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/// the South Isle of the Chancel.

T-TEre sleepeth in Hope Nicholas LlNDLEY, Merchant-
Adventurer, once Mayor of this Town, who departed
in the Faith of CHRIST, the 12th of July, 1624.

/;/ and about the Great Isle of the Chancel.
LJERE reftcth in Peace John Lister the Elder, Merchant,
twice Mayor of this Town, who departed this Life, in
the true Faith of Christ, the 19th of January, A. D. 1616.

UERE lieth the Body of the Right Worfhipful * Sir

John LISTER, Knight, twice Mayor of this Town, who
died, being Burgefs of Parliament, Dec. 23, A. J). 1640.

Oppofitc the South Porch if the Church is an Hofpital, upon the

outward Wall of which is this Infer i/>t 'ion.
* " An HofpitaL for six Men ami siv Women, by Sir John Lister,

" Knight, twice Mayor ; and alio tlic Reader's Houfe adjoining to it,

" and endow'd it with Land-, to the Value of Si* Hundred .i Year.
He refided in the High-Street, and had ■' beautiful fronted Houfe (with
other convenient Buikllngl) wherein lie nobly treated Kin^ CHAR] I i
the r'irfl.

36 Chap. ii. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in

pjERt lieth the Body of Lady ELIZABETH LISTER, Wife
to Sir John Lifter, Knight, deceafed, by whom she had
16 Children. She dy'd the 2d of December, Anno Dom.
1656, in the 68th Year of her Age.

LJErE lieth the Body of SAMUEL LISTER, who died May
1, 1645. lie is buryd North of the Altar.

On a Hatchment, near the Altar.

XT Ear this Pillar lieth the Body of HUGH LISTER, Efq ;
Juftice of Peace in the Haft-Riding, 4th Son to the
Right Worftiipful John Lifter, Knight. He took to Wife
Jane, the Daughter and Heir to the Worfhipful Barnard
Smith, twice Mayor of this Town, by whom he had Iffue
4 Sons and two Daughters, who all, except one, do yet re-
main hopeful Reprieves to the Memory of him : Qui bonis
omnibus flebilis occidit, Anno Chrifli 1666, Ocl. 9. JEtat. 48.


Upon the South Wall of the Chancel, is this.

XT Ear this Monument are interr'd the Bodies of WILLIAM
MaISTER, Efq ; Merchant of this Town, and of LUCY, his
Wife, Daughter of Alderman John Rogers. They were mu-
tually happy in a ftrict conjugal Affection, and gave Life
to 5 Children, all now living, viz. Henry, Elizabeth, William,
John and Nathaniel. She liv'd as much belov'd, as known ;
and dy'd as much lamented, the 4th of July, 1704. He,
having ferv'd his Country, and this Corporation 7 fucceffive
Parliaments with a difintereftcd Fidelity, left this Life
the 27th of October, 1716. His Friends knew his Merit
too well, not to mourn for the Lofs of fo great and good
a Patriot. May this Monument convey his Memory to Po-
fterity, and (hew a grateful Senfe his Relations have of
the Honour done him by this Loyal Corporation.

On an inward S. Pillar, at the W. End. [And very near the
fame Words arc on the Grave-Stone, in the Great Isle.~\

XT Ear this Monument are interr'd the Bodies of Mr. HENRY
Maister, and ANNE his Wife, Daughter of Mr. Wil-
liam Kaikcs. They had Iffue 9 Sons and 2 Daughters, 7 of


Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 37

which furvived them. He was twice Mayor of this Town,
and Deputy Governour to the Hamburg-Eaflland Companies.
He died 5th of April, 1699. aged 67. She died Dec. 14,
1685. aged 48. Ilodic nobis eras vobis.

TV/TAry Mason", Wife of the Vicar, interred December 26,
1725. Buried in the Great Isle of the Chancel.

"DO bert Mason, dy'd October 10, 1727. He lies buried
within the Rails of the Altar.

North of the Altar is this, over Mrs. Matfon.

