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forest in possession of the native Indian tribes of the northwest.

By what means of transportation, or by what route over the Allegheny Moun-
tains, David McXary, accompanied by his aged father, reached the scene of his new
abode upon the western borders of civilization, must now be a matter of conjecture!
We know that at this time no "highways" had been cut through the dense and
heavily timbered forest westward from the Monongahela to the Ohio: There existed
the old "Indian" or "Mingo" trail, which traversed this region, from Fort Dit-
quesne, at the "forks of the Ohio" (Pittsburg) to the "Mingo Bottoms" on the
Ohio River, below Steubenville— passing nearby Holliday's Cove, on Harmon's
Creek. If David McXary and his father crossed the Alleghenies by the military road
opened by General Forbes in his march over the mountains to capture and destroy
Fort Duquesn.-, in 1758, lie probably reached his new home from Pittsburg over the
"Mingo" trail, via Robinson's Run and Cherry Valley, crossing Raccoon Creek and
valley at the fair grounds, Burgettstown; thence, by Harmon's Creek, to the
military "outpost" in the near vicinity of his chosen home, in the new settlement


on the eastern banks of the Ohio. But, as his brothers — James, in 17S0, ant]
Thomas, in 17S2 — hail preeeded David to the "promised land" beyond the moun-
tains, and had already settled in the Chartiers region of Washington County — tLe
"Shirtee" of pioneer days — it would seem that these brothers probably crossed the
mountains via Raystown (Bedford) and. by the "Cumberland"' road, to "Redstone
Old Fort'' (now Brownsville), on the Monongahela; whence, crossing this stream,
they would be within one day's journey of their destination upon Chartier's Creek.
At this early day the emigration over the mountains, from Eastern Pennsylvania,
was by either the one or the other of these routes; and the latter, or southern
route, seems to have been the popular one from the frontier "outposts" back to
the older settlements in the East, from whence all needed supplies were obtained.
Conceding, then, that the preceding brothers — James and Thomas — had come West
over the southern or "Raystown" road to "Redstone Old Fort," or Brownsville, on
the Monongahela — what more natural than that father and brother should have
been "admonished" to "journey through the wilderness" by the same route?
Once at "Redstone Old Fort." father and son would have the benefit of water
transportation (by flat boat) down the Monongahela and the Ohio Rivers to locate
under the protection of the garrison at Holliday's Cove — thus saving a troublesome
and unsafe journey through the wilderness of the interior.

While the history of the hardships and privations encountered and overcome
by these brave and and intrepid ancestors, in reaching and establishing new homes
in this "wilderness of promise" is now lost to succeeding generations, their de-
scendants are fortunate in possessing the absolute knowledge that when James Mc-
Nary and his youngest son. David, had, in 1783, established a home on the waters
of Harmon's Creek, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, that all of the "McNary
Family," viz., the veuerable James McNary, the "founder;" James, his second
son, in 1780; Thomas, the third son, in 1782; and now David, the fourth son.
in 1783 — with their families — were all permanently established west of the Alie-
ghenies — save only the eldest son, John, alone of the McNary quartet yet remain-
ing upon the homestead at Chanceford, Pennsylvania — where they reared large
families, under all the trials and privations incident to a pioneer life; and subject
to the additional menace of numerous Indian incursions from the hostile tribes beyond
the Ohio, and of the upper lake regions; and that John McNary, the oldest sou,
before his demise in 1802, also provided a home for his family in the "new country"
adjacent to the homes of his brothers — James and Thomas — on the waters of
"Shirtee;" whence his family, after his death, all removed. And the advent of
the nineteenth century thus witnessed a "reunion" of the McNary ancestry in a
region destined soon to become the scene of the greatest agricultural and industrial
activity on the face of the globe! In a "goodly" region, of wh:ch it might well
be said to them, as to God's chosen people of old, "For the Lord thy God bringeth
thee into a good land; a lar.d of brooks of water, of fountains, and of depths that
spring out of valleys and hills; a land of wheat and barley and vines; a land of
oil, olive and honey; a land wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness,
thou shalt not lack anything therein "—almost a literal description of Washington


County, Pennsylvania, and thou not nearly all is told!

