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Lamson, a. 21 y., d. Josiah B. (dec'd) and Angelina (Ma-
son), at Ipswich, Dec. 8, 1868.


Wildes, Florence Lamson, a, 25 y., housekeeper, d. Eugene La-
mont and Alathea Orietta (Lamson), and Samuel McLel-
lan Hill, a. 29 y., ice dealer, b. Ecanamy, Colchester Co.,
N. S., res. Wenham, s. Oliver Blair and Mary (McLellan),
Jan. 20, 1898.

Frances S., a. 23 y., d. Moses and Sarah Ann (Adams), and
Charles L. Wildes, a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. Humphrey and
Olive B. (Perkins), (dec'd), Dec. 13, 1866.

George Alvin, a. 27 y., shoeworker, s. Humphrey and Olive B.
(Perkins), and Lottie Berley Frye, a. 24 y., domestic, b.
Andover, d. Isaac and Charlotte (Berley), Cooke, June
1, 1882.

Hazen Rogers, a. 31 y., carpenter, s. William^ H. and Eunice
H. (Richardson), and Mary Elizabeth Dieckhoff, a. 25 y.,
at home, b. Nova Scotia, d. James and Hannah (Carroll),
Oct. 27, 1897.

Lennie May, a. 19 y., at home, d. Lewis H. and Annie J.
(Chapman), and Everett C. Chapman, a. 22 y., farm
laborer, b. Brooklyn, N. S., res. Wenham, s. Silas and
Eliza (Smith), at Wenham, Apr. 7, 1889.

Lewis H., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Humphrey and Olive B. (Per-
kins), and Annie J. Chapman, a. 18 y., d. Amos S. and
Eliza A. (Perkins), at Hamilton, Mdy 11, 1864.

Lucy Ann, a. 17 y., d. Humphrey, Jr. and Olive B., and Benja-
min C. Dodd, 2d. m., a. 35 y., shoemaker, b. Marblehead,
s. Benjamin N. and Abigail, Apr. 12, 1855.

Lydia A., a. 22 y., b. Ipswich, d. Moses and Sarah A, (Ad-
ams), (she dec'd), and Alden P. Peabody, a. 26 y., shoe-
maker, s. Ebenezer (dec'd) and Abigail (Perkins), Jan.

23, 1872.

Lyman Wilber, a. 21 y., baggage master, B. & M. R. R., s.
Lewis H. and Annie Jane (Chapman), and Mary Regina
Crouse, a. 22 y., at home, b. Lower Branch, N. S., d.
Frank and Sophia Elisabeth (Ernst), at Boxford, Dec.

24, 1895.

Mabel O., a. 16 y., domestic, d. William H. and Eunice (At-
wood), and James Munroe Bray, a. 20 y., shoe cutter, b.
Danvers, s. Benjamin S. and Elizabeth (Perkins), at Box-
ford, Sept. 24, \895.

Moses, Jr., 2d. m., a. 45 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and Eunice,
and Sarah J. Lombard, a. 29 y., b. Otisfield, Maine, d.
Enoch and Abia, Oct. 8, 1856.

William H., a. 22 v., shoemaker, s. Humphrey and Olive B.
(Perkins), and Eunice H. Richardson, a. 18 y., b. Mid-
dleton, res. Middleton, d. Jason and Emily, at Middleton,
Nov. 5, 1865. (Mothers of above only deceased.)


Wildes, William Henry, a. 26 y., shoemaker, b. Andover, s.
Joseph B. (dec'd) and Louisa E. (Foster), and Dora T.
Sweeney, a. 23 y., d. Charles and Nancy (Lake), Dec. 30,

WILKINS, Mary A., a. 25 y., at home, b. Wenham, res. Wen-
ham, d. Charles and Susan (Dodge), and Charles Healy
Leach, a. 29 y., butcher, s. Thomas K. and Louisa (Mor-
gan), at Wenham, Jan. 15, 1884.

WILLEY, Daniel, 2d. m., a. 53 y. carpenter, b. Wolf borough,
N. H., s. Isaac and Mary (Triggs), and Mercy Andrews,
2d. m., a. 60 y,, d. Elisha and Dolly (Perkins) Perkins,
May 5, 1864.

