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Mickle paid the sum of one pound and six shillings to his
successor, Johannes Schadt.

On the same date, at the same time, the church account was
examined and no chums on the congregation were found up
to date, but all debts were paid. Dated at Whitehall township.
Northampton county, as above and signed by Adam Deshler,
Michael Neihart and Rev. Gros.

Rev. Gros was pastor of Egypt congregation for five years,
and the first baptismal entry by him was dated April 28, 17C5.

37. Peter Burkhalter, son of Ulrich Burkhalter, was born in
Switzerland, Dec. 2, 1731, and arrived at Philadelphia with his
parents on Sept. 28, 1733. He was a member of the Constitu-
tional Convention of 1776 and in November of the same year
was elected a member of Vue Assembly, being the only member
from that portion of Northampton county which now con-
stitutes Lehigh county. "He was re-elected in 1777, and again
elected in 1784, 1785 and 1786. He died Oct. 22, 1805, and is
buried at Egypt.

3S. John Nicolaus Traxel had nine children, among whom
were Adam, Peter, Magdalena, wife of John Horn, and Eva,
wife of John Stoff let. He died ip 1797.

39. John Jacob Mickly. son of John Jacob and Elizabeth
Barbara Mickly, was born in 1734 and died in 1809. H<?
married Susanna Margaret Miller and had ten children.

40. Jacob Kohler was 'a son of Jacob Kohler, and with his
brother, Peter, inherited his father's land. He was twice
married and had fifteen children. He died Nov. 1, 1830, in his
ninety-first year.

41. Eva Catharina Miller was a daughter of Jacob Kohler
and a sister to Peter and Jacob Kohler. She married John
Miller and removed to Allentown, where he died in 1788. She
subsequently married Judge Peter Rhoads, whose first wife was
her sister, and died at Allentown, Sept. 2, 1825, in her seventy-
ninth year.

42. Philip Jacob Schreiber was a son of John Jacob Schreiber
aud was born in Skippack township, Montgomery county on
June 13, 1735. He married May 1, 1759, Catharina Elizabetha
Kern, and died April 5, 1813. He had eleven children, five
sons and six daughters. His farm of four hundred acres was
one of thefinest in the county and was beautifully situated on


the Lehigh river. During his life lie ranked as (jim; (jf the
leading men of the community.

♦3. Peter Deshler was ;i son of Adam Deshler, Sr. and was

horn March IS, 171:', and tiled Sept. 28, 1800. He married Mag-
dalena Mickley, daughter of Jacob Mickley.

44. Nicholas Wotring uas horn in I'istorf, Lorraine, in April,
1745, and died July 1.",, ISIS.

45. Margaret Fox was a daughter of Jacob Kohler and
married John Nicholas Fox, who later removed to Allentown
and kept a tavern there for many years.

46. Magdalena Newhard was also a daughter of Jaeoh
Kohler, Sr. She died in \1~1. Her husband, Peter Newhard,
married a second time and died Sept. 16, 1813.

47. Conrad Marck was horn in 1715 and died in 1807. He was
one of those actively concerned in the Fries Rebellion of 1799.

48. Philip Roth was married to Catharina Kohler, daughter
of Jacob Kohler, Sr. and three sons, Peter, Philip and Jacoh.

49. This is the first entry by Rev. Abraham Blumer.

50. Nicholas Marx was a shoemaker and lived near John
Schneider, whose family were killed by the Indians on Oct. 8,
1763. Marks escaped and carried the news to Bethlehem.

51. George Graff was a son of Jacob Graff and was born in
Killendorf, Lower Alsacv, Germany, on Oct. 11, 1747. He
arrived at Philadelphia with his parents, a brother and sister,
on Oct. 16, 1754. On Oct. 8, 176.3, he had a narrow escape from
Indians who burned the home of Nicholas Marx, with whom he
lived. He served as a captain in the Revolutionary War, then
as Collector of Excise for Northampton county, Sheriff of
Northampton county from 1787 to 1790. and Member of the
Legislature from 1793 to 17S6. He was Burgess of Allentown in
1814. He died in Allentown, Feb. 2, 1835. aged eighty-seven
years. He married May 1, 1770. Barbara Kohler, daughter of
Jacob Kohler, who was born Feb. 6, 1750, and died Feb. 8,
1826. Their children were, Barbara, wife of Peter Rhoads, Jr.,
Magdalena, wife of John Rhoads. Joseph. George, Sara, wife
of Dr. Ferdinand Miller, Hanna. wife of Tobias Grob, Cath-
arina and Anna, wife of Daniel Leisenring.

