Thomas Heywood.

The Iron Age : contayning the Rape of Hellen: The siege of Troy: The combate betwixt Hector and Aiax: Hector and Troilus slayne by Achilles: Achilles slaine by Paris: Aiax and Vlisses contend for the Armour of Achilles: The Death of Aiax, &c. online

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Online LibraryThomas HeywoodThe Iron Age : contayning the Rape of Hellen: The siege of Troy: The combate betwixt Hector and Aiax: Hector and Troilus slayne by Achilles: Achilles slaine by Paris: Aiax and Vlisses contend for the Armour of Achilles: The Death of Aiax, &c. → online text (page 1 of 5)
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The Iron A

roll nsc:


Contayning tbe Rape of HeUen : Thcfiege ©f 5^0/:

ThcCombatc betwixt H(f^(?r and Aiax : HeBor ixnd Troilus
fl^yne by Achilles : Jchilles Mncby Pans: i^iax zmFliffts
comcndhiL the Atmouv of Acklles : The Death

Wrktenr by Thomas Heyttoo©*

„- ■ • — ■ — ■ o ■ '^ — ~ — ' ~ """ ' "^ "'~

y^ut frcdt^c folent audi DeleSlarcj.

Piimed at ImM by ^[ihi^. 9M^j.j3li


Drammads PerfoDce.

Ofthe^mtj Gfthe Troianj^

©oecne HccuBa.
e^pndra a Prophercffc.
CreJJida^Calchas his daughter.
felixina daughter to ^riam.
Oenon^ Paris his firft louc.
Andromdche, HeBors wife.
HeUert Armour-bearer,
Trofa9 fQuldiers,

Of the panjefthiGYecmsi:

King jfgamcmnon Generalh
King U^enelaw,
King Diomed,


A Spartaft Lord*
AnEmbaflador of Creetel
Caftor and P»Kuxy the two

brothers of HelUna,
AUxT>}akzo( SaUmhK
Queene He/Una,
Calchoi^ AfoMes Prieft*
Pdtroclm^Achilies his friend<
Achilles his Mcrraidpns,
Grecian feuldiers*

To thd Reader.

Ourteous Reader: The Gold, Siluer^'
and Br Side Ages hauing heme many
yeares fincetnthe^re^e ^ contiming
the Eiflory from lupiters "^yth (th^

fonneof Saturne) to the Death of

Hercules. Thu Iron Age {neuer till no"^ Publifhed^)
heginneth "Cohere the other left , holding on p a plains
and dir e6i courfe^ from thejecond Rape of Heilcn :
{For /he 'pposin her minority rauifhed by Thefcus the^^
Friend of Hercules) not onelytothe natter ruine^and
deuafiation oflxoy . hut it, yviih thejecond Part ^
ftretcheth to th$ Deathes o/Hclkn j and allthof^
Kings of Greece , rpho were the ^undertakers of that'
Tenye^es 13 body and fat aU Seige. Iprefume the
reading there of (hall not prooue difiafifull <-vnto any :
Firfi in regard of thetAntiquityandNobleneffeofthe
Eiflory : Nextbecaufeit includeththemofl things of
efpeciallremarke^ ^bich haue beeneingsnioujly Com^
mented, and labourioujly Recorded y by the Uufes
Darlings^ the P oets : And Times learned RmmJ
^Mcjrs^ thi Hiftriographers-^

To the Reader?

L^ly y Idefiretheetotah notice, that theje ^'ers
thc^layes often ( and not whh^ the kafl ^pplau/ej
Puhlichly A6lea l;y two Companies ^ri;ppQ'4 q^^ Stage
at once ^ and haue at fundry :imes throngjd three fe*
aerall Theaters ;^ith rMmerous and mighty Audit or iss,
if the grace they hadthenin the Actings, take not amay
the expeaedlujier, hoped for m the \eading, I (hall
then hold thee well plea fed^ and therein, my jelfefullj.
f^^tsfi^d j Euer remaining thine asfludiom

Prodefe ytDekBare

Thomas Hey wood.

