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d. of the deed. Lehnhard Breitenstein. Date of in. not men-
tioned. The Record stands between one dated May 20, 1755, the
other Oct. 21, 1755.

RAST— Anna, w. of Zacharias Rast, and Peter Nau; Sept.
24, 1783.

RAUB— Michael, s. of the deed. Michael Raul), and Elisa-
beth, d. of the deed. Andreas Zoller; Aug. 4, 177G.

RAUM— Anna Maria, d. of Friedrich Raum, and Rudolf
Heberling, widower; Jan. 19, 17G8; in the deed. Casper Hahn's

RAUSH — Juliana, d. of Casper Raush, and Gottfried Eichel-
brenner, s. of Daniel Eichenbrenner. (Not dated, but between
July 28, 1760, & Oct. 28, 1760— L. R. K.)

RAVENSBERGER— Juliana, d. of Peter Ravensberger, and
Daniel Diest, s. of Johannes Diest, deed.; Nov. 9, 1762.

REDDY— Elias, and Rosina, widow of Adam Ziegler; Mch.
21, 1773.

REHEL— Anna Maria, widow of Jacob Rehel, and Bern-
hard Schneider; Dec. 24, 1753.

REICH— Dorrothea, d. of Reich, deed., and Andreas

VVeih, s. of Andreas Weih, deed.; Feb. 4, 1755.

REICH— Margretta, and Phillip Roth; Jan. 9, 1759.

REICHMANN — Gorg, widower, and Christina, widow of
Lorentz Keller; Sept. 9, 1776.

REICHWE1N— Maria, d. of Gorg Reichwein, and Jacob
Roth, s. of Joseph Roth; May 31, 1784.

REIGER— Elisabeth, d. of Peter Reiger, and Heinrich
Muller, s. of Tobias Muller, deed.; May 10, 1780.

REIGER— Samuel, and Eva Spiess; Apr. 1, 1760. This Eva
was the widow of Jacob Lehnhard. Nun Johannes Unger

REIGER— Sara, d. of Stofel Reiger, and Jacob Becker, s. of
Peter Becker; Sept. 24, 1782.

REIGHT— Johannes, s. of Thomas Reight, and Elisabeth, d.
of the deed. Jacob Beck; June 16, 1784.

REIN— Gorg, d. of Catharine Rein, and Daniel Gehr, s. of
Andreas Gehr, deed.; Jan. 13, 1784; in Riehm's Town.

REINHOLD— Friedrich, s. of Christofel Reinhold, and Elisa-
beth, d. of Josef Wenger; July 31, 1785.

REINTREL— Maria Elisabeth, d. of Valentine Reintrel, and
Johannes Mauntz, s. of Johannes Jacob Mauntz, deed.; Aug.
26, 1765; in Host Church.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 247

REISCH— Isaac, s. of the deed. Isaac Reisch, and Elisabeth,
d. of the deed. .lost Schonnauer; Feb. 27, 1780.

REITEL— Juliana, d. of Jost Reitel, and Peter Fuhrmann, s.
of Paul Fuhrmann; Apr. 19, 1783.

RE1TENBACII— Maria Elisabeth, d. of Nicolaus Reitenbach,
and Matheus Schreiner, s. of Johan Jost Schreiner, deed.;
Apr. 15, 1779.

REUTZ— Maria, and Conrad Kitzly; Jan. 30, 1759.

RESSLER — Peter, s. of the deed. Gorg Resler, and Fronica.
d. of Rudolf Frey; Apr. 10, 1784.

RETTIG — Johannes, s. of the deed. Gorg Rettig, and Cath-
arine, d. of Johannes Schilling; Apr. 25, 1786.

RETTIG — Lehnhard, s. of Gorg Rettig, and Anna, d. of Peter
Zimmerman; Apr. 12, 1785.

RETTIG — Margaretta, d. of Gorg Rettig, deed., and Michael
Bosshaar, s. of Gorg Bosshaar; Mch. 27, 1785.

RETTLOSS— Anna, d. of Gorg Rettloss, deed., and Jacob
Zimmerman, s. of Peter Zimmerman; Apr. 3, 1785. "Ein kind
von beides war schon gebohren."

REUEL — Anna Maria, w. of Jacob Reuel, and Bernhard
Schneider; Dec. 24, 1753. She had an "Attestant" stating that
I had married him to Anna Maria Reuel on above stated date,
Rev. J. Waldschraidt, Recorder, July 3, 1772.

