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VOL. 1.


NO. .20


Red Flag Racket

is the Cheapest Store on Karth. One Pi-ice on-




Sketcliins: from Xatnie,
i p. 111. every week day
(luriiij; Assembly.
Prof. J. R. Buckiiiaiiam.


Call on this New Store for lat-
est and reliable

Dry Oood^. Clothins:,
Fine ISUoes, Hats, etc..

At Lowest Price,

116 North Main Street,

Jerte3^ville, 111.

Two prices for goods. We will
save you money and pay your
fare to and from Elsah on or-
ders of $3.00 and over.
Gasoline, 5 gal. order 60c.
Sugar, 19 pounds, - $1.00.
Best lard, per pound. .07.

Hams, Bacon and Canned meats
at lowest prices.


Elsah, 111.

Jersej ville Jiews.

— Tlie Li^ht Giiarrt Riind furnished
music at the Kane racing Matinee,

— Chas. Ballou and wife are spend-
ing a few days vvitli relatives at Wiiite
Hall and Roodlioiise.

— License issued on Friday for the
raarriase of iS'i(;lK)las VVendle to
Miss Mary Bummer, both of Elsali tp.

—A few choice lots witli and with-
GUL cottages for sale. Apply to

.1. A. ScAUilrrT.

— Miss Mary E. Conway died at
the residence of Tliomas Riley, on
East Prairie street, Tliursday eve-
niuK. aged 25 years. Funeral took
place from St. Francis Xavier's church
at 10 a. m., Saturday.

— The Bluff Line train leaving St.
Louis in the evening struck three
tramps on a trestle below Alton,
Thursday. Two jumped and the oth-
er was knocked down, one leg broken
and a hole crushed in the forehead.
He was picked up, brought to Alton
and placed in the hospital. It was no
fault of the trainmen.

—Attorney O. D. Leach, solicitor
for the Bluff Line R. R., has received
an invitation from the General solici-
tor of the C.& A. R. R.. to join a
hunting party for a month's outing
in Wyoming. The party will leave on
Monday, the 16th. Mr. Leach will go
If he can make arrangements to absent
himself from business that long.

—The remains of Perry Watts, who
died at his home at Honey Point,
Montgomery County, was brought
here for interment, Friday. He was
29 years old and a grandson of Mrs.
Priscilla Snell, mother of Ft. H. Snell.
Interment took place at Oak Grove
Cemetery, Rev. W. H. Kearns officia-

— Wm. Loellke, a farmer of Otter
Creek, was arrested. Thursday even-
ing by Officer Colien burger, charged
with stealing $3.00 from the cash reg-
ister at Paul Nitschke's butcher shop.
He was given a preliiliinary hearing
before 'Squire Schroeder, Friday, and
bound over to await the action of the
grand jury. Loellke was asked to
watch the shop a short time while the
clerk delivered an order, and thus
committed the theft.

m STAFFORD fflercaitile Co.,


Headquarters for . . .


Directory of Piasii Cliaut.aiuiiia AssoniJ)!}.

President Hev. U. M . Stewart E) D

IstVioe-Pt L. nallock

•2nd " lion. A. W. Ci-oec

Secretary OB. Hainilton

Treasurer Geo H. Dongherty

Supt. of Instruction . .liev. A. P. George 1). 1).

Musical Director ProJ. M . Edwin .lohnson

Organist .Mrs. M S. Johnson

Pianist Mrs. T. A'. Wilson

Conductor ol' Devotional Meetings

Kev. Win. .lolinson


Program J.B.Ulricli

Advertising and Transportation

J. C. Ulricli, T. II. Perrin, A. W. Cross

A. F. Uodgers, A. W . Cross, L. Hallock
Hotel and Store

A. W. Cross, C. P. Stafford, G. U. Dougherty
Lots and Tents

O. M. Stewart, J. B. Uhicli, L. Hallock

Custodian of Grounds S.N. Fisk

.Station Agent "Bluff Line" T- W- Cook.

