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s. of David Muller; Nov. 14, 1784.

TROSTEL— Heinrich, s. of Gorg Trostel, and Catharine, d. of
Jacob Schweiker; Feb. 21, 1785.

TWEED — John, s. of the deed. James Tweed, and Barbara,
d. of the deed. John Law; Aug. 1, 1786.

In John Zuber's House.

ULRICH — Adam, s. of Gorg Ulrich, deed., and Margaretha, d.
of Filipp Dock; Jan, 11, 1784.

ULRICH — Anna Maria, d. of Hans Jacob Ulrich, deed., and
Jacob Bubykofer, s. of Franz Bubykofer; Aug. 1, 1756.

ULRICH — Anna Maria, d. of Hans Jacob Ulrich, deed.; Aug.
1, 1756.

UNGER — Jacob, s. of Johannes Unger, and Magdalena, d. of
the deed. Conrath Engel; Feb. 19, 1785.

URICH — Anna Christina, d. of Frantz Urich, and Nicolaus
Marhober; Aug. 26, 1753.

URICH — Christian, s. of the deed. Frantz Ury (sic), and
Magdalena, Forsaken wife of Stphhel Frantz; Sept. 11, 1764.

VALENTINE — Johannes, s. of Heinrich Valentine, and Eva,
d. of Peter Zeller; Mar. 4, 1783.

VOLLMER — Johann Adam, d. of Michael Vollmer, and
Maria Rosina, d. of the deed. Johann Adam Bonn; Feb. 25,

VOLTZ — Gorg Michael, widower, and Anna Maria, d. of
Peter Berthel; Apr. 20, 1773.

VAN ALMEN — Margaretta, d. of Conrad Van Almen, and
Johannes Starck, s. of Heinrich Starck, deed.; Mch. 1, 1781.

VORNWALDT— Margaretta, d. of Peter Vornwaldt, deed.,
and Philip Schmid; Dec. 14, 1756.

VOSAG — Agatha, d. of Joh. Wilhelm Vosag, and Johannes
Straubhaar, s. of Michael Straubhaar; Aug. 19, 1756.

17— Vol. VI— 6th Ser.


VOSS — Johann Christofel, s. of the deed. Johaa Adam Voss,
ein Braunschweiger, and Juliana, d. of Adolf Zimmerman;
Aug. 17. 1784.

WACKERMAN— Gorg, s. of the deed, Gorg Wackerman,
and Catharina, d. of Nicolaus Hertzog; Apr. 25, 1786.

WAGNER — Johann Adam, widower, and School Master in
Quidobehil, and Catharina Elisabeth, d. of the deed. Christian
Heters; Apr. 28, 1760.

WAGMANN — Sarah, d. of Christian Martin Wagmann, and
Christian Everhart, s. of Johan Everhart; July 3, 1753.

WAGNER — Eva Maria, d. of Gorg Adam Wagner, and
Johann Peter Schmeid, s. of Jacob Schmeid; May 14, 1770.

WAGNER — John Jacob, s. of the deed. Gorg Wagner, and
Anna Barbara, d. of the deed. Michael Hoffman, Oca 21, 1755.

WALDSCHMIDT— Anna Mary, d. of Rev. John Wald-
schmidt, and David Kring, s. of Gottfried Kring; Dec. 7, 1790.

WALDSCHMIDT— Catharina Margaretha, d. of Rev. John
Waldschmidt, deed., and Abraham Hassler, s. of Abraham
Hassler; Nov. 21, 178C. Recorded by a son of Rev. John

WALDSCHMIDT— Christina, d. of Rev. John Waldschmidt,
and Heinrich Keller, s. of Martin Keller, deed.; Aug. 15, 1780;
by Rev. Boos in Reading Town.

WALDSCHMIDT— Christian, s. of the Pastor (Rev. John
Waldschmidt), and Catharina, d. of the deed. Peter Bollender;
Aug. 15, 1780; by Rev. Boos in Reading Town.

WALDSCHMIDT— Wilhelm, widower, and Maria, d. of
Casper Dill; Feb. 23, 1808; added by some other than Rev.
J. W., who d. 1786.

