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122. — Margaret Sinclair (5) married Alva Bryant. Had one child, Bernice.
She was afterwards married to a Mr. Bolt, of Cyclone, Ind.

PETER McVARY, No. 129 Virginia family.

123. — Bernice Bryant (6).

124.— Margaret McNary (4) married William Knight. Had two children.
Lula and Walter. Now deceased.

125.— Lula Knight (o) married a Mr. Ruark, Fillmore, Ind. Had two chil-
dren, Herschel and Hazel.

126. — Herschel Ruark ("Hi.

127. — Hazel Ruark (6).

128. — Walter Knight (5). Now dead.

129.— Peter McNary (4), born ISriO. Married Ella Houghland, to whom tno
children were born, Forest and Fred. Later he was married again to Emma Gillespie.
Lives at Fillmore, Ind.



]30. — Forest McNary (5), boru 1876. Married Maude Hurst April 27. 1S9S.
Had two children, Harold and Marion. Lives at Greencastle. Ind.
131. — Harold McNary (6), born December 15, 1899.
132.— Marion McNary (6), born June 3, 1905.




. ■_. _ _ ■ - -

FOREST McNARY AND SONS, HAROLD AND MARION. Nos. 130, 131 and 132 Virginia Family.



133.— Fred McNary (5), born 1SS2. With Bell Telephone Co. He furnished
a good deal of the history for this branch of the family.

134.— Harry McNary (4). born 1S54. Died 1906. Single.

133. — Samuel T. McNary (3), born November 2o, 1S17. Married Faulony
F. Griffith, January 14. 1S39. Had six children, Amerial, William R., Sarah. Harriet
Jane, John and Charles.

136. — Amerial McNary (4). born February 24, 1S42. Married Simeon Staf-
ford. Had two children and both died in infancy.

137.— William E. McNary (4), burn March 10, 1S45. Married Letitia Ecord,
to whom one child was born, Samuel U. After her death he was married to Lola
Fillon, to whom seven children were born, Maude, Minnie, David William.
Martha, Merl, Emma and Clara.

13S.— Samuel U. McNary (5).

139.— Maude McNary (5).

FRED McS*RY, No. 133 Virginia Family.

140. — Minnie McNary (.5).

141. — David William McNary (5).

142 — Martha McNary (o).

143.— Merl McNary (5).

144. — Emma McNary (5), burned to death.

145. — Clara McNary (5).

146. — Sarah McNary (4), born December 8, 1S47. Married Isaac Hani and
again to Alex. Lindsay.

147. — Harriet Jane McNary (4).

14S. — John H. McNary (4) married Jane Snalline. Had nine children,
Myrtle, Maude, May, Clyde. Fay, Fred. John, Russell and Clifford.

149. — Myrtle McNary (a) married Winfield Miller.


150.— Maude McNary (o).

151. — May McNary (5).

152.— Clyde McNary (5).

153. — Fay McNary (5).

154. — Fred McNary (5).

155. — John McNary (•">).

156. — Russell McNary (5).

157.— Clifford McNary (5).

158. — Charles McNary (4) was married twice. His first wife was Rose
Stanficld and his second wife was Margaret ILwertou. He had three ch'ldren,
Jessie, Letitia and Xora.

159. — Jessie McNary (5).

160. — Letitia McNary (5).

161. — Nora McNary (5).

162. — William Henry McNary (3). horn July 14, 1821. Was married Feb-
ruary 20, 185S. to Lydia Milligan. To them was born three children, Byron, Her-
schel and Clement V. His wife died September 24, 1S63. On November 22, 1S71,
he was again married to Mary V. Steele, who attended the first reunion of the
McXary family. To them were born two sons, Robert Payne and William Chessie.

After a long and useful life, fifty years of which he spent in relieving the
sufferings of his fellow-men, being a doctor, he passed away without a moment's
warning, on the evening of May 28th, 1898. Mrs. McXary, who was instrumental
in helping to furnish a part of this history, died shortly after she had furnished the

163. — Byron McNary (4). born November 5, 1S5S, son of William H. and
Lydia McXary. Was married to Sallie Randel, October 1, 1S?0. Sallie. wife of
Byron McXary. died April 7. 1*99. They had one son. William H. McXary. Byron
McXary was again married to Celestial Xewman, of Martinsville, Ills.

164. — William H. McNary (5), born November 9. 1*S4.

165.— Herschel V. McNary (4), born March 21, 1861. Son of W. H. McXary.
Was married to Mollie J. Randel September 24. 1SS4. Had one child. Lydia V.
Mollie. wife of Herschel V. McXary, died and he was again married to Clara
Jaco. They had one child, Mary Helen.

