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ried in 1852 to John Templeton, and they lived on a farm near Linden, North Stra-
bane Township, Washington County. Pennsylvania. Their first church home was the
Chartiers Seceder Church of Canonsburg. until the organization of the United
Presbyterian Church at Mt. Prospect, in which they took an active part. John
Templeton was chosen a ruling elder, which position he continue.! to fill until his
death. Mary Templeton, who is now past her 80th birthday, still retains her mem-
bership in that church.

To them were born four sons, viz.: David E., John, William Milton and
James 0.

321. — David E. Templeton (5), the oldest of the family, was born October 1st.
1S53, on the home farm, four miles southeast of Canonsburg, where he still resides.
He was educated in the public schools of the period, and in 1>92 married Annie M.
Townsend, of near Finleyville. who was born March 12th, l^-~9.

To this union were born two children, a son and daughter, Nannie E. and '"'ar-
son E. Their church connection has been for years in the United Presbyterian Church
of Mt. Prospect.

322. — Nannie E. Templeton i'6'i. born March 30th, 1S94.

323. — Carson E. Templeton (fi), born June 20th. 1895. Both of whom are at-
tending the public schools in Linden.

324. — John K. Templeton (5). son of Mary Templeton. was born < n the farm
near Linden. March 30th, 1856. In about 1SS0 he married Anna C. Crawford, wh'>
was born November 19th, 1S58. After marriage they located on part of his father "s
farm, which he afterwards inherited, known as the Robert; Black farm. Mrs. Tem-
pleton being in poor health, he disposed of his property in North Strabane Town-
ship and purchased a farm near Pawnee City. Nebraska, where they still reside.

To them were born two daughters: Mary E. and Etta B. Their church home
is in the First United Pre-byterian Church of Pawnee City, NebrasKa, of which
they are all members.

325. — Mary E. Templeton (6), born January 6th, ls^3, who has been engage!
for some time in teaching in the public schools near her home.

326. — Etta B. Templetcn 6). bom March 17th. 18S9, at home with hrr par.-nt-.

326 1 -j. — William Milton Templetcn (o), son of Mary Templet n. was born May
16th, 1858. He received his education in the public schools of -he Town-hip. and
taught school for some years, and also assisted his father on the farm. About the
year 1890 he married Sadie P. Kelso, of the same Township, who was born in
1866, and who died February 11th. 1904, after a short illness.

To this union were born four sons: Howard K.. Harry M.. John McNary and
Eussell P. Mr. Templeton is a member of the Fir<t United Presbyterian Church
of Houston, and a member of the Board of Trustees for manv years. He has
devoted his time and attention to the lumber business, and a liberal supply is
always to be found in his yard.

327. — Howard K. Templeton (6), born June 17th. 1*92.

328. — Harry M. Templeton (6), born February 21st. 1894.

329. — John McNary Templeton (6), born Februarv 27th. 1898.

330.— Russell P. Templeton i'.. born February 11th. 19<»4. db-d July 13th, 1904.

331. — James O. Templeton (5). youngest son of Mary McNary Templeton, was
born October 6th. l s 63, in North Strabane Township. After completing his course
in the common schools of the Township in which he was born, he entered Wash-
ington & Jfffer^on College, from which he graduated in the elass of 1**9.

The following year he entered a law school in Buffalo, New York. At thf-



completion of bis course be became a member of the law firm of Parker. Hotchkiss
& Templeton, in which relation be continued, successfully following bis cbosen pro-
fession until bis death, which occurred May loth, 1004. at the borne of bis brotber,
John Templeton. Pawnee City.. Nebraska. His body was brought back to the home
of his boyhood, and laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery. Canonsburg. Pennsylvania.

332.— David E. McNary (4), son of David MeXary, born in North Strabane
Township in 1S2S. On August 11th. 1853, he was married to Ann Elizabeth Martin,
of Chartiers Township. He located on a part of the home farm, where be erected
a residence and continued to reside until about 1871, when, disposing of this farm,
he bought a farm of 197 acres in Cross Creek Township, three and a half milos
north of West Middletown, on the road to Burgettstown, and at what is now
known as Rea Station, where he still resides.

His church connection was first with the Chartiers Associate Church, Canons-

DAVID E. McNARY. No. 332 Thomas Branch,

burg. On the consummation of the union of the Associate Reformed churches : "
1853, forming the United Presbyterian Church, he continued his connection with
that body until his removal to his present home. His church connection he then
transferred to the First United Presbyterian Church of West Middletown. He
was an elder for many years, and in that relation he continues to serve the con-
gregation at the present time.