RHEIN — Susanna Margaretta, d. of Peter Rhein, and
Michael Weinhold, s. of Nicolaus Weinhold; Apr. 4, 1780.

RIEGER — Matthias, s. of Jacob Rieger, and Anna, d. of
Johannes Muller; Quidsbehil; July 28, 1760.

RIEHL — Anna Maria, d. of Jacob Riehl, and Casper Kabel,
widower; Oct. 31, 1768.

RIEHM — Abraham, s. of Matthias Riehm, and Christina,
d. of the deed. Samuel Bender; Dec. 9, 1783.

RIEHM — Elisabeth, d. of Abraham Riehm, and Johanes
Adam Bohmer, s. of Adam Bohmer, deed; Apr. 18, 1786.

RIEHM — Johannes, s. of Andreas Riehm, and Rosina, d.
of Friedrich Weitzel; Oct. 10, 1785.

RIEHM — Juliana, d. of Abraham Riehm, and Jacob Rub;
Aug. 17, 1761.

RIEHM — Nicolaus, widower, and Anna Catharina, widow # of
Heinrich Hartmann; Aug. 15, 1769.

RIEHM — Tobias, s. of Johann Eberhart Riehm, and Juliana,
d. of the deed. Johannes Keller; May 16, 1758.

RIETH— Elisabeth, d. of Michael Rieth, deed., and Andreas
Gehr, s. of Paul Gehr, deed.; Jan. 16, 1781.

RIETHE — Henry, s. of Johannes Rieth, and Magdalena, d.
of the deed. Gorg Haag; Dec. 31, 1778.


RIETH— Peter, s. of the deed. Peter Rleth, and Maria Elisa-
beth, (l. of tlio deed. Nicolaus Bechtol; Feb. 15, 17S0.

RIETSCHER— d. of Gabriel Kietscber, and Jobanti

Jost, s. of Philip Filtsmeyer; Apr. 5, 1757. Christian name of
daughter omitted.

RIHM — Heinrich, 8. of Tobias Rihm, and Juliana, d. of the
deed. Jacob Rupp; Nov. 30, 1783; in my house, J. W.

RIHM — Maria, w. of Johannes Rihm, and Heinrich
Stephany, s. of Andreas Stepbani, deed.; May 25, 1784.

RIPP— Heinrich, s. of Job. Jacob Ripp, and Anna Catharina,
d. of Heinrich Thost; Mch. 28, 1758.

ROHRER — Johannes, s. of the deed. Jacob Rohrer, and
Susanna, d. of the deed. Engelhard Rother; June 19, 1781.

ROMMER — Anna Elisabeth, d. of Peter Rommer, and Lud-
wig Katzemeyer, s. of Peter Katzemeyer; Jan. 22, 1782.

ROSENBEIN— Salome, and Stephanus Muller; Feb. 24,

ROTH — Anna, d. of Jacob Roth, deed., and Johann Hein-
rich Lippel, s. of Andreas Lippel, deed.; July 25, 1785. "Er is
ein Brannshweiger Soldat gewaren."

ROTH— Friedrich, s. of Gorg Roth, and Juliana, d. of the
deed. Johannes Schweickert; Jan. 22, 1782.

ROTH — Jacob, s. of Joseph Roth, and Maria, d. of the deed.
Gorg Reichwein; May 31, 17S4.

ROTH— Jacob, s. of Philip Roth, and Christina, d. cf
Michael Haur; May 18, 1776; in the new congregation in

ROTH— Phillip, and Margretha Reich; Jan. 9, 1759.

ROTH — Sara, d. of Gorg Roth, and Benjamin, Mochel, s. of
Jacob Mochel, deed.; Aug. 9, 1773.

ROTH d. of Gorg Roth, and Hanns Adam Petri, s.

of Gorg Petri; July 1, 1766; in Moden Creek Church. Woman's
Christian name not given.

ROTHER — Susanna, d. of Engelhard Rother, deed., and
Johannes Rohrer, s. of Jacob Rohrer, deed.; June 19, 1781.

RUB — Dorrothea, d. of Johannes Rub, and Johannes Keller,
s. of Martin Keller, deed.; Oct. 4, 1772.
» RUB — Jacob, and Juliana, d. of Abraham Riehm, Aug. 10,

RUBLET — Maria, d. of Ahraham Rublet. deed., and Peter
Shaffner. s. of Casper Sbaffner; Nov. 26, 1764; in Langester.

