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NO. 14.

^Warren cfe Wiseman

INVITE all the visitors at Chautauqua, if in Jersey ville, to call and inspect their stock of
' Carpets, Mattings, Poitiers, Lace Curtains, Draperies, etc., on second floor, and our immense
stock of Dress Goods, Underwear and Hosiery, on first floor WARREN & WISEMAN.

one establ ished in mm. |C(

..Agricultural Works.


Farmers, don't forget, we sell the Best



A. O. Auten & Co.

Hardware, Furniture,


Pianos and Organs,

Paints, Oils, Varnishes,

Jerseyville, III.

Now is tiie Time
To Sow Rye and Timothy Seed,

which you can find at

STANLEY'S Flour and Feed Store,

jerseyville. ill.

If you want the Purest anil Best


oe . .
^ re a in

In the country, go to t lie ...

Chautauqua Lunch Counter

and get

LEIGH & SON'S Famous
Hand-Made CREAM.




8:30 Devotional Rally Hour.
10:30 Normal Section.


2:30 Trot'. N. N. Birklell's Last Lec-
ture, "Truth and Love."
3:30 Round Tabli . Prof. Riddell.


8:00 Col. John Sobieski.


8:30 Praise and Bible Service.
10:00 Normal Class.
11:00 Music Jerseyville and Bunker
Hill Quartettes.


2:IW Chorus. Solo and Prize Quar-
tette Music.


8:00 Grand Concert.

The TTallock boys have returned to
the city.

.Dr. Porter ol Jerseyville. was here

Young Mr. Hallock is taking some
pleasing pictures with his kodak.

The choir increases in numbers.
There are now forty-eight members.

For Pure Drugs, go to W, S. Pitt-
j man Drug Co. II. S Cowen. Manager.

I According, to Prof. Riddell, Rev J.

A. Large, as a young man, possesses

'They have the exclusive right t
Bell on Chautauqua grounds. I wonderful resources, but needs con

LEICH & SON. 'cent ration.

Mr. Palmer is the busiest man on
the ground.

Mr. Fisher's family are happy in
their new cottage.

Mrs J. W. Hill of St. Louis, came
yesterday to spend a week.

Our good landlord Malott. is in every
sense of the term, a born landlord.

One man brought his grip-sack well
[lacked, but forgot his -boots — he is

"Whoa. Charlie!" was the expres-
sion in his dream, and he snored un-

Mrs. Will Edwards of Brighton, is
here for a week, as is also Mrs. .1. A.

One girl was singing a superb song
yesterday. Her gentleman friend, ar-

Rev. E. Bains said. Prof. Riddell is
either married or will he (he first op-

H. O. Sappington of Austin, Tex.,
cinne up to enjoy a few days at- Chau-

Dr. E. McMaekin of Salem, 111.,
came over Tuesday to spend a day or
so at Chautauqua.

Leave your laundry at the grocery
store on the grounds, for the City
Steam Laundry, Jerseyville. 111.
Finest work, prompt delivery. tf

Messrs. Lemkuhl and Emile Lin-
kogle are giving splendid satisfaction
in their position as storekeepers for
the Chautauqua. They are at their
posts early and late, are always ready
to accommodate their customers.
You will find everything you want in
the well supplied store.



The Jerseyville
Prescription Drug Store.

H. S. COWEN. (Lieentiate in Pharmacy.)
Manager . ...

The Launch, Veva,

la ;i Regular Excursion Yacht.

When you are warm, take a ride on the river
and become cool.

Fare to Grafton and Return, is 20 cents.

For further particulars, call on


Daily Piasa Chautauquan.

Issued Daily, Except Sunday.

Single Copies 2 Cents

Per Week in Cents.

For the Season 35 Cents.

J W. Becker, G W. Shepherd,

The best concerts are yet to be

Mrs. Levitt of Upper Alton, has re-
turned for the season.

A party of young friends from Ea'st
St. Louis arrived this week.

Prof. Kline, the gifted elocutionist,
will assist in the concert. August 15.


Is the only place in Jerseyville that
yon can buy a

New Steel-Rod Umbrella

For 50 Cts.

Fesenmeyer, Senior & Co.




Entered as second class matter, at the
Post Office in Jerseyville, Illinois.

Jerseyville, III., August 5, ]£

Prof. Buckingham is making some FINE

beautiful paintings of Chautauqua HAND-MADE.

SCCIierv ^ or ^ ale on tne Grounds. Try Them.

Prof. Eisenberg. Prof. Dibble, and
a gifted elocutionist, are to entertain
on Saturday night.

Prof. Riddell has been confined to
bis room for several hours since his

d Fun


d Repairs at prices

Mr. Olian. the Jerseyville violinst
on August lb'

Rev. J. W. Turner is here to cheer j
us with his presrnce.

