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weber; Jan. 16, 1759.

KOHL— Phillipus, s. of Peter Kohl, and Susanna, d. of
Marx.Egly; Nov. 7, 1754.

KOHL— Susanna, d. of Johannes Kohl, deed., and Ludwig
Frey; Mar. 10, 1778.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDTV- 1752-1786. 235

KOHLMAN— Johannes, s. of the deed. Bastian Kohlman,
and Christina Brucker, d. of Jacob Brueker; Nov. 20, 1771.

KOHLRONN— Matthias, s. of the deed. Johannes Kohlronn,
and Anna, d. of the deed. Etwart Gult; Mch. C. 1781.

KOLB— Peter, 3. of Iho fiecd. Krafft Kolb, and Barbara, d.
of Casper Schweitzer; Aug. 11, 1781.

KOLLY — Johannes, 3. of Heinrich Kolly, and Barbara, d.
of Christian Scherrer; May 13, 1754.

KONIG — Christine, d. of Carl Konig, deed., and Jacob
Krumlauff, s. of Gorg Krumlouff; Aug. 20, 1776

/KONIG — Philip Jacob, s. of Nicolaus Konig, and Maria
Barbara, d. of Jacob Wilhelm; Apr. 1, 1763; in Jacob Wil-
helm's house.

KONNER — David, s. of the deed. Reinhart Conner, and
Christina, d. of the deed. jYiedrich Michael; Dec. 21, 1778

KRAFFERT— Maria, d. of Philip Kraffert, and Johannes
Meister, s. of Johannes Meister; July 25, 1785.

KRAMER — David, s. of the deed. Carl Kramer, and Isabella,
d. of John Wherner; Apr. 23, 1782.

KRAMMERT— Magdalena, and Conrad Carl; Aug. 3, 1761.

KRAUSS — Johannes, a. of Johann Heinrich Krauss, and
Anna Maria, d. of the deed. Johann Adam Miller; Dec. 11,

KREINER — Adam, s. of the deed. Martin Kreiner, and
Maria Catharina, d. of the deed. Hans Wendel Laber; June 21,

KREINERT— Christine!, d. of Andreas Kreinert, and Fried-
lich Hoschaar, s. of Dewald Hoschaar; Nov. 19, 1775; in Michael
Holtz's house.

KRICK — Anna Catharine, d. of Adam Krick, and Heinrich
Schneider, s. of Heinrich Schneider, deed.; Jan. 21, 1783.

KRICK — Frantz, s. of Frantz Krick, and Anna Maria, d. of
Adam Spahn; Apr. 4, 1753.

KRICK — Philip, s. of Frantz Krick, and Margaretha, d. of
Gorg Hahn; Jan. 3, 1769.

KRIEG — Catharine, d. of Johann Krieg, deed., and Fried-
r;ch Weiss, s. of Carl Weiss, deed.; Aug. 22, 1786.

KRING — David, s. of Gottfried Kring, and Anna Mary, d.
of the deed. Rev. John Wa'.dschmidt; Dec. 7, 1790.

KRUMLAUFF— Christine, w. of Jacob Krumlauff, and Peter
Kepplinger, widower; Occ. 9, 1785.

KRUMLAUFF— Jacob, s. of Gorg Krumlauff. and Christine,
d. of the deed. Carl Konig; Aug. 20, 1776.

KUHN — Elisabeth, d. of Jacob Kuhn, and Valentine Bayer,
s. of Valentine Bayer; Aug. 20, 1785.


KUMLER— Jacob, s. of the deed. Jacob Kumler, and Elisa-
Letl), d. of Johannes Jung; Apr. 24, 1770; Jastor's house (J. W.).

KUMMER— Anna, d. of Daniel Kuminer, and Sehastian
Hassler, s. of Sebastian llassler; May 10, 1774.

KUMMER— Anna Maria, d. o* Daniel Kummer, deed., and
Michael Keller, s. of Martin Keller, deed.; July 11, 1781.

KUNER— Catherina Elizabeth, d. of Adam Kuner, and
Johannes Schutz, s. of Thilmann Schutz; Nov. 27, 1759.

KUNTZ— Catherina, d. of Johannes Kuutz, and Peter
Schneider, s. of Jost Heinrich Schneider, deed.; Apr. 5, 1785.

