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to W. J. Munce. a farmer in Xorth Strabane Township, near Eighty-four, Pennsyl-
vania. To them were born the following children: Aneita Elizabeth, Robert Ivan,
John Fife and William Raymond.

220. — Aneita Elizabeth Munce (6). born December 2*111. 1*9*<.

221. — Robert Ivan Munce (6), born January 1st, 1901.

222. — John Fife Munce (6), t>..rn May 16th, 1903.

223. — William Raymond Munce (6), born May 3rd, 1905.

224.— Esther McNary 4> died in early life.

225.— David McNary (3), son of Thomas MeXary, was born In Chanceford
Township. York County, Pennsylvania, in 1771, and removed when about 14 years
old with his father to Xnrth Strabane Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania,
where in lsl6 he was married to Jam t Edgar, who was born in County Arm ah,
Ireland, in 1792, from which place she emigrated with her parents in abmit 179*


or 1799. They crossed the ocean in a sailing vessel, and were twenty-one weeks
on the water — having encountered severe storms, and being twice compelled to
return to land for repairs to the vessel. They lived in Xew York for a few years,
from which place, following the line of emigration westward, she with her parents
located in North Strabaue Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania, where in
1S16 she was married to David McNary. They owned and resided on a farm con-
taining three hundred and twenty-nine acres, two miles south of Uanonsburg, on
what was known as the '• Drove Eoad, "' leading to "Greenfield Ferry," a crossing
on the Monongahela river. In politics he was a Whig. Their church home was
the Chartiers Seceder Church.

To them were born nine children, six suns and three daughters, viz.: Phebe,
Thomas, Samuel, Janet, Mary. David, Matthew, James and Joseph.

22b'. — Phebe McNary (4), born May 28th, ISIS, married in 1840 James Beall,
who was born in Brook County, West Virginia, August 22nd, 1808. They went to
near Martiusburg. Knox County, Ohio, where they purchased a quarter section of
land on which they resided dining their entire life. Their church home was the
Reformed Presbyterian Church, in which he was a ruling elder for many vears
before his death. While declining to exercise the right of suffrage, he was a very
earnest and able advocate of the Abolition or Anti-Slavery party.

To them were born seven children, two sons and five daughters namelv:
Jane, Elizabeth, Nancy, Saiah, Mary Ann, James and David.

227. — Jane Beall (5), born near Martinsville. Knox County, Ohio, about 1S41.
Married a Mr. Keady and lives at Oakdale, Illinois. They have three sons livinc:

228.- Keady.

229.— Keady.

230. Keady.

231. — Elizabeth Beall (5), second daughter of James and Phebe McNary
Beall, was born on her father's farm near Martiusburg, Knox County, Ohio, in 1^43.
Married James Rennie, a veteran of the Civil War. Mr. Keunie was a citizen of
Illinois, but volunteered in St. Louis. Missouri, in Company F, Captain Rev. A. C.
Todd, Tenth Missouri Regiment, Army of Tennessee Division, Commanding Officer,
Colonel Holmes. While serving his country, he was engaged in the battles of
Corinth, Mission Ridge' and siege of Pittsburg, and was honorably discharged after
three years of active service. In politics, a Republican. By occupation, a farmer.
Now retired and living in Cherokee City, Kansas, and are members of the United
Presbyterian Church at that place. To this union were born two children: Etha
Ellen and Mary Olive.

232. — Etha Ellen Rennie (6), the elder, born 1869, single and at home with
her parents.

233. — Mary Olive Rennie (6), born 1872, married in 1890 to William J. Kirk-
wood, a fanner by occupation, now residing near B?ulah, Kansas. To these parents
were born three children: Olive Pearl, Elmer Glenn and Jessie Elizabeth. En
church connection, this family is identified with and active workers in the United
Presbyterian Church of Beulah, Kansas. Tn polities, a Republican.
234.— Olive Pearl Kirkwood (7), born 1801.
235.— Elmer Glenn Kirkwood (7), born 1804.
236. — Jessie Elizabeth Kirkwood (7), born 1900.