T-JErk lieth the Body of Mrs. Mary Matsox, Daughter
of Mr. John Matfon, of Dover, Merchant, and Mary his
Wife, and only Sifter of Margaret, the Wife of Mr. James
Houfeman, of this Town, who died the 25th of July, A. D. 1688.

"NJEar the W. End of the Church lieth buried the Body of
John Maugham, who dy'd A.D. 1622.

N. In the South Isle, at the Weji End.

"D Chert Nettleton, Alderman, fometime Mayor of this
Town, interr'd May 8, 1706. had 13 Children by Lydia
his Wife, 7 of which were bury'd in his Grave. She was
Daughter of Mr. James Blaydcs, and Antic his Wife, Daughter
to the Reverend * Andrew Marvcll, and Sifter to f Andrew
Marvcll, Esq ; who about twenty Years ferved this Town as
Member of Parliament.

P. Within the Chancel.

UErk lieth the Body of Walter Pecke, Merchant-Ad-
venturer, who departed this Life in the true Faith of
Christ, the 8th of yuly, 1598.

In the Great Isle, at the Wcjl End.

LIEre lieth the Body of Mrs. Susannah Perrott, Wife

of Alderman Andrew Perrott, and Daughter of Al-

' Mr. Eachard 1. ilk liim, The famoui CalviniJUcal Mlnifter of Hull. i>. 96(1.

;n^ had an Academical Education in Trinity- College t Cambridge, he mi
derftood l.nliit extremely well, and mi :m Affifunl I" Mr. TORN Mil ins,

oi.ivkk's Secretary. After the Reftoration, h<- uas elected Membei oi Pai
liament, and fo continued 'till hli Death ; which, it Ceemi likely, prevented
1 ■ . 1 1 1 < .- Trouble thai might have corne upon him, lor hii Satyrical VVritin
■gainft both the Church and Crown. ///</.



38 Chap. ii. Epitaphs and Inscriptions /';/

derman Anthony Lambert. She departed this Life the 13th
Day of July, 17 16. Altat.fucu 44.

In the South Isle, at the W. End.

JOiin Pearson, once Sheriff, twice Warden of the * Tri-
nity-Houfe, died November 24, 1666. He had 6 Sons,
and 6 Daughters. His Wife Elizabeth was Wife to Alderman
Ripley, who was twice Mayor of Hull.


/;/ the South Isle of the Choir.
Ere lieth the Body of Thomas Kaikes, Alderman, and
Merchant, f thrice Mayor of this Town, who departed
this Life, the 8th of Auguji, 1662.

/;/ the Great Isle, at the We/? End.
Ere lie the Remains of William Raikes, Mafter and
Mariner, who exchanged this Life for a better, the 26th
Day of January, 1668.
Ere is interr'd Margaret, the Wife of Robert Raikes,
Grocer, and eldeft Daughter to Alderman John Kaye, Mer-
chant, who departed this Life the 16th of June, A.D. 1674.

