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Pana, Illinois.

602.— Maggie E. McNary (5), married F. B. Maltby, a civil engineer. Has
one son.

603.— William Hill McNary (4), born February 14th, 1821, in Harrison County,
Ohio. Married Elizabeth P. Holmes. Lived many years at Library, Pennsylvania.
Died in Pittsburg May 13th, 1891.

604. — Dorcas W. McNary (5), born November 12th, 1S43. Married William T.
White November 13th. 1S65. Lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

005. — Ida M. White (6), married McCoy.

1506.— Frank W. White (0), married Hummel.

607. — W. Clark White (fi). married Sarah Stewart.

60S.— Emma M. White (6), married Mr. Nelan.

609.— Lizzie B. White (6), bom February 27th, 187.1. Died May 13th, 1S92.

610. — Ella M. McNary (5), married Cyrus Duff. Lives at Wilkinsburg, Pa.

611.— Daisy L. Duff (6).

612.— Bessie T. Duff (6).

613.'— Harriet J. McNary (5), born dune 6th, 1848. Married George C. Trax
April 16th, 1868. Lives near Valentin. Pennsylvania.


614.— Ralph L. Trax (6).

61.3. — E. Carey Trax (6).

616. — Anna W. McNary (5), married Matthew Lloyd, Valentia. Pennsylvania.

617. — William M. Lloyd (6).

618. — Antoinette Lloyd (6).

619. — J. Fisher Lloyd (6).

620. — James S. Lloyd (6).

621. — Matthew Lloyd (6).

622.— Ruth A. Lloyd (6).

623. — John A. McNary (5), married Antoinette Simpson.

624. — Anna L. McNary (6).

625.— Louisa McNary (6).

626.— William H. McNary (6).

627.— Thomas McNary ,(3), born October 1st, 17S2. Died in infancy. (The
■econd son called Thomas.)

628. — Janet McNary (o^, born June Sth. 1S74, in York County, Pennsylvania.
Moved with the family to Washington County. Pennsylvania. Married James Mar-
shall. Moved to Ohio. Had three sons and six daughters.

629. — William Marshall (4), married Nancy Thompson. Died. at Hamilton, Ohio.

630. — John Marshall (4), married Miss Smith. Died at Knoxville, Iowa.

631. — George Marshall (4), married Mary Simpson. Died at Knoxville, Iowa.

632. — Esther Marshall (4). married Xathaniel Wylie and died at Beloit, Kansas.

633. — Jane Marshall (4), married John Dawson and died at Washington. Iowa.

634. — Lucinda Marshall (4), married John Miller. M. D.. elder in United Pres-
byterian Church of Laeona, Iowa. Died in December. 1554.

635. — Emily E. Miller (5), married Myers. Myrtle Point. Oregon.

636. — Jenet A. Miller (5), married Pressly. Myrtle Point, Oregon.

637. — Agnes Marshall (4), married Carron Campbell and died at Mansfield. Ohio.

638. — Mary Marshall (4>, born May 18th, 1S23. Married James Dunshee. Still
living at Monte Yista, Colorado. In her S3rd year.

639. — Glen M. Dunshee (5), Monte Yista. Colorado.

640. — Margaret Marshall married William Bussing. Died at Morgan Hill,

641. — Jane McNary (3), born February 7th, 1776. Married James McKibben.


James McNary Branch

McNary Tree— James Branch

r i

8 Elizabeth McNary.

4 Nancy McNary.

5 Jamea McNary.

6 Samuel MoNary -

a 8
< a

103 Margaret McNary.

| 104 Mary McNary.

105 John McNary.

I I 110 Aguess McNary

f J 7 James McNary.

18 Jacob McNary.

19 Jane A. McNary.

84 Samuel McNary -

Thomas McNary.

til Juhn P. McNary.

77 Rachel McNary.

8 Mary Ellon McNary.

13 Sarah Jane McNary.

|_ 17 Jamea Franklin McNary.

I 20 McNary Forsytho.

21 Maggie Foraythe.

21 Samuel T. Foraythe.
25 Alvin Miller Porsythe.

30 Ola
83 Jan

:o J. Poreylho.

Wilford Foraythe.

35 Mary Margaret McNary.

J3J4 Charles Franklin McNary.

41 John G. McNary.

17(4 Charlotte Jane McNary.