■:ai^tfe^rf irtf r ,■ -vft-^^ —


''^•t9jM't\V.Vir-< nimtyji ,

W» i fl I fftFTBUH fuFi J * I I mvi j L »ja^.^ »g»»«

I 3.

Bnter King Pr iamas, Sl^tene Hecuba, Ht^or^

!^ RlHces and Sonncs of Prsam, to this eftdf
W €€ cal'd you to this idlcmm Parkance^
Th€rc*s a deuiningfpir it prompts mee ftilfj^
That if we sew bejiii HoiUlityi
The greifdns mty be forc't to rm\^ repayre
Of 6ur twice raia'dwalls, and of the rapi|

Dosctoonrfifter hxxtHeJIonc. -

<iyEneas. I am my princely Soucraignc of year miade;

And can by grounded arguments approout

Your power and potency : what tbf y twice demoli&.'C|

Is flow with ftrength awd beauty reared againe.

Your kiEgdoMC growne more populous andricfc^

The youth of T^ftf; irregular and vntam'd, ' ~"

Gouetous of warre and martiall cxcrciff *

From you and filwertreffed Hiprw^^

Fifty foil efonnes are lineally deritt*d,' '

All iiAfi^es Kings arc in your lout and Icagli^ ]

JM\ ^i^f '^ W«s g$ of your Einpircfefl^,


f Bcm^.

Thi Ir$n Agf.

Ht^or and H^^^f/ brothers are of powief
To fetch your fijller from the heart of greecel
Where flie remaiuesiaibrac'*t by !r^//?z»tf»»

Tria. (jy£;^ff/!W,youraduirea(Te'its^ith vs.
Ho vv ftand our fonnes. vnto thefe wars incHifd?

^€^^ Jn mine opinic^n we haueno iuft caulc
To rayfene\y tumults, that may liue in peace t
Warre is a fury quickly coniured vpy
But not fafooiie appeafed.'

Far* What iulier caufe"
When the whole world takes note to our difgrace,'
Of this our 7>'<7;',twice rac'c by Hercules,

Troy, And faire Hejlone rapt hence to Greece^
^Where flie ftill Hues coopt vp in i'^/^wiV/^,

HeSl, Troyw^s tw'cerac't, and TV^j defer ud tliat wrackcj
The vdiant (ha^fe Diuine bred) Hercules^
Redeemed this "^owne from blacke mortality, .
And my bright Aunt from death, when he f urcharg'd
The virgin fedde, ^ea monl^«r.wi«h his rlub.
For my owne Grand-firC; great L^ionieion^
Denied the Heroe, both the meede proposed.
And raoft (ingratefull) ihut him from the Gates ?
Troy therefoi t drew, iuft ruine on it {q^£q, t
Tis trucour Au Jtwas born^ away to Greece ,
'Who with more iuftice mtght o aafport her hence,;
Then he whofe prife fht was ? bold Telamon
For ventring firft vpon the wals of Troy,
tAlcides gaue her to the S^Uy^tne Duke,
Detaytiiiig her? vvhom keep^ he but his owne \ f J
Were {he my pri.fciner I Should do the like.
By lone file's worth the keeping. .

Far. Then of force,
Shce muft be worth the fetching-

UeU;, Fetch her that li{l: my reiiereat King and fath^T^, -. '
If you puriue tliis expedition.
By the vntauircd honor of thc^e ar mes
yjiatUueJinblaicm'doii my tutaiiVt; ihicldi
'^"^^'' ""^"'^ ""■ uS . ft

fke inii Jgf,

it IS witboSt |do3 caufe, and I Atmne

Of all your flourifliing line, by which the Goii )

haue redified your fame aboae all Kings^

Not one fhal Hue to meatc your Sepulchre,

Or trace your fanerall Heralds t© the Tombes

Of your great Auccftours .* oh for your honouf

pTake not vp vniuft Armes,

, . cy^ne. Prince HeEhorsv^oxA^

W ill draw oa him the imputation '' ,.

