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for some time, when he took up the study of medicine, registering under the direc-
tion of his uncle, George McNary, then practicing in Pittsburg, and graduating from
the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

He went South, locating in Florida, where he married Annie Barbara Clay,
born March 6th, 18G3. To this union were born two daughters. Isla Belle and Gladys
Jean. Dr. Hugh McNary died and was laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canons-
burg. The church home of the family is in the Presbyterian Church of Sheridan.

388. — Isla Belle McNary (6), born October 18th, 1-8.5. was married Septem-
ber 24th, 1906. to George Rober: Seibert, born September 25th. lss4. in Wilmington,
Delaware, who for the past six years has been chief clerk for George H. Alexander &


Co., Insurance, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. They make their home in Sheraden, Alle-
gheny County, Pennsylvania.

389. — Gladys Jean McNary (6), the younger daughter, was born January 6th,
1896. Is at home with her mother.

390. — Esther Jane McNary (5), daughter of Joseph McNary, was born Sep
ttmber "23rd, 1833, on a farm in Chartiers Township, and was educated in the public
schools. She was married to Moses Hickman, born in 1845. They own and reside
on a farm near Bridgeville, Allegheny County, and are engaged in fanning and
stock raising. Their church home is in the Presbyterian Church of Bridgeville.

391. — Margaretta Bell McNary (5), born July 8th. 1S56, dead.

3t»2. — Elizabeth R. McNary (5), born May 9th, 1858, dead.

393_^james George McNary (5), born February oth, 1860, remained on the
farm, but went South for his health, and after a short illness died in Orange County,
Florida. Was buried in Oak Spring Cemetery.

394. — Harry Lee McNary (5), sou of Joseph McNary, was born February 19th,
1863, on a farm in Chartiers Township, and was educated in the public schools. He
continued on the farm with his mother until his marriage in 1884 to Lizzie Cowden,
of Mt. Pleasant Township, who was born September 23rd. 1865. Later he removed
to Houston, where he still resides. He is employed by the Pittsburg Coal Company,
looking after their farms.

To this union was born one son, Carl. The family are all connected with the
First United Presbyterian Church of Houston.

395. Carl McNary (6), born November 3rd, 1885. A student of Westminster

College, class of 1907. In 1900 was compelled to drop out of school on account of
his Health, and at present is spending the winter at Asheville, North Carolina.

396. — Laura E. McNary (5). and

397. — Lulu E. McNary (5), twins, were born October 15th, 1S66. in Cnartiers
Township Were educated in the public schools, and in the Washington Female
Seminary. They were inseparable, — both zealous workers in the church of their
choice, the United Presbyterian. Not being of very robust constitution, their
health failed, and they died and were laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery.

39S— Margaret McNary (4), oldest daughter of Joseph McNary, was born July
20th, 1811, in Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Died August
30th, 1886, in the same house in which she was born.

Somewhere about 1842 she was married to Andrew Harvey Giffen, also of
Cecil Township, who was born December 26th. 1905, and who died August 14th, 1S90.
For many years preceding his death he was a ruling elder in the United Presby-
terian Church of Canonsburg. They are buried in the Oak Spring Cemetery, Canons-

To them were born three children: John Milton, Belle and Alice.

399. — John Miltcn Giffen (5) was born in Cecil Townsh : p, one and one-half
miles east of Canonsburg, September 29th, 1845, and was educated in the public
schools of the period. He was married in 1870 to Sarah Elizabeth Weaver, who was
born October 24th, 1846. For many years he followed the occupation of farm-
ing, in which he proved successful, but his health failing somewhat about 1^96, he
purchased a home at No. 221 Belmont avenue, Canonsburg, where he now r. -sides.
His church home is in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Churen of Canonsburg,
where in infancy the rites of baptism were administered.

To them were born two children: A son, who died in infancy, and a daugh-
ter, Margaret Belle.

400. — A son. (6), died in infancy.

401.— Margaret Belle Giffen (G), born August 30th, 1876, who married Samuel


T. Rutherford, born April 14th, 1S6S. They live in Petroleum, Eicbie County. West
Virginia, and their church home is the Caledonia United Presbyterian Church.

402. — Belle Giflen (5), daughter of .Margaret MeXary Giifen, born September
29th, 1S4S, died July 1-th, 1906.

403. Alice Girleii (5), born January 12th, 1850. Both these sisters remained

at home caring for their father aud mother as long as they lived, since when their
home has been with their brother at No. 221 Belmont avenue. They also wjrship
at the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, Canousburg.

