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plication filed August 14, i903- Serial No. 169,500.
Divided and this application filed March 22, 1906.
i>o64,374. Automatic Lubricator. — John H. Pi-
burn, Randolph, Mo. Filed July 8, 1912.

1,064,381. Resilient Tire. — Marshall C. Rogers,
Williams, Cal. Filed February 15, 1912.

1,064,391. Pneumatic Tire. — Enos Stanley, Des
Moines, Iowa. Filed November ir, 1910.

1,064,438. Spring Wheel.— Frederick William
Bristow, Dorrisville, 111. Filed December 23, 1912.
1,064,44s. Carburetor. — Alphonso S. Corastock,
^vanston, III. Filed February 26, 1912.

1,064,496. Automobile Front Axle. — Carl Imager*
gren, Osterville, Mass. Filed February 23, 1912.

1,064,514. Method of Regulating and Control-
ling the Valve Motion in Explosive Motors. — Gus-
tav Mees, Barmen, Germany, assignor, by mesne
assignments, to the Colonial Trust Co., trustee,
Pittsburgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania.
Original application filed April 16, 1904. Serial
No. 203,450. Divided and this application filed
January 18, 1906.

1,064,526. Automatic Relief Valve for Pneu-
matic Tires. — Seaman P. Noe, Ocean Grove, N. J.
Filed March 6, 1912.

1.064.581. Means for Cooling Combustion En-
gines. — Harold S. Wheeler, Manistee, Mich. Filed
May 13, 1910.

1.064.582. Motor Vehicle. — Oswald B. Wippler,
St. Louis, Mo. Filed July 3, 1912.

1,064,611. Tire.— William G. Chipley, New Or-
leans, La., assignor to Pneumatic Rim and Tire
Co., Wilmington, Del., a corporation of Delaware,
Filed April 10, 1911.

1,064,615. Testing Device for Motor Vehicles. —
Charles John Cooke, Albany, N. Y. Filed De-
cember 20, 1911.

1,064,623. Automobile Running Gear. — Chris-
tian W. Duerrstein, Guilford, III. Filed June 20.

1,064,628. Carburetor. — Orville Hiranr Ensign,
Los Angeles, Cal. Filed April 11, 1912.

1,064,636. Spring Vehicle Wheel. — John Gibson,
Courtenay, N. Dak. Filed June 28, 1912.

1,064,643. Plug for Tires. — De Lancey P. Har-
ris, New York, N. Y. Filed June 26, 1909.

1.064.661. Unperforable Metallic Band for
Tires. — Georges Auguste Victor Longuemare, Ste.
Adress, France. Filed July 22^ 191 1.

1.064.662. Transmission Lever. — John M. Mack,
AUentown, Pa., assignor to International Motor
Co., Wilmington, Del., a corporation of Delaware.
Original application filed April 28, 1906. Serial
No. 314,226. Divided and this application filed
March 7, 1910.

13.574- Weather Screen for Motor and Similar
Vehicles. — Henri Saul Samuel, Hadlow, England,
assignor, by mesne assignments, to the Stahlbrodt
Co., Rochester, N. Y., a corporation of New York.
Filed September 12, 1912. Serial No. 720,100.
Original No. 879,195; dated February 18, 1908.

1,065,214. Chain Mat for Resilient Tires. —
Maurice A. Carter, Granville, N. Y., assignor to
The Walker Tire and Chain Company, Toledo,
Ohio. Filed November 7, 1912.

1.065,250. Two Stroke Cycle Internal Combus-
tion Engine. — Percy Huntington, Liverpool, Eng'
land. Filed February 24, 1912.

1,065,262. Internal Combustion Engine. — Wil
Ham R. McKeen, Jr., Omaha, Neb., assignor, by
mesne assignments, to McKeen Motor Car Com
pany, Omaha, Neb., a corporation of New Jersey,
Filed January 17, 1907,

1,065,327. Spark Plug Connector and Switch. —
Charles E. Semple, Jr., Youngstown, Ohio. Filed
April 2y, igu.

^>o65,33r. Carburetor. — William J. Rubesky,
Minneapolis, Minn. Filed August 17, 1908.