Of feare and cowtrdefie*

'^* Trou Fie brother H<?(5?i?r,

If our Aunts rape, and 1 rojes deftruftioft

Bee notreue^g'd. their feuerallblemiflies

The aged hand of Tim^can newer wipe

From ou r fiicceffion.
'Twill be regiftred

Thatall King VrUms Tonnes fauc one wete willing

And forward to reuetsge them on the Greekcs,

Onely that HeUor durft not.
fleSh. Ha, ^m^ nwt didft thou fayPefFcminate boy ^

<So get you to your Sheepe-hooke asd yeur Scrip,

Thou look'ft not like a Souldier, there's no fire

W ithin thine eyes^ nor quills vpon thy chinne.

Tell me I dare not ? go, rife, get you gone. -

Th'art fitter for young (jemns company

Thenfora bench of fouldicrs : here comes ofte^ 1

^if^^^^f'^ is returned.

Enter Antcnor,
l^ri. Welcome ^Antemr^ what's th« newes from (^rtecc>
ft/4';?/^^* Newes ofdiflionourt© thenam€ofPr?>;sr, ^

Your Hignefle Sifter fiiirc Hefione:
Efteem'd there as a ftrumpet, apd iic Queenc ;
(After complaintj when T proposed your Maiefty
would fetch her thence perforce, had you but feen«
W ith w hat difdainefiill pride, and bitter taunts
They toft my threats : 'twould haucipJam'dyGUrfpkcai
Widi laore then i:ommm ng^. neu^ -^as Princeflc

B z ^ ^- •■^■^

The fm ^Age}

SoWclyf{'«3s fteuerEmbanadour
Withfuch didioridurfeiit fom Princes Coarti
/ s ■ vva« then from that o^TeUmons,

^rUm. I {hall not dye in peace, if tliefe difgraccfi
li9er:ireaeng'd. - ^

He^^ B/ loue wee'lc fetch her thetice,^
Or m ike all populous Greece a Wilderiieffe,
Paris a wee are friends, no^v G eece fliall findc
And thou ("halt know what mighty UeBor dares.
When all thVnited Kings in Armes fliallrue
iThis bafc diihonour done to Priams blood.

Par, hleare Gracious fir,my dreame in Ida Mourlt^'
Beneath the fliadow of a Cedar fleepingo ^
Celeftiall lunoy Venm, and the Goddefl'e
Borne from the braiie of mighty lupittr.
Thefe three prefent me with a gol<i€n Ball,
O :. which was writ, DetHrfnlcherrim<s,
Giue*c to the faircft : Inno proffers wealth.
Scepters and Grownes : fath^fhe wUlmakeraericK
Next ft:ep& forth P^nHas w ith a golden Bookc,
Saith, reach it me. Tie teach t .-e Litterauire,
Knowledge and Arts, makethecof all molt wiTe.
Next fmilirig Venus came, with luch a looke
Able to 1 a .ilh mankinde : thus befpaV^ mce.
Make that Ball miae? the faireR Q^teene that breathe!^
rie i I requital], caft into thine armes.
How can I fland a^^inft her golden Imiles,
When beautic pr.»mift beaut) ? £hee preuayl'd:
To hei J g ue the pnfe, with which ftnee mounted
Like to aScarre f om earth fhott v^i tJ Hcaucn.
Now if in Greece (as fome report } be indies
Feerc'etlc for beauty, wherefore might not P^ris
By VfftHs ayde fay'e hence ro Cjrecid^
^ A'^d quit the rape of faire Hefione^
By ftealing thence tl.c Qjcenc moft beautifiill,
Jhat feeder vpon the hoiiey gf that ayre? .


