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Volume 20 No. 1 • Spring 2007

IMSA's Trailblazing President ^ \^ ^
Reflects on Remarkable Journey, '*-«to*»*

Future Plans

As Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall prepares for the next chapter in her lifelong learning

journey, she shares her thoughts, dreams and hopes for IMSA, as well as her plans in ^^^^^i&>

this final interview for NOVA as IMSA's founding president. Marshall will step down on

June 30. 2007.

NOVA: Of what accomplishments at IMSA are you • Our almost 3,400 graduates are making
most proud and why? remarkable contributions to the world in

every field of endeavor.
Marshall: This question is almost too big— but, if

I had to name the roots of my pride in IMSA, it • We have served more than 52,000 Illinois
would be the extraordinary commitment, passion, students and 24,000 Illinois educators

and love our students, alumni, staff and Boards have through a variety of innovative programs

brought and continue to bring to learning and to offered through our Center,

developing minds that intentionally seek , ^^^ students continue to excel by many
to "give back" to the world. measures-traditional indicators (standardized rsUrntlace'Sall

Twenty years ago, our Board articulated a philosophy tests, academic competitions, and scholarships)

that said we would treat each child as if he/she was and nontraditional indicators (path breaking

capable of significantly influencing life on the planet. research, generating new knowledge, and even

Twenty years later, the IMSA community has entrepreneurial start-up companies). It is not an

articulated a draft mission "to ignite and nurture accident that founding leaders of YouTube,

creative, ethical scientific minds that advance the PayPal, Netscape, and YELP— just to name a

human condition." few-are alumni of the Illinois Mathematics

and Science Academy. INSIDE'

It is this uncommon and uncompromising purpose

and commitment... that will enable IMSA to remain NOVA: What does IMSA need to focus on during Alumni Awards 6,7

an international trailblazer and incubator for its third decade? ^^^^^ Award 8

innovation and imagination in STEM (Science, Marshall: Embrace its unique and unparalleled iMSA-ComEd CyberQuiz

Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opportunity to become the world's leading 4KJds Challenge 9

^'^""^'°"- teaching and learning laboratory for ^^^^^ Highlights 5

There are, of course, more visible and tangible imagination and inquiry. IMSA is an F ri O ' 4

accomplishments of which I am very proud. Here incubator, a think tank and a movement llvlSA f-und overview

are just a few: generator. The convergence of these Service 10,11

. three environments is a space IMSA Technology Immersion
. We survived and thrived often against formidable ^^^ ^^^^^^p ^^^ ^^^^^^ p.^^^ JV ^^

challenges and our reputation as an exemplar in

STEM education is internationally recognized. Continued on page 2 Thailand Education Collaborations 3


A Pioneering Educational Community


Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy^
1500 West Sullivan Road
Aurora, Illinois 60506-1000
630/907 5000


Dr. Luis Nunez

Chemist, Chemistry Division
Argonne National Laboratory

Steven Isoye

Principal, O'Plaine Campus
Warren Township High School

John H. McEachern, Jr.

President/CEO, Retired
Wayne Circuits, Inc.

Carol Bernstein

Wee President, Secretary and General Counsel

Cabot Microelectronics

Dr. Victoria Chou

Dean, College of Education

University of Illinois at Chicago

Samuel E. Dyson

Physics Teacher

Walter Payton College Prep High School

Sheila MB Griffin

Griffin Holdings

Jacklyn Naughton

Science Teacher

Niles North High School

Dr. Paula Olszewski-Kubilius

Director, Center for Talent Development
Northwestern University

Dr Chris Quigg

Sen/or Theoretical Physicist

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Erin W. Roche '89


Ravenswood School

Dr. Marsha Rosner

Professor and Director

Ben May Institute for Cancer Research

The University of Chicago

Judy Erwin

Executive Director

Illinois Board of Higher Education

Dr. Christopher Koch

Interim State Superintendent
Illinois State Board of Education

Geoffrey S. Obrzut


Illinois Community College Board
Dr James Rydland
Superintendent of Schools
West Aurora School District 129


Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall

NOVA is published by the
IMSA Office of Advancement.

Send comments or questions to:
Editor and Writer
Brenda Buschbacher
[email protected]


Immersion in this extraordinary mind-field
will enable us "to ignite and nurture
creative and ethical scientific minds that
advance the human condition." This is
IMSA's promise.