52. George Jacob Newhard was a son of Michael Newhard,
and was born July 25. 1752. He married Anna Maria Kohler,
daughter of Jacob Kohler, May IS, 1773. He removed to Allen-
town, where he followed the trade of a cabinetmaker. He
died Sept. 18, 1835.

53. George Schreiber was a son of Jacob Schreiber and was
born Dec. 6, 1739. He seUled in Allentown in 1767 and kept a

LEHIGH COUNTY— 173-1-1834. 141

store there many years, lie married Barbara Deshler and
died Nov. G, 1800.

54. Peter Gutli was a son of Loretllz Guth, Sr. and was horn
Feb. 7, 1 71*;. lie married Eva Catharina I.ehr.

55. Stephen Kalliet, son of Paul Dalliet. was horn in 1753.
Ill Oee. 177G, he was a Lient. Col. in the Revolutionary army,
and in 1781, a colonel. In 1783 he was elected a member of the
Supreme Executive Council for a term of three years, and in
1789 a member of the House of Representatives. In 1797, he
was appointed revenue collector for the Second District of
Pennsylvania. He married Magdalena Ourkhalter and died
August 4, 1821.

5G. Adam Deshler was a son of Adam Deshler and was horn
Oct. 1, 1745, and died Feb. 24, 1790. He was a prosperous farmer
of Whitehall township. He married Maria Catharina Balliet
and had nine children.

57. Frederick Newhard, son of Michael Newhard, was born
April 20, 1748. and died March 24, 1823. He married Apollonia
Dreishach, who was born Feb. 1, 1750, and died June 16, 1822.

58. Samuel Saeger, son of John Nicholas Saeger, was born
in 1727 in Germany, and came to this country with his father
in 1733. He married, Oct. 28, 1752, Anna Eva Eberhard.

59. Henry Beil, son of Balthazar and Elizabeth Beil, was
born in Saucon township, Feb. 9, 1752. In 1773, he married
Maria Elizabeth Edelman, who was born Jan. 1, 1754 and died
March 20, 1838. He died in Allen township, Northampton
county, Dec. 10, 1834.

GO. Martin Graff, son of Jacob Graff and brother of Capt.
George Graff, was born in Alsace in 174S. He settled in North
Whitehall township, where he died in 1797, leaving a widow
and seven children.

Gl. Lorentz Ruch, son of George Ruch, was born Nov. 14,
1744. He married, Nov. 5, 17G9. Charlotte Barbara Knauss,
daughter of George Knauss, and died Oct. 27, 1S25. He owned
a fine tract of 212 acres of land and was noted for his great
strength. Philip Knaus, a sponsor, was a brother of Mrs. Ruch.

62. Christian Saeger, son of John Nicholas Saeger, was born
Jan. 26, 1731, and died Nov. 30 1800. He married Maria
Susanna Hann, who was born Feb. 6, 1736 and died Mar. 6,
1800. The children surviving were Nicholas, Jacob, Daniel,
Magdalena, Catharina, Barbara, Christina and Margaret.

63. John Nicholas Meier was born Dec. 31. 1724 and died
April 21, 1775, leaving a widow, Margaret, and five children,
among whom were John, David and Margaret. His tombstone
is the oldest legible one in Egypt churchyard, although there


are many buried there prior to 1775 whose tombstones have
crumbled or are illegible.

64. John Grob, son of Henry Grob and wife Adelaide Hitz,
was born Jan. 2(i, 1753. He married, March 12, 177G, Anna
Maria, daughter of Conrad Leisenring. He died April 2, 1831,
and is buried in Egypt churchyard.

65. Conrad Leisenring was born June 29, 1727, in Hildburg-
hausen, Germany. He married Sibilla Veit in 1755 and in 1766
settled on a tract of land along the Lehigh river in Whitehall
township. He died August 14, 1781, and is buried in Egypt
churchyard. His children were Anna Maria, wife of John Grob,
Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Herman, Conrad, John Sebastian, Eva
Christina, wife of Henry Shettel, Andrew and Peter.

