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Apr. 27, 1765; in Eppters Church.

BULLINGER— Magdalana, d. of Christian Bullinger, deed.,
and Abraham Dorr, s. »»f Abraham Dorr, deed.; Feb. 28, 1758.

BUNSH — Magdalena, d. of Thomas Bunsh, and Gorg Kohl, s.
of Gorg Kohl; Aug. 24, 1780.

BURCKHALTER— Heinrich, s. of Martin Burckhalter, and
Rosina, d. of Friedrich Gerhart; Mch. 10, 1778.

BURCKHOLDER— Anna Eva, d. of Martin Burckholder, and
Johannes Harnisch, s. of Samuel Harnisch; Apr. 7, 1781.

BURRER— Margretta, and Peter Lingenfelder; Feb. 20, 1759.

BUSS — Catharine, d. of Peter Buss, deed., and Jacob Wein-
hold, s. of Nicolai Weinhold, deed.; June 10, 1771.

BUSS — Peter s. of Thomas Buss, and Elizabetha, d. of
Johannes Dentler; Nov. 11, 1755


BUTTS— Thomas, s. o£ the deed. Thomas Bubbs, and Cath-
arina, d. of Tobias Metzgcr; Aug. 2.'}. 1784.

CAFROTH— Ellsabetha, d. of Gerhard Cafroth, and Peter
Meyer, s. of Ellas Meyer; Nov. 13, 17.09.

CALLEN — Thomas, s. of the deed. Andreas Callen, and
Catharina, d. of Gorg Conrad; May 7, 1781.

CARL — Conrad, and Magdalena Krammert, Aug. 3 1761.

CARL— Dorothea, d. of Jacob Carl, and Christian Hartmann;
Aug. 3, 1761. Note states that on the 15th. Aug. the wife left
her husband, ft on the 10th sickened and died.

CAROLUS— Anna Maria, d. of Johannes Carolus, and Gott-
fried Scharb, s. of Johannes Scharb, deed.; Apr. 21, 1783.

CERL— Catharine, w. of Wilhelm Cerl, and Peter Braun;
Apr. 1, 1766. Als. nur Jer 5ten frau Copuliret vvurden.

CHILJAN— Michael, s. cf the deed. Matthias Chiljan (Kil-
lian?), and Elisabeth, d. of the deed. Ccnrad Ziegler; May 26,

CHRIST— Ernst Wilhelm, and Anna Maria Schmist; Mch.
16, 1767.

CLEMSON— Elisabeth, d. of Thomas Clemson, and James
Lewyton, s. of Wilhelm Lewyton, deed.; Dec. 6, 1782.

COLLHEN— (or Collken, Colleon) Rebecca, d. of Heinrich
Collhen, and Jonas Leigen, s. of Peter Leigen; Oct. 24, 1754.

COMNEJl — Samuel, s. of the deed. Thomas Conner, and Elisa-
beth, d. of the deed. Salomon Mecreny (McCreary); Feb. 24,

CONRAD— Catharina, 0. of Gorg Conrad, and Thomas Cal-
len, s. of Andreas Callen, deed.; May 7, 1781.

CONRAD — Christian, s. of Lehnhard Conrad, and Margar-
etha, d. of Melchor Brambach; Marty 6, 1770.

CONRAD— Johann Gorg, s. of Johann Gorg Conrad, and
Catharina Elisabetha, d. of Ludwig Kohl; Nov. 30, 1756.

CONRAD— Johannes, s. of the deed. Lehnnard Conrad, and
Catharina, d. of Peter Schneider; Oct. 6, 1782.

CONRATH— Jacob, s. of the deed. Lehnhardt Conrath, and
Barbara, d. of the deed. Martin Keller; Aug. 5, 1777.

CORNER— Johan, s. of the deed. Justus Borner, and Elisa-
beth, d. of the deed. Daniel Merckert; Dec. 8, 17S3.

COSCHET— Bernhard, s. of Isaac Coschet, and Salome, d.
•f the deed. Daniel Gut; Mch. 31, 1785.

CROSBY— Anna Maria, d. of Edwart Crosby, deed., and
James Braun, s. of Martin Braun, deed. Jan. 15, 1784.


DANNER— Jacob, his "daughter m. Oct. 4, 1763" (Notbiug
hut the above on the Record — L. R. K.)

