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Daniel Schuy; Oct. 11, 1757.

GROLL — Johannes, 3. cf Adam Groll, and Barbara, d. on
Lehnhard Germann; Dec. 9, 1783.

GRUB — Ludwig Peter, s. of Christian Grube, and Maria
Barbara, d. of Lorenz Weber, in Christian Grube's house; May
6, 1755.

GRUBE — Johann Casper, s. of Christian Grube, and Anna
Margaretha. d. of Philip Fokert; May 15, 1754.

GRUBE— Maria Elisabetha, d. of Christian Grube, and Rev.
Johannes Waldschmidt; May 14, 1754.

GRUNEWALD — Phiilipus, a widower, and Maria Mar-
garetha, d. of Nicolaus Fusser; Apr. 16, 1754.

GUCKER— Daniel, s. if Henry Gucker, and Catharina, d.
cf the deed. Matthias Webf;r; Apr. 2, 1782.

GULBIN — Deyanna, w. of Edwart Gulbin, and Gorg Blvmer,
widower; Aug. 5, 1784.


GULT — Anna, d. of Edwart Gult, and Matthias Kohlronn, s.
of Johannes Kohlronn, deed,; Mar. G, 1781.

GULTIN — Johannes, s uf tlie deed. Edwart Gultin, and
Elisabeth, d. of Gorg Weber; Apr. 15, 1783.

GUNDEL— Maria Magdnlena, d. of David Gundel, deed., and
Wilhelm Schack, s. of Michael Schack.

GUSCHWAY — Anna Margretta, d. of Isaias Guschway, and
Johannes Hahn, s. of Adam Hahn; May 15, 1769.

GUSCHWAY — Ester, J., of Isaias Guschway. and Johannes
Hahn, s. of Peter Hahn, deed.; Oct. 25, 17(iS.

GUT — Christina, w. of Daniel Gut, and Abraham Brubacher,
widower; Dec. 22, 1778.

GUT — Salome, d. of Danl. Gut, deed., and Bernhard Coschet,
s. of Isaac Coschet; Mch. 31, 1785.

GUT — Heinrich, s. of Christian Gut. and Maria, d. of Chris-
tian Weber; Oct. 24, 1783.

GUT — Peter, s. of Peter Gut, and Anna, d. of Benedictus or
Benss Horniss; Mch. 10, .i7?2.

HAAG — Magdalena, J. of Gorg Haag, deed., and Henry
Ricthe, s. of Johannes Rieth; Dec. 31, 1778.

HAASS — Catharina, d. of ^onrath Haass, deed., and Hein-
rich Nuen, s. of Johan Heinrich Nuen, deed.; Aug. 2, 1785.

HAASS — Catharina, d. of Peter Haass, and Michael Wallei-
sen, s. of Michael Walleisen, deed.; June G, 1779.

HAB — Maria Christina, d. of -Peter Hab, and Johann Gorg
Schreiber (widower); July 23, 1774.

HABECKER— Jacob, s. of Jacob Habecker, and Barbara,
d. of the deed. Michael Lehraann; June 13, 17S4.

HACK — Barbara, d. of Johannes Hack, deed., and Johannes
Schreib, s. of Englebert Scheib; Nov. 30, 1756.

HACKE — Christofel, s. of the deed. Johannes Hacke, and
Anna Maria, d. of Valenf'tn Eppler; Oct. 11, 1768.

HACKMAN — Heinrich, e of Heinrich Hackmann and Su-
sanna, d. of Johannes Seiler; Aug. 8, 17S5.

HAFFNER — Anna Maria, d. of Friedrich Haffner, and
Johann Jacob Weiss, s. of Jacob Weiss; July 8, 1770. At 6
o'clock at Jacob Weiss' house.

HAG — Johannes, s. of the deed. Conrad Hag, and Catharina,
d. of the deed. Johannes Frey; Aug. 7, 1781.

HAGE — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Christian Hage. and Anna
Maria Kehl; Sept. 19, 1784.

HAHN— Anna Margaretta, d. of Peter Hahn, deed., and
Peier Ruth, s. of Peter Ruth; Apr. 5. 1768.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1762-1781. 225

HAHN— Anna Maria, ;1. of Adam Hahn, and Phtlltpua
Hecker; Jan. 27, 1707.

