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KERN, HENRY JOSEPH, s. Peter Kern and w. Margretha;
b. Aug. 23; bap. Oct. 27; sp. Joseph Albrecht and w. Cath-
arina. —

WELSH, FEYANNA, dr. Charles Welsh and w. Margaretha:
b. Sept. 12; bap. Oct. 27; sp. Theobald Mertz and wife, grand-

BROWN, SAMUEL ADAM, S Paul Brown and w. Maria;
b. Oct. 20; bap. Nov. 3; up. George Koch and w. Maria.

Kohler and w. Mary; b. Sept.- 10; bap. Nov. 7; sp. Michael
Kern and w. Elisabeth, grandparents.

ler and w. Mary; b. Sept. 10; bap. Nov. 7; sp. Peter Kohler
and w. Catharina, grandparents.

R1TTER, WILLIAM GEORGE, s. Henry Ritter and w.
Anna; b. Sept. 28; bap. Nov. 24; sp. George Kern and w.

STECKEL, SALLY ANN, dr. Peter Steckel and w. Elisa-
beth; b. Oct. 23; bap. Nov. 24; spj. William Wetherhold and
w. Sophia Ann.

MILLER, LOUISA, dr. Peter Miller and w. Judith; b. Oct.
21; bap. Nov. 29; sp. Henry Frack and w. Delila.

BIERY, WILLIAM JOSEPH, s. Joseph Biery and w. Sa-
lome; b. Oct. 5; bap. Dec. 1; sp. William H. Blumer and Susan

LORASH, JAMES WILLIAM, s. Leonhard Lorash and w.
Sophianna; b. Nov. 9; bap. Dec. 12; sp. Jacob Lorash and w.

GRAFF, MARY ANN, dr. Stephen Graff and w. Polly;
b. Dec. 12; bap. Dec. 13; sp. Peter Ruch and w. Lucy Ann.


GEORG, KITTY ANN, dr. Solomon Gcorg and w. Abby;
!). Nov. 7; bap. Dec. 22; •>!>. Georg Adam Newhard and w. Mar-
garetha, grandparents.

BREISH, CAROLINA, dr. Jacob Breish and w. Barbara;
b. Oct. (I; bap. !)<■<•. 22; .p. Joseph Mertz and w. Elisabeth.

SCHEURER, ALFRED, s. David Seheurer and w. Elisabeth;
1). Nov. 23; bap. Dec. 22; sp. Charles Leaser and w. Mar-

GINNERT, ANNA MATHILDA, dr. John Ginnerl and w.
Elisabeth; b. May 20; bap. Dec. 2f>; sp. Daniel Siegfried and w.

SCHAD, MARIA, dr. Abraham Schad and w. Susanna; b.
Nov. 10; bap. Dec. 29; sp. Henry Frack and \v. Delila.

MEIER. HETTY, <lr. Abraham Meier and w. Magdalena;
I). Nov. 10; bap. Dec. 20; sp. Parents.

NAGEL, GUTILIA, dr. .Joseph Nagel and w. Salome; b.
Dec. 2; bap. Dec. 29; sp. John Biege and w. Elisabeth, grand-

BIEGE, JUDITH, dr. John Biege and \v. Elisabeth; b.
Oct. 11; bap. Dec. 29; 3p. Peter Miller and w. Judith.


BIERY, HENRY, s. Joseph Biery and w. Polly; b Dec.
13, 1833; bap. Jan. 5; sp. Henry Track and \v. Delila.

RUCH. MARIA, dr. Poter Ruch and w. Lucianna; b. Dec.
17, 1833; bap. Jan. 19; sp Solomon Steckel, Jun'r, and Isabella

RUCH, SALLY ANN. dr. William Ruch and w. Lydia; I).
Dec. 23, 1833; bap. Jan. 19; sp. Peter Ruch and w. Susan, grand-

Goranflo and w. Hanna; b. Dec. 4. 1S33; bap. Jan. 19; sp.
Reuben Shoch and Eliza Helfrich.

FISHER. CATHARINA. dr. James Fisher and w. Polly;
b. Dec. 14, 1833, hap. Jan. 19; sp. Jacob Fisher and w. Bar-
bara, grandparents.

