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VOLUME XI: Numbers 262-288

July 2 -December 31, 1944




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MAY 7 1945


v. //

Publication 2284


Volume XI: Numbers 262-288, July 2-December 31, 1944

AoIiPSon, Dean :
Addresses, statements, etc. :
Cotton policy of U.S., 700.

Trade, international, interest of U.S. business in, 714.
Post-war economic problems, 6.56.
Assignment as Assistant Secretary of State for con-
gressional relations and international conferences,
6S3, 687, 777.
Designations in State Department, 54, 777.
Functions delegated to (D.O. 1300), 773.
Achilles, Theodore C, designation in State Department,

Adana, Turkey :

Elevation to rank of Consulate, 262.
Opening of U. S. Vice Consulate, 192.
Administrative instructions :

Furnishing information to Congress and Bureau of

the Budget (Gen. Adm. 12), 678.
"Inter-Agency Economic Digest", establishment of sec-
retariat for servicing (Gen. Adm. 7), 441.
Special War Problems Division, responsibility of (Gen.

Adm. 5), 307.
Systematization (amendment of D.O. 1269 by D.O. 1290),
Administrative Management, Division of. See Admin-
istrative Services. Division of.
Administrative Services, Division of. State Department

(see also Central Services, Division of), .392, 803.
Adviser on Refugees and Displaced Persons, Office of War-
time Economic Affairs, functions of (D.O. 1294), 485.
Advisory Committees for Cultural Cooperation, members,

Aerial navigation. See Aviation.
Afghanistan :
Opium, world-vpide limitation of production, texts of
U.S. note and memorandum and Afghan reply, 723,
725, 727.
Opium poppy, cultivation prohibited, 629.
Africa, vpork of the U.S. Foreign Service in, article by Mr.

Jester, 279.
African Affairs, Division of, 783, 809.
Agreements, international. See Treaties.
Agricultural Commission, U.S. and Mexico, establishment,

Agricultural experiment station in Guatemala, agreement

with Guatemala (1944), 148.
Agricultural Sciences, Inter-American Institute, article

by Mr. Furniss, 386.
Agricultural Sciences, Inter-American Institute, conven-
tion establishing (1944) :
Batification: Costa Rica, 104, 229; Guatemala, 104;

Nicaragua, 149 ; U. S., 32, 55, 284, 387.
Signature: Bolivia, 149; Venezuela, 481.
Agriculture (see also Treaties) :
Adviser to Iran on irrigation matters, 92.
Caribbean land-tenure symposium, meeting in Maya-

giiez, P.R., 181, 221.
Employment of Mexican workers in U.S., 160.
International trade in foodstuffs, relation to, 264.
Tropical agriculture and cinchona industry in Guate-
mala, agreement, 148.
United Nations Interim Commission on Food and Agri-
culture, 207, 761.

Agriculture, Department of, Soil Conservation Service, co-
operation in cultural exchange with China, 37, 39.
Air navigation, international, right of innocent passage,

article by Mr. Latchford, 19.
Airiields in Canada, agreement with Canada (1944), 127,

Air-transport services, agreements, texts, with —
Denmark (1944), 759.
Spain (1944), 674.
Sweden (1944), 757.
Albania r

Independence, anniversary, 676.

Political conditions, statement by Mr. Stettinius, .591.
Alexander, F. Virginia, designation in State Department,

Alexander, Robert C, designation in State Department,

Algeria, reversion of U.S. Mission at Algiers to rank of

Consulate General, 309.
Alien enemies. See Enemy aliens.
Aliens :

Chinese, laws of U.S. governing immigration and

naturalization, 322.
Immigrant, definition of term as used in Immigration
Act of 1924, 272.
Allen, George V. :

Article on American advisory program in Iran, 88.
Designation in State Department, 525, 809.
Allied Commission in Italy:

Appointment of Mr. MacMillan, British Resident Min-
ister, as head. B&l.
Change of name from Allied Control Commission, 338.
Allied Control Commission for Italy (see also Allied Com-
mission), organization and functions, 137.
Allied Military Government in Italy. See Allied Control

Commission for Italy.
Allietl Ministers of Education, Conference of:
Article by Dr. Turner and Miss French, 502.
U.S. representation, 465.
Ailing, Paul H., designation in State Department, 809.
American Labor Conference on International Affairs, ad-
dress by Mr. Pasvolsky, 748.
American Peace Society, exchange of views with State
Department officials on peace and security organiza-
tion, 756.
American Republic Affairs, Office of, 783, 809.