237. — Nancy Beall (5), daughter of Phebe McNary Beall, born June 5th, 1S43.
Died in 1889, and buried at Winterset, Iowa. After the removal of the family
to Illinois, she was married to Adam R. Edgar, born December 29th, 1844, and
whose death occurred in 1904. To them were born six children, three sons and


three daughters: Lillian E., Cora D., Calvin D., Annie M., Arthur W. and Clar-
ence E.

23S.— Lillian E. Edgar, born 1871, married a Mr. Guy and lives at Trinidad,

239.— Cora D. Edgar, born 1S75. Dead.

240. — Calvin D. Edgar, born 1S77. died May 5th, 1 S93.

241. — Annie M. Edgar, bom 1S79. died 1881.

242. — Arthur W. Edgar, born lsS2. living.

243.— Clarence R. Edgar, bom 1^97. died 1902.

244. — Sarah E. Beall (5), daughter of Phebe MeXary Beall, born in 1^49, mar-
ried Mr. Torrence. She died, leaving two children, one son and one daughter, who
live with their father in St. Louis, Missouri.

245. — Son, Torrence.

246. — Daughter, Torrence.

247. — Mary Ann Beall (5), daughter of Phebe McNary Beall. born in Knox
County, Ohio, September 17th. 1^47. Later, with her brothers and sisters, located
in Beulah, Kansas. Always gentle and quiet, but not of a robust build, she enjoys
about her usual health, is unmarried, and makes her home in Beulah, Kansas. Has
all her life been identified with the United Presbyterian Church, at present the
First Church of Beulah. Kansas.

24S. — James Wilson Beall (5), son of Phebe. born near Martinsburg, Knox
County, Ohio, July 22ml, 1^52. When a young man, he first located in Illinois,
afterwards moved to and settled on a farm near the town of Beulah. Kansas, lie
married Bell Christie, who was born August 21st, 1S56. He is an elder in the United
Presbyterian Church at Beulah. To these parents were born one daughter and
three sons: Lena Mabel Beall. Homer MeXary Beall. Roy Christ : e Boall. Scott
Wilson Beall. The First United Presbyterian Church of Beulah is the church home
of the entire family.

249. — Lena Mabel Beall (6), born March 6th, 1881. On June 11th 1902, was
married at the home of her parents to Walter < '. Pettus, of Belton, Missouri. To
them was born one child, Clay Beall. They live in Belton. Missouri, 23 miles south-
east of Kansas City, Missouri.

250. — Clay Eeall Pettus (7). bom May 4th. 19o4.

251. — Homer McNary Beall (6), born November 2nd, 1SS3, second son of James
W. Beall, is now in his 23rd year. Unmarried and at home. He is in the employ
of the Wells Fargo Express Company.

252. — Roy Christie Beall (6). bom August 23rd. 1885, is a telegraph operator
employed by the Kansas City Southern Railway at Amoret, Missouri, 09 miles south
of Kansas City.

253. — Scott Wilson Beall (G), bom November 11th. 1890, son of James \V.
Beall, is in his 10th year, and is in school, at home with his parents.

254. — David Scott Beall (5), youugest son of James and Phebe MeXary Beall.
born October 22nd. 1854, near Martinsburg, Knox County. Ohio. He married Har-
riet Beeeher Coulter, who was born November 13th, 1853. To them were horn Vin-
son and one daughter, viz.: Bay Wilson and Marie Gladys. David S. Beall is
employed in the Gardeners Division for the Santa Fe Railway Company, and
resides at 818 Sycamore street. Santa Ana. California. Their church connection is
in the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenantor).

255. — Roy Wilson Beall (0), bom August 13th, 1S^5. living at home.

250.— Marie Gladys Beall d)). b :rn November 0th, 1890, died March 9th, 1900.

257. — Thomas McNary (4), son of David MeXary, born 1820, died at the
age of 12 years.