44.191. Wind Shield.— Charles Rocknell Clark,
Plainville, Conn. Filed April 14, 1913.

44.192. Wind Shield. — Charles Rocknell Clark,
Plainville, Conn. Filed April 14, 1913.

Patents Issued June 24, I9I3-

1.065,357. Automobile. Jesse H. Hand, Ann
Arbor, Mich. Filed April i, 1912.

1.065,370. Carburetor. — Fred Johnston, Los An-
geles, and Orlando E. Kellum, Longbeach, Cal.
Filed December 9, 1912.

1,065,391. — Muffler Cut-Out. — Arthur Piel, New
York, N. Y, Filed January 17, 1911.

1,065,413. Motor Vehicle. — Eddy R. Whitney,
Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Commercial Truck
Company of America, Philadelphia, Pa., a Cor-
poration of Pennsylvania. Filed February 26,

1,065,444. Vehicle Lamp.-
Chicago, 111. Filed April it

Patents Issued June 17, I9I3

1,065,183. Steering Gear for Automobiles. —
Theodore D. Stanley, Detroit, Mich. Filed August
24, 1912.

1,065,207. Resilient Mounting for Wheels. —
Henry W, Bowman, Barbourville, Ky. Filed Sep-
tember 9, 1912.

1,065,708. Engine Starter.— August C. Morgan,
Groom, Tex. Filed July 31, 1912.

1,065,713. Resilient Wheel for Road Vehicles,
—James O'Reilly, Sr., and James O'Reilly, Jr.,
Hunters Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Austra-
lia. Filed July i, 1912.

1.065,758. Device for Adjusting Tire Chains.^
William E. Woodwell, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor
of one-fourth to John K. Woodwell, Pittsburgh,
Pa. Filed December g, 1912,

1,065,787. Repair Device for Pneumatic Tires,
etc. — Timothy C. Dobbins, Los Angeles, Cal,
Filed September 18, 191 1.

1.065,836. Inner Tube for Pneumatic Tires. —
Alfred Raymond and Albert Raymond, Washing-
ton, D. C. Filed May 26, 1913.

1.065.849. Pneumatic Tire. — George A. Shaw,
Barberton, Ohio. Filed October 22, 1912.

1.065.850. Starting Device for Engines. — Henry
M. Sheer, Quincy, 111. Filed November 22, 1912.

1,065,905. — Steering Gear. — Emil Gnoeth, Madi-
son ville, Ohio, assignor to William F. Harmon,
trustee, Cincinnati, Ohio. Filed June 3, 1912.

1,065,907. Tire. — Frederick W. Redding, Jack-
sonville, Mo. Filed December i, 191 1.

1,065,912. Automatic Carburetor. — Georges
Binon, Paris, France, assignor to Joseph Bou-
teille, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. Filed October
26, 1910.

44,241. Casing for Pneumatic Tires. — Frank E.
Holcomb, Akron, Ohio, assignor to Consolidated
Rubber Tire Company, Trenton, N. J,, a Cor-
poration of New Jersey. Filed March 17, 1913.

44,253. Tire. — Frank Nolte, Akron, Ohio.
Filed February 18, 1913. Serial No. 749,276.

-George G. Greenberg,
, 1909.

1,065,462. Carburetor. — Harry A. Miller, Los
Angeles, Cal., assignor to New-Miller Manufac-
turing Company, Los Angeles, Cal., a Corporation
of California. Filed June 7, 1911.

1,065,467.— Muffler Cut-Out.— Arthur Piel, New
York, N. Y. Filed April 13, 1910.

1,065,498. Two-Part Fastener for Vehicle Tops,
Gloves and the Like. —Charles W. Beck, Rock-
ville Center, N. Y., assignor, by mesne assign-
ments, to Michigan Motor Specialties Company,
Detroit, Mich., a Corporation of Michigan. Filed
September 27, 191 1.

1,065,503. Carburetor. — John Byronr, Liverpool,
England. Filed June 3, 1912.

1,065,537. Vehicle Wheel. — Andrew W. Liv-
ingston, Oakland, Cal., assignor to Standard Steel
Wheel and Tire Armor Company, Oakland, Cal,
a Corporation of Arizona. Filed September 25

1,065,552. Check Valve for Internal Combus-
tion Engines. — John D. Russ, Spencer, W. Va,
Filed August 17, 1912.

