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NO. 23

Red Flag Racket

i» the Clieapeet Store on Karth. One Price on-






Sketchiiisf from Nature,

4 p. HI. every weekday

dnriiis; Assembly.

Prof. J. R. Buckiiisliam.

The Regulator.

Call on this New Store for lat-
est and reliable

Dry Goods!. Clothing,
Fine Shoes, Hats, etc..

At Lowest Price,

116 North Main Street,

Jersey ville, 111.


Two prices for goods. We will
save you money and pay your
fare to and from Elsah on or-

ers of $3.00 and over.

asoline, 5 gal. order 60c.
Sugar, 19 pounds, - $1.00.
BesHard, per pound. .07.

Hams, Bacon and Canned meats
at lowest prices.


Elsah, 111.

Dr. H. W. Rich.


Office over Cadwallader's store.
South Main St., Jerseyville, 111.

Normal Bible Stud}'.

Beginning Saturday at 10 o'clock,
Rev. Dr. Geor^re, of Kansas, will give
an lioui' each day, till the close of the
Assembly, to the outline study of the
Bible by books.

The following is the order of the
Aug. 16— Peter and James.

" IT— Jonah and Joshua,

•• 18 — Romans.

Bring Bible, paper and pencil.

Chautauqua Time Table.

South Bound Trains.

.9 — Daily except Sunday 6

. 11, Mail Train " " 5

.13, Daily except Sunday G;

. 17, Dally 4

. 31, Saturday only II

. 33, Sunday only 8;

North Bound Truins.

. 6. Mail, Dally except Sunday 10

. .S, Daily 7

. 14, Daily except Sunday 6:

.16, " ■• " !P

. .30, Saturday and Sunday 3;

. 32, Sunday only b


:44 a. m
47 p. ni
35 p. m
:50 a. m
•21 p. m
:06 a. in
13 a. ni

Grand Excursion to Niagara Falls
and Alexandria Baj, via Jollet
aud Micbigan central Rail-
road, August 19, 1891.

For tlie above the Chicago & Alton
will sell tickets to Niagara Falls and
return at rate of $9.50 Alexandria
Bay and return at rate of -JIS.OO for
further information time of trains
call on or address.

J. O. Adams, Ticket Agt.


We are agents for the City Sieaiu
Laundry, of Jerseyville. Leave your
Bundle at the store. C. E. Gueen
Grocery .Store, Assembly Grouna*.

—Our Job department is constantly
kept busy. First class work at reas-
onable prices. Do you need any print-

Be STAFFORD Mercantile Co.,


Headquarters for . . .


Directory of Piasa Ciiautautina AsNemblf.

President Kev.O. M. Stewart I) D

l8tVice-Pt L. Halloek

'Jnd '* lion. A. W. CrOBfl

Secretary O. B. Hamilton

Treasurer Geo 11. Dongherty

Supt. of Instruction ..Rev. A. P. George D. D.

Musical Director Prof. M. Edwin Johnson

Organist .Mrs. M S. Johnson

Pianist Mrs.T. A. Wilson

Conductor of Devotional Meetinfjs

Kev. \Vm. Johnson


Program J.B. Ulrich

Advertising and Transportation

J. B. Ulrich, T. H. Perrin, A. W. Cross

A. F. Rodgers, A. W. Cross, L. Halloet
Hotel snd^Stoce '.

A. W. Ciosa, C. P. Stafford, G. H. Dongherty
Lots and Tents

O. M. Stewart, J. B. Ulrich, L. H«lloct

Custodian of Qronn'ds ' S. K Fisk

Station Agent- 'Bluff Li&'o' '.._.... T. W/Coolj.

Postmaster ..S. S.TiSe

Assistant Foktmaster F. W. Hamillon

Bathiti? Suits

A good beach and row boiits •
for the use of all who desiiir -
them. Mr. J. T. Wright
is looking out for the perfect
safet}' of all.

WANTED. — A competent
obstetrical nurse of several
years' experience, wishes to
make engagements in city or
country. Best of references.
Address, Mrs. Henrietta Rich-
ards, Jerseyville. 111.