HOFFMAN. ELIZA ANN, dr. Joel Hoffman and w. Lydia;
b. Dec. 18, 1833; bap. Jan. 26; sp. George Meiei and \v. Mar-
garet ha.

MEIER, KITTY ANN. dr. Thomas Meier and w. Susan;
b. Nov. 21. 1833; bap. Jan. 26; sp. Joel Hoffmann and w

LEHIGH COUNTY 1734-1834. 129

SCHEURER, GEORG ADAM, s. John Scheurer and w.
Catharina; I). !)<•'•. lm, 1833; Imp. Jan. 26; sp. George Adam
Komroerer and w, Maria Susanna, grandparents.

MARX, MARIA, dr. Gideon Marx and w. Esther; b. Jan
17; bap. Feb. _: t-p. Catharina Eisenhardt, grandmother.

SCHNERR, LEVI, s. Thomas Schnerr and w. Lydla; I).
Nov. !), 1833; bap. Feb. '.<;; sp. Peter Hoffman and w. Mag-

ANTON. SUSANNA, dr. .John Anton and w. Su anna; I).
Jan. 1; hap. Feb. 16; sp. John Knerr and Lydla I. amy.

FRANTZ, MARGARETHA, dr. Abraham Frantz and w.
Polly; I). Jan. 10; bap. Feb. 1(J; sp. Heurich Frantz and w.
Margaretha, grandparents.

WHITE, MARY, dr. George White and w. Hetty; b. Jan.
G; bap. Feb. 23; sp. Joe! Braun and \v. Elisabetha.

and \v. Mary Anna; b. Jan. IS; bap. Feb. 23; sp. William
Burkhalter and Debora Burkhalter.

MEIER, ABBY, dr. Conrad Meier and w. Elisabeth; b.
.Tan. 22; bap. Mar. Hi; sp. Peter Lautenschlaeger and w. Su-

SCHAD, MONROE, s. Henry Schad and w. Maria: I). Mar.
8; bap. Mar. 23; sp. Henry Frantz and w. Catharina.

SCHAAD, JOSIAH, s. Lorentz Scbaad and w. Magdalena;
b. Feb. 1G; bap. Mar. 23; sp. Gideon Marx and w. Esther.

STOFLET, NATHAN, s. Jonas Stoflet and w. Margaretha;
b. Jan. 8; bap. Mar. 2S; &p. Parents.

MEIER, REBECCA, dr. Jonas Meier and w. Susanna; b.
Feb. 1C; bap. Mar. 2S; 3p. Peter Lautenschlaeger and w. Su-

REIS, PETER MICHAEL, s. Daniel Reis and w. Sophia;
b. Nov. 5, 1S33; bap. Apr. \o\ sp. John Teiehman.

CANKE. ANNA MARIA, dr. James Canke and w. Cath-
arina; b. Jan. 24; bap. Apr. 13; sp. Daniel Siegfried and w.

BIERY, HETTY, dr. David Biery and w. Marianna; b Mar.
3; bap. Apr. 22; sp. Parents.

TRAXEL. SAMUEL PETER, s. Adam Traxel and w. Lydia;
d. Mar. 21; bap. May S; sp. Peter Traxel and w. Magdalena,

FREYMAN, GIDEON, s. Joseph Freyman and w. Salome;
D. Apr. 20; bap. May IS; sp. Christopher Freyn-an and w
Maria Eva, grandparents.

9— Vol. VI— 6th Ser.


REIT, LEANDA, dr. George Reit and w. Polly; b. Apr.
11; bap. May 19; sp. Joseph Kohler and w. Polly.

and w. Lea; b. Mar. II; bap. May 2G; sp. Philip Fenster-
macher and w. Margaretba.

KEMMERER, ELIZA ANNA, dr. George Kemmerer and w
Anna; b. May 13; bap. May 31; sp. Charles Colver and w

BUCHMAN, WILHELMINA, dr. Dewald Buchman and w.
Anna Maria; b. May 3; bap. June 8; sp. Henrich Bahl and
Wilhelmina Ringeiser.

KIRSCHNER, SUSANNA, dr. Daniel Kirsehner and w.
Lea; b. .May 10; bap. June 8; sp. Abraham Schad and w.