18 Bdward McClure McNary.

SO Samuel Miller McNary.-
59 Willis Theodoro McNnr;



Maud Duncan. ■
a McKeo Dunea
» McNary Duncu

11 Lirri
15 Ora
18 Delia
18 'A Will

b Agnes Minion.
Ellen Manson.

McNary MnnBor
ird Lylo Manson



e Ralston.





el T. Foraythe.
M. Porsythe.
O. Forsythe.
M. Foraythe.



Emily Jano Forsythe.
Cluronco Chalmers Po


36 Samuel Hariison Atehliu.ii -
S'J Reynold Button Atchisor ,
40 Clnra Koacina Atchison.

ih Gertrude Atcb.l

I Murdoch Atchisn

42 Marga

15 H.lua McNary -
47 Elmer McNary.

49 Florence Anna McNary, -

50 Mason Campbell McNary

51 Mary Hli/.sbelli McNary

52 I.ulu Hell McNary.
68 Edward McNary

64 Jean Miller McNary.

56 Helen McClure McNary.

46 Thelma Durl Ingri

it'ii Charles Ed«

f 03 Emily Jano McNarv.

■ 04 Samuel Sturgeon lilrNiry.

[ 05 Leo Wallace McMiliy.

67 Esther June McNary.

72 Agnes Mary McNary.

74 Samuel J. McNary.

75 John Miller McNary.

76 Hmma M. McNury.

00 Samuel Miller Hill.
91 Jamea Wilson Hill.

07 Calvin C. Hill.
98 Maggie J. Hill.

f 79 Oortnido Luclll Hill,

i B0 Margaret Elizabeth Hill.

1 81 James Miller Hill.

I 82 Edna Hill.

| B! Rachel Doll Marshall.

85 John Marshall.

J 86 James Marshall.

1 87 Harrold Marshall.

I 88 Ellen Maud Marshall.

89 Olivo Marshall.

101 Thomas M. Hill.
L 102 Amanda B. Hill.





n ran.







■S l.lnv..






on Hill.





o Hill.










1UH l-'i/abolh MeNury.

109 Ellen Mi-Nurv. Married Ja

McNary. See t

110 Nancy McNary.

f 112 Floren,
"l 113 Mollis,


1. — James McNary (1) (see history at beginning of John Branch).

2.— James McNary (2), of Washington County, Pennsylvania, was the second
son of James McNary (or the original ancestor), and was the father of what shall
be known in this book as the James McNary Branch, he being of the second
generation. He lived on part of his father's farm in York County, until about the
year 17S0, when, on the 19th of .April he bought a farm in Chartiers Township,
Washington County, Pennsylvania, near the Washington County County Home, con-
taining 233 acres. He married Margaret Paxton. He was a man of small stature;
was ordained an elder in the Chartiers Seceder congregation April' 17th, 1811, and
died February 11th, 1815.

3. — Elizabeth McNary (3), married a Mr. Duncan.

4. — Nancy McNary (3), died in infancy.

5.— James McNary (3), died at the age of 25.

6. — Samuel McNary (3), married Mary Miller, resided at Hickory, Pennsyl-
vania. Died and was buried at Mt. Prospect Cemetery. He had seven children,
James, Jacob, Jane A., Samuel, Thomas, John P. and Rachel. His widow married
a Mr. McKnight.

• 7. — James McNary (4), married Ellen McNary (known in this book as No.
109). To this union was born three children, Mary Ellen, Sarah Jane and James
Franklin. He resided at Hickory, Pennsylvania, and later moved to McCoy's Sta-
tion, Jefferson County, Ohio, where he died. His body was interred at Mt. Prospect
Cemetery. His widow and family returned to Hickory and later she was married
to James Campbell, of that place, and after his death she was again married to
Jonathan L. Ralston, of Lexington, Illinois, where she lived until her death. For
several years before her death she was entirely blind.

8. — Mary Ellen McNary (5), married Arthur T. Duncan. To them were bnrn
three children: Lula Maud, Sellers McKee and James McNary, and at present she
resides at Lexington, Illinois.

9. — Lula Maud Duncan CO), married Harvey Heller, of Cooksville, Illinois.
They have two children, Duncan Coke and Illof.

10. — Duncan Coke Heller (7).

101/1..— Hlof Heller (7).

11. — Sellers McKee Duncan (6), is engaged in the jewelry business at Cleve-
land, Ohio.

12. — James McNary Duncan (fi), resides at home with his mother at Lex-
ington, Illinois.

