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1811, to Anna CaldweH, born 1791, died 1SGS, of Washington Connry, and after a
few years of married life in North Strabane Township, they moved to Nottingham
Township and located on a farm in said Township, Washington County, Pennsvl-
vania, near the village of Muntown, and attended the Pigeon Creek Seceder Church
of which he was an elder, for many years. At his death his body was laid to rest
in the cemetery at that place.

To these parents were born nine children, five sons and four daughters, as
follows: James, Thomas, Robert, Samuel. David, Jane, Elizabeth. Anna and Esther.

4. — James McNary (4), son of James, the oldest son of the family, a quiet, un-
assuming man, was bom in 1816, died January 9th, 1^90. He lived on the home
farm near Muntown. Washington County, and for fifteen years discharged the duties
of Justice of the Peace, being frequently called on to perform the marriage cere-
mony in the surrounding neighborhood. He married Isabel Elit Caldwell, of Ohio
County, West Virginia, born February 6th, 1S23, living with her son James, near
Thomas, Pennsylvania, now in her 84th year. Died January 2^th. 1907. Thev had
seven children, four sons and three daughters: Anna, Samuel, John, James, Mary
Bell, William, Adda and Joseph Templeton.

5. — Anna McNary (o), born November 1st, 1S44, married Wilson McLean, a
lumber merchant and contractor, and made their home in Wilkinsburg, Allegheny
County, Pennsylvania. Their church connection was in the First United Presbyterian
Church of Wilkinsburg, of which they were both charter members, and for many
years Mr. McLean was an active member of the Board of Trustees. Mr. McLean
died in September, 1S95, aged 51 years. Mrs. Anna McLean still resides in the
old home, 712 South avenue, Wilkinsburg.

To them were born eight children, four sons and four daughters: Frances
Bell, Ida Jane, William Wilson, Minnie Mae, Frank Wilson. Samuel Oliver. Sarah
Burchfield and Clyde James.

6- — Frances Bell McLean (6). born February 15th, 1^64. married James Rankin
Vincent, M. D., a practicing physician of East End, Pittsburg. Their present home
is the Hotel Lamont, Spahr street, Pittsburg. Their church home is the Sixth United
Presbyterian Church. Pittsburg.

7. — Ida Jane McLean <6), born April 17th, 1S66, married William S. Haymaker,
born July 2nd. 1865, a lumber dealer of Pittsburg, Vice President of the Empire
Lumber Company. Arrott Building. Pittsburg, and residing at C04 North avenue,
Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Their family consists of two children. Their rhv.-ch
home is the First United Presbyterian Church of Wilkinsburg.

8.— Clarence M. Haymaker (7), born June 10th. 1889.

9.— Ethel Anna Haymaker (7), born April 3rd, 1894.

10. — William Wilson McLean (6), son of Anna and Wilson McLean, was horn
in 1868, and died in 1871.

11. — Minnie Mae McLean (6), born April 27th, 1871, married William Eimer
Kammerer. a prominent and influential farmer and stockman of near Kammerer,
Nottingham Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Their family consists of
three children. Their church connection is in the United Presbyterian congregation
at Mt. Prospect, Pennsylvania. In politics, a Democrat.

12. — John Vincent Kammerer (7). born January 3rd, 1900.

13. — William Wilson Kammerer (7), born December 19th, 1900.

14. — A son (7), born 1906.

15. — Frank Wilson McLean ((3), born December 3rd, 1874, married Gertrude


Shreiber. He resides in Frocdom, Pennsylvania, and is employed by the Pennsvlvania

Railroad Company at present on the West Penn branch. Attends the CJnitefl Pres-
byterian Church. To them was born one son:

lli. — Frank Wilson McLean, Jr. (7), who died in early life.

17. — Samuel Oliver McLean (6), born August 1st, 1877, married Hannah M.
Ramsden, who was born March 11th, 1$7(3. Their place of residence is 41 S Hay
street, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Engaged in the grocery and produce business at
416 Hay street. Both are members of the First United Presbyterian Church of Wil-
kinsburg, Pennsylvania. They have one son:
IS.— Infant son (7). born 1906.