New faces are seen upou the arrival
of every train.

The music at the last of the session
will repay all who hear it.

Miss Carrie Crovvder of Piasa. is
here for a week.



STAPLE and /-

fancy Qroeenes,

Fruits and Vegetables.

Give us a call and we will treat you right.

— .— i C. P. FALES. C. V. PERRINE. ■

i Phone 118. l'honi'114

lll,,,s,lilv - Undertaking a Specialty.

After the devotional service in the ! A full line of Caskets and Funeral Supp "

1 kent in stock. We earrv SEWINC
morning, Dr. A. P. George gave a nor-
mal lesson on the book of Matthew.
This was followad by a missionary
meeting, addresses by Dr. Hohbs, who i .. , rl , ., ,,i

, ' Horn's Tailor Sliop.

answered many questions relating to | ^ A|ways for ,, rNE ,, L0TH

the work in India. In the afternoon | good fit and

the Misses Grant and Coddington, | low prices, call at

elocutionists, entertained the audi- 1 JOHN HORN'S,

ence with their readings. Master! -.jerseyville. ill.

Robert Johnson delighted his many] m

appreciative listeners, by singing two j "• "•'KlChardS <X CO.,



'hone HIT, .1 EKSEY V I LLE. ILL.

Gen. C. W. Pavey introduced Col.
John Sobieski, who spoke interest"
A number of visitors arrived from ingly of his army life, which delighted

the old soldiers, as well as others.

Miss Graves, with her kindergarten
class, gave a patriotic selection and
play drill, which was well received.
Miss Graves is doing a good work.

The attendance was fair.

Springfield way recently.

Prof. Manners has a new flag on bis
tent and is happy as a King.

The small boys have a line time
sailing their boats on the creeks.

John Sobieski. the Polish orator,
can entertain the masses with perfect

Wholesale shippers of Poultry and Egg:
The Highest Market Price paid at. all time
for Poultry. Eggs and Game.

Also Grain Sacks for rent. Call and ge
our prices when in town.

The Old Reliable Poultry House. Sout
Main Street, next to Roerig's harness slioi

Mrs. C. F. Leigh and Mrs. L. B.
Holmes iif Waverly, are here for a
week or perhaps more.

Prof Eisenberg will, give us his
second concert on Saturday evening.
when he will lie assisted by St. Louis

Mrs. Senator Ferris and Mis:-, Ellis
were etertained at a lunch at the cozy
cottage of Mr. and Mrs. A. YV. Cross,
one day this week.

We are Headquarters for




Jerseyville, III.



Leave Springfield, daily.. 7:0a am —:',:' o p.m.

Arrive at Chautauqua. .. . 10:32 " 6:4-2 "

Lenve St Louis, daily 8:40 " 4 :.">»; "

Arrive at Chautauqua ., 1(1:32 " (1:12 "

o » i„,.„ ' Leave St Lnuis . 1:45 "

Saturdays ( Arrive at Chautauqua. .3:23 "

6:P0a.m. and arrives in St. Louis, 8;rt) a in
5:3d p. m. " " " " " 7:2(i p. m.

3:51 " " " " Alton, 4:32 "

This train e innects with all trains North
and East

(11:18 it m arrive in St Louis 1 :0 > p. m.
j 10:03 p. m. " " " H:4S "

li:08 a. n-.. anil arrive at Springfield 12:00 m.
r,::is p. in. • j " 9:15p m.

Jacoby Bros., Piancs and Organs


.:.The Greatest Clothing Sale.:.


•"IS I have bought of Mr. H. L. Horwitz, of Carrollton, the immense stock of Clothing, Hats and
C"" Furnishing Goods, for less than half their value, and as some is being sold for less than
half price, 3-011 cannot afford to miss this great opportunity. Clothing for Men. Boys and
Children. Hats and. Furnishing Goods for about 50c. on the dollar. We are selling Good
Jeans Pants from 50c. up. Men's Working Shirts, 25c. Boy's Shirts, 15c, and every article
in our store goes at prices that will make you buy.

tgpThe above stock is now on sale in the building lately occupied by Mrs. C. E. Richart

DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR REGULAR STORE, which consists of strictly Up-to-
Date Clothing, Hats, Furnishing Goods and Shoes, for Men, Boys and Children, and the prices
are lower than in any other store in Jersey county.


The Clothier, Halter ami Shoer, -


Misses W: D. Baker and the Misses
Kennedy, and Miss Armstrong, are
here from Springfield, and have pur-
chased tickets fur- a week.

Dr. Hobos was blie. r gjiest of many
distinguished people during his ab-
sence, but despite all this lie is the
same good uatured brother.