Amid such scenes, "in trial an:l privations many, " were the pioneer ancestors
of the "MeXary" Clan domiciled in this "goodly"' laud. Be it ever the aim and
ambition of their descendants to emulate the virtues and veuerate the memory of
their worthy ancestors, to the most remote generations! And especially is it a
matter of congratulation to their descendants of the present day, that their ancestors
had neither part nor parcel in the unenviable "Williamson Expedition" from this
roginn, in A. D. 17S2, that encompassed the brutal massacre of the "Moravian"
Indians at Graudenhutten, — thereby placing an indelible stain upon the fair fame,
not only of this region, but of the Scotch-Irish race as well! And a still further
source of satisfaction have this numerous clan, in the knowledge that their ancestors
were at the post of duty in the Revolutionary conflict, fighting iu the cause of
freedom, and not fleeing — as did not a few — behind the Alleghenies, to shun a
patriot's duty to his country in its hour of need!

The noble deeds our sires have done,
The mighty conflicts they have won —

In memory's hall, we store them all;
And fain accord, with due delight.
All rev'rence to the memory bright

Of all who honored Freedom's call!

3. — Margaret McNary (3), married John Ramsey, Hookstown, Beaver
County, Pennsylvania. Had six children: David. Sarah, Mary. Milly. Emily and

4. — David Ramsey (4).

5. — Sarah Ramsey (4), married a Mr. Sterling.

6. — Mary Ramsey (4), married a Mr. Sterling.

7. — -Millie Ramsey (4). married a Mr. Miller.

8. — Emily Ramsey (4), married a Mr. Witherspooti.

8l<2. — William H. Witherspoon (5), resides at Beaver, Pennsylvania.

9. — Rhoda Ramsey (4).

10. — Esther McNary (3), married Williamson, of Jefferson County,


11. — Mary McNary (3), married Samuel Martin, of Canonsburg, Pennsyl-
vania (See Xo. 372 of John Branch), a second cousin, being a son of Margaret
MeXary, daughter of John McNary, the oldest of the four MeXary brothers, and
founder of the "John" branch of the family. Had ten children: Esther, Mar-
garet, Sarah, James, John, David. William, Isabella, Isaac and Eliza Jane.

12. — Esther Martin (4), married a Mr. ("'much of Mansfield, Ohio.

13. — Margaret Martin (4), married Judge McCarrell, of Washington County,

14. — Sarah Martin (4), married a Mr. Rowen, of Washington County,

15. — James Martin (4), Mansfield. Ohio.

16.— John Martin (4'). died at age of 9.

17. — David Martin (4), died at age of 9.


(Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.)


18. — William Martin (4). married Mary A. Houston. Was president of the
First National Bank of Cauonsburg, Pennsylvania, at the time of his death. Had
two sons: David Houston and Samuel Albert.

10. — David Houston Martin (5), attorney at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

20. — Samuel Albert Martin (5), Presbyterian minister.

21. — Isabelle Martin (4). married a Mr. Taggart. of Beaver County, Pa.

22. — Isaac Martin (4), Ir.d'anola, Iowa.

23. — Eliza Jane Martin (4).

24. — Elizabeth McNary (3), married William Wallace, Poland. Ohio.

2.5. — William McNary (3), married Margaret Ramsey, sister to Rev. James
Ramsey, D. D., resided in Brooke County, West Virginia. Was a member of the
Seeeder congregation of Paris. Pennsylvania. Buried in the Paris, or Harmon's
Creek, Cemetery. Had nine children: Nancy. David, Robert, Samuel. John, Ebeu-
ezer, William. James and Mary.

26. — David McNary (4), married Nancy Fulton, lived at Bloomfield, Ohio.
Born 1800. died 1S65. Had eight children, Jane, Nancy, Sarah. Maggie, Martha,
William, Mary and Lizzie.

27. — Jane McNary (3), married James McBride, Murray, Indiana.

2S. — Nancy McNary (3), born 1830. Married William Caldwell. Antrim, Ohio.

29. — Sarah McNary (3), born 1S32. Married John R. Her Iman, Xenia. Ohio.

