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his death she moved to Canonsburg. where she died December 31st, 1906.

431. — George Murray McNary (5), born February 6th, 1S34. Died October 31st,

432.— Margaretta R. McNary (a), born November 30th, 1835. Died October
9th, 1S63.

433. — Rev. James W. McNary (5), born October 1st, 1837. Graduated at West-
minster College in 1859 and at Xenia Theological Seminary in 1S63. Was ordained
a minister in the United Presbyterian Church October 8th, 1SG3. Was pastor of
United Presbyterian churches in Reynoldsburg and Dayton, Ohio, and Sparta, Illinois,

REV. JAMES W. McNARV, No. 433 John Branch.

and of Presbyterian churches at Oshkosh, Ashland, La Crosse and Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. Married Henrietta Williamson December 23rd, 18G3, by whom he lias
three children. After her death he married Miss Alice Strung, of Somers, Wisconsin,
where he now resides.

434_Nellie Estella McNary ; <3) married Edward C. Clark, a prominent citi7.cn
of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by whom she has four children.

436. — James Henry Clark (7). born December 21st, 1891.

437. — Lucien Walker Clark (7), born August 9th, 1896.

43S— Helen Clark (7), born February 21st, 1S97.

439. — Edward Cyrus Clark (7), born March 21st. 1899.

440._William Duncan McNary, M. D. (6). was horn in Roynoldsburg, Ohio.
Oraduatod at Lake Forest University and Rush Medical College; also of College
of Osteopathy in Milwaukee. Practicing medicine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mar-
ried 1907.



441— John Foster McNary, M. D. (6), born in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Married
Mildred Anderson December 23rd. 1903, by whom lie has one child. Graduated in
dentistry and osteopathy and later in an allopathic school in Milwaukee. He is
now practicing medicine in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

442. — Henrietta McNary (7.)

443. — Kev. William Pollock McNary, D. D. (5), born September 16th, 1S39.
Married Elizabeth Graham September 27th, 1S66, who was born November 22nd.
1844, and died April IStli, 1902j by whom he bad seven children, fie served his


country during the war of the rebellion as sergeant of Company D, Tenth Penn-
sylvania Reserve Corps, and was promoted to be adjutant of the One Hundred and
Twenty-third Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, and after the expiration of his
service he was appointed as adjutant of the One Hundred and Ninety-third Penn-
sylvania Volunteers. He was also lieutenant colonel of the Fifty-eighth Pennsyl-
vania regiment, which took part in the capture of General John Morgan, who
made the famous cavalry raid through Ohio. * He graduated at Jefferson College,
at Canonsburg, in 1861. and at Xenia Theological Seminary in lS6o. Was ordained
a minister of the United Presbyterian Church on December 3th, 1^66. He was
pastor of churches at Leavenworth, Kansas; Bloomington, Indiana; Jordan's Grove,
Illinois, and Tarkio, Missouri, where he took an active part in the founding of


(Make note o/ any Births. Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference.)


Tarkio College. He also organized the United Presbyterian Church of Torrington,
Wyoming. On March 26th, 1007, he was married to Margaret A. Wilson, of Bloom-
ington. Indiana, with whom he lives a quiet and retired life upon a farm at Tor-
rington, Wyoming. He has given a great deal of time and attention to the
genealogy of the McNary family, and published a pamphlet about 30 years ago
which was the means of preserving the early record of the James McNary family,
without which the present family trees could not have been made.

444 —Eliza Macfarlane McNary (6) was born October 10th, 1S6S. Graduated
at Tarkio College in 18S9, and taught Latin one year in her Alma Mater. Man'-
Samuel Edmond Marshall, a lawyer at Denver, Colorado, on September loth, 1892.

445. —William McNary Marshall (7), born August 12th, 1893.

44(5._ Samuel Edmond Marshall (7), born March 8th, 1898.

447. — Ruth Marshall (7), born January 25th, 1904.

448.— William Oscar McNary (G), born August 10th, 1870. Graduated at
Tarkio College, 1889, and at Ann Arbor Law School in Michigan, in 1894. Married
Martha Chalfant September 11th, 1901, by whom he has two children. Practicing
law in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

449. — Elizabeth Graham McNary (7). born May 4th, 1902.

450. — William Selwyn McNary (7), born February 4th, 1904.