WALDSCHMIDT— Wilhelm, s. of the deed. Rev. John Wald-
schmidt, and Barbara, d. of the deed. Abraham Hassler; Mch.
6, 1787.

WALDSCHMIDT— Johannes (Rev.), and Maria Elisabeth,
d. of Christian Grube; May 14, 1754.

WALDSCHMIDT— Johannes, s. of the deed. Rev. John
Waldschmidt, and Susanna, d. of the deed. Abraham Hassler;
Dec. 19, 1786.

WALDSCHMIDT— Johannes, and Maria Kegereis; Mar. 8,

WALDSCHMIDT— Susanna Elisabeth, b. Apr. 26, 1757, d.
of Rev. J. Waldschmidt, and Johannes Schneider "Einem
Hessen," aus dem furstenthum, Ziegenheim; Sept. 3, 1782.

WALLEISEN— Michael, s. of the deed. Michael Walleisen,
and Catharina, d. of Peter Haas; June 6, 1779.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 259

WALLESS— Elisabetha, <i. of Martin Walless, and John
Gorg Albrecht; Men. 27, 175!).

WALTER— Christian, s. of Jacob Walter, and Margaretha,
d. of the deed. Fredrich Eschbach; Mch. 1, 1785.

WALTER — Eva, d. of Johann .lost Walter, and Johannes
Hoschaar, s. of Heinrich Hoschaar; Apr. 17, 1781.

WALTER— Gerhard, s. of the deed. Johann .lost Walter,
and Anna Maria, d. of Michael Huber; Aug. 28, 1780.

WALTER — Heinrich, and Margaretha, d. of the deed.
Michael Noll; Apr. 17, 1758.

WALTER — Heinrich, and Margretha, d. of the deed. Jacob
Nott; Apr. 17, 1758.

WALTER— Heinrich, s. of the deed. Johan Jost Walter,
and Anna Eva, d. of Heinrich Hoffman; Oct. 22, 1776.

WALTER— Juliana, d. of Heinrich Walter, deed., and
Ahrahani Beer, s. of. Michael Beer, deed.; Jan. 25, 1774.

WALTER — Margaretha, w. of Heinrich Walter, and Jacob
Brucker, s. of Peter Brucker, deed.; Mch. 14, 1769.

WEBER — Anna Maria, d. of Christian Weber, and Peter
Frey, s. of Jacob Frey; May 6, 1784.

WEBER— Catharine, d. of Matthias Weber, deed., and
Daniel Gucker, s. of Henry Gucker; Apr. 2, 1782.

WEBER— Elisabeth, d. of Gorg Weber, and Johannes Gul-
tin, s. of Etwert Gultin, deed; Apr. 15, 1783.

WEBER — Johan Christian, s. of Christian Weber, and Anna
Maria, d. of Anthon Dornbaeh; Oct. 2S, 1754.

WEBER— Johannes, and Elisabeth, d. of Filip Hautz; May
15, 1759.

WEBER — Magdalena, d. of Christian Weber, and Michael
Schreitel, s. of Gorg Schreitel; Nov. 30, 1756.

WEBER— Magdalena, d. of Christian Weber, and Peter
Fischer, s. of Heinrich Fischer; Oct. 8, 1783.

WEBER— Maria, d. of Christian Weber, and Heinrich Gut,
s. of Christian Gut; Oct. 24, 1783.

WEBER— Maria Barbara, d. of Lorenz Weber, and Ludwig
Peter Grub, s. of Christian Grub, in Christian Grube's house;
May 6, 1755.

WEBER— Maria Elisabeth, d. of Gorg Weber, and Johannes
Appel, s. of Heinrich Appel, deed.; Aug. 8, 1780; in Weber's
house & in the presence of Mary Weber.

WEBER— Peter, s. of Gorg Weber, and Elisabetha, d. of
Heinrich Hisband; Aug. 26, 1782.



WEHLER — .lost Heinrich, widower, ra. for the 4th time,
and Anna Catharina Schlatter; Feb. 1G, 1763; in Abraham
Farny's house.