In politics he always took a deep interest, first belonging to the Whig party.
When the Republican party was organized in 1856 he became an ardent supporter
of it. In 1863, when our State was invaded by the army of the rebellion, he was
among those who offered their services, was accepted, and served until the exigency
was passed, and was tlnn discharged by the State authorities. He was in active
duty in the Township, serving frequently in some office. For three years he served
as County Commissioner, but refused to allow his name to be used in that con-
nection again. Today he is a firm believer in and firm supporter of the principles
of the Republican party.



To David E. McNary was born eight children: Samuel M., James B., Adaline.
Annetta J., Thomas A., Mary Bel], Elvira E. and David (lark.

333. — Samuel M. McNary (5). born 1854, died in early life.

334. — James B. McNary (5), born 1856, at home, unmarried.

335.-— Adaline McNary (5), born February loth. 1S5S, married John L. Thomp-
son, who was born September 25th, 1S50. He is a large owner of property and
an extensive stock raiser, and a careful and energetic business man. They live in
West Middletown. and their church home is in the United Presbyterian Church of
that place, in which they have always taken a deep interest and are active workers.

To them were born five children: Roy McNary, James Homer, Anna M. and
Laura B. . and a daughter.

336. — Roy McNary Thompson (6). born April 22nd, 1892, living at home.

336%.— James Homer Thompson (6), born October 20th, 1S93. Died August
14th, 1S94.

THOMAS A. McNARY, No. 340 Thomas Branch.

337. — Anna M. Thompson (6), born February 3rd, 1895, living at home.

33S. — Laura B. Thompson (6), born March ISth, 1897, living at home.

338%. Thompson (6), born March 29th. 1898. Died in infancy.

339. — Annetta J. McNary, born 1S60, was for many years a teacher in our
public schools, and died September 3rd, 1888.

340. — Thomas A. McNary (5), born 1861, received his education in the com-
mon schools and followed farming until 18S3, when he took a course in Duff's Col-
lege, and located in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. In 1885 he went into the print-
ing office of John Ogden, whom in 1S93 he succeeded and continued the business
until 1898, when he sold out hi.s business and engaged in real estate, and in 1900 took
a position in the First National Bank of Allegheny, where he remained until 1907,
when he helped to organize the Citizens National Bank of Bellevue, Pennsylvania,
"f which he is now cashier. His church connection was for several years in the
Eighth United Presbyterian Church of Allegheny, but since lie changed h>°. place



of residence to Bellevue, he has been identified with the United Presbyterian con-
gregation of that place.' He has always been an earnest worker, both in church
and" Sabbath School, being superintendent of a Sabbath School in Allegheny for
many years. He is serving his second term as Treasurer of the Borough in which
he lives. He married Martha Emma Thompson, of Allegheny, Pennsylvania, born


341. Mary Bell McNary (5), born November 20th. 1S65. For a number of

years she was a teacher in the public schools. On September 25th, 1890, married
Joseph A. Welch, born January, 1859. and for some years they lived on their farm
some three miles west of West Middletown. This farm they sold, removing in 1S94
to Sterling, Kansas, where he engaged in farming and stock raising, and where
Mr. Welch died March 1st, 1906. To them were born three children: Nettie Bell,
infant son and Joseph McNary. Their church affiliation while on the farm was
with Mt. Hope United Presbyterian and later with Sterling, Kansas. In each of
these congregations Mr. Welch served on the Board of Trustees for several years.

DAVID CURk McNARY, No. 346 Thomas Branch.

342.— Nettie Bell Welch (6), born April 24th, 1892.

342 1:,. — A son, Welch (6).

343. — Joseph McNary Welch (6), born March, 1906.

344 Elvira E. McNary (5) was born 1869 (twin with David Clark McNary).

She married James Mark Garrett, who was born in 1856. They owned and lived
for some years on a farm near Buffalo village in Canton Township, but now reside
at No. 200 Duncan avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, having retired from active
farm work. They have one child, a daughter. Bertha May. Their church connec-
tion is in the Third United Presbyterian Church of Washington, Pennsylvania.

345_Bertha May Garrett (6), born 1897.

346.— David Clark McNary (5), son of David E. McNary, was born August
29th 1869. He has been in the printing business since 1891, and is in business under
the firm name of McNary & Simpson, Job Printers, at Penn avenue- and Third


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street, Pittsburg', Pennsylvania. lie was married to Margaret Amelia Sehiffhauer.
born February 1 7th. 1S75, and their home is at Xo. 201 Chestnut street, Avalon,
Pennsylvania. They are connected with the United Presbyterian Church at Avalon.
They have five children. Myrtle Amelia, Ernest Clark, John David, Hazel Eliza-
beth and Margaret Irene.