451.— Norah R. McNary (6). born August 5th, 1S72, and on March 2nd, 1905,
married H. R. Chalfant, of Imperial, Pennsylvania.

451ir,. — Margaret Elizaheth Chalfant, bom October 1st, 1906.

452. — Margaretta M. McNary (6), bom July 9th. 1S75. Graduated at Tarkio
College, 1896. Taught Latin in Blairsville Seminary, Las Vegas State Normal Col-
lege and Tarkio College. Married II. G. Bowie, of Chicago, November 30th, 1903.

453. — James Graham McNary (6), born August 24th, 1S77, at Bloomington,
Indiana. Graduated at Tarkio College 1S9S. Attended Leipsic University, Ger-
many, 1901. Taught New Mexico State Normal three years. Edited Las Vegas
Daily Optic two years. Is now assistant cashier of First National Bank. El Paso,
Texas. Married Euth Eeynolds September 8th, 1902, by whom he has three children.

454. — Graham Reynolds McNary (7), born February 4th, 1904.

455.— Ruth Elizaheth McNary (7), born July 4th, 1905.

455%- — Baby girl. Died in infancy.

456. — George Eeed McNary, born August 30th, 1S80. Graduated at Tarkio Col-
lege, 1900. Is secretary of Real Estate & Trust Company, Wilkinsburg, Pa.

457.— John Clyde McNary, born March 22nd 18S3. Graduated at Tarkio Col-
lege, 1895, and at Princeton College, 1896. Superintendent of the Lucerne Ranch,
Berino, New Mexico.

458. — Thomas Murray McNary (5), born October 24th. Is41. Married Esther
Littell. Lives in Washington, Pennsylvania. Has no children.

4.j9.^0irver McNary (5>. born July, 1843. Died March 4th, 1855.

460.— Anna Marian McNary (5), born October 2nd. 1845. Married Eev. E. O.
McKinley, a Presbyterian minister, November 12th, 1872, who was pastor at Ligonier,
Pennsylvania, and now of Candler. Florida. She died December 5th. 1893.

461. — Robert Russell McKinley (6). Married.

402. — John Edward McKinley (7).

403. — Margaretta McKinley ii), married Dr. Rankin, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.



4G4.— Louisa McKinley (6), Canons-burg, Pennsylvania.

4(55.— Emmaline McNary (.3), born February 5th, 1S4S. Died October 31st, ISM.

466. — Caroline McNary (5), born February 5th, 1S48. Married Eov. J. B.

Jackson, a United Presbyterian minister who has been pastor at Latrobe and Elder-
ton, Pennsylvania; Morning Sun. Albia and Greenfield. Iowa, where they now

467. — Elizabeth M. Jackson (6), born November Oth. 1874. Married Rev. M. G.
Munn, a United Presbyterian minister, who is now pastor at Chariton. Iowa.
468. — Caroline Munn (7), born July 12th. 1901.
469. — Margery Munn (7), bom February 26th, 1903.

JAMES S. AlcNARY, No. 479 John Branch.

470. — Genevieve E. Munn (7), born June 26th. 1905.

471. — Margaret Murray Jackscn (•>). born April 14tli, WO. Teacher at Green-
field, Iowa. Later teaching at Assiout, Esjypt.

472. — Rev. William McNary Jackson ((»), born duly 20th, 1 s77. Married Mabc!
Woods. Pastor United Presbyterian Church, Clarinda, Towa.

473. — William McNary Jackson (7), bom 1905.

474. — John C. Jackson (0;, born September 2Sth. 1S80.

47.1. — Joseph Reed Jackson (6), bom July 4th, 1883. Twin.

47C.— Robert Russell Jackson (6), born July 4th, 1833. Twin. Dead.

477. — Martha Jane Jackson (0), born October, 1886. Dead.

478. — John McNary (4), born December 21st, 1S07. Died unmarried in the
old home April loth, 18<>1.

479. — James S. McNary (4), bom on t he old homestead in North Strabane


Township, May 22nd, 18-10. and died at the same place April 30th, 1902. At the
age of 31 he married Rachel Anderson, -who died a year later, August 3rd. 1>42.
without children, and he remained a widower until his death. He sj ent his long
life in the old home — except a few years he lived on his "Rich Hill*' farm. He
was tall and straight, with dark hair and light complexion, a man of great strength
of constitution, and lived until his 92nd year, greatly beloved by all his neighbors.
480. — Clarkson S. McNary (4), born October 4th, 1312. Died September loth.
IS 15.