Call and see us before purchasing

— A fewelidite lots with and with-
out cottages for sale. Apply to


After July 26th

We will make a






Good rooms to rent, also cots
to rent. Free use of a large
reception room to all who en-
gage rooms. Pleasant location.
Call at Cottage for terms.


Issued Daily Except Sunday,

Single Copies 3 Cts.

Per Week 10 Cts.

For the Season 35 Cts.

J. W. Bkckeb, Publisher.


Mr. Vni. Montgomery came up t'rom
Altou to-d;iy to join his .Jerseyville

— Miss ^linnie L;imli. of .Terseyville,
and.Mr. Kirpatrick. of Edwardsville.
have been spending the last two days
with friend.s here.

—Mr. J. A. >[schudi is tlie operator
of the magniscope and he lia.s received
many new pictures that lie will show
while here.

— Mr. Lathey Yerlres. of Upper Al-
ton, has returned from Chicago where
he has been with the Illinois Naval

—Mrs. Henry Elliott (nee Bohan-
natj) is visiting her parents at Cliau-
tauqiia. As Mrs. Elliott was not ex-
pected lier coming was a most pleas-
ant surprise.

— Last night the "Magniscope" pict-
ures were the great source of attract-
ion for CliautaiKina's inhabitant-.
There were abfuit 12 pictures shown
and the satis-faction of all was express-
ed in every way possible^ These pict-
ures represent all of the mcjveraents
of livint, bodies. They are moving
pictures and everyone was delighted
to see them.

— Among Chautauqua's viaitois yes-
terday were Mr. and Mrs. C. D. W.
Warren, >rr. and Mrs. A. B. Purinton,
and Miss Elizabeth Purinton, Miss
Olivet Colean, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. D.
Grigirs and Mr. Edwin. Terry.

Piasa Chautauqua.

Piasa Chautauqua is a summer re-
sort that is well known, and should be
better known among the people of the
Mississippi Valley. It is fast becom-
ing a pleasure resort for people living
within hundreds of miles. Its situa-
tion is between tftoof themagniticent
bluUs that line the Mississippi river
aliove Alton, 111. Tliese bluffs are fa-
mous in liistory as the home of the
"Legend of the Piasa." and are noted
the world over for tJie grandeur and
beauty of their scenery Thirteen
miles above Alton, on the Illinois side,
Piasa Chautauqua lies between two of
the highest and most beautiful of
them. It is convenient to St. Louis
and all stations an the railroads of
Central Illinois and Missouri. The
steamboats of the Mississippi land ex-
cursionists wlio invariably find it a
place of contentment and enjoyment.
It is laid off into streets and avenues
that are lined with trees and flowers.
There are long walks and beautiful
grass plots'for the benefit of picnic
parties. A spring of water so cool and
refreshing that it rivals tliat of tlie
'•Old Oaken bucket," is constantly
bubbling up from the side of one of-
the bluffs. This spring has a well
known reputation for its purity and
excellence. The climate of this resort
is everything that could be wished for:
not too hot. not too cold, no mosqui-
tofts (contrary to the usual summer re-
sort) nights cool and refreshing, and
an atmosphere invigorating, clear and
pure. Scenery is never found more
beautiful in America. From the bluffs
the Missouri and Illinois rivers may
be seen. On the Mississippi the boat-
ing and bathing opportunities are es-
pecially good. All steamers stop at
Piasa Chautauqua where excursion-
ists take their outing. Once a'year
the Piasa Chautauqua Assembly irieets
.and for one month gives a program or
Literature. Science, and Mus.i(i. This
piogram is made up by the.iftost emi-
nent entertainers obtainable. An au-
ditorium built with splendid acoustic
properties affords an opportunitv for
tliousands to see and hear the best lec-
tures, entertainments and musicales
tliat can be inaugurated. The scen-
ery of Piasa Chautauqua is superb, its
surroundings grand and stately, its
climate all that could be wished for.
Beautiful for situation, the joy of the
whole earth is Piasa Chautauqua, a
haven of beauty and rest.

