lambert, Alder-
man, who was married to Elizabeth, Daughter to the Wor-
fhipful William Skinner, Alderman, by whom he had one
Son. He departed, in the true Chriftian Faith, the 5th
of October, 1684. JEtat. 27 Years, 8 Months.

QEORGE Lambert, fecond Son of the Worfhipful Anthony
Lambert, Alderman, dy'd in the Faith of Chrift, July
29, 1684. aged 23.

J^Orothy, the
dy'd June 4,

]_[Ere lieth the Body of Anne, Daughter of Mr. Henry
Lambert, Merchant, who died the 2d Day of Sept. 1690.

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