Tit Itbn Age}

' Tri. That amoroasGoddefle borne vpolUhewau€s
'Affifttbecinthy voyage, wewillrigge
A royall fleetc to waft tbce into C7r^fr<r,
^^Tteas wnhoixrfonne Deiphoi^f^f^
And otbcr Lords fhall beare thee company i'
W hat thinkc our Tonnes HeBor ai^d Irojlus
Of Paris expedition?

He6h, As 9n attempt the Heauen? haue caufe to pro rp€T«\
Go brother F^r//, if thou bring'ft a Queene,
HeElorwiW be her Champion; then let'i) fee
What Greeks dare fetch her hence,

^ri, Sraightgme order
3*0 haue his Fleet made icady,

JEnter Caffahdra ivith hey haire ahom her e^rerl

Cajfm. Stay PrtiifK, Paris ceafe, flay Tretan Peeres
rTop.otyour vniueilalioneithrow.
What hath poort Troj dekiu'd, that you fliQuld kindle
<F lames to cleftroy it t

Pfi* What intends Caff'andra >

Ca^. To quench bright burmng Troj, to fecure thee;
To faueold PrtAtn awd His fi£ty lonncs.
(1 he royal ft ifibe,that e'rc King I enioy*de}
To keepc the reucrCBt haires of Hecuba^
From being tornc off by hei owi^c fad hands.

Pri, Ca^jjandrM^ madde. . ,^

C^Jf. Youafcmad, al) 7><?; is maddc,
(And railcs before it's ruine.

HeB. Whar would my fiftet?

C^f. Stay this bold youth my brothcr,who fey water
Would fayle to bring fire which /I ail bui ne all T^oj,
Stay him, oh ftay him; ere tliefr golden roofcs

Mek o'ieourhcads,bcforethcfegoMOHs Turrets
Bee burnt to Ere ckare Sinms lb egmes
F unnc w ith blond reyall, and Scamander Plaine^

In which Zm ftand^ bee made a Sepulchre
iT^ bury T'rcj, a«d rw^;^/j

5 i frH

The irtifn Age\ *^-

P//. A^iy witli her;, fome falfc deuinuig fpirit
EiUiyifrgtlie honour we fhall gaine from gre^ee,
^Would trouble our dcfigiements.

HeEl, Royalilir,
Ca'jfa-jclra is a Veftall Prophefene,
And CGnfecrate to TaHas, j oft infpir*4
•Theakndher gracious audience. ^•

TroiL :So let our Auiit
Bee ftill a flaue in Greece, and W«^ yout fbaflfii
Bee held as cowards.

c^?;^. Let Ante nor s wrongs
3Beebafc]y fwallowed, and the nanaeof Troy
Be held a word of feorne*

C^/.Then let Troj burne.
Let the qrcek^s clap their handstand warmc themfeluci
At this bright Bone-fire : dretna'd not HecHbd
The night before thisfatall Youth w6s borne,
-That ijiee brought forth a fire-brand ?

//t-r/iT. 'Tis moft tiue.

Ci/T. And when King Vrtam to the ?reift reuea^
Tills omiaous dreiime,.hee with the Gods confuited,
Aad from the Oracle did this returne.
That the Childe borae fihouldilately Iflion burne.

P^r. And well the Prophet .gueft, for my deitre
To vifit Creece, burnes with a quenchlefie fire.-
Nor from this flaming brand il:iall I be free,
Jill I haue left rich Trtf/j and *S'/^»'^^ fee.

C^/f. Yet Hecuba, ere thou thy VrUm loo'fc,
*An^ frUm ere thou loofe thy Uecub^^

FrL Away ^vvith her.

Cajj', W hy fpeakes not in this cafe t^ndromacheit
Thou^ihak loofe a Hc^^^r, who's yet thine.
■Why good ^neoi doft thou rpeech for bear e?
Tho'u hop ft in time another 7><?jk to reare.
When this isfsckt, and therefore thou ftandftmute,'.
All ftrookd with filenee; noncaiTiO: inv f^ute..
^ Vji, Force her away and lay her fall; in bQlde


The lr$» Agi.