347. — Myrtle Amelia McNary (6), born April 23rd. 1S9S.

34S. — Ernest Clark McNary (G), born March 27th. 1000.

349.— John David McNary (6), born October 21st. 1901.

3.50. — Hazel Elizabeth McNary (6), born April 23rd. 1903.

351. — Margaret McNary (6), born February 17th. 1907.

352. — Matthew McNary (4), son of David McNary, was born pn the home
farm, two miles southeast of Canonsburg, in 1S30. He lived on the farm and
attended the common schools of the Township, after the death of his father in 1?47,
he entered Jefferson College, where he continued until his Junior year, when during

JAMES R. McNARY, So. 353 Thomas Branch.

the gold excitement of ISoO and 1S.51 he sailed in company with some others
from Xew York for San Francisco, doubling Cape Horn and arriving at their destina-
tion about five months later. The enterprise did not prove a successful one, as
about a year later he was taken sick, and after a short illness died and was buried
in what was then a far-off land.

3.53. — James R. McNary t-i). son of David McXarv, born August 17th. 1833,
died duly 25th. 1891, He was married October 4th, 1857, to Jane B. Kyle, of
Harrison County, Ohio, who died November 1 S t h , 1890. They lived on a farm
two miles southeast of Canonsburg and followed general farming and stock raising.

Their church connection was in the Chartiers United Presbyterian Church,
Canonsburg, in which for many years he was a ruling elder, and a constant attend
ant at the Sabbath School. In polities he took but little part, but held to the
principles of the Republican party. Their bodies lie in Oak Spring Cemetery.



To them were bom one son and four daughters: Martha Jane, Flora May.
Margaret Elizabeth. Anna and John II.

354. — Martha Jane McNary (5), born September 17th, 1838, married November
14th, 1880. to Chal. R. Shepherd, of Norwich, Muskingum County, Ohio, He owned
a farm, and followed farming as his occupation.

To them were born two sons and one daughter: James R., Ralph W. and
Flora M. Their church connection is in the United Presbyterian Church of Rix
Mills, in which he is a ruling elder.

33.5. — James R. Shepherd, born February 19th, 1891.

35(3. — Ralph W. Shepherd, bum May 31, 1894.

357. — Flora M. Shepherd, born July 28th, 1896.

358. — Flora May McNary (5), daughter of James
ISth, 1S61. She removed from the farm and is now

339. — Margaret Elizabeth McNary (5), daughter of James R. McNary, was

R. McNary, was born April
living in South Canonsburg,


JOStPH 0. McNARY, So. 362 Thomas Branch.

born on the farm in North Stiabane Township, June 13th, 1864. Married John
Cowden, April 16th, 1896. Died .Tune >th, 1S97.

360. — Anna McNary (3), born October 15th, 1866, was a teacher in the public
schools for several years, ami is now living with her sister, Flora, in South

361. — John H. McNary (■"), son of James R. McNary, was born August 21st,
1868. Died September 17th, 1869.

362. — Joseph D. McNary it), son of David McNary, was bom on the home
farm, two and one-half miles southeast of Canonsburg, in North Strabane Town-
ship, Washington County, Pennsylvania, January 28th, 1836. His early life was
spent on the farm in general farm work, and he attended the subscription schools
of the period. In 1854 he enrolled as a student in Jefferson College, Canonsburg,
where he continued until the summer of 1S56.


On February 5th, 1*S57, he was married to Mary Wallace Caldwell, of Ohio
County, West Virginia, who was born December 6th, 1835, and who died of pneu-
monia, January 23rd, 1896.

On April 1st, 1857, they located on the farm inherited from his father, two
miles north of Washington, in South Strabane Township. In August, 1S68, he pur-
chased from the heirs of Matthew McNary 's estate 06 acres adjoining him. Here
he followed general farming and stock raising until 1S92, when he purchased a home
at No. 297 Locust avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, to which he removed on
March 17th of that year, and where he is to be found at the present time.