KUNTZ— Gorg, s. of the deed. Johannes Kuntz, and Elisa-
beth, d. of the deed. Johannes Masser; Dec. 29, 1785.

KUNZ— Anna Elisabcr.ii, d. of Heinrich Kunz, and Johannes
Strickhauser, s. of Wilhelm Strickhauser; Oct. 19, 1762.

LABER— Anna Catharma, d. of Wendel Laber, deed., and
Jacob Enek, s. of Jacob Eiick; Dec. 30, 1755.

LABER— Barbara, d. of Joh. Wendel Laber, deed., and
Johannes Enck, s. of Jacob Enck; Oct. 13, 1761.

LABER— Balsar, s. of Ueorge Wendel Laber. and Elizabeth,
d. of Samuel Barmann, Mch. 13, 1754.

LABER— Maria Cathavina, d. of Hans Wendel Laber, deed.,
and Adam Kreiner, s. of Martin Kreiner, deed.; June 21, 1757.

LABER— Martin, s. of the deed. Joh. Wendel Laber, and
Catharina, d. of Jacob Enck; Oct. 13, 1761. Married by Rev.
Stoy, when Rev. W. "uber der Suskihanue war."

LAMBERT— Jacob, and Dorroihea Flauer; Oct. 19, 1772;
both of the Catholic religion.

LAMBERT— Margarei.ta, d. of Frantz Lambert, and
Christian Schneider, s. of Bernhard Schneider: Nov. 7, 1775.

LANG— Anna, d. of Goig Lang, and Daniel Feuerstein, s.
of Johannes Feuerstein; Aug. 5, 1783.

LANG— Anna Barbara, d. of Johannes Lang, and Adam
Geissler, s. of Adam Geissler; Dec. 19, 1755.

LANG— Anna Maria, d. of Christian Lang, and Gorg Hun, t.
of Valentine Hun; Jan. 7, 1781.

LANG— Barbara, d. of Christian Lang, deed., and Daniel
Rudy, s. of Daniel Rudy; Nov. 19, 1782.

LASCH— Magdalena, w. of Stephany Lasch, and Gorg
Kinter, widower; Jan. 24, 1774.

LAUB— Barbara, d. of Johannes Laub and Peter Holdry, s.
of Gorg Holdry; Jan. 26, 1777.

LAUB— Catharine, d. of Johannes Laub. and Carl August
Maxilianus Donob, s of Johann Matthaus Donob; Jan. 5, 1786.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1762-1786. 237

LAUB — Conrad, s. of Michael Laub, and Elizabeth, d. of
Nlcolaua Jost; June 13, 1773.

LAUBER — Anna Maigaretta, d. of Johannes Wendel Lauber,
deed., and Jacob Adam Jacobi; Nov. 20, 1753.

LAUER — Elisabeth, d. of Michael Lauer, and Heinrich
Macheuer, :;. of Joha.ii.or Macheuer, dec!.; Jan. 29, 1771.

LAUER — Juliana, d. of Michael Lauer. and Conrad Eyerich,
s of Conrad Eyerich; Feb. 18, 1771.

LAUSCH — Heinrich, s. of Gabriel Lausch, and Barbara, d.
of Martin Eichholtz; Feb. 11, 1783.

LAUSS— Catharina, d. of Gabriel I>auss, and Matthias
Holdery, s. of Johann Gorg Holdery; Dec. 10, 1770; in Pastor's

LAW — Abraham, s. of the deed. John Law, and Margaretha,
d. of Joseph Mucklery (McCleary?); Nov. 22, 1785.

LAW — Barbara, d. of John Law, deed., and John Tweed,
s. of James Twed, deed.; Aug. 1, 1786; in John Zuber's house.

LEHMANN — Barbara, d. of Michael Lehmann, deed., and
Jacob Habecker; June 13, 1784.

LEHNER — Catharine, forsaken wife of Jacob Lehner, who
out of lovelessness, went into the war without compulsion &
whom she now believe.s to be dead, and Wilhelm Hamson, s.
cf Hugh Justus .Tost Hamson; June 24, !779.

LEHNER — Gorg Balsser, widower, m. 2d time, and Cath-
arina, widow of Johami Dietrich Hertsell; Nov. 1G, 1799.