■C^JJ. Theft Tro^y no Troj^ but tiChes -and a flup
W here once a Citty flood : poore Pn/im » thou
That jfhalt leaue fatherlcffe fifty fairc fomies,
And this thy fruitfull Qncene, a defolatewiddow}
And Jlmm row no Pallace for a King, .
•But a confuted heape of twice burnt brickcJ
They^that thy beauty wondred, fhall admire ^ r ' i

T<^ ite thy Towers dehc'd with Greekifi fire. l*-*"^^«

Pri, Thou art no Sjbillv but flora fury fpeak'ft,
^ol inipiration we reguatd thee not.
^ ome vahant Tonnes, weele hifl prepare our fliips,
And wi^h a royallFleete well rigg*d tofea
.^eeke iuit r euei^ge for faire Hejton ^ » ..^

Exeunt r^ntHeSyfnanet Paris, tobim0^m\\ '^^^J^^i^i^^
fng CUT fiucki hjr h*icke^

(>6n. Know you not mee ?

Far. Who art theu ? ' . v"

Oen, View mee well.
Aod what I am, my lookes and tcarcs will teach theejv

Par, Oenonf what brought thee hither?

Oen. To fee Ida bat e
Of het tall Ctdzr^y to fee fli 'pw rights fquare
Thetrunki; of new feld Pines : Asking the caufe,'
So many Harchets'., Hammers*, Plow es and Sawes
\ ere thither bought : They gan m.€e thus to greeted,'
With thefe tall Cedars we mud build a fieete
For ("aris ; who in tiiat mufliayle to Cjreecc:,
To fetch a new w ife thenceo

PtrrT. And my faire 0^;^(?;f,
Know that they told ti a^h, for 'tis decreed
£ueB by the, Gods bebefl, that I fliould fpced
^ pon this new aduenture : The Gods all.
That made mce iudge to giue the golden Sal!..
Ha' ke, harke, the Saylers cry aboard, aboard j ■
The Winde bbwes faire, fare-weH,

the troh Ag^

O em'n, Heata me otis word .
^ By our firft loue, by all our amotGiis kifli^
^ Courtings J imbiaces j and ten tkoufand blclfcf
I coniure thee, that thou m Troj may' ft fiay.

Par. They cry aboard, «nd Paris muft away ^

Oe;f,W hat need'ft thou plowc the feis to fceke i ^ifej
H»uip3g one here, to hazard thy fwccte life.
Seeking a Strumpet through warres fieree alarmed i
And haue fo kind a wife lodg'd in thine armea.

P/ip. Swcet€0<f;7^«, ftayraeaorjvndafpe thinehsldj

Ocfj, Not ior Trojes crowni or all the Sun-g©ds C®Idc
C aaft thou? oh canft thou thy (wecte lift indangcr.
And leaue thine owne wifii to feeko out a ftrangtr ^

Pa, Ican,farewciL

<?^;^. Oh yet a little ft ay J

^^. Let go thine hold^ or I fliall force my xvayj '

O^f^. Oh do but looke on m«, y$c once againc.
Though now a Prince, theu waft an humble j(waine|
And then I was thine <9<r«<?«. (Okfadfate>
I crauc thy loue, I couet not thy ftatcj
Still I am Oeno'ft : ftiU thou Paris an
Jhe feife-fame man, but not the felf e-fame heare?

P^r. Vntie, or I fkall breake thy charming band,
Nepune affift my courfe : thou I&ue my hand.' Bxh'*^

Oetf. Moft cruell, moft vnkind, hadft th©u thus faid
The night before thou hadft my Maiden-head>
I had beene free t© chufe, and thou to wiue;
t^ot w iddovf cd UQW, my husband ftill aliue.' .

inter King Menelaus , iT/^^ Diorned^ Therfites^ aZordi^m^

h a^ ado Hr with t^ttendants,

\Mme, t!m%Tiiomed, »?/7^;^^^ is proud to fte you,
Your comming at this time's msre feafonable,
in that wee haue implcyment for y«ur wifedome
# nd rovai! valour.

