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into notice, justifies the hopes of the promoters that foreign electrical-engineering firms will
accept the invitation and take part in the exhibition of 1898, thus contributing efficiently,
with their specialties, to make it a display worthy of this important branch of industry.

President of the Commission of Electricity.


President of the Executive Committee.

Melbourne Commerce. — The Consulaire Verslagen, Amsterdam, February
24, 1897, says:

The trade of Melbourne with foreign countries has greatly decreased during the last five
years, owing to a reaction from the speculation that reached its height in 1889. The imports
in the latter year amounted to $45»679,036; in 1894, the total was $19,622,758. The im-
ports from the United States during the same period have decreased more than $10,000. In
1894, they amounted to $16,576, divided as follows : Ready-made clothing, 52,581 ; fire-
arms and ammunition, $2,776 ; cotton goods (the only article that shows an increase), $10,843 1
brandy, etc., $230; earthenware, $146.

New Method of Making Tea in China. — The following is an extract from
the North China Herald, of Shanghai, February 12, 1897 :

We have already referred to the attempt made by Fuchau tea men to prepare China tea
with the method and machinery used in India, and we note with satisfaction that the Congou
tea so made continues to attract attention at home. A prominent Edinburgh firm of tea dealers
writes: " If China sends tea as strong as this, she will soon be able to compete successfully
with the overwhelming flood from India and Ceylon, because there is in this sample much
more of what the public consider the style and taste of tea than in the woody tasting stuff
that comes from the Indian estates especially. We think that now, against India and Ceylon,
such tea will pay Chinamen better than the present style, which must go out of consumption
in this country."

The export of China Congou to London is now a mere dribble, and it will certainly
cease altogether unless the British public get what they want. We may mention, as am illus-
tration, that while the export of black tea to Great Britain from Shanghai up to the first week
in February, 1887, was over 65,000,000 pounds, for the same period this year it has fallen to
13,000,000 pounds. It was obvious that if something were not done, China, the original home
of the tea plant, would see her trade wiped out. The customs would give no assistance, it
being found impossible to convince Sir Robert Hart that a modification of the exactions to
which tea is subject in China would put new life into the industry. It was reserved for

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people in Fuchau, threatened with extinction. as a tea port, to take the bull by the boras and
prepare to coniijete with India and Ceylon on their own ground.

If ordinary third-crop Pakling leaf is susceptible of such improvement, what possibilities
are in store for teas prepared according to the new method from first-crop Yangtze leaf? It
b to be hoped the chamber of commerce will use its influence to get the Tsungli Yamen
to take up the question of making Chinese Congou by the method that has made Ceylon tea
so popular.

Commerce in China. — The Revue du Commerce Exterieur, Paris, March
6, 1897, has the following paragraphs:

According to a recent letter from Fuchau to the British Trade Journal, candles and soap
are among the principal articles exported from Europe into China. There is a constant and
growing demand for these articles in the celestial Empire, but it should not be forgotten that
one of the essentials to success is that a uniform quality of exports be maintained. The can-
dles are mostly of Belgian origin, made of hard stearin, which does not melt in excessive
heat. Commerce in this article is almost exclusively in the hands of German houses, which
have succeeded in gaining the confidence of the natives.

Although the Chinese purchaser desires a good quality, the price is an important consid-
eration to him ; his constant tendency is to buy the cheapest obtainable. Those articles bear-
ing a mark which is already known in the country are given the preference ; and a reputation
once established in this way, a constant sale is assured.

Soap is beginning to be used universally in China, and with this article, as well as with
candles, the price is first considered. Ordinary bar soap, pale yellow and suds producing, is
most in demand. The soap comes in boxes of various sizes, but the most convenient arc
those containing from 28 to 56 jxtunds. It is wholly useless to send catalogues and price
lists ; the Chinese buy only those articles which they can see. The best way to open com-
merce is to send small shipments on trial, to attract attention; and, later, to try to obtain
larger orders.

* * * « « -« »

M. Raoul, member of the council for the colonies, left on January 3 on a voyage to Indo-
China and Malacca. He will examine the various vegetable products of these countries
with a view to deciding the advisability of exporting the same, as well as the possible open-
ing for imports. lie will make a special study of those plants producing oil, lac, resin, and
gum, as well as food.

