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physical characteristics and no doubt originated from the same old Celtic stock.
Di.'ir relationship, while it may never be traced, may be taken for granted, and
"ii'ir history incorporated into one family record.










1. — James McNary (1), the father of us all, was born in Scotland about the
vear 1711. He was a man of medium size, spoke with a broad Scotch brogue and
was a shoemaker by trade. The traditions of his family say that he was born in
Scotland, that he lived a short time in Ireland and came to America with his
family some time prior to 1760 and settled in Chanceford Township, York County,
Pennsylvania. In the year 17(30 he bought a tract of land from Samuel Esson for
three pounds ten shillings. Again in 1 7*34 he bought another farm from Robert
MeCall 'for forty-two pounds ten shillings. He had four sons and one daughter,
John, James, Thomas, David and Jane — the daughter married a Mr. Robinson in
York County, and as far as we know remained there all her life. Later in life he
deeded part of his land to his son John and part to his son James. He and his
sou John were elected elders in Guinston congregation on the same day, May loth,
17i39. It is worthy of remark that all of his four sons were elected elders in the
Associate Church, two of them in the old Chartiers congregation.

In the year 17^3 he removed with his youngest son. David, to Hanover Town-
ship, Washington County, Pennsylvania, where he died at the age of So and was
buried at Harmons Creek (now called Service) graveyard. His granddaughter. Mrs.
Martin, who gave me the data for this early history, said she remembered dis-
tinctly being at his funeral and seeing the coffin lowered in the grave, although she
was only six years old at the time. She kept his family Bible and it was in the
possession of her son, William Martin, after her death, who gave it to me on No-
vember 24th, 1901. It is now deposited in the vault of the Citizens Trust Company
at ('anonsburg. Pennsylvania.


John McNary Branch

McNary Tree — John Branch



m ii":.,v

]-S W.rl.h


',' r'S.'.V

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,., =-,.,„-„ i>. B.i!.,.


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„>» C ,U_„. T.,..,. - ^

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I "'" '■■•



Inasmuch as this is a history as well as a genealogy we will endeavor to
bring out the dim and misty legends of the older generations and get all possible
items of interest on record before it is too late. One of the objects of this geneal-
ogy is to create an interest which will stimulate the members to dig up all the old
records that are available and as far as possible fill out the missing items in the
history of the older generations.

2. — John McNary (2), son of .James, of York County. Pennsylvania, was born
about the year 1738, probably in Scotland, and came to this country with his
father's family. The first we know of him he was elected an elder in the Associate
Church of Guinston on May loth. 1769. He lived on the old horn-stead in Chanee-
ford Township, in York County. Pennsylvania, in a log house, weather-boarded and
painted red. on a farm containing 340 acres, which he bought from his father.
He was a prominent member of the Guinston Church until his death. We have
no record of his size or general appearance. He sold his York County farm in
1801 for twelve hundred pounds, came to Washington County. Pennsylvania, aid
bought the old McXary farm in Xorth Strabane Township. The farm was heavily
timbered and quite hilly, but it had a strong spring of clear, pure water pouring out
of the hillside which decided the location of the future home.. Xo doubt the line?
of that farm were blazed with the axe through the heavy timber, as was the custom
in those early days. Having secured a future home for his fmily he returned to
bring them out in the following spring. But that was not to be. for he died "n the
10th or 17th of the folowing March — 1S02. The will was made and signed on the
loth, and probated on the 19th.

Joseph Reed and his son. John McXary, were made executors and as the}
lived t i.i rtL-.-n miles f*n>m the eouuty seat the funeral could not have been later Ciiati
the ISta, although the date of his death is not recorded. A tombstone was ere - . il
to his memory in 18^9 by Oliver R.. James S., John C. and W. P. McXary in tl
Guinston graveyard.

He married Esther Boyle, who died a few years before him, some time b
tween 1793 and 1799. Bv her he had thirteen children. Betsy, Mary. Margaret,


.Tamos, Malcolm, Esther, Kaney, John. Thomas. Alexander, Thomas, .lane and Janet,
all of ivhoni lived to be married except the two sons whose names were Thomas,
both of whom died in their youth. Nine of the living children we believe came to
Washington County together in 1802, James having come three years before and
Betsy having married and remained in York county. Of these eleven children we
have been enabled to get a pretty full account of the men and some of the women.
Of some of the women we know but very little.

2%. — Betsy McNary (3). daughter of John McNary. of York County, was
born July 22nd, 1765, and married William Douglas in York County, Pennsylvania.