LFHNHARD — Jacob, s. of the deed. Jacob Lehnhard, and
Catharina, d. of Christian Eberhard; Nov. 19, 1775; at 4
o'clock in the afternoon.

LEHR — Anna Maiia, d. of Peter Lehr, and Johan Gorg
.Albrecht, widower; Apr 6, 1777.

LEHR— Peter, s. of Philip Lehr, and Sabina Witz; Oct. 9,
1763; by Rev. Otterbein.

LEIBROCK— Esther, and" Wilhelm Graf; June 6, 1757.

LEICHT — Ludwig, s. of the deed. Johann Martin Leicht, and
Catharina, d. of Johann Adam Neidig; Oct. 15, 1771; at the
Allegence Church.

LEIDE — Heinrich, widower, and Catharine, widow of Jost
Heinrich Scheider; Oct. 11. 1785.

LEIGEN — Jonas, s. of Peter Leigen. and Rebecca, d. of
Heinrich Collhen or Collken or Collson; Oct. 24, 1757.

LEIN — Jacob, s. of the deed. Jacob Lein, and Barbara, d.
of Wilhelm Schaack; Feb. 26, 1782.

LEINBACH — Joseph, s. of the deed. Johannes Leinbach, and
Anna Maria, d. of the deed. Henry Hartmann; July 12, 1773.


LEINWEBER— Heinrich, and Juliana, d. of Ludwig Kohl;
Jan. 16, 1759.

LEISS — Peter, widower, and Susanna, widow of Heinrich
Muller; Apr. 21, 1781.

LENTZ — Margaretta, d. of Johann Heinrich Lentz, deed., and
Lorcntz Jung, s. of Peter Jung; June 23, 1771.

LE VAN — Zacharias, widower, confessiones ratione judacus
vocatus, and Magdalena, widow of John Lusst; Mch. 21, 1780.

LEWYTON — James, s. of the deed. Wilhelm Lewyton, and
Elisabeth, d. of Thomas Clemson; Dec. G, 1782.

LEY — Johann Gorg, widower, and Anna Maria Barbara,
widow of Filip Hoffelbauer; Feb. 19, 1760.

LEYNBACH — Abraham, s. of Johannes Leinbach, and Anna
Juliana, d. of Gottfried Fiedler; Apr. 12, 1768.

LIED — Adam, s. of Heinrich Lied, and Barbara, d. of
Nicolaus Rupp, May 16, 1784.

LIED — Anna Maria, d. of Heinrich Lied, and Peter
Schneider, s. of Peter Schneider; Aug. 2, 1785.

LIEDER — Anna Maria, d. of Heinrich Lieder, and Jacob
Bauer, s. of Heinrich Bauer; Jan. 25, 1774.

LIEDER — Friedrich, s. of Heinrich Lieder, and Susanna,
d. of Casper Schreid; Mch. 18, 17S3.

LEISIG — Joseph, s. of the deed. Gorg Leisig, and Sophia, d.
of Gorg Schneider; Sept. 19, 1784.

LIMBERT — Catharine, d. of Herman Limbert, deed., and
Sebastian Stohler; Nov. 11, 1758.

LINCK — Anna Maria, w. of Adam Linck, and Jacob Diemer,
widower; Feb. 5, 1780.

LINGENFELDER— Peter, and Margretha Burrer; Feb. 20,

LIPPEL — Johann Heinrich, s. of the deed. Andreas Lippel,
and Anna, d. of the deed. Jacob Roth; July 25, 1785. "Eris ein
Braunshweiger Soldat gewahren." •

LIPPERT — Johannes, s. of the deed. Johannes Lippert, and
Judith, d. of the deed. Johannes Hohl; Apr. 6, 1784.

LITZINGER — Johannes, s. of Conrad Litzinger, and Cath-
arine, d. of Johann Adam Sontag; Aug. 9, 1766; in Wilhelm
Hedrich's house, Berne Township.

LOSCHER — Johanes, s. of Nicolaus Loscher, and Elisabeth.
d. of Heinrich Binckly; Feb. 4, 1783.

LOSSER — Nicolaus, s. of Nicolaus Losser, and Maria, d. of
Paul Fuhrmann; Apr. 11, 1780.