DANNER— Jacob, liis "Daughter in. Oct. 1, 1763" (Nothing
but the above on the Record — L. R. K.)

DAUBRICK— Barbara, d. of Jacob Daubrick, and Daniel
Kabel, s. of Nicolaus Kabei, deed.; Mar. 15, 1760.

DAUDERICK— Elisabeth, d. of Jacob Dauderick, and
Frantz Hahu, s. of Peter Hahn; May 31, 1753. Moden Creek

DAUTH— Heinrich, s. of Peter Dauth, and Elisabetha, d.
of the deed. Johannes Fftintz; Nov. 1, 1758.

DAUTRICH— Barbara, d. of Johann Dautrich, and Jacob
Hassler, s. of Sebastiau Hassler; May 10, 1782.

DAVIS— Anna, d. of Wilhelm Davis, and Friedrich Gloss, s.
of Adam Gloss; Apr. 12, 1785.

DAVIS— Margretta, d. of Gabriel Davis, and Zacharius
Pursol, s. of Johannes Pursol, deed.; Aug. 17, 1779.

DAVIS— Rachel, and Wilhelm Hew; Nov. 30 ; 1778.

DAVIS— Rahel, d. of James Davis, and Johann Christophel
Schneider; July 11, 1786.

DEAN— Caleb, s. of Nehimiah Dean, and Maria, d. of the
deed. John Marlin; Feb. 16, 1785.

DECKER— Heinrich, s. of Valentine Decker, and Anna
Maria, d. of Frantz Hermann; Aug. 21, 1764.

DESSTER — Jacob, widower, and Anna Maria, widow of Gorg
Gottschall; m. in Desster"? house; Apr. 20, 1767.

DEUTLER— Elizabetha, d. of Johannes Deutler, and Peter
Buss, s. of Johannes Buss; Nov. 11, 1755.

DEYER— Johannes, s. of Gorg Deier, and Anna Christina,
d. of Johannes Diefendorf^r; Apr. 20, 1756.

DIEFENDORFER— Anna Christina, d. of Johannes Diefen-
dorfer, and Johannes Deyer, s. of Gorg Deier; Apr. 20, 1756.

DIEFENDORFER— Johann Jacob, s. of Johannes Diefen-
dorfer, and Eva, d. of the deed. Adam Muller; May 20, 1755.

DIEFENDORFER — Johannes, s. of Alexander Diefendorfer,
and Magdalena Weick, d. of Joseph Weick; Dec. 2, 1755.

DIEHBOLD— Friedrich, s. of the deed. Johann Gottfried
Diehbold, and Maria Catharina, d. of the deed. Christian Bren-
nermann; Feb. 6, 1783.

DIEM— Wilhelm, s. of Peter Diehm, and Catharina, d. of
Johannes Gloss; June 17, 1786.

DIEMER — Jacob, widower, and Anna Maria Linck, widow
of Adam Linck; Feb. 5, 1780.

DIEMETH— Bastian, f. of Engelhart Diemeth, and Anna
Maria, d. of the deed. Nicolaus Franck; Nov. 10, 1783.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 215

DIESSLER— Magdaleim. d. of Johannes Diessler, deed., and
Mart. Binckly, s. of Michael Binckly; Nov. 27, 1770.

DIEST — Daniel, s. of the deed.' Johannes Diest, and Juliana,
d. of Peter Ravensberger; Nov. 9, 17C2.

DIETRICH— Nicolaus, s. of the deed. Johann Jacob Diet-
rich, m. 31st Oct., 1752, Anna Margaretha, d. of Johann Gerhart
Shafer. Rev. J. Waldschmidt.

DIETZ — Ernst, s. of the deed. Adam Dietz, and Catharina, d.
of Johann Runckel; June 17, 1771.

BILL— Maria, d. of Casper Dill, and Wilhelm Waldschmidt,
widower; Feb. 23, 1808. Added by some other than Rev. J. W.,
who d. 1786.

DIXEN — Hanna, w. of Ritchser Dixen, and John Brannan;
June 25, 1770.

DOCK— Johannes, s. of the deed Henry Dock, and Elisabeth,
d. of Johannes Aumuller; Apr. 29, 1782.

DOCK— Maragretta, d. of Fillipp Dock, and Adam Ulrich, s.
of Gorg Ulrich, deed.; Jan. 11, 1784.

