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L. Pollock, daughter of James Pollock, of the same Township, who was born May
11th, 1S47. After their marriage their home was on their farm in Peters Town-
ship, on the road leading from Canonsburg to Finleyville, where they were success-
fully engaged in general farming and stock raising. He died August 14th, 189S.
In about 1904, Mrs. McXary removed to Washington, where her daughter entered
the Washington Seminary as a student. To them was born one daughter: Etha
Eleanor. Their church home was in the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Prospect.

133.— Etha Eleanor McNary (6), born March 16th. 188S.

On July 10th, 1906, Etha Eleanor McXary was united in marriage to Ross
D. Leonard, of that plp.ee. where they now reside.

134. — David McNary (5), second son of Samuel McXary, was born June 23rd,
1S53, and died on October 28th, 1873, aged 22 years.

135. — William Boyd McNary (5), son of Samuel McXary. was born February
17th, 1856. on the home farm in Xorth Strabane Township, and followed the usual
routine of a farmer. He received his education in the schools of the period, largely
in that known as the Scott district. On October 22nd, 1SS5, he was united in
marriage to Jennie Margaret Herron. who was born January 8th, 1861. They are
located on the old farm near Thomas Station on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad,
and Boyd McXary is regarded as one of Xorth Strabane 's successful farmers.
Their church home is in the Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church. To this
union five children were born: Robert Boyd, Mary Rachel, Carrie Margaret, Charles
Townsend and another son. These are at home with their parents and are enjoying
the privileges of the public schools.

136. — Robert Boyd McNary (6), born September 25th. 1S86.

137.— Mary Rachel McNary (6), born March 20th. 1889.

138. — Carrie Margaret McNary (6), born Xovember 17th, 1890.

139. — Charles Townsend McNary ("6), born October 6th, 1894.

14d. — Son (6), born January 7th, 1900, who died in infancy.

141. — Joseph R. McNary, son of Samuel McXary, was born August 13th.
1S58, in Xorth Strabane Township on a farm along the public road leading from
Canonsburg to Finleyville. He was educated in the public schools, and married
Margaret McConnell. They reside on the home farm, which he inherited. They
belong to Center Presbyterian Church. They have one daughter: Margaret.

142. — Margaret McNary (6).

143. — Mary McNary (5), born August 10th, 1S60, died April 19th, 1876.

144.— Mattie McNary (5), born Xovember 23rd, 1862. She was married July
3rd, l s 84, to W. F. Whiskerman, and died October 2nd, 1S88. To them was born
one son: Elmer. •


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145.— Elnier Whiskerman (6).

146. — John Clark McNary (5), son of Samuel, was born on his father's
in North Strabane Township, June 20th, 1S135. He was united in marriage
Ida May Watson, who was born October 11th, 1S73. They live on a farm a ;
distance north of Thomas Station, and are connected with the United Pn
terian Church of Mt. Prospect. They have five children: John Watson, Sa
Earl, Sarah Agnes, Arthur Hazen and Raymond Clark.

147. — John Watson McNaiy (6), born July (3th. 1S94.

14S. — Samuel Earl McNary (6), born September 27th. 1896.

149. — Sarah Agnes McNary (ii), born February 2nd. 1*99.

150. — Arthur Hazen McNary (6), born April 22nd. 1901.

151. — Raymond Clark McNary (6), bom September 10th, 1904.


DAVID McNary, No. 153 Thomas Branch.

153. — David McNary (4). son of James McNary, and grandson of Thomas
McNary, was born May 22nd, 1S33, on the old homestead. Nottingham Township.
near the village of Muntown. Here he spent the first twenty-four years of his
life on the farm. In 1*57 he sold that farm and purchased the farm of Isaac Mc-
Cullough, near Yanceville. Washington County, Pennsylvania, where he spent the
remainder of his life. In 1*57 hi: was married to Mary A. Kyle, daughter of Jane
McNary and Thomas Kyle, of near Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio. For several
years prior to her marriage she had been engaged in teaching, in which profession
she was eminently successful. To this union were born four children, Samuel C„
Thomas K., Mary and David Littell. In August, 1*74, Mrs. Mary A. McNary died
and her body was laid to rest in the Pigeon Creek Cemetery. In the fall of 1?7G



David McNary was again married to Xaney A. Smith, of Beaver County, Penn-
sylvania. After several years of almost helplessness from paralysis, he died De-
cember 3rd, 1S97. After his death his widow removed to her former home in
Beaver county, where about three years later she died, her body being laid to
rest beside that of her husband in Pigeon Creek Cemetery. Their church relations
were in the United Presbyterian Church at Pigeon Creek.