166.— Lydia V. McNary (5), born October 29, 1889

167. — Mary Helen McNary (5), daughter of Herschel and Clara McXary,
horn December 25, 1904.

168. — Clement V. McNary (4), born December 16. 1S62, and died in infancy.

169. — Robert Payne McNary (4), born May 17, 1S73. Son of William and
Mary V. McXary. Was married to Carrie Week July 9, 1897. Had one son, Earl
Warren. Live at Martinsville, 111.

170.— Earl Warren McNary. (5), son of Ropert P. and Carrie McXary, was
born June 5, 1S98.

171. — William Chessie McNary (4), born September 23, 1S74. Died January
1, 1877.


Martin McNarv Family

( Copied from Book published by Rev. \V. P. McNary

The head of this family was born at Greenock, Scotland. His father,
whose name, according to tradition, was David, went with a wealthy gentle-
man to Dungarvon, Ireland, as a land steward, and there died. His widow
returned to Greenock, with all the family except ]\Iartin, who remained with
their employer. He afterwards went to sea as a cabin boy, was captured and
held prisoner for a while by some hostile nation, and finally came to America.
Here he served in the French war, and came to Haddam, Connecticut,
bringing a bundle of clothes, a watch, and a dying message from a man
whom he had nursed and buried, to his widow, Mrs. Mahitible Blake. This
widow he married some time before the Revolution, and from that time
until his death he lived in Haddam. He served in the Revolutionary war,
and the name on his Sergeant's certificate was "Kenary." His son James
always persisted in writing his name "Canary," but all his descendants now
write it McNary.

Martin had a brother. John, who v ; sited him at Haddam before the
war, "but neither of them being clerkly the family correspondence was nut
kept up."

At the time of his marriage with Widow Blake, he had a son, MAR-
TIN, "a young lad" ('probably by a former marriage"), who settled in Litch-
field, Conn., and left a son George, whose descendants still live there.
This George got his wife at Fishkill. New York.

There was a Martin McNary, who came from Connecticut to Fishkill.
N. Y., and died there in 1S12, who in all probability was the same person.
We will so consider him. and give his genealogy in this connection.

The Elder MARTIN was a Catholic, supposed to have become so
under the influence of his Foster Father in Ireland. He was "truth-
ful, the soul of honor, anxious to have his children early baptized and
taught Christian doctrine." "His wife was of Puritan stock, a near rela-
tive of the Missionary. David Brainard, but being early orphaned, was
brought up in the Church of England." The children all followed^ the
mother instead of the father in their religion. The whole family is said to
be of a mechanical turn of mind.

MARTIN, of Haddam, Conn., had ten children.

MARTIN. Fishkill, New York, (formerly of Litchfield, Conn.,) married

Kate Snider, was a soldier of the Revolution, a blacksmith by trade,

and died in 1812.


MAURICE. Middle Haddam, Conn., had three children. One Son,
(died young, at New Orleans) ; Sarah, (married Capt. Hiram Pen-
field) : Jennette. (married Erastus Smith).

JOHN, had six children. Elias, Henry. (Battle Creek. Mich.,) Betsey,
(m Harley Hood.) Fanny, (m Geo. Hood.) Clarissa, (m Norman
Wilcox. Warrensville, C.) Hannah, (m John Smith. Haddam, Ct.)

RICHARD. Durham. Connecticut, died unmarried.

MARGARET. Haddam. Connecticut, married Asher Clark.

MARY, Maromus, Connecticut, married Mr. Sears.

SAMUEL, Stafford, Connecticut, family given below.

MICHAEL. Haddam. Connecticut, died on old homestead.

JAMES, (Canary) Perth. Fulton county, N. Y.. has three children.
John, James and Harriet. ( married Thomas Newman. )

WILLIAM. Haddam, Connecticut, family given below.

MARTIN. Fishkill. N. Y.. son. as we suppose, of MARTIN, had 8

George, Litchfield. Connecticut, m Miss Spencer, of Fishkill, N. Y.
Mathew. Anna, Jane. Elizabeth, John and Donnel, of whom we know

Joseph, Fishkill. New York, was a soldier in the war of 1814. his widow

still lives with her descendants at Delafield, Wis. He died in 1862.

Joseph. Fishkill. New York, son of MARTIN, had twelve children.

Mary Ann. Napanock, New York, married Nelson Mitchell.

John, Hyde Park. New York, dead.

Caroline, Pleasant Yalley. New York, died unmarried.

Elizabeth, Hughsonville. New York, married Charles Yanarder.

Catharine, Wappenger Falls. New York, married Caleb Foster.

Joseph, Pleasant Yalley. New York. dead.

Cornelius. Delafield. Wisconsin.