Postmaster S. N. Fisk

Assibtant Postmaster. F. W. Haiuilton

Chautauqua Time Table.

South Bound Trains.

No. ii — Daily except Sunday 6:00 a. iii

No. II, Mail Train " " .5-4'2p. m

No. 1.3, Daily exeept Sunday (1:49 p. m

No. 17, Daily 4:10 p. m

No. :jl, Saturday only 1] :.i2 a. m

No. 33. Sunday only 8:5,5 u. in

No. S.'i, •■ 8:10 p. m

North Bound Triiins.

No. 6. Mail, Daily except Sunday 10:44 a. m

No. 8, Daily 7:47 p. m

No. 14, Daily except Sunday ... 8:35 p. m

No. 16, " " " <):50 a. m

No. 30, Saturday and Sunday 3:21 p. m

No. 32, Sunday only 8:66 a. m

No. 34, " ■• 10:13 a. ui

Normal Bible Study.

Beginning Saturday at 10 o'clock,
Rev. Dr. George, of Kansas, will give
an hour each day, till the close of the
Assembly, to the outline study of the
Bible by books.

The following is the order of the
Aug. 12— Neheraiah,

'• 13— Philemon,

" 14— Esther,

■' 16 — Peter and James,

•■ J 7— Jonah and Joshua,

" 18— Romans.

Bring Bible, paper and pencil.

After July 26th

We will make a





Good rooms to rent, also cots
to rent. Free use of a large
reception room to all who en-
gage rooms. Pleasant location.
Call at Cottage for terms.


Issned Daily Except Sunday,

Single Copies .3 Cts.

Per Week 10 Cts.

For the Season 35 Cts.

J. W. Becker, Publisher.


— Mr. and'Mrs. L. M. Catting spent
\ osterday here.

—Miss Lacey, of Pittsfield, is a
!,'ue8t of Mrs. R. D. Smith.

—Miss Mary Lemen is entertaining
Miss Tessie Wyckoff. of Jerseyville,
who came yesterday morning.

—The north wing of Mrs. John Fox's
cottage is occupied by Mrs. Mary Lan-
don and family.'

—Miss Gwtrude Voorliees, of Jer-
seyville, is the guest of Miss Marian

—To-night a large parly of young
people will go up to the Piasa Bluffs
Hotel to spend the evening.

— .Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Hodgdon
are boarding at the Grange Hall. Mr.
Hodgdon is Assistant Circuit Attor-
ney of the City of St. Louis.

-Waverly is well represented liere.
Some of its people here are Misses
Wimple, Siillie Battoe, Maggie Teit-
geu. Mrs. J. E. Hutchison and family,
Mrs. Dr. Trible and family, Mrs. Mary
Brown and family.

—Samuel Pheips Leland gave his
first lecture here Friday afternoon He
made his audience thrill with liis elo-
quence in describing America and its.
advantages, opportunities and possi
bilities. .\fter listening to him, an
American feels doubly proud of liis

Piasa Chautauqua.