154/ — Samuel C. McNary (5), was born October 13th, 1858, on the farm near
Vanceville. His early education was in the public schools of the township. After-
ward he for two vears attended the academv in Canonsburg. In 1SS0 he married

SAMUEL C. Mc.NARY, No. 154 Thomas Branch.

Mary Alice Matthews, of Canonsburg. He follows his father's occupation of farmer,
and lives on part of the old homestead. To them was born one son: David Camp-
bell. The family are all members and zealous workers in the United Presbyterian
Church of Pigeon Creek. Mr. McXary has for many years been a director in tin-
public schools, and takes great interest in all educational matters.

153.— David Campbell McNary (6), born April 17th, 1881, who is at home and

156. — Thomas Kyle McNary (5), son of David McXary, was born June 20th,
1SG0. He never possessed a rugged constitution, and in his 23rd year died of that
dread disease, consumption, February 11th, 1SS3. He also was a member of the
United Presbyterian Church of Pigeon Creek, and was buried in the cemetery at
that place.

157. — Mary McNary (5), daughter of David, born July 1-th, 18GS, died in



15S. — David Littell McNary (5), son of David McNary, born in the home-
stead in Somerset Township, June 28th, 1870. His early education was obtained in
the public schools. He afterward graduated from Westminster College in 1890. Hi*
chosen profession being that of the ministry, he entered the Theological Seminary
of the United Presbyterian Church in Allegheny, from which he graduated in the
class of 1893. He was licensed to preach by Chartiers Presbytery in 1892, was
ordained and installed in October. 1893, in the church at Mumford, New York, from
which charge he withdrew after seven years of pastoral labor. He then accepted


i^t^, - ^-**m~ - >~~*A

REV. DAVID UTTEIL McNARY, No 158 Thomas Branch

a call from the church at Rock Island, Illinois, and later was called to the Gibson
Heights United Presbyterian Church, of St. Louis, Missouri. On August 9th, 1S94,
he was united in marriage to Jane A. Robertson. To them were born four children:
Mary Elizabeth, Arthur ttallam, Agnea Helen and another daughter.

159.— Mary Elizabeth McNary (6), born March 11th, 1897.

160. — Arthur Hallam McNary (6), born March 11th, 1900, died January
6th, 1901.

161.— Agnes Helen McNary (6), born October 5th, 1902.


162. — Infant daughter (0), bom 1906.

163.— Jane McNary (4), daughter of James McNary, of Muntown, was bum
in North Strabaue Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, December 15th,
1811. A few years later she removed with her parents to Nottingham Township,
same county, where she continued to reside until 1834, when she was married to
David Templeton, of North Strabane Township, who was horn December 28th, 1S00.
They owned and lived on a farm near the village of Linden, where they enjoved
peace and prosperity during the remainder of their lives. David Templeton died
June 2Sth, 1S67, and Mrs. Templeton died February 5th, 1*96. Their bodies were
laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg. Their church atliliation was in
the Seceder or Associate Church of North America until the union of the Associate
and Associate Reformed Churches, when they became members of the United Pres-
byterian Church. To this union was born four sons and one daughter: Matthew,
Thomas, David, Joseph and Anna.

164. — Matthew Templeton (5), the oldest of this family, was born January
27th, 1S36, his birthplace, as well as that of all his brothers and sisters, being in
the Templeton homestead, inherited and now owned and occupied by the subject
of this notice. Matthew Templeton received his education in the district schools
of the age. He followed farming and stock raising as an occupation, and by his
fair dealing and foresight has proved a decided success.

In 1S61, at his country's call, he enlisted in the Union army for the over-
throw of the Rebellion. Entering the service October 16th, 1S61, in Companv A.
commanded by Captain H. I. Vankirk, afterward Major, forming part of the
Eighty-fifth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, under command of Colonel
J. B. Howell, and were attached to General Wessell 's Brigade of Casey's Division
of the Army of the Potomac. The Eighty-fifth passed through the entire Penin
sular Campaign, taking part in the battles of Williamsburg, Fair Oaks, Seven Dav*
in the Wilderness, etc. They were afterward transferred to Morris Island, taking
an active part in the military operations and battles in these Southern points.
On August 21st, 1S63, he was wounded, from which he suffered for some time. He
was mustered out with the Company on November 22nd, 1S64.

Although for some years past he has not enjoyed the best of health, he is still
deeply interested in the welfare of his country, and by his vote and otherwise he is
always active in the discharge of his political privileges. He is unmarried, yet
his home is open, and a hearty welcome always accorded to his many friends.