BIEGE, JOSEPH HENRY, s. Joseph Biege and w. Rebecca;
D. May 14; bap. June 15; sp. John Hecker and w Maria,
grandparents. —

RITTER, LOUISE CAROLINA, dr. Jeremiah Ritter and w.
Hanna; b. May 27; bap. June 22; sp. Jacob Frantz and w.

QUEER, ANGELINA, dr. Jonas Queer and w. Mary; b.
Nov. 8, 1833; bap. June 24; sp. Rebecca Owen. '

deceased, and w. Catharina; b. May 30; bap. July 28; sp.
Peter Kern and w. Margaretha.

GUTH, JOHANNES, Friedrich Guth and w. Lydia; b Jan.
2; bap. July 28; sp. Daniel Siegfried and w. Catharina.

KOHLER. LEANNA, dr. Isaac Kohler and w. Catharina;
b. June 31; bap. Aug. 31; ep. George Kemmerer and w. Anna.

KERN. SUSANNA, dr. James Kern and w. Maria; b July
13; bap. Aug. 31; sp. Jonas Meier and w. Susanna.

ZERFASS, SUSANNA, dr. John Zerfass and w. Sarah; b.
Aug. 27; bap. Sept. 5; sp. Jacob Vehl and w. Magdalena.

MILLER, MARY ANNA, dr. George Miller, Sen'r, and w.
Magdalena; b. July 11; bap. Sept. 14; sp. George Miller, Jun'r.
and w. Lydia.

KEHL, SARAH ANN, dr. Benjamin Kehl and w. Susanna;
b. Aug. 22; bap. Sept. 27; sp. Daniel Wint and Hannah

STEIN, SARAH ANN, dr. Himan L. Stein and w. Julia
Ann; b. Aug. 4; bap. Sept. 27; sp. Johannes Fenstermacher
and w. Rosina, grandparents.

and w. Elisabeth; b. Aug. 24; bap. Sept. 27; sp. Michael Biege
and w. Lydia.

LEHIGH COUNTY— 1734-1834. 131

TRAXEL, ANNA MARIA, dr. .Jolm Traxel ;in<l w. Anna
Maria; b. Sept. 10; bap. Oct. 5; sp. Peter Traxel, .lun'r, and
Juliana Gobrecht.

KOHLER, EM [LIE, dr. Joseph Kohler and w. Maria; b.
Aug. 24; bap. Oct. 26; so. Maria Saeger, grandmother.

BOX, SUSANNA CATHARINA, <lr. William Box and w.
Susanna; b. July 13; bap. Oct. 26; sp. James Oeshler and w.

MICKLY, ELIZA, dr. Jacob Mickly and w. Anna; b. July
19; bap. Oct. 26; sp. Peter Mickly and \v. Anna.

TRAXEL, SALLY ANN, dr. John Traxel and w. Sally;
b. Sept. 1; bap. Oct. 26; sp. John Lesar and Polly Traxel.

NEWHARD, JOHN HIRAM, s. Michael Newhard and w.
Magdalena; b. Sept. 1; bap. Oct. 27; sp. Peter Zellner and w.

GRUBER, ROSINA EMILIA, dr. Jacob Gruber and w. Elisa-
beth; b. Aug. 28; bap. Nov. 2; sp. John Fenstermacher and w^

FISHER, MARIA ANNA, dr. Peter Fisher and w. Elisabeth;
b. Oct. 6; bap. Nov. 9; -;p. Samuel Miller and Polly Iona.

SAUERWINE, NATHAN, s. Charles Sauerwine and w.
Elisabeth; b. Oct. 1; bap. Nov. 9; sp. Ludwig Sauerwine and
w. Christina, grandparents.

MILLER, REUBEN, s. John Miller and w. Sarah; b. Oct.
1; bap. Nov. 23; sp. Nathan Schifferstein and Rachel New-

FRANTZ, SUSANNA, dr. Henry Frantz and w. Elisabeth;
b. Oct. 31; bap. Nov. 23; sp. Daniel Steckel and w. Elisabeth.

SCHWAB, DANIEL, s. Jacob Schwab and w. Maria; b. Oct.
6; bap. Dec. 7; sp. Adam fechaeffer and w. Juliana.

and w. Sarah; b. Nov. 14; bap. Dec. 21; sp. Solomon Steckel
and w. Anna Maria.