RUBLI — Margareita, d. of Philip Rubli, deed., and Lorentz
Schafer, s. of Peter Schaffer; May 13, 1771; Pastor's house.

RUDY — Andres, s. of Emmig Rudy, and Catharine, d. of
Johannes Beer (Bare); July 3, 1785.

REV. .JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1762-1786. 249

RUDY— Catharina, d. of Rudolf Rudy, deed., and Daniel
Dosshar, s. of Johann Bosshar, deed.; Mch. 30, L766.

RUDY— Daniel, s. of Daniel Rudy, and Barbara, d. of the
deed. Christian Lang; Nov. 19, 1782.

RUDY— Elisabeth, d. of Daniel Rudy, and Nicolaua Huhn,
S. of Valentine Huhn; Nov. I!), 17S2.

RUHL — Anna Margaretta, d. of Jacob Kuhl, an<l Heinrich
Schuckert, s. of Heinrich Schuckert; Apr. 23, 17C7; in Kuhl's

RUHM — Andreas, s. of Abraham Ruhm, and Barbara, d. of
Christian Schwertztwaller.; May 31, 1782.

RUHM — Andreas, s. of Eberhard Riehm. and Susanna, d.
of Nieholaus Fiesser; July 12, 1759.

RUHM— Barbara, d. of Tobias Ruhm. and Wilhelm Wuler;
Apr. 8, 1781.

RUHM — Catharina, w. of Nicolaus Ruhm, and Jacob Dritsch,
widower; Nov. 22, 1778.

RUHM— Elisabeth, d. of Gorg Ruhm. and Valentin Straub;
Mar. 11, 1777; in my house (J. Waldschmidt).

RUNCKEL — Catharine, d. of Johannes Runckel, and Ernst
Dietz, s. of Adam Dietz, deed.; June 17, 1771. *•

RUPP — Barbara, d. of Nicolaus Rupp, and Adam Lied, s.
of Heinrich Lied; May 16, 1784.

RUPP— Juliana, d. of Jacob Rupp, deed., and Heinrich
Rihm, s. of Tobias Rihm; Nov. 30, 17S3; in my house (Rev.
J. W.).

RUPP — Maria, <1. of Nicolaus Rupp, and Johannes Bayer, s.
of Adam Bayer; Aug. 16, 17S5.

RUPPERT— Lehnhard. s. of Philip Ruppert, and Sara, d.
of Michel Brecht; Mch. 24, 17S0.

RUSSEL — Sara, d. of Joseph Russel, and Thomas Erwen, s.
of John Erwen, deed.; Mch. 18, 1783.

RUTH— Gorg, s. of Peter Ruth, and Anna Maria, d. of
Weyrich Benss; Jan. 21, 1766.

RUTH — Peter, s. of Peter Ruth, and Anna Margaretha, d. of
the deed. Peter Hahn; Apr. 5, 1768.

SAGNER— Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Sagner, and Conrad
Hertz, s. of Philip Hertz; Sept. 18, 1781.

SAUERBREY— Anna Maria, and Johannes Bayer; Nov. 29,

SCHAACK— Barbara, d. of Wilhelm Schaack, and Jacob
Lein. s. of Jacob Lein. deed.; Feb. 26, 1782.

SCHAAR — Joseph, and Anna, d. of Matthias Schar; Sept. 1,


SCHAARMANN— Christina, d. of Peter Schaarmann, and
Philip Hartmann, s. of Gorg Hartmann, deed.; June 10, 1777.

SCHACK— Wilhelm, s. of Michael Schack, and Maria Mag-
dalena, d. of the deed. David Gunde; Apr. 21, 1755.

SCHAFER— Lorentz, s. of the deed. Peter Schaffer, and
Margaretha, d. of the deed. Philip Rubli; May 13, 1771.

SCHALBT— Margaretta, d. of Frantz Schalbt, and Samuel
Bernhard, s. of Adam Bernhard, deed.; July 4, 1785.

SCHALLY— Johann Adam, s. of Carl Schally, and Catharina
Elisabeth, d. of Bernhard Pfeiffer. "In der stautze stad." In
Steitztown, now Lebanon.