30. — Maggie McNary (5), born and died in 1S34.

31. — Martha McNary (5), born 1S33. Married William McCarey, Bloomfield.

32. — William McNary (5), died in his 16th year.

33. — Mary McNary (5), born 1^37. Married William Atkins, Ogden. Indiana.

34. — Lizzie McNary (5), born 1S42. Married E. Newhouse, Knightstown',

35. — Robert McNary (4), married and had three daughters. Coshocton. Ohio.
Trace of descendants lost.

£6. McNary (5), daughter of Robert McNary.

37. McNary (5), daughter of Robert McNary.

3S. McNary (5), daughter of Robert McNary.

39. —Samuel McNary (4), married and had two daughters. Defiance. Ohio.
Xo trace of descendants.

40. McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McNary.

41. McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McNary.

42. — John McNary (4), went West. No family.

43. — Ebenezer McNary (4), removed to Missouri at an early day. Has de-
scendants in the "family" name in that State, and in other parts of the West,
of whom no trace is available for this present publication.

44. — William McNary <A), born in Hancock County, West Virginia. 1812.
Married Letitia S. Watt, 1340. Died 1882. Had six children: Mary Kllen. Mar-
garet Jane, S. Elizabeth, Samuel John, Emma Agnes and Amanda Madura. Reside 1
at Paris, Pennsylvania, ami at Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Member of the L'nitel
Presbyterian denomination.

45.— Mary Ellen McNary (5), married Thomas Bavington. to whom two
children were born: William and Anna.



40. — William Bavington (6), Burgettstowu, Pennsylvania.

47. — Anna Bavington (6). married Robert McQuay. Wheeling, West Visgiuia.

4S. — Margaret Jane McNary (5), died young.

49. — Sarah Elizabeth McNary (5), married .T. L. Scott. They had five chil-
dren: Willa. Anna, Freda. Clyde and Clair.

.50. — Willa Scott (6), married Milton McClintock.

51. — Anna Scott (6), deceased.

.")!'. — Freda Scott (6), deceased.

53. — Clyde Scott (r>), re-i,les at Sheraden, Pennsylvania.

34. — Clair Scott (6), resides at Sheraden. Pennsylvania.

55. — Samuel John McNary (■'<), married to Margarite Stephenson, of Den-
nison, Ohio. Had three children: Frank B., William A. and Ella Wallace.

WILLIAM McNARY, No. 44 David Branch.

56. — Frank B. McNary (6). married Delia Shower ami lives at Kansas City.

57. — William A. McNary (0), married Susan Wilson. Has two children: Rutb
Wilson and Helen Thelnia.

58. — Ruth Wilson McNary (7).

59. — Helen Thelnia McNary (7).

60. — Ella Wallace McNary (6), Dennison, Ohio.

61. — Emma Agnes McNary (5), Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

62. — Amanda Madira McNary (5), married John Davies and had three chil-
dren: Lloyd M., Carl Vivian and John Thomas, and was afterward married to
D. D. Stottlemeyer, of Burgettstown, and they had three children: Robert William.
Clen D. and Wade Lindley.

63. — Lloyd M. Davies (6).

04. — Carl Vivian Davies (6).

(').").- — John Thomas Davies (6).



66. — Robert William Stottlemeyer (6).

67. — Glen D. Stottlemeyer (6).

6S. — Wade L. Stottlemeyer (6).

69. — James McNary (4). bora 1807, died 1S7S. Reside. 1 at Paris and at
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Was an elder in the United Presbyterian congregation
at Paris, Pennsylvania. Left no descendants.

JAMES McWRY, \o. 69 David Branch.

70. — Mary McNary (1), married Dr. William Shields, Mt. Joy, Illinois. Had
large family, of whom we have no trace.

71. — Nancy McNary (4i. married William Thompson, Findley, Ohio.
72. — Sarah McNary (3). married James Stewart. Youngstown. Ohio.
73. — Jane McNary (3), married ■ — MeBride, of Poland, Ohio.