1,065,567. Circuit Interrupter for Electric Igni
tion Systems. — Robert Wagner, Stuttgart, Ger
many, assignor to the Firm of Robert Bosch;
Stuttgart, Germany. Filed January 31, 1912.

1,065,631. Speedometer Driving Connection for
Motor Cycles. — John K. Stewart, Chicago, 111., as-
signor to Stewart Warner Speedometer Corpora
tion of Virginia. Filed September 14. 1912,

1,065,668. Automobile. — George W. Dunham
Detroit, Mich., assignor to Chalmers Motor Com
pany, Detroit, Mich, a Corporation of Michigan
Filed December 2,

1,065,700. Lamp Attachnrent for Automobiles.—
Robert S. Matheson, Lingayen, Philippine Islands,
Filed October 2, 1911.

Patents Issued July I, I913.

1. 065. 9 1 5. Cushioned Wheel.— Emilio Broni-
mann, Santa Rosalia, Chihuahua, Mexico. Filed
December 7, 191 1.

1.065.916. Carburetor. — Clement Brown, Birch-
field, Birmingham, England. Filed November 14,

1,065,923. Igniting Mechanism for Explosive
Engines. — William F. Davis, Kansas City, Kan.,
assignor to McKeen Motor Car Co., Omaha, Neb.,
a corporation of New Jersey. Filed March 3,

1,065,942. Vehicle Wheel. — Ernest Hopkinsou,
East Orange, N. J. Filed November 15, 1910.

1.065,959. Starting and Lighting Apparatus for '
Motor Vehificles. — Morris Mosko'witz, Montclair,
N. J. Filed December iS, 1912.

1.065,977. Carburetor. — Elmer S. Smith, Bound-
brook, N. J., assignor, by mesne assignments, to
International Accessories Manufacturing Co., Wil-
mington, Del., a corporation of Delaware. Filed
May 27, igii.

1,065,97s. Tire.— William Thomas Smith, Bol-
ton, England. Filed June 24, 1907.

1,065,982. Vehicle Propelled by a Combination
of Electrical and Mechanical Power.— Willis N.
Stewart, London, England, assignor of one-half
to Frank Harris, London, England. Filed January
19, 1909.

1,066,014. Engine Starter. — Percy W. Hodgkin-,
son, Rochester, N. Y., assignor of one-half to
Jacob C. Lombard, Rochester, N. Y. Filed April

1.066.037. Automobile Horn. — NicoU C. Odd<.,
Middletown, N. Y. Filed September 20, 1912.

1.066.038. Automobile Horn.— Nicoll C. Oddo,
Middletown, N. Y. Filed September 24. 1912.

1,066,072. Motor Vehicle. — Alphons Bouas,
Coulterville, 111. Filed August 20, 1912.

JUL 24 \9\i^




■fO horse power

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An Attractive Window Display

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In writing to advertisers please mention The Horseless Age.


Vol.' 32, No. 4.

Table of Gontenti.


Cameron Co. to Move to Connecticut 125

■Standard Steel Car Co. to Enter Automobile

Field 125

Injunction Under Vulcanizer Patent 125

South Forms New Company 125

Deed Filed for J. D. Maxwell's New Plant.. 125

Selling McGraw Tire Co.'s Stock 125

Milwaukee Race Promoters Propose Settle-
ment 125

StocMiolder Demands to See Concern's Book. 126
Export of Automobiles from Port of New

York 126

New York Taxicab Regulations 126

Chalmers Dealers' Convention 126

Velie Convention 126

To Make Cars in Rock Hill, S. C 126

Company to Exploit Kerosene as Motor Fuel. 147

Day, Not Johnston, Heads New York Dealers. 147
A Good Year's Business Reported at Jeffery

Convention 147

Canton Seeks Edwards Plant 147

Sports and Contests —

Glidden Tour Ends at Glacier Park Sunday. 127
Chicago Plans First American Cyclecar