* This Houfe had its Beginning from a generous Contribution, in order to fupport
diftrejfed Sailors, and Mariners Widoivs, of the Town : But a Patent from the
Crown being obtained, many fuch Perfons, from other Places, have enjoy 'd here
this happy Benefit. Twelve Elder Brothers, with Six Afiiflants, have the Manage-
ment of it : whofe Determinations, (which relate betiveen Maflers and their
Seamen) and Opinions in Tryals at Law, concerning Tranfaelions on the Ocean,
are very much regarded. From thefe, are chofeu annually Two Wardens ; at whofe
hleelion, they a If o join, with their Votes, thofe of the young Brethren : And out
of the latter, Two Stewards are likewife appointed. The Place (which has a
decent Chapel belonging to it) is the Property of a Society of Merchants, -oho have
richly endoufd it. " Herein, belaio Stairs, are Thirty pretty Chambers, for as many
poor Women, where they find comfortable Relief Above, are Two Noble Rooms :
One, for the Brethren to consult their Affairt ; the Other, it the l'laee wherein
are 'made Sails for large Ships, or ksser Vessels. In the latter, near the Ceiling,
hangs a Canoe, or little Boat, cover' d with Shins ; A Groenlander a'.s- represented
in Effigy sitting therein, with his Lower Parts below Deck : A Pair of Oars in his
Right nand ; and a Javelin or Bart (wherewith 'tis thought he wounded the more
stubborn Fish) in his Left. On his Head seems a sort of Trencher Cop; and a
Bag of Skins lag by hvt%, either to feed what he caught of the Filing Race, or else
to contain a certain Oyl, wherewith he used to entice them. He had also with
him a larqe Jaw Bone of a mighty Whale. Captain Andrew Barker took
him upon the Sea, (in his' Boat with all these Implements, still j/cescrv'd, except the
natural Bodi/, for which the Effigy is substituted) in the Tear 1613. But so ill
did this seeming son of Neptune brook his Captivity, that, refusing to eat what
was kindly offered him, he died in Three Bays Time.

t Two of the Years, fucceffively, he kept in that Office, being upheld by the
Parliament, tho' it was a direct Violation of the Laws, and contrary to
the Conftitutions of King/lon-upon-HuU.

Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 39

The following Infcriptions are N. of the A /tar.

UERE lieth the Body of the Worfliipful f JOHN RAMSDEN,
twice Mayor of this Town, and Merchant-Adventurer,
who departed, in the true Faith of CHRIST, Anno 1637.
Mors omnibus communis.

i In the Year 1635, the Plague, (which had vifited the Inhabitants of many
other Sea-Ports) begun to rage in this Town, and in Time took away the Life
of that Magiflrate. No wife Precaution was able to prevent the Contagion.
People fled into the Country. The Gates were foon order'd to be shut up.
A ftrict Guard was placed, Day and Night, in order to prevent any more
from going out, or coming in ; and the Watchmen were only allowed to re-
ceive Provifions, which foon became very dear, and were timorously thruft in,
at Places made fit for the Puqiofe. No Societies were suffer'd to meet. The
Churches and Schools clos'd up : Scarce any Body walk'd the Streets, (except
thofe who cry"d out for the Dead '.' ) where Grafs grew between the Stones of
the Pavement, as a very melancholy Scene ; and all feem'd buiy'd in a pro-
found Silence. In Time of Lent, his Grace, RI C H A R D NEIL, Lord Arch-
bishop of York, was apply'd to, for Licenfe, that, upon this Occafion, the Inha-
bitants might eat Flesh. The good Archbishop told the Petitioners, He could
not conceive what Authority he had to grant it : But in all Cases of extreme Nc-
ccfiity, as in Weaknefs, or Sicknefs, especially in such a deplorable State as theirs teas ;
the Minijiers might, on Certificates from the Phyjicians, grant such a reasonable Li-
berty, during the Holy Seafo/i : Therefore, added the pious Prelate, let the like Method
betaken : And I earnejlly befeech the Almighty God of Heaven and Earth, to heal,
prefeii-t, and Jlrciigthen, both the Bodies and Souls of our Afiflicled Brethren. This
condefcending Advice being taken, had good Effect: for fome Time : But, alas !
in 1638, the Sicknefs increafing by the Intemperature of the Air, which feem'd
to be in a Sort of Stagnation, without the leaft comfortable Gale or Breeze ; the
Markets were cry'd down : To fupply which Want, and further their Relief,
the Juftices, of the neighbouring Place;-, were oblig'd to fend in Carts both Pro-
\ili'jn> and Necefiaries to the Side of the Garrifon ; where they were bought,
(by a few of the Town's Inhabitants, deputed on that Account) and after fenl
jes to the Town's Crofs, to be difpos'd of, at the mod reafonable Prices.
But as all Trade and Mercantile Affairs feem'd as it were under a gloomy Shade,
or rather might be deem'd as quite extinct ; fo the wretched Confequences ap-
peal, in the deplorable Circurn fiances of above Two Thoufand Perfons; who,
from opulent Fortunes, were now become the piteous Objects of Chriftian Cha-
rity ! Others, that could afford it, were heavily affeffed, Weekly, both in Town,
and in the Country, to fupport the Afflicted ; befides, to maintain the Altend-
anU of the Vifited, whilft they were living in languishing Mifery ; and to
reward those, who took Care to bury the Dead. The Number thai perish'd were
about 2730 Perfons, excluding thofe who tied, or died of other Distempers,
which alniofl. doubled the Number. This Pestilence continued, till about the
loth of June, 1639, when it pleas'd GOD to ceafe : And it was near the Mid-
dle of the Yifitation that Mr. Ramfden became a Victim to it, amongst others.
He v <. itleman of great Erudition, remarkable Piety, and univerfa]