SCHNECK, DAVID, (.. John Schneck and w. Elisabeth;
b. Nov. 20; bap. Dec. 21; sp. Edward Kohler and Julia Hecker

BRUEGEL, JACOB, s. Michael Bruegel and w. Elisabeth;
b. Nov. 7; bap. Dec. 25; sp. Jacob Schaeffer and Elisabeth

SAUERWINE, HENRY WILLIAM, s. William Sauerwine
and w. Sarah; b. Nov. 17: bap. Dec. 25; sp. Andrew Scheldon
and w. Anna.

BEISEL, AARON JOSIAH, s. Jacob Beisel and w. Sarah;
b. Nov. 19; bap. Dec. 25: sp. Joseph Heilman and Elisabeth


RITTER, REBECCA, dr. Daniel Ritter and w. Elisabeth;

I). Nov. 28; hap. Dee. 25; sp. Daniel Meier and w. Magdaletia.
SCM A AD, TiLGHMAN, s. John Schaad and w. Maria; b.
Dec. 1; bap. Dec. £8; sp. Charles Traxel and w. Susanna.



Nov. 2S, 17f)2. Samuel, son of Nicolaus Sceger, and Anna
Eva, (laughter of the deceased Frldrich Eberhard.


Dec. 12, 1752. Jacob Arnert, of Heidelberg, and Catharina,
daughter of Henrich Kuever, of Macunschi." 1 -

Nov. 5, 17G5. John Rueh, son of George Ruch, of Whitehall
township, Northampton ccunty, and Eva Fatzmger, daughter
of George Fatzinger, of li't same place." i

Nov. 12, 1771. .Jacob Fohr, widower, of Allenstown, and
Catharina, daughter cf Mn tin Meyer." 1 "-


'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, fcr they rest
from their labors and their works do follow them."


Abraham Wutring died Nov. 2S, 1752. He was born July
11, 1700, lived in marriag? 27 1-2 years and had sixteen child-
ren, of whom eight still live as long as God wills. His age
was somewhat over 52 years.

Elisabeth, daughter of the deceased Henrich Roeder, of
Heidelberg, died May 10, T753, and was buried May 11th.

Christian Flickinger, single son of I'lrich Flickinger. of
Whitehall township, was buried March 9. 1700; be died March
7th, in the twentieth year of his age.

Lucia Flickinger, wife of I'lrich Flickinger. died April 23,
1772, aged about seventy years, and was buried April 25th.

Anna Maria Weisi, daughter of Georg Weiss, died July 3,
1772. and was buried July 4th.

LEHIGH COUNTY— 1734-1834. 133


List of the children permitted hy me to come for the first

time to the table of our Lord.

JOHANN ADAM, Jacob Bruecker's son.
JOHANN WILHELM, Abraham Wutring's son.
PETER, Ulrich Fleckinger's son.
PETER, Michael Behr's son.

JOHANN'NICKEL FUCHS, servant with Peter Traxel.
CONRAD, Leonhard Schlosser's son.
JACOB, Ulrich Fleckinger's son.
JACOB, Jacob Meckli's son.
JOHANN GEORG, Jacob Schrieber's son.
LORENZ, Lorenz Guth's son.
CHRISTIAN, Peter Traxel's son.
JACOB, Daniel Roth's son.
GOTTFRIED, Gottfried Knaus' son.
NICOLAUS, Nicolaus Ramstet's son

MARIA MAGDALENA, Jacob Schrieber's daughter.
CATHARINA ELIZABETHA, Michael Hoffman's daughter.
CATHARINA ELIZABETHA, Georg Kern's daughter.
JULIANA MARGARETHA, Peter Traxel's daughter.
JULIANA MARGARETHA, Lorenz Guth's daughter.
ANNA BARBARA, Jacob Wirth's daughter.
CATHARINA BARBARA, Ulrich Flickinger's daughter.
MARIA EVA, Peter Miller's daughter.
ANNA MARGARETHA, Leonhard Schlosser's daughter.
EVA CATHARINA, Conrad Grumbach's daughter.
CHRISTINA MARGARETHA, Philip Leibenguth's daughter.
ELIZABETHA MARGARETHA, Michael Neuhard's daugh-
ELIZABETHA, Georg Wagenmacher's daughter.
MARIA CHRISTINA, Christian Schneyders daughter.
CATHARINA, Christian Schmid's daughter.
ELIZABETHA, Johan Deis Reg's (?) daughter.
ANNA MARIA, Johann Henrich Widerstein's daughter.