Jane, died at Delafield. Wi-consin, aged thirty-nine; (2 feet 9 in. in height.)

Ellen, Cold Spring. New York; deceased.

Harvey, Albany, New York.


Isaac, Coshocton, Ohio, has a family.

Cornelius, Delafield. Wisconsin, son of Joseph, has ten children.

John Cornelius, b. October jo. 185 1. Charles Harvey, b. 1853; died 1859.

Emily Augusta, b. June 2~ . 1855. m Adolphus Wittstrelle, Akron.

111. George F. S.. born October 1. 1857. Minnie L. August 27, 1859.

Harvev, born November [3. 1891. Susan, born February 7. 1804.

Ida. born March 17. 1866. Adda. Born August 1, 1869. Arel Dow,

born Februarv i, 1871.
SAMUEL, Stafford. Conn., son of MARTIN, had seven children.
Samuel. Springfield. Mass.. had two sons — James }f. B.. fa druggist

in New York City), and Samuel A'., la druggist in Hartford, Conn.)
Martin, Clarendon. New York, died unmarried.


Isaac, Stafford. Conn., left no children.

John, Brooklyn. Xew York, (family given below.)

A Daughter, Macomb county. Mich., married Calvin Smith; died
recently, leaving four children- — David Monroe Smith, (Treasury De-
partment, Washington. D. C ) and three others.

Martha. Hampton, Rock Island county, Illinois, married Warrener

Margaretta McN., Collinsville, Conn., married James Spencer. (To her
indebted for the history of her grandfather and his family.)

John, Brooklyn. Xew York, son of SAMUEL, had eight children.

Sarah Jane, Brooklyn. , Xew York, married Mr. Crawford.

John Gray, Brooklyn. Xew York, has no family.

ll'ni. Henry, Brooklyn. Xew York, has no family.

Charles Martin, died, leaving one son and two daughters.

Andrezv Forbes, dead.

Silas Clark, dead.

Isaac Ruby, Erie, Pa., engineer in U. S. navy; married, and has one child.

MICHAEL. Haddam. Conn., son of MARTIN, had seven children.
Amos, Columbus. Ohio. dead.
Martin. Columbus. Ohio, has one son — George.
Albert C, married in Columbus. Ohio.

John, Haddam. Conn., lives on the old homestead ; unmarried.
Margaret, married Ira Hubbard.
Jennette, Gilead. Conn., widow of David Mock.

Addelia, Haddam, Conn., widow of Howell Burks ; lives on the old

WILLIAM, Haddam. Connecticut, son of MARTIN, had four children.

Hiram William. Collinsville. Connecticut, has one son, John Henry.

Anna, married Moses Harris.

Martina, widow of Samuel Harris.

Hephzibah, Middletown, Connecticut, widow of Alfred Penfield.

Kentucky Family

( Copied from Book Published by Rev. \V. P. McN'ary

The head of the Kentucky family of McXarys is supposed to have
come from Scotland, some time previous to the Revolution, and to have
settled either in Xew Jersey or Pennsylvania.

His eldest son was born in 1755. but whether in this country or in
Scotland is uncertain. From the date of the birth of his eldest son it
would appear that he was about the right age to be a brother of JAMES,
of York county. Pa., or MARTIN, of Haddam. Conn., and it is possible
that he was the JOHN referred to previously. According to the tra-
ditions of the family, he moved to North Carolina in his old age. He
had five sons and two daughters.

TOHN. Hopkins county. Ky.. b. 1755. married an Irish lady ua
Hilary, went from North Carolina to Kentucky, it is suj
not far from the year 18 12. died Dec. 9. 1830. and was buried i:i the
family burying ground of his brother WILLIAM. He had l -
sons. Samuel. Alexander and William, who went South and \vh se
history is not known, and one daughter, who married Mr. L gan
and died, leaving two children.

WILLIAM. Muhlenburg county. Kentucky, born 1757. settled at Wal-
nut Hill, seven miles from Lexington. Ky.. some time previ is
1790. at which place all his children were born : married Ann Camp-
bell, a Scotch lady. He and his wife were both ••earnest and de-
voted members" of the Walnut Hill Presbyterian Church, ne
the oldest churches in that country, the grounds of which adjoined
their farm. In the year 18 12. he removed to a farm in Muhlenburg
countv. near Eiwood. which was formerly called McNary Post
Office. He died in the year 1813. and was buried on bis estate.

ALEXANDER, personal history not known.

TWO SONS, are supposed to have lost their lives in the Revolutionary
war. one at the battle of Cow Pens, and the other on boar I i a
Prison Ship, in Charleston Harbor.