66. John Peter Burkhalter was a son of Peter Burkhalter
and wife Eva Catharina. He married Dorothea Steckel and
died in 1814.

67. Paul Knauss was a sonof Godfrey-Knauss; and resided
in Allen township, where he followed the trade of a blacksmith.
He was born April 13, 1747 and died Jan. 19, 1808. His wife,
Catharina Griesemer was born April 12, 1754 and died Sept. 10,
1790. They are buried in the .graveyard at the Kreidersville

6S. Jacob Steckel, son of Peter Steckel, was born Nov. 1,
1753, and died June 15, 1836. He married, Jan. 16, 1780, Eva
Catharina Saeger, who was born July 6, 1757 and died Jan. 7,
1815. They had five children, two sons and three daughters.

69. Philip Faust, son of Henry Faust, was born Oct. 1, 1760,
in Greenville township, Berks county, and died July 12, 1832.
The site of his farm is now included in the town of Catasauqua.
His wife, Barbara, died Oct. 4, 1842.

70. Martin Meyer was born Aug. 3, 1755 and died Aug. 21,
1830. He married Margaret Steckel, daughter of Peter Steckel,
who was born Nov. 12, 1759 and died Sept. 4, 1820.

71. Jacob Geiger was a clockmaker and died in 1798, leaving
a widow and four children, Jacob, Catharina, Maria, wife of
Solomon Steckel, and Sarah, wife of Jonas Traxel, who later
removed to Cassel county, Md. His widow, Eva Catharina
Kern, was born Jan. 13, 1760, married Adam Traxel, and died
August 23, 1829.

72. Conrad Leisenring, son of Conrad and Sibilla Leisenring,
was born Nov. 6, 1759 and died Feb. 10, 1824. He married,
Oct. 7, 1783, Catharine Grob, who was born Aug. 31 1759, and
died Sept. 11, 1828.- He left surviving eight children, Daniel,
Eva Catharina, wife of Jacob Schreiber, Barbara, wife of Daniel

LEHIGH COUNTY— 1734-1834. 143

Scbreiber Peter, John, Conrad, Maria wife of Conrad lieil and
Salome, wife of Solomon Troxell.

73. George Gangewere was born July 20, 1756, and died
March 2, 1852, aged 95 years. He was a soldier in the Revol-

74. Jonas Grubb removed from Lehigh county to Crawford
county, and in 1839 settled near Quincy, Illinois. He married
Sarah Wiser and died March 20, 1854. A son, George W. Grubb,
is living in Liberty, 111. Among the grandsons of Jonas Grubb
are: Scott Wike, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury,
Jonathan Grubb, Professor of Latin in Lombard University,
Galesburg, 111., and Perry D. Grubb, formerly a member of
the Missouri State Legislature.

75. Henry Grob, son of Henry Grob and wife Adelaide, was
born July 14, 1762. His first wife, Margaret, was born Nov. 23,

1763, and died June 18, 1806.

76. Jost William Hecker was a son of Rev. John Egidius
Hecker and died in March 1821. His wife, Regina, died in
February, 1827.

77. Tobias Grubb was a gunsmith in Allentown, and mar-
ried Sept. 11, 1S13, Hanna Graff, daughter of Captain George
Graff, who was born Oct. 14, 1783 and died Aug. 10, 1821. On
Jan. 19, 1823, he married Elizabeth Graff, daughter of Martin
Graff. He died in Crawford county, Pa., June 15, 1872. He
had one daughter, Elizabeth, who married Jonathan Saeger, of

78. Christian Bertsch was born Aug. 17, 1753 and died July
8, 1819. His wife, Juliana, was born Sept. 12, 1758 and died
Sept. 7, 1837. They are buried at Indianland church, Lehigh
township, Northampton county.

79. John Saeger, son of Nicholas and Maria Barbara Saeger,
and grandson of John Nicholas and Anna Barbara Saeger, was
born Sept. 25, 1765 and died Aug. 10, 1830. He married Mag-
dalena Ritter and had ten children.

80. George Smull was born in Germantown, Pa., July 22,

1764. He was adopted by George and Maria Elizabeth
Koehler, of Egypt, and married June 22, 1792, Susanna Levan,
who was born March 12, 1770 and died Aug. 18, 1826. He died
Oct. 3, 1S15. One of his descendants was the original compiler
of Smull's Handbook.