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2oS. — Samuel McNary (4), son of David McXary (grandson of Thomas Mc-
Xary), was born two "miles south ot' Canonsburg in North Strabane Township.
January 22nd. 1822, and passed his boyhood in the usual pursuits ot" rural life. His
education was confined to the district schools of that time. In 1>4:> he married
Margaret Templeton, born January 24th, 1834 (a descendant of the John JlcXary
branch). For some years he lived on his father's farm in North Strabane Town-
ship, but on April 1st, 1S4S, he removed to a farm two and a half miles north or'
Washington, Pennsylvania, where be continued until April 1st, 1S54. when he re-
moved to North Strabane Township, where he lived until 1891. At that time he
left the farm and purchased a home in Houston, and made that his home until his
death, September 29th, 1S92.

Their church home was first in the Chartiers Seceder Church, Canonsburg.
afterwards the Chartiers United Presbvterian ( hurch. of which he was ordained

SAMUEL McNARY, No. 258 Thomas Branch.

and installed a ruling elder May 12th, 1^04, serving until his death.

Samuel McXary, while not enjoying the privilege of a higher education,
always took a deep interest and an active part in promoting the aducational inter-
ests of his community.

In politics, he was originally a Whig. After the organization of the Repub-
lican party in ISoG, he identified himself with that party, not as a partisan, but
as an independent thinker, voting for the right as he saw it.

They reared a family of thirteen children, as follows: Jane Edgar, Margaret.
Marj-, Anna. Isabel, Elizabeth, Ella, Samuel Edgar. David Templeton. John, Joseph
V., James Martin and Emma.

259. — Jane Edgar McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McXary, born September
fith, 1h44 ; married George Black, born in Chartiers Township, Washington County.
on December 3rd, 1»4:'.. He was a farmer and stock raiser by profession, and made
a specialty of fine Black Top Merino sheep. Thev owned and lived on a farm • -n
which South Canonsburg is now located. This he disposed of and afterwards pur-


chased ami moved to a farm four miles east of Washington, on pike leading from
Washington to Mcnongahela City, where the family still resides, since his death
in 1902. To this union were born two sous aud one daughter: Samuel Otto. Bjn
M. aud Jeannetta. all single and at home. In politics he was independent, but
gave preference to the Republican party.

In religion — while near Canonsburg, they were members of the First Presbv-
terian Church. After removal to a farm east of Washington, the entire family
united themselves with the Second United Presbyterian Church of Washington.
Mr. Black, was a member of the Board of Trustees and President at the time of
his death.

260. — Samuel Otto Black (6).

261.— Ben M. Black (6).

262. — Jeannetta Black (6).

263.— Margaret McNary (o), died February 26th. 1S53. in early life.

264.— Mary T. McNary (5), third daughter of Samuel McXary. was born Jan-
uary 24th. ls4S, and died February 7th, 1S90. Received her education in the com-
mon schools of the period. She was married December oth, 1*67. to James W.
Pollock, a veterau of the Civil War. whose record appears in the John McXary

To these parents were born ten children, viz.: Fannie Luella. Ulysses Samuel.
Maggie Esther. D. M. B. McLean, Ernest James. Harry Edgar. Anna MeXary.
William Wallace, Durell Smiley and Mary Osee.

All the children who are at home are members of the Second United Pres
byterian Church of Washington.

265. — Fannie Luella Pollock (6), born May 30th. 1869, in Xorth Strabane
Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania. Married Robert B. Leslie. Septem-
ber 2nd, 1SS7, who is assistant cashier in the Citizens Xational Bank of Washing-
ton. Pennsylvania. They reside at Xo. .523 Locust avenue. Washington, Pennsyl-
vania. Their church connection is in the Second United Presbyterian Church, of
which Mr. Leslie is a deacon.

266. — Maggie Esther Pollock, born October 2Sth. 1S72, is at home with her

267.— Ulysses Samuel Pollock (6), son of Mary T. and J. W.. was born October
11th, 1870, in Xorth Strabane Township. He received his education in the public
schools of the Township in which he was born, ami graduated from Duffs College,
Pittsburg, in 1891. He was twice married, first in Xovember. 1S95, to WiKnetta
Stewart, of Canton Township, born October 6th, 1S7^. who died October 11th. 1S96.
leaving one child, a daughter. Wilnetta Stewart Pollock, born September 22nd. 1S9C.