404— Isabel McNary (4), daughter of Joseph MeXary, born September 25th,
1820, spent her early life in her father's home near Canonsburg. In 1850 she was
married to Joseph Harvey, of Harrison County, Ohio, where after a short period
of married life, death overtook both Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, and they died leaving
one son, Joseph Bell. Their church home was in the Associate Presbyterian Church

404 1 ...-^Joseph Bell Harvey (5) died of brain fever while yet in his childhood.

405. Mary Ann McNary (4), daughter of Joseph MeXary. born August 13th,

1825. While of delicate build and constitution, she made home happy uutil in early
womanhood she faded as a delicate flower, and died, loved and mourned by all who
knew her. Her remains were laid to rest with her kindred in the cemetery at

406. — Thomas McNary (4). died in early life.

407. — James McNary (4), died in early life.

408. — Esther McNary (4), died in early life.

409. — Janet McNary (4). died in early life.

410.— Elizabeth McNary, daughter of Joseph MeXary, was born in Cecil Town-
ship, Xovember 22nd. 1S2S. About 1S50 she was married to James Templeton, who
was 'born in lS2b in North Strabane Township about four miles east of Canons-
burg. They located on a farm in Chartiesr Township, five miles west of Canons-
burg, where they lived for a number of years until the death of Mrs. Templeton.
which occurred in 1859. Their church home was the Chartiers United Presbyterian
Church of Canonsburg. To them were bom three sous: Joseph MeXary, David
and James Martin.

411. Joseph McNary Templeton (5) was born in 1S52 on the farm in Char-
tiers Township, and attended the public schools in the "McNary District.-' in
which he lived. In about 1888 he was married to Alice McCord, of Canonsburg,
who was born in 1857. After his marriage, his home for the most part has been
in Canonsburg. where he now resides.

To them were born two sons and one daughter, James Emmett, Charles Alex-
ander and Elizabeth MeXary. all single and at home with their parents. Their
church home is in the First Presbyterian f'huch, Canonsburg.

412. — James Emmett Templetcn. born IS90.

413.— Charles Alexander Templeton. bum 1S93.

414.— Elizabeth McNaiy Templeto::. bom 1S97.

(Xote. It is gratifying to note that another member of this family i< John

McDonough, a stepson, who is now married and has one daughter, Isabella MeDon-
ough, aged 1 year.)

41.".— David Templeton (">), died at the a^e of f> years.

41G._james Martin Templeton (5). son of Elizabeth McNary Templeton. was
born in 1.837 in Chartiers Township, and was educated in the public schools. After
their removal to fanonsburu' he was married to Harriet Cochran, of that place,
who was born in 1859. He studied painting and house decorating, which business
he still follows with enviable success.



To them were horn one son and two daughters: Ethel Matilda, Mary Eliza-
beth and Paul Cochran, all of whom are single and at home wi:h their parents in
Canonsburg. They are connected with the Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg.

417. — Ethel Matilda Templeton (6), bom February ath. 1SS4.

41S. — Mary Elizabeth Templeton (6), born July 21st. 1SS6.

410. — Paul Cochran Templeton (6), born February 14th. 1SS1).

4-2ti. — David R. McNary (4), son of Joseph McNary, the sub.ieet of this sketch,
was born March 27th, 1831, in Cecil Township, Washington County. Pennsylvania.
His early life -was devoted to farm labor, and his education was obtained in the
district schools of the period in which he lived. Later he took a partial course in
Jefferson College, Canonsburg.

About 1S3S lie was married to Mary Ann Munn. of Nottingham Township, who
was born March Sth, 1839. They soon after took up their residence in McDonald,
on the line of the P., C, C. &. St. L. Railway, where they still continue to reside.

DWID R. McNARY, No. 420 Thomas Branch.

In his business, that of agent for different mercantile companies, he has been a
success, always retaining the confidence of his employers in whatever he undertook.
Their church connection was first in the United Presbyterian Church, but after
locating in McDonald they identified themselves with the First Presbyterian Church
of that place, and where they are at present to be found. For many years he has
been a ruling elder in that congregation.

To them were born three sons and two daughters: Clarence Francis, Ida May,
John William, Lizzie Ora and S. A. Munn.

421. — Clarence Francis McNary (5) was born Ri ptember 20th. I860.

422.— Ida May McNary (5), daughter of David R. McNary. was born April
4th, 1862. She was married about 1SS3 to Thomas Grant, of Sheridanville, who is
in the employ of the Pittsburg Coal Company.

' To them were bom nine children, as follows: George McNary, Marion
Thompson, Emerson Bennett, John McDonald. Edna. Clara, Louisa Munn. David R.


and Ruth. This happy family, so far as the writer knows, are all living and en-
joying good health at their home in Sheridanville. Their church connection is with
the First Presbyterian Church of that place.