WEHRHEIM— Philip, s. of Conrad Wehrheim, and Mar-
garetha, d. of Gorg Hahn; Dec. 26, 1769.

WEICK — Magdalena, d. of Joseph Weick, and Johannes
Diefendorfer, s. of Alexander Diefendorfer; Dec. 2, 1755.

WEIDMAN— Abraham, s. of Rudolf Weidman, and Anna
Maria, d. of Joh. Engel Braun; June 5, 1764.

WEIH — Andreas, s. of the deed. Andreas Welh, and
Dorrothea, d. of the deed. Reich; Feb. 4, 1755.

WEINHOLD— Barbara, d. of Nicholaus Weinhold, and
Conrad Althaus, s. of Jacob Althaus; May 29, 1781.

WEINHOLD — Gorg Jacob, s. of the deed. Nicolaus Wein-
hold, and Margaretha, d. of Jacob Frey; July 27, 1773; in the
Pastor's house & in the presence of 3 witnesses, viz. Jacob
Frey, Nicolaus Weinhold & Conrad Hart.

WEINHOLD — Jacob, s. of the deed. Nicolai Weinhold, and
Catharina, d. of the deed. Peter Buss; June 10, 1771.

WEINHOLD — Michael, s. of Nicolaus Weinhold, and
Susanna Margaretha, d. of Peter Rhein; Apr. 4, 1780.

WEINHOLD— Nicolaus, widower,, and Barbara, d. of Jacob
Brucker; Apr. 3, 1770.

WEITH — Jacob, s. of Heinrich Weith, and Margaretha, d. of
Jacob Frey; Feb. 14, 1786.

WEITHAED — Elisabeth, d. of Simon Weithaed, deed., and
Thomas Pry; Aug. 26, 1782.

WEIMER — Magdalena, d. of Nicolaus Weimer, and Hein-
rich Faust, s. of Peter Faust; June 12, 1769.

WEISS — Heinrich, s. of Jacob Weis, and Anna Eva Pantz-
ler; Dec. 6, 1768.

WEISS— Johann Jacob, s. of Jacob Weiss, and Anna Maria,
d. of Friedrich Haffner; July 8, 1770; at 6 o'clock at Jacob
Weiss' House.

WEISS— Johannes, s. of Stophel, Weiss, and Elisabeth, d.
of Adam Gerhart; June 11, 1776.

WEISS — Philip, widower, 2nd m., and Sabina, d. of the deed.
Peter Bucher; Mch. 9, 1785.

WEISS — Friedrich, s. of the deed. Carl Weiss, and Cath-
arina, d. of the deed. Johann Krieg; Aug. 22, 1786.

WEITZEL — Rosina, d. of Friedrich Weitzel, and Johannes
Riehm, s. of Andreas Riehm; Oct. 10, 1785.

WELLER— Juliana, d. of Heinrich Weller, and Johann
Siegfried Billing; Oct. 27, 1755.

REV. JOHN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-1786. 261

WENGER— Elisabeth, d. of Josef Wenger, and Friedrich
Reinhold, s. of Christofel Reinhold; July 31, 1785.

WENGERT— Maria Magdalena, d. of Johannes Wengert,
and Killian Wolfkiehl, s. of Henry Wolfkiehl; June 30, 1754.

WENNERICK— Maria Catharina, d. of Dalser Wennerick,
and Christian Hillebrand, s. of Christian Hillebrand, deed.;
Mch. 10, 1778.

WENSS — Johan Martin, s. of the deed. Gorg Wenss, and
Catharina, d. of Johannes Ditzer; June 3, 1783.

WERNS — Johann Jacob, s. of Conrad Werns, and Mag-
dalena, d. of Philip Hautz; Mch. 22, 1757.

WERNSS— Barbara, d. of Gorg Wernss, and David Bender,
s. of Johannes Bender, deed.; June 26, 1770.

WERNER — Anna Maria, d. of Casper Werner, and Fried-
rich Betz; Dec. 27, 1763.

WESTHEBER— Johannes, s. of Gorg Westheber, and
Elisabeth, d. of Martin Illess Ellis?); Dec. 23, 1782.