Mr. Pollock atjain married, May ICth, 1901. Fannie Josephine Day. of Cassop
olis. Michigan, born October 27th. Is76. They reside in Laporte. Indiana. whe^e
he has for some years past and is at present general superintendent of the South
Bend. Laporte & Michigan Railway Company. His church connection is with the
First United Presbyti rian ( hurch. r>f Washington. Pennsylvania.

26S.— Willnetta Stewart Pollcck (7).

269. — D. M. B. McLean Pollock ffi). unmarried, born Mav 18th, 1^74, grad-
uated from Washington Commercial College, and afterwards learned the watch
making and jewelry business with A. A. Perole. of Washington. He is now enm.'ed
in the jewelry business with his brother, Ernest, in Riverside, California.

270. — Ernest James Pollock (6). bom April 20th. Is76. graduated from Duffs
Commercial College. Was for a time in business in Xew Castle. Pennsylvania, but
is at present in tin- jewelry business with his brother McLean, in Riverside, Cali-
fornia. Both McLean and Ernest are charter members of the Fir< - t United Pr.-s-


byterian Church ot' Riverside, California. Ernest being a member of the Board of
Trustees, and McLean Secretary of the congregation. Ernest was married, Sep-
tember 12th, 1906, to Margaret Violet Kamage. of Riverside. California.

271. — Harry Edgar Pollock (6) was born June 22nd. 1S7S. He graduated from
the Washington Business college, and for several years lias been employed as
Deputy Prothonotary of Washington County. He was married December 30th, 1903,
to Loretta Donley, born November 30th. 1S78. They live at No. 366 East Beau
street, and are members of the Second United Presbyterian Church of Washington.
Have one daughter: Helen Quay.

272. — Helen Quay Pollock, born 1906.

273. — Anna McNary Pollock (6), born December 23th, 1SS0, was educated in
the public schools of Washington, and graduated from the Washington Seminary
in the class of 1900. On September 28th, 1902, married Harry W. Gabby, a shoe
merchant of Washington. They are both members of the First United Presbyteriau
Church of Washington, and reside at Xo. 19 Xorth avenue, Washington, Pennsyl-
vania. Have one daughter: Edith Pollock.

274. — Edith Pollock Gabby (7), born 1906.

975. William Wallace Pollock (6), born in Xorth Strabane Township, January

11th, 1SS3, married February 22nd, 1906. to Emma Cooper, of Jamestown. Xew
fork. Are now residing in Elwood City, Pennsylvania. He was educated in the
public schools, and graduated at the Washington Business College. He is at pres-
ent in the employ of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company, located at Pittsburg.
They have one child, Evely Louise.

275i->. — Evely Louise Pollock (7).

■2'Cj. Durell Smiley Pollock (6), born January 30th, 1SS7, is at home with his

father. He is a graduate of the Washington Business College and is at present
employed in the shoe store of II. W. Gabby.

277. Mary Osee Pollock (l>). born September 2nd, 18S9, is at home with her

father at 509 East Chestnut street, and is at present attending the Washington
High School.

278. Anna McNary (■"). daughter of Samuel McNary, born November 8th,

1S49 remained with and took care of her mother at Houston until her mother'3
death, since which time her home has been in Canonsburg. Unmarried.

079. Isabel McNary (5), born November 5th, 185-1, married Samuel W. Berry,

born November 5th. 1-51. in November, 1S76. They live at the old Berry home-
stead, one mile south of Canonsburg. He is by occupation a farmer and breeder
of stock, his specialty being Black Top Merino sheep. In politics he is a Repub-
lican, in religion a United Presbyterian, having taken an active part and being a
charter member of the First United congregation at Houston, at which time he
was chosen and still continues in active duty as ruling elder.

To these parents were born three children, two sons and one daughter: Elva
Leanna, Matthew Willison and Walter Urban.