HAHN — Daniel, s. of Friuitz Hahn, and Barbara, d. of the
deed. Johannes Schweickert; Men. 4, 1781.

HAHN — Frantz. s. of Peter Hahn, and Elisabeth, d. of
Jacob Dauderlck; May 31, 1753.

HAHN — Johannes, s. rf Adam Hahn, and Anna Margaretha,
d. of Isaac Guschway; May 15, 1769.

HAHN — Johannes, s. of the deed. Peter Hahn, and E6ter,
d. of Isaiac Guschwaq: G2t. 25, 17C8.

HAHN — Margaretta, d. of Gorg Hahn, and Philip Krick, s.
of Frantz Krick; Jan. 3, -.769.

HAHN — Margaretta, d. of Gorg Hahn, and Philip Wehr-
heim, s. of Conrad Weh.-heim; Dec. 26, 1769.

HAIN — Anna Maria, 1. of Gorg Hain, and Johanns Adam
Fuchs, s. of Jost. Fuchs, deed.; Mar. 20, 1764.

HAM— Wolfgang, aus den landen Bern, m. Dorrothea, d. of
George Hefft; Dec. 31, 1752— Moden Krick Church.

HAMSON — Wilhelm, s. of Hugh Justus Jost Hamson, and
Catharina Lehnerr, forsaken wife of Jacob Lehnerr, who out
of lovelessness, went into *he War without compulsion, and
who she now believes to be dead; June 24, 1779.

HANDSCHY — Anna, d. of Heinrich Handschy, and Johannes
Fliekinger, s. of Joseph Frickinger; Mar. 30, 1784.

HARDUNG — Nicolaus, s. of Christian Hardung, and
Maria, d. of the deed. Johannes Birehenhauser; Apr. 5. 1774.

HARNISCH — Johannes, s. of Samuel Harnisch, and Anna
Eva, d. of Martin Burckholder; Apr. 7, 1781.

HART — Conrad, s. of Conrad Hart, and Ju'iana, d. of Jacob
Frey; Apr. 21 1772. On Master Tuesday.

HART — Catharina, w. of Heinrich Hart aud Andreas
Schmitt, widower; Sept. i2, 1786.

HART — Juliane, d. of Conrad Hart and Dietrick Marshall,
d. of Dietrick Marshall; Oot 10, 1765.

HART — Margaretta, d. of Conrath Hart and Hector Pehn,
s. of Wilhelm Pehn; June 5, 1785.

HARTING— Catharina, d. of Christing Harting, and Michael
Berghauser, s. of Johannes Berghauser; Apr. 4, 1775.

HARTING — Johan Michael, s. of Christian Harting, and
Anna Maria, d. of the deed. Adam Bohmer; July 28, 1778.

HARTMANN — Anna Catharina, w. of Heinrich Hartmann,
and Nicolaus Riehm, widower; Aug. 15, 1769.

15— Vol. VI— 6th Ser.


HARTMAN — Anna Maria, d. of Henry Hartmann, deed.,
and Joseph Leinbach, s. of Johannes Leinbach, deed.; July 12,

HARTMANN— Christian, and Dorroihea, d. (if Jacob Carl;
Aug. 3, 17G1. Note states that on the 15th. Auj. the wife left
her husband, on the 19th. rickened & died.

HARTMANN— Philip, s. of the deed. Gor? Hartmann, and
Christina, d. of Peter Schaarmann; June 10, 1777.

HASSLER — Abraham, fc. of the deed. Abraham Hassler, and
Catharina Margaretha, d. of the deed. (Rev.) John Wald-
schmidt; Nov. 21, 178C.

HASSLER — Barbara, d. of Abraham Hassuer, deed., and
Wilhelm Waldschmidt, H. of Rev. John Waldschmidt, deed.;
Mar. 6, 1787. Recorder oy J. W., son of Rev. J. W.

HASSLER — Jacob, s. of Sebastian Hassler, and Barbara,
d. of Johann Dautrich; May 10, 1782.

HASSLER — Johan Friedrich, s. of Bastian Hassler, and
Catharina Elisabeth, d. of Johannes Palm; May 26, 1772.

HASSLER— Magdalena, d. of Sebastian Hassler, and Philip
Hoffmann, s. of Heinrich Hoffmann, deed.; Apr. 19, 1785.