^iom. The^i&r;>/W.'^ Scepter no j^ig'^^^tra^^^^^f


i^As this rmbafladoiTT hath late inform'd)'
Defpifing that vfurping hand, which long
Hath againft Law and Iiifticefwayd and boriiclc^ ]
Offers icfelfe to your prote<5lioii.
Is k not fo my Lord?
Eml?ajfa^ Yoa trucly vudcrftand our Embafi^^

Thcr* That Heauen hath many Starres in't, but li^ ^til
"And cannot fee dcfert. The Goddefle Fortune
Is head-winkt, why elfe fliould flie proffer thee
Another Crowne that hath one : (Grand Sir lom)
What a huge heape of bufineffe flialt thou haUc,
Haui'jg ano ther Kingdome? being in C^eete,
Spurt a will go to wracke, being iwSfarta^
Crecte will to ruine : To haue more then thefii
Such <i bright Laffe as rIeUen : Hellen} oh !
'Muft haue an eye to her too, fie, fie, fie,
Pooremanhow thoultbeepufl'd I

Mene, ^hy ihiuk^^i The rfites my bright Helien} bcai^tj
Is not with her fairc vertues equalized ?

^her^ Yes, I thinke fo , aqd HeUen is a n afie^,

Diom, ThexJires\s2Lr2iy\trl

Ther. No, I difclaim't, I am a Couhfellorr
I haue knowne a fellow matcht to a faire wife,'
That hath had ne're a Kingdome : thou haft two
To looke to, (fcarce a houfe) thcu many Pallace?,
Hee fcarce a Page, and thou a thoufand feruants s
Yet hec hauing no more, yet had too much
To looke to one fairc wife,

Diom. Were not the King
Well grounded in the vertues of his QueefiC
Thy words Jherfttes might fet odds betwixt them.^

iJ^Une^yiyHelien? thereinam Ihappieft.-
KnQW Z)i^z??r<^, her beauty Iprcferre
Before the Crc wiit^s o^ Sparta, and oiCre^^^

G ^T"" ' Mufick?

MuScke ! I know my lady then is comtniil^r LMuJicI^

To giue kind welcome to King Z)/€>«ftf<3?, ^^i}fm%

Strowc ia her way Tweetc powders, burne Perfume,
And where my Heflen treads no flete pi efamc^
Ther. *Tnrere better ftrowe hornerfliauings.

Et^tsr Helled ypith wamntT Gemlerpomen andScrn^nts'i

C> J - - - '

HeL 'Tis told rs this Embaffadour doth flay
Totakcmyhii>h?.nd, mydeareLord away.

CMen. True Hellen, 'tis a 'Kingdome calls mehence*
Hel, AKingdomel hath your Hellenh.c\i finall grace,.
That you p^ eferre a Kingdomc 'fore her face?
You value me too chea|>e,and Ao^ not know
The worth and value oFthe &ce you owe.

Ther, I had rather haue a good Calues face*

i7^y>. T^f/>/^j, that in my non-age did alTailemee,"
And being too young for paftime, thence did haile me ^
Hee, to haue ha^ the leaft part of your bliffe
Oft proffered mee a Kingdome for a kiife-
You fkrfcit in your pleafures, fwimmc in ff ort.
But fir, from henceforth I fhall keeps you /kort.
I>io, Faire Queene,'tis honour calls him hence awayj

HeL What's that to Hellen, if fliee'le haue him (fay?,
Say I fhould weepe at partings f which I feare)
Some for ten King domes v/ould sot hauea tearc
Tall from his He Hens eye, but hee's vnkind, :, ;

'And cares not though I weepe my bright eyes blind.!

Enter a Spartan Lord.