Sugar in Cuba. — The Gaceta de los Ferrocarriles, Habana, February 28,
1897, says:

The forty sugar mills in the provinces of Habana, Matanzas, and Santa Clara represent a
production of from 75,000 to 85,000 tons of sugar, even considering the unfortunate season.
The warehouses of Matanzas, Cardenas, Cienfuegos, and Habana already contain some mil-
lions of sacks of sugar, and they are being sold at from 3.60 to 3.90 reales (18 to igj4 cents)
for 25 pounds. They cost about 5 reales (25 cents) per 25 pounds. This severe loss is not
suflfered by those who have abandoned the cultivation of sugar and who devote their ener-
gies to tobacco. Prices for the latter are gtK>d and the prospects encouraging enough to war-
rant others in entering the same field.

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Vol. LIII-Nos. 196, 197, 198, and 199.

Abyssinia, resources, 589.
Acetylene gas, 420.
Adulteration :

Russian wools, 353.

Silk and wool, detecting, 135.
African Republic, South, aliens law, 179.
Agencies, commercial. United States, in for-
eign countries, 442.
Agriculture and intermediate trade, Germany,

Agriculture, Tonkin, 588.
Aix la Chapelle, weaving industry, 558.
Albumen manufacture, Chinkiang, 386.
Aliens law. South African Republic, 179.
Almeria, graipe crop (1896), 324.
American apples :

Austria, 420.

England, 418.

Germany, 198, 413.
American barley, British breweries, 134.
American beef, Germany, 279.
American bicycles :

Germany, 222.

Ireland, 435.
American fire apparatus, opening for, Switzer-
land, 134.
American flour, Ireland, 515.
American fruit, Germany, 198.
American goods, plan to exhibit, Paraguay,

American lumber, China, 440.
American meats, restriction of, Switzerland,

American oak, market for, France, 390.
American pig iron, Trieste, 444.
American razors, Switzerland, 555.
American settlers, Brazil, 137.
American steel, Great Britain, 407.
American steel rails, Japan, 290.
American sugar of milk, Europe, 434.
American trade methods, Germany, 335.
American vs. European railways, 300.

American vs. German iron industry, 405.

American wares, Germany, 336.

American whiskies, San Juan del Norte,

Andalusia, olive crop, 261.
Antimony mines, Galicia, 312.
Antitoxin :

Tetanus, 126.

Typhus, 227.
Apples, American :

Austria, 420.

England, 418.

Germany, 198, 413.
Argentine Republic :

Exports to Switzerland, 190.

Imports, Switzerland, 190.

Powers of attorney, 393.

Trade with Switzerland, 190.

United States trade, 559.
Argentine Republic vs. United States tobacco,

Gor6e-Dakar, 187.
Asbestos mines, Galicia, 314.
Asia (eastern), German trade commission to,

Asiatic Turkey, Bassorah date trade, 508.
Australasia :

Banking, New South Wales, 97.

Boot and shoe trade, 367.

Japanese trade, 369.

Land taxation and labor laws. New Zea-
land, I.

Melbourne, commerce, 593.

Melbourne, new sewerage, 115.

Mint returns, 363.

New South Wales, United States goods,

New Zealand, trade with United States,

Squatters and station life, 103.
Tasmania, zircons, discovery, 364.
Victoria, cereals, 359.
Wheat prospects, 356.

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Australasia — Continaed.

Wine-growing industry, Victoria, no.

Wool dip (1896-97), 106.
Austria- Hungary :

American apples, 420.

American pig iron, Trieste, 444.

Cotton spinning, 533.

Sugar exports, 342.

Bahia, factories, 487.

Banana and coffee lands, Nicaragua, 286.

Banana company, Bluefields, failure, 139.

Banana industry, Honduras, 499.

Banking, New South Wales, 97.

Banking superiority, France, 582.

Barley, American, in" British breweries, 134.

Bassorah, date trade, 508.

Bast, fiber, Santo Domingo, 140.

Beef, American, Germany, 279.

Bees, honey, Nicaragua, 461.

Beet-sugar returns, Germany (1895-96), 170.

Belfast :

Gas, illuminating, cost, 516.

Roofing slate, 422.
Belgium :

Brussels, lesson in economy, 583.

Lard and other alimentary fats, 432.