HASSLER — Sebastian, s. of Sebastian Hassler, and Anna,
d. of Daniel Kummer; May 10, 1774.

HASSLER — Stephanus s. of Sebastian Hassler, and Maria
Margaretha, d. of Peter Katzemayer; Apr. 13, 1779.

HASSLER — Susanna, d. of Abraham Hassler, deed., and
Johannes Waldschmidt, s. of Rev. John Waldschmidt deed.;
Dec. 19, 1786. Rec. (?) by J. W., son of Rev. J. W.

HAUCH — Justus, s. of D;.niel Hauch, and Julianna, widow
of Jacob Breneisen; Apr. 18, 1785.

HAUR — Christina d. of Michael Haur, and Jacob Roth, s.
of Philip Roth; May iS, 1776. In the new congregation in

HAUSSWIRTH— Maria Eva, d. of Hausswirth, deed.,

end Samuel Oberholss, s. of Jacob Oberholss deed. Sept. 8,

HAUSSWIRTH— Mar.jraretta, and Jacob Strouck; Mar. 7,
1765. In Jacob Ruth's House.

HAUTZ— Elisabeth, 1. of Filip Hautz, and Johannes Weber;
May 15, 1759.

HAUTZ— Magdalena, d. of Philip Hautz, and Johann Jacob
Werns, s. of Conrad Werns; Mch. 22, 1757.

HEBERLING— Elisabeth, d. of Rudolf Hebfrling, and Val-
entine Bohmer, s. of Adam Bohmer, deed.; Mch. 29, 1785.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 227

HEBERLING — Johannes, son of Gorg Heber'ing, and Mag-
dalena, d. of Jacob Schmidt; Feb. 1, 1757.

HEBERLING — Rudolf, widower, and Anna Maria, d. of
Friedrich Raum; Jan. 10, 17C8. In the deed. Casper Hahn's

HECKART— Elisabeth, d. of Johannes Heckart, and Jost
Seller, s. of Bastian Seiler; Mar. 10, 1777.

HECKER — Phillipus, and Anna Maria, d. of Adam Hahn;
Jan. 27, 1767.

HEER — Nicolaus, s. of Heinrich Heer, and Barbara Merckel;
Aug. 11, 1779.

HECKERT— Appolonia, d. of Michael Heckert, and Peter
Fischer, s. of Wilhelm Fischer. (Date omitted, but between
two Records, one Apr. 17, 1758, the other May 16, 1758 — L.
R. K.)

HEFFT— Dorothea, d of George Hefft, and Wolfgang Ham,
aus dem lauden Bern; Dec. 31, 1752. Moden Krick Church.

HEGY — Jacob, s. of 'lie deed. Jacob Hegy, and Christina
d. of Heinrich Baumann; Aug. 23, 1763.

HEGY— Martin, s. of Jacob Hegy, deed., and Margretha,
t\ Heinrich Baumann; Apr. 15, 1760.

HEHN— Elisabeth, d. uf Heinrich Hehn, and David Her-
mann, s. of Johannes Hermann, deed.; June 1. 1773.

HEID— Jacob, and Barbara Kempf; Oct. 25, 1757.

HEIL — Jacob, s. cf Gorg Heil, and Anna Maria, d. of Jacob
Schweickert; Apr. 21, 1782.

HEMLING — Casper, .>. of the deed. Samuel Hemlng, and
Elisabeth, widow of ToLias Metzger; Aug. 9, 1785.

HEMMIG — Eva Catha-ina, d. of Johannes Hemmig, and
Lfinrich Seibert, s. of Conrad Seibert; July 9, 1769. In the
Allegany Church.

HERCHELROTH— Eiisabetha, d. of Johar.n Herchelroth,
dfed., and Matthias Jacobi, s. of Jacob Jacobi, deed.; May 13,

HERCHELROTH— Heinrich, s. of the deed. Johannes
Hf.rchelroth, and Anna Cnristina, d. of the deed. Christian
Mumma; Apr. 17, 1770.

HERCHELROTH— Juliana, d of Johanna Herchelroth,
(•ecd., and Andreas Beltz, s. of Peter Beltz; Apr 4, 1763. Easter
Monday, on the Middle Creek.