4S1. — Esther McNary (4). born March loth. 1815, and died at Canonsburg,
Pennsylvania, Xovember 9th, 1S90. Married Samuel Pollock, son of William and
Xaney McXary Pollock. An elder in the Chartiers congregation.

482. — James W. Pollock (5), born October 10th. 1S41, in the old Samuel Pol-
lock homestead in Xorth Strabane Township. Married Mary T. McXary December
5th, 1867. Attended Jefferson College four years. Served in One Hundred and
Fortieth Pennsylvania Volunteers during the war. An elder in the First United
Presbyterian Church of Houston. Pennsylvania. Was County Commissioner of Wash-
ington County, 1S90 to 1S94. Residence, Xo. 509 Chestnut street. East Washing-
ton, Pennsylvania. His mother, his grandmother and the mother of his children
were McXarys. (See Xo. 264. of Thomas Branch.)

4S3. — Fannie Luella Pollock (6).

4S4.— Ulysses Samuel Pollock (6).

485.— Maggie Esther Pollock -.6).

4S6 — D. M. B. McLean Pollock (61.

4S7. — Ernest James Pollock (6).

4SS. — Harry Edgar Pollock (6).

4S9. — Anna McNary Pollock (6).

490.— William Wallace Pollock (6).

491. — Deurell Smiley Pollock '6).

492. — Mary Osee Pollock (6).

493. — Jennie Hill Pollock (5), born October 8th, 1*43. Graduated from Wash-
ington Seminary with honors. Et sides in Canonsburg. Pennsylvania.

494. — John McNary Pollock (5), born January 2nd, 1846. Married Mary Jane
Templeton Xovember 14th, 1*72. who was born October 20th, IS46. Settled on
part of his father's farm. Resides at Houston, Pennsylvania.

495.— Edith J. McNary Follock (6).

496. — Mary Esther Pollock '6).

497. — John Templeton Pollock (6).

498. — Nettie Elmira Pollock (G).

499. — Lowrie Samuel Pollock (6).

500. — Jennette Luella PoUock (6).

501. — Clara Matilda Pollock (6).

502.— William B. Pollock (5), born May 26th. 1848. Married Hettie Alverta
Murray. Settled on the old James Murray, or Mortxanza, farm. He is an elder in
the Green Side Avenue L'nited Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg.

503.— Mary Johnston Pollock (6).

504. — Samuel Murray Follock (6). Married Miss Kendle. He is a civil engi
neer, Washington, Pennsylvania.

505.— Cleonia Estella Pollock (6). Married Mr. Kendle, Connellsville, Pa.

506. — Ariadne Pollock (6).

507. — Hose Ethaliue Pollcck (6).

50S. — Clara Jennie Follock (6).


509. — Samuel Murray Pollock (5), born April 14th, 1850. Died February
loth, 1S53.

510. — Oliver Collins Pollock (5), born October loth, 1S52. Graduated from

Westminster College in 1874. Was in Company M, Third United States Cavalry,
five years, November 20th, 187-5, to 1SS0. Married Anna Bell Weaver and settled
down on the old Samuel Pollock farm, where he now resides.

511. — Bessie Jeanette Pollock (6).

512.— Viola Pearl Pollock (6).

513. — Oscar Dill Pollock (G).

514. — Eliza Weaver Pollock (6).

515. — Inez Esther Pollock (6).

516.— Edna Loretta Pollock (6).

517.— Adis Clark Pollock (6).

518.— Earle Collins Pollock (6).

519. — Samuel Blaine McDonald Pollock (6).

520. — Alexander Clark Pollock (5), born on the Samuel Pollock homestead
in 1S55. Moved to Canonsburg with his father's family in 1833. Died July 17th,

521. — Jane McNary (4). born January 3rd, 1818. Spent her life on the old
homestead and died October 26th, 1S83. She was large and of commanding appear-
ance. Familiarly known as "Aunt Jane'' in her later years. The life of every
social company in which she appeared.