3. — Mary McNary (3) was born'October 26th, 1766, and married James Mc-
Coy. Had seven children, John, James, Esther, William, Elizabeth, Mary and Mar-

4. — John McCoy (4) died young.
5. — James McCoy (4") married Eliza Trip.
6. — Esther McCoy (4) married Samuel Johnston.
7. — William McCoy (4) married Martha Chambers.
S. — Elizabeth McCoy (4') married Andrew Giffin.
9. — Mary McCoy (4) married Samuel Smith.
10. — Margaret McCoy (4) married Hugh Sloan.

13. — James McNary (3). oldest son of the head of the "John" branch, was
the pioneer of the family to locate west of the Allegheny mountains. .Tames was
born in York County, Pennsylvania. November 11th. 1769. On October 22nd, 1S97,
he married Margaret Reed, of Chanceford. York County, who was born October Sth.
1772 — daughter of Colonel Joseph Peed, of the Revolutionary Army, member of the
State Legislature in 17S0, who introduced the measure that led to the emancipa-
tion of the slaves of Pennsylvania; also member of the Continental Congress,

This same Joseph Reed was the drawer of the will, and one of the ex-
ecutors of John McNary (2), of Chanceford. York County, Pennsylvania (the
founder of this branch of the "McNary family;" and who, about 1779. procured
the removal of Rev. Joseph Smith and family to the Cross Creek. Pennsylvania,
region; the said Rev. Smith being the second minister to locate west of the
Allegheny mountains in Pennsylvania; and the first minister to locate west of
Chartiers Creek, and for whom Smith Township (Washington County) was named
at the date of its organization, July loth, 1781. For this service of transporting
Rev. Smith and family over the Alleghenies. to be stated pastor at Cross Creek,
Pennsylvania, Joseph Reed received from Col. James Marshall (the first sheriff of
Washington County) a tract ■>£ 190 acres of land in Cross Creek Township. The
wagon used in the removal of Rev. Joseph Smith is said to have been the first
"wheeled" vehicle to cross the Allegheny mountains — all previous transportation
being by means of pack-horses.

Early in the spring of 179S, preceding by four years the emigration of
the other members of his father's family, James McNary, with his wife, Margaret
(Reed) McNary, crossed the Alleghenies ami located upon part of the tract of land
received by iiis father-in-law fro!)] Col. Marshall for the transportation of Rev.
Smith it being within the bounds of the "Seceder" Congregation at Hickory,



Pennsylvania, — which was ever after their place of worship. From the effects of
an injury, James McNary died July 12th, 1S09, in his fortieth year and after a brief
wedded life of 11 years. His remains are interred at Hickory, Pennsylvania, in
the United Presbyterian Cemetery. His faithful wife survived her husband, as
a widow, for 57 years, dying May 25th, 1866, aged 94 years, and was laid to rest bv
his side at Hickory, Pennsylvania. »

Margaret McXary was a woman of remarkable memory, tact, and intel-
lectual vigor, and was in every way well fitted to become a "Mother in Israel"
in the successful rearing of her orphaned family amid the trials and privations
incident to a pioneer life. A suitable monument has been raised to the memorv
of these honored ancestors in Fairview Cemetery, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, bv
their grandsons, Joseph R. McXary (Xo. 201) and W. James McXary (Xo. 20S).

JOHN McNARY, No. 14 John Branch

James McXary (3) and Margaret (Reed) McXary had three sons, viz: John,
Joseph and James, and three daughters — -Esther, wife of Judge McCarrcll, Hickory,
Pennsylvania; Janet, wife of Joseph Lyle, Hickory. Pennsylvania, and Xancy,
wife of John McKee, Hickory, Pennsylvania.

14.— John McNary (4), of Bloo-mficld, Ohio (son of James, of Cross Creek.
Pennsylvania'!, was born .September 3rd, 1798, and died November 14th, 1SS1. Mar-
ried Ann Moore January 12th, 1826. by whom he had seven children, James P.,
Margaret, Samuel, John, an infant son, Joseph and Ann Eliza. On November 15th,
1837, he married his second wife. Sarah Crouch, who died December 9th, ISO'.', by
whom he also had seven children, Robert, Thomas, Sarah, Jane, Xancy M., Joseph C,
Georgo W. and Harriet Isabelle.