NOVA: What are you looking forward to
the most as you look to the future?

Marshall: In a nutshell, I'm looking forward
to shifting my current time balance from
primarily externally directed agendas,
events, and activities to internally directed
ones. Everyone knows that I am not retiring.
Although I am stepping down as IMSA's
president, my work and my connection to
IMSA's work will continue.

The title of my book, The Power To
Transform: Leadership That Brings Learning
and Schooling to Life offers the best

response to this question. I will continue
to work with pioneering policy and
government leaders, business leaders,
foundation leaders, and educational leaden
to transform the current paradigm of
learning and schooling in ways that honor
children, develop their unknown capacities,
ignite and nurture their astonishing gifts,
and enroll them (while they are young) in
the big questions and issues of our time, so
that they may practice and participate in
shaping a more just and sustainable world.

It is this story that I will now tell, advance,
shape and integrate into public discourse
and public policy.

Note: Read more about Dr Marshall's book
and her views on leadership, learning and
schooling at www.imsa.edu/tales.

Reflections on Dr. Marshall. ..in Their Words

For nearly 20 years, IMSA has been led by a visionary educator and distinguished executive,
its founding and sole President, Dr Stephanie Pace MarshalL While many have contributed to
IMSA's success to date, clearly Dr Marshall's expertise, skills, passion, business and political
acumen, and tireless advocacy for students and educators have made possible countless
opportunities and achievements. The IMSA community, those we serve, the People of Illinois,
and friends of IMSA in our nation and world have benefited significantly as a result of her
outstanding leadership.

Dr. Luis Nunez, Chairman, IMSA Board of TVustees

If those of us involved in the early days can be credited with any significant contribution
it would be the identification and hiring of Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall to lead us on this
exciting Journey, one which has placed IMSA at the forefront of talent development in math
and science in our state, nation and world.

Jim Pearson, Director, IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education,
Founding and Past Chairman, IMSA Board of Trustees

Without her, IMSA would've remained merely an idea. Instead, because of her vision,
persistence, stewardship and nurturing leadership, IMSA has grown to the preeminent
institution it is today The successful entrepreneurs, educators, physicians, physicists, etc.
that have come out of IMSA in so short a time is a testament to her vision. ■ ■

Samuel Choi '89, Karen Choi

Stephanie Marshall's brilliant thesis invites us to think differently about learning and
schooling both in the United States and around the globe. In fact, it does much more. It
provides us with ways by which we can change our thinking about learning, and thus offers
a new map for schooling that can excite all students and leaders of progressive education.

f *
Robert W. Galvin, Chairman Emeritus, Motorola Inc. on
Dr. Marshall's book, rbe Vawet to naBsfonw Leader ~
that Brings Learning and ScbooUng to Life




U.S. Department of State Invites IMSA Staff
Member to Foster Educational Collaborations
With Thailand

When the U.S. Department of State invited
IMSA staff member Dr. Raymond Dagenais
(president of the Illinois Science Teachers
Association from 2005-2007) to travel to
Thailand to learn about the Thai culture
and educational system, he knew it was
a proposal he could not turn down.

"With the already large numbers of
students from other cultures in many
school systems in the United States and
the increasing quality of students coming
out of science programs in other countries,
it has become imperative that we better
understand other approaches to science
education as well as share our best
practices with others striving to improve
their science education programs," Dr.
Dagenais said.

Dagenais, who is a program development
specialist at IMSA, spent a week in
Thailand with Ministry of Education
officials, university professors, heads of
school science departments, school
teachers and university students.

During his stay, he made presentations to
numerous audiences of eager Thailand
educators at stops including Chiang Mai
University, Mahidol Wittayanusorn School
in Bangkok and Prince of Songkia
University in Hat Yai.

Dagenais spoke about a variety of
educational topics including strategies and
methods of gifted student identification
and selection procedures, assessment of

IMSA Staff Member Dr. Raymond Dagenais and Thailand Interpreter Dr, Thanit Pewnin

Student performance, academic standards
for science and mathematics and
professional development in science and

"The Thailand educators were particularly
interested in the professional development
presentation describing IMSA's Excellence
2000+ Program, designed to prepare
partner school teachers to work with their
students during after school sessions to
enrich their understanding of mathematics
and science," Dagenais said.