Contest 1 28

Brighton Race Blanks Issued 12S

Ferguson Buys Zuccarelli's Peugeot 128

Coming Events 1 28

Indiana Motorists Continue Trip to Coast.... 129

Institution of Automobile Engineers i^o

G. A. Post Heads New Jersey Associated

Clubs 131

Club Notes 131

Maintenance and Repairs — •

Repairing Worn Valve Parts 132

Information Desired by Our Readers 133

Electric Lighting Development 133

Ferries Around New York 133

Legislative and Legal —

Digest of Automobile Laws 134

^Testing Indiana State License Law 136

Halting Hoosier Joy Riders 136

Recent Decisions 136

Detroit R-C-H Dealers 137

Items of the Industry and Trade 137

Foreign Trade Opportunities 137

Trade Personals 138

New Agencies 133

Garage and Salesroom —

Teaching the Beginner to Drive 139

Garage Notes 140

New Incorporations 141

New Vehicles and Parts —

Stream-Line Bodies and Left Hand Driv»

Characterize New Cole Models 142

The Francke Flexible Coupling 145

Combination Lathe Dogs for Turning Crank-
shafts 145

Norwalk Underslung Six for 1914 146

New KisselKar Embraces Three Models 14S

The Twombly Cyclecar 149

Deaco Lighting and Starting Systems 150

The "Positive" Portable Steam' Vulcanizer. -.51

The "Underwriter Automatic Valve 151

Cole Standardization Conference 149

Commercial Vehicles —

Possibilities and Shortcomings of Motor

Truck Drivers Analyzed 152

White and Wagenhals Secure Mail Wagon

Contract 1 53

Motor Plows in Roumania 153

Motor 'Bus Service from Liberty, Ind.... .'53

Daily Duties of Motor Truck Drivers 153

Kingston Truck in Use on Aqueduct Work. i-;3

White Taxis for 'Frisco 153

Editorials —

Great Interest in Cyclecar Development... 155

Single Voltage System 155

Yellowstone Park Opened to Automobiles.... 155

The Differential Lock. By A. C. Woodbury. 156
The Third International Road Congress at