19. — Sarah Burchfield McLean (6), born June 23rd, 1S79, received her early
education in the public schools of Wilkinsburg, and graduated from Westminster
College, New Wilmington, in the class of 1900. Taught in the High School of Wil-
kinsburg. She was married June 14th, 1906, to Robert Cairns Patterson, who was
born in 1S7S and was educated in the public schools of Pittsburg and a graduate
of the Western University of Pennsylvania. Their home is in Georgetown, Colorado.
where Mr. Patterson is cashier of the Hydraulic Power &. Electric Company. They
have one son,

19%.— Infant son (7). born March 31st, 1907.

20. — Clyde James McLean (6), born November 30th, l ft "C. Is engaged in the
grocery business with his brother. Samuel Oliver McLean. Single and at home with
his mother at 712 South avenue, Wilkinsburg.

21. — Samuel McNary (5). son of James, of near Muntown, born January 21st,
1847. Married Margaret Hamilton, who was born March 2nd, 1S-33. Resides oil
farm inherited from his father, which was purchased from the Miller heirs about
1^7-1, located in Nottingham Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. His
occupation is fanning and dairying. He has four children: Lula Bell, Clarenee
James, Samuel Oliver and Jeanetta Marguerite. Members of the United Presby-
terian Church, Mt. Prospect, Pennsylvania.

22. — Lula Bell McNary (0), born December 17th. 1SS3. Single, at home.
23. — Clarence James McNary (6), born August 26th, 1385. Married June 2nth,
1906, to Miss Sara B. Hamilton, of near Talentia.

24. — Samuel Oliver McNary (6), born July 1st. 1SS7. Single, at home.
25. — Jeanetta Marguerite McNary (6), born June 4th, 1893. Single, at home.
26. — John Caldwell McNary (5), son of James, of Muntown, was born April
30th, 1849, on the McNary homestead in Nottingham Township. He received his
education in the public schools of the township, and continued at home with his
parents until his marriage with Nannie Guthrie. He then located on a farm north
of the village of Muntown, where he followed farming until the death of Mrs.
McNary. He then sold the farm and engaged as a stock dealer, later locating in
Finleyville, where he was united in marriage to Jennie Hamilton. He is now en-
gaged in the meat business. He has no children. His church connection is in the
Presbyterian denomination.

27. — James Albert McNary (5), son of James, of Muntown, was born March
13th, 1857, in Nottingham Township. He was educated in the public schools, and on
March 28th. 1H*5, was married to Hannah Young, born March 16th, 1S66. He haa
always followed farming, and for a few years past has been engaged in dairying.
They now live near Thomas Station, on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and attend
the Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church. To them were born the following


children: Hazel, Harry Albert, Fanny Bell, John Caldwell, Carl J., Anna M. and
Mane. : .!

28. — Hazel McNary (6), born April 3rd, 1S8C. After completing her educa-
tion in the public schools she attended Business College in Washington, and is now
engaged in teaching in the public schools.

29. — Harry Albert McNary (G), born July 22nd, 1SSS. Died 1907.

30. — Fanny Bell McNary (6), b.jrn October 13th, 1890.

31. — John Caldwell McNary (6), born September 7th, 1S93.

32. — Carl J. McNary (G). born December 29th, 1S95.

33. — Anna M. McNary (6), born July 19th, 1898. Died December 14th, 1903.

34. — Marie McNary (6), born April 10th, 1904.

33. — Mary Bell McNary (5), daughter of James, of Muntown, -was born Octo-
ber 21st, 1S50. She was married to Burns Robert Lynch, born November IStli,
1846, and their home was in Mt. Washington, where they were connected with the
United Presbyterian Church. Mary Bell McNary Lynch died February 27th, l^sl,
and her husband followed only a few years later. To them were born three chil-
dren: Nannie Bell, WilHam James and Moreland B.

3G. — Nannie Bell Lynch (0), bom August 29th. 1873, and was united in mar-
riage to Charles Gueth, born June 27th, 1S67. They live in Wilkinsburg, and are
identified with the Second United Presbyteriau Church of that place. They have
two children: Charles William Moreland and Helen Elenor.