JOHANN HENRICH, Jacob Ferber's son.
PETER, Daniel Roth's son.

ANNA MARIA CATHARINA, Andreas Engelhard's daugh-
ANNA BARBARA, Abraham Woutring's daughter.



N. li. ANNA MARGARETHA HE1LMAN, on the 22ml of
April, 1753, presented to the congregation ;it the Jordan a
beautiful white altar-cloth. May Cod bless Iht in every way
for this praiseworthy and Christian work.

When communion was held at Egypt, two shillings eight
pence were held back. Jacob Kohler has the same in keeping.

Mr. Kohler also has 9 p.

1 have also from the Jordan congregation one shilling one
penny in keeping. Again, one shilling.

January 21, 17r>3, in (he Heidelberg congregation, one shil-
ling, i) pence.


(In the translation of these receds the spelling of the
names lias not been changed, except in cases where the vowe*
is modified, when a, <t and u are written ae, oe and ue.
C. R. R.)

1. Nothing without writing.

2. All for the glory of Cod and the salvation of our souls.

3. A Swiss of Zurich.

4. Peter Traxel emigrated from Switzerland and landed at
Philadelphia with two sons, Peter and Daniel Aug. 17, 1733
He settled at Egypt, but later removed v. few miles west-
ward and built a stone house in 1744, which still stands. He
purchased a large tract of land, some of which is still owned
by descendants.

5. Nicolans Kern was ore of the earliest sellers of White-
hall township. He afterwards removed to the present site
of Slatington, whore he died in 1747.

6. Daniel Roth was a native of Switzerland and arrived
at Philadelphia Aug. 28, 1733. He settled two miles north
of Allentown and died in the same hour in which this son
was born, which was in April. 1737. The son, Peter, was
reared among the Quakers, received a good education and
-hanged the spelling of iiis name to Rhoads. He settled in
Alientown in 1762 and was a member of the Constitutional
Convention of July 15, 1776. a member of the Committee of
Safety in 1776 and a member of the Assembly from 1777 to

LEHIGH COUNTY— 1734-1834. 135

1781. On Oct. 8, 1784, he was commissioned President Judge
of the Courts of Northampton County by the Supreme Execu-
tive Council, was a member of the Constitutional Convention
of 1790, and in 1791 was commissioned Associate Judge, which
office he held until the erection of Lehigh County in 1812,
when he was commissioned Senior Associate Judge in Lehigh
County. He died in Allentown, Dec. 18, 1814. This entry is
in the handwriting of Rev. Goetschius.

7. Abraham Wotring, formerly Voiturin, was born July 11,
1700, and arrived at Philadelphia on Sept. 28, 1733. He had
sixteen children, of whom eight were living at the time of his
death on Nov. 28, 1752, namely, Peter, Anna Margaretha, Anna
Barbara, Magdalena, Elisabeth, William, Abraham and Eva.
He was a delegate to the Coetus of the Reformed Church
held in Philadelphia in 1747.

•S. Ulrich Burghalter arrived at Philadelphia, Sept. 28, 1733,
and settled upon one of the finest tracts of land in Whitehall
township. He died in 1762, leaving one son, Peter, and six

9. Michael Hoffman landed at Philadelphia, Oct. 11, 1732,
and settled on a tract of two hundred and fifty acres in White-
hall township. He died in 178G, leaving two sons, John and
Michael, and four daughters, Maria Magdalena, Catharina
Elisabetha, Juliana and Maria Barbara.

10. This is the last entry in the handwriting of Rev. Goet-

11. Nicolaus Saeger was born in Reichenbach, Bavaria,
about 1694. He arrived at Philadelphia with his wife, Anna
Barbara, and seven children on Sept. 28, 1733. He died in
1762. He had twelve children, of whom there survived him,
Anna Mary, Anna Barbara, Samuel, Christian, Christina Bar-
bara, Mary Margaret, John Nicholas, John Jacob, Anna Elisa-
beth and John. This and the two following, entries are prob-
ably in Rev. Boehm's handwriting.