New post-office at Ghent, 586.
Belize and New York, steamship line be-
tween, 142.
Berlin, new transport line, 581.
Bicycle trade, Italy, 325.
Bicycles, American :

Germany, 222, 436.

Ireland, 435.
Bluefields :

Banana company, failure, 139.

Transportation and trade, 458.
Bohemia, linen industry, 241.
Bolivia, tariff changes, 441.
Bondholders, Colombia, agreement, 491.
Book trade, Germany, 227.
Books and paper, Nicaragua, 457.
Boot and shoe trade, Australia, 367.
Boston and Nicaragua, mahogany trade,

Bounties, sugar, Holland, 445.
Bradford, weavers' wages, 173.
Brazil :

American settlers, 137.

Bahia, factories, 487.

Cable to Manaos, 136.

Canadian immigration, 484.

Brazil — Continued.

Coffee estate, 395.

Manganese mines, 585.
Breweries, British, American barley, 134.
British goods, Nicaragua, 455.
British Guiana, gold exports, 464.
British trade returns, 143.
Brokers, grain exchange, Russia, 349.
Brussels, lesson in economy, 583.
Buckwheat, Japanese, for United Slates, 502.
Bullfights, Spain, 140.

Cable to Manaos, Brazil, 136.
Cadiz, fisheries, 255.
Calais, lace industry, 547.
Calcium carbides, new light from, 420.
California fruits, Europe, 193.
Canadian emigration to Brazil, 484.
Canal, Kaiser Wilhelm :

Business, 288.

Regulations, 402.
Carriages, horseless, England, 302.
Cars, motor, Ireland, regulations, 306.
Cartagena, fisheries, 256.
Catalogues, trade, in foreign languages, 2S4.
Catania, electric railway projects, 294.
Census :

Hawaiian Islands, 584.

Russia, 352.

Statistics, Spain, 140.
Central America, trade conditions, 482.
Ceramics and glass, German, England, 240.
Cereals, prices, and English dairy imports,

Cereals, Victoria, 359.
Champagne reexported to England, 172.

Silk -lace industry, 385.

Treaty port, 382.
Chile, packing goods for, 285.

American lumber, 440.

Chefoo, silk-lace industry, 385.

Chefoo, treaty port, 382.

Chinkiang, manufacture of albumen,

Commerce, 594.

German commercial expedition, 402.

Iron and steel industry, 291.

New method of making tea, 593.

Railroad and coinage projects, 444.

Siberian railroad extension, 270.

Woolen mill, Tientsin, 441.

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Cbinkiang, albumen manufacture, 386.
Citrons and peels in brine, 206.
Citrous products, principal, Sicily, 205.
Clip, wool, Australasian (1896-97), 106.
Clubs, German tourist, 503.

English, Germany, 279.

Mines, Galicia, 314.

Trade, Gibraltar, 325.

Trade, South Wales, 175.

Crop, Nicaragua, 462.

Estate, Brazil, 395.
Coffee and banana lands, Nicaragua, 286.
Coinage and railroad projects, China, 444.
Colombia :

Agreement with bondholders, 491.

Finances, 490.
Commercial agencies :

Ireland, 287.

United States, in foreign countries, 442.
Commercial travelers:

Foreign, taxed, Norway, 581.

Germany, 580.
Consular reports and foreign trade, 572.
Consular reports transmitted to other Depart-
ments, 142, 288, 443, 586.
Copper mine^, Galicia, 312.
Coriander seed, duty on, Morocco, 403.

Dyeing method, Germany, 244.

Industry, Saxony, 240.

Spinning, Austria, 533.

Yam, Manchester, for United States,
Credit-protecting unions, Germany, 551.
Crop :

Coffee, Nicaragua, 462.

Fruit, Italy, 200.

Grape, Almeria ( 1 896), 324.

Olive, Spain, 261.

Rice, Korea, 388.

Sugar, Cuba, 442.
Cuba :

Productive forces, 262.

Sugar, 594.

Sugar crop, 442.
Curasao, tariff changes, 283.
Currant supplies, Greek, 208.

Dairy, English, imports and prices of cereals,

Date trade, Bassorah, 508.

Designing and pattern drawing, Germany,

Diamonds, large artificial, production, Swit-
zerland, 583.
Dominican Republic, sugar industry, 498.
Dublin, roofing slate, 428.
Duties, foreign, on electric machinery and

lamps, 296.