165. — Thomas Templeton (5), son of Jane McNary Templeton. was born March
21st, 183S, in North Strabane Township. His education was all received at what
is known as the "Hardy" school in that Township. His occupation was that of
farming, which he followed until his death. He was twice married, first to Miss
Nancy Snee, about the year 1S56, who was born October 21st, 1834. To them
were born one son and two daughters: Mary Elizabeth, David Willett and .lane
Templeton. Mrs. Templeton died in 1881. About 18S6, he married Sarah A. Wake-
field, who was born in 1850, and who died in 1889. Some years before his death
he purchased a home in the village of Linden, where he died April 20th, 1900. To
this second union was born one son, Thomas Clyde Templeton, born January 1st,
1&8S, who, since the death of his father, has been living in Allegheny County and
attending Duff's Mercantile College, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

166. — Mary Elizabeth Templeton (6), was born September 2nd, 1858. Her
education was in the public schools of the township. At the death of her mother.
in 1881, she took charge of her father's house, where she continued until her death.
dying unmarried on March 22nd, 1906, faithful to' the end. For many years prior
to her death, she was not only a consistent member, but an active worker, in the


United Presbyterian Church at Mt. Prospect. Her body was laid to rest in Oak
Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg.

167. — Jane Templeton, (6), daughter of Thomas Templeton, was born April
27th, 1S67, in North Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, re-
ceived her education in the public schools of the district in which they lived. In
about 1S87 she was married to James H. Lawrence, sou of William Lawrence, of the
same Township, who was born September loth, 1S63. who was educated princi-
pally in the "Hardy" district. Their home for a time was in Nottingham Town
ship, Washington County, Pennsylvania, from which place they removed to Wash-
ington. At present Mr. Lawrence is employed in the oil field in Peters Township,
R. D. No. 1, Eighty-four, Pennsylvania. To them were born three sons and one
daughter: Stewart Ambrose, Carl Thomas, Mary Elizabeth and Wilbert Homer.
These are all attending the public schools, and are at home with their parents.
Their church home is in the First United Presbyterian Church of Washington,

16S. — Stewart Ambrose Lawrence (7). born February 2Sth, 1SS9.

169.— Carl Thomas Lawrence (7). born May 14th. 1S90.

170. — Mary Elizabeth Lawrence (7), born September 9th. 1S92.

171. — Wilbert Homer Lawrence (7), born May 25th, 1S95.

172. — David Willett Templeton (6), son of Thomas Templeton, was born in
North Strabane Township, August 7th, 1S63. Has continued to reside in the same
Township all his life, at present living in the village of Linden. He married Sadie
McClure, born May 24th, 1S65. Their church connection is in the Mt. Prospect
United Presbyterian < liurch.

173. — Thomas Clyde Templeton (6).

174. — David W. Templeton (5), son of James McXary Templeton, was born in
1840 on his father's farm in North Strabane Township. He continued at home on
the farm, being educated in the public schools, until his marriage in about 1865 to
Miss Nannie C. Horner, of the same Township, who was burn in 1 S40. David
Templeton located on part of his father's farm, where he was born, and where he
still resides. His church connection has been in the United Presbyterian congrega-
tion of Mt. Prospect since its organization. To them were horn five children, three
sons and two daughters: Joseph H., Frank, Bird, Hattie J. and Walter P.

175. — Joseph H. Templeton (6), the oldest of this family, was born in 1867,
has followed farming up to the present time, is unmarried and at home with his
father. His church home is the Mt. Prospect United Presbyterian Church.

176. — Frank Tempelton (6), born 1862, died in early life.

177. — Bird Templeton (6), born 1871, married Charles Mcllvaine.

17S. — Hattie Templeton (6), born three miles south of Canonsburg, in North
Strabane Township, in 1873, received her education in the public schools. Was
married in 1895 to John H. Munnell. and their home is in South Canonsburg. To
them were born four sons: Walter, Raymond W., David Ralph and Bert C. Their
church connection is in the Presbyterian Church of Canonsburg.

179. — Walter Munnell (7), born 1.896, not living.

180.— Raymond W. Munnell (7), born 1898.

181.— David Ralph Munnell (7), born 1901.

182.— Bert C. Munnell (7), born 1903.

183. — Walter P. Templeton, (6), son of David Templeton, born in 1876, un-
married and at home with his father.