13. — Sarah Jane McNary (5), married J. L. Manaon. To this union were born
four children: Lizzie Agnes, Ora Allen, Delia McNary and Willard Lysle. They now
reside at Hanliu Station, Pennsylvania, and are engaged in farming.

14. — Lizzie Agnes Manson (6), at home.

15. — Ora Ellen Manson (G), school teacher.

16. — .Delia McNary Manson ((>), at home.

10 Vo.— Willard Lysle Manson (6), at home.


17. — James Franklin McNary (•">), engaged in mercantile business at Lexing-
ton, Illinois,

IS. — Jacob McNary (4). died unmarried.

19. — Jane A. McNary (4), married Thomas Forsythe, of Canonsburg, Pennsyl-
vania. To them was born six children: MeXary, Maggie M., Samuel F., Alvin
Miller, Clarence J. and James Wilford.

20.— McNary Forsythe (5), married Annie Burchfield, of Allegheny, Pennsyl-
vania. Was a graduate of Jefferson College and Western Theological Seminary, and
was pastor of a Presbyterian congregation at Jacksonville, Florida, at the time of
his death. They had no children.

21. — Maggie M. Forsythe (5), married George Ralston. To them were born
two children: Jennie and John.

22. — Jennie Ralston (6), died aged about 18, at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

23. — John Ralston (6), married Myrtle Craver. He served during the Spanish-
American War, in the Tenth Pennsylvania Regiment, in the Philippine Islands.

24.— Samuel S. Forsythe (5), died at Hickorv, Pennsv'vania, while a you'-g

23. — Alvin Miller Forsythe (5), married Mamie Smith. To them were born
four children: Samuel T.. Alvin M., Orvill ( '. and Earl M. He is engaged in mer-
chant tailoring at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

26. — Saniuel T. Forsythe (6), graduate from Washington & Jefferson College.

27. — Alvin M. Forsythe (6).

28. — Orvill C. Forsythe (6), twin of Alvin XL Forsythe. Both died in infancy.

29. — Earl M. Forsythe (6), at hvme.

30. — Clarence J. Forsythe (5), is a Presbyterian minister. Married Annie Me-
Gaghey. To them were born two children: Emily Jane and Clarence Chalmers.

31. — Emily Jane Forsythe (6), at home.

32. — Clarence Chalmers Forsythe (6), at home.

33. — James Wilford Forsythe (5) died at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, while a
young man.

34. — Samuel McNary (4), lived and died at Hickory, Pennsylvania. Married
Miss Lizzie Griffith, of Hickory. To them were born six children: Mary Mar-
garet, John G., Charlotte, Edward McClure, Samuel Miller and Willis Theodore.

35. — Mary Margaret McNary (5), married John Smith Atchison, of Hickory,
Pennsylvania. To them were born six children: Samuel Harrison, Reynold Lu.lon,
Ciora Roseina, Elizabeth Gertrude, Margaret Orella and Edward Murdock. Mr.
Atchison died Mav 9th, 190o, and family resides at Hickorv, Pennsrlvania

36. — Samuel Harrison Atchison (6), married Sarah Flora Worsted, of Hickory,
Pennsylvania. They have two children: Reymond Worsted and Harrison Keneth.
He is a carpenter and resides at Hickory. Pennsylvania.

!37. — Reymond Worstell Atchison (7), lives with parents
38. — Harrison Keneth Atchison (7), lives with parents.

39. — Reynold Burton Atchison (G). lives with his mother.

40. — Clara Roseina Atchison (G), lives with her mother.

41. — Elizabeth Gertrude Atchison (0), lives with her mother.

42. — Margaret Orella Atchison (6), lives with her mother.

43. — Edward Murdock Atchison (6), lives with his mother.

43^.— Chas Franklin McNary (5), boru May 2ti 187t>, Died 1877.

44. — John G. McNary (5), married Miss Lizzie Brieland, of Hickory, Penn-
sylvania. To them were born two children: Edna and Elmer. At present resides
at Sheridanville, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Is professor of music in the pub-
lic schools of his home town.



43. — Edna McNary (6), married Herbert Ingram and resides at Bradford.
Pennsylvania. Her husband is engaged in the oil business. They have one fluid:
Thelma Burl.

46. — Thelma Burl Ingram (7).

47. — Elmer McNary (6), resides wth his parents at Sheridanville, Pennsylvania.