DOMMAIN— Magdelene, and Christian Schlechly: July 4,

DONOB — Carl August Maxiliamus, d. of Johann Matthias
Donob, and Catharina, d. of Johannes Laub; Jan. 5, 1786.

DORNBACH— Anna Maria, d. of Anthon Dornbach, and
Johan Christian Weber, s. of Christian Weber; Oct. 29, 1754.

DORNBACH— Dorrothea, d. of Anthony Dornbach, and
Joseph Millinger, s. of Jhristofel Millinger, deed.; Apr. 6,

DORNBACH— Jacob, c. of Anthon Dornbach, and Anna Eva,
d. of the deed. Lehnhard JJreitenstein; May. 18. 1765.

DORR — Abraham, s. of the deed. Abraham Dorr, and Mag-
dalena d. of the deed. Christian Bullinger; Feb. 28, 1758.

DORR— Catharina, d. of Abraham Dorr, and Conrad Hey-
berger, s. of Conrad Hey'oerger, deed.; by Rpv. John Wald-
schmidt; Oct. 17, 1752.

DORR — Margaretha, d. of Abraham Dorr, and Rudolph Bol-
linger, s. of Christian Bollinger, m. 17th Oct., 1752; Rev. J.

DRACHSEL— Fronica, d. of Johannes Drachsel, and Vicens
(Vincent) Stauffer; June 15, 1762.

DRITSCH — Jacob, widower, and Catharina. widow of
Nicolaus Ruhm; Nov. 22, 1778.

DRUCKEBROD— Matthias, s. of Matthias Druckebrod, and
Fronica, d. of the deed. Conrad Meihzer; Nov. 25, 1783.

DUMMY— Jacob, s. of Durst Dummy, and Maria Ursula, d.
of Jacob Graff; May 19, 1760.


DUNCKEL— Peter, s. of the deed. Melchoir Duuckel, and

Anna Maria, d.of the deed. Abraham Andreas; May 16, 1785.

DUNNES — PhilippUB, widower, and Catharina, widow of
Jost Blecher; Dec. 20, 1700

DUPPEL — Lorcnz, widower, and Barbara, widow of Valen-
tin Schweigart; June 5, 1.781.

DURST— Christina, d. of Casper Durst. dcc<\., and Henry
Fischer, s. of Wilheim Fischer; Sept. 28, 17C1.

DUSSINGER— Jacob, r. of the deed. Adam Dussinger, and
Anna Eva, d. of Martin P.rauninger; Apr. 24, 1770.

DUSSINGER — Johannes, and Magdalena Elisabetha. d. of
Philip Gebler; Apr. 27, 1779.

DUY— Simon, s. of Conrad Duy, and Catharina. d. of the
deed. Thileman Schutz; Apr. 23, 1754.

EBERHARD— Catharine, d. of Christian Eberhard, and
Jacob Lehnhard, s. of Jacob Lehnhard, deed.; Nov. 19, 1775;
at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

EBERHART— Christian, s. of Johan George Eberhart, and
Sarah, d. of Christian Martin Wagmann; July 3, 1753.

EBERHERT— Agatha, d. of Christian Eberhert, and Hein-
rich Winckler; Sept. 21, 1783.

EBERLE— Christian, s. of Peter Ebler (sie), and Christina,
d. of Joseph Flickinger; Men. 27, 1785.

EBLER— Peter, s. of Peter Ebler, dtcd., and Anna. d. of
Josef Flickinger; Feb. 8, 1780.

ECKART— Anna Eva, d. of Philip Eckert, and Jacob Epple.
s. of Jacob Epple, deed.; May 21, 1754.

ECKART— Magdalena, d. of Lehnhart Eckart. deed., and
Christophel Meyer, s. of Hoinrich Meyer; May 16, 1781.

ECKERT— Anna Margaretta, d. of Philip Eckert. and
Johann Casper Grube, s. of Christian Grube; May 15. 1754.

ECKERT— Anna Maria, d. of Casper Eckert, and Johann
Michael Hero Id, widower; Mar. 9, 1773.

ECKERT— Lenhart, s. of Philip Eckert, and Catharina, d.
of Peter Becker; Apr. 1, j755.

EDWARDS— Elisabeth, d. of Ewen Edwards, deed., and
Jacob Hinckel, s. of Gorg Hinckel; Feb. 13. 1775; in Christo-
pher Friedrich's house.