11 < . d, by vifited Perfons, into tin- (lunch \ And

tho' the Rev. Mr. ANDREW M\i;viii. had the Epithet facetious, apply'd to linn

: Vet, t" his Praife be il poken, ii was lb-, that ventur'd, in
that unnrini 1 only to give him Christian Burial) unus'd some Time

but alfo, from the Pulpit, deliver'd, to tin- mournful weeping I

i tend Sermon, (afterwards printed) in such pa-
iv, that both pi. p. ir'd and comfotted theii lb
fully 1 ■ might happen to them, in their lamentable Condition,


40 Chap. ii. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in

Over the Vaults in which the Alderman, and his Lady, are laid.

TN this Vault lieth the Body of the Worfliipful f William
Ramsden, fometime Deputy t<> the Right Worihipful

Company of Merchant-Adventurers of England, Alderman,
and Mayor of this Town twice, a Member of Parliament,
for the fame Corporation, in the Honourable HOUSE of COM-
MONS. He departed this Life, in the true Faith of CHRIST,
the 2d Day of September, 1C80. in the 6$d Year of his Age,
waiting the Morning <»f the Refurreclion.

Engraved on the fame Stone.

IN this Vault lieth interr'd the Body of Mrs. ANNE RAMS-
DEN, (Wife to the Worihipful William Ram/den, Esq ; Alder-
man of this Town) Daughter to the Worfliipful Thomas
Bqynton, of Roucliff, Esq ; She departed this Life, in the
true Faith of CHRIST, the 23d Day of April, 1667.

Near the S. Church- Yard Door.

ERE lieth the Body of the Worfliipful * CHRISTO-
PHER RICHARDSON, Alderman, and twice Mayor of
Kingflon-upon-Hull) who dy'd Feb. 12. 1701.

t That Gentleman, Come Time before hi- Death, had a great Defire to la) down
his Gown, so that he might spend the Remainder i>f his Days, in a happy Re-
tirement, from publick Bufinefs. To obtain which, (in May, 1678.) he be-
fought the Bench i" accept of an Hundred Pounds, the Interest thereof to he
apply'd for the lie of the Poor ; on Condition, that lie might be difmnTed
from the Office of an Alderman. But the (/nun requiring Time 'till next Hall-
Day, the Mayor then told him, That as they were nil very fenfible of his being a
ferviccable, good and honourable Per/on : fa liny roere not in the lead willing to
part with Jo excellent a Magistrate : And therefore as earnestly requested, That
ould be fleas' J to relinquish his Desire. After some reasonable Solicita-
tions to him, for that Purpofe, he was contented to remain in his ufual
eminent Station. And tho' the Mone) offer'd by him seem'd thereby Inst to
the Poor ; yet hi- Goodnefs was such, that, (as I found recorded in St. Mary's
Church, with the Beneficence <>f Alderman Popple, who allow'd Fourteen Pence
Worth of Bread to he distributed t<> them every Lord's Day) he charitably
gave Two Shillings, Weekly, to he laid out, the -nine Way, for the Relief
ofthofe, whose Neceffities required the like Affistance.