SI. Sarah Grob married Theodore Storb, an organist at
Egypt church. The family removed to New Hanover, Mont-
gomery county, where Mrs. Storb died Dec. 4, 1830, and is
buried in the Lutheran church graveyard. A son, Albert Storb,
resides in Pottstown.


82. Elizabeth Schwager, the eldest daughter of Henry and
Adelaide Grob was born June 4, 1 75 1 and died Jan. 26, is:if).
Her husband, Peter Schwager, was born March 10, 1753 and

died Nov. 2:5, 1827. They had no children.

83. David Music was :l son of Samuel Music, who died in
March, 1780 and his wife, Dorothea. Dorothea Music subse-
quently married Andrew Knedler.

84. David Biery was born in 1772 and died Jan. 7, 1827. He
married Susanna MicUley, who was born Oct. 19, 1773 and died
Nov. 21, 1872. Their children were: Peter, Joseph, David,
Stephen Margaret, wife jf Peter Kern, Lydia, wife of Jonas
Yundt, Salome, wife of Ludwig Schmidt, Cathanna, Magdalena,
and Susanna, wife of William H. Blumer.

85. David Deshler, son of Adam and Maria Catharina
Deshler, was born Sept. 17, 1773 and died March 19, 1827. He
married Catharine Fogel, who was born May 27, 1777 and died
Aug. 15, 1842.

8G. Barbara Hartman was a daughter of Daniel and Cath-
arina Margaret Roth ami was born Aug. 16, 1771.

S7. Frederick Biery was born April 22, 1770, in Berks county,
and married. Aug. 4, 1795, Salome, daughter of Gottfried
Knauss. Mrs. Biery was born March It;, 1773 and died Sept. 5,
1826. She had twelve children, six sons and six daughters.
Frederick Biery married the second time, April IMi, 1827, Cath-
arine Frederick. He died Aug. 31, 1846.

88. Gottfried Knauss, son of Gottfried and Anna Eva
Knauss, was horn Jan. 15, 1742. He was a blacksmith and
ring was horn Feb. 2S, 1770, and died Feb. 25, 1S33. He
Feb. 15, 1800. His wife, Anna Maria Griesemer, was born July
11, 1752 and died Sept 24, 1S23.

89. Peter Leisenring, son of Conrad and Sibilla Leisen-
ring was born Feb. 28, 1770, and died Feb. 25, 1833. He mar-
ried Susanna Schad. who was horn May 1, 1774. and died
May 17, 1837. They are 'juried at Sunbury, Pa.

90. David Deshler, the second son of David and Catharina
Deshler, was a surveyor and assisted in the government sur-
veys of Kansas and Missouri. Later he became a merchant in
St. Louis, and in Tuscu/nbia, Ala. He conceived the idea and
successfully carried out the project of building a railroad from
Tuscumhia to Decatur in 1834 or i£35, the first road west of
the Alleghenies and probably the third in the United States.
A son, David, was drowned while a student at West Point.
James, his other son, graduated from West Point and became
a brigadier general in the Confederate army. He was killed

LEHIGH COUNTY— 1734-1834. 145

at Chickamauga. David Deshler died at ail advanced age in

*Jl. George Jacob Roth was a son of John and Sophia
Dorothea Roth, and his wife Catharina, was a (laughter of
Daniel and Catharina Margaret Roth.

92. Daniel Grubb married Catharina Graff and removed to
Crawford county, where he died May 31, 1883. Among his sons
are Joseph Grubb, of Saegertown, Pa., and Stephen Grubb, of
Cheney, Washington.

93. John Saeger of Lshigb township, Northampton county,
was born May 3, 1713 and died Feb. 7, 1820. His wife, Anna
Catharina, was born July 14, 1749 and died Oct. 18, 1809.

94. John Deichman was born Jan. 30, 1776 and died May 17,
1856. He married, Oct. 10, 1799, Maria Susanna Steckel, who
was born Oct. 11, 1780 and died July 10, 1832.

95. Peter Kohler, son of Jacob Kohler, Jr. and wife Maria
Barbara, was born June i8, 1768 and died May 24, 1848. He
married in 1801, Susanna Kern, who was born Sept. 16, 1767 and
died Nov. 2, 1846.