EGLY— Susanna, d. of Marx Egly, and Phillippus Kohl, s.
of Peter Kohl; Nov. 7, 1754.

EHBRECHT— Anna Maria, d. of Paul Ehbrecht. and Chris-
tofel Pinnsser, s. of Christofel Pinnsser. deed.; July 28, 1782.

EHRHART— Barbara, d. of Nico'.aus Ehrhart, and Michael
Mayer, s. of Michael Maye r ; Aug. 31, 1761.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 217

EIOHELURENNER— Gottfried, s. of Daniel Eicbeltirenner,
and Juliana, <l. of Casper Raush. (Not dated, but between
July 28, 1760 & Oct. 28, 1760— L. R. K.)

EICHHOLTZ— Barbara, d. of Martin Eichholtz, and Hein-
rich Lauseh, s. of Gabriel Lausch; Feb. 11, 1783.

EICHOLTZ— Susanna, d. of Martin EicholtZ, and Philip
Buch, s. of Gorg Nicolaiu JSuch; Mch. 12, 1782.

EIGEREICHER— Judith, d. of Conrad Eigerreicher, and
Daniel Ermold; Oct. 29, 1766. (At the same time a son was

ENCK — Catharine, d. of .Jacob Enck, and Martin Laber, s.
of Job. Wendel Laber, deed.; Oct. 13. 1761. Married by Rev.
Stoy, when Rev. Waldschmidt. ("Uter der Suskehanna war.")

ENCK — Jacob, s. of Jacob Enck, and Anna Catharina, d.
of the deed. Wendel Labar; Dec. 30, 1755.

ENCK — Johannes, s. of Jacob Enck, and Barbara, d. of the
deed. Joh. Wendel Laber: Oct. 13. 1761.

ENDERS — Anna, d. of Wilhelm Enders, deed, and Jacob
Gorges, s. of Joseph Gorges; May 10, 1786.

ENGALLEND— Johann Gotlieb, s. of Johann Gottlieb En-
gelland, and Anna Catharina, d. of the deed. Johann George
Quickel; Aug. 21, 1753.

ENGEL — Magdalena, d. of Conrath Engel, deed., and Jacob
linger, s. of Johannes Ungur; Feb. 19, 1785.

EPPLE — Jacob, s. of the deed. Jacob Epple. and Anna Eva,
d. of Philip Eckert, Lancaster, Pa.; May 21. 1754.

EPPLER — Anna Maiia, d. of Valentine Eppler. and
Christofel Hacke, s. of Johannes Hacke, deed.; Oct. 11, 1768.

EPPRECHT— Rebecca, d. of Philip Epprecht. and Abraham
Muller, s. of Anderas Muller, need.; Jan. 29, 17<£i.

ERB — Magdalena, d. o r . Jacob Erb, and David Brucker, s.
of Peter Brucker, deed.; Nov. 28, 1780.

ERNST — Ignatius, s. of Johannes Ernst, and Sophia, d. of
the deed. Christofel Becker; Nov. 21, 1780.

ERMOLD — Daniel, and Judith Eyrricker, d. of Conrad Eige-
reicher; Oct. 29, 1766. At the same time a son was baptized.

ERWEN — Thomas, s. of the deed. John Erwen, and Sara, d.
of Joseph Russel; Mch. 18, 1783.

ESCHBACH— Margaretia, d. of Friedrich Eschbach, deed.,
and Christian Walter, s. of Jacob Walter; Mch. 1, 1785.

ESCHELMANN— Anna Maria, d. of Christian Eschelmann,
and John Nicolaus Mosser, s. of Johannes Mosser; July 2,

ESCHELMAN— Catharina, d. of Christian Eschelman, and
Gorg Kappe, s. of Gorg Kappe; Oct. 2, 1781.


KSCIIELMAN — Abraiium, s. of Christian Escbelman, and

Susanna, d. of the deed. Friedrich Mum; Feb. 20, 1781.

EULER— John Michael, s. of the deed. Adam Elller, and
Syhilla, d. of the deed. Joat Fuchs; Jan. .'., 1769.

EURICH — Jobann Gorg, and Anna Maria, d. of Dietrich
Se-hl; Dec. 20, 1709.

EYERICH — Conrad, s of Conrad Eyerich, and Juliana
Lauer, d. of Michael Lauer; Feb. 18, 1771.