• In the Year 1678, he desired to he discharged from the Office >>l an Alder-
man : And tho' hi- Request "as at first denv'd ; yet he continu'd so ear-
nestly preffing, that, submitting to any Fine the Court should please to lay
upon him for their kind I inn. the}- withdrew ; and, among them-

selves, propos'd Three Sum-, in the like Cafe-, to he paid by -ucli Aldermen,
who requested to he discharged for the future : When it was agreed, That
either Fifty. Seventy-Five, or One Hundred Pound-, should be the Fine ; and
to be voted for, according to Discretion. Put the middlemost Sum wa, allotted
for this Gentleman to pay. whereby he obtained an entire Dismiffion.


Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 41

Within the Altar Rails.
J-|Ere lieth the Body of the Worfhipful Edward
RICHARDSON, and once Mayor of this Town, who
departed in the true Faith of Christ.

South of the Altar.
UEre lieth the Body of Alderman JOHN ROGERS, Mer-
chant, and once Mayor of Hull, who married Elizabeth,
Daughter of Edward Nelthrop of Barton, Esq ; and departed
this Life February the 14th, 1680. [Mayor in 1652.]

Alfo South of the Altar are the following.
I-JERE lieth the Body of Mrs. LUCY ROGERS, Daughter to
Mr. Laucellot Roper, Alderman, and twice Mayor of
Kingllon-upon-Hull, late Wife to Mr. John Rogers, of the
fame Town, Merchant, by whom fhe had 17 Children, with
whom fhe lived a pious Life n Years, and died in the Faith
of CHRIST, February 15, Anno Hitatis 58, & Salutis 1665.

T-JEre lieth the Body of Mr. JOHN ROGERS, who depart-
ed this Life, Dee. 27, 1723.

/// the South Isle of the Chancel.
LI ERE lieth the Body of Mr. John Rogers, who departed
this Life, June 1, 1728.

UEre lieth the Body of Mr. Laxcellot Roper, Son of
Alderman Roper, of Kiugflon-upon-Hull, who married
AGNES the Daughter of Mr. George Crowle, Merchant, and
Alderman of this Town, by whom he had Iflue one Son,
named Laneellot. He dy'd the 30th Day of December,
1686. in the 29th Year of his Age.

S. North of the Altar, are the two following.

UEre refteth in Peace Samuel Saltonstall, Esq; who

departed tin'-. Life, in the true Faith of CHRIST, the 8th
Day of January, A. D. 1612.

UEre refteth the Body of Jeremiah Smyth, Efq ; Grand-
fon of Sir yeremiah Smyth, Admiral. He married Mary,
the Daughter of Mr. William Skinner, of this Town. He
flied the 2d <>f September, 1714. in the 37th War of his \

J IEri lieth interred the Body of Leonard Scott, who <l<

parted this Life' tin- [8th of December, [680. in thi
Vear of hi Age. Buried in the Broad Isle of tin c 'hoir,


42 Chap. ii. Epitaphs and Inscriptions in

In the Middle Isle, the Place of Preaching, on a Brafs Plate.

T-IEre lieth the Body of Mrs. DOROTHY SHAW, (late the
dear Wife of Mr. Joint Shaw, Preacher of the Gofpcl in
this Church) who was here intcrr'd December 12, 1657.
waiting for the Morning of the Refurrcftion of the Juft.

T-JERE lieth the Body of MICHAEL SHAWTER, who depart-
ed this Life the 17th of February, 1729. aged 45 Years.

Within the Altar Rails.

T-JEre lieth interr'd the Body of Alderman t William
SKINNER, who died at Peckhatn, near London ; and was,
by his own Appointment, brought hither, and laid near his
Wife, Mary, the Daughter of Mr. John Hayes, late of London,
Grocer. By her he had 4 Sons, and 7 Daughters. He died
September the 19th, in the Three and Fiftieth Year of his
Age, 1680.

And North of the Altar, is this.