A merry party of excursionists went
to Alton on the beautiful steam yacht.
"Glad Tidings," ami returned in time
to lu-ar Dr. R. C. Ilolibs. on present
phases of missionary work in India.
"Glad Tidings" lias made a rate of
15 cents an hour for parties desiring
to take a little excursion on the liver.

Money lo Loan.

Having made arrangements with a
Ss. Louis house to loan money for it
on farm lands in this county. lam
now prepared to make loans in sums
of $500. and upwards, on Jersey Coun-
ty farm lauds, at very reasonable rates.
Geo. W. Herdman,

Jerseyville, III
July 28th. 1S98.

Farmers' Day.

Friday. August 12th, Farmers' Day
at Piasa Chautauqua, promises to be
the big day :jf the season. In addition
to the exhibition of by-products men-
tioned some weeks ago, and the ad-
dress of Mr. Fursman in the after-
noon, there will be an exhibit by Mr.
Swift, of Chicago, as explained in the
following letter:

Chicago, III.. Aug. 1, 1898.
W. II. Fulkerson,
Jerseyville. III.

Dear Sir: — Replying to your letter of
May 1st, regarding Farmers' Day.
August 12th. at Piasa Chautauqua
Assembly, we shall be pleased to send
an attractive exhibit of the products
of our packing house, also someone to
look after this exhibit, and give you
any assistance which he may be able
to. Wishing you success, in this un-
dertaking, 1 am Yours.


G. F. Swift.

Col. Fulkerson has worked hard to
make this day interesting and profit-
able for the farmers, and they will
doubtless show their appreciation by
attending en masse.


Just received a car load of ice. Give
us your orders, and we assure prompt

Eljiei: W. Rmn'.AY.

Notice to Teachers.

An examination for Teachers Cer-
tificates will he held at the Court
House in Jerseyville, 111., on Thurs-
day. August llth, 185)8, beginning at
8:30 a. in. Tnos. A. Case,

County -Supt.

Omaha Exposition

June 1st to October 31st


(Except World's Fair) ever
planned in the United States.
Located within cheap and quick
access of the entire Missouri
and Mississippi Valleys. at your
own doors. Through tickets be-
beyond Omaha aU&io stop-overs.
Reduced excursion rates to
Omaha. Take the Burlington
Route the old and firmly estab-
lished line to and through Oma-
ha in any direction.
Howard Elliott. L. W. Wekelev.
Genera! Manager. General Pass. Agt.

St. Louis. Mo.

Piasa Chautauqua Directory.

Rev. 6. M. Stewart, D, D. 4519 Page Ave ,
St. Louis, Mo.


Hon. T. H. Perrin Alton, 111.

Col. A. P. Rogers Upper Alton, 111,


Jndge O. B. Hamilton Jerseyville, 111.


George H. Dougherty Otterville, III.


Rev. A. P. George, D. D Hutchinson, Kan.



Rev. F. M. Van Treese, DP Alton, 111.

M. A. Warren & Co.

;ire allowing a big line of

Linen and Black and Colored Woolen Dross Skirts.

FROM SI.OO TO $3.75.

ALL SUMMER GOODS AT COST. Jerseyville, 111.

Hoard of Directors.

O. M. Stewart, D. D St. Louis.

T. H. Perrin \lton.

Col. A. F. Rogers Upper Alton.

Judge O. B. Hamilton., Jerseyville.

George H. Dougherty Otterville.

J.B.Ulrieh St. Louis.

L. HalUoek St Louis.

Rev. Geo. D. MeCnlloch, I). 1) St. Louis.

A.W.Cross Jerseyville.

Joel McDavkt Hillsboro.

C P. Stafford, Grafton.

E. Levis... . Alton.

Chairman of Committees.

Program— O. M. Stewart, 4519 Page Avenue,
St. Louis.

Grounds, Police, Laundry, Improvements
and Privileges— A. F. Rogers, Upper Alton,

Gates- J. B. ridch, :!i):il Bell Ave., St. Louis.

Amusements— Geo. D. McCulloeh, 2004 Dick-
son Street, St. Louis.

Transportation- O. IS. Hamilton, Jersey-
ville. 111.

Hotel, Store and Lunch Counter— C. P. Staf-
ford. Gratton, 111.

Lots, — L. Hallock, Seventh and Pine Sts ,
St. Louis.

Musical Contest— S. P. Blodgett, Brighton,
Printing— T. H. Perrin, '217-21!i Olive Street,

Instruction Department and Special


Superintendent olPlatlorm . Dr. A. P. George.

Vocal Music Prof. M. E. Johnson.

Instrumental . . . Prof. J. C. Eisenuerg.