London I c8


.'\utonlobires in Michigan 160

Runs on Medicine 160

Motor Vehicles in Southern India 161

Orphans' Day in Chicago 162

An .\rgumcnt in I'-avor of Sclf-Slait'rs r62

Foreign Exchanges —

German Comparative Fuel Tests 163

A Canrphor Vaporizer 164




Abbott Motor Co ' 30

A. B. Mfg. Co 46

Adamson Mfg. Co ' 50

Ajax-Grieb Rubber Co 54

American Ball Bearing Co 50

American Locomotive Co.,

35, 3fi. 37, 38, 39. 40, 4I' 4^

American Motors Co ' 32

Anglada, Joseph A 20

Apple Electric Co 56

.\pproved Auto. Specialties Co 22

Argo Electric Vehicle Co 44

Ashton Yahe Co 54

Austin Automobile Co 48

Automatic Motor and Eng. Co.... 56

."Xutomobilc ■ Supply Mfg. Co ' 34


Billings & Spencer Co 55

Borne-Scrymser Co 55

Bosch Magneto Co 33

Bossert Co 44

Bower Roller Bearing Co 56

Bretz Co., J. S 21

Brown-Lipe Gear Co 32

Bush Mfg. Co 56

Byrne-Kingston Co 48


Cadillac Motor Car Co 58

Cartercar Co . 32

Champion Spark Plug Co 56

Chase Motor Truck Co 54

Co=s Wrench Co 54

Cole Motor Car Co 4, 5

Continental Motor Mfg. Co 10

Covert Motor Vehicle Co 21

Cramp & Sons Ship and Eng. BIdg. Co., Wm. 34

Cullman Wheel Co '. 54

Cushman Chuck Co 56


Davies-Bach Mfg. Co 57

Dean Electric Co 56

Dewey Anderson Co 50

Dixon Crucible Co 46

Downing Detroit Motor Co 20

Durno Mfg. Co 30


Eisemann Magneto Co 46

Electric .\uto-Lite Co 31

Electric Welding Products Co 14


Fedders Mfg. Co 56

F-I-A-T 50

Findeisen & Kropf Mfg. Co 47

Firestone Tire and Rubber Co Second Cover

Fisher Electrical Works. 49

Ford Motor Co 50


Gernandt. W. G 20

Gilnrcr, Jr., G. Walker 13

Gilm»r Co., L. H 48


Goodwin & Kintz Co 54

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co * 56

Grant-Lees Gear Co 32

Gray-Hawley Mfg. Co 54

Guide Motor Lamp Mfg. Co 56


Hartford Suspension Co ■. 154

Henderson Motor Car Co 56

Herreshoff Motor Co 44

HerschcII-Spillman Co 46

Hess-Bright Mfg. Co 49

Houk Co., Geo. W 46

Hoyt Electrical Inst. Works 51

Hyatt Roller Bearing Co 50

Hydraulic Pressed Steel Co 54


Ideal Steel Wheel Co 56

Inter-State Auto. Co 48


Jackson Rim Co 52

Jencick Motor Co 54


Keeton Motor Car Co ' 48

King Motor Car Co 22

Kissel Motor Car Co .- 30

Knox Automobile Co 32

Ko-hler Co., H. J 2

K-W Ignition Co 55


Lewis Spring and .Axle Co 56

Liquid Tire Tonic Co : 51


Malleable Iron Fittings Co 4,4

Marathon Motor Works, » 34

Marburg Brothers i

Marion Motor Car Co 50

Maxwell Motor Co 44

Mayo Radiator Co 54

McCue & Co 56

McFarlan Motor Car Co 56

McQuay-Norris M:'g. Co 53

Mea Magneto 1

.Mercer Auto. Co 32

Merchant & Evans Co 30

Metal Products Co 29

Metz Co 56

Michelin Tire Co 17

Miller, Chas. E ' 44

Model Gas. Engine Works 51

Modern Auto. Appliance Co 54

Mosler Co., A. R 57

Motometer Co 56

Muncie Gear Works 46

Muskegon Motor Specialties Co 53

Mutty Co.." L. J 54


National Rubber Co 53

New Departure Mfg. Co 27

N. Y. and N. J. Lubricant Co 30

Nordyke & Marmon Co 7, 8, 9

Norma Co. of America 53

Norwalk Motor Car Co 23, 24, 25, 26

Nyberg .\uto. Works 34


Okonite Co ^7

Owen & Co., R. M 54

(Continued on page 20.)


First Automobile Journal

. - y

the English Language.
JULY 23, 1913.

Cameron Company to

Move to Connecticut.

Milwaukee Race Promoters
Propose Settlement.

The Cameron ?ilfg. Co., of Beverly.
Mass., is to be reorganized and incorpo-
rated under Connecticut laws with a cap-
ital stock of $1,000,000. The company will
move from Beverly, where it has been lo-
cated for the last five j'ears, to West
Haven, Conn., where it will occupy the
big plant of the Mathusek Piano Co., which
is being altered for the purpose.

W.- S. Cameron will be president of the
new company; A. B. Emerson, treasurer,
and Henry F. Parmalee, John T. Ken-
worthy, E. W. Johnson and A. H. Bennett,
directors. The plant which is to be occu-
pied covers six acres of ground, consisting
of two brick buildings, 420x120 feet and
350^75 feet, respectively. During the past
two years the Cameron Mfg. Co. has been
hampered by financial difficulties, and the
old company was dissolved about a year
ago. The company has always been manu-
facturing air cooled cars, but at West
Haven only water cooled models will be
produced. . It is stated that the new or-
ganization is backed by plenty of capital.

Standard Steel Car Co. to Enter
Automobile Field.

It has been unofficially announced that
the Standard Steel Car Co., with a plant
in Butler, Pa., and offices in Pittsburgh,
will enter the automobile manufacturing
field. It is stated that a factory will be
erected adjacent to the company's Butler
works, and that the buildings and equip ■
ment will cost about $2,000,000. The new
plant is to cover several acres of ground.
Foundations for the buildings have already
been begun.

Injunction Under Vulcanizer

On June 27 last a preliminary injunc-
tion was granted the Adamson Mfg. Co.,
of East Palestine, O., against the Marshall
Iron Works (Charles E. Marshall), by

Judge A. D. Anderson, in the District
Court of the United States for the District
of Indiana, enjoining the defendant from
making, selling, etc., a portable vulcanizing
device for tires infringing U. S. Patent
No. 1,057,911.