Lard, Nicaragua, removal, 453.
Tobacco, Nicaragua, reduction, 452.
Wines and liquors, Nicaragua, 447.
Dyeing cotton, Germany, 234.

Eastern Asia, German trade commission to,

Economic conditions, Holland, 590.
Economy, lesson, 583.

English administration, 591.

Suez Canal, German traffic, 582.
Elastic fabrics, Japan, 501.
Electric machinery and lamps, foreign duties,

Electric railway projects, Catania, 294.
Electric railways, Europe, 293.
Electric tramways and railways, Ireland,

Electricity on farms, 129.
Emigration, Canadian, Brazil, 484.
Engineering and railway development, Siam,

Engines, fire, Martinique, 135.
England :

American apples, 418.

Champagne, reexportation, 172.

Dairy imports and prices of cereals, 577.

German glass and ceramics, 240.

Horseless carriages, 302.

Manchester cotton yam for the United
States, 556.
. Photography in natural colors, 518.

Shorthand writing machine, 438.

Weaver's wages, Bradford, 173.
England, France, and Germany :

Comparative commerce, 591.

Potatoes, 280.
English administration, Egypt, 591.
English coal, Germany, 279.
English company, Morocco, 591.
Europe :

American sugar of milk, 434.

California fruits, 193.

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Europe — Gmtinued.

Electric railways, 293.

Railways (1896), 299.
European vs. American railways, 300.
Exchange rates and silver, Nicaragua, 448.
Exchanges, produce, and farmers, Germany,

Exhibit of United States goods at Stuttgart,

proposed, 435.
Exhibition, Stockholm (1897), 161.
Explosives, manufacture, Germany, 233.
Export methods, Germany, 338.

Germany (1895), 235.

Gold, British Guiana, 464.

Liquor, San Juan del Norte, 449.

Rubber, Nicaragua, 138.

Orange, to United States, 214.

Sugar, Austria- Hungary, 342.
Exports and imports, Spain, 253.
Exports to Argentine Republic from Switzer-
land, 190.
Exports to Switzerland from Argentine Re-
public, 190.
(Exposition :

Italy (1898), 592.

Paris (1900), 145.
Exposition, Paris, and Switzerland, 161.

Fabrics, elastic, Japan, 501.

Factories, Bahia, 487.

Fan industry, Valencia, 315.

Farmers, German, and produce exchanges,

Germany, 397.
Farms, use of electricity, 129.
Fats, alimentary, and lard, Belgium, 432.
Ferrol, fisheries, 255.
Fertilizers, potash salts, Germany, 236.
Fiber bast, Santo Domingo, 140.
Files, Switzerland, 553.
Filtration, improved method, Germany, 164.
Finances of Colombia, 490.
Fire apparatus, American, opening for, Swit-
zerland, 134.
Fire engines, Martinique, 135.
Fires and fire insurance, (Germany, 541.
Fisheries :

Cadiz, 255.

Cartagena, 256.

Ferrol, 255.

Pearl, Mozambique, 141.

Spain, 254.
Flax industry, Russia, 348.

Flooring an d roofing material,papyrolith, 343.
Flour, American, Ireland, 515.
Foreigners, Honduras, 438.
France :

Calais, lace industry, 547.

Commerce with Switzerland, 136.

Market for American oak, 390.

Meats, refrigerated, restriction, 432.

Paris exposition (1900), 145.

Photography in natural colors, 518.

Superiority of banking, 582.
France, England, and Germany :

Comparative commerce, 591.

Potatoes, 280.
Freight to Nicaragua by sailing vessels, 138.
French control, Madagascar, 587.
Fruit :

American, Germany, 198.

Crop, Italy, 200.

Growing, Italy, cost, 204.

Shipments, Italy, abuses, 201.

Trade, Sicily, 521.
Fruits, California, Europe, 193.

Galicia :

Antimony mines, 312.

Asbestos mines, 314.

Coal mines, 314.

Copper mines, 312.

Gold mines, 310.

Iron mines, 313.

Plumbago, or graphite, mines, 314.

Slate quarries, 314.

Tin mines, 312.

Acetylene, 420.