SCHANSCHACK— Rahel, d. of Jacob Schanschack, and
Johannes Jund, widower (2 m.) ; Aug. 16, 1785.

SCHAR— Anna, d. of Matthias Schar, and Joseph Schaar;
Sept. 1, 1757.

SCHARB— Gottfried, s. of the deed. Johannes Schard, and
Anna Maria, d. of Johannes Carolas; Apr. 21, 1783.

SCHARB— Andreas, widower, and Dorrothea, widow of
Jacob Jung; Jan. 4, 1769.

SCHAUB— Johann Peter, s. of Christofel Schaub, and Anna
Maria, d. of Johannes Schwabt; Men. 19, 1754.

SCHEIDER— Elisabeth, d. of Gorg Scheider, and Gorg
Aache; Dec. 2, 1772.

SCHELL — Anna Catharina, d, of Peter Schell, and Johann
Adam Schuts, s. of Johann Adam Schutz, deed.; Aug. 17, 1756.

SCHENCK — Magdalena, d. of Michael Scheuck, deed., and
Heinrich Hirschberger, s. of Johannes Hirschberger, deed.;
May 15, 1781.

SCHERB— Christofel, widower, and Catharine, widow of
Adam Beer (Bare); Aug. 16, 1785.

SCHERB— Christofel, s. of Christofel Scherb, and Catharina,
d. of Jacob Beer (Bare); Apr. 8, 1783.

SCHERERTZWALLER— Barbara, d. of Christian Scherertz-
waller, and Andreas Ruhm, s. of Abraham Ruhm; May 31,

SCHERRER— Barbara, d. of Christian Scheerrer, and
Johannes Kolly, s. of Heinrich Kolly; May 13, 1754.

SCHILLING— Catharine, d. of Johannes Schilling, and
Johannes Rettig, s. of Gorg Rettig, deed.; Apr. 25, 1786.

SCHLATTER— Anna Catherine, and Jost Heinrich Wehler,
widower, m. for the 4th time; Feb. 16, 1763; in Abraham
Farry's house.

SCHLAUCH— Margaretta, w. of Jacob Schlauch, and Chris-
tian Bixler, widower; Sept. 6, 1785.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 2. r .l

SCHLEBACH— Pliilllpus, b. of Henrlch Schlebach, and Elisa-
beth, d. of the deed. Adam Geeriss; P»i>. 29, 1780.

SCHLECHLY— Christian, and Magdalena Dommain; July 4,

SCH LECHTY -Anna, d. of Christian Schlechty, deed., and
Peter Zimmerman, s. of Adolph Zimmerman; Sept. 0, 1783.

SCHLECHTY— Barbara, d. of Christian Schlechty, and
Heinrich Zimmerman, s. of Adolf Zimmerman; Jan. 9, 1785.

SCHLOTT — Friedrich, s. of Johannes Schlott, and Juliana, d.
of Johannes Muhleisen; Aug. 28, 1784.

SCHMID — Anna Maria, d. of Daniel Schmid, deed., and
Martin Muller, s. of Heinrich Muller; Dec. 14, 1784.

SCHMID — Peter, s. of the deed. Ludwig "Schmid, and
Susanna, d. of Peter Fusser; Mch. 21, 1780.

SCHMID— Philip, and Margaretha, d. of the deed. Peter
Vcrnwaldt; Dec. 14, 175G.

SCHMIDT— Anna Maria, and Ernst Wilhelm Christ; Mch.
10, 17C7.

SCHMIDT— Anna Margaretha, d. of Peter Schmidt, deed.,
and Carl Bingemann, s. of Peter Bingemann, deed.; Sept. 18,

SCHMIDT— Magdalena, d. of Jacob Schmidt, and Johannes
Heberling, s. of Gorg Heberling; Feb. 1, 1757.

SCHMIED — Johann Peter, s. of Jacob Schmied, and Eva
Maria, d. of Gorg Adam Wagner; May 14, 1770.

SCHMITT— Andreas, widower, and Catharina, widow of
Heinrich Hart; Sept. 12, 178G.

SCHMUCK— Magdalena, d. of Jacob Schmuck, and Felix
Schneider; Sept. 30, 1778.

SCHNEDER— Catharina, d. of Jacob Schneder, and Christian
Messner, s. of Christian Messner; Mar. 13, 17S1.