WHERNER— Isabella, d. of John Wherner, and David
Kramer, s. of Carl Kramer; Apr. 23, 1782.

WICKS — Phillipine, d. of Christian Wicks, and Heinrich
Printz, s. of Michael Printz; May 28, 1765; in the Reading

WIDDER— Chrstofel, s. of Christofel Widder, and Anna
Maria, d. of the deed. Gorg Ulrich; May 23, 1782.

WILBERT — Christhof, widower, and Dorrothea, widow of
Peter Mayer; Oct. 28, 1783; in Riehms Town, in Lehnhard
Keller's house.

WILHELM— Maria Barbara, d. of Jacob Wilhelm, and
Philip Jacob Konig, s. of Nicolaus Konig; Apr. 12, 1763.

WILLAND— Christian, s. of Peter Willand, and Anna, d.
of Philip Stertz; Sept. 6, 1775.

WINCKLER— Conrad, s. of Conrad Winckler, and Elisa-
beth, d. of Joseph Fischer; June 9, 1764; in Casper Strahole's

WINCKLER— Heinrich, and Agatha, d. of Christian Eber-
hart; Sept. 21, 1783.

WIRTZ — Friedrich, widower, and Margaretha, widow of
Samuel Fix; May 27, 1784.

WITTMER— Peter, s. of Peter Wittmer, and Anna, d. of
Christian Stehl; Aug. 10, 1784.

WITTMANN— Michael, and Catharina, d. of Engelbert
Schneider, deed.; Jan. 9, 1759.

WITTMER— Elisabeth, d. of Peter Wittmer, and Anthon
Millinger, s. of Josef Millinger; Sept. 18, 1785.


WITTNER — Rev. Johann Gorg, and Andreas Gehr's young
d. who was called Salome until her baptism, Apr. 15, 17C7,
when she was baptized Johanna Christina, June 2, 17G7.

VVITZ— Sabina, and Peter Lehr, s. of Philip Lehr; Oct. 9,
17G3; by Ilev. Otterbein.

WOLFF— Gorg Michael, s. of the deed. Gorg Michael Wolff,
and Christina, d. of Johann Gorg Schwartz; Jan. 10, 1757.

WOLFF — Johannes, s. of Bernhard Wolff, and Anna Maria, d.
of the deed. Gorg Hingkell; Dec. 28, 1783.

WOLFSKIEHL— Conrad, s. of Henry Wolfskiehl, and Anna
Maria, d. of Philip Sprenger; Oct. 4, 1757.

WOLFKIEHL^-Killian, s. of Henry Wolfkiehl, and Maria
Magdalena, d. of Johannes Wenhert; June 30, 1754.

WORSTEL— Marx, s. of the deed. Jacob Worstel, and Sara,
d. of Dietrich Marshall; Nov. 24, 1771; in Pastor's house.

WULER— Wilhelm, and Barbara, d. of Tobias Ruhm; Apr.
8, 1781.

ZELLER — Eva, d. of Peter Zeller, and Johannes Valentine,
s. of Heinrich Valentine; Mch. 4, 1783.

ZELLER — Johannes, s. of Nicolaus Zeller, and Rebecca, d.
of Saul Gorg; June 15, 1786.

ZELLER — Peter, s. of Johannes Nicolaus Zeller, and Elisa-
beth, widow of Conrad Menzer; Oct. 7, 1783.

ZENT — Jacob, s. of Jacob Zent, and Susanna, d. of Isaac
Hirschberger; May 3, 1785.

ZERFASS — Sabina, w. of Samuel Zerfass, and Adam Bauer,
s. of Henry Bauer; Mch. 1, 1774; in Heinrich Muller's house,
among many witnesses.

ZIEGLER— Anna, d. of Conrad Ziegler, deed., and Gottlieb
Mack, s. of Gottlieb Mack; Nov. 22, 1778; in Ruhms Town.

ZEIGLER— Elisabeth, d. of Conrad Zeigler, deed., and
Michael Chiljan (Killian?), s. of Matthias Chiljan, deed.; May
26, 1778.