Piasa Cliautauqua is a summer re-
sort tliat is well known, and should he
better known among the people of the
Mississippi Valley. It is fast becom-
ing a pleasure resort for people living
witliin hundreds of miles. its situa-
tion is between two of the magnificent
bluffs that line the Mississippi river
above Alton, 111. Tliese bluffs are fa-
mous in history as the lionie of the
'•Legend of the Piasa," and are noeed
the world over for tlie grandeur and
beauty of their scenery. Thirteen
miles above Alton, on the Illinois side,
Piasa Chautauqua lies between two of
the highest and most beautiful of
them. It is convenient to .St. Louis
and all stations on tlic railroads of
Central Illinois and Mis.souri. The
steamboats of the Mississippi land ex-
cursionists wlio invariably find it a
place of contentment and enjoyment.
It is laid off into streets and avenues
that are lined witli trees and flowers.
Tliere are long walks and beautiful
grass plots for the benetit of picnic
parties. A spring of water so cool and
refreshing that it rivals that of the
"Old Oaken bucket," is constantly
bubbling up from the side of one of
the bluff's. This spring has a well
known reputation for its purity and
excellence. The climate of this resort
is everything that could be wished for:
not too hot, not too cold, no mosqui-
toes (contrary to the usual summer re-
sort) nights cool and refreshing, and
an atmosphere invigorating, clear and
pure. Scenery is never found more
beautiful in America. From tlie bluff's
the Missouri and Illinois rivers may
be seen. On the Mississippi tlie boat-
ing and bathing opportunities are es-
pecially good. All steamers stop at
Piasa Cliautauqua where excursion-
ists take tlieir outing. Once a year
tlie Piasa Chautauqua Assembly meets
and for one inonlh gives a program or
Literature, Science, and iiusic. This
puigrain is made up by the most emi-
nent entertainers olitainable. An au-
ditorium built with splendid acoustic
properties affords .m opportunity for
thousands to see and hear tlie best lec-
tures, entertainments and miisicales
that can be inaugurated. The scen-
ery of Piasa Chautauqua is superb, its
surroundings grand and stately, its
climate all that could be wished for.
Beautiful for situation, tlie joy of the
whole earth is Piasa Chautauqua, a
haven of beauty and rest.

For Sale.

The beautiful lot near King's Daugh-
ters Cottage. Will sell cheap for cash.
Write for terms to,


49 tf Jerseyville, 111.

W. R. Smith, M. D.

Will be on the gronnds from
to 11 o'clock, a, m., each cIa}^'
Tent No. 9. 4th Avenue.
Residence at Elsah. 111.


(Late of St. Louis.)

Partictilar attention given to
Chronic aiJments and diseases
of women.

Calls promptly attended da}^
or night.

Office over State Bank, Jer-
sevville. 111.


Segar Crescent, and Cosmos,

5 cent cigars.

Luxurious and Cubans, 10 cent

cigars. All strictly hand made


Wallace lieigli & Son's
Famous Ice Cream,

Orders taken by mail.


Robt. Whitehead

Says success to the Piasa As-
sembly, and invites all to call
at his store, when in Jerseyville,
Vandervoort Building.

This is the |


That makes j'ou feel
good all day. We are sole


Just hear them— Listen to them,

All tell tlie same thing, all got the cheapest goods. Leon Engel has the best for
the money, and the l^st is the chenpest, especially when you talk about Clothing.
Our Men's, Boys', and Children's Clothing is selling for nearly half their value,
and everything else in proportion. Grood well made pants, worth from $1.50 to |2,
reduced to $1.00, Knee pants for lOc, 16c., 25c. and up, Children's Suits from 75c.
up. $2.50, $3.50 Stiff Hats reduced to $1.50. Underwear from 25c. up, shirts for
25c. and 35c, extra line ones for 50c. Our stock of summer clothing must be clear-
ed away before the 1st of September, therefore we will sell all our Summer Clothing
for Men, Boys and Children at half their value.

Don't forget that Leon Engel carries a complete line of Men's, an^ Boy's shoes, all
new and up to date styles, at the very lowest prices.
When in Jersey ville call on

Jerseyville, III.

c — Master Brace Fain, of Carroll ton,
spent yesterday here with his fjrand-
latlier. Mr. C. W. Brace, of Kane.

— Miss Susie Newell, of Upper Al-
ton came last eveuin^f to tiie great
pleasure of lier many f rieflds.

— The attractions of and at Chau-
tauqua are unequalled in their grand-
eur and stateliness and unrivaled in
tlieir beauty and charm.

— Say, Fellows, you ought to put in
an appearance down here Saturday
niglit for ttiere'll be a hot time and a
lioe-down that night.

—Mrs. T. R. Tliomas and sister, M iss
Thomas, left Friday evening, the for-
mer for her home in Little Rock, Ar-
k;insas, and the latter to visit at At-
aiita. 111.