230. — Elva Leanna Berry (6), born November 12th, 1877, married Ceorge Clark
Martin, who was born September 29th, 1866, who is in polities a Republican. They
reside in Houston, and are members of the First United Presbyterian Church of that
place. Have one daughter: Alberton.

2S1. — Albertcn Martin (T), born January 27th, 1907.

2.->2.— Matthew Willison Berry (G), son of Isabel, born August 11th, 1S79. Xow
associated with the McCutcheon Hardware Company, of Greeley, Colorado.

283. — Walter Urban Berry (6), son of Isabel Berry, born Xovember 29th, 1SS4.
Married on February 6th, 1907, to Lois Edua Reid, of Greeley, Colorado.



284. — Elizabeth McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McXary. bom August 22nd.
18.33, married James L. Kelso, born September "24th, 1854. Mr. Kelso is a carpenter
by trade. Their home is on South Central avenue. Canonsburg. Their family con-
sists of one daughter. Ernia Bell. They are members of the Chartiers United
Presbyterian Church.

2S5. — Ernia Bell Kelso (6), born June 25th, 1S03.

2SG. — Ella McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McXary, born June 5th, 1855,
married William McPeak, born February 7th, 1841. Mr. McPeak was a frugal,
industrious, enterprising farmer of Cecil Township, but wearying of the continuous
grind of the farmer's life, purchased a home and moved to Canonsburg to enjoy
rest after a strenuous campaign. In politics he was a Prohibitionist, in religion
an elder in the United Presbyterian Church.

2S7. — Samuel Edgar McNary (5), son of Samuel McXary. born in Xorth
Strabane Township in September, 1857. Married Lizzie Luella Morgan, of Canons-

SAMUEL EDGAR McNARV, No. 287 Thomas Branch.

burg, born 18G7. He located in Houston, being appointed Burgess of that thriving
village February 7th, 1904, in which position he still officiates. In politics he has
always identified himself with the Republican party. He was an earnest and con-
sistent advocate of the incorporation of Houston into a borough, and is always in
the advance line for improvements.

His business has been of a varied character, farming, and as salesman intro-
ducing farm machinery into the community, baling hay, straw, etc. Sis church
connection has for many years been in the First United Presbyterian congregation
of Houston. To them were born four daughters: Martha Jeanetta, Hazel Luella,
Elsie Marie and Helen Gertrude.

288. — Martha Jeanetta McNary (6), born 1889.

289.— Hazel Luella McNary (6), born 1891.

290.— Elsie Marie McNary (6), born 1893.



291.— Helen Gertrude McNary (,6), born 1S99.

292. — David Templeton McNary (5), second son of Samuel Mo Nary, born in
North Strabane Township, Washington County, November Sth, 1839, married Al-
meda Clark, of Franklin Township, Washington County. He is a quiet and unassum-
ing man, attending strictly to his own legitimate business. Immediately after his
marriage they located in Canonsburg, where they still reside. During most of this
time he has been engaged in the milling business, and by diligence and energy has
proved himself a financial success. Their religious proclivities have been toward
the United Presbyterian Church, having for years been members of the Chartiers
Church, Canonsburg.

Their family consists of three children: Margaret Eleanor. Cornelius Clark
and Almeda Dane.

293. — Margaret Eleanor McNary (6), born January 19th. 1^90, died aged
3 years.

JOHN McNARY, No. 296 Thomas Branch

294. — Cornelius Clark McNary (6), born June 19th, 1391. He takes much in-
terest in preserving relics as souvenirs. Among many others in his possession, one
he guards with special interest is a compass and timepiece used by his great-grand-
father, Thomas McNary, when a young man. in guiding him in his way over the
pathless mountains.

293. — Almeda Dane McNary (6), born January 23th, 1893.

29G. — John McNary (5), son of .Samuel McNary. born October 9th. 1861. in
North Strabane Township, two miles south of Canonsburg, married Mary Jane
Whitely, born March 13th, 1836. John McNary spent his early life on his father's
farm. On going for himself, he located in what was then North Strabane Town-
ship, since incorporated and named South Canonsburg. He has for several years
been engaged in light and heavy hauling, also contractor for street improvements,
in which he lias built up for himself an eminently successful and profitable business.