12. John Traxel arrived at Philadelphia on Aug. 20, 1737.
He secured land in Whitehall township, but died a few years

13. Frederick Newhard was born in Zweibruecken in 1700.
He arrived at Philadelphia with two brothers, Michael and
George, on Sept. 26, 1737. He died Nov. 29, 1765, and is buried
in Allentown. He had uine children. His son, Lorenta New-
hard, died in Allentown on Aug. 1,' 1817.

14. Lorentz Guth was a native of Zweibruecken and landed
at Philadelphia on Sept. IS, 1738. He owned a large tract of
land in Whitehall township and had six children, Juliana Mar-


garet, wife of Peter Kohler; Lorentz. Peter, Eva Barbara, wife
of George Henry Meriz; Margaret, wife of Adam Doriiey, :ui<l
Adam Guth.

15. George Ruch was l«orn in Zinzendorf, Stance, in 1664,
and died in Whitehall township in 1709, aged one hundred and
four years and eleven months.

16. Which Piickinger arrived at Philadelphia on Auk. 17,
1733. He died in 1 702. His descendants removed from the

17. Michael Newhard was a brother of Frederick Newhard.
He was horn Feb. !», 1713 and died March 10, 1793. His wife,
Barbara Newhard, was hern April I, 171H and died Sept. 12,

IS. Peter Steckel purchased trom Peter Traxel on May 20,
1708, a stone messuage and plantation of 410 acres, in White-
hall township, for fourteen hundred and twenty pounds
sterling. The house, built in 175G, was until recently occupied
by his descendants.

19. Adam Deshler was a prominent resident of Whitehall
township and furnished ice provincial troops with provisions
in the French and Indian war. In 1760, he built a stone house
which still stands, li was used as a military post during the
Indian troubles of 1703, and was long called Fort Deshler.
Adam Deshler died in 1781, leaving a widow, \ppolonia. three
sons and three daughters.

20. Peter Traxel, son of Peter Traxel, was horn in January,
172-i, and died Feb. 28, 1811. His wife Anna Maria Traxel, was
born March 0, 1727 and died July 10, 1795. He was married
May 19, 1747, and had seven sons and seven daughters.

21. Jacob Schreiber was a native of Niederbrunn. Alsace,
and on April 28, 1733, married Anna Magdalena Roth. On the
fourth of May following ihey sailed for America and arrived
at Philadelphia on Aug. 28. 1733. He lived for a time in
Skippack township, Montgomery county, hut soon located four
hundred acres of land along the Lehigh river in Whitehall
township. The town of Coplay and a large cement plant are
located on this land. He died about 1750. leaving a widow, two
sons and one daughter.

22. Paul Balliet was born in Alsace in 1717 and arrived in
Philadelphia on Sept. 11, 173S. He kept a tavern at Balliets-
ville for many years. He married Maria Magdalena Wotring,
of Lorraine, France, and died March 19. 1777. He was a dele-
gate to the Reformed Church Coetus held at Lancaster in 17G7.

23. John Jacob Mickley landed at Philadelphia on Aug. 2S,
1733. when, according to the ship's record, he was twenty-two

LEHIGH COUNTY— 1734-1834. 137

years old. In signing the Bath of allegiance In- wrote His name
Muckli. He settled in Whitehall township, married Elizabeth
Barbara Burghalter and died in August, 17>!9. Two of his
children were killed by Indiana on the memoriable Oct. 8, 1763.

24. Michael Ohl was i resident of Heidelberg township and
was born June 26, 1729 .'.ml died July 4. 1804. He had three
sons and seven daughters.

25. John Roth was an early settler along the Jordan creek
in Whitehall township, where there is still standing a stone
house built by him in 1775. He died in 1802, leaving a second
wife surviving, and five children, Eva Catharina, John, Godfrey,
George Jacob and Magda'.eua.