LUFFT — Johannes, s. of the deed. Peter Lufft, and Mag-
dalena, d. of Johannes Feuerstein; Sept. 12, 1773; in Ruhm's

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 239

LUSST— Magdalena, w. of Jolin Lusst, and Zacharias I>o
Van. widower, "confessiones ratione judacus vocatus;" Mch.
21, 1780.

LUTHER— Catharina, d. of Christian Luther, and Jacob
Deck, s. of Jacob Beck, deed.; May 22, 1781.

LUTZ— Daniel, s. of Adam Lutz, and Maria Margaretha, d.
of the deed. Johannes Huth; Feb. 22, 1780.

MACHEMER— Heinrich, s. of the deed. Johannes Mechemer,
and Elisabeth, d. of Michael Lauer; Jan. 29, 1771.

MACHMER — Gorg, s. of the deed. Philipp Machmer, and
Ester, d. of Wilhera Graff; May, 3, 1786.

McDANIEL?— Daniel, and Angnes, widow of Moses Mecall-
ner; Aug. 23, 1780*.

MACK — Gottlieb, s. of Gottlieb Mack, and Anna, d. of the
deed. Conrad Ziegler; Nov. 22, 1778; in Rhums Town.

McCRERY or McCREARY— Elisabeth, d. of Salomon
McCrery or McCreary, deed, and Samuel Conner, s. of Thomas
Conner, deed.; Feb. 24, 1784.

MAGLY— Anna Maria, d. of Jacob Magly, and Joseph Baret;
Apr. 24, 1757.

MANN — Johann Christian, now twice married, and Anna,
widow of Johann Adam Schrock; June 2, 1765; in Host Con-

MANNER— Gorg, s. of the deed. Paul Manner, and Mag-
dalena, d. of the deed. Jacob Baumann; Apr. 24, 1755.

MARHOBER— Nicolaus, and Anna Christina, d. of Franta
Urich; Aug. 26, 1753.

MARLIN — Maria, d. of John Marlin, deed., and Caleb Dean,
s. of Nehemiah Dean; Feb. 16, 1785.

MARSHALL— Dietrich, s. of Dietrich Marshall, and Juliana,
d. of Conrad Hart; Oct. 10, 1765.

MARSHALL— Jacob, s. of Dietrich Marshall, and Eva,
widow of Jacob Bohm; Dec. 10, 1780.

MARSHALL— Sara, d. of Dietrich Marshall, and Marx
Worstel, s. of Jacob Worstel, deed.; Nov. 24, 1771; in Pastor's

MARTIN— Johann Wendel, s. of the deed. Wiehand Martin,
and* Anna Elisabeth, d. of the deed. Peter. Kargess; July 5,

MARTINUS— Johauned, t ul Jacob Martine (sic) and
Salome, d. of the deed. Gorg Klein; June 24, 1776; in my house,
in the presence of witnesses.

MATTHAY— Maria, w. of Christofel Matthay, and Conrath
Nun; July 8, 1783.


MAUNTZ — .Johannes, s. of the deed. Johann Jacob Mauntz,
and Maria Elisabeth, d. of Valentin Relntrel; Aug. 26, 1765;
in Host Church.

MAURER — Anna Barbara, d. of Jacob .Maurer, deed., and
Johannes Kock, s. of Johannes Kock, deed.; Feb. 25, 1755.

MAURER— Daniel, s. of Christofel Maurer. and Elisabeth,
d. of Peter Faust; June 12, 1769; in Pastor's (J. W.) house.

MAURER — Michael, s. of the deed. Michael Maurer, and
Elisabeth, d. of the deed. Etwart Siel; July 24, 1785.

MAYER — Dorrothea, w. of Peter Mayer, and Christhof Wil-
bert, widower; Oct. 28, 1782; in Ruhm's Town in Lehnhard
Keller's house.

MAYER — Elias, m. for the third time, and Maria Elisabeth
Gartner; Feb. 2, 1762.

MAYER — Johannes, s. of the deed. Johannes Mayer, and
Catharine, d. of the deed. Adam Oberly; Jan. 23, 1781.

MAYER — Magdalena, d. of Johannes Mayer, and Jacob
Offenbach, widower; Mch. 7, 1786.