HERCHELROTH— Loluens, s. of the deed. Johannes
Herchelroth, and Anna Catharina, d. of the deed. Philip
Quickel; Aug. 2, 1763.

HERMANN — Anna Maria, d. of Franlz Hermann, and Hein-
rich Dicker, s. of Valentine Decker; Aug. 21, 1764.


HERMANN— David, s. of the deed. Johannes Hermann, and
Elisabeth, d. of Heinrich Helm; June 1, 1773.

HEROLD — Johann Michael, widower, and Anna Maria, d.
of Casper Sckert; Mch. B, 1773.

HERTSELL — Catharina, w. of Johann Dietrich Hertsell,
and Gorg Balsser Lebner, widower (m. 2nd. time): Nov. 16,

HERTZ— Anna, d. of Philip Hertz, and Christian Willand,
el, of Peter Willand; Sop-. C, 1775.

HERTZ— Conrad, s. of Pnilip Hertz, and Elisabeth, d. of
Thomas Sagner; Sept. IS, 1781.

HERTZOG — Catharine, d. of Nicolaus Heuzog. and
Wackerman, s. of Gorg Wackerman, deed.; Apr. 25, 17S6.

HETERS— Catharina Elisabeth, d. of Christian Heters,
deed., and Johann Adam Wr.gner, widower & school master in
Quidobehil; Apr. 28, 1700

HETTRIG— Peter, s. of Lhe deed. Peter Hettrig, and Elisa-
teth, d. of the deed. Adaro Forn (?); Apr. 13, 1786.

HETZEL— Catharin, d. of Heinrich Hetzel, and Gorg Kloss.
s. of Friedrich Kloss; Feb 13, 1785.

HETZEL— Elisabeth, d. of Mr. Henry Hetzel, and Johannes
Schneder, s. of Jacob Schneoer; Aug. 6, 1782.

HEW— Wilhelm, and Rachel Davis; Nov. 30, 1778.
HEYBERGER— Conrad, s. of the deed. Conrad Heyberger,
m. 17th. Oct. 1752; Catharina, d. of Abraham Dorr, Rev. John

HEYER— Anna Maria, d. of Gorg Heyer, and Conrad Hix,
s. of Heinrich Hix; May 15, 1768.

HILLLEBRAND— Christian, d. of the deed. Christian Hille-
brand, and Maria Catharina, d. of Balser Wennerick; Mch.
10, 1778.

HILDEBRAND— Johannes, s. of the deed. Christian Hilde-
brand, and Maria Margaretha, d. of Bernharth Gartner; Oct.
12, 1780. ..

HILDEBRAND— Maria, d. of Peter Hildebrand, and
Johannes Schneider, s. of Tohannes Schneider; Oct. 31, 1782.

HINCKEL— Jacob, s. of Gorg Hinckle, and Elisabeth, d.
of the deed. Ewen (sic) Edwards; Feb. 13, 1775. In Christofel
Friedrich's House.

HINGKELL—Anna Maria, d. of Gorg Hingkell, and
Johannes Wolff, s. of Bernhard Wolff; Dec. 28, 1783.

HIRSCHBERGER— Abraham, widower (m. 2d. time), and
Salome, widow of Carl Soett; Nov. 28, 1780.


HIRSCHBERGER— Catharina, d. of Christian Hirsch-
berger, and Johaim Adoiph Rami, s. of Casper Peter David
Rami, deed.; Oct. 25, 17S.".

H1RSCHUERGER— Heinrich, s. of the deed. .Johannes
Hirchberger, and Magdalena, d. of the deed. Michael Schenck;
May 15.JL781.

HIRSCHBERGER— Susanaa, d. of Isaac Hirschberger, and
Jacob Zent, s. of Jacob Zent; May 3, 1785.

H1SBAND— Elisabeth, d. of Heinrich Hisband, and Peter
Weber, s. of Gorg Weber; Aug. 26, 1782.

HISSNER — Adam, s. of Adam Ilissner, anr Magdalena, d.
of Joseph Mellinger; Sept 29, 1782.

HISSNER — Margaretta, d. of Adam Hissner, and Jacob
Mulier, widower, second mairiage; Jan. 7, 1782.

HIX — Conrad, s. of Heinrich Hix, and Anna Maria, d. of
Gorg Heyer; May 15, 17C8.