North and West Coast Division, creation of, 169.
American republics (see also Commis.sions; Conferences;
Ministers for Foreign Affairs; Treaties; aiid the in-
dividtial countries) :
Allowances to citizens for tuition, etc., under the U.S.

cultural-cooperation program (1945), 192.
Argentine regime, non-recognition, 107, 133, 1.58.
Coffee agreement (1940), continuation (1944), 307.
Columbus Day, addresses by President Roo.sevelt and
Mr. Stettinius before chiefs of missions of the other
American republics, 397, 399.
Cultural leadens, visit to U.S. from :
Brazil, 129, 391 ; Chile, 94, 282, 293 ; Colombia, 223 ;
Cuba, 175; Ecuador, 60, 340, 385, 642; Guatemala,
53; Mexico, 53, 129, 141, 282; Nicaragua, 16; Pan-
ama, 222, 712, 771 ; Paraguay. 391 ; Peru, 205, 441 ;
Uruguay, 54; Venezuela, 329.




American republics — Continued.

Fellowsliips in public administration, change in U.S.

regulations, 678.
Pomento organizations, development of, 571.
Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences, arti-
cle by Mr. Furniss, 386.
Interdepartmental Committee on Cooperation With, 192,

319, 321, 386.
Peace and security organization, international, informal
discussions of chiefs of missions in Washington
with State Department officials, 525, 565.
Subversive aliens in, removal, 146.
American Republics Analysis and Liaison, Division of,

7S3, 810.
American Republics Requirements Division. See War

Supply and Resources Division.
Americans United for World Organization, remarks by

Dr. Hopkins and Mr. Stettinius, 4.")1, 4."i2, 453.
AMG/ACC in Italy. See Allied Control Commission for

Amity, treaties of China with —
Liberia (1937), 104.
Mexico (1944), 229.
Andrade, Victor, credentials as Bolivian Ambassador to

U.S., 838.
Anglo-American Blockade Committee, 600, 601.
Anglo-American Caribbean Commission :
Address by Mr. Taussig on work of, 377.
Land-tenure symposium in the Caribbean area, 181, 221.
Meetings of Caribbean Research Council, 181. 209.
Participation of various governments in, 378.
Radio broadcasts to Caribbean area, 210.
Antwerp, Belgium, opening of U.S. Consulate General,

510, C43.
Argentina (see also American republics) :
Farrell regime, non-recognition by U.S., statements re-
garding, 107, 1.58.
Farrell regime, statement by Mr. Stettinius on British

position, 133.
Nazi influence in. statement by President Roosevelt on

U.S. policy, 337.
Proposal to convene meeting of Ministers for Foreign

Affairs of the American Republics, 498, 630.
U.S. Ambassador (Armour), return of, 24.
U.S. Consulates, closing at —
Bahia Blanca, 51.
Mendoza, 481.
Rosario, 309.
Wheat, reduction in .shipments to Bolivia, 596.
Armed forces, criminal offenses committed by, issuance of
proclamation implementing the .iurisdiction of service
courts of friendly foreign forces within U.S., 481.
Armistice, U.S., U.K., and Soviet Union with —
Bulgaria, text, 492, 616.
Rumania, text, 289.