FANCKHAUSS— Catharine, d. of Franckhaus, and

Peter Funck, s. of Gorg Funck, deed.; Nov. 9, 1771.

FARNY — Barbara, d. of Peter Farny, and Jacob Feder, s.
of Bernhart Feder, deed.; Dec. 1, 1777.

FAUST — Elisabeth, d. of Anthon Fanst, and Johan Jost
Stamra, s. of Adam Stamm; Nov. 2, 1768.

FAUST— Elisabeth, d. of Peter Fanst, and Daniel Maurer,
'). of Christofel Maurer; June 12, 17G9; in Pastor's (J. W.)

FAUST— Heinrich, s. of Peter Faust, and Magdalena", d. of
Nicolaus Weimer; June 12, 1769.

FAUST— Magdalena, d. of Peter Faust, and Christen Theel;
Mch. 24, 1767.

FEDER— Isaac, s. of the deed. Bernhard Feder, and Eliza-
beth, s. of Gorg Schumacher; May 29, 1780.

FEDER — Jacob, s. of the deed. Bernhart Feder, and Barbara,
d. of Peter Farny; Dec. J, 1777.

FEDER— Margaretha, d. of Heinrich Feder, and Adam
Bruha, s. of Adam Bruha, deed.; Feb. 25, 1783.

FEDER— Peter, s. of Peter Feder, and Anna Maria, d. of
Christian Obflnger; June 7, 1781.

FEHL — Salome, s. of Johannes Fehl, deed., and Nicolaus
Kammer, s. of Peter Kammer; Sept. 28, 1784.

FEHL— Valentin, s. cf Gorg Fehl, and Elisabeth, d. of the
deed. Adam Bahmer; Jun^ 30, 1776.

FERRY— Elisabeth, d. of Wilhelm Ferry, and Wilhelm
Shaw, s. of Samuel Shaw, deed.; June 12, 1780.

FEUERSTEIN— Anna. d. of Johannes Feuerstein, and Jacob
Britsch, s. of Jacob Britse.i, deed.; Jan. 16, 1781.

FEUERSTEIN— Daniel, s. of Johannes Feuerstein, and
Anna, d. of Gorg Lang; Aug. 5, 1783.

FEUERSTEIN— Gorg, s. of Johannes Feuerstein. and
Salome, d. of the deed. Christofel Bercker; Feb. 5, 1782.

FEUERSTEIN— Magdalena, d. of Johannes Feuerstein, and
Johannes Lufft, s. of Petor Lufft, deed.; Sept. 12, 1773

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 219

FIEDLER— Anna Juliana, <1. of Gottfried Fiedler, and
Abraham Lcynbach, s. of Johannes Leinbach; Apr. 12, 1708.

FIESS— Christine, d. uf lohannes Fiess, and Michael Muller,
S. of Ilanss Ulrieh Muller; Dec. 3, 1759.

FIISSSER— Susanna, 1. of Nicolaus Fiesser, and Andreas
Ruhra, s. of Eberhard Riohtn; July 12, 1759.

FILTSMEYER— JohanMn .lost, s. of Philip Filtsmeyer, and
d. of Gabriel Rictscher; Apr. 5, 1757. (Christian name of d.

FISCHER— Elisabeth, d. of Joseph Fischer, and Conrad
Winckler, s. of Conrad Winckler; June 9, 1764.

FISCHER— Henry, s. of Wilhelm Fischer, and Christina, d.
of the deed. Casper Durst; Sept. 28, 1761.

FISCHER — Peter, s. of Heinrich Fischer, and Magdalena, d.
of Christian Weber; Oct. 8.. 17S3.

FISCHER — Peter, s. of Wilhelm Fischer, and Appolonia, d.
of Michael Heckert. (Date omitted, but between two Records,
one Apr. 17, 1758, the other May 16, 1758— L. R. K.)

FISCHER— Rosina, d. of Wilhelm Fischer, and Peter Grauel,
s. of Michale Grauel, by me (Rev. J. Waldschmidt) in the
presence of many witnesses; April 10, 1764.

FIX — Margaretta, w. -jf Samuel Fix, and Friedrich Wirtz,
widower; May 27, 17S4.

FLAUER— Dorrothea, and Jacob Lambert; Oct. 19, 1772.
Both of the Catholic religion.