184.— Joseph Templeton (5), fourth sou of Jane McNary and David Temple-
ton, was born near Linden, North Strabane Township, Washington County, Penn-


(Make note of any Births, Deaths, etc.. on Blank Page for future reference.)


sylvania. Was a pupil at the "Hardy School" in that Township. About 1S72
he was united in marriage to Kate Speer, who was born May 3rd, 1S52. They have
located and continue to reside on part of the homestead farm which was inherited
by him. To them were born two daughters: Nettie S. Templetou, born February
3rd, 1S74, and Jennie M. Templetou, born December 3rd, 18S7.

Joseph Templeton's church connection is in the Mr. Prospect United Presby-
terian Church, of which the family have been members and in close touch ever
since its organization.

1S5. — Nettie Templeton (6), about 1900 was united in marriage to Edward
Barkley. (See record of Edward Barkley among the descendants of Thomas Mc-
Xary, son of James McXary.) They live in Washington and have one daughter:
Ruth M.

186.— Ruth M. Barkley (7).

187. — Jennie M. Templeton (6), single and at home with her parents.

188. — Anna P. Templeton (5), daughter of Jane McXary and David Temple
ton, was born on a farm near Linden, January 26th, 1S44. About 3 S02 she was
united in marriage to John White Anderson, who was born in Chartiers Town-
ship, in 1*26. He was a farmer by occupation, and continued to pursue his calling
until his death in 1863. Mrs. Anderson died of typhoid fever July 25th, 1*67, leav-
ing one daughter: Jennie W.

189. — Jennie W. Anderson (6) was born in Chartiers Township, September 7th.
1S63. After the death of her parents, her home was with her Grandmother Temple-
ton until about 1SS4 when she was united in marriage to Calvin M. Linn, a farmer
and stock raiser whose residence is in Cecil Township, Washington County. A
careful and diligent attention to the requirements of his calling has enabled him
to become a success in his chosen profession. They have two children: Mary
Estella and Clarence Myrvin.

190. — Mary Estella Linn (7), b>.rn July 19th, 1885.

191.— Clarence Myrvin Linn (7), born April 17th. 1900.

192. — Eliza McNary (4), daughter of James McXary, of Muntown. was born
about 1820 in Nottingham Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania, and re-
ceived her education in the public schools of the district. She was married to James
Thome, of Xorth Strabane Township, who was born in 1*16. and a descendant
of the John MeXary branch. After their marriage, they located on the Thome
homestead near Clokeyville, where they continued to reside during their entire

Their church home was first in the Associate Presbyterian congregation of
Pigeon Creek, and after the union in l*oS in the United Presbyterian Church of
the same pleae. To them were bcrn three sons and three daughters: Abigal, Anna,
James Lane, Samuel, William and Emma.

193. — Abbigal Thome (~>) was born on the home farm near Cloiveyville. She
married Rev. D. C. Wilson. D. D.. born in 1832, a minister in the United Presby-
terian Church, and at present residing at Tarkio, Missouri. To this union were
born three sons and one daughter: James H., Andrew Walter, Elizabeth Ann and
David C.

194. — James H. Wilson (6), born in 1*70. graduated from Tarkio College in
1893, and is now in business with his father — •" D. C. Wilson &. Son," Tarkio.

195. — Andrew Walter Wilson (6), born in 1*71, graduated from Tarkio College
in 1891, from Washington & Jefferson Colege in 1892. au.l from Allegheny Theolog-
ical Seminary in 1S97. He is now pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church


of Portland, Oregon. Jle married Madeline Woodford, of Brooklyn, New York,
October 19th, 1903. They have two children: Alfred Woodford and David C.

196. — Alfred Wocdford Wilson (7), born August 1st. 1904.

197.— David C. Wilson (7), horn August 23rd, 1905.

198. — Elizabeth Ann Wilson (6), born 1876, graduated from Tarkio College in
1S97, and is at home in Tarkio, Missouri.

199. — David C. Wilson, Jr. (6), born 18S2, graduated from Princeton in 1904,
and is now teacher of Greek in Whitworth Colcge, Tacoma, Washington.

200.— Anna McNary Thome (5) was born and lived in North Strabane Town-
ship, near Clokey, until her marriage to William H. Martin, who died about 1902.
After their marriage they located on the farm inherited from his father, on the
pike leading from Washington to Monougahela City, four miles east of Washington.
To them -were born two children, a daughter, Abbie Etta, and a ^ou, James Willis.

201. — Abbie Etta Martin (0) was born on the homestead. She was educated
in the public schools, and was married toEev. Mr. Jones, who graduated from
Washington & Jefferson College, and the Allegheny Theological Seminary of the
Presbyterian Church, and is at present located in Pittsburg. To them were born
one son and two daughters: Annie Martin, William James and Margaret Marion.
All living and at home with their parents.