522.— Oliver R. McNary (4), born February 1st, 1S23. Died April 20th, 1895,
at Leavenworth, Kansas. At the very beginning of the war he enlisted for three
months in the Twelfth Pennsylvania Volunteers. At the end of that term he en-
listed in the One Hundred and Third Pennsylvania Volunteers, was appointed
aid-de-camp on General Hunt's staff and afterwards on the staff of General Wessells.
He received five wounds, was a prisoner of war five months in Andersonville, Macon
and Savannah, Georgia, and in Charleston, South Carolina. He served through the
whole war. He lived in Washington, Pennsylvania, until after the war. when he
moved to Leavenworth, Kansas. He married Lienor Grove September 16th, 1846,
by whom he had five children. Matilda Jaue, Oliver Clarkson, M. D.; Nettie Ella,
Hettie and James E.

523. — Matilda Jane McNary (5), born in Washington, Pennsylvania. August
11th, 1847. Married Rev. W. C. Williamson, D. D., June 30th, 186S. who was pastor
of the United Presbyterian Churches at Geneva, New York; Washington, Keokuk and
Burlington, Iowa. Was the 1905 moderator of the United Presbyterian General

524. — Harry Emmet Williamson, M. D. (6), married Bertha Maud Eggb'^on
January 24th, 1895. Practices medicine at Olathe, Kansas.

525.— Dorothy Hally Williamson (7). born July 4th. 1890.

526. — Etta Eleanor Williamson (6), married Melville Glenn Smile April 16th,
1903, of Monmouth, Illinois.

527. — William Francis Soule (7), born March 23rd, 19u4.

523. — Oliver Clarkson Grove McNary M. D. (5), married Laura Latlin Kelly
April 18th. 1894. Surgeon at Soldiers' Home, Los Angeles, California.

529.— Clarkson Durvees McNary (6), born March 10th, 1896.

530. — Clarinda Eleanor McNary (5), married Robert Munce August, 1.883,
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

531. — Mariah Jeanette McNary (5), Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.


532.— Hettie McNary (5), Pittsburg:, Pennsylvania. Trained nurse.
533. — James Emmet McNary (5), died March 4th, 1SS3.
534.— Abbie Caroline McNary (4), died while young;.

535. Alexander C. McNary (4), born September loth, 1S25, on the old home-
stead. Married Amanda Burkhart February 6th. 1S6S. Lived at Houston, Pwr»-
sylvania. Died October, 1SS6.

536. — James Eugene McNary (5), born December otli, 1*6*. Married Laura B.
Noble October 10th, 1S95, Pittsburg. Pennsylvania.

537.— Lorena Emmet McNary (5), born July Gth, 1ST0. Married T. W. Moore.
Died May 22nd, 1905.

53S.— John Francis McLean McNary (5), born April 17th, 1S72. Married Leah
B. Willison October 2Sth, 1S95.

539.— Ida Elizabeth McNary (5), born August 12th, 1S74. Married Edward E.
Teaman July 6th, 1S93.

540.— Maud Viola McNary (5), born May 3rd, 1S75. Married John B. Woods
October 19th, 1S99.

541._ William Clarence McNary (5), born October 24th, 1S76. Married Ella B.
Hendricks April 17th. 1903.

542. — Grace Eleanor McNary (5), born June 25th, 1SS3.
543. — Thomas McNary (3). born September 24th, 177S. Died in infancy.
544. — Alexander McNary (3), fourth son of John, of York County, was bom
August 20th. 1780, in York County, Pennsylvania. Being the next older brother
to John, he appears to have bought part of the old farm in North Strabaue Town-
ship, at least he lived in an old log house on the north sitl* of the farm, which was
removed many years ago. but there is a strone spring which marks the place where
the house stood. After living- there for a few years he removed to Fairpoint. Bel-
mont County. Ohio, where he died August 30th, 1837. He was buried in the Unity
Cemetery in New Athens, Ohio. He married Margaret Pollock, who was born De-
cember 11th, 1S70, a sister of William Pollock, who married his sister Nancy.
Alexander was six feet tall, weighed ISO pounds, light complexion, high forehead.
Elder in Unity Associate Church.

545._John McNary (4), born October 21st, 1S06. Married Margaret Hawthorn
November 6th. 1S3S. She was born September Gth, 1S07, and died August 27th, 1895.
He died February 7th, 1S90.

546. — James Alexander McNary (5). born November Gth, 1*40. Married Martha
P. "Woods, who was born September 6th. 1S17, and died August 22nd, 1895. Lived
at Banock, Ohio. Died February 7th, 1S90.