%| —The Arion-Cooke Combination Co.
p gave their second program, Tliursday
K ev,ening. It was greatly enjoyed by all
tp' liearers. Mr. Cooke was applauded
greatly for his clever recitations, Miss
Atkins won tlie resounding applause
nf the audience ivith lier contralto
solo. Mrs. Holman was again gladly
listened to by her many friends liere.
Those wlio do not hear tliese enter-
tainers and yet have the opportunity
do Indeed niis^ one of the most splen"
did chances of their lives.

Chautauqua Time Table.

South Bound Trains.

No. fl— Daily except Sunday 6:00 a. in

No. U, Mail Traill " " .5-4'2p. m

No. 13, Daily execpt Sunday ():4!)p. m

No. 17, Daily 4:10p.m

No. 31, Saturday only I]:.i2a. m

No. 33. Sunday only 8:M a. m

No. 35. '• 8:10 p. m

North Bound Truing.

No. 6. Mail, Daily except Sunday 10:44 a. m

No. 8, Dally..' 7:47 p. m

No. 14, Daily exceptSunttav 6:35 p. m

No. 16, " " " 9:.50 a. m

No. 30, Saturday and Sunday 3:21 p. m

No. 32, Sunday only 8:66 a. m

No.34. " '• 10:13a.m



We are ageilts for the City Sleam
Laundry, of .Terseyville. Leave your
Bundle at tlie store. C E. Green.
Grocery Store, Assembly Ground^..

Grand Excursion to Niagara Falls
and Alexandria Ba;, Yla Jollet
and Mlclilgan central Kali-
road, August 19, 1897.

l<'or the above the Chicago & Alton
will sell tickets to Niagara Falls and
return at rate of $9.50 Alexandria
Bay and return at rate of 815.00 for
further information time of trains
call on or address.

J. O. Adams, Ticket Agt.


Devotional Hour.

Bible Normal Class

Concert. Arion Cook Combina-

8.30 a. in.
10.00 a. m.
8.30 p. m.

tion .
8.00 p.m. Lecture. Samuel Phelps Leland,

Ph. D., T^L. D. "The land of Burns

and Scott."

Regular Sunday Services.

8.30 a. m. Devotional Hour.
10.00 a. m. Bible Normal Class
2.30 p. m. Lecture. Samuel Phelps Leland,

D. LL. D. "A Visit to Pompeii."
8.00 p.m. Moving Pictures. Magniscope.

Normal Bible Study.

Beginning Saturday at 10 o'clock.
Rev. Dr. George, of Kansas, will give
an hour each day, till the close of the
Asseml)ly, to the outline study of the
Bible by books.

The following is the order of the
Aug. 12 — Neliemiah,

" 13— Philemon,

" 14— Esther, ,

" 16— Peter and James,

" IT — Jonah and Joshua,

" 18— Romans.

Bring Bible, paper and pencil.



Call and see im before purchasing

Bathing Suits

A good beacli and row boats
for the use of all wlio desire
them. Mr. J. T. Wright
is looking out for the perfect
safety of all.

WANTED. — A competent
obstetrical nurse of several
years' experience, wishes to
make engagements in city or
country. Best of references.
Address, Mrs. Henrietta Rich-
ards, Jerseyville. 111.

— This has been the banner week of
the season.

— Chautauquans have learned to val-
ue the lectures of Dr. Leland.

- Mrs. J. G. Marston spend Friday,
in Alton.

— T. H, Perrin conjes up every eve-
ning and returns to his business at St.
Louis on the early morning train.

- -Rev. A. II. Fiagg, of Chesteraeld,
spent Thursday on the grounds to hear
the Epworth League progiam.

— Miss Anna Spencer has been pres-
ent during the entire session of tlie

— Nothing tiller on any program
tlian the series of lectures now being
given by Dr. Leland.

— Tuesday, tlie nth, is Sam .Jones
Day. Tlie attendance on thai day
will be large.