Daniel, 3rd. m., a. 76 y., carpenter, b. Wolfborough, N. H., s.
Isaac and Mary (Triggs), and Eliza A. Pingree, a. 52 y.,
housekeeper, b. Ipswich, d. Jewett and Mary (Perkins),
Dec. 29, 1887.

WILLIAMS, C. Augusta, a. 19 y., b. Yarmouth, N. S., res.
Danvers, d. George E. and Charlotte, and Edmund N.
Russell, a. 25 y., farmer, b. Danvers, res. Danvers, s. Ben-
jamin and Margaret, Mar. 20, 1880.

James A., a. 22 y., shoemaker, b. Danvers, res. Haverhill, s.
George and Sarah, and Mary J. Morey, a. 21 y., b. Phila-
delphia, res. Haverhill, d. John and Mary, Feb. 5, 1874.

William, Jr., a. 37 y., farmer, b. North Waterboro, Me., res.
North Waterboro, Me., s. William and Kezia, and Mary
Jane Hoyt, a. 21 y., at home, d. Daniel and Mary (Hub-
bard), at Waterboro, Dec. 28, 1882.

WILSON, Charles, a. 22 y., shoemaker, b. N. S., res. Danvers,
s. George and Charlotte (Frost), and Mary J. Brown, a.
19 y., b. Nova Scotia, res. Nova Scotia, d. John and Sa-
rah, Mar. 18, 1871.

James, a. 24 y., wheelwright, b. Greenock, Scotland, s. Law-
rence and Mary, and Emily A. Janes, a. 19 y., d. Samuel
and Elizabeth, Dec. 16, 1855.

James, a. 34 y., wheelwright, b. Greenock, Scotland, s. Law-
rance and Mary (Braceland) (dec'd), and Sarah E.
Downing, a. 27 y., b. South Reading, res. Lynnfield, d.
Edward and Sarah (Henfield), at Lynnfield, May 22,

Mary Ann, a. 23 y., b. Boston, s. John and Margaret, and
Benjamin Foster Adams, a. 25 y., brakeman, s. Benjamin
F. and Mehitable, at Melrose, Sept. 24, 1860.


Wilson, Mary E., a. 37 y., b. Annapolis, Nova Scotia, d. John
C. and Elizabeth, and Isaac N. Averell, 2d. m., a. 37 y.,
shoecutter, s. Luke and Sally, Mar. 19, 1857.

WINSLOW, Charles W., a. 21 y., shoemaker, b. Greene, Me.,
res. Haverhill, s. Charles and Elizabeth (Gould), and
Emma L. Peaslee, a. 20 y., b. Charlestown, N. H., d. Reu-
ben and Cynthia, at Boxford, June 26, 1875.

Frank Leslie, a. 25 y., clerk, s. Charles and Elizabeth (Gould),
and Carrie Littlefield Simonds, a. 21 y., b. North Beverly,
d. Albert (dec'd) and Violetta (Littlefield), at Boston,
Nov. 25, 1880.

WITHAM, Alice, a. 24 y., operative, b. Beverly, res. Beverly,
d. William A. and Laura (Pickett), and Charles Henry
Shaw, a. 21 y., shoe cutter, b. Holdemess, N. H., res.
Beverly, s. William H. and Charlotte E. (Martin), Apr.
28, 1889.

WOODBERRY, John E., a. 27 y., shoemaker, b. Beverly, res.
Beverly, s. John J. and Hepsibath (Burke), and Mary E.
Elliott, a. 22 y., res. Beverly, d. William H. and Eliza-
beth C. (Sumner), June 7, 1868.

Levi, 2d, a. 30 y., carpenter, b. Beverly, res. Beverly, s. Ben-
jamin and Elizabeth (Trask), and Mary Ann Perkins,
a. 26 y., d. David and Hannah G., Aug. 14, 1860.

WOODBURY, Edward Boyden, a. 22 y., clerk, s. Isaac M. and
Sarah K. (Leach), and Bessie Colkit Clerk, a. 22 y., at
home, b. Peabody, d. Robert and Carrie (Merrill), Dec.
22, 1897.

Isaac M., a. 23 y., butcher, b. Manchester, s. Jacob and Sa-
lome (Morgan), (both dec'd), and Sarah K. Leach, a. 24
y., d. Thomas K. and Louisa (Morgan), Dec. 8, 1869.