37. — Charles William Moreland Gueth (7). born December 29th. 1S97.

38. — Helen Elenor Gueth (7), born June 24th, 1900.

39. — Wililam James Lynch (G), born August 31st, 1875, and was united in
marriage to Isbella Mclntyre. born December 19th, 1SS2. Their place of residence
is in Wilkinsburg. where they attend the Second United Presbyterian Church. They
have one daughter: Dorothy Isbella.

40. — Dorothy Isbella Lynch (7), born August luth, 1903.

41. — Moreland R. Lynch (G), born May 17th, 1877, was united in marriage to
Millicent J. Humphries, born September 26th, 1881. Their home is at 1525 Hunter
street, Wilkinsburg. Pennsylvania, and they are connected with the Swissvale Avenue
M. E. Church. They have one son: Moreland H.

42. — Moreland H. Lynch (7), born September 2nd, 1902.

43. — Wiliam Milton McNary (5), son of James, of Muntown, was born in Not-
tingham Township in 1SG0. lie married Jennie Rosanna Lash, who was born in
1863. They lived for several years on a farm inherited from his father, and later
moved to a farm near Finleyville, where he now resides. Their church home is in
the United Presbyterian denomination. To this union were born four children:
Walter, Albert, Ida Bessie and Ella, all living and at home with their parents.

44. — Walter McNary (6), born 1885, employed as bookkeeper in Pittsburg.

45. — Albert McNary (G), born June, 1890.

46. — Ida Bessie McNary (6), born January 6th, 1893.
47.— Ella McNary (6), born March, 1896.

48.— Adaline McNary (5), daughter of Janus, of Muntown, born February
12th, 1854, of delicate constitution. Died September 1st, 1877, aged 23 years, un-

43%. — Joseph Templeton McNary (5), born 1859. Died in infancy.



49. — Thomas McNary (4), son of James, son of Thomas, born 1S19, married
Rachel Herron, born 1 Si2:>, now living with her son. William II. McNary, on the
home farm, in her 83rd year. He owned and lived until his death on a farm nt j ar
Thomas Station, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Nottingham Township, "Washington
County, Pennsylvania. He was a man of taste, as was displayed in the ereetion of
his home and farm buildings. A careful and expert farmer, a lover of good stock,
more particularly his horses, in which he took special pride and delight. In his
younger days when the Pennsylvania Militia laws were in force, he belonged to the
cavalry arm of that service, in which he was considered an expert horseman. Their
church home was Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church, of which they were
charter members. To them were born six children: Anna, Sarah Jane, Ella, James
H., William H. and Samuel F.

THOMAS Mc.NARY, No. 49 Thomas Branch.

50 — Anna McNary (5), born January 9th, 1843, married William Barkley, who
was born November 2nd, 1 ^ : '. t > . a farmer, one whose taste was in entire accord with
!t i-s occupation. His farm was near Thomas Station, in North Strabane Township.
Washington County, Pennsylvania. To them were born three children: Lizzie,
Edward and Rachel Einmit.

51. — Lizzie Earkley (G), burn October 17th, ls*>4, not living.

52. — Edward Barkley ((3), born November 12th. 1860, married Nettie Temple-
ton, now living in Tyler Ward, Washington, Pennsylvania. To them was born one
child: Ruth Marie. Their church connection is with the Third United Presbyterian,
Washington, Pennsylvania.

5?. — Ruth Marie Barkley (7), born December 28th, 1901.

54. — Rachel Emmitt Barkley (G), born April 23rd, 1881, married Glenn M<-
Murray, born October loth, 1873. Their church connection is in the L'nited Presby-
terian Church of Mt. Prospect, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

55.— Sarah Jane McNary (5), daughter of Thomas, born in 1849, married
W. J. Smith, of Smithville, six miles east of Washington, on the Baltimore & Ohio


Railroad. Mr. Smith ]ived on a farm aud was a successful brt eder of Merino sheep;
also, for a number of years, conducted a flouring mill at that place. In 1904 they
purchased a home and removed to Allison avenue, Washington. Pennsylvania, where
they now reside. To them were born four children, two sons aud two daughters:
Thomas Henderson, Elizabeth Annetta, William Wylie and Ella ,lane. Their church
connection has been, ami still is, in the United Presbyterian Church, Pigeon Creek.
In politics, a consistent Democrat.