MAYER — Michael, s. of Michael Mayer, and Barbara, d. of
Nicolaus Ehrhart; Aug. 31, 1761.

MECALLNER — Angnes, (Agnes) w. of Moses Mecallner, and
Daniel McDaniel; Aug. 23, 1780.

MEDER— Phillipus Jacobus, M. D., of the Court Town of
Manheim, s. of Nicolaus Meder, deed., m. 19th Dec., 1752; Maria,
d. of Johannes Merckel; by. Rev. J. W.

MEDER — Samuel, s. of Dewalt Meder, and Barbara, d. of
Philipp Brendel; Aug. 9, 1785.

MEICHSEL — Juliana, d. of Martin Meichsel, and Johannes
Zuber, s. of Daniel Zuber, deed.; Aug. 7, 1785.

MEINTZER— Eva, d. of Gorg Meintzer, and Gorg Menner;
July 3, 1764.

MEINTZER— David, s. of Gorg Meintzer, and Catharina, d.
of Heinrieh Bauer; Feb. 18, 1771.

MEINZER— Fronica, d. of Conrad Meinzer, deed., and
Matthias Druckebrod, s. of Matthias Druckebrod, Nov. 25, 1783.

MEISTER — Johanes, s. of Johannes, Meister, and Maria, d.
cf Philip Kraffert; July 25, 1785.

MELLINGER — Magdalena, d. of Joseph Mellinger, and
Adam Hissner, s. of Adam Hissner; Sept. 29, 1782.

MENNER— Gorg, widower, and Eva, d. of Gorg Meintzer;
July 3, 1764.

MENZER— Elisabeth, w. of Conrad Menzer. and Peter
Zeller, s. of Johann Nicolaus Zeller; Oct. 7, 1783.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 241

MBRCKEL— Barbara, d. of Jacob Merckel, deed., and Peter
Bernbart, s. of Christian Bernhart, deed.; Apr. 17, 1775; on
Easter Monday in Pastor's house.

MBRCKEL— Barbara, and Nieolaus Heer, s. of Helnrlch

Heer; Aug. 11, 1779.

MERCKEL — Maria, d. of Johannes Merckel. and Phillipis
Jacobus Meder, M. I)., of the Court Town of Manheim, s. of
Nieolaus Meder, deed.; Dec. 19, 1752, by Rev. J. \V.

MERCKERT— Elisabeth, d. of Daniel Merckert, deed., and
Johan Corner, s. of Justus Corner, deed.; Dec. 8, 1783.

MESSNER — Christian, s. of Christian Messner, and Cath-
arina, d. of Jacob Schneder; Mch. 13, 1781.

MESSENER — Johannes, s. of Casper Messener, and Cath-
arina, d. of Johannes Mosser; July 23, 1773.

METZGAR— Catharina, d. of Tobias Metzgar, and Thomas
Butts, s. of Thomas Butts, deed.; Aug. 23, 1784.

METZGER— Elisabeth, w. of Tobias Metzger, and Casper
Hemling, s. of Samuel Hemling, deed.; Aug. 9, 1785.

MEYER — Barbara, d. of Gorg Meyer, deed., and Johannes
Gabel, s. of Wilhelm Gabel; Nov. 6, 1759.

MEYER — Catharina, d. of Elias Meyer, and Jacob Muller;
June 5, 1759.

MEYER — Christophel, s. of Keinrich Meyer, and Magdalena,
d. of the deed. Lehnhart Eckart; May 16, 1781.

MEYER — Gorg, s. Christcphel Meyer, deed., and Catharina,
d. of Heinnch Baumann; Apr. 15, 1700.

MEYER— Martin, s. of the deed. Gorg Meyer, and Cath-
arine, d. of the deed. Jacob Neunzehnhalsser; Feb. 26, 1765;
in Stophel Friedrich's house.

MEYER— Peter, s. Elias Meyer, and Elisabetha. d. of Ger-
hard Cafroth; Nov. 13, 1759.

MICHAEL— Christina, d. of Fried rich Michael, deed., and
David Konner, s. of Reinhart Conner; Dec. 21, 1778.

MICHEL— Ludwig, s. of Joh. Eberhart Michel, and Anna
Catharina, d. of Hanss Gorg Noll; July 8, 1757.