96. Peter Kohler, son of Peter and Juliana Margaret Kohler,
was born Dec. 18, 1780 and died Jan. 23, 1871. He married,
Sept. 3, 1801, Catharina Steckel, who was born Dec. 12, 1782,
and died June 3, 1853.

97. Henry Hlumer, son of Rev. Abraham Blumer, was born
Oct. IS, 1778 and died Aug. 13. 1S24. His wife, Sarah Mickley,
was born Nov. 27, 1786 and died Jan. 25, 1859.

98. Solomon Graff, son of Martin Graff, married Elizabeth
Snyder and removed to Crawford county, Pa., where he died
in Meadville, on May 17, 1828.

99. George Yundt, son of Jacob Yundt, was born March 30,
1744 and died April 13, 1828. He was many years a justice of
the peace. He marrier, March 26, 1771, Eva Catharina Knauss,
who was born Aug. 15, 1750 and died April 22, 1818.

100. Peter Ruch, son of Lorenz Ruch, was born Feb. 28,
1779 and died Nov. 19, 1S38. He was captain of a troop of
cavalry from Whitehall township in the War of 1812. Subse-
quently he became active in militia organizations, rising to the
rank of brigadier general of militia in 1821. He married,
March 13, 1801, Susanna Schreiber, daughter of Philip Jacob

101. David Laury was a prominent citizen of North Whitehall
township and held various commissions from captain to major
general in the state militia organization. He was a member
of the State Legislature and in 1868 was elected associate

10— Vol. VI— 6th Ser.


judge of Lehigh county and re-elected in 1873. He died Sept. 28,

102. Jacob Schreiber was horn Jan. 3, 1780 and died Dec. 25,
18G5. His wife, Eve Catherine Eeisenring, was horn Oct. 3,
1786 and died May 31, L8S6. This daughter, Salome, married
Judge Jacob Dillinger.

103. These two entries of marriages in 1752 are in the hand-
writing of Rev. John Jacob Wissler. A special meeting of the
Coetus of the Reformed Church was held in Philadelphia on
this day, Dec. 12, 1752, to which Rev. Wissler sent his excuses,
one of which was that he had an engagement to marry a couple.

104. This entry was made by Rev. J. Daniel Gros.
105. This marriage was performed by Rev. Abraham Blumer.

106. The first two entries of deaths were made by Rev
Wissler, the third by Rev. Gros, and the last two by Rev.

107. The names of the children confirmed were recorded by
Rev. Wissler.

108. These memoranda were also written by Rev. Wissler.








From Fathers of the Reformed Church, Volume 11, pps. 88-92,
Rev. Henry Harbaugh, D. D., I^ancaster, 1857.

John Waldschmid was a native of the province of Nassau, in
Western Germany. He was born August Oth, 1724, and educated
for the ministry, in his native land. When, in 1751-2, Mr.
Schlatter visited that country, with a view of securing ministers
for the destitute American vineyard, he was one of the six
young men who volunteered to accompany him to the New
World. With the rest, he was examined and ordained, at the
Hague; soon after which solemn occasion, they sailed for
America, arriving at New York in the night preceding July
28th, 1752; and thence went to Pennsylvania.

Soon after their arrival in Pennsylvania, Mr. Schlatter
accompanied him to Lancaster county, and installed him as
pastor over the congregations of Cocalico (since called Swamp),
Weiseichenland (then called Sebastian Reicher's church),
Modecreek, and Zeltenreich. From a notice in the Record-
Book of the Cocalico chinch, we learn that he was installed
in his charge October 22d, 1752. He administered the Holy
Supper in that congregation, for the first time, November 19th,
1752, to seventy-two communicants; "after having, on the
previous day, preached a preparatory sermon, and inquired in
regard to evidence of their fitness for the reception of that
ordinance." On the 26th of the same month, he administered
the Holy Supper to sixty communicants, in the congregation
of Weiseichenland; and, January 28th, 1753, at Mode-creek.

