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asseirtblp'S g)I)atter Catec^fem.

Wherein all the answers in the Assembly's Catechism
, are taken abroad under Questions and Answers :
the truths explained, and proved by Reason and
Scriptures ; several Cases of Conscience resolv-
ed ; some chief Conlroyersies in Religion stated
with Arguments against divers Errors : useful to
be read in private families after examination of
the Catechism itself, for the more clear and
thorough understanding of what is therein learned.






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estow, and all in such a majestic way, as
doth evidence God to be the author of this'book of
the scriptures.

2. Because of the holiness and purity of the scrip-
tures, Kom. i. 2. Which God hath promised be-
fore by his prophets in the holy scriptures. Psalm
xii. 6. The words of the Lord are pure words ; as
?^ilv€r tried in a furnace of earth, and purified seven
times. The scriptures are holy from the beginning
of them unto the end; they do not savour at all of
any thing that is earthly or impure ; especially the
laws of the word are holy, commandini:* every thing
that is holy, and forbidding every thing that is impure
and unholy : AVhence it is evident, that the scripKires
are the word of the holy God, and that the holy men
\vW\ch wrote them were acted herein by the holy

5. Because of the consent and harmony of the
scriptures : In the scripture there is a consent be-
tween the Old Testament and the New; a consent
between rhe types and figures under the law, and the
things typified and prefigured under the gospel : be-
tween the p;ophecies. There is in the scriptures a
, harmouy or agreement in precepts, and a harmony or
agreement in histories, and a harmony and agree-
ment of deoign. Wherefore since the scriptures are
written by so many several men, in so many several
ages and different places, and yet agreeing so well in
their writings, that no irreconcilable difference is to
be found in lhr:ni ; 'tis evident that they are all acted
by the same spirit of God ; and therefore that the
scriptures are the word of God.

4. Because of the high mysteries which are re-
vealed in the scriptures : We read in the scriptures*
of the trinity of persons in the God-head, the incar-
iiuiion of the Son of God, the mystical union of Christ
and his members, these and such like mysteries, M'erc
beyond the reach of the most wise and learned men to
invtnt, much more beyond the reach of unlearned
fishermen by whom they were revealed. Whence


it is evident, that they spake not their ovrn worilst

but that ihey were taught by the immediate inspira-
tion of the Spirit.

5. Because of the antiquity of the scriptures, they
were written in purl before any other writings of men ;
and they contain a history of the most ancient things,
namely, the creation of the old world, the flood, and
the like. Such ancient things are there revealed
■which none but God knew, and therefore God must
needs be the author of them.

. 6. Because of the power and efficacy of the scrip-
tures. 1. The scriptures are powerful to convince,
and awaken and wound the conscience, Heb. iv. 12.
The word of God is quick and powerful, sharper th?.!i
a two-edged sword. 2. The scriptures are powerful

Online LibraryThomas VincentAn explicatory catechism: or An explanation of the Assembly's Shorter catechism .. → online text (page 1 of 24)