ZIEGLER— Gorg, his father still in Germany, and Cath-
arina, Casper Conrath's sister (Elisabeth's d.); June 13, 1780.

ZIEGLER— Rosina, w. of Afam Ziegler, and Elias Reddig;
Mar. 21, 1773.

ZIGLER — Anna Maria, d. of Conrath Zigler, deed., and
Peter Schneider, s. of Valentine Schneider; May 26, 1782.

ZIMMERMAN — Anna, d. of Peter Zimmerman, and Lehn-
hard Rettig, s. of Gorg Rettig; Apr. 12, 1785.

ZIMMERMAN — Anna Maria, d. of Heinrich Zimmerman,
deed., and Jacob Schneder, s. of Jacob Schneder; May 12, 1780.

REV. JOllN WALDSCHMIDT— 1752-178C. 2C3

ZIMMERMAN— Heinrich, s. of the deed. Heiurich Zimmer-
man, and Barbara, d. of the deed. Jacoh Stubes; Feb. 14, 1782;
by Heinrich Hertzog.

ZIMMERMAN— Heinrich, s. of Adolf Zimmerman, and
Barbara, d. of the deed. Christian Schlechty; Jan. 9, 1785.

ZIMMERMAN— Jacob, s. of Peter Zimmerman, and Anna, d.
of the deed. Gorg Rettloss; Apr. 3, 1785. "Ein kind von beides
war schon gebohreh."

ZIMMERMAN— Juliana, d. of Adolf Zimmerman, and
Johann Christofel Voss, s. of Johan Adam Voss, ein Brann-
schweiger; Aug. 17, 1784.

ZIMMERMAN— Maria Christine, d. of Adolph Zimmerman,
and Johannes Aache, widower; July 21, 1767; in Heinrich
Aache's house, Ille pater non aderat.

ZIMMERMAN— Peter, s. of Adolph Zimmerman, and Anna,
d. of the deed. Christian Schlechty; Sept. 9, 1783.

ZOLLER— Elisabeth, d. of Andreas Zoller, deed., and
Michael Raub, s. of Michael Raub, deed.; Aug. 4, 1776.

ZOLLER — Gorg, s. of Nicolaus Zoller, and Margaretha,
d. of- Johannes Bosshart; Aug. 2, 1781.

ZUBER— Catharine, and Stophel Albrecht; Sept. 22, 1761.

ZUBER— Johannes, s. of the deed. Daniel Zuber, and
Juliana, d. of Martin Meichsel; Aug. 7, 1785.

ZUBER— Martin, and Catharina, d. of David Buchler, in
Johannes Hubers Haus, in Ronnels Town; Nov. 10, 1760.

ZUCK— Johannes, s. of the deed. Rudy Zuck, and Susanna,
d. of the deed. Martin Hoch; Nov. 20, 1780.

ZUGER— Susanna, d. of Jacob Zuger, and Heinrich Studen-
roth, s. of Heinrich Studenroth, deed.; Nov. 18, 1782.

ZWALLY— Johannes, widower, and Catharina, d. of
Michael Shaffer; Oct. 20, 1765.

ZWERNSS— Magdalena, w. of Ludwig Zwernss, and
Johannes Becker, s. of Michael Becker; Nov. 5, 1771.

Catharine Elisabeth, d. of Georg , and Gorg

Aache, s. of Johannes Aache; Dec. 17, 1754.

— name omitted, and Johannes Schotter, married

2nd time; Dec. 13, 1757.

Catharina, Casper Conrath's sister's (Eisabeth)

d., and Gorg Ziegler (his father is still in Germany) ; June 13,

Names omitted above in original.






1 Held oo i lie Cocalico the Holy Communion, Nov. 19, 1752,
afler a Preparative Sermon on Nov. 18, and after cred-
itable testimonials.

2 Apr. 15, 1753, Communion Service, 80 persons present, after

a preparative Sermon Apr. 14, at which these communed
for the first time:

Abraham Dorr, his youngest- son, Abraham,

Heinrich Wolf skied, his son, Conrad,

Weyericht Benss, his daughter, Catharina,

Johannes Herchelroth, his daughter, Elisabeth,

Martinus Walliser, his daughter, Elisabeth.