To learn more about IMSA's Excellence
2000+ Program (E2K+) visit

In the spring, IMSA will host a visit from
Thailand educators who hope to gain just
as much from their visit as Dagenais did
from his.

"This visit has spawned new ideas and
promise for both educational communities.
It is now time to move forward using what
we share with and learn from other cultures.'

_ th the already large numbers of students from other cultures
in many school systems in the United States and the increasing
quality of students coming out of science programs in other
countries, it has become imperative that we better understand
other approaches to science education as well as share our best
practices with others striving to improve their science education
programs. J J

Dr. Raymond Dagenais

IMSA Program Development Specialist




James R. Thompson*
Partner and Chairman of the
Executive Committee
Winston & Strawn


Gregory K. Jones

Chief Operating Officer
Edgewater Funds

William J. White
Northwestern University


John B. Hoesley '89


Prism Capital Corporation


Catherine C. Veal*

Wee President for Strategy and Results

Illinois Matherratics and Science Academy

Michael J. Birck

Pamela Blackwell

President and COO
Blackwell Consulting Services

Ronald Bullock

Chairman and CEO

Bison Gear and Engineering Corp.

G. Thomas Castino

President and CEO (Retired)
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Benjamin Chelf '96

Chief Technology Officer
Coverity, Inc.

Martin J. DIMarzio '95


Deloitte Consulting

Chelsy A. Hopper '92

Business Analyst

Deutsche Asset Management

Herbert B. Knight

Director of Corporate Planning (Retired)

Fidel Marquez, Jr

Vice President, External Affairs

ComEd, An Exelon Company

James D. Pearson

President (Retired)

Aurora Metals Division, LLC.

Michael Sloan

Adjunct Faculty
Illinois Mathemati(

Jarvis Yeh
Maxx Products Internatic

and Science Academy


IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education

1 500 West Sullivan Road
Aurora, Illinois 60506-1000

The IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education is a
501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation organized under
the Not-For-Profit Corporation Aa of the State of
Illinois. The Fund was established and is maintained
as a separate corporate entity for the purpose of
benefiting, performing the functions of, or carrying
out certain charitable, educational, literary and
scientific purposes of IMSA, and to assist IMSA in
achieving and furthering its education, research
and service goals. The IMSA Fund receives and
administers gifts and grants in support of IMSA's
work to develop talent and leadership in science,
technology engineering and math (STEM).

IMSA Fund Establishes
Endowment Program

Primary Fund Named to Honor IMSA's Founding President
By Jennifer Spuehler, Director of Development

In November 2006, the IMSA Fund Board of
Directors voted to establish an endowment
program. To honor Dr. Stephanie Pace
Marshall's 20 years of stellar leadership as
IMSA's founding president, the Board has
named the primary endowment fund the
Stephanie Pace Marshall Endowment to
ignite Innovation.

[Note: Dr. Marshall is stepping down as IMSA's
President effective June 30, 2007].

The Marshall Endowment fund will provide
annual support for IMSA to seed
innovation, build strategic capacity and
respond to significant unanticipated
opportunities, as approved by the IMSA
Fund Board. This fund will give IMSA much-
needed agility and flexibility it simply does
not have with state appropriations and
restricted grants and gifts.

Michael Suh, IMSA '97, an early major gift
donor to the Marshall Endowment fund,
put it this way: "...an endowment
represents the Board's and donors'
commitment to IMSA's future... instead of
filling all of today's holes, an endowment
enables projects and initiatives which have

Other Highlights:

The IMSA Fund gratefully acknowledges the
generous support of major grant funders,

• Grand Victoria Foundation, $130,000,
to support IMSA's Problem-Based
Learning work with schools, teachers
and students in the Fox Valley area
and the preparation of PBL materials
for expansion statewide and beyond.

• ComEd, An Exelon Company, $90,000,
to support the IMSA-ComEd CyberQuiz
4Kids Challenge. The challenge, available
at vwvw.imsa.edu, features stimulating
mathematics and science brainteasers
and word problems for Illinois students
in grades six through nine.

• Lehman Brothers Foundation, $60,000,
to support IMSA's outreach programs.

• Polk Bros. Foundation, $40,000, to
support IMSA's Minority Recruitment
and Retention efforts.