To them were born seven children, three sons aud four daughters: Lizzie Jane,
James Luther, Martha Ellen. Clara Viola, John Ralph, Thomas Harry and Mary
Josephine. Joseph D. McNary 's church home is in the First United Presbyterian
Church of Washington, with which he became identified in is.". On the 28th of
January, 1864, he was ordained and installed an elder, in which capacity he con-
tinues to serve. In 1S71 he was chosen by the voters of South Strabane Township
a member of the Board of Education, in which office he has continued for 34 years,
first in that Township, afterwards in the Borough of Washington. In local politics
he was not a partisan, but on National questions he was ever found with the Repub-
lican party. On February 5th, 1907. he married Mrs. Phebe D. Liggitt, born
September loth, 1850, Northwood, Logan County, Ohio.

363. — Lizzie Jane McNary (5), bom December 11th, 1857, was killed by be-
ing thrown from a horse on November 2.5th, 1S76, in the 20th year of her age.

364. — James Luther McNary (5), born January 15th, 18(50, near Arden, two
miles north of Washington, in South Strabane Township, spent his early life on the
farm and received his education in the public school of the time. He married
Cora V. Barbour, January 2>th. 1SS4, who died August, 1886. To them were born
two children: Mary Bess ami Emma Blanche.

James Luther McNary was again married in 1S87 to Agnes Peard. of Parkers-
burg, West Virginia, who was born January 21st. 1867. To these parents were
born two sons, Charles Wilfred and Paul P. Mr. McNary. whose occupation is that
of a driller in the oil fi-.-lds at present, has his home in Moundsville, West Virginia.
Their church connection is in the First United Presbyterian Church of Washington.

365. — Mary Bess McNary (G), born November 16th, 1884, who lives with her
grandfather, J. D. McNary, ever since the death of her mother in 1886. Was edu-
cated in the public schools and Washington Seminary.

366. — Emma Blanche McNary (6), born November 24th, 1885, died in infancy.

367. — Charles Wilfred McNary (6), born 1888. at home with his parents in
Moundsville, West Virginia, and has been attending a commercial school in Wheel-
ing. At present engaged in a drug store in Moundsville.

368. — Paul P. McNary (6), born November Sth, 1894, died in early life.

369. — Martha Ellen McNary (5) was born in the homestead near Arden on
February 29th, 1804. She attended the district schools of the neighborhood, and
graduated from the Washington Seminary in the class of 1881.

She married Dr. E. M. Cundall, April 10th, 1902, and they lived in Wash-
ington, Pennsylvania, where he practiced his profession, destistry. until his death
December 9th. 1907. Her church connection is in the First United Presbyterian
Church of that place.

370. — Clara Viola McNary (5), born November Sth, 1866, received her educa-
tion in the public schools and the Washington Seminary, from which she graduated
in the class of lss2. In 1887 she was married to Rowley M. Cook, who was born
June 30th, i860, who was a coal operator of Canonsburg. In 1900 they visited the



Paris Exposition, and made a circuit of the globe, sailing from New York on De-
cember 3rd, returning by way of San Francisco in June, 1903. Their present home
is No. 202 Duncan avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania. Their chureli home is in the
Jefferson Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. To them were born two children, a
daughter who died in infancy, and George McNary.

371. — An infant daughter (6), born November 3rd, 1S88, died November 10th,

372. — George McNary Cook (6), born August 8th, 1S97.

373. — John R. McNary (5), born on the home farm, June 10th, 1809, ivce-ve.l
his education in the common schools of the county, spent his minority on the
farm. For several years he followed drilling in the oil fields as a business, and is
now a carpenter. In June. 1S92, he married Hattie Cook Morgan, who was born
January 11th, 1S69, in Chartiers Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania.

IHOMVS H. McNARV, No. 376 Thomas Branch.

They now live at No. 333 Locust avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, and are mem-
bers of the First United Presbyterian Church of that place.

To them were born one son and one daughter: Ralph Edwin and Mary

374.— Ralph Edwin McNary (6), bom March 17th, 1900.

375. — Mary Eleanor McNary (6), born November 4th, 1904.
— 376.— Thomas H. McNary (5), son of Joseph D. McNary, was born October
27th, 1872. Like his brothers and sisters, he attended the public schools of South
Strabane Township, and graduated from Duff's Commercial College in 1891. He
learned the jewelry business with A. A. Poole, of Washington, and after three
years' experience, spent in Wilmington, Delaware, New York City and Washington.
D. C, he bought out the store of his former employer, Mr. Poole, at 43 North
Main street, Washington, Pennsylvania, where he is located at the [.resent time.

In 1901 he was married to Susan Green Morrow, of Wilmington, Delaware.
To these parents were born two children: Charles Francis and Thomas Wallace.



They reside at Nn. 268 East Hallam avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania, and their
church connection is in the First United Presbyterian Church of that place.

377. — Charles Francis McNary (6), born January 29th, 1902.