SCHNEDER — Jacob, s. of Jacob Schneder, and Anna Maria,
d. of the deed. Heinrich Zimmerman; May 12, 1780.

SCHNEDER — Johannes, s. of Jacob Schneder, and Elisabeth,
d. of Mr. Henry Hetzel; Aug. 6, 1782.

SCHNEIDER— Adam, s. of Daniel Schneider, and Catharina,
d. of Ludwig Leib; Feb. 19, 1760.

SCHNEIDER— Bernhard, and Anna Maria, Jacob Rehel's
(Reael?), s. widow; Dec. 24, 1753.

SCHNEIDER— Bernhard, had an "Attestat," stating that I
had married him to Anna Maria, widow of Jacob Reuel on the
24th of Dec., 1753, Recorded July 3, 1772.

SCHNEIDER— Catharina, d. of Engelbert Schneider, and
Michael Wittmann; Jan. 9, 1759.


SCHNEIDER— Catharina, w. of .lost Heinrich Schneider, and
Heinrich Leide, widower; Oct. 11, 1785.

SCHNEIDER— Catharine, d. of rotor Schneider, and
Johannes Conrad, s. of Lehnhard Conrad, deed.; Oct. 6, 1782.

SCHNEIDER— Christian, s. of Bernhard Schneider, and
Margaretha, d. of the deed. Frantz Lambert; Nov. 7, 1775.

SCHNEIDER— Elisabeth, d. of .lost Schneider, deed., and
Gorg Gehr, s. of Paul Gehr, deed.; Nov. 15, 1785.

SCHNEIDER— Eva, and Joh. Nicolaus Schub, s. of Gorg
Schub; Feb. 22, 1763.

SCHNEIDER— Felix, and Magdalena, d. of Jacob Schmuck;
Sept. 30, 1778.

SCHNEIDER — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Heinrich Schneider,
and Anna Catharina, d. of Adam Krick; Jan. 21, 1783.

SCHNEIDER — Hermann, s. of Matthew Schneider, and
Elisabeth, d. of Martin Baumann; Jan. 1, 1781.

SCHNEIDER— Johann Christophel, s. of Johann Wilhelm
Schneider, and Rahel, d. of James Davis; July 11, 1786.

SCHNEIDER— Johannes, s. of Johannes Schneider, and
Maria, d. of Peter Hildebrand; Oct. 31, 1782.

SCHNEIDER — Johannes, "Einem Hessen," from aus dem
furstenthum, Ziegenheim, and Susanna Elisabeth, b. Apr. 26,
1757, d. of the Pastor (Rev. John Waldschmidt) ; Sept. 3, 1782;
by Rev. Boos, in Reading.

SCHNEIDER— Margaret! a, d. of Jostt Heinrich Schneider,
deed., and Martin Kissing, s. of Philip Kissing, deed.; June 30.

SCHNEIDER— Peter, s. of the deed Jost Heinrich Schneider,
and Catharina, d. of Johannes Kuntz; Apr. 5, 1785.

SCHNEIDER— Peter, s. of Valentin Schneider, and Anna
Maria, d. of the deed. Conrath Zigler; May 26, 1782.

SCHNEIDER— Salome, w. of Valentine Schneider, and
Johannes Baacken, s. of Jacob Baacken, deed.; Sept. 24, 1782.

SCHNEIDER— Sophia, d. of Gorg Schneider, and Joseph
Leisig, s. of Gorg Leisig, deed.; Sept. 19, 1784.

SCHNEIDER — Peter, s. of Peter Schneider, and Anna Maria,
d. of Heinrich Lied; Aug. 2, 1785.

SCHNUELER— Catharina, d. of Jacob Schnueler, and Martin
Beer, s. of Ulrich Beer; May 6, 1781.

SCHNUTZ— Johannes, and Anna Maria Order; Jan. 23,

SCHONAUER— Anna, d. of Jost Schonauer, and Jacob
Hoffer, s. of Johannes Hoffer; Dec. 8, 1782.

SCHONNAUER— Elisabeth, d. of Jost Schonnauer, deed.,
and Isaac Reisch, s. of Isaac Reisch, deed.; Feb. 27, 1780.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 253

SCHOOWALTER— Valentin, s. of Christian Schoowalter, and
Hanna,- d. of Johannes Stell wager; Feb. 2, 1786.