HOCH — Susanna, d. of Martin Hoch, deed., and Johannes
Zuck, s. of Rudy Zuck, deed.; Nov. 20, 1780.

HOCHWATER— Philip, and Elisabeth Shiftier; Dec. 6, 1768.
In Reading.

HOFF— Magdalena, d. of Philip Hoff, and Wilhelm Henrich
Eicgel, s. of Wilhelm Heinrich Biegel, deed.; July 24, 1768.

HOFFELBAUER— Anna Maiia, d. of Filip Hoffelbauer, and
Johann Gorg Ley, widower; Feb. 19, 1760.

HOFFER — Jacob, s. cf Johannes Hoffer, and Anna, d. of
the deed. Jost Schonauer; Dec. 8, 1782.

HOFFMAN — Angnes, el. of Heinrich Hoffman, and Jeremiah
Mulier, deed.; July 20, 1779.

HOFFMANN— Anna Barbara, d. of Michael Hoffman, deed.,
and John Jacob Wagner, s. of Gorg Wagner, deed.; Oct. 21,

HOFFMANN— Anna Eva, d. of Hsinrich Hoffmann, and
Heinrich Walter, s. cf Johan Jost Walter, s. of Heinrich Walter,
deed.; Oct. 22, 1776.

HOFFMANN— Philip, s. of the deed. Heinrich Hoffmann,
and Magdalena, d. of Sebastian Hassler; Apr. 19, 1785.

HOHL — Judith, d. of iofcannes Hohl, deed., and Johannes
Lippert, s. of Johannes L:ppert; Apr. 16, 1784.

HOLDERY— Matthias, s. of the deed. Johann Gorg Holder}',
and Catharina, d. of Gabriel Lauss; Dec. 10, 1770.

HOLDRY — Peter, s. of the deed. Gorg Holdry, and Barbara,
d. of Johannes Laub; Jan. .26, 1777.

KOLSINGER— Maria Elisabeth, and Gorg Benss. s. of Wey-
rich Benss; Dec. 8, 1761.


HOLTZEDER— Catharina, d. of Peter Holtzeder, and Balsar
Ottenheim, s. of Gorg Otteuhelm; Dec. 22, 17S2.

HOLTZ1NGER — Johann Gorg, widower, and Magdalena,

widow of Abraham Kessler; Oct. 21, 1783. Five years ago Miss
Kessler was in. by Rev. Doos to Friedrich Luckart, but the
latter went away about three years ago without any cause .

HORN — Anna Maria, >i. uf Christofel Horn, deed., and Gorg
Otto, s. of Heinrich Otto: Dec. 21, 1784.

HORN — Susanna, d. of Frederich Horn, deed., and Abraham
Efchelman, d. of Christian Eschelman; Feb. 20, 1781.

HORNISS — Anna, d. of Benedictus or Benss Horniss, and
Peter Gut, s. of Peter Gut; Mch. 10, 1782.

HORST— Tobias, s. of the deed. Tobias Horst, and Mar-
garetha, d. of Jacob Spring; Aug. 13, 1765. In the Pastor's

HOSCHAAR— Friedrick, s. of Dewald Hoschaar, and Chris-
tina, d. of Andreas Kreinert; Nov. 19, 1775. In Michael
Stoltz's House.

HOSCHAAR — Heinrich, widower, and Margaretha, d. of
Martin Keller; June 7, 17(3o.

HOSCHAAR — Johannos, s. of Heinrich Hoschaar, and Eva.
d. of the deed. Johann Jost Walter; Apr. 17, 1781.

HUBLER— Frantz, s. of Jacob Hubler, and Carlina, d. of
the deed. Johannes Kirner; May 1, 1757.

HUBER — Anna Maria, d. of Michael Huber, and Gerhard
Walter, s. of Johann Jost Walter; Aug. 28, 1780.

HUBER — Barbara, d. oi Michael Huber, and Jacob Keller.
s. of Jacob Keller; Feb. 1, 1783.

HUBER— Magdalena, d. of Heinrich Huber, and Peter Graff.
e of Joseph Graff; Aug. 20. 1736.

HUBSCH — Anna, d. of Daniel Hubsch, deed., and Jonas
Muller, s. of Michael Mulisi ; Nov. 2, 1777.