47 : -j. — Charlotte Jane McNary (o), died in childhood.

4S.- — Edward McClure McNary (3), married Jennie Isabelle Campbell, of near
Hickory, Pennsylvania. They have seven children: Florence Anna, Mason Camp-
bell, Mary Elizabeth, Lula Bed, Edward, Jean Miller and Helen McClure. Resides
at Ingram, Pennsylvania, since about 1S97. Has formerly been engaged in the insur-
ance business and is now interested in mining interests.

EDWARD McCLLRE McNARY, No. 48 James Branch.

49. — Florence Anna McNary (6), married Frank C. Rex, of Ingram, who is
sylvania. They had one child: Charles Edward.

49 V-2- — Charles Edward Rex (7), born December 19th, 1907. Died in infancy.

50.— Mascn Campbell McNary (6), lives with parents.

31. — Mary Elizabeth McNary (6), lives with parents.

32. — Lula Bell McNary (6), lives with parents.

')'■'>. — Edward McNary (6). died in infancy.

34. — Jean Miller McNary ((5), lives with parents.

53. — Helen McClure McNary (6), lives with parents.

56. — Samuel Miller McNary (5), married Jennie Agnew Harsha, of Hie* ry.
To them were born two children: Clifford Harsha and Earl Griffith. They reside at
Hickory, Pennsylvania, and lie is engaged in mercantile business.

57. — Clifford Harsha McNary (f>), born April 29th, 1X92, lives with parents.

58.— Earl Griffith McNary (G), born May 20th, 1S94. and died October 20th,


59.— Willis Theodore McNary (5). died June, IsSS.
CO.— Thomas McNary (4), died at Alliance, Ohio.


61. — John P. McNary (4), married Amelia McClelland, of Hickory, Pennsyl-
vania. They had born to them six children: Emerson B., Elmer R., Agnes Jane,
Samuel Miller and John and Emily (twins). His wife died in 1S79, and since was
married to Miss Sadie Garrett, of Ciynonsburg, where he is now living retired.

JOHN P. .McNARY. No. 61 James Branch.

62. — -Emerson B. McNary (5), married Ada G. Hunter, of McDonald. Penn-
sylvania. His wife died in 18S9, and lie was afterwards married to Mary Sturgeon,
of Sturgeon Station. Pennsylvania. To them were born three children: Emily






**" -


EMERSON B. McNARY. No. 62 James Branch.

Jane. Samuel Sturgeon and Lee Wallace. Resides at Crafton, Pennsylvania, an' js
engaged in mercantile business in th" city of Pittsburg.

G3. — Emily Jane McNary Mm. bom February 28th, 1S94, lives with her

04. — Samuel Sturgeon IJcNary (0), born October 24th, 1S97, nves vvitu l.s


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference. 1


6.1.— Lee Wallace McNary (<>), born February 14th, 1901, lives with his

66. — Elmer R. McNary (5), married Margaret Pomerine, of Castle Shannon,
Pennsylvania. To them were born five children: Esther Jane, John Paxton, Mar-
garet McC'leary, Boyd Emerson and Floyd Elmer (twins). Resides at Canonsburg,
Pennsylvania. Plasterer by trade.

67. — Esther Jane McNary (6), lives with parents.

68. — John Paxton McNary (6), lives parents.

69.— Margaret McCleary McNary (6), lives with parent .

70. — Boyd Emerson McNary (6), lives with parents.

71. — Lloyd Elmer McNary (6). died in infancy.

72. — Agnes Mary McNary (5), married J. C. Barrett, of Canonsburg, Pennsyl-
vania, to whom one child was born: Sarah Margaret. He was an oil operator and
made a trip to develop oil land in the Isle of Borneo, and returned by way of San
Francisco, California. He was there lost to the world, no trace of him ever having
been discovered. Mrs. Barret resides at Washington. Pennsylvania.

73. — Sarah Margaret Barrett (6), lives with her mother.

74. — Samuel James McNary (5), died at the age of 20.

75. — John Miller McNary (o), died in infancy.

76. — Emily Margaretta McNary (5), died in infancy.

77. — Rachel McNary (4) married James Hill, of Hickory, Pennsylvania. To
them were born eight children: William MeXary, Mary Agnes, Samuel Miliei,
.lames Wilson, Calvin C, Maggie J., Thomas M. ami Amanda B. They reside at
Hickory, Pennsylvania, retired.