423. — George McNary Grant (6), born February 20th, 18S.5.

424. — Marion Thompson Grant (6), born October 14th, 1887.

425. — •Emerson Bennett Grant (6), born October 7th. 1S88.

426. — John McDonald Grant (6), born August 30th, 1890.

427. — Edna Grant (6), born November 17th, 1892.

42S. — Clara Grant (61, born April 21st, 1895.

429. — Louisa Munn Grant (6), born December 7th, 1897.

430. — David E. Grant (61, born October 31st. 1900.

431. — Ruth Grant (61, born March 26th. 1902.

432. — John William McNary (51, son of David R. McNary, born January 20th.
1864, is unmarried. At present his home is with his brother, S. A. McNary, at
Sheridanville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. For twenty-three years he has been
engaged in railroad work, during which time he has had many marvelous experiences
and escapes. At present he is a conductor in the employ of the P., C, C. &-
St. L. Railway.

433. — Lizzie Ora McNary (51. daughter of David R. McNary. was born Sep-
tember 20th, 1867. She was at home with her parents until her marriage about
1890 to Stewart C. Gailey, who was born April 27th, 1S70, and who is in the employ
of the Pittsburg Coal Company. They reside at No. 1100 Trenton street, Wilkins
burg, Pennsylvania. Their church home is in the Presbyterian Church of that
place. To them were born three children, Harry McNary, Ruth .V. and Charles S.
All are living and at home with their parents.

434. — Harry McNary Gailey (6), born August 22nd, 1891.

435.— Ruth A. Gailey (6), born September 26th. 1895.

436. — Charles S. Gailey (6). bom February 7th, 1904.

437.- — S. A. Munn McNary (51. son of David R. McNary, was born April 3rd.
1871. He chose for his business that of house decorator and artistic painting. Tn
about 1890 he married Mattic E. Bowman, horn September 24th, 1S73, ami tool;
up their residence in Sheridanville, where they still make their home and are con-
nected with the Fir=t Presbyterian Church of that place.

To them were born two sons and one daughter: Clarence, Far] B. and
Florence E.

438.— Clarence McNary (6), born dune 12th, 1891, died February 14th, 1S92.

439.— Earl B. McNary (6), born April 18th, 1<*96.

440.— Florence E. McNary (0,, born March 24th, 1903.

441. — Lavinia McNary (41. born August 25th, 1835, on farm in (Veil Town-
ship, near Canonsburg. received h^r education in the district schools and her more
advanced education in " Glome Institute " (Ladies' Seminary), at Canonsburg. She
was married to John Westbay, who was born December 6th, 1811. After her mar-
riage their hom>- was in Elizabeth. Allegheny County. Pennsylvania, where Mrs.
Westbay continues to reside since the death of her husband. They were liberal
supporters and enthusiastic workers in the Elizabeth United Presbyterian Church.
442. — William Moor McNary (41. son of Joseph McNary. was born in Cecil
Township, May 20th, 1833, and died March 19th. 1904. He was a very quiet, tin
obtrusive man. and devoted himself to farming for the greater part of his life. He
did not enjoy very good health for some years before his death, during which time
he resided in Canonsburg, living a retired life. About 1868 he married Mary Jane
Weaver, of Canonsburg, who was born May 22nd, 1844.


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Pajre for future reference.)


To them were born t>ne son and three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary W., Joseph
M. and Margaret, all of whom are single and at home with their mother in Canons-
burg. Their church home is the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church of Canons-
burg. Mr. McXary is buried in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg.

443. — Elizabeth McNary (5), born November 27th. 1869.

444. — Mary W. McNary (5), born November 14th. 1872.

445. — Joseph M. McNary (5), born May Sth, 1^70.

44G. — Margaret McNary (5), born June 13th. 1SS1.

447. — George McNary (4). son of Joseph McXary, born in Cecil Township.
January 29th, 1S3S. He attended the district schools of the Township, and
Jefferson College. Canonsburg, and graduated from Westminster College. Later
studied medicine under the direction of Dr. James G. Dickson, of Canonsburg, com-
pleting his medical course in Jefferson Medical College. Philadelphia. He opened
an office for the practice of his profession on Wylie avenue, Pittsburg, but after-
wards removed to Carnegie, where he died of typhoid fever February 25th, 1880.
His body was laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. He was married
about 1870 to Essie Littell, of Pittsburg.