15. — James P. McNary (5) was born at Bloomfield. Ohio, January 31, 1S27.
Married Jane R. MeXary, daughter of Joseph MeXary, of Burgettstovm, on Decem-
ber 25th, 1S51. Moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, January ISth 1S7S, aud died
there October 9th, 1SS0.

16. — James Alexander McNary (6) was born December 1st, 1S52. Married
Sarah C. Crane February 1st, 1S76. Resides at Kiugston, Missouri. Has eleven

17. — Walter Alton McNary (7), born December 31st, 1S76. Married Elv3
Vance February loth, 1905. One child. Helen Vance, born September 10th, 1906.

17i.l». — Helen Vance McNary (3), born September 10th, 1906.

JAMES P. McNARY, No. IS John Branch

IS. — James Rea McNary (7), born July 13th. ]s7v Married Anna Coult.

19. — Olive Lee McNary (7), born January 29:h. 1380. Died June loth, 1880.

20. — William Vincent McNary (7), born May 3rd. 13S1.

21.— Daniel Roy McNary (7), bom April 29th, 1SS3.

22. — Jennie Dee McNary (7), born July 2nd. 1835. Married March 1st, 1905.
to Charles Eloughton, Polo. Missouri. Have one child. Lola Grace.

22 1 ;.. — Lola Grace Houghton (3).

23. — Rebecca Lee McNary (7), born duly 27th. 1587.

24. — Robert Cheslea McNary (7), born October 20th. 1889.

2-".— Maud Esther McNary (7), born December 11th. 1891.

26. — Margaret Stanley McNary (7), born December 5th. 1893.

27. — John Edward McNary (7). born March 3rd. 1898.

28. — Margaret J. McNary fG). born July 31st, 1854. Died January 31st, >57.

29.— Joseph H. McNary (6), born July 20th, 1856. Died February 3rd 1-57.

'30. — Anna Isabel McNary (6), bom May 26th, 1359. Married S. M. S. Camp-
bell October 5th, 1886. Died Mav 3rd. 1889.


( Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.)


31. — Annetta Pearl Campbell (7), born July 17th. 1SS7.

32.— Alta Leanora Campbell (7), born February Sth, 1S89. Died July 5th, 1S89.

33.— John Thomas McNary (0), born October -ml. 1S61. Married Sarah E.
Morgan December 24th, 1884. Lives at Elizabeth, Kentucky. Has eleven children.

34. — Ralph Morgan McNary (7), born March 16th. 1SS6. Died September
ICth, 1SS6.

35. — Mary Louisa McNary (7), born March 10th, 1SS7. Died October 25th. 1892.

36. — Leanora Jane McNary (7), born April 7th, 1890.

37. — Caroline Brooks McNary (7), born April 14th. 1S92. Died April loth, 1893.

38. — Charles Roy McNary (7), born January 10th, 1889. Died November
9th, 1892.

39. — Chester Eugene McNary (7), bom January 5th, 1894. Died October
19th, 1895.

40. — Clarence Lee McNary (7), born August 31st. 1895.

41.— Lillie May McNary (7), bom April 29th. 1897.

42. — Gladys Virginia McNary (7), born May 6th, 1S99.

43. — James Alexander McNary (7), born July 26th, 1901.

44. — Jessie Vance McNary ,71, born April 5th, 1903.

45. — Ella Rosauna McNary (6), born August 21st, 1S03. Married Thomas L.
Nail September 18th, 1SS2. Resides at Rineyville, Kentucky.

46.— Bertie Eliss Nail (7), born July 2nd, 1884. Harried Joseph Enlow Sep-
tember 14th, 1904.

47.— Horace Guy Nail '7^, horn May 5th, 1886.

4S.— Jay Clifford Nail (7), born June 4th. 1889.

49.— Nettie V. Nail (7), born November 28th, 1890.

50.— Hattie Elsie Nail (7), born December 19th, 1892.

51. — Thomas Webb Nail (7). born April 1st. 1395.

52— Galen Wilson Nail (7), bom June 21st. 1S97.

53. — Sarah Jennette McNary (6), born December 29th. 1875. Married W. O.
Bush February 10th. 1897. Died January 17th, 1902.

54. — Roscoe Edward Bush (7), born February 6th, 1898, at Gleudale. Ky.
, 55. — Margaret McNary (5). born October 27th, 1828. Married William L.

Kyle, of Hopedale. Ohio, April 27th, 1847. Died January 20th, 1905.

50.— James A. Kyle (6), born July 4th, 1848. Died 1894.