O. E. South Forms New Com-

O. E. South, who at receivers' sale bought
the property of the American Automobile
Co. at New Albany, Ind., has organized
the Falls City Motor Co., which has been
incorporated with an authorized capitaliza-
tion of $50,000. Those interested in the
company with Mr. South are Ferdinand
Kahler, Sr., Archie C. Brock and George
R. Elder. Mr. South was treasurer of the
American company. The new concern will
manufacture a medium priced gasoline run-

Deed Filed for J. D. Max'well's
New Plant.

A deed for the sale of the property in
Indianapolis formerly occupied by the T.
B. Laycock Mfg. Co. to J. D. Maxwell has
been filed in Indianapolis. The deed shows
that the consideration was $350,000. The
property originally was sold by the receiver
for the Laycock Company to the Pittsburgh
Manor Co., Pittsburgh, which transferred
it to Mr. Maxwell, who is now organizing
a company to manufacture automobiles.

Selling McGraw Tire Co. Stock.

A committee of business men of East
Palestine, O., has started to sell an issue
of $100,000 of stock of the McGraw Tire
& Rubber Co. upon an agreement that the
company will erect a four-story factory
and that the number of employees will be
increased from 500 to 1,500. The stock is
cumulative guaranteed 7 per cent. It is
planned to make 5,000 tubes and tires daily.

It will be remembered that after the
Vanderbilt Cup and Grand Prize races at
Milwaukee last fall, the organizers, the
Milwaukee Dealers Contest Association,
failed to make good their financial obliga-
tions, and up to this very time the winners
in the contest, as well as some who helped
to promote it, have not received what is
coming to them.

Some of the New York creditors of the
association last week received a letter from
a firm of lawyers in which a settlement on
the basis of about 20 cents on the dollar
is proposed. In the letter it is explained
that the Dealers' Association owes about
$38,000. As it is a corporation, its mem-
bers are not individually responsible for
its debts, but some of the members, owing
to a personal sense of moral responsibility
for the unfortunate situation, have decided
to contribute about $7,500 for distribution
among the creditors. The attorneys state
that this is to be considered as a voluntary
offering on the part of members of the
association, and all those creditors who are
willing to sign a release in full may par-
ticipate in the distribution. Any creditor
refusing to sign such a release will be dis-
regarded and his share will be equally dis-
tributed among those signing the release.

The chief creditor residing in New York
is Ralph De Palma, who greatly suffered
from ill luck on the Milwaukee course
and in an accident received injuries which
confined him to the hospital for a long
time. The accident cost De Palma no less
than $1,000 for hospital and surgeon's bills,
and he also lost two months of his time.
He won $3,000 in prize money, but if he
accepts the proposal he will receive only
$600. Others who have claims against the
Dealers' Association are Fred Wagner, who
assisted in securing entries for the races
and acted as starter, and E. J. Korbel. who
served as press agent. Wagner's claim is
for $1,700, and Korbel's for $250.

The Vanderbilt Cup race was held un-
der the sanction of the Motor Cups Hold-


ing Co., of which W. K. Vanderbilt, Jr, ..
is president. Evidently the Holding Com-
pany did not require the promoters to fur-
nish security to insure the proper payment
of prize money and other indebtedness. It
is to be feared that the default of the Mil-
waukee association will have a bad effect
on the entries in the Vanderbilt Cup race
next fall.

Stockholder Demands to See
Concern's Books.

Sterling O. Wilson, a stockholder in the
Northern Ohio Motor Co., of Cleveland,
O., filed a petition in the Common Pleas
Court in Cleveland last week asking for a
mandatory injunction ordering that he be
allowed to inspect the books of the North-
ern Company. The firm and C. V. Lloyd,
manager, are named as defendants. Wil-
son states that he holds twenty shares of
capital stock and that, although he has
asked to see the records and books of the
company, he has been denied access to
them by Lloyd. An injunction and an or-
der restraining removal of the books from
the firm's headquarters at 6016 Euclid ave-
nue were granted temporarily by Judge
M. A. Foran.

Halting Hoosier Joy Riders.

As the result of a vigorous investigation
under the joint auspices of the police de-
partment and the Hoosier Motor Club, al-

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