56. — Thomas Henderson Smith (6), son of Sarah Jane and J. W., born August
5th, 1S6S, now dead, married Pearl Hill. Had one son: Thomas Wade.

57. — Thomas Wade Smith (7), now living with his mother.

5S. — Elizabeth Annetta Smith ((5), born June 28th, 1S70, married William B.
Cameron, born 1S70. They live ou a farm two miles east of Washington on road
leading to Monongahela City. They have three sons: Harold Smith. James Maurice
and George Glenn. Their church connection is the First Presbyterian, Washington,
Pennsylvania. In politics, a Democrat.

59.— Harold Smith Cameron (7), born 1*98.

60. — James Maurice Cameron (7). born 1902.

61. — George Glenn Cameron (7), born 1905.

62. — William Wylie Smith (6), born September 5th, 1S72, married Maggie
Powers, June 29th, 1905. A civil engineer. Has one son: James Fulton.

63. — James Fulton Smith (7).

64. — Ella Jane Smith (6), born 1*77. married Stephen William Miller. They
reside at 210 North Sumner avenue. Washington, Pennsylvania. They have one
daughter: Gertrude Elizabeth. They attend the Second United Presbyterian
Church, Washington, Pennsylvania.

65. — Gertrude Elizabeth Miller (7). born January 4th. 1906.

66. — Ella McNary (5), daughter of Thomas, born 1S52, married B. L. Mc-
Greggor. They live in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, and by occupation is a farmer.
Their church connection is in the Presbyterian Church of Monongahela City, Penn-

67. — James H. McNary (5), son of Thomas, born 1854, married Anna M. Emery,
born 1S57. Lives on farm near Thomas Station. Pennsylvania, on road from Thomas
Station leading to Dunningsville. Had two sons and two daughters: Stella, Walter,
Mabel and Glendon. All at home. Their church connection, the United Presbyterian,
of Mt. Prospect. Mrs. Anna McNary, after a short illness, died from an attack of
measles, and her body was laid to rest in the Presbyterian churchyard at Pigeon
Creek, Pennsylvania.

68.— Stella McNary (6), born 1882.

69.— Walter McNary (6), born 1884, died in 1885.

70. — Mabel McNary (6), born 1887.

71. — Glendon McNary (6), born 1895.

72. — William H. McNary (5), son of Thomas, born 1S65, married Minnie Her-
ron, born 186s. They live on the home farm near Thomas, Pennsylvania. To them
were born six children: Elmer, Bessie, Helen, Edna, Nellie and Alvin. Their
church connection is in the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Prospect.

73. — Elmer McNary (6), died in his youth.

74. — Bessie McNary (6), born 1893.

75. — Edna McNary (6), born 1895.

76. — Helen McNary (6). born 1897.

77.— Nellie McNary (<>), born 1900.


(Make note of any. Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference.)



78. — Alvin McNary (6), born 1902.

79. — Samuel F. McNary (3), sou of Thomas, born 1862, married Rena Mc-
Millan, born 1S6S. Lives on a farm near Venetia. Washington County, Pennsylvania.
Had two sons: Thomas Byron and Walter A. They attend the United Presbyterian

80. — Thomas Byron McNary (6), born 1897.

81. — Walter A. McNary (6), bom 1001.

82. — Robert C. McNary (4). third son of James M-cNavy, was bom in Notting-
ham Township. Washington County, June 17th. 1823, and died December 16th, 1894,
his education being received at the common schools of his district. His occupation
was that of farming, to which he devoted himself with untiring energy, and in
which calling he proved himself a practical and successful operator.

Ou Mav ISth, 1845, he was married to Sarah MeCorkle, who was born May

ROBERT C. McNARY, No. 82 Thomas Branch.