"NT EAR this Place lieth interr'd the Body of WILLIAM
SKINNER, late Alderman, and formerly Mayor of this
Town, who had 3 Wives, Jane and two Maries. By the
firft Mary he had 4 Sons ; William, two Johns, and Thomas ;
6 Daughters, Mary, Jane, Lydia, Elizabeth, Ellinor, and Sarah.
He died in the 53d Year of his Age, the 19th of Sept. 1680.

/// the Great Isle of the Chancel.

TN this Vault lieth interr'd the Body of Mrs. Mary SKIN-
NER, Wife of Mr. William Skinner, of this Town, Alder-
man, fometime Mayor, by whom fine had 4 Sons, and 7


t He left such a competent Legacy, That Eight Dozen of Bread (to hold
which, there is a convenient Place made in the Church) should for ever be distri-
buted to the Poor, the first Sunday of every Month. Other Benefactions, I
perceiv'd, for their Ufe, are mention'd on a Table, affix'd to a Pillar, (in the
Place, where Prayers and Preaching are perfornvd) whereon may be read the
following Words :

" i. T^Rancis Porter bequeathed 4OJ. to the Poor for Bread,
"(An. 1716.) on the Feaft of St. John the Evan-
" gelift Yearly. 2. Mary Harrifon, his Daughtcr-in-Law,
" left 20/. the Intereft of which for the Diftribution of
" Bread for ever, at the Difcretion of the Church-Wardens.
" 3- John Horf eman (1704.) left 40 Shillings for ever.
" 4. Mr. Francis Smith (1689.) gave iSd. per Week forever."

Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 43

Daughters. She refigncd this Life, for a better, the 13th
Day of April, A.D. 1674. and of her Age the 42d.

A/TR. Tristram SUGAR, Woollen-Draper, dy'd April 9,

T. 77/ the South. Isle of the Chancel.

TAcet hie depofitum BENJAMINIS Taylor in hoc Oppido
J Profefforis Medicinal, qui obiit Decembris die x°. /Eta-
tis Anno JErst Chriftianae MDCLXXIX.

Near the South Door.

TN this Vault lieth intcrr'd the Body of THOMAS TOMLIN,
Draper, Son of Marmaduke Tomlin, of Riby, in the County
of Lincoln, Gentleman, who departed this Life the 1 2th
Day of February, 1696. in the 45th Year of his Age, and refts
in Hope of a joyful Refurrection. He married Sarah, one
of the Daughters of Joint Batty of Warnefworth, in the Weft
Riding of the County of York, Esq ; who order'd this Monu-
ment of her Love and Respect to the Memory of her dear
deceafed Husband.

JOSEPH THWINGE, Draper, who dy'd the 23rd of No-
J vember, 1636. Buried near the Weji End.

JOSEPH TOWERSON, dy'd A.D. 1683. Lies buried in the
J South Isle, at the Weft End.


HERE lieth the Body of Mr. CHARLES VAUX, after he had
served Clerk of the Corporation 33 Years, and died
the 10th of December, 1680. in the 69th Year of his Age.

+ + -!- -h +

W. In the South Isle of the Chancel.

ILTEre refteth in Peace Leonard Wiston, Merchant-Ad-
-*■■■• venturer, and once Mayor, who departed this Life, in
the Faith of CHRIST, the 20th of February, 1598.

On a Pillar in the North Isle, near the Altar.
T) M M\i:m Wilkin8024 Uxoris optimae 22 Feb, 1711.
defunct. r. maerens ponit, & fungitur inani munere Jo-
hannes Wilkinfon Praelector. Thus render'd. Jehu Wilkinson,
I irer, in Sorrow, hath placed this to the facred Memory
of his dear Wife Maky Wilkinson, who dy'd Feb, 22, 171 1.

44 Chap, ii. Epitaphs am/ Inscriptions in

Near the Weft End.

DOGER WATTS, Mariner, departed this Life, in the
Year of our LORD, 1652.

In the South Isle of the Chancel.