SCHORCK— Sarah, d. of Ulrick Schorck, deed., and Adam
Frantz, s. of Gorg Frantz; June 19, 1780.

SCHORCK— Maria, d. of Ulrick Schorck, deed., and Gorg
Frantz, s. of Daniel Frantz, deed.; Jan. 20, 1780.

SCHOTTER — Johannes, married the 2nd time; Dec. 13, 1757,
with . Name omitted,

SCHRACK— Johannes, s. of the deed. Adam Schrack, and
Margaretha, d. of the deed. Heinrich Bosser; Feb. 11, 1777.

SCHRATER— Joh. Heinrieh, s. of Heinrich Schrater, and
Maria Elisabeth, d. of Uldwig Schweitzer; Mch. 27, 1764.

SCHRECK — Catharina, widow of Martin, and Jacob Arnold,
widower; Aug. 23, 1785.

SCHREIBER — Johann Gorg, widower, and Maria Christina,
d. of the deed. Peter Hab; July 23, 1774.

SCHREID— Susanna, d. of Casper Schreid, and Friedrick
Lieder, s. of Heinrich Lieder; March 18, 1783.

SCHREINER— Mattheus, s. of the deed. Johan Jost
Schreiner, and Maria Elisabeth, d. of Nicolaus R'eitenbach;
Apr. 15, 1779.

SCHREINER— Wilhelm, and Margaretha, d. of Elias Meyer;
Jan. 28, 1754.

SCHREIT— Johannes, s. of Engelbert Schreib, and Barbara,
d. of the deed. Johannes Hack; Nov. 20, 1756.

SCHREITEL— Michael, s. of Gorg Schreitel, and Magdalena,
d. of Christian Weber; Nov. 30, 1756.

SCHROCK — Anna, w. Johann Adam Schrock, and Johann
Christian Mann, now twice married; June 2, 1765; in Host

SCHUB — Gorg Adam, s. of Gorg Schub, and Anna Maria, d.
of Daniel Kiefer; Jan. 17, 1773.

SCHUB— Joh. Nicolaus, s. of Gorg Schub, and Eva
Schneider; Feb. 22, 1763.

SCHUCKERT— Heinrich, s. of Heinrich Schuckert, and Anna
Margaretha, d. of Jacob Kuhl; Apr. 23, 1767; in Kuhl's house.

SCHULTZ— Anna Maria, d. of Martin Schultz, deed., and
Peter Beyer, s. of Adam Beyer, deed.; Apr. 20, 1762.

SCHUMACKER— Elisabeth, d. of Gorg Schumacker, and
Isaac Feder, s. of Bernhard Feder, deed.; May 29, 1780.

SCHUTZ — Johann Adam, s. of the deed. Johann Adam
Schutz, and Anna Catharina, d. of Peter Schell; Aug. 17, 1756.

SCHUTZ— Catharina, d. of Thileman Schutz, deed., and
Simon Duy, s. of Conrad Duy; Apr. 23, 1754.


SCHUTZ — Johannes, s. Tliiliiianii SchutS, and Catharina
Elizabetha, d. of Adam Kuner; Nov. 27, 1759.

SCHUTZ— Margaretta. d. of Thilmana Scbutz, and Wllhelra

Klein, Oct. 30, 1759.

SCHUY — Catharina, d. of Daniel Sohuy, and Jacob Griger.
s. of Jacob Griger; Oct. 11, 1757.

SCHWABE— Anna Maria, d. of Johannes Schwabe, and

Johann Peter Schaub, s. of Christophel Schaub; Mar 19, 1754.

SCHWARTZ— Christina, d. of Johann Gorg Schwartz, and

Gorg Michael Wolff, s. of Gorg Michael Wolff, deed.; Jan. 10,


SCHWEICKERT— Juliana, d. of Johannes Schweickert,
deed., and Frederick Roth, s. of Gorg Roth; Jan. 22, 1782.

SCHWEICKER— Catharina, d. of Jacob Schweicker, and
Heinrich Trostel, s. of Gorg Trostel; Feb. 21, 17S5.

SCHWEICKERT— Anna Maria, d. of Jacob Schweickert, and
.Jacob Heil, s. of Gorg Heil; Apr. 21, 17S2.

SCHWEICKERT— Barbara, d. of Johannes Schweickert.
deed., and. Daniel Hahn, s. of Frantz Hahn; Mar. 4, 1781.