Ralph E., a. 23 y., farmer, b. Westford, res. Westford, s. Al-
fred and Emma (Snow), and Hattie K. McLeod, a. 21 y.
school teacher, b. Danvers, d. Norman and Mary Abbie
(Elliott), at Littleton, Dec. 30, 1895.

WRIGHT, Abigail L., a. 22 y., d. John and Abigail (Wildes),
(both dec'd), and Frank A. Pemberton, a. 22 y., morocco
manufacturer, s. Francis K. and Adeline K., b. South
Danvers, res. South Danvers, Apr. 14, 1867.


Wright, George H., Jr., a. 26 y., shoecutter, b. Stockbridge,
Vt., s. George H. and Lydia J. (LeBaron), and. S. Abbie
Clark, a. 20 y., operative, d. Erastus K. and Martha Jane
(Bicknell), Jan. 9, 1881.

John, Dea., 2d. m., shoe manufacturer, d. John and Lydia,
and Lucy Ann Sanderson, d. David and Sally, Sept. 20,

YOUNG, Edward Henry, a. 24 y., operative (piano), b. Rox-
bury, s. Isaac B. and Maria (Manning), and Lilla Ann
Merrill, a. 19 y., compositor, b. Boston, d. Alphonso T.
and Ella (Palmer), June 3, 1889.


ABELL, Vera Grace, d. Clark O. and Emily A. (Hobbs),
Apr. 25, 1889, a. 10 m. (Died at Ipswich, body brought
into town.)

ADAMS, Abba L., 2d. w. Benjamin P., d. John and Love

(Leach) Stimpson, b. Salem, pneumonia, Feb. 23, 1872,

a. 65 y.
Benjamin F., m., b. Salem, Jan. 9, 1888, a. 80 y. (Died at

Reading, body brought into town.)
Benjamin P., widr. (Post Master), merchant, s. Benjamin and

Louisa (Perley), b. Georgetown, debility, July 10, 1875,

a. 68 y. 10 m.
Benjamin P., trader, s. Benjamin P. and Abby (Stimson),

epilepsy, Dec. 9, 1883, a. 3S y., 9 m.
Catharine C, d. Benjamin P. and Mary Ann (Cummings),

(she dec'd), heart disease and congestion of lungs, Nov.

1, 1868, a. 33 y., 3 m., 28 d.
Charles O., s. Benjamin F. and Mehitable F., scarlet fever,

Mar. 25, 1856, a. 6 y.
Eliza G. (Porter), wid. Benjamin, and of Daniel Porter, and

d. Eliezer and Ruth (Prince) Lake, apoplexy, Jan. 6,

1889, a. 72 y., 4 m., 3 d.

Elizabeth M. (Gould), wid. Samuel, housewife, d. Joseph and

Ruth (Porter) Gould, gangrene of foot, Mar. 22, 1888,

a. 80 y., 1 m., 8 d.
Mehitable F., old age, died Jan. 6, brought in Jan. 8, 1898, a.

83 y., 9 m., 9 d. (Died at Reading, body brought into

Rebecca J., w. of William R. A., d. Joseph and Jane Hart,

Aug. ā€” , 1854. (Died at Lynn, body brought into town.)
Samuel, m., s. Benjamin and Louisa, b. Georgetown, typhoid

fever, Aug. 23, 1862, a. 51 y., 2 m.
Sarah Crosby, w. Edwin, housewife, d. Nathan and Sarah

(Crosby) Morse, b. Groton, N. H., pneumonia, Feb. 10,

1890, a. 58 y., 5 m., 5 d.



Adams, Thomas Foster, shoemaker, s. Benjamin F. and Mehet-
able F./empyema, July 8, 1861, a. 21 y. 8 m. 8 d.

William F., s. William R. and Rebecca J. (Hart) (she dec'd),
b. Lynn, typhoid fever, Sept. 23, 1872, a. 22 y. (Died at
Charlestown, father b. in Boxford, interred here by Turn-
pike, ā€” his remains disinterred Oct. 29, 1874, and taken
to Lynn for interment.)

ANDREWS, Aaron A., laborer and butcher, s. Moody (dec'd)
and Mercy (Perkins), dropsy, May 9, 1877, a. 54 y. 3 m.
8 d.

Annie Lucretia, d. William M. and Emeline (Perkins), b. Box-
ford, heart disease, Apr. 29, 1872, a. 11 y.