The writer regrets the extremely meager knowledge now obtainable and
here presentel, of the names and location of the descendants of the daughters of
David McNary; caused largely, no doubt, from the fact that David's home was
farther removed from his kindred than any of his brothers' locations; and also
from the early dispersion of his daughters to homes of their own, in locations
remote from their kinsfolk of the "McNary" name. The descendants of his
daughter Mary — Mrs. Samuel Martin ('See No. 11) — are also descended from the
"John McNary" branch of the family, and are enumerated therein.

For traie of David McNary 's other descendants we are compelled to look
almost exclusively to the line of descent of his only son, William. No. 2o; and. of
the descendants of this William's nine children, we are again confined chiefly to



the line of his son William. No. 44 — grandson of David— to continue the branch to
the present generation.

Descendants of Ebenezer MeXary, Xo. 43, son of William, are known to
reside in Missouri, and other parts of the West, trace of whom, we regret to say, is
not now available fur this publication. There are, also, "McXarys" in the States
of Indiana and Illinois who seem to trace their ancestry to Robert MeXary, Xo. 35,
son of William, of whose descendants we have no knowledge — but who was last
heard of in the Coshocton. Ohio, region. Of the descendants of the children of
William MeXary, Xo. 2o. other than of his youngest son, William, Xo. 44 — herewith
given — the writer has. unfortunately, no trace. If all who know themselves to he
descendants of the "David'' branch of the MeXary family will make such fact
known to the Secretary of the MeXary Association, a note of such relationship
will be placed on file, from which a revised record of this branch may be compile 1
for future publication.


Virginia Family



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^ a

■2 * ?

.; - "

o ^ n

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_3 ? _

" o ?

ls §



1 23 Moore Hopwood.

24 Chorlea Hopwood.
1 25 John Hopwood.

2(1 William Hopwood.

27 Brick Hopwood.

28 Frank Hopwood.

x "a

- 3"

o o

=i 5








Compiled by Mrs. Mary V. McNary, of Martinsville, 111., and Fred McNary,

Fillmore, Ind.

1. — William McNary (1), of Redstone (Old Fort), Va., with two brothers
emigrated to America some time before the Revolutionary War and served as a
soldier later in said war. He had two sons, Ebenezer and John.

2. — Eoenezer McNary (2). son of William McNary, had two children, Ximroi
and William.

3. — Nimrod McNary (3) have in. record of.

4. — William McNary (3) had seven children, Elizabeth, Sallie, Louisa, Lueinda,
Thomas, Howard and Isaac.

5. — Elizabeth McNary (4) married Mr. Washburn.

6. — Sallie McNary (4).

JOHN McNARY, No. 12 Virginia family

7. — Louisa McNary (4) married Mr. Byram.
8. — Lueinda McNary (4) married Mr. Auld.
9. — Thoma-j McNary (4).
10. — Howard McNary (4).
11. — Isaac McNary (4).

Some of tliis family live about Martinsville, 111., but do not know the n.nnes
or addresses.

12. — John McNary (2), bore in the Stat.- of Virginia in 17o7. In 1797, with
the family of Samuel Tennis, he emigrated to Mason County, Ky. In I79S he
married Sallie Ann Tennis. To thorn werr> born 11 children, Harriet, Arthur. Elcnor T.,


Eheuezer Susan, Elenor, Eliza J., bailie Ann, John, Samuel T. and William Henry.
All of theso children were born near Maysville. Ky. In the year lS2b' he moved
with his family to Putnam County, Iiul., locating on a farm near Greeneastle.
While living there he served one term in the State legislature. In 1S39 he went
to Illinois and purchased a farm, moving his family in the year following. In
October, 1S44, his wife died. He remained on his farm until the marriage of his
son, William, with whom he made his home until his death in May, 1S61.

13. — Harriet McNary (3), born December 5, 1799, was married three times.
Husbands all died violent deaths.

Her first husband was Thomas .lames, to whom there was born three chil-
dren, Stanfield, William and Arthur. Mr. James was shot by a man whom he
had caught stealing.

Her second husband was Lew Robinson, who had no children. He hud taken
horses to New Orleans market, and on his return trip was murdered.

Her third husband was Patrick Dougherty. To this union was born two
children, Philandi r and Maria. Mr. Dougherty left home to buy some laud. His
horse came back alone. He was never found. Was probably murdered for his

14. — Stanfield James (4) married a Gifford. Had 2 children, John and Ella.