443. — Sarah McNary (4). daughter of Joseph McXary, was born in 1S40 on
a farm near Canonsburg. Lived at home with her parents until her marriage with
M. V. Douglas, born 1836, which took place about 1S70. Mr. Douglas was a
soldier in the Union army, having volunteered October 26th, 1561, in Company F,
Sixty-seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Infantry. Third Division, Army of the
Potomac. Took part in battle of Winchester, Mine Run. Catlet Station. Rapidan
River, and others. Was taken prisoner June loth, 1SG3, and was first in Libby
prison, afterwards at Belle Island and Castle Thunder. Was mustered out October
26th, 1S64.

They located on a farm two miles north of C'anonsburg. where they followed
farming successfully until the health of Mr. Douglas failing from the effects of
exposure in the army, they removed to Xorth College street. Canonsburg. where
they now reside. They have been for many years connected with the Chartiers
United Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg.

To them were born two daughters: Mary E. ami Margaret E.

449. — Mary E. Douglas (5). born 1^73. was married about 1599 to James
Andrew Stephens, who was born in 1573. He is employed as superintendent of
agriculture and horticulture in the Boys' Training School, Plainfield. Indiana, where
they make their home and attend the L'nited Presbyterian Church.

To them were born a son and a daughter: Mary Sara anil James Douglas.

450. — Mary Sara Stephens (6), born 1900.

451. — James Douglas Stephens (6), born 1901.

452. —Margaret B. Douglas Co), born 1877. Is at home with her parents.

453. — Nancy B. McNary (4), 'laughter of Joseph McXary. was horn in ('ecil
Township, near Uinon-burg, January 21st. 1543. She lived at the home of her
parents until she was married to Alexander B. McCloy, born March 22nd. 1S42.
They followed the occupation of farming, living for a number of years on a farm
on which is now located Gamble Station, on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. After-
ward they located in ranonsburg, where they continued in business until the death
of Mr. McCloy. which occurred suddenly October 27th. 1«99. Mrs. McCloy now
resides at X~o. 5144 Friendship avenue. Pittsburg. While in Canonsburg they be-
longed to the United Presbyterian Ohurch, and are now in the Shadyside congrega-
tion of that denomination.

To this union were born one son and four daughters: Sara Elizabeth. Marie L.,
Margaret Giffen. Frank Audley Dickson and Eva Carona.


454. — Sarah Elizabeth McCloy (5), born May 12th. 1869, married James Lea
Rankin, born September Sth, 1S6S. They live in Pittsburg and attend the United
Presbyterian Church. They have two children. Eleanor Elizabeth and James Lea.

455.— Eleanor Elizabeth Rankin (6), born May 13th, 1900.

456. — James Lea Rankin (6), born September 13th. 1903.

457. — Marie Laurie McCloy (5), born September 9th, 1S72, married George
Albert Zahnizer, born March 10th, 1S67. They live in Mercer, Pennsylvania, and
are connected with the United Presbyterian Church.

45S. — Margaret McCloy (5), born October 14th. 1S75. married Mr. Marple and
live in Carnegie, where thej attend the United Presbyterian Church. They have
one child, Marion McCloy.

459. — Marion McCloy Marple (6), born June 29th, 1900.

460. — Frank Audley Dickson McCloy (5).

461. — Eva Carona McCloy (5).

462. — Samuel McNary (3), son of Thomas McNary, was born in Chanceford
Township, York County, Pennsylvania. December 26rh, 1781, coming with his father
to the farm purchased a few years later in Xorth Strabane Township. Washington
County, Pennsylvania. His opportunities for education were somewhat limited.
being confined to the subscription schools of those times. But having an ambition
to learn, and being a diligent student and apt scholar, he succeeded in fully master-
ing the branches then included in the common school curriculum.

On January 2Sth. 1802, he married Mary Anderson, born June Sth, 1783. Snnn
after they removed to a farm purchased near BloomingJale, Jefferson County. Ohio.
Here he devoted himself to agricultural pursuits. But while thus engaged, not in
any haphazard, but in an intelligent and successful manner, he was not unmindful
rrf his duty as a citizen of the country that guarded and protected him in his
political rights. He was a member of the General Assembly of Ohio Legislature
in 1821-1822, 1827-1828, 1837-1838. He was a member of the Board of Commis-
sioners, 1815-1820, 1832-1835. Also at an early period he was chosen an associate
iudge, his district extending over a large part of Eastern Ohio. This I feel justified
in saying was before the organization of Jefferson County as such.

To this union was born nin^ children: James, Catharine, Thomas. Jane. Annie.
Mary, Eliza, Esther and Margaret B.

463. — James McNary (4) was born in 1812, In early manhood he went away
from home, and all trace of him was lost. He was supposed to have died suddenly.

464. — Catharine McNary (4), died in her 24th year, unmarried.