3 Holy Communion held July 8, 1753, 50 persons.

4 Holy Communion held September 28, 1753, 60 persons, Pre-

parative Sermon September 27.

5 On the Holy Easter, Apr. 14, 1754, CO persons.

1 Holy Communion first time, Nov. 26, 1752, at Sebastian Rey-

ger's Church, 60 persons.

2 Communion Apr. 22, 1753, 60 persons.

3 Communion July 15, 1753, 45 persons.

4 Communion Nov. 4, 1753, 50 persons.

5 Communion Mch. 31, 1754, 50 persons.

Preparative Sermon Mch. 30,

6 Communion Aug. 25, 1754, 60 persons.

7 Communion Dec. 25, 1754, 50 persons.

8 Communion May 19, 1755, 60 persons.

It was Whit Monday.
Communion Sept. 14, 1755.

1 Holy Communion, Jan. 28, 1753, at Moden Krick, 80 persons.

2 Holy Communibn May 6, 1753, 60 persons, of whom five, on

Saturday were made members of the Refd. Church, viz: —
Peter Rup's son Jacob, and daug. Anna Maria,
Anna Margretha and her sister Maria,

Fronica, d. of the deed. Lehnhard Breitenstein, and Jacob
Dautrick's d. Anna Barbara.

3 Holy Communion in the Congregation Aug. 26, 1753, with

blessing and profit, 70 persons.

4 Holy Communion, Dec. 25, 1753, 50 persons.

5 Again on Whitsuntide, June 22, 1754, the last Holy Com-

munion at Moden Krick.

(267 )


6 Holy Communion at Michael Amwegs in the New Church,
May 18, 1755, on Whitsuntide, 50 persons.

1 At Seltenrich Congregation Holy Communion was held,

70 persons, at which Adam Bender's son, Johannes, con-
fessed his faith, Dec. 3, 1752.

2 Holy Communion June 10, 1753, 60 persons.

3 Holy Communion Sept. 2, 1753, 60 persons.

4 Holy Communion Jan. 1, 1754, 30 persons, after preparative,

Dec. 30, 1756.

Johannes Boshaar's wife, and Abraham Rosenberger's
wife confessed Dec. 31, 1753.

Jacob Joner presented to The Refd. Church at Selten-
reich a beautiful linen table cloth, Dec. 27, 1753.

5 Holy Communion at Seltenreich Apr. 15, 1754, at which

Philip Sprenger's s. & 2 drs. & J. Langen's 2 drs. were
confirmed, altogether 60 persons.

Holy Communion at Cocalico, 14th. Apr. 1754, Preparative
held Apr. 12th., or Good Friday, at which time the fol-
lowing were confirmed: —

1 Casper Egly, Mark Egly's son,

2 Heinrich Kaffroth, Gerhart Kaffroth's son, b. Dec. 1737.

3 Andreas Wolff, Gorg Wolff's son, b. Mch. 8, 1738.
4 Gorg Wolff, Gorg Wolff's son, b. Mch. 16, 1740.

5 Martin Weiss, Jacob Weiss' son, b. Oct. 30, 1737.

6 Joh. Lehhart, Jacob Weiss' son, b. Apr. 25, 1740.

7 Lorentz Herchelroth, Johannes' son, b. Jan. 18, 1739.

8 Wendel, Gerhart Hubschmann's son.

9 Maria Magdalena, Christian Bullinger's dr.

10 Maria Barbara, Wendel Laber's dr., b. May 8, 1740.

11 Elisabetha, Weyerick Benss' dr., b. Aug. 1, 1739.

12 Maria Catharina, Elias Meyer's dr.

13 Maria Elisabetha, Gerhart Kaffroth's dr., b. Oct. 24, 1739.

14 Anna Christina, Johannes Gutinger's dr.

15 Juliana, Lehnhart Keller's dr., b. Mch. 23, 1739.

16 Elisabeth, Balser Laber's wife, of Mennonite family,

and not as yet baptized, confessed her faith, was bap-
tized and confirmed on above date.
These 16 persons partook of the Sacrament, and with
others numbered 60.