25th, 1825, and died October 31st, 1S7S. For some years after marriage he lived
on a farm in Peters Township. He then purchased a farm one mile north of Canons-
burg, in Cecil Township, which had formerly been owned by his uncle, Joseph Mc-
Nary. On this farm he continued to reside until his death, which occurred, as
above stated, on December loth, 1^94. His body, as well as that of his wife, is
resting in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. His church connection was first wirh
the Chartiers Secedcr, afterwards the United Presbyterian. Canonsburg. The chil
dren of this marriage were nine, six sons and three daughters: Mary Elizabeth,
Annie, James. Robert C, Samuel Wier, Sarah J., John W., Houston French and
Thomas B.

83. — Mary Elizabeth McNary (.">), born November 2nd, 1S40, died dune
14th, 18G7.

84. — Annie McNary (5), daughter of Robert C, born July 11th, 1848, married
W. B. L. Crawford. Their place of residence was Canonsburg, and they attended the


United Presbyterian Church of that place. To them were ,born six children, three
sons and four daughters: William Andrew. Sara Elizabeth, Robert Wilson, Martha
Clarissa, John Wier and Mary Ella.

85. — William Andrew Crawford (6), born November 5th, 1871.

86. — Sara Elizabeth Crawford (6), born December 3rd, 1S73. married William
Houston McNary, son of J. C. McNary, of the John McNary branch. To them were
born three children: Anna Abigal, John C. and Ralph.

87. — Anna Abigal McNary (7), born November 19th, 1899.

88.— John C. McNary (7), born June 17th, 1002.

89. — Ralph McNary (7), born November 27th, 1904.

Their chuvch home is in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, Canons-

90. — Robert Wilson Crawford (6). son of Anna McNary Crawford, born
January 29th, 1876, married Ida L. Peacock, born 1878, to whom was born one son:
George Peacock. They live in Canonsburg, and attend the United Presbyterian

91. — George Peacock Crawford (7). born January 19th. 1905.

92. — Martha Clarissa Crawford (6), daughter of Anna McNary Crawford,
born January 29th, 1876, married William Alexander Loekhart. They have two
children: Wilhelmina Caroline and Violet Elizabeth. Their home is in Houston,
where Mr. Loekhart is engaged as superintendent for the Pittsburg Coal Company.
They attend the Presbyterian Church.

93.— Wilhelmina Caroline Loekhart (7), born March 5th. 19D2.

94. — Violet Elizabeth Loekhart (7), born October 7th. 1904.

95. — John Weir Crawford (6), born January 17th, 1SS1, at home.

96.— Mary Ella Crawford (6), born April 21st. 1SS3, died March 10th, HS4.

97. — James McNary (5), son of Robert C. McNary, born on the home farm
in Peters Township, May 4th, 1851. Married Anna Barr. born Oct >ber 13th. 1850.
Living on the home farm in Peters Township, and following in the footsteps of
his father, — that of a farmer. His church home is Mt. Prospect United Presby-
terian, located near Thomas Station, of which for many years he has been a ruling
eilder. To this union have been born four children, one son and three daughters.
Nellie, Sarah E., Mary E. and Roy Oscar, all consistent members of the above

98. — Nellie McNary (6), born 1S77, devoted to teaching school.

99. — Sarah E. McNary (6), born 1879.
100.— Mary E. McNary (6). horn 1881.

101.— Roy Oscar McNary (0). born 1SS4, died October 14th, 1903.
102. — Robert C. McNary, Jr. (5). son of Robert C. McNary. was born in
Peters Townhsip, April 16th, 1853, lived on a farm near the placo of his birth,
and later removed to Los Angeles, California. He married Flora Kammerer. who
was born near Dnnningsville, Washington County, Pennsylvania, December 11th,
I860. The fruit of this marriage was four children: Robert K., Frank M.. Hugh
A. and Elgy C. Their place of worship was formerly the United Presbyterian
Church of Canonsburg, but now with the First United Presbyterian Church of lx>s
Angeles, California.

103.— Robert K. McNary (6), born 1SS2.
104.— Frank M. McNary (0). born 1884.
105.— Hugh A. McNary (ti), born 1891.
106.— Elgy C. McNary (6), born 1897.