T_TKre lieth the Body of Richard WOOD, Woollen-Dra-
■*■ *- })er, fometime Mayor of this Town, who departed this
Life, in the Faith of Christ, the 16th of December ; Anno
Domini 1662. Hi tat is 63. [Mayor in 1653.]

/// the South Wall of the Choir, is the Buft of a venerable
P erf on, with tli is remarkable Infcription.

{""\Uifquis es (Viator) fifte, atque hunc intuere mor-
<^* tuum, quern vivum fatius tibi imitari erit Sciential mul-
tipliers, profundi Judicii, Vitae Probitatis, Induftriae inde-
feffae, Charitatis comitates, Pictatis Exemplar fmgulare
Tiiomam Whincop. Eximium Dei Servum, chariffimum
Theologum, omnium Bonorum Memoria & Amore dignum.
Qui opt Q . max°. (cui plufquam 74 Annos) fervivit inte-
gerrimi Viri, fapientiffimi Civis, vigilantiffimi Paftoris Of
ficij fatagens ( Annorum tandem famnequc grata; fatur )
Deo Animam reddidit, Corporifquc Refurrecl:ionem prae-
llolatur : Atque etiamnum mortuus vivit. Tantum
eft, vade Lc6tor, fua Merces eft, Creatoris Gloria,
Exemplum Tuum.

Which is thus render'd.
Stop, Traveller, whoever thou art, and look upon him, >to:v
dead, who, when alive, it was more ufeful for thee to imitate :
Mr. Thomas WHINCOP : An eminent Example of great Learn-
ing, found Judgment, Probity of Life, indefatigable Industry,
Charity, Humanity and Piety, A faithful Servant of GOD,
an excellent Divine, and one that worthily merited the Love and
Remembrance of all good Men : Who, after he had ferved the
Mofl High, above the Space of Seventy Four ) 'ears, diligently execu-
ting the Offices of an honest Man, a prudott Citizen, and a
vigilant Paftor; at lajl, being full of Years and Honour, he reftgned
his Soul to the Almighty, wa 1 ting for the Reft rreclion of the Body ;
Who, thd note dead, yet liveth. All that remains, Go, Reader !
As GOD's Glory is now his Reward, fo his Example thine.


Holy Trinity Church in Kingfton-upon-Hull. 45

After the Latin, before-mention'd, is this.

HEREUNDER refts in Peace the Body of Mr. THO-
MAS WHINCOP, born at* Linton upon Wkarfe, in Yorkshire;

brought up for the Space of ten Years at the Univerfity of
Cambridge, in Trinity-College, whereof he was a Member ; after-
wards Preacher at Beverley in the Minfter about 16 Years ;
then Mafter of Charter-Houfe Hofpital ; and Preacher of
HULL, in this Church, 25 Years. He dy'd Sept. 7, 1624.
in the 75th Year of his Age, belov'd, and bemoan'd, of all.
He left, behind him. ElizabetJi his Wife, born at Poekling-
ton ; and, by her, three Sons : Samuel, Fellow of St. John's ;
Thomas, and John, both Fellows of Trinity-College, in Cam-
bridge ; and all, fucceffively. domeftick Chaplains to the
Right Honourable William, Earl of Salisbury : And two
Daughters ; Mary, firft married to Mr. Leonard Hudfan, of this
Town ; after to Mr. William Cham 'nil, Rector of Walking'
ton : And Thomajine, firft married to Mr. William Smeaton, of
Hull; after to Mr. John Vans, of York ; all bleft in fuch
a Father.

Thl>, I hope, after laborious Toil, I have given every In-
fcription and Epitaph Wit/tin the Church : At lealt, thai
I have, inadvertently, pafs'd by very few. I will only
mention, before I proceed to the Out-Side, what was omit-
ted before : That the melodious Organ, (which firft was
begun to be ufed on Sunday, Mare/12, 17 12.) was promo
ted principally thro' the Care, Goodnefs and Generofity
of Mr. Nathaniej Rogers, and Mr. John Colljngs :

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