Elisha P., m., farmer, s. Moody and Mercy (Perkins), pneu-
monia, Sept. 24, 1894, a. 69 y., 8 m., 18 d.

Emeline, m., housekeeper, d. Henry and Lucy (Gilbert) Per-
kins, b. Salem, paralysis, Apr. 24, 1893, a. 65 y., 2 m., 7 d.

Howard, s. Joseph E. and Mary E. (Chapman), scarlet fever,
Jan. 31, 1888, a. 11 y., 5 d.

John Henry, farmer, s. Moody and Mercy, accidental discharge
of a gun, Nov. 23, 1854, a. 16 y., 7 m., 28 d.

John Howard, s. Joseph E. and Mary E. (Chapman), b. Sept.
8, 1862, lockjaw (hurt Oct. 16, by stepping on a nail,
lockjaw appeared 23rd), Oct. 26, 1876, a. 14 y., 1 m., 18 d.

Joseph E., m., farmer, s. Moody and Mercy (Perkins), acute
Bright's disease, July 30, 1895, a. 64 y. 5 m. 22 d.

Lena F., m., housekeeper, d. George and Mary E. Margeson,
b. Middleton, uranic poisoning, induced by pregnancy,
Feb. 6, 1895, a. 18 y., 7 m., 22 d.

Moody, m., farmer, s. Joseph and Nabby, disease of liver, Mar.
29, 1860, a. 59 y., 4 m.

, s. twin, Joseph E. and Mary E. (Chapman), stillborn,

Jan. 26, 1877.

, d. William H. and Lilla, stillborn, Feb. 23, 1891.

ANNABLE, John Lucius, farmer, s. John S. and Lydia (Todd),
b. Hamilton, phthisis, Jan. 12, 1887, a. 38 y., 3 m.

John Sewall, m., farmer, s. Solomon and Lydia, b. Hamilton,
kidney disease, May 29, 1887, a. 78 y.

Lydia T., wid., farmer's wife, d. Samuel C. and Lydia (Gould)
Todd, old age, Dec. 1, 1899, a. 88 y., 7 m., 16 d.

ATWOOD, Almira, w. William, d. Joel and Susan, b. Well-
fleet, cancer, Sept. 10, 1860, a 3S y. (Placed in tomb in
Wenham with intention of removing to Wellfleet.)


Atwood, Benjamin W., s. William and Almira, b. Wellfleet,
Nov. 29, 1860, a. 13 y. (Placed in tomb with 'intention of
removing to Wellfleet.)

AVERELL, Aaron P., m., s. Nathaniel P. and Hannah

(Wood), inflammation of bowels, Feb. 7, 1865, a. 54 y.

9 m. (Born here, died at Georgetown, interred here by

Turnpike. )
Anna, w. Solomon, d. John and Anna Towne, b. Boxford, or

Topsfield, influenza. Mar. 24, 1851, a. 83 y., 6 m.
Betsey, wid. Daniel, d. Clinton, b. Danvers, old age, Dec.

10, 1854, a. 80 y. (Died at almshouse.)
Cyrus, widr., farmer, s. Solomon and Anna (Towne), acute

bronchitis. Mar. 10, 1891, a. 8S y., 4 m., 10 d.
Eleanor Perkins, d. Elmer Perkins and Annie P. (Ingalls), b.

Boxford, Mar. 20, 1890, a. 2 m., 18 d. (Died at Boxford,

body brought into town.)
Ellen Frances, d. Cyrus and Lavinia, suicide by poison. Mar.

25, 1864, a. 20 y., 9 m., 7 d.
Eunice, w. Joseph, d. John and Anna Lamson, dropsy, Apr. 8,

1850, a. 77 y.
Herman Austin, s. C. Austin and Margaret Y., infantile

disease. Mar. 8, 1865, a. 1 d.
Joseph, widr., farmer, s. Lt. Isaac and Priscilla, Dec. 31, 1850,

a. 86 y.

Lavinia, w. Cyrus, d. Darius and Mary (Kezar) Dickenson,

b. Rowley, heart disease, Dec. 21, 1889, a. 82 y., 10 m.,
9 d.

Lydia A., d. Isaac N. and Mary S. (born here, July 9, '51),
Sept. 11, 1851, a. 2 m. (Died at Ipswich, body brought
into town.)

Mary E., w. I. N., d. John C. and Elizabeth Wilson, b. Clar-
ence, Nova Scotia, dysentery, Aug. 20, 1880, a. 62 y., 20 d.