On the 14th of May, 1754, he was married, by the Rev.
William Otterbein, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Christian

After Dr. Stoy ceased preaching at Tulpehocken, Mr. Wald-
schmid supplied that congregation two years, in connection
with his charge, from 175G to 1758. Some years later, he also
preached, for a time, in the congregation of Heidelberg. His
ministry in that church ceased in 1770, when they complained
to Cotus that he was "a litle inactive, and neglectful of
them;" after which, that congregation was joined with Reading.
Whether there was just ground for this complaint, it is not
easy to decide; we are inclined to think, that the distance he
lived from the congregation, and their desire to be more con-
veniently connected with Reading, may explain it, at least in

( 149 )


part. If this be so, it .vas neither the first nor the last time
when persons saw faults in a minister, on which to build a
justification of their own schemes. The long time during which
this man of God. labored successfully in the same charge, it
seems to us, presents an argument, in favor of his efficiency,
that far outweighs this incidental complaint.

Still, there was, at one time, also some dissatisfaction ex-
pressed by some in his own charge. In the Cotal proceedings
of the year 1760, it is said: "In regard to the Rev. Mr. Wald-
schmid, it appears that his congregations are satisfied with his
preaching; only they desire that he might be more diligent in
family visitations, and more prudent in his general conduct."
Tradition remembers him as a remarkably good-natured, mild,
and easy man. With all his goodness, and devotion to the
Church — of which there is no doubt— he may have needed, at
times, the impulse of a special stimulus, to keep him moving
with freshness, ministerial dignity, and pastoral earnestness.

As already intimated, he continued in the same charge to
the end of his life. In the Record-Book, already referred to, we
find the following touching entry, made by the hand of filial
affection: "God, the Almighty, took our dear father out of the
world to Himself, into a blissful eternity, on the 14th of Sep-
tember, 1786, between nine and ten o'clock in the forenoon.
On the 15th, in the afternoon, at two o'clock, we committed his
remains to the grave. The Rev. Mr. Boos preached his funeral
sermon, from Psalm Ixxiii, 23, 24. God grant that we may all
come to where he is! Amen. The tombstone was erected
October 6th, 1787; costs £7 and 2 shillings."

A circumstance, in connection with his tombstone, happened,
about six years later, which was thought very singular; and
which is not only traditionally remembered in the neighbor-
hood, but we find a record of it in the Church-Book. On a
Sunday, June 2d, 1793, while a large congregation was assem-
bled in the church, listening to the Word of God, and when the
winds were quiet, the tombstone of the Rev. Mr. Waldschmid
suddenly broke off at the top of the ground, and fell flat upon
the tomb. "Many saw it," says the Record, "and all heard it
fall." The wonder, in connection with this event, was vastly
increased, in the minds of the people, by the fact that Mrs.
Waldschmid, who was demented, long before, and had not
spoken a word for years, began to speak again with others, on
that same day!

Mr. Waldschmid is buried in the graveyard connected with
the church now called Swamp (in early times Cocalico), in
Lancaster county, Pa. His widow survived him many years,

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 151

and died July 12th, 1803. Besides daughters, he had two sons
to perpetuate his name: one of them moved to the west;
another, whose name was John, lived and died in the Swamp,
on the farm where his father had resided, several miles north-
east of the church. One of Mr. Waldschmid's daughters was
the mother of the two Revds. Gring, who are syil laboring In
the ministry, in the German Reformed Church. On his tomb-
stone is written:

"Hier ruhet in Gott


Ehrw. Johannes Waldschmidt,

Geb den 6 August, 1724.

Ins Predigtamt verordnet 1752.

Starb den 14 September, 1786,

Alt 62 Jahre, 5 wochen, 4 Tage."


( 152)














Dieses Buch ist Verchret worden von den Herrn Hollandern,
damit darin die Junge Kinder, getauff auch gezeuchret wurden,
von 4 gemeinden, Cocalico Moden Krick, Weisseichenland or
Seb. Reyger's Kirch, und Seltenreich, mir Johannes Wald-
schmidt als Pfarrer der 4 gemeinde von Hr. Schlatter^ uberge-
ben zu Langaister der 25, 8 bris 1752, nach deme den 22 8 bris,
1752, ein gesetzet word von ihm.



AACHE— Sophia Loisa, d. Gorg; b. ; bap. Feb. 10,

1755; sp. Sophia Loisa Amweg.

AACHE — Catharina, d. Johannes & Anna Maria; b. Mch. 2,
1773; bap. Apr. 4, 1773; sp. the Parents.

AACHE— Peter, s. Johannes & w. Maria; b. Sept. 14, 1783;

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