26. Godfrey Knauss was a resident of Whitehall township
as early as 1750. He owned a large tract of land situated on
the Jordan creek, two miles north of Allentown. Here he
built in 1769 a substantial stone house, which is still in excel-
lent condition. He died in 1777, when the house and that
portion of the land south of the Jordan was purchased by
Judge Peter Rhoads, by whom it was owned until his death in
1814, when his son John Rhoads became the owner and held
it until 1837, when it passed into other hands. Upon the
organization of Whitehall township in 1753, Godfrey Knauss
was appointed constable. He was a delegate to the Coetus held
at Easton in 1768. His fust wife, Anna Eva, died about 1758,
and he later married Regina Louisa, widow of John Reinhard

27. Felix Arner, a resident of Heidelberg township, was born
Jan. 14, 1726, and died Feb. 20, 1776. His widow married Peter
Anthony. Among Felix Arner's children were Salome, John,
Felix, William and Dorothea.

28. Bernhard Jacob Rex, son of George Rex, was born April
5, 1724; married, May 16, 1746, Anna Elizabeth Arner, and died
April 24, 1802. He had eleven children.

29. Elizabeth, wife of Martin Andreas, was a daughter of
Abraham Wotring.

30. David Deshler was a son of Adam Deshler, of Whitehall
township, and was one of the early settlers of Allentown,
where he later owned a tan yard and bark mill. He was a
member of the Provincial Conference of Committees held at
Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, from June ISth to 25th, 1776,
and on March 21, 1777, was appointed Sub Lieutenant for
Northampton county. On June 3, 1777. he was appointed a
Justice of the Peace and on Feb. 19, 1778, a Commissioner of
Purchases for Northampton county. He died in 1796, leaving
a widow, three sons and six daughters. He was quite wealthy


and bequeathed to his son George the tan yard and bark mill,
to his wife, one thousand pounds, to his son David, if he
married, one thousand pounds, and to each of his daughters,
five hundred pounds.

31. Daniel Traxel was the second son of Peter Traxel, the
emigrant, and arrived with his father at the age of nine years.
He married Sophia Dotterer and later removed to Adams

32. Peter Kohler was the eldest son of Jacob Kohler, who
was. a native of Switzerland and the first settler at Egypt.
Jacob Kohler was a man of great energy and built the first
grist mill in the vicinity. Peter Kohler was born April 2,
1735. He was appointed one of the assessors for Northampton
county in 177C; one of the persons to take subscriptions for
the continental loan and one of the committee to collect
clothing in 1777; a justice of the peace in 1779 and elected a
member of the Assembly in 1780, 1781 and 1782. He died Sept.
27, 1793, leaving one son, Peter.

33. Lorent Guth, son of Lorent Gutb, was born Jan. 21,
1743 and died Nov. 9, 1814. He was twice married and . had
fourteen children, eight sons and six daughters.

34. Maria Elizabeth Koehler was the eldest daughter of
Jacob and Maria Elizabeth Kohjer and was born May 17, 1733.
She married, March 16, 175G, John George Koehler, and died
July 25, 1825. They had no children. John George Koehler
was born March 6, 1732, and died May 24, 1799.

35. John Snyder and wife with this child and two other
children were killed by the Indians on Oct. 8, 1763. Two
daughters were scalped but afterwards recovered.

This is the last entry in the first volume of the church

36. This entry is the first in the second volume of the
church records, which contains the following inscription,
"Church Book of the Congregation in Egypt begun in the year
1764, under the care of Rev. Daniel Gros, Reformed Minister."
On the fly leaf is the following memorandum: "The Egypt
Church. The Reformed congregation was founded Anno 1733.
The first was a log church, built in 1764. The second was of
stone, 40 by 50 feet, and was built in the year 1785. The third
is of brick, 50 by 65 feet, and was built in 1851. It cost in
money expended $7,3S3.00, and including the work cost about

Then follows a memorandum by Rev. Gros to the effect that
on Nov. 8, 1765, the alms money was counted in the presence of
the Presbytery and the congregation, and after the deduction of

LEHIGH COUNTY— 1734-1834. 130

tho money paid out, two pounds, four shillings and eight pence
were found remaining, which the then surveyor of alms.
George Jacob Kern, handed to Jacob Mickle, the elder, alms
surveyor for the year 17GG

On Dec. 17, 1706, the same procedure took place and Jacob

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