SCHWEICKERT— Jacob, s. of Gorg Schweickert, and Eliza-
beth, d. of Peter Benss; Dec. 7, 1784.

SCHWEICKERT— Michael, s. of the deed. Valentin Schweick-
ert, and Anna Maria, d. of Johannes Ober; June 22, 17S4.

SCHWEIGART— Barbara, w. of Valentine Schweigart, and
Lorenz Duppel; June 5, 1781.

SCHWEIGER— Ludwig, s. of Heinrich Schweiger, and Anna,
d. of the deed. Jacob Jung; Apr. 4, 17S4.

He is a Braunschweiger Soldier.

SCHWEITZER— Barbara, d. of Casper Schweitzer, and Peter
Kolb, s. of Krafft Kolb, deed.; Aug. 11, 1781.

SCHWEITZER— Maria Elizabeth, d. of Ludwig Schweitzer,
and Joh. Heinrich Schrater, s. of Henrich Schrater; Mar. 27,

SEGNER — Melchoir, s. of the deed. Thomas Segner, and
Catharina, d. of the deed. Gorg Funck; July 2, 1782.

SEIB — Catharina, d. of Ludwig Seib, and Adam Schneider, s.
of Daniel Schneider, s. of Daniel Schneider; Feb. 19 1760.

SEIBERT— Heinrich s of the deed. Conrad Seibert, and Eva
Catharina, d. of Johannes Hemmig; July 9, 1769.

SEIDENBANDER— Elizabeth, d. of Heinrich Seidenbander,
and Johannes Adam. s. of Bernard Adam; June 13, 1779.

SEIDENBANDER— Gorg, s. of the deed. Heinrich Seidenban-
der, and Susanna, d. of Philip Brendel; Feb. 18, 1784.

SEILER— Jost. s. of Bastian Seiler, and Elizabeth, d. of
Johannes Heckart; Mch. 10, 1777.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 255

SE1LER— Susanna, d. of Johannes Seiler, and Heinrich Hack-
man, s. of Heinrich Hackrnan; Aug. 8, 1785.

SERVIE, ZERBE?— Elizabeth, d. of Johannes Servie, and
Adam Gramling, s. of Gorg Gramling; Mar. 28, 1780.

SHAFER — Anna Margaretta, d. of Johann Gerhart Shafer,
and Nicolaus Dietrich, s. of Johann Jacob Dietrich, deed.; Oct.
31, 1752.

Rev. J. Waldschmidt.

SHAFFER — Catharine, d. of Michael Shaffer, and Johannes
Zwally, widower; Oct. 20, 1765.

In Gorg Helle House.

SHAFFNER — Peter, s. of Casper Shaffner, and Maria, d. of
the deed. Abraham Rublet; Nov. 26, 17G4.

In Langeaster.

SHAW— Wilhelm, s. of the deed. Samuel Shaw, and Eliza-
beth, d. of Wilhelm Ferry; June 12, 1780.

SHIFFLER— Elizabeth, and Philip Hochwarter; Dec. 6, 1768.
in Reading.

SHORCK— Anna Maria, (Born Dorr), w. of Heinrich Shorck,
and Christian Mumma; Nov. 21, 1752. (Rev. J. W.)

SIEGETHALER— Barbara, d. of Gorg Siegethaler, and
Johannes Forloh, s. of Ruppert Forlooh, deed.; Jan. 25, 1785.

SIEL — Elizabeth, s. of Etwart Siel, deed., and Michael
Maurer, s. of Michael Maurer, deed.; July 24, 1785.

SODER — Johannes, s. of the deed. Nicolaus Soder, and
Catharina, d. of Martin Allstadt; Nov. 8, 1764.

In the church at Reading.

SOHL — Anna Maria, d. of Detrich Sohl, and Johann Gorg
Eurich; Dec. 20, 1769.

SOHL — Samuel, s. of Dietrich Sohl, and Anna Rosina, d. of
the deed. Friedrich Muller; Sept. 26, 1765.

Sontag — Catharine, d. of Johann Adam Sontag, and Johannes
Litzinger, s. of Conrad Litzinger; Aug. 9, 1768.

In Wilhelm Hedrich's House, Bern Township.

SPAHN — Anna Maria, d. of Adam Spahn, and Frantz Krick,
s. of Franz Krick; Apr. 4, 1758.