W. R. Smith, M. D.

Will be on the grounds from fi
to 11 o'clock, a. m., each day.
Tent No. 9, 4th Avenue.
Residence at Elsa I). 111.

For Sale.

The beaut I fill lot near King's Daugh-
ters Cottage. Will sell cliBap. for cash.
Write for.term9_to,' •

. E. C. SPERtlNG,

49 tf ' Jerseyvflle 111.


(Late of St. Louis.) ' .

Particular attention given' to
Chronic ailments and diseases
of women.

Calls promptly attended daj'
or night.

Office over State Bank, Jer-
seyville, 111.


Segar Crescent, and Cosmos,

5 cent cigars.

Luxurious and Cubans. 10 cent

cigars. All strictly hand made


Wallace Lei2:li & Son's
Famous Ice Cream,

Orders taken by tbail.


Robt. Whitehead

Says success to the Piasa As-
sembly, and invites all to call
at his store, when in Jerseyville,
Vanflervoort Building.

This is the


That makes you feel

good all day. We are sole


Jerseyville, 111.


Just hear them— -Listen to thetti,

All tell the same thiiio-, all got the cheapest goods. Leon Engel has the best for
the money, and the best is the chenpest, especially when you talk about Clothing.
Our Men's, Boys', and Children's Clothing is selling for nearly half their value,
and e.verything else in proportion. Good well made pants, worth from $1.50to $2,
reduced to $1.00, Knee pants for lOc, 15c., 25c. and up, Children's Suits from 75c.
up. $2.50, |I3. 50 Stiff Hats reduced to $1.50. .Underwear from 25c, up, shirts for
2oc. and 35c, extra tine ones for 50c. Our stock of summer clothing must be clear-
ed away before the 1st of September, therefore we will sell all our Summer Clothing
for Men, Boys and Children at half their value.

Don't forget that Leon Engel carries a complete line of Men's, and Boy's shoes, all
new and up to date styles, at the very lowest prices. .
When in Jerseyville call on

Jerseyville, III,

— On triiiiis. in Ciiri-iag-eg, in boats
and on font, the people came Tuesdaj'.
to hear Sam Jones. Mr. Jones is quite
entertaining, in fact, he has become
fam(}us on account of hiss ability to
entertain. His lectures are every-
where in demand on account of his
magnetic influence. The name of
"Sam" on a literary pro^'rani marks a
day on which a lar^re crowd may rea-
sonably be expected. Smith, Brown,
Jones, are said to ije popular names,
but it is I lie "Sam" which makes the
name of a certain member of the Jones
family a great drawing card. Soil
was that yesterday (the 17th) brouglil
great crowds to hear Sam Junes. Mr.
Jones began his lecture in His usual
mirth-iuspiriug way and kept his au-
dience thoroughly interested from be-
girming to end. He has a peculiar in-

ice over his heai'ei's for at one time

rOoay be seen in their. eyes wh^n

gent before smiles lighted up

but most of tlie time loud

filter and ringing applause may be
heard. II- W. J. Ilarn touched the
^pttef side of the people's natures,
Samuel Plieips Leland pleased the lit-
erary tastes of his hearers, tlie Arious
made people forget tliemselves in lis-
tening to their sweet singiirg. but for
mirth, music, and genuine eiijoymeht
you should liear the voice of Sum

Jones as he flashes forth his wit, hu-
mor, sarcasm, and good advice. His
subject. '-Manhood." was handled
without gloves, and the burden of iiis
ihouglits was for ••I\I.en wholiave wills
and minds of their own.'' No true
citizen cwuld iiave listened to his lec-
ture without being inspired to nobler
ruanhood and a more zealous patriot.

— Louis Carr. Geo. McKenney and
Edwin Duttjekl represented the Black
Hawk Club here last nig-ht. They
had uot beon here long before we
knew that "they were the braves of
the Black Hawlc Tribe.''