• Donors to the IMSA Fund also are
supporting IMSA20 celebrations.

yet to be conceived to have the opportunity
to change the way we think of education
and learning when that time comes. And
certainly that will be money well spent." |

Gifts of any amount will be accepted for I
the Marshall Endowment fund. '

In addition to the Marshall Endowment
fund, the IMSA Fund will now accept
contributions for named endowment funds
restricted for specific programs or projerts I
of interest to a donor and to IMSA. A
minimum initial gift of $20,000 is required I
to establish a fund. The first named I

endowment fund has been established by
the Nayak Foundation Charitable Trust.
Nicholas and Anjuli Nayak, parents of
Zachary Nayak '02, established this fund to j
support IMSA students who wish to learn ]
about grant writing. Earnings from this '

fund will help purchase resources, hire '

tutors or speakers, and pay for students j

to attend workshops on grant writing. ]

For more information on the IMSA Fund's
new endowment program, contact Jennifer
Spuehler, Director of Development, at
[email protected] or (630) 907-5989.

On October 7, 2006, IMSA celebrated its
20th anniversary with members of the IMSA
community whose "bold ideas" and "world-
class results" have made IMSA a leader in
developing talent and leadership in
mathematics, science and technology for
our state, nation and world. We appreciate
all the efforts of the volunteers, and are
especially grateful to the alumni, parents,
current and former faculty and staff, and
corporations who made contributions to a
highly successful event.

The IMSA 20th Anniversary Celebration
Dinner will take place on April 20, 2007 at
Tellabs. This event will honor distinguished
alumni and individuals who demonstrate
strong and enduring leadership on behalf
of IMSA and their fields of endeavor. This
event is made possible by the generous
support from corporate sponsors such as
Tellabs, Rush-Copley Medical Center, Cabot
Microelertronics, ComEd, An Exelon
Company and ITW. For more information,
contact [email protected]


IMSA20: A Time to Recognize Bold Ideas
and World-Class Results

Honorees to Be Recognized at IMSA's 20th Anniversary Celebration on April 20, 2007.
For more information about the event, contact [email protected]

One of IMSA's "20 cakes for 20 years" proclaims "Bold Ideas
and World-Class Results "

IMSA20 Dinner-October 2006 (standing left to right) IMSA Fund Board
member William White, Marlene Pearson, Jane White, Fund Board
members James Pearson and Herbert Knight and (seated) Nancy Knight.

Convocation-August 2006 (left to right) Principal Dr. Eric McLaren,
Convocation Speaker and First Lieutenant Kenyatta Ruffin '99, President
Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, Resident Scholar Dr. Leon Lederman, Student
Council President John Li and cellist Chris Trigg '05.

IMSA20 Dinner-October 2006 (left to right) IMSA parents Lorna
Ruddy, Mary Corrigan, Gina Zager, Charles Corrigan and Dave Zager.

IMSA20 Dinner-October 2006 (left to right) Ryan Armour '99,
Amanda Armour '99, Jennifer Peek Wylie '92 and Joseph Wylie '92.

IMSA students test their bouncing skills during the September 2006
IMSA20 Student Carnival hosted by the Residential Life staff.

Photos by Kaus Photography



IMSA Launches Board of Trustees Alumni Awards Program]

To celebrate IMSA's 20th Anniversary, the
IMSA Board of Trustees Alumni Awards
Program was unveiled in the fall of 2006.
The Alumni Awards recognize the men and
women of IMSA who deliver outstanding
contributions to their field of endeavor, to
IMSA, and to the citizens of Illinois, our
nation and world.

The Alumni Award recipients will be
recognized at IMSA's 20th Anniversary
Celebration to be held on April 20, 2007
at Naperville-based Tellabs. For more
information about the event, contact
[email protected]

IMSA Board of Trustees Chairman Dr Luis
Nunez said the board was extremely
impressed by the quality of the nominees.

"Although most of these IMSA graduates
are only in their 20s and 30s, many have
attained goals which are beyond their
years," Dr. Nunez said. "IMSA and the
entire state of Illinois can be extremely
proud of these leaders."

IMSA President Dn Stephanie Pace Marshall
said the Alumni Awards program
demonstrates IMSA's "return on
investment" and impact on citizens in
Illinois and beyond during IMSA's 20th
Anniversary year

"We congratulate all of our outstanding
IMSA alumni who serve as wonderful role
models for our students, as well as role
models in their own communities, fields of
endeavor and the world in which we live,"
Dr Marshall said.