14%.— John Gifford (o).

14V4- — Ella Gifford (5) married James McD. Hays, mayor of Greeneastle, Ind.
They have 4 children. Judie. Tunie. Frank and Harry.

14%. — Judie Hays (15) married a Hays and lives in Worthington, Ind.

14%. — Tunie Hays (6) married a Hays. Has 1 child, Buskirk.

14%. — Buskirk Hays (7).

14?4. — Frank Hays (6).

14%. — Harry Hays (6).

15. — William James (4).

1G. — Arthur James (4).

17. — Philander Dougherty (4), doctor of Junction, Kas.. now deceased.

IS. — Maria Dougherty (4).

19. — Arthur McNary (3), born November 5, ISOO. Married Maria <'r>nly.
Ila 1 no children. He was buried in Cloverdale, End.

20. — Eleanor T. McNary ('.'.). born August 3. 1S03. Died in ehildh 1.

21. — Ebenezer McNary (3), born December 3, ! v o4. Married Mary Elizabeth
Fry. They had nine children, Julia, John. Josephine, Jasper, Sallie Henrv.
Ebenezer, Ilattie and Victoria.

22.— Julia McNary (4) married Ferdinand Hopwood and lives in Kansas. Had
six children, Moore, Charles, John, William, !'>ri.-k and Frank.

23. — Moore Hopwood (5).

24. — Charles Hopwood (5).

2j. — John Hopwood (•").

26. — William Hopwood (5).

27. — Brick Hcpwood (7>). •


28. — Frank Hopwood (5).

29. — John McNary (4) married Eliza Garner. Lives in Clark County, 111.
Had four children, Alice. William. Henry and Hulda.

30. — Alice McNary (5).

31. — -William McNary (5).

32. — Henry McNary (3).

:;::. — Hulda McNary (5).

34.— Josephine McNary (4), married John Moore. They had two children,
Dennis aud a daughter. After the death of Mr. Moore she was married to George
Schmidt. Is now dead.

35. — Dennis Moore (5).
36.— Moore (5).

37. — Jasper McNary (4) married Alice . Had five children. Mina,

Lizzie and throe others.

38. — Mina McNary (•">).

39. — Lizzie McNary (5).

40. McNary (3).

41. McNary (•",).

42. McNary (5).

43. — Sallie McNary (4) married Dr. W. H. Doke. Has one child, Weber, and
lives at Martinsville. 111.

44. — Walter Doke (5).

45. — Henry McNary (4) married Ruhama Chancellor. Had three children,
Malcolm, May and Belle.

46. — Malcolm NcNary (3).

47.— May McNary (5).

48. — Belle McNary (5).

49. — Ebenezer McNary i4) married Cornelia Cline. Had three children, Bert,
Fied and Forest. Lives at Martinsville. 111.

50. — Bert McNary (5).

51. — Fred McNary (5).

52. — Forest McNary (5).

53. — Hattie McNary (4) married Oliver Ishler. Had three children, Shelby.
Lola and Josehpine. Lives at St. Louis. Was later married to Mr. Babcox.

54. — Shelby Ishler (3) joined the "Rough Riders" in the Spanish-American
War and was badly wounded at San Juan.

55. — Lola Ishler (5).

56. — Josephine Ishler (5).

57.- — Victoria McNary (4) married Dr. Fisher. Had two children, Robert
and (Dry. Ion. Later married a Mr. Palmer.

~)$. — Robert Fisher (5).

59. — Coiydon Fisher (5).


60. — .Susan Jane McNary (3), born October 25, 1806. Married William
Crawford. Had 10 children. Louis, John, Eliza. Sallie, William, Nellie, Susan,
Joshua, Moses, and one other. Mrs. Crawford died in 1S92, aged 84.

61. — Louis Crawford (4) lives at Georgetown. O.

6?. — John Crawford (4) lives at Ripley, O.

63. — Eliza Crawford (4) married a Mr. Hicks. Lives at Georgetown, O.

64. — Sallie Crawford (4) married a Mr. Goldsburg. Lives at Russelville, ( >.