547. — John W. McNary (6), born July 14th, 1S66. Married Kate L. Hanes Octo-
ber 10th, IS**. Wheeling. West Virginia.

548. — Harry W. McNary (7), born July 1st, 1S92.

549. — William Pollock McNary (6), born October 22nd, 1*74. Married Minnie
S. Neehart November Gth. 19^4.

550. — William C. McNary (5), born July 10th, 1S4G. Died at Soldiers' Home
in Pittsburg September 2nd, 1 Sii4.

551. — Maggie R. McNary (.5), born February 14th, 1*50. Married William L.
Patton February 24th, ^74.

552. — Lodalee Patton (6), burn November 2nd. 1S75.
553.— Park P. Patton (6), born December 3rd, 1*>79.
554.— Van Patton (6), born May 5th, 1883.


( Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page fur future reference.)


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. *

Death of Mrs. Cora Davis

The death of Mrs. Cora (Ashby)
Davis in Chicago, came as a surprise
to many of her friends here. Mrs.
DaviB. known in Ladoga as Cora Ash
by. grew up in Ladoga. She received
her education in the schools of this
community and her passing removes
the last of the family of Silas F. and
Ellen Ashbv. Eugene died in 1932,
and Edgar five months ago.

Mrs. Davis was born on the Ashby
farm couth east of Ladoga, Septem-
ber 12, 1S61 The family moved to
Ladoga about 1880 and for many years
occupied the home on the lot on Main
Street cow known as the Edgar Asbby
residence. She married Henry T.
Davis December 13, 1887. Mr. Dav-
is was a salesman and for several
years Mrs. Davis accompanied her
husband on his business travels. In
1895 they settled in Chicago, and un-
til his death March 21. 1918 Mr. Davis
v. as engaged in the real estate and in
Burance business id Chicago and .its
suburbs. Mrs Davis died at the
home of her daughter. Mrs. Merrill
Johns, 7022 Constance Avenue, May
23, 1938. The funeral service, last
Tuesday May 31, were in charge of
Rev. Harold L. Bowman at the First
Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Davis died of a heart affec-
tion brought on, largely by the ehock
of the sudden death of her brother.
Edgar, last December.

She leaves two children, Mrs Ellen
Johns and Harold A. Davis, and five
grandchildren, Janet Johns. Warren
and Merrill B. Johns Jr., DoDna and
Allyn Davis, and two great grand
children, Judith and Joan Warren, ail
of Chicago.

Cora Ashby DaviB was one of the
popular girls of that period, in La-
doga when the Normal School brought
so°many interesting young folks into
this community. Those who rememb- r
her will recall her large eyes, like her
mothers, and her quiet refined and
somewhat queenly manners, which
stayed with her in later years.

It was expected that she would
spend part of this summer here in her
girlhood home among the friends of
her youth, but all of the Aehby chil
riren had a strong affection and sym
patby for each other, and Cora was
never able to recover fully from the
loss of her younger brother. Edgar.


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555. — Nellie Patton (6), burn October 11th, 1SS5.

556.— Martha E. McNary (5). born January 5th, 1852. Died .May 15th, l->53.
557. — Hannah E. McNary (5), born December 3rd, 1854. Died July 6th, 1S53.
55S— Samuel Pollock McNary (4), was born in Belmont County, Ohio. De-
cember 1st, 1S08. Attended Franklin College at New Athens, Ohio. Thrown on his
own resources by the early death of his father, he taught school in Bash County.
Kentucky. Among his pupils were Senator Henry S. Lane, of Indiana, and Judge
Anthony" Thornton, of Illinois. He was a faithful member and officer of the Asso-
ciate Reformed Church of Mount Olivet, near Sharpsburg, Kentucky. He practiced
law in Bash County about twenty years, until stricken with cholera, which caused
bis death in a few hours on August 11th. 1855. His son, Alexander, a bright young
man of 17, died of the same dread disease a few hours after his father. He mar-
ried Elizabeth C. "Walker October 31st, 1S33, who survived her husband and son only
a little over a year, being prostrated by the terrible sorrow, and died October 26th,
1856. These three were buried at Sharpsburg, Bash County, Kentucky.

559, Mary McNary ('>), born November Oth, 1830, near Sharpsburg, Kentucky.