Three categories of awards were given: the
Alumni Trailblazer Award, the Alumni
Distinguished Leadership Award and the
Alumni Titan Award.

The Alumni Award Categories

The Alumni Trailblazer Award is bestowed
when merited and honors alumni who
personify IMSA's philosophy statement that
there will be alumni who "create new
intellectual worlds, cure a dreaded human
ailment or in some other way significantly
influence life on our planet." The
outstanding achievements of these

honorees will have earned national or
international prominence for a ground-
breaking or sweeping initiative that
has redefined and improved the way
significant numbers of citizens live,
learn or work.

The Alumni Distinguished Leadership
Award, an annual award, goes to alumni
who have made distinguished achievements
or leadership contributions in their
professional fields of endeavor consistent
with IMSA's mission. The awardees also
may be recognized for significant civic or
community contributions or for
extraordinary courage and selflessness
under challenging circumstances.

The Alumni Titan Award, an annual
award, honors alumni, who through
outstanding service to IMSA, advance
the institution's mission and work. The
honorees are enthusiastic and energetic
IMSA champions who dedicate significant
time, talent and/or treasure to endeavors
that help the Academy fulfill its role in
developing talent and leadership in
mathematics, science and technology
for our state, nation and world.

The Alumni Award Recipients

For complete profiles of the following
12 Alumni Award recipients, visit
wvwv. imsa.edulalumnilawards.

The Alumni Trailblazer
Award Recipients:

Robert McCool '91

Rob McCool '91
along with his twin
brother and fellow
IMSA graduate Mike,
served on the team
at the University of
Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign that created Mosaic, the Internet
Browser used to start Netscape. In addition,
McCool is the original creator of the NCSA
HTTP Web server which later evolved into
the Apache HTTP Web server The Apache
HTTP continues to be the most popular
Web server in use. /


Ramez Naam '90

Ramez Naam served

as the Group Program

Manager for MSN

Search at Microsoft

Corporation. There, he

led the development

of the revolutionary

search engine by which 360 million

individuals worldwide can both quickly and

precisely find answers to their queries on

the World Wide Web in 20 languages each

month. Naam also is a published author

Yu Pan '95

Yu Pan '95 is one

of the six founding

team members of

PayPal, an eBay

company that has

revolutionized the

way people do '^'''"

business on the Internet. Pan currently

works in engineering and product

development at the hottest Web site on

the Internet, YouTube {www.youtube.com).

The Alumni Distinguished
Leadership Award Recipients:

Benjamin Chelf '96

Ben Chelf is Chief
Technology Officer
and a founder of
Coverity, Inc., which
provides state-of-the-
art automated source
code analysis for
customers as varied as NASA, IBM, Sun
Microsystems, the Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory and Naperville-based
Tellabs. Coverity was recently recognized in
The Wall Street Journal for The Journal's
Technology Awards.

12 Alumni to Be Recognized in April 2007

Scott Gaudi '91

Scott Gaudi, Ph.D.,

was named by

DISCOVER magazine

as "one of the 20

scientists to watch

in the next 20 years"

and already has

discovered two planets. As reported in

National Geographic, his most recent

discovery is a new, low-mass planet

found using a microlensing technique.

Noah Rosenberg '93

Noah Rosenberg,

Ph.D., is a pioneering,


researcher in the

fields of mathematics,

evolution and

genetics. In 2003,

Rosenberg's article Genetic Structure of

Human Populations was named The Lancet

Biomedical Research Paper of the Year.

Terri Willard '89

Terri Willard is a

Rhodes Scholar, Henry

Luce Scholar, Hearst

Senate Youth Program

Scholar, Georgetown

School of Foreign

Service Scholar and a

National Merit Scholar As a project

manager for the International Institute for

Sustainable Development (USD) in Canada,

Terri has led numerous global initiatives

including the Youth Creating Digital

Opportunities Coalition and the Sustainable

Development Communications Network.

Williamson '91

Tuwanda Williamson,

M.D., worked for

Direct Relief

International as the

director of a medical

team delivering care

to 40,000 isolated villagers along the Rio

Beni River in Bolivia. Williamson currently

works as a physician in inner-city Chicago

and also is the director of a local center

that provides care through local churches
to those most in need.

The Alumni Titan Award Recipients:

Michael Brody '96

Michael Brody is an
active member of the
IMSA President's
Alumni Advisory


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