6 Holy Communion at Cocalico, Mch. 30, 1755, 70 persons.

Holy Communion at Cocalico Sept. 21, 1755.
Holy Communion, Apr. 27, 1755, Seltenreich, 50 persons.
Holy Communion, Oct. 14, 1755, Seltenreich.
Jacob and Christian Schneder, Apr. 18 (No other state-


Holy Communion at Michael Amwegs, Oct. 5, 1755.
Holy Communion at Seltenreich, Apr. 18, 1756.
Holy Communion at Seltenreich, Sept. 5, 1756.
Holy Communion at Cocalico, June 6, 1756.
Holy Communion at Reigers, May 16, 1756.
Holy Communion at Cocalico, Oct. 24, 1756.
Holy Communion at Seb. Reigers, Nov. 14, 1756.
Holy Communion at Reding thoun, Oct. 31, 1756.
Holy Communion at Lauer's Tolpenhacken, Nov. 7, 1756.
Holy Communion at Hoster Kirch, Nov. 28, 1756, 130 per-
Holy Communion at Lauer's Tolpenhacken, Apr. 10, 1757,

80 persons.
Holy Communion at Hoster, May 1, 1757, 120 persons.
Holy Communion at Keyers, Apr. 17, 1757, 70 persons.
Holy Communion at Cocalico, May 8, 1757, 60 persons.
Holy Communion at Cacusy, May 15, 1757.
Holy Communion at Reding, May 29, 1757, 50 persons.
The Holy Communion was held Apr. 0, 1760, or Easter, in

the Rohoher Congregation at Jer. Muller's, 54 persons,

3 confirmed,

Ulrich Sparr's son and Heinrich Meyer's two drs.
On 27th. Apr., 1760, at Weisseicken Congregation the Holy

Communion was held, 60 persons, of which 15 informirte

and confirmed,
Martin and Jacob Meyer.

Gorg Lang, DeWald Schneider,

Gorg Muller, Melchert Fordeni,

Conrath Blester, Johannes Stamm,

Jacob Schneider, Susanna Meyer,

Anna Barbara Blester,

Maria Rosina Fordini, Anna Maria Thehof (DeHoff),

Anna Maria Geiger,
On 4th. May, 1760, at Cacusy, the Holy Communion was

held, 60 persons, and 7 informirte and confirmed, 4 boys

and 3 girls,

Wilhelm Fischer's s. and d.,

Adam Span's s.,

Heckert baumgast Schmelin, Gorg Hain's dr.,
At Reyers Congregation, May 11, 1760, 60 persons, and 9—

3 boys and 6 girls came the first time to the Holy Com-
munion, and were confirmed.

Christofel Gsell, Johannes Ernst,

Heinrich Hirchelroth, Cath. Elisabeth Hubsmann, Anna
Margretha, Lorens Webers dr., Anna Maria Hundsruck,


Anna Maria Prack, Susanna Margretha Latter, Maria Cath-
arina Graf.
With the beginning of the year 17C0 some of the Congre^
gation in Quidopdehil where Mr. Templeman had here-
tofore served, hut as he has lost his sight he cannot
serve them, I began to serve in the work as I can.

In the Gruber Church on Ascension Day, May 15, 1760,
held Holy Communion, 50 persons.

18th. May 17G0, held Holy Communion at Quidopdehil, 105
persons, and 20 for the first time informirts and came
to the Communion.

25th May, 1760, held Holy Communion at Cocalico, 52 per-
sons and 2 informirte, David Schreeks' dr, and Johannes
Meddauerr, these two were well taught and informed.

Aug. 31, 1760, Holy Communion at Cocalico, 52 persons.

Sept. 7, 1760, Holy Communion at Gruber's, 51 persons.

Nov. 30, 1760, Holy Communion at Cacusy at Hahn's, 50

Dec. 7, 1760, Holy Communion, Seb. Reigen, 36 persons.
Dec. 14, 1760, Holy Communion, Donnegahl at Jerom Mul-

Dec. 21, 1760, Holy Communion, Quidopdehile.