202. — Annie Martin Jones ^7).

203. — William James Jones (7).

204. — Margaret Marion Jones (7).

205.— James Willis Martin (0) was born on the home farm, and received his
early education in the Davis School of that Township, afterwanis completing his
course and graduating from Washington & Jefferson College.

In 1904 he married Clara Rankin, of the same township, who was born in
Fayette County, and who graduated from the Washington Seminary in the class
of 1904. Willis Martin has taken up the work laid down by his father, that of
farming, and resides on the homestead with his mother.

Mr. Martin, although a young man. is possessed of qualities which recom-
mend him to the consideration of the community in which he resides. At present
he is a member of the board of education, and has recently been chosen a ruling
elder in the Pigeon Creek United Presbyterian congregation, in which his church
home has always been with that of his father and mother. His father was also
a ruling elder in this congregation for many years, and is buried in the United
Presbyterian Cemetery at Pigeon Creek.

206. — James Lane Thome (5), oldest son of Eliza McNary Thome, was born in
Xorth Strabane township, near Clokey, in 1848. After attending the common
sehools of the period, he graduated from Monmouth College in the class of 1S72.
•ind from Xenia Theological Seminary in 1S75. Was ordained and installed at
W infield, Iowa, in April, 1S77, by the Keokuk Presbytery of the United Presby-
terian Church.

Some years later he received a call from the Union congregation, Kiskiminetas
Presbytery, which was accepted and where he was installed March 4th, 1891, and
where he still continues to labor as pastor of that congregation.

Rev. James Lane Thome married Phebe Munee, of Xorth Strabane Town-
-'"p. Washington County, who was born in 1S66. To this union were born three
sons and one daughter: James Lane, William Boyd, Mary Elizabeth and Robert
rheodore. Thrse latter are all living and at home with their parents.

207. — James Lane Thome (6), born December 26th, 1886, who is now a student
! " Washington & Jefferson College.


20S. — William Boyd Thome (6), horn October Sth, 1SS9.

209. — Mary Elizabeth Thome (6). born January 3th, 1^94.

210. — Robert Theodore Thome (6), born August 27th. 1S96.

211. — Samuel Thome (51, son of Eliza MeXary Thome, lives on the farm
formerly owned by his father and grandfather, and inherited from them. He fol-
lows in the same line of bread winning, — farming and stock raising. His place
of worship is the United Presbyterian congregation at Pigeon Creek. He is un-

212. — William Thome (5), third son of Eliza MeXary Thome, was born in the
old homestead in Xorth Strabane Township, now owned by his brother Samuel.
He owns and resides on a farm in the above named Township, formerly owned
by his uncle, William Thome, adjoining the road leading from Washington to
Pittsburg, about four miles northeast of the former place. He also follows in line
with his ancestry, his occupation being that of farming and stock raising. Un-

213. — Margaret Emma Thome (o), y ungest of Eliza Thome's family, was
born January 3rd, 1859. After finishing the course in the public schools she
attended the Washington Seminary. She married J. Reed George, who was born
September 29th, 1858. They reside at Burlington Junction, Missouri, and their
church home is the United Presbyterian Church at that place.

214. — Anna McNary (4), daughter of James MeXary, was born October 31st.
1S30, near Muntown, Xottingham Township. Washington County. Pennsylvania.
She received her early education in the district schools of the Township in which
she lived, afterward attending "Olome Institute."' a girls' boarding school in
Canonsburg. which was for many years under the care and guidance of Mrs. Olivia
J. French. In Sepetmber. Iv37. she was united in marriage to John Fife, who
was born October 29th. 1^25. and who was a successful farmer. To this union
were born five children. John Fife, the head of this family died Xovember 13th,
1905. Mrs. Anna MeXary Fife died July 29th. 1900. The church home of Mr. and
Mrs. Fife was in the United Presbyterian Church of Mt. Prospect, being charter
members of that organization. The following are the children: Jennie P.. Lizzie
A., Hultz J.. Thomas Ralph and Minnie B.

215.— Jennie P. Fife (5), born April loth. 1861.

216. — Lizzie A. Fife (5), born September 20th. 1SG4.
t 217.— Hultz J. Fife (5). born October 16th. 1*07.

Jennie P., Lizzie A. and Hultz being unmarried, remain in the old Fife home-
stead, Hultz following in the footsteps of his father, being a tiller of tne soil.

218. — Thomas Ralph Fife (5). born July 9th. 1871, died August 1st. 1871.

219. — Minnie B. Fife (5). born January 21st. 1S73. About 1S97 was married

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