'Sp.L, Great King,we haue difcouery from the fkoarfe J
'A gallant Fleetc of ihips, that with full faylc
Make towards the Port.
<JKene. What number?
S^, L, Some two and twenty Sayk.^
0^<p». Difcouer them more amply, and make g*od the Ha^
^en againft them, till we know th'intent ©f their arriue.
Sf. L. My J^oy ay tgrd I flialL

Yh IHn A^

' l^r<?»; Embafladour this bufincs once bloWneo'rS;
Y©u Ihall rcceiue your anfwer inftantly.

Bel. You (hall Hot goc and leaue your H#//(f» here;
Ga« I a Kingdomc goueriic in your abfence.
And guide lb rude a people as yours is ?
H©w ftiall I doe my Lord, when you are gonej
So many bkake cold nights to lye alone?
Y*haue « Td mee fb to fellow (hip in bed.
That ftiould I icaueit, I £kould foene be dead:
Tr©th I fhall neuer indurc it.

CMen, My iwctteTie/Ie^y
Was neuer King WlePc with fo chafte a wife.'

6^»ter the Spartan Lord, j^

' 'Men. The taewes ? whence is their Flccte ?^
Sf, L, ViomTroy,
C^Un. TkeQenefall?
Sp^L, Friams fQi^uQ.
^JHen.. Their expedition ?

.S*^. Z. To feel^eaduentures and ftrange lateds abf^ad,*
'And though «0W wetther-beat, yet brauer men.
More rich in IcwcUs, coftlier araide,
Or better featur'd fle*rc eye beheld,
. Efpecialiy the Prince their Gtacral),
Faris oiTroy one of King friams fonties?
Bel, Brauer then theff our Loicedemons are?
S^^L. Madam^ by much.
MeU How is the Prince of 7>^/
T# CMeneUm mighty Spartans King ?

Sp. Z. frim^CHenelAHs is my SoueraigneMada»^
But might I freely fpeake without offence,
(Except irg cJ^-f/^f/^e;^) neuer brcath'd
A brauer ©allant then thcTroian Prince.

m^en. What Inrertainment {hall wee giue thefe fif afi gets?
Hel What." but the choyce that Z^r^^sf^zw*?;/ yeelds.
If they come bra^e, our brauer y let vs fhow.
That what our Sparta ycelds,thcir Troj may know : .
Let them mi lay tfeey fou^d vs poore and bare»

C 2 'r Oi

7 he Im Agi)

0r that out Grecian Ladies are lelTe faire

Then theirs : g'ue them occafion to relate

At their remrne, how wee exceede their ftate^

(J[ien\ He Hen hath Well aduis'd, and for the beft=
• Her counfell with our honour doth agree,
AU Spartaes pompe is for thcTrMns f rtfe.

He/!. Oh had i known their Landing one day fopneTa
That HsH^r^ might haue trimM vp her attire
Againft this meeting, then my radiant beauty
I doubt notJ^ might in Trtfj be tearm*d as faire.
As through all Cre^cel am reputed rare. - *

^Aflourifh. Enter Paris> ^neas.Deiphobus, Anterior^ Mcne-
laus^;?<^Diomed^/^^^^^<? Paris ^W /^/^<? r^T? : Paris tHrytes
from them andkiffeth Hellen , all wayfie,e wtt^ her hand fnts

Hell. *Tis not the Spartan fafliion thus to greet
Vpon the lips, wiien royall ftrangers meete.
3 know not what your AJtan Court-fKip is.
Oh /^^^, how fweetelydoth this Tm^» kiflt?

par. Beare with a ftranger Lady^ though v^knowlaei
That's pra(?l:is'd in nofafhionfaue his owne,
Hee that his fault conf efleth ne're offends.
Nor can bee iwiure, that no wrong intends.