FLICKINGER— Anna, d. of Josef Flickinger, and Peter
Ebler, s. of Peter Ebler, deed.; Feb. 8, 17S0.

FLICKINGER— Christian, s. of Joseph Flickinger, and Anna,
d. of Jacob Buchssler; Apr. 21, 1783.

FLICKINGER— Christina, d. of Joseph Flickinger, and
Christian Eberle, s. of Peter Eberle; Men. 27, 1785.

FLICKINGER — Johannes, s. of Joseph Flickinger, and
Anna, d. of Heinrich Handschy; Mch. 30, 1784.

FORDINE — Wendel, s oavid Fordine, and Anna Sophia
Treutel; Nov. 6, 1759.

FORLOH— Johannes, s. of the deed. Ruppert Forloch, and
Barbara, d. of Gorg Siegethaler; Jan. 25, 1785.

FORN (?)— Elisabeth, d. of Adam Forn (?), deed., and Peter
Hettrig, s. of Peter Hetri^, deed.; Apr. 13, 1786.

FRANCK— Anna Maria, d. of Nicolaus Franck, deed., and
Bastian Diemett, s. of Engelhart Diemett; Nov. 10, 1783.

FRANCK — Margaretta, d. of Nicolaus Franck. and Heinrich
Muller, s. of Matthias Mullor; Feb. 8, 1784.

FRANTZ — Abraham, s. of Michael Frantz, and Maria, d.
of the deed. Casper Koch; Mch. 29, 1784.


PRANTZ— Adam, s. jf the dec<l. Gorg Adam Prantz, and

Sarah, d. of the deed. Ulrick Schorck; June 19, 1780.

FRANTZ — Barbara, d. of Gorg Adam Prantz, and .Johannes
Stiess, s. of Jacob Stiess; Feb. 20, 17S1.

PRANTZ — Barbara, w. of Daniel Prantz, and Johannes

Neumann, widower & m. for 3rd time; Feh. 4, 1777.

FRANTZ— Elisabeth, d. of Johannes Prantz, deed, and Hein-
rich Dauth, s. of Peter Dauth; Nov. 1, 1758.

PRANTZ — Gofg, s. of the deed. Daniel Prantz, and Maria,
d. of the deed. Ulrich Schorck; Jan. 20, 1780.

FRANTZ — Jacoh, s. of tiie deed. Daniel Frantz, and Anna,
widow of Paul Gehr; Dec. IS, 1777.

FRANTZ — Magdalena, forsaken wife of Stophel Frantz,
and Christian Urieh, s. of Frantz Ury (sic), deed.; Sept. 11.

FREY — Catharina, d. cf Johannes Frey, deed., and Johannes
Hag, s. of Conrad Hag, Sect.; Aug. 7, 1781.

FREY — Elisabeth, d. of Jacob Frey, and David Mumma;
s. of Lehnhard Mumma; Dec. 26, 1785. Pastor's house.

FREY — Fronica, d. r»f Rudolf Frey, and Peter Ressler, s. of
Gorg Ressler, deed. Apr. 10, 1784.

FREY — Juliana, d. of Jacob Frey, and Conrad Hart, s. of
Conrad Hart; Apr. 21, 1772. On Easter Tuesday.

FREY — Julianna, d. of Jcaob Frey, and Jacob Mumma, s.
of Lehnhard Mumma; Feb. 28, 17S6.

FREY — Lndwig, s. of Jacob Frey, and Susanna, d. of the
deed. Johannes Kohl; JNIcfi. 10, 1778.

FREY — Maria, w. of J-hannes Frey, and Benedictus, Bene-
dict, or Benss Bucher second Marriage; Sept. 8, 1778.

FREY — Maria Catharina, d. of Jacob Frey, and Andreas
Surrerus, s. of Andreas Surrerus; Feb. 14, 1782.

FREY — Margaretta, d. of Jacob Frey, and Jacob Weith, s.
of Heinrich Weith; Feb. 14, 1786.

FREY — Margaretta, 1. of Jacob Frey, and Gorg Jacob Wein-
hoid, s. of Nicolaus Weinhold, deed.; July 27, 1773. In the
Pastor's house and in the presence of 3 witnesses: Jacob Frey,
Nicolaus Weinhold & Conrad Hart.