MILLER — Anna Maria, d. of Johann Adam Miller, and
Johannes Krauss, s. of Johannes Heinrich Krauss; Dec. 11,

MILLINGER— Anthon, s. of Josef Millinger, and Elisabeth,
d. of Peter Wittmer; Sept. IS, 1785.

MILLINGER— Joseph, s. of the deed. Christofel Millinger,
and Dorrothea. d. of Anthony Dornbach; Apr. 6, 1762.

MITCHELL— Anna, and Joseph Blake: Mch. 28. 1759; in
Thomas Knarry's house.

16— Vol. VI— 6th Ser.


MISCHLER— Joseph, s. of Jacob Mischief, and Margaretha,
(1. of Michael Beer; Feb. 25, 1783.

MISS— Balsar, s. of the deed. Filip Miss, and Anna, d. of
the deed. Christofel Becker; Apr. 1, 1783.

MOCHEL— Benjamin, s. of the deed. Jacob Mochel, and
Sara, d. of Gorg Roth; Aug. 9, 1773.

MOHLER— Susanna, d. of Heinrich Mohler, deed., and Jacob
Angwitch, s. of James Angwitch, deed., Dec. 2, 1783.

MOHLER— Susanna, d. of Heinrich Mohler, deed., and Bene-
dict Bucher, s. of Benedict Bucher; Mch. 30, 1784; in Mohler's

MOHN— Margaretta, d. of Ludwig Mohn, and Jacob J.
Griyer, s. of Gorg Grier; Jan. 1, 1771.

MOHR— Johann Freidrich, s. of the deed. Gorg Mohr, and
Elisabeth, d. of Jacob Kinzer; July 2, 1765; in Millbach.

MOSSER— Anna Maria, d. of Johannes Mosser, deed., and
Daniel Pannebecker, s. of Johannes Pannebecker; Mar. 2,


MOSSER— Catharina, d. of Johanes Mosser, and Johannes
Messener, s. of Casper Messener; July 26, 1773.

MOSSER— Elisabeth, d. of Johannes Mosser, and Gorg
Kuntz, s. of Johannes Kuntz, deed.; Dec. 29, 1785; in Riehm's

MOSSER— Johan Nicolaus, s. of Johannes Mosser, and
Anna Maria, d. of Christian Eschelmann, July 2, 1776.

MOSSER— Johanes, s. of the deed. Johannes Mosser, and
Elisabeth, d. of the deed. Johannes Kleing; Apr. 12, 17S4.

MUCKLERY (McCLEARY)— Margaretta, d. of Joseph
Mucklery, and Abraham Law, deed.; Nov. 22, 1785.

MUHLEISEN— Elisabeth, d. of Johannes Muhleisen, and
Lenhart Keller, widower (md. 2nd time) ; Nov. 9, 1779.

MUHLEISEN— Juliana, d. of Johannes Muhleisen, and
Friedrich Schlott, s. of Johannes Schlott; Aug. 28, 1784.

MULLER— Abraham, s. of the deed. Andreas Muller, and
Rebecca, d. of Philip Epprecht; Jan. 29, 1765.

MULLER— Anna Rosina, d. of Fredrich Muller, deed., and
Samuel Sohl, s. of Dietrich Sohl; Sept. 26, 1765.

MULLER— Anna, d. of Johannes Muller, and Matthias
Rieger, s. of Jacob Rieger, in Zuidobehil; July 28, 1760.

MULLER— David, s. of the deed. David Muller, and Elisa-
beth, d.of Gorg Trostel; Nov. 14, 1784.

MULLER— Elisabeth, d. of Christian Muller, deed,, and
David Behringer, s. of Adam Behringer, deed.; June 9, 1783.

MULLER— Elisabeth, d. of Peter Muller, and Chilyan Kehli,
widower; June 16, 1784.


MULLER — Eva, d. of Adam Muller, deed., and Johann Jacob
Diefendorffer, g. of Johannes Diefendorfer; May 20, 1755.

MULLER — Christina, <1. of Jacob Muller, deed., and Michael
Katzemeyer, s. of Peter Katzemeyer; Oct. 5, 1779.