Feb. 15, 1761, Holy Communion, Weisscichmland, 50 per-

There were in the Cocalico Congregation, a number of
persons in the year 1761 informirte and on 20 Mch. 1761,
or Good Friday, were confirmed: —

Johannes Roth, Philip Roth's son,

Jacob and Johannes Meddauer, two sons of Johannes Med-

Amelia and Susanna, drs. Heinrich Reiger.

Rebecca, dr. Philip Epprecht.

The Holy Communion was held Mch. 22, or Easter, 50 per-

Holy Communion held at Donnegahl, Mch. 29. 1761, 40

Holy Communion held at Cacusy, Mch. 15. 1761, 48 persons.
Holy Communion held at Seb. Reigen, May 10, 1761, 60

5 ch. partook for the first time.

Holy Communion at Cacusy. Apr. 4, 1762, 65 persons.
Holy Communion, Cocalico, Apr. 11, 1762, 53 persons.


Holy Communion, Weisseuthland, Apr. 18, 1762, 40 persons,
and for the first time: —
Lehnhart Muller,

Melchoir and Jacob, Johann Meyer's sons,
Rudolp, son of Matthew Hoffer.
Peter Jung", the father is French and writes his name Peter

Ac Mini Jong.
Maria, d. of Casper Werner,
Maria Barbara, d. Matthias Hoffer,
Margretha Bohl,
Sophia Blester,
Fronica, d. of Gorg Ley.

Holy Communion at Reyer's "Piatz", may 2, 1762, 64 per-
Holy Communion at S. Reigen, Sept. 19, 1762, 35 persons,
Isaac Barry's son and Capae's dr. for the first time.
Holy Communion at Weissenchland, Oct. 2, 1762, 36 persons.
Holy Communion at Cacusy, Oct. 17, 1760, 50 persons.
Holy Communion at Cocalico, Oct. 24, 1762, 39 persons.
Holy Communion at Reading, Sept. 5, 1762, 32 persons.
Holy Communion at Reading, Mch. 26, 1765, 70 persons.
Holy Communion at Cacusi, Apr. 3, 1763, 50 persons, the

following communed for the first time,
Frantz, son of Wilhelm Fischer,
Wilhelm, son of Ulrich Michael,
Johannes, son of Adam Hain,
Peter, son of Nicolaus Zolier,
Anna Maria, dr. of Adam Hain.

Holy Communion at Cacusy, June 10, 1764, 60 persons.
Holy Communion at Cacusy, Apr. 7, or Easter, 1765, at
which I preached and confirmed the following persons,
viz: —
Peter Ruthe's son Heinrich,
Fried Hehn's 2 sens, Johan and Friedrich,
Heinrich Hehn's 2 sons, Johann and Friedrich,
Wilhelm Fischer's son, Friedrich,
Ludwig Mohn's son, Johann and dr. Margretha,
Adam Hehn's son, Elisabeth,
Anthon Faust's dr., Maria Elisabeth,

Susanna Margretha Hausswirth, 11 persons, In all 70 per-
Holy Communion at Michael Amweg's, Apr. 14, 1765, 56
persons, at which the following children who were
examined and confirmed for the first time, viz: —
Mr. Heinrich Walter's son Wilhelm,


Christian Schweitzer's son, Friedrich,

Jchann Jost Walter's son, Ludwig,

Johannes Billman's son, Johannes & dr. Barbara,

Ludwig Schweitzer's dr., Anna,

Josef Neu's dr., Anna Maria, d. Jan. 17, 17C9,

Gorg Schneider's two drs.,

Gorg Brunner's dr., Anna Maria,

Filip Kissinger's dr., Susanna,

Martin Brauninger's 2 drs.,

Shaarmann's dr.

Michael Muller's dr., who 5 yrs. ago had a child to Christian

Lutz, having publicly repented, was made a member of

the Congregation.
In Berne Township at Appier's I served a Congregation,

Mch. 17, 17G5, and held Holy Communion on 28 Apr.

1765, 60 persons, the following confirmed for the first

Gorg Germand's 2 sons,
Friedrich From's son,

Johannes Dauber, Michael Grauel's step son,

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