Mary Faulkner, 2nd. w. of Ephraim A., d. Ebenezer and
Lydia (Averell) Towne (both dec'd), consumption, June
6, 1870, a. 57 y., 8 m., 18 d. (Died at Ipswich almshouse,
interred here by Turnpike.)

Mary S., w. of Isaac N., d. Asa and Salina Bradstreet, Dec.
28, 1851, a. 28 y., 11m. (Died at Ipswich, body brought
into town.)

Sally, wid. of Luke, who died July 20, 1821, d. Thomas and
Lydia (Batchelder) Foster, b. Rowley, (Rooty plain),
congestion of lungs, Apr. 11, 1873, a. 78 y., 6 m., 11 d.

Solomon, widr., farmer, s. Daniel and Joanna, old age, Feb.
23, 1855, a. 85 y., 5 m., 29 d.


AvERELL, Sophronia, w. Thomas, who died May 8, 1846, d.

Dominick and Sarah (Perkins) Moore, consumption, May
pĀ» 2, 1874, a. 70 y. 6 m.
Thomas Leverett, m., painter, s. Thomas and Sophronia

(Moore), left hemiplegia, June 14, 1889, a. 59 y., 7 m.,

14 d.

AVERILL, Albion F., carpenter, s. C. Austin and Margaret
(Sweeney), chronic disease of throat, long continued de-
bility and finally typhoid fever, Sept. 22, 1896, a. 30 y.

Ephriam, farmer, s. Azariah and Sarah, influenza and heart
disease, Jan. 26, 1898, a. 84 y., 10 m., 26 d. (Interred at
Linebrook Parish, Ipswich.)

BAILEY, Augusta M., d. John and Mary Augusta (Moore)

(she dec'd), whooping cough and pneumonia, Apr. 19,

1871, a. 6 y., 9 m., 8 d.
Mary A., w. John, d. Ira and Martha Moore, b. Parsonsfield,

Me., puerperal fever, July 15, 1864, a. 27 y. (Interred at

Parsonsfield, Me.)

BALCH, Abraham, farmer, s. David and Sarah (Peabody),
heart disease, Jan. 24, 1872, a. 77 y., 2 m., 10 d.

Alice, d. George E. and Anna H. (Morse), scarlet fever and
sore throat, Feb. 6, 1874, a. 4 y. (Died in South Boston,
interred by Turnpike.)

Andrew B., s. John and Mary, lung fever and heart disease,
June 24, 1865, a. 62 y., 4 m.

Annie H. (Morse), wid. George C., Nov. 13, 1886, a. 38 y.
(Died at Everett, father b. Topsfield, body brought into

Clarence L., s. Jeremiah and Mary (Shepherd), Bright's
disease, Sept. 1, 1882, a. 25 y., 3 m., 11 d. (Died in Sa-
lem, father b. Topsfield, mother b. Salem.)

David Burnham, farmer, s. David 3d. and Betsey (Burnham),
heart disease, June 27, 1860, a. 75 y., 11 m., 28 d.

Eliza, w. Benjamin, d. Oliver and Eunice Killam, b. Boxford,
acute rheumatism, Jan. 21, 1868, a. 36 y., 8 m.

Fanny, wid. David B., d. Abraham F. and Abagail (Burn-
ham) Channell, b. Essex, old age, Apr. 10, 1882, a. 97 y.,
4 m., 13 d.

George E., s. Nehemiah and Mary Ann (Lovett), putrid sore
throat, Jan. 11, 1874, a. 34 y., 11 m., 19 d. (Died at South
Boston, interred by Turnpike. Father b. here ; mother in


Balch, Hannah P., m., housewife, d. Porter and Mehitable

Bradstreet, Bright's disease, June 19, 1891, a. 68 y. 3 m.

14 d.
Harriet Webb, d. Jeremiah and Mary E., b. Danvers, scarlet

fever, July 5, 1853, a. 3 y., 1 m.
Humphrey, widr,, farmer, s. Perley and (Perkins), heart

disease and paralysis, June 1, 1897, a. 79 y.
Jeremiah P., s. Jeremiah and Mary E., May 24, 1856, a. 1 y.,

I m., 12 d.

John, s. John and. Eunice, b. Newburyport, accidental, July
11, 1871, a. 68 y. (Came from Newburyport, his resi-
dence, on day of death. Interred at Newburyport.)