378. — Thomas Wallace McNary (6), born July 30th. 1903.

379. — Mary Josephine McNary (5), daughter of Joseph D. McNary, was born
July 27th, 1S76\ Graduated from the public schools in 1892, and from the Wash-
ington Seminary in 1895. Also from the Washington Business College. Is book-
keeper in the jewelry store of her brother, T. H. McNary. Lives at home at No. 297
Locust avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania.

3S0. Matthew McNary (4), son of Thomas McNary, born August 22nd, 178-1,

on his father's farm in North S"trabane Township, Washington County, Pennsyl-
vania. He was a twin brother of Joseph, and was twice married, his first wife
living but a short time. (Her maiden name unknown to the writer.)- She died,
leaving no family. He was again married to Nancy Manifold. No family blessed

JOSEPH McSARV, No. 3SI Thomas Branch.

this happy union. Mr. McNary died in 1S4S. He inherited the old homestead, now
in possession of Henry Mollenauer, together with that of J. W. Pollock, on which
he resided at the time of his death. His church connection was in the Associate
Presbyterian Church of Canon-burg, in which organization he was ordained an elder
on May 21st, 1825, serving in that capacity until his death. His body lies at rest
in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg.

3^1_ Joseph McNary (3), son of Thomas McNary, twin brother of Matthew

McNary,' was born August 22nd, 17S4, and died August 9th, 1854. He lived with
his father in North Strabane Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, three
and one half miles southeast of Canonsburg, until his marriage October 9th, 1810.

He was married twice, first to Esther Martin, of the same Township and
County, who was bom in 1792 and died in 1827. At the time of his marriage he
located on a farm one mile east of Canonsburg, near where now stands the Stand-



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ard Tin Plate mill of Canonsburg. A family of eight, five sons and three daugh-
ters, was the fruit of this union.

In 1828 he was again married to Elizabeth Valkenberg, who was born in 1S02
in North Strabaue Township. Washington County, Pennsylvania. For many years
he was a ruling elder in the church of his choice, — the Associate Presbyterian
(Seeeder), of Canonsburg, then under the pastoral charge of Rev. James Ramsey,
D. D. His body was laid to rest in what is now Oak Spring Cemetery, Canons-

To his second marriage were born four daughters and three sons, making a
family of fifteen children: Joseph, Margaret, Isabel, Mary Ann, Thomas, James,
Jennet, Esther, Elizabeth, David R., Lavinia, William, George, Sarah and Nancy B.
Of these, Thomas, James, Jennet and Esther died in early life.

3S2. — Joseph McNary (4). the oldest son, was born December 24th, 1822, in
Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Ilis education was received in
the common schools of the period. In about 1845 or 1846 he was united in marriage
to Jane G. Allison, who was born June 11th, 1S22. They purchased a farm and
located in Chartiers Township, about five miles west of Canonsburg. and two miles
north of McConnell 's Mills, where he continued to reside during his entire life. At
his death his body was laid to rest in Oak Spring Cemetery, Canonsburg.

To this union were born nine children, three sons and six daughters: Mary
Ann, Hugh Allison, Esther Jane, Margaretta Bell, Elizabeth Rebecca, James George,
Harry Lee, Lulu E. and Laura E.

383. — Mary Ann McNary (5), born March 13th, 1848. prepared herself for
teaching in the public schools, which profession she successfully followed until her
marriage, about 1881, to Isaac N. Paxton. a resident of Chartiers Township, who
was born April 11th, 1*>46. They continued to live on a farm in the same Town-
ship for some years, but are now residents of Houston. Pennsylvania. Mr. Pax-
ton's occupation is that of farmer and stock raiser, in which he is eminently suc-

To them were born three sons: Charles McNary, Rolland Isaac and Hugh Bell.
In politics, Mr. Paxton has always held to the principles endorsed by the Repub-
lican party. In religion, a United Presbyterian. While on the farm" they attended
the church at Cross Roads, but since making his home in Houston, have been mem-
bers of the First United Presbyterian Church of that place.

384. — Charles McNary Paxton (6), born March 26th, 1S83. Married in 1906
to Maud Borland, of Houston.

385. — Rolland Isaac Paxton (6), born October 2nd, 1884, died November 25th,

386. — Hugh Bell Paxton (6), born December 4th, 1*36.

387. — Hugh Allison McNary (5), son of Joseph and Jane McNary, was born
May 3rd, 1851, on his father's farm in Chartiers Township. Received his early
education in the public schools, and later attended Jefferson College at Canonsburg

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