57. — John M. Kyle (6), born May 7th, 1850. Married Sarah B. Stringer March
6th, 1879, at Hopedale, Ohio.

53. — Mabel M. Kyle (7), born December 23rd, 1879.

59.— Wiliam C. Kyle (6), born July 13th. 1853. Married Bell M. Black April
19th, 18S2, at Cadiz, Ohio. Has five children.

60. — Jean M. Kyle (7), born February 9th. 1383.

<ji.— Stacy Black Kyle (7), born February 1st, 1884.

b2. — Flora B. Kyle (7). born July 23rd. 1885.

63. — fete-wart H. Kyle (7), born March 16th, 1S87.

64.— Wiliam L. Kyle '7), born August 7th, 1888.

65.— Warrick P. Kyle, M. D. (6), born August 31st, 1855. Married Emma .1
McCulley, of Big Plain, Ohio, April 12th, 1881.

66. — Pearl Wyona Kyle (7), bom June 13th, 1882. Married Clark Van Cleve
November 7th, 1900.

67.— Edna M. Van Cleve (8), born November 17th, 1901.


,;s_Robert Kyle Van Cleve (S), born July 7th. 1903.

69. — Edna Anna Kyle (7), born September 1st. 1S84.

70.— C Margaret Kyle (7), born May 7th. 1S87. -4 t= * y yfcf*yj\

71. — Juanita H. Kyle (7), born October Sth, 1SS9.

72. — Samuel T. Kyle (6), born March 17th. ISoS. Married Ana Savage May
17ih, l sS 8, at Denver, Colorado.

73. — Douglass Allen Kyle (7), born July 14th, 1901.

74.— Newell Bates Kyle (7). born April loth, 1904.

741.J. — Flora Virginia Kyle (6), born October, I860. Lives at Columbus. 0.

74 1 j. — Thomas Bates Kyle (6). burn August 26th, 1S6S. Lives at Columbus, O.

7o. — Samuel McNary (5), born April 6th, 1830. Died December 26th, 1S49.

76. — John McNary (a), born February 1 1> t h . 1832. Married first wife, Sarah
.lane Host, January Sth. 1S56, by whom he had four children. Married Ids second
wife Margaret Jane Taggart. April 14th, 1864, by whom ho had six children. Lived
nt State Centre, Iowa.

77. — -William Albert McNary (6), born May 29th, 1S56. Married Ella Hunter
December 25th, 1886. Resides at Maza. North Dakota.

78. — William Albert McNary (7), has two children.

79.— Ann Eliza McNary (6), horn July Sth, 1S-5S. Married William O. Nichols
December 20th, 1881. Resides at State Centre. Iowa.

SO. — Grace Ildra Nichols (7), born October 7th. 1882. Married Dick Beise
I'cker, December 7th. 1904, at Melbourne, Iowa.

81. — Lloyd McNary Nichols (7), born March 5th. 1885.

S2.— John Earl Nichols (7), born July 20th, 1887.

s ". — Robert Raymond Nichols (7), born July 4th. 1S91.

S4. — Flora Maud Nichols (7). burn December 9th. 1S94.

s 5. — William Arthur Nichols (7), born May 17th, 1902.

S6.— John Alton McNary (6). born January 24th, 1S60. Married G. Annetta
Lewis October 22nd, 1SS5, at Humbolt, Iowa.

S7. — Mabel Ethel McNary (7), burn November 5th, 1SS6.

Si \— Pearl Eva McNary (?). born March 9th, 1890.

s 9. — Bessie Blanche McNary (7), born August 17th, 1*93.

90. — Frances Agatha McNary (7). born February 9th. 1897.

91.— Opal Adaline McNary (7). born October 21st, 1901.

92.— Jane Isabelle McNary (6), born March 29th, 1862. Married E. Crawford
Mate Centre, Iowa, September 6th 18S7.

93. — Elsie Barbara Crawford (7), born July 3rd, 1888.

91.— Allie May Crawford (.7), burn March ISth, Is«.i4.

95. — Ida M. McNary (6), born September 20th, 1865. Married G. (J. Bassett.
Marshalltown, Iowa. March 6th. 1901.

96. — Mary Almira Bassett (7). burn October 12th, 1903.

97. — Margaret Cora McNary (C), born February 13th. 1867. Married George
Uee.l March 26th, 1890, Melbourne, Iowa.

98. — Edmond Alden Reed (7), born January 26th, 1891.