John C, m., farmer and shoemaker, s. John and Mary, pneu-
monia, Apr. 21, 1853, a. 48 y., 5 m.

Mary, wid. John, d. Andrew, and [Hannah] Elliott, b. Middle-
ton, Aug. 23, 1856, a. 76 y., 5 m. (Mr. B. died Oct. 24,

Mary, d. John and Mary (Elliott), paralysis, May 17, 1873,

a. 73 y. 9 m. (Died in Lynn, interred by Turnpike; her
father b. in Topsiield, mother b. in Middleton.)

Mary Ann, wid. Nehemiah, d. Joseph and Priscella (Gold-
thwait) Lovett, b. Newburyport, heart disease and con-
gestion of lungs, Apr. 3, 1889, a. 82 y., 9 m., 11 d.

Mary Elizabeth, teacher, d. David B. and Fanny (Channell),

b. Durham, N. H., hyperthrophy, Oct. 26, 1884, a. 65 y.,

II m., 1 d.

Mary H., w. Perley, dressmaker, d, Benjamin C. and Lois

(Moore) Orne. consumption, June 16, 1885, a. 45 y.,

10 m., 1 d.
Moody, shoemaker, s. Roger and Sarah, Nov. 10 to 16, 1851,

a. 57 y. 9 m. (Left home on the morning of Nov. 10,

found dead on the morning of Nov. 16.)
Nehemiah, m., operative, s. John and Mary (Elliott), paraly-
sis, Jan. 2, 1884, a. 76 y., 10 m., 26 d.
Perley, m., farmer and bootmaker, s. Roger and Sarah, cancer

of stomach, May 2, 1858, a. 74 y., 8 m., 27 d.
Perley, abcess of the internal ear, Feb. 9, 1881, a. 71 y., 10 m.,

9 d. (Died in Lowell.)
Rebecca P., d. John C. (dec'd) and Mary A., b. Lynn, tvphoid

fever, Mar. 20, 1864, a. 26 y., 6 m.
Sarah, wid. Perley, who died May 2, 1858. d. Asa and Hannah

(Johnson) Perkins, old age, Mar. 23, 1865, a. 75 y.. 10 m.
Susan H., w. Perley, d. Benjamin and Deborah Glasier, b.

Ipswich, heart disease, July 28, 1879, a. 61 y., 5 m., 1 d.

(Died in Lowell.)


Balch, William Henry, s. David B. and Fanny, b. Durham,
N. H., Aug. 30, 1855, a. 32 y. 5 m. (Died at Burlington,
body brought into town.)

BARKER, Hiram P., m., farmer, s. Parker and Abigail (Rog-
ers), b. Salem, dropsy of heart, Oct. 16, 1867, a. 52 y.
(Informant, Henry Spencer, undertaker. Interred at Sa-

BARNARD, Lavinia Luddington, m., housekeeper, d. Hewlett
and Sarah Angelina (Peters), b. Stanford, Duchess Co.,
N. Y., cardiac disease, Apr. 10, 1898, a. 53 y., 9 m., 17 d.
(Interred at Forest Hill.)

BARO, Sarah, Feb. 21, 1882, a. 40 y. (Died in Boston.)

BARTLETT, Stephen, s. Cornelius and Grace, b. Salem, heart
disease, Nov. 25, 1864, a. 66 y. (Died in Wenham, bachel-
lor, interred here.)

BATCHELDER, Ezra, m., farmer, s. Ezra and Nancy

(Brown), b. Danvers, hernia, asthenia, Sept. 1, 1881, a.

68 y., 7 m., 13 d.
Joseph, Capt., widr., farmer, s. John and Lydia, disease of the

heart, Mar. 12, 1853, a. 82 y., 11 m., 29 d.
Joseph Warren, widr., farmer, s. Joseph and Sarah (Perkins),

disease of heart. May 19, 1887, a. 87 y., 2 m., 1 d.
Sarah, d. Capt. Joseph and Sarah (Perkins), (both dec'd),

Feb. 17, 1866, a. 56 y., 5 m., 19 d.

BEAL, Georgianna, d. John W. and Sarah J., b. Sanford, Me.,

canker, Oct. 13, 1856, a. 2 y., 2 m.
John H., s. John W. and Sarah J., convulsions, Oct. 6, 1859,

a. 5 d.