FREY — Martin, s. of Rudolf Frey, and Elisabeth, d. of
Lenhart Kepplinger; July 29, 1783. In his house, namely
Lehnhart Kepplinger at the Allegenc.

FREY — Peter, s. of J?cob Frey, and Anna Maria, d. of
Christian Weber; May 0, 1784.

FUCHS — Johann Adam, s. of the deed. .Tost Fuchs, and
Anna Maria, d. of Gorg Hain; Mch. 20, 1764.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 221

FUCHS— Sybilla, <i. i>f .lost Puchs, deed., and Johan Michael
Euler, s. of Adam Ciller, deed.; Jan. 3, 17G9.

FUHRMANN— Maria, d. of Paul Fuhrmann, and NicolaiM
Leaser, s. of Nlcolaus Loascr; Apr. 11, 17S0.

PUHRMANN — Peter, s. of Paul Puhrmann, and Juliana,
b. of Jost Reitel; Apr. 19, 1783.

PUISSER — Maria Margaretta, d. of Nicolaus Fuisser, and
Phillipua Gruncwalt, widower; Apr. 1G, 1754.

FUNCK — Catharina, d. of Gorg Funck, and Melchoir Se-
guet, s. of Thomas Segner, deed.; July 2, 1782.

FUNCK — Peter, s. of die deed. Gorg Funck, and Catharina,
d. of Fankhauss ; Nov. 9 1771.

FUSSER — Susanna, J. of Peter Fusser, and Peter Schmid,
s. of Ludwig Schmid. deed.; Men. 21, 17S0.

GABEL — Johannes, s. of Wilhelm Gabel, and Barbara, d.
of Gorg Meyer, deed.; Nov. 6, 1759.

GANTZLER— Ludwig, s. of Johann Gorg Gantzler, and
Maria Sybilla, d. of the deed. Wilhelm Heinrieh Biegel; Dee.
8, 1765.

GARTNER— Maria Elinrbeth, and Elias Mayer, m. for 3d.
time; Feb. 2, 1762.

GARTNER— Maria Margaretta, d. of Bernharth Gartner, and
Johannes Hildebrand, s. of Christian Hiklebrand, deed.; Oct.
12, 1780.

GEBLER— Magdalena Elisabetha, d. of Philip Gebler. and
Johannes Dussinger; Apr. 27, 1779.

GEERISS— Elisabeth, d. of Adam Geeriss, and Phillipus
Schlebach, s. of Heinriea S:chlebach; Feb. 29, 1780.

GEHR — Andreas, s. of the deed. Paul Gehr, and Elisabeth,
d. of the deed. Michael Ruth; Jan. 16, 1781.

GEHR — Anna, w. of Paul Gehr, and Jacob Frantz, s. of
Daniel Frantz, deed.; Dec. 16, 1777.

GEHR — Daniel, s. of the deed. Andreas Gehr, and Catharina,
d. of Gorg Rein; Jan. 13, 1784.

GEHR— Elisabeth, d. of Paul Gehr, deed., and Frantz Bauen-
bach. s. of Melchoir Bauenbach, deed.; Aug. 5, 1777.

GEHR— Gorg s. of Lha deed. Paul Gehr. and Elisabeth, d.
of the deed. Jost Schneider; Nov. 15, 1785.

GEHR — Johanna Christine, d. of Andreas Gehr. and was
called Salome until her bnptism, Apr. 15, 1767, and Rev. Johann
Gorg Wittner; June 2, 170"

GEHR— Johannes, s. of the deed. Paul Gehr, and Elisabeth,
d. of Samuel Hundicker; Apr. 3, 17S0.


GEISSLER — Adam, s. of Adam Geissler. and Anna Barbara,
d. of .Johannes Lang; Dec. 2, 1755.

GERER — Catbarina, d. of Johannes Gcrer, and Casper
Guiter; Oct. 28, 1760.

GERHART — Elisabeth, d. or Adam Gerhart, and Johannes
Weiss, s. of Stophel Weins; June 11, 1776.

GERHART — Rosina, d. of Friedrich Gerhart, and Heinrich
Burckhalter, s. of Martin I3urckhalter; Mar. 10, 1778.

GERNER — Friedrich, s of Marx Gerner. and Catharina, d.
of the deed. Sebastian Kohl; Marty 13, 1770.

GERNER — Margaretta, d. of Johannes Gerner, and Gorg
Bander, s. of Gorg Bauder, deed.; June 20. 1786.