— Mrs. Yerkes will have a stone wall
built on two sides of her lot as soon as
the Assembly closes. In time of liigh
water this will prevent her property
from being flooded.

Xorinal Bible Study.

Beginning Saturday at IQ- o'clock.
Rev. Dr. George, of Kansas, will give
a'n'hour each day, till the close of the
Assenibiy, to the. outline study of the
Bible by books.

The following is the order of the
Aug. 16— Peter and. James,

" 17 — Jonah a'nd Joshua, ;.

" IS — Romans.

Bring Bible, jwper and pencil'.

—Mr. Theodore Page is a "stayer"
at the W. C. T. U.

—Miss Creighton, of Springfield, is
visiting Miss Mabelle Pavey.

—Joseph Porter, of O'Fallon, came
up Tuesday for a few days stay.

—Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Penn, of Belle-
ville, were on the grounds Sam Jones

— M. J. Goings, one of Lebanon's
prosperous merchants, came up Mon-
day for a few days recreation.

—Miss Greathouse came to Chau.
tauqua yesterday morning to hear the
famous Samuel Jones.

—Mr. M. V. Hamilton, of Delhi, is
staying with his family here yester-
day and to-day.

— G. L. Darrow, of the Jerseyville
Republican, came down to hear Sam
Jones yesterday.

— Rev. N. Crow and son. Waller,
came up from East St. Louis, Tuesday,
to hear Rev. Sam Jones.

—Mrs. Priest, of Alton, Miss Bishop
and Miss Lillie Bishop were guests at
the Camp Grounds to-day.

— S. H. Bowman came down from
Jerseyville Monday evening, his first
visit during this session of the Assem-
bly. ...

Jersey Tille News. ]

— The nielun wagcnis liave lakieii
possesion of all street corners, . ■

—The go"ld excitement of our local
stockliolders is still at fever heat;

— SoutheTn seed wheat for sale by
J. H. Duftield.

— The delightful weather is hearti-
ly welcomed in both city and country."

— Administratrix's 'sale of personal
property at the C. C. Oummings farm
on Tuesday, August Slat.

— A two days' picnic wiU be given
on the banks of the Illinois river near
NevUn's Ferry, August 27 and 28th.

—Harry Hunt, ol Carrolltou, • waS'
Hayden Richard's gu^st tlie fore part
of the week:

—The Bluff Line.train for (Jliautau-
qua, Tuesday morning, had fourcoacli-,
es filled with passengers one was made
up of Jerseyville people.

— Tlie Thatcher residence just south
of town is a merry rendezvous for St.
Louis girls wlioconie for a few weeks

\ — Mrs. Ifellie Allen-Parcell is the
Vuest of Mrs. James McNabb, of Carr-
(wton, this week. A portion of tlie
tiVe will be spent at the CarroUton
clu» house at the "Kanlipsville Locks,
witi occasional excursions on the ele-
giratlaur.ch Wamba.

— Will Montgomery is home from
Alton for a week's vacation. Will is
a member of the Alton Naval Militia.
Tliey have just returned from a two
weeks' encampment at Manhattan
Beach, Chicago, Sunday niglrtThe Al-
ton crew defeated the crack crew from
Chicago on its home water.

• — Aniongthe man-y who boarded
the Bluff Line train for Chautauqua,
TuesdpJTt'O liear Sam Jones, were
noticed;' Mesdames .Barnett, C. E.
Richart, Hall, Chapman, Miss Bates,
Miss Mae Barnett, Messrs. Paul Ham-
ilton, Will Montgomery, H. A. Tun^
horst, Pearl Chappell, R. N. McClure,
F. W. Hamilton, Ed. D. Griggs and
wife, Mrs. O. D. Leach, Mr. and Mrs.
B. S. Hood.