—"The land of Burns and Scott" is
the subject of Prof Lelaud's lecture to-

— Rev. .1. E. Nicicerson and Mr. Gard.
ner returned bo their home at Kane,
Friday morning.

—Tony McAdams and a party of
young people from Jerseyville, spent
Thursday, and Friday on the grounds.

—While many places furnish good
delegations to Chautauqua, Jersey-
ville leiids them all.

— Through th« efforts of Mrs. Dr.
Yerkes, of Upper Alton, the Blutf
Line has carried all freight for the
King's Daughters, gratuitously, from
Jerseyville and Alton to Chautauqua.

Dr. H.


Office over Cadwallader's store,
South Main St., Jerseyville, 111.

— Exhibitori of the Magn-iscope mov-
ing pictures on Monday night.

— The Arion-Cooke Combination
give their last entertainment this af-

—'"A visit to Pompeii" is the sub-
ject of Prof. Leland 's last lectures to
be delivered on Monday afternoon.

—Prof. M. L. Tremain and Miss
Flagge, of Batclitown, were interest-
ed visitors, Tiiursday. They drove
home after the concert at night.

— The committee of C. L. S. C. ap-
pointed to locate The Hall of Philoso-
phy has picked a site. As a good por-
tion of the money lias already been
subscribed, this will add another feat-
ure to the many attractions for next
year. ""

— Tile management of the Chautau-
qua is already planning fornextyear's
Assembly and we shall see many im-
provements and new features intro-
duced. Though the attendance has
been smaller this year than on prev-
ious ones, ou account ofthehai'd times,
the association is doing handsomely
in a financial way and will be ou a
firmer basis than ever. Piasa Chau-
tauqua is a permanent institution
whose destiny is full of promise.

King's Daughters' Donations.

The following donations, have been
received at the King's Daughters" cot-

Mrs. Hood, cash, $10; Mrs. Ulricii,
cash, $1: Mrs. Stafford, cash, $1, bas-
ket of apples, 5 glasses of jelly; Mrs.
Allen, 2 doz. eggs, one loaf of bread:
Mrs. Hattie Frost, of Woodburn, jar
of bulter, solicited by Mrs. T. P.
Yerkes; Whatsoever Circle King's
Daughters', St. Louis, matting, chif-
fonier, washstand, 1 chair. 1 bar cas-
tile soap, combs, hair brush, box from
Barr's store containing 12 articles;
Wednesday Club King's Daughter's,
St. Louis, knives, forlcs, spoons, cook-
ing utensils; Barr's, of St. Louis, two
hammocks, solicited by Mrs. II. H.
Waggoner; 00 ibs. flour, 1 barrel vege-
tables, solicited by Mrs. T. P. Yerkes.


We are agents for the City Steam
Laundry, of Jerseyville. Leave your
Bundle at the store. C. E. Gkeen.
Grocery Store. Assem'Dly Grouuos.

Fou PURE ;ja

and Ice Cokl ■•'^

go to the Model Bakery. All Bakt-ry -.oiIm :
fresli every day. ^,

Agent for Lowney's



Jerseyville, III.

The Launch Transit,

Moonlight rides on the Launcli
Transit should be a great pk^at?-
ure to all Chautauquans. The
Transit is ever ready lor pleas-
ure parties.

E. H. Webb, Master.


For Ice Cream, Cakes, Cigars,
Bread, Banans, Lemons, Foun-
tain Soda alwa^'S fresh.

I Sell The Famous McKinney Hreaii,

Elsah, Illinois


Prom the


Will be pure and fresh.
Phone 17. Jeiseyville, 111.

Leading Undertakers,

Can Sell you Sewing Macbines Cheaper tlian
any one in the county. Call and see them.


Phone 107.


Of all parties desiring row
boats, J. H. VanBuren would
ask the patronage. Easy run
ning, clean and neat boats k-eji;
constantlv on hand.




Will 8:11 choice goods at low prices. Cnniii
orders promptly filled, send ns your orders

P.O. Box 585. * Jerseyville, III.


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