9'.).— Myron Vernon Reed (7), born December 7th. 1S94.

100. — Laura Marie McNary (6), born May 16th, 1869. Married Elbert E. Lewis,
' ' r City, Kansas, February 14th, 1895.


101.— Margaret Ann Lewis (7), born August 5th, 1S9S.

102. Flora May Lewis (7 s ). born November 9th, 1899.

103.— Robert Kenneth Lewis (7), born August 6th, 1904.

104.— Robert James McNary (6), born June loth. 1371. Married Edith L. Me-
Monier June 28th, 1899, Leigh. Nebraska.

105.— Gordon Elliot McNary (7). born September 13th. 1900.
106— Merna Isabel McNary (7), born April 26th, 1904.

107.— Hubert L. McNary (6), born March loth, 1S73. Married Emma Grace
Lakin January 10th. 1900, Britt, Iowa.

108.— Aula Leslie McNary (7), bom September 26th, 1902.

109. Flora M. McNary (6), born October 13th, 1876.

110.— Joseph McNary (5), born May 6th, 1835. Died October 24th, 1S35.
111.— Ann Eliza McNary (5). born August 11th, 1S36. Married Henry Ral-
ston, of Bloomfield, Ohio, May 0th. 1S58. Died December 4th. 1S62.

112.— McNary John Ralston (0). born June 12th, 1S59. Married H. Bell Mc-
Tv'illiams June loth. 1882.

113. — Mina Maud Ralston (7), bom May 9th. 1SS3.
114 _Kay Sentor Ralston (7'). bom July 2Sth, 18S5.
115. — Forest Leo Ralston (7), born March 14th. 1SS9.
116.— Henry Ralston (7>, born October 17th, 1894.

1161^.— Robert Henry Ralston (6). born December 3rd, 1S62. Married Anna
Hecht January 10th. 1S97. Residence, Chicago, Illinois.

117.— Robert McNary (5), born August 23rd. 1S39. Married Sarah Jane Reed
February 9th, 1S70, Bloomfield Ohio. Veteran of the Civil War.

118.— Nelson Reed McNary (6), born June 10th, 1871. Died January 25th, 1872.
119.— Laura Blanch McNary (6), born January 19th, 1874, Wooster, Ohio.
Teacher, and graduate Wooster University.

120.— Mary Olive McNary (6), burn January 2oth. 1SS4.

121.— Thomas McNary (5), married Sarah A. Carmen March 3rd, 1S64, Rich-
mond, Ohio.

122. — Robert McNary (6), born December 6th, 1864.
123.— John C. McNary (6), born May 29th, 1S69.

124 —Cora B. McNary (6), born October 22nd. 1873. Died June 6th. 1875.
125.— Charles E. McNary (5). born May 12th, 1877.

126.— Sarah Jane McNary (5), born April 13th, 1842. Married Hugh Thomp-
son March 6th, 1867.

127.-Jessie L. Thompson. (61. born September 9th. 1870. Married Walter W.
Shauman February 27th, 1'594.

128.— Mariah Shauman (7). born April 17th, 1895. Died August loth, 1S95.
129. — Hugh McNary Shauman (7), born July 26th. 1896.

130.— Nancy McNary (5,, bom November 25th. 1843. Married James Taggart
February 27th, 1S62, at State Centre, Iowa.

131.— Irene Isabel Taggart (6), born December 18th, 1862.
132._John McNary Taggart (6), born March 25th, 1865.

133.— William Atkinson Taggart (6), born May 9th, 1867. Married Electa J.
Banks March 16th, 1899.

134. — Laura A. Taggart (7), born August 20th, 1900.
1 o.-, _Laura May Taggart (6), born March 17th. 1879.


136. — Joseph Clokey McNary (o), horn December 3rd, 1845. Married Nancy J.
McLaughlin October 11th, 1S66, at Fnionport, Ohio. Besides on farm. Veteran of
Civil War.

137. — Margaret E. McNary (6), born September '2nd, 1*67. Married Charles
W. Sheplar, October 16th, 1890, at Steubenville, Ohio.

13S. — Albert H. Sheplar (7), born June 19th, 1*92.

139. — Joseph C. Sheplar (7). born June oth, 1893. Died September oth, 1S93.

140.— Margaret E. Sheplar (7). born August. 1902.

141. — James Kerr McNary (6), born March 2Sth, 1875. Died August 28th, 187.3.

142. — John Jamison McNary (6), born May 11th, 1876. Died June oth, 1S77.