—John M. Ingersoll, of this place,
has been appointed to the positioa of
assistant grain inspector at East St.
Lsuia, by the Railroad and Warehouse
Commissioners. Mr. Ingersoll began
work Monday morning. The commiss-
ioners could not liave'niade a better
selection.- He i* thoroughly compet-
ent, an agreeable associate and a gen-
tleman under all circumstances. His
appoiutment will gratiijrtfie republi-
can party otJersey county) fbrlieh'ds
served bis-pfirty fqltbfuU^ tbr-teventy.
-.years., ',■"■.' ./' ■' '-.j;. '■,

— Aftei- spending two uiontlis at.
loai)., 111., Prof. C. AV. Yerkes this
Veek retnrns.to_lils.home at Medora.

—."J. N.." the plulosopher was a
conspicuous figure on ^our sweets,

—After a brjef visit at the tesidence
of Clias. Fv Fa'l'eS.'Mrs. E. A.-.Doolit-
tle returned' fc(i lier "hpoie at Carroll-
ton.* " ■ .

—Wednesday, Aug. J8th, 1897. was
solemnized the marriage of Prof. J. A.
Egelholl, of this city, and Miss Amel-
ia Kirchner, at the residence of the
bride's parents, west of- Fieldon, Rev.
Alfred Ballhorn, of the German Evan-
gelical ehurchv'offlO-tating. Prof. Egel-
hoff has charg<;;Of the shortliand and
business departftient of our High
school, and tliey will make tlieirhoine
in the west end of tills city, where
Mr. Egelhoff ' recently purchased a
handsome- residence. The Republi-
can extends-congratulations.


For Fidelity township Sunday school
convention to be. held in the M. E.
church at Fidelity', Sunday, Aug. 22,'
1897, beginning at 2:.30 p. m.

1 — Devotional Exefoiaee.

•2— Needs of the Snnday School. Rev. W. H.

3 — How to teach a A iDfant dluss. Mrs Roy

4 — Hew to keep the yonng men in Snnilay

School . Rev. McCormick.
^ — What are the necessary qualifications of a

successful Snnday school teacher. Revx

J .-E. Baike and W. H. BickeiV.
6 — Reports from Supts. in townships
7— Short Talks.

Good music will be a feature of the
convention. T. B Aydelott,



• The infant child of -Mr. jind Mrs.
James H.-Seago di.ed Satur-day morn-
ing,- .^ugust 14th. Funeral services
were lield a-t LebaiTon, .Stinday, Rev.
iJujjch olJicrating.'

Died afOtterville, Sunday, August
15th, Wiliria *3Blatiche. aged 6 years,
daughter of J. J. White. Funeral held
on Monday afternoon, conducted by
Rev. J. W. Teany.

Gertrude Elliot, infant daughter of
^T. and Mrs. John V. Elliot, died
Sunday at the residence of her grivnd-
motber, Mrs. -Wm. Boner, northeast
of this city, Fuppral held at the resi-
dence on Monday, Rev. John Gaither

Fpr Sale.

• The beautiful tot near King's Daugh-
ters Co tt.age.'"W ill sellclieap for cash.
Write for terms to, •

E. V. Sperling,
• ■ 49 tr JerseyviUe 111.


and Ice Cold

go to Ihu Model Bakery. All Bakery g.iiis
fresh every day.

Agent for Lowney's



JerseyviUe, 111.

The Launch Transit)

Moonlight rides on the Launcli
Transit should be a great pleas-
ure to all ChautaTiqnans. The
Transit is ever readjs. for pleas-
ure parties.

E. H. Webb, Master.


For Ice Cream, Cakes, Cigars,
Bread, Banans, Lemons, Foun-
tain Soda always fresh.
I Sell The Famous McKinney Btejid. '

Elsah, Illinois^


From the


Will be pure and fresh.
•Phone 17. Jerseyville, 111.

Leading Undertakers,

Can Sell yon Sewing MachineB Cheaper than
any one in the county. Call and see them.

jehskyville, illinois.
Phone 107.


Of all parties desiring row
boats, J. H. VanBuren would
ask the patronage. Easy run-
ning, clean and neat boats kept
constantly on hand.




win Sfll choice goods at low prices. Ciimp
orders promptly filled, send ns your orders.

F. O. Sox U.^. .rarsayrilU, III.


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