John W., m., teamster, s. Samuel and Rachel (Wells), b. Peach-
am, Vt., pneumonia, June 26, 1881, a. 68 y., 8 m., 18 d.
Sarah J., wid. John W., housewife, d. Levi and Eliza Ricker,

b. Sanford, Me., pulmonary consumption, Feb. 19, 1890,
a. 71 y., 7 m., 19 d.

BECKFORD, Nabby, wid. Samuel, housewife, d. Daniel and
Betsey (Clinton) Averell, general failure with cardiac
disease, Jan. 6, 1891, a. 83 y., 1 m., 18 d. (Died at
almshouse. )


Beckford, Samuel, Jr., m., shoemaker, s. Samuel and Nabby
(Averell), typhoid fever, Jan. 28, 1872, a. 35 y. 3 m. 3 d.

Samuel, farmer, s. Silas and Mehitable (Averell), exposure
and exhaustion, found dead 24th. in meadows above Mile
Brook bridge, Aug. 21 or 23, 1887, a. 78 y. (At alms-

BENTON, Ann, nurse, d. William and Judith (Crane), b.

Canton, apoplexy, June 30, 1891, a. 62 y., 2 m., 27 d.
Walter N., Jan. 22, 1887, a. 35 y. (Died in Somerville, body

brought into town.)

BICKFORD, Otis F., m., conductor on horse railroad, s. Sam-
uel and Julia A. (Dodge), pulmonary tuberculosis, Feb.
28, 1895, a. 26 y., 10 m., 9 d.

BILLINGS, Elizabeth T., wid. Theodore D., housewife, d.
Samuel C. and Lydia (Gould) Todd, cancer, Nov. 22,
1888, a. 78 y., 9 m., 18 d.

BISHOP, Edna Gladys, dysentery, Aug. 7, 1895, a. 1 y., 5 m.,
26 d. (Died at Howard, R. I., body brought into town.)

BIXBY, Abigail, wid., old age. Mar. 13, 1898, a. 85 y., 3 m.
(Died at Maiden, body brought into town.)

Albert W., Sept. 25, 1899. (Died at Rowley, body brought into
town. )

Asa (Capt.), m., farmer and shoemaker, s. Benjamin and
Peggy, old age, June 13, 1858, a. 72 y.

Asa B., m., shoemaker, s. Asa and Eleanor (Howe), b. Ips-
wich, pyemia, June 29, 1884, a. 67 y. 4 d.

Benjamin, Jan. 3, 1892, a. 79 y. 3 m. (Died at Sharon, body
brought into town.)

Elbridge S., s. Capt. Daniel and Sally (Towne), heart disease,
Dec. 30, 1876, a. 65 y. 1 m. 7 d. (Died in Boston.)

Eleanor, wid. Capt. Asa, who died here June 13, 1858, d. Capt.
Abraham and Eleanor Howe, b. Ipswich (Linebrook Par-
ish), heart disease, Dec. 20, 1868, a. 80 y. 2 m.

Eleanor H., tailoress, d. Asa and Eleanor (Howe), b. Ipswich,
disease of brain, Aug. 7, 1881, a. 62 y. 2 m. 7 d.

George Walter, shoemaker, s. Hasket G. and Harriet E., con-
sumption. May 17, 1861, a. 19 y. 9 m. 2 d.

Hasket Gerry, s. Capt. Asa and Eleanor (Howe), Jan. 16,
1873, a. 62 y. 1 m. 21 d. (Died in Danvers, interred here
by Haverhill road ; his father b. here ; mother in Ipswich,
supposed. )


BiXBY, Julia, d. Daniel and Sally (Towne), June 18, 1890, a.

82 y. 8 m. 25 d. (Died at Ipswich, body brought into

town, father b. Salem, N. H.)
Lucy A., wid., lived w^ith daughter, bronchial pneumonia, Feb.

2, 1896, a. 76 y. 11 d. (Died at Salem, body brought

into town.)
Lydia A., apoplexy, June 8, 1896, a. 68 y. 2 m. 1 d. (Died at

Haverhill, body brought into town.)

BLAIKIE, Charles D., laborer, s. James and Eliza, b. Stewi-
acke, Nova Scotia, scarletina, Aug. 26, 1860, a. 19 y.