HUHN — Nicolaus, s. of Valentin Huhn, and Elisabeth, d.
of Daniel Rudy; Nov. 19, 1782.

HUN — Gorg, s. of Valeutin Hun, and Anna Maria, d. of
the deed. Christian Lang; Jan. 7, 1781.

HUNDICKER— Elisabeth, d. of Samuel Hundicker, and
Johar.nus Gehr, s. of Paul Gehr, deed.; Apr. 3, 1780.

HUSTER— Johannes, s of the deed. Jost Huster. and Cath-
tirina, d. of Johann Christ. Allbrecht; Sept. 5. 1780. In Pastor's

HUTH — Maria Margarita, d. of Johannes Huth, deed., and
Daniel Lutz, s. of Adam Lutz; Feb. 22, 1780.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 231

[LLBSS (ELLIS)— Elisabeth, d. of Martin Illess (Ellis), and
Johannes Westheber, s. of Gorg Westheber; Dec. 23, 1782.

ILL1— Margareita, d. of Martin 1111, deed., and Wilhelra
Betz, s. of Johannes Betz, deed.; Aug. 2, 1785.

JAC0I3I— Jacob Adam, s. of the deed. Jacob Jacobi, and
Anna Margaretha, d. of the deed. Johannes Wendel Lauber;
20th. Nov., 1753.

JACOBI— Matthias, B. of the deed. Jacob Jacobi, and Elisa-
betha, d. of the deed. Johann Herchelroth; May 13, 1755.

JONES— Mr. John, and Susanna, d. of Heinrich Muller;
Apr. 9, 1776.

JORDAN— Casper, s. of Elias Jordan, and Maria, d. of
Johannes Bender; Aug. 8 1186.

jOST — Elisabeth, d. of Nicolaus Jost, and Conrad Laub,
s. of Michael Laub; June 15, 1773.

JOST— Johann Nicolaus, s. of Nicolaus Jost, and Regina,
d. of Johann Philip Klingemann; July 13, 1773.

JUNCKER— Regina, d. of Johan Jacob Juncker, deed., and
Christian Gorg, s. of Heinrich Gorg, deed.; July 24, 1781.

JUND— Johannes, widower, 2nd. m., and Rahel, d. of Jacob
Schanschack; Aug. 16,1785.

JUNG — Anna, d. of Jacob Jung, deed., and Ludwig Schwei-
ger, s. of Heinrich Schweiger; Apr. 4, 1784. He is a Brannech-

JUNG— Dorrothea, w. of Jacob Jung, and Andreas Schaub,
widower; Jan. 4, 1769.

JUNG — Elisabeth, d. of Johannes Jung, and Jacob Kumler,
s of Jacob Kumler; Apr. 24, 1770. Pastor's House (J. W.)

JUNG— Julianna, d. of Johannes Jung, and Friedrich Be-
mer, s. of Michael Baymer; July 5, 1756.

JUNG — Lorentz, s. of Peter Jung, and Margaretha, d. of
the deed. Johann Heinrich Lentz; June 23, 1771.

KABEL— Casper, widower, and Anna Maria, d. of the deed.
Jacob Riehl; Oct. 31, 176S.

KABEL— Daniel, s. of Nicolaus Kabel, deed., and Barbara,
d. of Jacob Dautrich, deed.; Mch. 15, 1760.

KAFROTH— Anna Maria, w. of Peter Kafroth, and Johan
Jacob Beck, s. of Peter Be:k, deed.; Mch. 18, 1753.

KAMMER— Nicolaus, s. of Peter Kammer, and Salome, d.
of the deed. Johannes Fe'al; Sept. 28, 1784.
• KAMPF— Barbara, and Jacob Heid; Oct. 25, 1757.

KAPPE— Gorg, s. of Gorg Kappe, deed., and Catharina, d.
of Christian Eschelman; Oct. 2, 1781.


KARGESS — Anna Elisabeth, d. of Peter Kargess, deed., and
Johann Wendel Martin, s. of Wieliand Martin, deed.; July 5,

KATZEMAYER— Mana Margaretta, d. of Peter Katzemayer,
and Stephanus Hassler, s. of Sebastian Hassler; Apr. 13, 1779.

KATZEMEYER— Ludwig, s. of Peter Katzemeyer, and Anna
Elisabeth, d. of Peter Rom°r; Jan. 22, 1782.