Organist. Mrs. M . E. Johnson.

Primary Teacher

Kindergarten Dora L. Graves.

Assembly C. L S. C. Round Table,

Dr. E. L. Eaton arc! Prof \\ . H. Dana.
Art and Painting. Prof J II. Buckingham.

Denominational Secretaries.

Congregational— Eev. Win. Johnson, -27-20
Chestnut Street, St. Louis.

Lutheran— Rev. M. Troxell, Springfield, 111.

Baptist— Hon. J. M. Patterson, Roodhouse,
III.; Dr Austin K. De Rlois, Upper Alton, 111.

Christian— lion II. C. Hamilton, Girard,

Presbyterian— Rev. J. C. Temple, East St.
Louis; Rev. Geo. D. MeCnlloch, D. D., -200t
Dickson Street, St. Louis.

Cuuib. Pres -T. H. Periiu, Alton, 111,

Methodist-The Presiding Elders.

49-Any pastors not included in tlr. above,
will please write the President for informa-
tion and special rales and special clerical
favors .

Stockholders' Meeting:.

The annual meeting of the stock-
holders was held in the Secretary's
office, Tuesday. .1. W. Ulrich, Chair-
man: O. 1!. Hamilton, Secretur}.

The meeting was a representative
one — a number of the largest stock-
holders being present. A number of
lots were distributed to the holders of
original stock. The holders of I wo
shares of original stock of $50 each,
are entitled to surrender I heold stock,
and have issued to them one share of
the new stock of $100, and with it se-
lect one lot in the new survey of hits.
made by Mr. Newton. County Sur-
veyor, for each new share held.

Mrs. .1. A. Pelliam of Brighton,
purchased tickets for a week.

What, a tine looking clergy we have
here, and how much they help us.

Our Miss E. lis is a great friend of
the college people at Jacksonville, III.
I A lady was heard to say yesterday,
"Aristocratic church goers are just as
! necessary in these days as any oilier
! class. They lead us to a higher
1 plane."

Miss Ellis and Miss Stuart, chaper-

loned by S. N. Long, started out on a

i fishing expedition yesterday, but were

| compelled to turn back on account of

the fury of l he waves.

Marston & Halliday, Jerseyville.
dealers in staple and fancy groceries.
choice teas, coffees, canned goods, and
all ot her art iclos found in a first class
store. Camp orders filled with care
and at low prices. I f

Good Orchard Par in.

Kami of 80 acres. 40 in cultivation
and 40 timber and pasture land, all
fenced, located in Otter Creek town-
ship, for sale. Good well, two dwell-
ings, barn, crib and other outbuild-
ings. Good family orchard, 20 acres
bottom land. This farm is admirably
adapted In ochard culture. Can be
bought cheap for cash. Enquire at
this office.' 46 tf

Money to Loan.

Having made arrangements with a
St. Louis house to loan money for it
on farm lauds in this county. I am
now prepared to make loans in sums
of $500. and ■upwards, on Jersey Coun-
ty farm lands, at very reasonable rates.
Geo. VV. IIkkdman,

Jerseyville. Ill
July 28th, 1898.

—Do you have sick headache) with
nausea and vomiting, cliiliness, yawn-
ing and general lassitude? That con-
ditions is caused by a disordered liver.
Take Dr. J. H. McLean's Liver and
Kidney Balm and Dr. J. II. McLean's
Liver aid Kidney Pillets and a com-
plete cure will result. For sale by G.
R. Smith Drug Co.

This Farm At a Bargain.

For sale, a good farm of 120 acres,
105 of which are in cultivation. 15 acres
good timber land, 2 acres in orchard.
Good two-story frame dwelling: good
barn and other outbuildings: two good
wells; entire farm in fence. 80 acres
of land in cultivation is level. This
farm is located in Otter Ureek town-
ship, three miles north of Grafton
Price and terms reasonable. For par-
ticulars enquire at this office. 44 tf

—Thousands of persons have been cur-
ed of piles by using DeVVitt's Witch
Hazel Salve. It heals promptly and
cures eczema and all skin diseases. It
gives immediate relief. W. S. Pittinan
& Co.

Coal! Coal!

The best hard and soft coal. Place
your order for hard coal now. Office
near Bluff Line depot. Phone 127.
Ed. I). Slattkuy.

Good Orchard Farm.

Farm of 80 acres, 40 in cultivation
and 40 in timber and pasture, all
fenced, located in Otter Creek town-
ship, for sale. Good well, two dwel-
lings, barn, crib and other outbuild-
ings. Good family orchard, 20 acres
bottom land. This farm is admirably
adapted to orchard culture. Can be
bought cheap for cash. Enquire at
this office.


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