MULLER — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Heinrich Muller, and
Catharina, widow of Johannes Tischhan (De Shon?); Apr. 1,

MULLER — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Matthias Muller, and
Margaretha, d. of the deed. Nicolaus Franck; Feb. 8, 1784.

MULLER — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Tobias Muller, and
Elisabeth, d. of Peter Reiger; May 10, 1780.

MULLER — Michael, s. of Hanss Ulrich Muller, and Chris-
tina, d. of Johannes Fiess; Dec. 3, 1759.

MULLER — Jacob, and Catherina, d. of Elias Meyer; June 5,

MULLER — Jacob, widower, second marriage, and Margar-
etha, d. of Adam Hissner; Jan. 7, 1782.

MULLER — Jeremiah, s. of the deed. Jacob Muller, and
Angnes, d. of Heinrich Hoffman; July 20, 1779.

MULLER — Jeremias, widower, and Elisabeth, d. of Jacob
Amweg; Oct. 14, 1782.

MULLER — Johannes, married for the third time, and Mag-
dalena, widow of Martin Kirchstatter; May 19, 1760.

MULER — Jonas, ? s. of Michael Muller, and Anna, d. of the
deed. Daniel Stubsch; Nov. 2, 1777.

MULLER — Martin, s. of Heinrich Muller, and Anna Maria, d.
of the deed. Daniel Schmid; Dec. 14, 1784.

MULLER— Stephanus, and Salome Rosenheim Feb. 24, 1761.

MULLER — Susanna, w. of Heinrich Muller, and Peter Leiss,
widower; Apr. 21, 1781.

MULLER — Susanna, d. of Heinrich Muller, and Mr. John
Jones; Apr. 9, 1776; in the evening.

MULLINGER — Susanna, w. of Jacob Mulllnger, and

Johannes Border, s. of Johannes Border, deed.; May 16, 1770.

MUMMA — Anna Christine, d. of Christian Mumma, deed., and

Heinrich Herchelroth, s. of Johannes Herchelroth, deed.; Apr.

17, 1770.

MUMMA — David, s. of Lehnhart Mumma, and Elisabeth, d.
of Jacob Frey; Dec. 26, 1785; Pastor's house.

MUMMA— Christian, m. 21st Nov., 1752, Anna Maria, (Born
Dorr) widow of Heinrich Shorck; Rev. J. W.

MUMMA — Jacob, s. of Lehnard Mumma, and Juliana, d. of
Jacob Frey; Feb. 28, 1786.

MYERS — Margaretha, d. of Elias Myers, and Wilhelm
Schreiner; Jan. 28, 1754.


NAU — Peter, and Anna, widow of Zacharias Rast; Sept.

24, 1783.

NEIDIG— Catharine, (I. of Johannes Adam Neidig, and
Ludwig Lelcht, s. of Johannes Martin Leicht, deed.; Oct. 15,
1771; at the Allegene Church.

NEIZER— Bernhardus, and Anna Maria, widow of David
Alhrecht; June 25, 1754.

NEUMANN— Johannes, widower & m. for the 3d time, and
Barbara, widow of Daniel Frantz; Feb. 4, 1777.

NEUMANN— Peter, s. of Peter Neumann, and Maria Mar-
garetha, d. of Matthias Achebach; Feb. 2, 1779.

NEUNZEHNHALSSER— Catharine, d. of Jacob Neunzen-
halsser, and Martin Meyer, s. of Gorg Meyer, deed.; Feb. 26,
1765; in Stophel Friedrich's house.

NICODEMUS — Conrad, s. of Adam Nicodemus, and Anna
Maria, d. of Bernhard Pfeifer; Apr. 15, 1760.

NOLL— Anna Catherina, d. of Hauss Gorg Noll, and Ludwig
Michel, s. of John Everhardt Michel; July 8, 1757.

NOLL— Margaretta, d. of Michale Noll, deed., and Heinrich
Walter; Apr. 17, 1758.

NOTT— Margaretta, d. of Jacob Nott, deed., and Heinrich
Walter; Apr. 17, 1758.

NUEN — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Johan Heinrich Nuen, and
Catherina, d. of the deed. Conrath Haass; Aug. 2, 1785.

NUN — Conrath, widower, and Maria, widow of Christofel
Matthay; July 8, 1783.