107. — Samuel Weir .McNary (5), son of Robert C. McNary, was horn in 1S35
on the home" farm, Peters Township, Washington County. Pennsylvania, on the
public road from Canonsburg to Finleyville. He removed with his father some
years later to a farm in Cecil Township. He married Katherine Bebvut, born 1S59,
and for several years was located in Chartiers Township. At present is living
on North Main street, Canonsburg. His occupation has always been that of
farming. To them were born four children, three sons and one daughter: Dora E.,
Walter C, D. Roy and Ralph R. The church home of parents and children is in
the United Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg.

SAMUEL WEIR McNARY, No. 107 Thomas Branch.

108.— Dora E. McNary (6), bom 18S6.

109. — Walter C. McNary ((5), born 18SS.

110. — D. Roy McNary (6), born 1889.

111.— Ralph R. McNary (6), born 1S92, died October 20th, 1809.

112. — Sarah J. McNary (5), daughter of Robert ('. McNary, was Lorn in 1S-5S,
married F. Richie Weaver, who was born in 1855. Their residence is in Cecil
Township. Their family consists of rhreo children, one son anil two daughters:
Robert Dell, Mary B. and Bertha J. Their church connection is the Central Avenue
Presbyterian Church.

113. — Robert Dell Weaver .0). born LS92.

114. — Mary B. Weaver (6), born 1893.

115. — Eertha J. Weaver <<'>,. born 1898.

11*).— John W. McNary (5), son of Robert <". McNary, was born in 1861, mar-
ried Mary Johnston, who was horn in 1862. Thi ir residence is Canonsburg, his
occupation that of carpenter. Their family consists of six daughters: Edith M.,
Ethrl A., Bertha M., Mary L., Alice J. and Martha M. Their place of worship is the
Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, of Canonsburg.

H7. — Edith M. McNary ((»), born August 9th, 1886, graduat.-d at Canonsburg
High School. 1905.



US. — Ethel A. McNary (6), born August 9th, 1S86, graduated at Canonsburg
High School, 1905.

119. — Bertha M. McNary (6), born 1889.

120. — Mary L. McNary (6), born 1891.

121. — Alice J. McNary (6), born 1S93.

122. — Martha M. McNary (6), born 1S95.

123.— Houston French McNary (5), son of Robert C. McNary, bom January
16th, 1S64. married Emelda Armstrong Withers. Occupation, general business.
His place of residence is Canonsburg, and his church connection is in the United
Presbyterian Church of that place.

124.— Thomas B. McNary (3), son of Robert C. McNary, born August 29th,
186G, in Peters Township. Later came with his father to farm in Cecil Town-
ship, near Canonsburg. Married Jennie Moore, born in 1S6S, and still continues
to cultivate the farm on which his father died. To them were born six children.

SAMUEL McNARY, No. 131 Thomas Branch.

three sons and three daughters: James B., Sarah J., Margaret, John M., Jessie L.
and Thomas B. All of whom are at home with their parents. Their church home
is in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church, Canonsburg.

125. — James B. McNary (6), born 1X94.

126.— Sarah J. McNary (6), horn 1895.

127. — Margaret McNary (ti), born ISO".

12S. — John M. McNary (ti), burn 1^99.

129. — Jessie L. McNary (6), born 1901.

130. — Thomas B. McNary ((>), born 1903.

131.— Samuel McNary (4), fourth son of James McNary. and grandson of
Thomas McNary, was born August 16th, 1825, on farm in Nottingham Township.
Washington County, Pennsylvania, near the village of Muntown. About 1S50 he


married Margaret MeOture, born Jul}- 27th. 1S28. After their marriage they took
up their residence ou his farm in Xorth Strabane Township, five miles east of
Canonsburg, where they continued to reside during their entire lives.

Their church home was in the Chartiers Seceder Church. Canonsburg. until
the organization of the United Presbyterian congregation at Mt. Prospect. To
them were born five sons and two daughters:

132. — James S. McNary, the oldest of this family, was born October 27th.
1851, on the home farm in Xorth Strabane Township, and received a thorough edu-
cation in the common schools. In about 18S6 he was united in marriage to Jennie

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