Illuminating, cost, Belfast, 516.
Gas and petroleum consumption, Germany,

German glass and ceramics, England, 240.
German trade journal, Japan, 399.
German trade notes, 400.
German vs. American iron industry, 405.
Germany :

Agriculture and intermediate trade, 539.

Aix la Chapelle, weaving industry, 558.

American apples, 198, 413.

American beef, 279.

American bicycles, 222.

American fruit, 198.

American trade methods, 335.

American wares, 336.

Beet-sugar returns (1895-96), 170.

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Germany — Continued .

Berlin, new transport line, 581.
Bicycles (1897), 436.
Book trade, 227.

Calcium carbides, new light from, 420.
Capital and industry, 535.
Census of working people, 507.
Commercial expedition, China, 402.
Commercial travelers, 580.
Cotton, how dyed, 234.
Credit-protecting unions, 551.
Crefeld, new spinning mill, 284.
Detecting adulterations in silk and wool,


Electricity on farms, 129.

English coal, 279.

Export methods, 338.

Exports (1895), 235.

Farmers and produce exchanges, 397.

Filtration, improved method, 164.

Fires and fire insurance, 541.

Gas and petroleum consumption, 331.

Industrial development, an English view,

Kaiser Wilhelm Canal, business, 288.

Kaiser Wilhelm Canal, regulations, 402.

Life insurance companies, growth, 225.

Lx)oms for woolen weavers, 579.

Manufacture of explosives, 233.

Pattern drawing and designing, 333.

Potash salts as fertilizers, 236.

Rhine vintage (1896), 411.

Russian hog trade, 351.

Russian petroleum, 329.

Saxon land credit association, 123.

Stuttgart, exhibit of United States goods,
proposed, 435.

Sugar production, new crisis, 167.

Tetanus antitoxin, 126.

Tourist clubs, 503.

Trade commission to eastern Asia, 268.

Traffic, Suez Canal, $82.

Typhus antitoxin, 227.
Germany, England, and France :

Comparative commerce, 591.

Potatoes, 280.
Ghent, new post-office, 586.
Gibraltar :

Coal trade, 325.

Tobacco trade, 141.
Glasgow, shipbuilding, 134.
Cilass and ceramics, German, England,

Glass, window, Turkey, 585.

Exports, British Guiana, 464.

Mines, Galicia, 310.

Traffic and mining, Madagascar, 180.
Gor6e-Dakar, United States vs. Argentine

tobacco, 187.
Grain-exchange brokers, Russia, 349.
Grain exports, Siberia, 276.
Grape crop, Almeria (1896), 324.
Great Britain:

American barley in breweries, 134.

American steel, 407.

Champagne, reexportation, 172.

Shipbuilding, Glasgow, 134.

South Wales coal trade, 175.

South Wales tin-plate trade, 178.

Weavers' wages, 173.
Greece, currant supply, 208.
Guatemala, newspapers, 466.
Guiana (Britbh), gold exports, 464.

Hamburg, orange and lemon trade, 202.
Hawaiian Islands:

Census, 584.

Mongoose, 392.
Heron hunting, Venezuela, 480.
Hog trade, Russian, with Germany, 351.
Holland :

Economic conditions, 590.
. Sugar bounties, 445.
Honduras :

Banana industry, 499.

Foreigners, 438.
Honeybees, Nicaragua, 461.
Horseless carriages, England, 302.
Horseshoe nails, Switzerland, 554.

Iceland, double spar, 510.
Imports :

Argentine Republic, from Switzerland,

English dairy, and prices of cereals,

Lard, Nicaragua, free, 453.
Liquor, San Juan del Norte, 448.
Switzerland, from Argentine Republic,
Imports and exports, Spain, 254.
Indemnity loan, Nicaragua, 462.
India, Portuguese celebration of the fourth
centenary of the discovery of the route to,

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Insurance :

Companies, life, growth, (iermany,

Fire, and fires, Germany, 541.
Ireland :

American bicycles, 435.

American flour, 515.

Belfast, cost of illuminating gas, 516.

Commercial agencies, 287.

Electric tramways and railways, 133.

Motor cars, regulations, 306.

Potato growing, 525.

Roofing slate, 422.

Slates, building, 287.
Iron :

Mines, Galicia, 313.

Pig, American, Trieste, 444.

Prices, Russia, 346.

Works, Sweden, 514.
Iron and steel industry, China, 291.
Iron industry :

American vs. German, 405.