KATZEMEYER— Michael, s. of Peter Katzemeyer, and
Christina, d. of the deed. Jrcob Muller; Oct. 5, 1779.

KAUFMANN — Anna, if. of Jacob Kaufmann, and Abraham
Stubschen, s. of Christian Stubschen; Dec. 14, 1783. In Pastor's

KEGEREIS— Maria, and Johannes Waldschmidt; Mar. 8,
1735. Added by someone, other than Rev. J. W., who d.

KEHL — Anna Maria, and Heinrich Hage, s. of Christian
Hage, deed.; Sept. 19, 1781.

KEHLI — Chilyan, widower, and Elisabeth, widow of Peter
Muller; June 16, 1784.

KELLER — Barbara, d. of Martin Keller, deed., and Jacob
Coarath, s. of Lehnart Conrath, deed.; Aug. 5, 1777.

KELLER — Christina, w. of Lorentz Keller, and Gorg Reich-
manu, widower; Sept. 9, i776.

KELLER— Elisabeth, d. of Martin Keller, deed., and
Johannes Bucher; May 14, 1776.

KELLER — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Martin Keller, and
Chri&tina, d. of the Pastor Rev. John Waldschmidt; Aug. 15,
17G0; by Rev. Boos in Reading Town.

KELLER — Jacob, s. of Jacob Keller, and Barbara, d. of
Michael Huber; Feb. 4, 17S3.

KELLER — Jacob, s. of Jacob Keller, and Barbara, d. of
Michael Huber; Feb. 4, 1783

KELLER — Jacob, s. of the deed. Johann Lehnhart Keller,
and Catharine, d. of Weirig Benss; Apr. 15, 1755.

KELLER — Johannes, s. of the deed. Martin Keller, and
Dorrothea, d. of Johannes Rub; Oct. 4, 1772.

KELLER — Julianna, 0. of Johannes Keller, and Tobias
Reihm, s. of Johann Eberhard Riehm; May 16. 1758.

KELLER — Lenhart, widower, m. 2nd. time, and Elisabeth,
d. of Johannes Muhleisen; Nov. 9, 1779.

KELLER — Margaretta, 0. of Martin Keller, and Heinrich
Hoschauer, widower; June 7, 176S.

KELLER— Michael, s. of the deed. Martin Keller, and Anna
Maria, d. of the deed. Danisl Kummer; July 11, 1781.

REV. .JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 233

KELLER— Salome, d. ut Jacob Keller, and .Johannes Becker,
s. of Christofel J3eckcr. deed.; Sept. 5, 1784.

KEMRING— Magdalene, d. of Peter Kemring. deed., and
Peter Keplinger, s. of Lehnhard Keplinger; Sept. 24, 1781.

KEPLINGER— Peter, >:. of Lehnhard Keplinger, and Mag-
dalena, d. of the deed. Peter ivemring; Sept. 24, 1781.

KEPPLINGER— Elisabeth, d. of Lehnhart Kepplinger, and
Martin Frey, s. of Rudolf Frey; July 29, 1783. In his house,
namely Lehnhart Kcppiingc.r, to the Allegem.

KEPPLINGER — Pete; - , widower, and Christina, w. of Jacob
Krumlauff; Oct. 9, 17S5.

KERN— Catharina, d. cf Christofel Kern, and Heinrich
Bucher, s. of Engelhard Bueher, deed.; Apr. 21, 1783.

KESSLER — Magdalena, d. of Abraham Kessler, deed., and
Johannes Koch, s. of Christian Koch, deed.; Aug. 23, 1784.

KESSLER — Magdalene, w. of Abraham Kessler, and Johann
Gorg Holtzinger, widower; Oct. 21, 1783. Five years ago this
Kessler was m. by Rev. Bocs to Friedrich Luckart. but the
iatter went away about three years ago without any cause.

KEYSER — Valentin, s. of Michael Keyser, and Maria Cath-
arina, d. of Melchoir Stichl ; June 11, 1782.

K1EFER — Ann Maria, a. of Daniel Kiefer, and Gorg Adam
Schub; Jan. 17, 1773. In Allegheny Congragation.