Married Joseph W. Craig January 12th, 1862. Died September 12tn, 1862, near
Ladoga, Indiana.

560.— James Alexander McNary (5), born October 25th, 1838. Died of cholera
on same day with his father, after a few hours' sickness, August 11th, 1855.

561.— Ellen McNary (5). born June 30th, 1841. Married S. F. Ash-by October
17th, 1800. Member of the Presbyterian Church. Died at Ladoga, Indiana, May
18th, 1891. F//i\f>

562.— Cora Ashby (6), born September 12th, 1861. Married H*w T. Davis De-
cember 13th, 1SS7. Lives in Chicago. ^- fo\*^ ^Lm^./0-P
563— Ellen Davis (7), born October 24th, 1SS9.
564.— Harold Davis (7), born October* 27th, "1896.

565.— Eugene C. Ashby (6), born M'ay~*fu. B63, Married Alice Graybill De-
cember 30th, 18S5. *Cc><*4 I'l 3>

566. — Elsie Ashby (7), born January 22nd, 1SS9.
567. — Mary Ashby (7), born November 22nd, 1890.
568. — Frank Ashby (7), born August 11th, 1894.
569.— Russell Ashby (7). born March 22nd, 1399.

570. Edgar C. Ashby (0), born September 5th, 1867. Married Minnie Kyle

October 8th, 1891, Ladoga. Indiana. pc-C- • (* -*" * *? 3 ^ —

571. — Jennie M. McNary (5), born October 2nd, 1848. Married Thomas J. Nel-
son October 10th. 1876. Lives near Bainbridge, Indiana..

572.— Frank A. Nelson (6). born April 8th, 18S2. Married Maud Bettis April
30th. 1902.

573. — Mary Virginia Nelson (7), born October 21st. 1903, Bainbridge, Indiana.
574.— James McNary (4), born February 10th, 1811. Married Emily Groves,
who died November 2Sth, 1S89.

575.— Maggie McNary (5), burn November 8th, 1S39. Married Samuel Kalsey
at Wheeling, West Virginia, April 9th, lsOO.

576. — William Kaslcy (6), Wheeling, West Virginia.

577._Francis G. McNary (5), born SeptE-mber 19th, 1841. Soldier in the One
Hundred and Twenty-sixth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Wounded at the*
Battle of the Wilderness, May 6th, 1804. Died on the field.



578. — Ellen Young McNary (-1), born April 27th, 1M:">. Married Thomas Find-
fey M. D., in April. 1841. He practiced medicine at Pana, Illinois, and died Sep
tember 12th, 1S71. She died September 22nd, 1S7S.

579. — James K. Polk Findley (5), bom October Kith, 1844. Married Agnes
Kirkpatrick November ISth, 1S71.

580. — Thomas Pindley (6), born August, 1872.

581. — Isaac K. Findley (6), born February, 1875.

582. — James M. Findley (6), born May. 1S77.

583. — Ellen M. Findley (6), burn October, 1SS0.

584.— Sarah Findley (6), born January, 1882.

585.— Emma Findley (6), born 1S84.

586. — Paul Findley (6), born 1887.

587 — Mary Findley (6), born 1891.

588. — Edmond Findley (6), bom 1893.

589. — Margaret Ann Findley (3), born October 12th, 1847. Died March 16th,

590.— Emily M. Findley (5), bom August oth, 1S49. Died July 9th. 1852.

591. — Ellen M. Findley (5), horn May 31st, 1855. Married Wiliam J. Bever-
idge in 1880, who died December 2nd. 1892. Lives at Somonauk, lUiuois.

592. — .Margaret Helen Eeveridge (6), bom November 18th, 1SS1.

593. — Thomas Findley Beveridge (6), born October 30th, 1887.

594. — Eleanor McNary Beveridge (6), born April 19th, 1S91.

595. — Elizabeth J. Beveridge (6), bom November 7th, 1S93.

596. — Joseph C. McNary (4), born July 27th. 1818. Married Martha McKee
October 7th, 1862. Died December 1st, 1893.

597. — Frank A. McNary (5), born November ->th, 1866. Married and has three

598. — Guy McNary.

599. — Irene McNary.

600. — Melvina McNary.

(301.— Alexander McNary, M. D. (4) was bom July 27th, ISIS. Married Eliza-
beth Gimu. Died August 12th, I860. Lived on a farm and practiced medicine near

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