Russia, 345.

Sweden, 51 1.

liicycle trade, 325.

Catania, electric railway projects, 294.

Citrons and peels in brine, 206.

Exposition (1S98), 592.

Fruit crop, 200.

Fruit growing, cost, 204.

Fruit shipments, abuses, 201.

Sicily, fruit trade, 521.

Sicily, principal citrous products, 205.

Vine diseases, treatment, 207.

Japan :

American steel rails, 290.

Elastic fabrics, 501 .

German trade journal, 399.

Kerosene output, 264.

Museum, commercial, 372.

Trade with Australia, 369.
Japanese buckwheat for United States,

Journal, German, Japan, 399.

Kaiser Wilhelm canal :

Business, 288.

Regulations, 402.
Kerosene output, Japan, 264.
Kongo Free State, progress, 445.
Korea, rice crop, 388.

Labor laws and land taxation. New Zealand, I .

I^ce industry, Calais, 547.

Lace, silk, industry, Chefoo, 385.

Lamps and machinery, electric, foreign duties,

Land, cost, orange cultivation, 221.
Land credit association. Saxony, 123.
Land taxation and labor laws. New Zealand, i .
I.ands, banana, orange, and coffee, Nicara

gua, 286.
Lard and other alimentary fats, Belgium,

I^rd, Nicaragua, duty removed, 453.
launch service, Maracaibo, 480.

Aliens, South African Republic, 179.

I^bor, and land taxation, New Zea-
land, I.

Meat-inspection, Belgium, 573.

Mining, revised, Madagascar, 532.
Lemon and orange trade, Hamburg, 202.
Life insurance companies, growth, Germany,

Linen industry, Bohemia, 241.
Liquors :

Exports, San Juan del Norte, 449.

Imports, San Juan del Norte, 448.

Nonalcoholic, Switzerland, 192.
Liquors and wines, duty, Nicaragua, 447.
Loan, indemnity, Nicaragua, 462.
Looms for woolen weavers, Germany, 579.
Lumber, American, China, 440.

Machine, shorthand writing, 438.
Machinery and lamps, electric, foreign du-
ties, 296.
Madagascar :

French control, 587.

Gold traflic and gold mining, 180.

Mining law, revised, 532.

Recent decrees, 281.
Mahogany trade between Boston and Nica-
ragua, 139.
Malaga :

City, 250.

Province, 257.

Raisins, 258.
Manaos, Brazil, cable, 136.
Manchester, cotton yam for United States,


Manganese mines, Brazil, 585.
Maracaibo, launch service, 480.
Market for American oak, France, 39a

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60 1

Martinique, fire engines, 135.
Meat-inspection laws, Belgium, 573.

American, restriction of, Switzeriand,

Refrigerated, restriction, France, 432.
Melbourne :

Commerce, 593.

New sewerage, 115.
Mexico :

Cost of land and orange cultivation, 221.

Orange by-products, 214.

Orange cultivation, 209.

Orange exports to United States, 214.

Orange propagation, 216.

Packing goods for, 439.
Milk, sugar of, American, Europe, 434.

New spinning, Crefeld, 284.

Woolen, Tientsin, 441.
Mines :

Antimony, Galicia, 312.

Asbestos, Galicia, 314.

Coal, Galicia, 314.

Copper, Galicia, 312.

Galicia, 310.

Gold, Galicia, 310.

Iron, Galicia, 313.

Manganese, Brazil, 585.

Plumbago, or graphite, Galicia, 314.

Tin, Galicia, 312.
Mining, gold, and gold traffic, Madagascar,

Mining law, revised, Madagascar, 532.
Mint returns of Australia, 363.
Mongoose, Hawaiian Islands, 392.
Morocco :

Duty on coriander seed, 403.

English company, 591.
Motor cars, Ireland, regulations, 306.
Mozambique :

Pearl fisheries, 141.

Railroad, proposed, 283.
Museum, commercial, Japan, 372.

Nails, horseshoe, Switzerland, 554.
Netherlands, tobacco, 542.
New South Wales :

Banking, 97.

Melbourne commerce, 593.

United States goods, 433.
New York and Belize, steamship line l)etween,

New Zealand :

Land taxation and labor laws, i.

Trade with United States, 93.
Newspapers, Guatemala, 466.
Nicaragua :

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