465. — Thomas McNary (4), married Jane Parkhill. They were members of the
Seeeder Church of Piney Fork. He died in the 47th year of his age, — his wife
dying near the same time and leaving no family.

466. — Jane McNary (4V born in 1807, received her early education in the
common schools of the period. In 1828 she married Thomas Kyle, who was born in
1 R 00, the marriage ceremony being performed by the Rev. Thomas Hanna, D. D.
They lived on their farm, locatfd near Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio.

To them were born eleven children, all of whom were baptized by the same
minister who performed the marriage ceremony: Samuel, Jane. Elizabeth, Margaret.
Martha, Catharine, Mary. Thomas, Sarah, William and Joseph.

467. — .Samuel W. Kyle (5) was born on the farm near Cadiz in 1830, received
his early education in the schools of the Township in which he lived. In about
1S54 he married Sarah Elizabeth Grove, born in 1825. He was for many years
a ruling elder in the United Presbyterian Church of Cadiz. Ohio. Later he removed
to a farm near New Concord, Ohio, where at present he worships with the Second


United Presbyterian Church, of -which for many years he has been an elder. Mr9.
Kyle died some years'ago.

To them were born four children. Frank Thomas, Melvin Grove, Ella J. and
David Braden.

46S. — Frank Thomas Kyle (6). born in 1855, early developed a taste for music
and studied with that in view. For some time he was Professor of Music in Traver,
Iowa. An author of some note, he wrote the song entitled ''Lost and Found," a
song story of the Civil War, which he set to music. Early in life he identified
himself with the church, and for some years has been an active worker in the
Second United Presbyterian Church of New Concord, Ohio, where he is a ruling
elder. He is unmarried and at home with his father.

469. — Eev. Melvin Grove Kyle, D. D. (6), born May 7th, 1358, on a farm
in Harrison County, Ohio. His early education was received in the public schools.
and he was graduated from Muskingum College in the class of 1SS1 with degree of
A. B. His theological training was obtained in the United Presbyterian Theological
Seminary, Allegheny. Pennsylvania, from which he was graduated in 1885. He was
licensed to preach the Gospel by the Presbytery of Muskingum the same year.
In a short time he received a call from the Seventh United Presbyterian Church
of Philadelphia, which he accepted, and where he has continued to labor since
May 1st, 18*6. He received the degree of D. D. in 1893. Dr. Kyle is a noted
Egyptologist, member of Die Yorderasiatischen-Gesselschaft, of Berlin, and of the
department of Archaeology of the University of Pennsylvania, also a contributor to
archaeological journals.

Dr. Kyle was twice married, his first wife being Susie Young Mitchell, whose
death with her twin daughters occurred in 1891. He was again married about 1S95
to Annie Jane Dempster, who died a few years later, leaving one daughter, Annie
Dempster. Dr. Kyle is a hard worker, ami leaves a deep impression on all with
whom he comes in contact. He is at home to his friends at Frankfort, Philadel-
phia, Pennsylvania.

470. — Annie Dempster Kyle (7), born 1*96.

471. — Ella Jennette Kyle (6), the only daughter of Samuel and Sarah Eliza
beth Kyle, was born in 1S62. In addition to her public school training, she was a
student for some time at Muskingum College. She is unmarried, and at home with
her father. Her church connection is in the Second United Presbyterian Church, of
Xew Concord, Ohio.

472. — David Braden Kyle (6), born 18f>3 near Cadiz, Ohio, was educated in
the public schools of Harrison County, and later entered the Jefferson Medical
College, Philadelphia, from which he graduated in the class of 1391. He is now
Professor of Laryngology in that college, and consulting Laryngologist in St.
Agnes' Hospital: also Bacteriologist in the Philadelphia Orthopedic Hospital, and
at present to be found as a practicing physician at his office. Xo. 1517 "Walnut
street, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. In, addition, he has an enviable standing as an
author, having issued a medical text book on "Diseases of the Xose and Throat.''
He married Jeannetta Emma Smith. Their church home is in the United Presby-
terian Church.

473. — Margaret Kyle (5). daughter of Jane MeXarv and Thomas Kyle, born
near Cadiz, Ohio, married Robert Henderson, of Jefferson County, Ohio, who resided
on the old Henderson farm near Smithfield, where they continued to live until the
death summons called them to their rest, leaving no family. Their church home
was in Piney Fork United Presbyterian Church. Ruling elder for many years.

474.— Mary A. Kyle (5), daughter of Thomas Kyle, born near Cadiz in 1833.
prepared herself for teaching in the public and high schools of Harrison County.



and proved proficient in this Hue of work. In October, 1857, she was married to

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