ELIZABETH, married John Niblack. of North Carolina, during the
war. and was the Grandmother of Judge Wm. E. Niblack. t the
Supreme Bench of Indiana.

TAXE. born 1767. lived a single lady with her brothers John and Wil-
liam, died Oct. 20. i8r3, and was buried in the family burying
ground in Muhlenburg county Kentucky.


WILLIAM. Muhlenburg county, Kentucky, had eight children.

Hugh Washington, Muhlenburg county, Kentucky, born November
26, 1790, removed with his father to Muhlenburg countv in 1S12.
went to Saline Lick. 111., in 1815; went to Columbia. S. Carolina.
in 1817; and returning in 1826, he settled on his father's place, the
name of which he changed from McNary P. O. to Elwood ; mar-
ried Sarah A. Scott, of Columbia. Dec. 26, 1822. He is said, by an
old neighbor, to have been a "high-minded, kind-hearted, benevolent
gentleman, of incorruptible integrity and unblemished honor." He
died Oct. 7. 1872, and left five children: William, Samuel F., John
A., Sarah and Martha. They all live in Muhlenberg county, and
Samuel and Sarah are married.

William Campbell. Muhlenburg county, Ky., lived after 1812 on a
farm one mile from that of his brother Hugh. He was a suc-
cessful politician, having served several terms in both houses of the
Legislature, and was an influential and useful citizen. He died in
1876, leaving four children — Robert, a physician in Missouri: William,
a physician in Hopkins county. Ky. ; James, in California, and one
Daughter, married Dr. Thomas H. Moore, of Madisonville, Ky.

Thomas Logan, Princeton, Kv„ born July 1805 removed with his father
to Muhlenburg county. Ky.. in 1812; attended Cumberland College.
Ky., two years: studied medicine under Dr. Daniel Caldwell, of
Russelville. Ky.. and attended lectures at Transylvania University.
at Lexington, Ky. ; settled in the practice of medicine at Princeton
in 1831, where he devoted the remainder of his life earnestly to his
profession ; married Louisa Flourney in 1833. who still lives in the
old homestead, and died May 20, 1874.

Elizabeth, married Mr. Campbell, lived in Illinois, is dead.

Sarah, married Mr. Campbell, lived in Illinois, is dead.

Jane, married Col. James Bishop, is dead.

Mary, married Col. Card, of Illinois, is dead.

Nancy, married Mr. Dieter, is dead.

Thomas Logan, M. D., Princeton, Ky., son of WILLIAM, had five

Hugh Fleming. M. D.. Princeton, Ky. ; unmarried and living in the home-
stead. (To him we are indebted for the history of this family.)

Walter Scott, Princeton. Ky., unmarried, living in the homestead.

Ann Elizabeth, Princeton, Ky., unmarried, living in the homestead.

Mary Louisa, Princeton, Ky., married P. H. Darby, an attorney at law,
and has three children.

Lucy, Louisville. Ky., married John W. Darby, an attorney at law, and
has four children.


(Copied from Book Published by Rev. W. P. McNary.)

It is generally believed by the McNarys of Kentucky, and the Mc-
«'airys of Tennessee, that their families were originally one, and that
ie i did not originally belong to the name of the latter family, and
lerefore we give a brief sketch of it, as part of this history:

JOHN McNAIRY, the eldest of six brothers, was born the 30th of
March, 1762, in Lancaster county. State of Pennsylvania, and on
the 20th day of December, 1787, was elected a Judge by the Gen-
eral Assembly of North Carolina and held the first Superior Court
that was held in Nashville, in the County of Davidson. He con-
tinued in office until what is now called the State of Tennessee, by
the Cession act. became the Territory South of the Ohio River. He
was then appointed, by George Washington, then President, one
of the Territorial Judges, and held that office until the Territory
became the State of Tennessee, and was then appointed, by the
General Assembly, one of the Judges of the Superior Coir. t of that
State, and held that office until he was appointed, by the then
President Washington, District Judge of the Courts of East and
West Tennessee. Having been in office without intermission for
forty-six years, he died on the 10th day of November, 1837, at his
residence near Nashville, Tennessee." He had no children.

OBERT, lived in North Carolina, but his descendants settled in Ala-
bama and Mississippi.

\MES, lived in North Carolina, but his descendants settled in Alabama
and Mississippi.

ATHANIEL, was a Lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee. He had eight
children, all of whom are now dead except a widowed daughter,
Mrs. Amanda J. Porter.

NDREW, lived in Nashville, Tennessee, died without children.

OYD, a Physician, lived in Nashville, Tennessee. He had four chil-
dren one of whom is Dr. Walter McNairy, living in the Naval De-
partment, Washington, D. C.


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