BLAISDELL, Annis, wid., d. Solomon and Anna (Towne)
Averell, gastritis, Feb. 3, 1879, a. 83 y. 11 m.

James, m., shoemaker, s. Samuel and Annis, Aug. 22, 1856, a.
32 y.

John, m., farmer, s. Samuel and Annie (Averell), cerebro-
spinal paralysis, Dec. 11, 1889, a. 27 y. 10 m. 19 d.

Samuel, m., b. Middleton (supposed), old age, Apr. 28, 1852,
a. 78 y. (Mrs. Elis. (Wildes) Hobbs says his mother was
Rhoda Peabody of Middleton.)

Sarah Augusta, d. James (dec'd) and Sarah C, diphtheria,
June 26, 1865, a. 13 y. 3 m. 9 d.

BLANCHARD, Lucinda A., d. Pliny (dec'd) and Sarah, heart
disease, Aug. 30, 1865, a. 19 y. (Interred at Boxford.)

BLETHEN, David, farmer, s. Stephen and Sally (Blake), b.

Lisbon, Me., apoplexy, Jan. 2, 1892, a. 72 y. 7 m. 15 d.
Octavia, wid., housekeeper, b. Durham, Me., d. Reuben and

Thankful (Day), b. Durham, Me., paresis, Apr. 19, 1899,

a. 78 y. 2 m. 19 d. (Died at Effingham, N. H., body
brought into town.)

B'OARDMAN, Alfred, s. John, Jr. and Louisa S., gastritis, Apr.

28, 1851, a. 2 y. 10 m.
Eunice P., d. John, Jr. and Louisa S., scarlet fever, Apr. 6,

1853, a. 9 y. 3 m.
John, sen., m., shoemaker, s. Capt. Daniel and Lydia, disease

of the heart, June 17, 1856, a. 76 y.
John, m., s. Jorhn and Rebecca (Gould), hemiplegia of heart,

Feb. 24, 1884, a. 82 y.
Louisa S., wid. John, d. John and Betsey (Searles) McKenzie,

b. Manchester, apoplexy, Mar. 10, 1887, a. 78 y. 9 m. 19 d.


BoARDMAN, Rebecca, wid. of John, who died. June 17, 1856,

d. John and Bethiah Gould, old age. May 12, 1861, a.

79 y.

Willie N., s. Moses N. and Martha (Leach), b. Georgetown,

cholera infantum, July 13, 1870, a. 1 m. 14 d. (Interred

at Georgetown.)

BOWDEN, John, m., painter, s. Joseph and Anna, b. Glossop,
Derbyshire, England, fungus, June 30, 1862. (Born in
the village of Chailesworth, Glossop, Derbyshire, Eng,,
Arrived in Boston in August, 1856.)

Mary Sarah, d. John and Esther, b. Georgetown, croup, Dec.
2, 1860, a. 3 y. 8 m. 24 d.

BOYDEN, Cornelia, wid. Frederick, d. Charles and Elizabeth

(Van Zandt) Duryea, b. New York City, July 5, 1868.

(Died at Washington, D. C, interred here.)
Dwight, painter, s. Frederick and Cornelia M. (Duryea), b.

Richmond, Va., cardiac and kidney disease, July 6, 1897,

a. 54 y., 11 m., 6 d.

BRADSTREET, Alonz o A., farmer, s. William and Eunice
(Perkins), pleuro pneumonia, Mar. 23, 1884, a, 44 y.
11 m.

Asa, m., shoemaker, s. William and Eunice, peritonitis, June
2, 1851, a. 34 y. 9 m.

Coypeliu^s B. (Maj.), m., farmer, s. Capt. John and Mehitable,
chronic diarrhoea, July 23, 1858, a. 61 y. 8 m. 23 d.

Eunice, wid. Maj. Cornelius B. who died July 23, 1858, d.
Moses and Lydia (Peabody) Bradstreet, dropsy. Mar. 4,
1878, a. 76 y. 6 m. 10 d.

Eumce, wid., housewife, d. Asa and Hannah (Johnson) Per-
^ns, old age, June 23, 1879, a. 82 y. 6 m. 7 d.

HiMa Mabel, d. Horace D. and Mabel W. (Warner), Nov.
^5, 1888, a. 1 y. 25 d. (Died at North Reading, body
brought into town.)

John , s. Josiah and Sally (Patch), Dec. ā€” , 1863. (Died at

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