GERMAN — Johannes, aud Maria Magdalena, d. of Jacob
Springer; Apr. 27, 1760.

GERMANN — Barbara, d. of Lehnhard Germann, and
Johannes Groll, s. of Adam Groll; Dec. 9, 1783.

GESSLER— Elisabeth, d. of Michael Gessler, deed., and
Johannes Toll, s. of Johannes Toll; Nov. 24, 1763.

GEYER — Barbara, d. of Jacob Geyer, and Valentine Rauck,
s. of Michael Rauck, den 1 .; Apr. 9, 17S0.

GICKER— Eva, d. of Heinrich Gieker, and Conrath Koch,
s. of Alexander Koch; Sept. 24, 1783.

GILSINGER — Johannes, s. of Gorg Glisinger, and Rosina,
d. of Martin Breininge:; June 9, 1767.

GINTER — Casper, and Caiharina, d. of Johannes Gerer; Oct.
2S, 1760.

GISTER— Agada, d. of Christofel Gister, deed., and Gorg
Albrecht, s. of Job. Gorg Albrecht deed.; Feb. 14. 1759.

GLOSS — Catharina, d. of Johannes Gloss, and Wilhelm Diem,
t:. of Peter Diehm; Juu« 17, 17S6.

GLOSS — Friedrich, s. of Adam Gloss, and Anna David-
Davis, Wilhelm Davis'-David's daughter; Apr. 12, 1785.

GOETT— Salome, w. of Carl Goett, and Abraham Hirsch-
berger, widower (m. 2d. times); Nov. 28, 1780.

GOTTSCHALL— Anna Maria, w. of Gorg Gottschall, and
Jacob Desster, widower, n. in Desster's House; Apr. 20, 1767.

GOTTSCHALL— Nicolaus. s. of Christofel Gottschall, and
Elisabeth, d. of the deed. Jacob Nuss; Sept. 12. 1758.

GORG — Christian, s. of the deed. Heinrich Gorg, and Regina
d. of the deed. Johan Jacob Juncker; July 24, 1781.

GORG— Kebecca. d. of Saul Gorg. and Johannes Zeller. s.
of Nicolaus Zeller; June 15, 1786.

GORGES— Jacob, s. of the deed. Josef Gorges, and Anna,
d. of the deed. Wilhelm Lnders; May 10, 1786.


GOTZ — Gorg, s. of the deed. Andreas Gotz and Maria Sy-
biila, d. of Melchoir Stiehl; June 11, 1782.

GRAF — Samuel, s. of Joseph Graf, and Susanna, d. of Abra-
ham Graf; Jan. 1, 1782.

GRAF — Susanna, d. of Abraham Graf, and Samuel Graf,
s. of Joseph Graf; Jan. 1, 1782.

GRAF— Wilhelm, and Esther Leibrock; June 6, 1757.

GRAFF— Ester, d. of Wilhelm Graff, and Gorg Machmer, s.
of Philip Machmer, deed.: May 3, 1786.

GARFF— Maria Ursulam, d. of Jacob Graff, and Jacob
Dummy, s. of Durst Dummy; May 19, 1760.

GRAFF — Jacob, and Anna Margaretha, d. of ..Adam Beck-
er; Apr. 12, 1768. ..else Henry Hedricks' wife's daughter,
which she bore in dishonor.

GRAFF — Johannes, widower, and Maria Fronica, widow
of Jacob Otttt; Nov. 27, 1770.

GRAFF— Peter, s. of Joseph Graff, and Magdalena, d. of the
deed. Heinrich Huber; Aug. 20, 1780.

GRAMLING— Adam, s of Gorg Gramling, and Elisabeth, d.
of Johannes Servi (Zerbe); Mch. 28. 1780.

GRAUEL — Peter, s. of Michael Grauel, and Rosina, d. of
Wilhelm Fischer; by me (Rev. J. W.) in the presence of many
witnesses; Apr. 10, 1764.

GRICK— Catharina, d. of Frantz Grick, and Wilhelm Braum,
s. of Peter Braum, deed.; Aug. 3, 1777.

GRIGER— J. Jacob, «. of Gorg Grier, and Margaretha, d.
of Ludwig Mohn; Jan. 1, 1771.

GRIGER — Jacob, s. .of Tacob Griger, and Catharina, d. of

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