JOSEPH CLOKEY McNARY, No. 136 John Branch

143. — Frank Ralph McNary (6), born January 1st, 1S79.
144. — Joseph Ross McNary (6), born February- 5th, 1S82.
145. — William Alten McNary (6), born July 10th, 18S5.
146.— Carl Whittier McNary (6), born August 5th, 1SS7.

147. — George William McNary (5), bom November 2nd. 1847. Married Mar-
garet K. Phillips February 23rd, 1SS7, Uniunport, Ohio.
148. — Leuella McNary (6), bom July 25th. 1888.
149. — Howard Phillips McNary (6), burn September 9th, 1S90.
150.— Harriet J. McNary (5), died March 30th. 1S77.
131.— Esther McNary (4). (See No. 293.)
152.— John McCarrol (5). (See No. 294.)
153.— James McCarrol (5). (See No. 295.)
154. — Margaret McCarrol (5). (See .No. 299.)
155.— Martha McCarrol (5). (See No. 298.)



156.— Joseph McNary (4). bom June 16th. 1S02, in Cross Creek Township.
Washington County, Pennsylvania. Married Jane Rea, who was born Octo
ber Sth, 1807, and died March 11th. 1866, a daughter of Hon. William
Kea. of Cross Creek Township, who was one of the Peace Commissioners to settle
the Whisky Insurrection with Washington's army. Resided in a large brick house
near Burgettstown. Was an elder in the United Presbvterian Church of Burgetts-

JOSEPH McNARY. .No. 156 John Branch

town and one of the honored citizens of the community. He had twelve children.
Died May 14-th, 1874, and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Burgettstown. Pa.

157. — Margaret McNary (5), born February 10th, 1523. Died 1S91.

158.— Esther McNary (5), born March 30th, 1830. Died 1899.

159. — Jane McNary (5). born November 30th, 1S31. Married her cousin
James P. McNary, December 25th. 1851. (See Xos. 15-74.)

160.— Rhoda McNary (5), born January 23rd, 1^34. Married Robert Withrow
March 7th, 18G6, at Murdoeksville, Pennsylvania.

161. — Jennie Withrow (6), born October 9th, 1S69. Married Stewart W. Elder
October 14th. 1 S00. at Murdoeksville, Pennsylvania.

162.— Eugene W. Elder (7), born October 29th, 1S97.

163. — Leonard E. Elder (7), burn January 24th. 1399.

164.— Esther A. Withrow (6), born March 25th, 1871.
August 11th, 1S92. Died September 1st, 1894.

165. — William W. Withrow (6), bom June 1st, 1873.
December 18th, 1S95.

166.— Robert S. Withrow (7), born February 26th, 1897.

IGfiio. — Esther N. Withrow f 7), born December 22nd, 190.3.

167. — Nancy A. McNary (5), born February 6th, 1836. Married Eli Marquis
January 16th, 1SG7, at Cross Creek, Pennsylvania. Died February 20th, 1879.

168. — Joseph McNary Marquis (6). born 1867. Married Frances Allen at Cross
Creek, Pennsylvania. Died November 21st, 1904.

169.— Ethel Marquis (7).

Married E. M. Grove
Married Louisa Ramsey


(Make note of any Birth.-. Deaths, etc.. on Blank Pase for future reference.)


170.— William Edmond Marquis (6), born October 29th, 1S68. Married Sadie E.
Bebout March 31. 1S92, at Cross Creek, Pennsylvania.

171. — Robert Vance Marquis (7), born June 27th, 1893.

172.— Harry Edwin Marquis (7), born February ISth, 1S95.

173. — Walter Hobson Marquis (7), born August 2nd, 1898.

174.— Thomas Bryan Marquis (7), born March 25th, 1900. Died August 27th,

175. — Mary Elizabeth Marquis (7), born November 12th. 1902.

176. — Charles Audley Marquis (7). born February 24th, 1903. Died March
2-=5th, 1904.

177.— Ralph Milton Marquis (7), born July 25th, 1904.

178. — Rosa Bell Marquis (6), born September 9th, 1S70. Married George B.
Lowry, Santa Anna, California.

179. — Esther Roberta Lowry (7), born February 24th, 1893.

180. — Randolph Hearst Lowry (7), born February 8th, 1904.

181. — Martha Leora Lowry (7), born February 26th. 1S95.

1.82.— Sarah Ann McNary (5), born May 24th, 1838. Died 1SS3.

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