SPIESS— Eva, and Samuel Reiger; Apr. 1, 1760.

This Eva was the widow of Jacob Lehnhard.

Nun Johannes Unger's weib.

SPRENGER— Anna Maria, d. of Philip Sprenger, and Conrad
Wolfskiehl, s. of Henry Wolfskiehl; Oct. 4, 1757.

SPRING — Margarettta, d. of Jacob Spring, and Tobias Horst,
s. of Tobias Horst, deed.; Aug. 13, 1765.

In Pastor's House.

SPRINGER— Maria Magdalena, d. of Jacob Springer, and
Johannes German; Apr. 37, 1760.


STAHLIN — .Johannes Gorg, s. of Johannes George Slahlin
and Dorothea, d. of Phillip Ranck; Mch, 21. 1754.

STAMM — Johan Jost, s. of Adam Siannn, and BSIizabeth, d.

of Anthon Faust; Nov. 2, 17G8.

STARCK — Johannes, s. of the deed. Heinrich Starck, and
Margaratha, d. of Conrad Van Alinen; Mch. 1, 1781.

STAUFFER — Vicens (Vincent?), and Fronlca, d.of Johannes

Drachsel; June 15, 1762.

STEHL— Anna, d. of Christian Stehl, and Peter Wittmcr;
s. of Peter Wittmcr; Aug. 10, 1784.

STEL.LWAGER— Hanna, d. of Johannes Stellwager, and
Valetin Sehoonwalter, s. of Christian Schoonwalter; Feb. 2,

STEPHANY — Heinrich, s. of the deed. Andreas Stephani,
and Maria, widow of Johannes Rihm; May 25, 1784.

STIEHL— Maria Catharina, d. of Melchoir Stiehl, and Val-
entine Keyser, s. of Michael Keyser; June 11, 1782.

STIEHL— Maria Sybilla, d. of Melchior Stiehl and Gorg
Andreas Gotz, deed.; June 11, 1782.

STIESS — Johannes, s. of Jacob Stiess, and Barbara, d. of
Gorg Adam Frantz; Feb. 20, 1781.

STOBER — Gorg, s. of Gorg Stober, and Barbara, d. of Adam
Beer (Bare); Feb. 17, 1784.

STOHLER— Sebastian, and Catharine, d. of Herman Lirn-
bert, deed.; Nov. 11, 1758.

STRAUB— Valentin, and Elizabeth, d. of Gorg Ruhm; Mch.
11, 1777. In my house.

STRAUBHAAR— Johannes, s. of Michael Straubhaas, and
Agatha, d. of Joh. Wilhelm Vosag; Aug. 19, 1756.

STRICKHAUSER— Johannes, s. of Wilhelm Strickhauser,
and Anna Elizabeth, d. of Heinrich Kunz; Oct. 19, 1762.

STRONCK— Jacob, and Margaretha Hausswirth; Mch. 7,

In Jacob Ruth's House.

STUBES— Barbara, d. of Jacob Stubes, deed., and Heinrich
Zimmerman, deed.; Feb. 14, 1782.

By Heinrich Hetzel.

STUBSCHEN— Abraham, s. of Christian Stubschen. and
Anna, d. of Jacob Kauffman; Dec. 14, 1783.

In Pastor's House.

STUDENROTH— Heinrich, s. of the deed. Heinrich Studen-
roth, and Susanna, d. of Jacob Zuger; Nov. IS. 17S2.

SURRERUS — Andreas, s. of Andreas. Surrerus, and Maria
Catharina, d. of Jacob Frey; Feb. 25, 1782.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 257

THEEL— Christin, and Magdalena, d. of Peter Faust; Mch.
24, 1767.

THOST— Anna Catharina, d. of Heinrich Thost, and Hein-
rich Ripp, s. of Jon. Jacob Ripp, Mar. 28, 1758.

TISCHAN, DE SHON?— Catharina, w. of Johannes Tischan
(De Shon)?, and Heinrich Muller, s. of Heinrich Muller, deed.;
Apr. 1, 1783.

TOLL — Johannes, s. of Johannes Toll, and Elizabeth, d. of
the deed. Michael Gessler; Nov. 24, 1763.

TRENTEL— Anna Sophia, and Wendel Fordine, s. of David
Fordine; Nov. 14, 1784.

TROSTEL— Elizabeth, d. of Gorg Trostel, and David Muller,

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