KILLWELL— Christina, d. of Wilhelm Wilhvell, and Wil-
helm Kinglywy, s. of Peter Kinglywy; Mar. 29, 1783. New to me, they are written in English & are verbatim.
Uncertain what they ar<"> — L. R. K.

KINGLYWY— Wilhelm, s. of Peter Kilglywy, and Christina,
d. of Wilhelm Killwell: Men. 29, 17S3. New names to me,
they are written in English, and are verbatim. Uncertain
vhat they are. — L. R. K.

KINTER — Gorg, widower, and Magdalena, widow of Ste-
phany Lasch; Jan/ 24, 1774.

KINZER — Elisabeth, d. of Jacob Kinzer, and Johannes
Friedrich Mohr, s. of Gorg Mohr, deed.; July 2, 1765. In

KIRCHSBATTER— Magdalena, w. of Martin Kirchsbatter,
and Johannes Muller, m. for 3rd. time. May 19, 1760.

KIRNER — Carlina, d. of Johannes Kirner, deed., and
Frantz Hubler, s. of Jac/o Hubler; May 1, 1757.

KISSING — Martin, s. of the deed. Philip Kissing, and Mar-
garetha, d. of the deed. Jost Heinrich Schneider; June 30,
1782. «

KISSINGER— Friedrich, s. of the deed. Philip Kissinger,
and Barbara, d. of Johan Gorg Becker; Feb. 22, 1785.


KISSINGER— Gorg Philip, s. of Filip Kissinger, and Cath-
arina, d. of Johannes Augeiihtetn; June 2, 1772.

KITZLY— Conrad, ami Maria Rente; Jan. 2J, 1750.
KLAPP— Heinrich, s. of the deed. Johannes Klapp, auu

Elisabeth, d. of Philip Brendel; Nov. 27. 17*1.

KLEIN— Salome, d. of Gorg Klein, deed., and .lonannes
Martinus, s. of Jacob Mardmu (sic); June 24, 177C In my
bouse in the presence of witnesses.

KLEIN— Wilhelm, and Margaretha, d. of Thilmann Schutz;

Get. 30, 1759.

KLEING— Elisabeth, 1. of Johannes Kleing, deed., and
Johannes Mosser, s. of Johannes Mosser, deed.; Apr. 12, 1784.

KLINGEMANN— Regma, d. of Johann Philip Klingemann,
and Johann Nicolaus Jos-:, s. of Nicolaus Jost; July 13. 1773.

KLOSS— Gorg, s. of Friednch Kloss, and Catharina, d. of
Heinrich Hetael; Feb. 13, 1785.

KNOPFF— Jacob, s. of the deed. Johannes Knopff, and
Maria, d. of Christian Knopff; May 1, 1785.

KNOPFF— Maria, d. of Christian Knopff. and Jacob Knopff,
s. of Johannes Knopff, deed.; May 1, 1785.

KOCH— Conrath, s. of Alexander Koch, and Eva, d. of Hein-
lich Gicker; Sept. 24, 1783.

KOCH— Johannes, s. of the deed. Christian Koch, and Mag-
c'.alena, d. of the deed. Aluahom Kessler; Aug. 23, 1784.

KOCH— Johannes, s. of the deed. Johannes Koch, and Anna
Barbara, d. of the deed. Jacob Maurer; Feb. 25, 1755.

KOCH— Maria, d. of Casper Koch, deed., and Abraham
Fractz, s. of Michael Frantz; Mar. 29, 1784.

KOFER— Buby, Joseph, s. of the deed. Franz Buby

Kofer, and Anna Maria, d. of the deed. Hans Jacob Ulrich;
Aug. 1, 1756.

KOHE— Catharina, d. of Sebastian Kohe. deed., and Fried-
rich Gerner, s. of Marx Geruer; Marty 13, 1770.

KOHL— Gorg, s. of Gorg Kohl, and Magdalena, d. of Thomas
Bunsh; Aug. 24, 1780.

KOHL— Anna Maria, d. of Geo. Kohl, and Nicolaus Adam,
E. of Bernard Adam; Nov. 22, 1782.

KOHL— Catharina Elisabeth, d. of Ludwig Kohl, and Johann
Gorg Conrad, s. of Johann Gorg Conrad; Nov. 30, 1756.

KOHL— Julianne, d. of Ludwig Kohl, and Heinrich Lein-

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