78. — William McNary Hill (5), married Miss Brieeland, of Hickory, Pennsyl-
vania, and to them were born three children: Gertrude Lucille .Margaret Elizabeth
and James Miller. She died and he was married to Sadie Phillips, io whom one
child was born: Edna. Mr. Hill died at Boston, Massachusetts, March 17th, 1S07.
and was buried at Hickory, Pennsylvania. His widow resides in Pittsburg,

79.— Gertrude Lucille Hill (6).

SO. — Margaret Elizabeth Hill (6).

81. — James Miller Hill (6), employed in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

82.-^Edna Hill (6), lives with her mother.

83.- — Mary Agnes Hill (5), married John Marshall, of Hickory. Pennsylvania.
To them were born six children: Rachel Bell, John, James, Harrold. Ella Maude
and Olive. Mrs. Marshall died February 29tb, 1892, at Hickory. Mr. Marshall is
engaged in the undertaking business at Kittanuing, Pennsylvania.

84. — Rachel Bell Marshall (6).

So.— John Marshall (6).

86.— James Marshall (6).

87.— Harrold Marshall (6).

88. — Ellen Maude Marshall (6).

89.— Olive Marshall (6).

90.— Samuel MilJcr Hill (.">), died at age of about 20.

91. — James Wilson Hill (.T) married Kittie Allen. To them were born five
children: Doratha Allen, Mildred Ann, James Lloyd, Ken<-;h Wilson and Thomas
Rosco. Resides in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Engaged in the merchant tailoring

92. — Uoratha Allen Hill (6), at home with parents.

9:5. — Mildred Ann Hill (G), at home with parents.

94. — James Lloyd Hill (6), at home with parents.


9.3. — Keneth Wilson Hill (6), at home with parents.
96. — Thomas Kosco Hill (6), at home with parents.
97. — Calvin C. Hill (5), lives at Boston, Massachusetts.

98.— Maggie J. Hill (5), married James M. Giles, to whom were born two chil-
dren: Walter ami Eaehel Ada. Mrs. Giles died in 1S91. Mr. Giles resides in
East End, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
99.— Walter Giles (6), dead.

100. — Kachel Ada Giles (6).

101. — Thomas M. Hill (o), engaged in business and resides in Pittsburg,

102.— Amanda B. Hill (5), died July 21st, 1885.

103.— Margaret McNary (3)

104.— Mary McNary (3)

105. — John McNary (3), Poland Ohio, had eight children, Margaret, Mary, Eliza-
beth, Ellen, Nancy, Jane, Sarah, James.

106.— Margaret McNary (4). married a Mr. Duncan, of McLean County 111.

107. — Mary McNary (4), lived and died at Hickory, Pa., was unmarried.

108. — Elizabeth McNary (4), married John Ralston, and lived at Lexington, Ills.

109 — Ellen McNary (4^, married James McNary (see History in No. 7 of this
Branch) after his death married James Campbell of Hickory and after his death, she
manned John Ralston, Lexington, Ills.

110. — -Nancy McNary (4), married a Mr. Mingland, lived in the West.

111. — Jane McNary (4), married a Mr. Skelly, to them were born 2 children,
Florence Cruse and Morrison Honey.

112.— Florence Cruse Skelly (5),

113. — Morrison Honey Skelly (5),

114. — Sarah McNary (4), died at age of Twenty.

115.— James McNary (4), died at age of 16.



Thomas McNary Branch

McNary Tree — Thomas Branch

21 Samuel McNary.

26 John McNary-

85 Mary Bell McNary.

43 William McNary.

43S Jo.epo Templet on McNary

» — ' -»-* —


67 Ja„.a H. **.„.


79 Samu.l F. McN.tr.

83 Maty Eliiabeth MeN.tj.

102 B.M C. H»S OT .

107 W w *W„

13= I.e., S Mc.V.t,

134 D..id U.S.T.


1.1 J.l.ph R. MtS.tr.

!!i ■j"', M M > 'vT


1 =====

18 Satal



L 20 Cild.

J.mea SI


23 01«t






31 Mir

iic ^ a ty'

. B. L7...

Jan,,, L7 n


,nd R L„


J? -'■-

r MtM.tr.



54 Rache

Etnmilt I



a H Smitb.





a sas





ii? :


J 80 Tkom

i 31 *,Vi.'. c

I Baton _


1 •

{ i

) Dorothy Iaabella Lyueh.
Morelacd R. Lynch, Jr.