65. — William Crawford (4) lives at Ripley, O.

66. — Nellie Crawford (4) married a Mr. Howard and lives at Ripley, O.

67. — Susan Crawford (4) married a Mr. Hodkins. Lives at Ripley, O.

68. — Joshua Crawford (4) had one child, George. Died August "20, 1907^ at
Morgantown, Ind.

69. — George Crawford (5) lives at Morgantown, Ind.

70. — Moses Crawford (4).

71.- Crawford (4).

72. — Eleanor McNary (3). born March 20, 1808. Married Thomas Moore.
Had eight children, Sallie Ann. William, John, James, America. Samuel, George
and Walter.

73. — Sallie Ann Moore (4).

74. — William Moore (4) had five children.

75.— Moore (5).

76. Moore (5).

77. Moore (5).

78. Moore (5).

79.— - Moore (5).

SO.— John Moore (4).

81. — James Moore (4).

82. — America Moore (4).

83. — Samuel Moore (4).

84. — George Moore (4).

85. — Walter Moore (4) was a Baptist minister. Had two sons, and they
were both ministers.

86. Moore (5), minister.

87. Moore (5), minister.

88. — Eliza J. McNary (3) born August 17, 1810. Married a Mr. Robinson.
Had two children. William and Henry. She was killed in a runaway near
Quincy, 111.

S9. — William Robinson (4).

90. — Henry Robinson (4).

91. — Sallie Ann McNcry (3) born 1812. Married Henry Secrest. Had one
child, Josephine.

92. — Josephine Secrest (4) married Solire Turman. Had one child. Flora.

93. — Flora Turman (5) married a Mr. Laughlin.


( Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc.. on Blank Pa e e for future reference. )



94.— John W. McNary (3) born May 14. 1S14. Harried and moved to Put-
nam County lad., in 18?6. Was married November S, 1838, to Sarah A. Applegate.

JOHV W. Mc\\R>, No. 9* Virginia family

of Mason County, Ky., but later of Greeneastle, Ind. Had six children, Charles,

William, Louisa, Margaret, Peter and Hairy. He died in 1S92.

CHARLES McN\R>, No. 95 Virginia Family

95 —Charles McN-ry (4). horn 1840. Died 1880. Had two children, Ida and
Dora. He was twice married, his first wife was a Howe and his socond wife was

an Alspaugh.



98. — Ida McNary 5) married a Mr. Terry. Had four children, Charles.
William. Delia ami CTvde.

99. — Charles Terry •

100. — William Terry 6 .

101. — Delia Terry (6).

102. — Clyde Terry (6).

103. — Dora McNary •">' married a Mr. Bishop. Had two children Edith and
Claude. Now dead.

104.— Edith Bishop 6 .

10-3. — Claude Bishop ("3).

106. — William McNary 1). born 1*42. Married .Harriet Gifford. Had two
children, Clara and Wade.

WILLUM McNxRt No. 106 Virginia Familv.

107. — Clara McNary 5 marrit A a Mr. Ruark. Had three children. Chester.
Fred and Goldie. Lives near Greencastle, Ind.

108. — Chester Buark 6).

109. — Fred Buark

110. — Goldie Buark

111. — Wade McNary (->) married a Walton. No children. Lives in Fillmore.

112.— Louisa McNary '4). born October 4. 1*44. at Frankfort. Ind. Married
.Tames Sinclair. Had four children, Marion. Flora. Kate and Margaret.

113. — Marion Sinclair " | married Louie Smith. Had two children, iia!;.:.
and Lelia. Live* at Fillmore. Ind.

114. — Balph Sinclair (<"<).

115. — Lelia Sinclair (6).



116. Flora Sinclair (5) married a Mr. Clarence Leachman. Had four chil-
dren, Harry, Helen, Herbert and Horace. Lives at Fillmore, Ind.

117. — Harry Leachman (6").

US. — Helen Leachman (6).

119. — Hebert Leachman (lib

120. — Horace Leachman (6).

121.— Kate Sinclair (5) married Fred Phillips. No children. Lived at Frank-
fort, Ind. Was a lineman, and was killed by a live wire.

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