There have been born of this union, five children, three suns ami two daugh-
ters: Myrta Margaret, Dora May, Curtis Fred, John Howard and Ernest Temple-


(Make note of any Births. Deaths, etc., on Blank Page for future reference.)


ton. Their church home js in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church. In polities,
while he is independent in sentiment and action, he is usually found in the Re-
publican ranks.

297. — Myrta Margaret McNary (6), born September 20th, 1SS5.

298. — Dora May McNary (6), born December 17th, 18SS.

299. — Curtis Fred McNary (6), bom July 26th, 1S90.

300.— John Howard McNary (6), born August 31st, 1893, died April 1st, 189-1.

301. — Ernest Templeton McNary (6), born August 14th, 1S96.

302. — Joseph V. McNary (5), son of Samuel McNary, born March 3rd, 1S64.
He was educated in the public schools of that time. Married Martha J. Pattison,
born March 10th, 1862. He first set up a home in what is now South Canonsburg,
which later he disposed of, and located in Tyler Ward, Henderson avenue, Wash-
ington, Pennsylvania. His trade of carpenter he followed for many years.

Their family consists of five children, two sons and three daughters: Charles
Samuel, Clarence William. Lillie Romaine, Mabel Pattison and Carrie Elizabeth.
Their church connection is in the Third United Presb\terian congregation of Wash-
ington, Pennsylvania.

303. — Charles Samuel McNary (15). born November 7th, 1SS4. Married May
8th, 1907, to Lottie Randall, of Riverside. California. A painter by trade.

304. — Clarence William McNary (6), born March 0th. 1888.

305. — Lillie Romaine McNary (6). hum August 11th, 1S90.

30(j.— Mabel Pattison McNary (6), born April 16th, 1897, died July 8th, 1S97.

307. — Carrie Elizabeth McNary (6), born October 10th, 1S99.

308. — James Martin McNary (5). youngest son of Samuel McNary, first saw
the light of day in the old homestead in North Strabane Township. He married
Elizabeth Hess. When his father moved to Houston. Martin took charge of and
conducted the home farm for some years, until he located on Henderson avenue,
Washington. Pennsylvania.

To them have been born three sons: Ralph Durell, Clifford Hess and James
Rolland. Their church homo is in the Third United Presbyterian Church, Wash-
ington, in which he has been a ruling elder for a number of years.

309.— Ralph Durell McNary, born July 31st. 1S92. Dead.

310. — Clifford Hess McNary, born March 27th. 1894.

311. — James Rolland, born February loth, IsflO.

312. — Emma McNary (5), daughter of Samuel McNary, born July Kith. 1SS8,
in North Strabane Township, married Oliver Isaiah Gilbert, who was born April
20th, 1S70. He is in the employ of the Washington & Canonsburg Street Railway,
and they reside at No. 203 Maple avenue, Tyler Ward.

To them were born six children, three sons and three daughters: Oliver L.,
William Lee, John Jolly, Alice Gale, Edith McNary, and Tone Margaret. Their
church connection is in the Second United Presbyterian Church, Washington,

313.— Oliver L. Gilbert (6), born November 27th. 1S94.

314.— William Lee Gilbert CD. born July 20th. 1896.

315. — John Jolly Gilbert (6), born July 26th, 1899.

316.— Alice Gale Gilbert Cm. born June 20th, 1901.

317.— Edith McNary Gilbert (61. born January 26th, 1903.

318. — lone Margaret Gilb?rt (6). born November 26th, 1904, not living.

319. — Janet McNary (4), daughter of David McNary, born 1^24, died at the
age of 16 and her body was laid to rest in what is now Oak Spring Cemetery,

320. — Mary McNary (4), daughter of David McNary, horn on the homestead.


North Strabane Township. March. 1826. She received her education in the sub-
scription schools of the day, and the Olome Institute. Canonsburg. She was mar

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