Ruth M. Barklay.

Tboa. Wade Smith.



Gertrude E. Miller.

181 Samael SIeX»ry-

140 I = f:,

14- •:„.

arel Ufl^ir.

u:. i:=...

r Whiilwnnan.



Wstsoo HcNiry.

) 1« D.rfd c™ p6 ,„ « oSro .




1 dlnthler?" ^

'hom.is Clyde Templet

i Mfti-jjiret M. Jones.


g < a

. 5 -A
: i :!

r ; ~


i Clay Be.l Pattu.

. Albtrton Marti*.

94 Cornelius Clark MeN»rr.
»nn n-inh Dual] McN'arr.

- i


, Cornelias Clark MeNiry.

309 Ralph Durell HcNarj.
31 1 James Roll and m'oNht.

pleton -j g || Cit

I Tbomai A. HcSar?.

J B7* R.ilph E. SIcKiry.


{ <ww jo.iph mil i

1 11

2 J„ne< £ Tnopleua.

f »1

1 a

7 Eth.1 M. tiipkiu "
B M "l" MnTli"'!!!..


' Marl* L. MeCloy

{ 155 D>Tid Q. MeXi

(See DaV.d, No.

i Ulysses G Kyi*.

{ 477 Kyle.

1 Crawford Mitchell.

1 Catherine Kyle.

1 Robert 'W. On -

<93 Orla

do H. Petty


aret J. Kyle

ii Kyle.

E. Kyle.



516 Mlon

• Ar,gel Orr

517 Madg

e Turaham.

= ■'; >-r\ r :


525 H En

b Orr

529 —



In taking up this part of the genealogical history,— the Thomas McXary
Branch,— we have experienced much difficulty in obtaining accurate and reliable
dates of some of our early ancestry, but on the whole, we feel the record
can be relied "upon as correct.

2. Thomas McNary (2), son of James, the Scottish pioneer, was born on bia

father's farm in Chanceford Township. York County. Pennsylvania. The date of
his birth, we cannot be absolutely certain of, but believe it to have been about 1744.
He was married in 1766 to Jennet Robinson in York County, who was born in 1747.
We find, by consulting "Spangler's History and Sketches of York County Familes,"
that Thomas McXary was a volunteer in the Revolutionary War. and captain of
the Fourth Company of the Fourth Battalion of the "Flying Camp"' in 1776, which
inarched to New Jersey and took part in the Battle of Trenton. Also that one David
McXary, brother of Thomas, was a private in this same company commanded by
Captain Thomas McXary. It may be a matter of interest to know that David Mc-
Kinlev, grandfather of President William McKinley. was a member of this battalion.

In December, 17S2. this same Thomas McXary. following the line of emigra-
tion westward, purchased a farm in what is now Xorth Strabane Township, Wash-
ington County. Pennsylvania, of James Allison.— 250 acres of land for -'375 pounds
specie, lawful money of Pennsylvania.'' situated on the forks of Shirtee Creek on
Sugar Tree Run. bounded by lands of Dorce Penticost, and to a line of said tract
run by Henry Taler (Henry Taylor) and lands of John McDall (McDowel). For
this tract he received a warrant dated October 29th. 17S4. and on the 21st of Feb-
ruary, 1735, it was surveyed to him as "Sugar Tree'" and contained 219 acres. This
farm was inherited by his son, Matthew, and continued his until his death, when
it passed into the possession of John Struthers, and is now owned by Henry

Thomas McXary was "a large, fine-looking man" of a robust physique suited
to the requirements of pioneer life, such as he was afterwards called on to
endure. His church connection was in the Chartiers Seceder or Associate Congrega-
tion. Canonsburg, of which he was ordained an elder some time prior to 1799. He
continued to reside on his farm until his death, which occurred in 1S20, aged about
75 years. His body was interred in what is now known as Oak Spring Cemetery,
Canonsburg. In his will he makes provision for the legal freedom of a servant,
"Jean Parkinson," who had been practically free for many years before this time.

This same Thomas McXary, of Washington County, son of James, of York
County, had six children, five sons anil one daughter — James, David, Matthew, Joseph
and Samuel.

3. — James McNary (3). the eldest of this family, was born in Chanceford
Township, York County, Pennsylvania, in 176(1. and died in 1841. He received his
education in the subscription schools of that period. He was married March 7th,

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