NUSS— Elisabetha, d. of Jacob Nuss, deed., and Nicolaus
Gottschall, s. of Christofel Gottschall; Sept. 12, 1758.

OBER — Anna Maria, d. of Johannes Ober, and Michael
Schweickert, s. of Valentine Schweickert, deed.; June 22, 1784.

OBERHOLSS— Samuel, s. of the deed. Jacob Oberholss, and
Maria Eva, d. of the deed. Hausswirth; Sept. 8, 1765.

OBERLY— Catharine, d. of Adam Oberly, deed., and
Johannes Mayer, s. of Johannes Mayer, deed.; Jan. 23, 1781.

OBLINGER— Anna Maria, d. of Christian Oblinger, and
Peter Feder, s. of Peter Feder; June 7, 1781.

OFFENBACH — Jacob, widower, and Magdalena, d. of
Johannes Mayer; Mch. 7, 1786.

ORDER — Anna Maria, and Johanes Schmutz; Jan. 23, 1764.

OTT — Maria Fronica, w. of Jacob Ott, and Johannes Graff,
widower; Nov. 27, 1770.

OTTENHEIM— Balsar, s. of Gorg Ottenheim, and Catherine,
d. of Peter Holtzeder; Dec. 22, 1782.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 245

OTTO — Anna Maria, d. of Heinrlcb Otto, and Antlionius
Beltzer, s.of Christofel Belttzer; May 23, 1781.

OTTO — Gorg, B. of Heinrlcb Otto, and Anna Maria, d. of the
deed. Christofel Horn; Dec. 21, 1784.

PALM— Catharine Elisabeth, <1. of .Johannes Palm, and
Pann, and Catharina, d. of Christian Hirschberger; Oct. 25,

PANN — Johann Adolph, s. of the deed. Casper Peter Davids
Pann, and Catharina, d. of Christian Hirchberger; Oct. 25,

PANNEBECKER— Daniel, s. of Johannes Pannebecker, and
Anna Maria, d. of the deed. Johannes Mosser; Mch. 2, 1784.

PANTZLER— Anna Eva, and Heinrlcb Weiss, s. of Jacob
Weiss; Dec. 6, 1768.

PEHN— Hector, s. of Wilhelm Pehn, and Margaretha, d. of
Conrath Hart; June 5, 1785.

PETRI— Hanns Adam, s. of Gorg Peter, m. Gorg Roth's d.;
July 1, 1766; in Moden Krick Church (Woman's name not

PFEIFER— Anna Maria, d. of Bernhard Pfeifer, and Conrad
Nicodemus, s. of Adam Nicodemus; Apr. 15, 1760.

PFEIFFER— Catharine Elisabeth, d. of Bernhart Pfeiffer,
and Johann Adam Schally, s. of Carl Schally. "In Des Stenze
Stad" (Lebanon). Not dated.

PFEIL— Catharina. d. of Peter Pfeil, and Ludwig Behl, s.
of Ludwig Behl; Jan. 1, 1760.

PINNSSER— Christofel, s. of the deed. Christofel Pinnsser,
and Anna Maria, d. of Paul Ehbrecht; July 28, 1782.

PRINTZ— Heinrich, s. of Michael Printz, and Phillipus, d.
of Christian Wilks; May 28, 1765; in the Raeding Church.

PRY— Thomas, and Elisabeth, d. of the deed. Simon Weit-
haed; Aug. 26, 1782.

PURSOL — Zacharias, s. of the deed. Johannes Pursol, and
Margretha, d. of Gabriel Davis; Aug. 17, 1779.

QUICKEL — Anna Catharina, d. of Johann George Quickel,
deed., and Johann Gottlieb Engallend, s. of Johann Engallend;
Aug. 21, 1753.

QUICKEL— Anna Catharina, d. of Philip Quickel, deed., and
Ix)l)rens Herchelroth, s. of Johannes Herchelroth, deed.; Aug.
2, 1763.

RANCK— Dorothea, d. of Phillip Ranck, and Johann Gorg
Stahlin, s. of Johannes George Stahlin; Mar. 24, 1754.


RANCK— Valentin, s. Of the deed. Michael Ranek, and
Barbara, d. of Jacob CJeycr; Apr. 9, 1780.

RANK— Michael, B. of Philip Rank, and Maria Margaretha,

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