Hell. Tokifle mee i why before fo many tjGi
The King could do no more : would fortune briag
This ftranger there where I haue met the King,

Mens. Patience, fweet Helleny Trojans welcbme aiy'..
You fhall receiue the princeliefl entertaisa
Sparta can yeeld you, but feme late affaires
About the Cretan fcepter calls vs hence.
That bufinefTe once determiV d wee arc yours/
In the meane time faire Hellen bee't your charge
To i^ake their welcome in my abfence large.

yhej all goe ^f with aflofsrijh^ enely Paris ftfM
Hellen keefetheStage^^

The Irtn Age}

Par. Oh/<!>>!^^mydreame!fweet€r^«^aydcaiyptay^^^^^^
And keepe thy word .* behold aface more faire
Then thou thy felFecanft fliewe, this is the fame
Thoupromift mein/<^^:>thislclaime.
due me this face faire Venus ^ and that's all
rie aske in guerdon of the golden Ball.

Hel, Ofwhatraremettallis thisy>^?'^» made?
That one poorekifle hath power fb to perfwade.
Here at my lips the fweetaefTe did beginne.
And fince hath paft through allmy powers within s • "
Oh kifle mee if thou lou'fl me once againe,
I feele the firft kiffe thrill through euery veine.

Var. Queene I rfiuft fpeake with you,

HelL Muft?

Var. Heliejiy I,
I haue but two wayes to ttk^, to fpeake,or Aya
Grant my tongue pardon then, or turne your head
And fay you will not, and fo ftrike me dead.

Hel. L'mQ and fay on, but if your words ©ffead/
If my tongue can deftroy, yoa're neare y^ur end.

Var. Oh loney that I had nt»w an Angels voyce
As you an Angels fhapc haue, that my words
Might foundas fpheare-likemufickein your eare^ I
That loue himfelfe whom I muft call to witnefie.
Would now ftand forth ia perfon to approoue
What I now fpeake, tJellen, He II en I loue.
Chide mee, I care not; tell, your husband, doe,^
Feaieleffe of death, behold, T boldly woe.
For let mee liue, bright Hellen to inioy,
Or let mee neuer back-e reiayle to Trsy i
For you I came, vour fame hath hither driuca mccj >
Whom golden Venus hath by promife giuen mee,
1 lou d you ere I faw yoa by your fame.
Report of your rare beauty to Troy came*
But more then bruite can tell, or fame emblazon
Are thefe diuine perfedions that I gaze on.

iM^ Molent ftranger, is my Name fo light

C 3^ ~"'^' " ^'Msoki-

The irM -dge:
Abroad in ^roj, that thoa at thefii ft fighf
Should ft hope to ftrum pet vs ? th inks Priami fonSj
The S^firmn Qaecne can be fo-eaiily wonne ?
Becaufe oace Thefeta rauifiit v^a from hence.
And did Eo vs a kind of violeuee:
FoUotves it thereFore wee are of fach price,
JTha? ilolne hence once,w« Should beraiiifti't twice?

P/?r. That Thefem ftole you hence(by Hcauen)! praife hinl7
Afid for that a(^ I to the skies will raifehim.
That hee returned you backc by Lone I wonder.
Had I beeie Thefem, hee that fliould afuadcr
I- aiie prted rs, and {jiatcht yoa from my bed :
Firfl from nay fiiould ilioulders haue tane rhis head.
Oil that you were the prize of fome great ftrife.
And hce that winncs might claimc you as hi« wife.
Your felfe fhould finds, andall the world ftiould fca
Bellen^ a prife aloae ordain'd for mec.

Hel, I am uot arsgry ; who can angry be
With hiai that loucs her? they that P^m fee,'
And heares tlie w©nders and rar« dccdcs you boaft.
And warlike fpoyles in which y ©u glory moil :
By which you haue attaind 'mongft fonldicVsgraeej^
None can belceue you that beholds your face.
They that this louely. Treian fee, will fay ;
Hee was not made for warre, but amorous playj

Fa> Loue amorous P<«r#.f then.

Hel My fame to endanger?

Far, lean be fecret lady.

HeL Andaftranger?
Say I fhould grant thee loue, as thou flionldft clime

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