Secretary Hull's explanation of, 453.
Armour, Norman :

Appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Spain, 773.
Designation in State Department, 103, 192.
Return to U.S. from Argentina, 24.
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish :

Special Adviser to Secretary of State, 852.
Special Assistant, with rank of Minister, to U.S. Am-
bassador at London, 332.
Arundel Castle (ship), exchange of prisoners of war be-
tween Germany and U.K., 3-35.
Assistant Secretaries of State :
Act authorizing appointment of two additional, 773, 777.
Jurisdiction (D.O. 1301), 778.
Nominations by President Roosevelt, 685.
Asylum for Axis war criminals:
Ireland, attitude, 591.

Statements by President Roosevelt and Secretary Hull,
Athens. Greece, opening of U.S. Embassy as combined
office, 561, 643.

Atlantic Charter, anniversary (3d), statement by Secre-
tary Hull, 173.
Atrc cities of Germans in Greece, Hungary, and Poland,

statement by Secretary Hull, 59, 235, 428.
Australia :

Capture of prizes, agreement for reciprocal privileges
with U.S. with respect to territorial waters (1942,
1944), 192.
Minister to U.S. (Dixon), denial of alleged statement of
previous information on Pearl Harbor attack, 316.
Minister to U.S. (Egglcston), credentials, 614.
Auttjmotive traffic, regulation of, Inter-American conven-
tion on (1943) :
Ratitication : Dominican Republic, 149, 229; El Salvador,
32; Guatemala, 104, 149; Nicaragua, 284; Peru, 149.
Signattire: Chile, !585; Panama, 128.
Aviation (sec also Civil Aviation) :
Airfields in Canada, U.S.-Canadian agreement on con-
struction (1944), 127, 139.
Joint resolution of U.S. Congress concerning air bases in

the Philippines, 17.
Military aviation mission, agreement with Ecuador, 159.
Regulation of aerial navigation, convention (1919), re-
print by State Department, 19, 193.
Aviation Division, 789, 811.
Axis countries («ee also Germany; Japan) :
Argentine aid to, 107.
Asylum for war criminals:
Denial of asylum by neutral countries and proposed
punishment by United Nations, statements of
President Roosevelt and Secretary Hull, 339, 340.
Ireland, attitude, 591.
Diplomatic and consular representatives in U.S., treat-
ment, 120.
Loot, transfer through neutral countries, U.S. request to

neutral countries to prevent, 383.
Nationals in Western Hemisphere, exchanges with na-
tionals of U.S. and other American republics, 142.
Trade control, and proposed continuation of Proclaimed
List of Certain Blocked Nationals, 340.

Bacon, Ruth B., designation in State Department, 284, 809.
Baliia Blanca, Argentina, clo.sing of U.S. Consulate, 51.
Baker, George W., designation in State Department, 811.
Ballantine, Joseph W., designation in State Department,

777, 809.
Bank, Export-Import, of Washington, 663.
Bank for International Reconstruction and Development:
Description of, 16, 114, .541, 546.
Statement by Mr. Morgenthau, 112.
Bar Association of city of New York, address by Mr.

Sandifer, 731.
Barbados, furnishing of laborers for work in U.S.. memo-
randum of understanding (1944), amendment, 585.
Barbed wire, supplied to Soviet Union. 45.
Barber, Willard F., designation in State Department, 810.
Bases in the Philippines, air, land, and naval, joint resolu-
tion of U.S. Congress concerning, 17.
Bastille Day, statement by President Roosevelt, 59.
Begg, John M., designation in State Department, 284, 812.
Belgium :
Inquiries concerning U.S. nationals in Brussels area,

service for, 076.
Liberation of Brussels, statements by President Roose-
velt and Secretary Hull, 253.
Opening of U.S. Consulate General at Antwerp, 510, 643.
Opening of U.S. Embassy at Brussels, 332, 510.
Treaties, agreements, etc.:

Customs union, with Luxembourg and Netherlands

(1944), 562.
Monetary agreement, with U.K. (1944), 526.
Shipping, continuance of control for United Nations
purposes (1944), 358.
U.S. Ambassador (Sawyer), confirmation of nomination,
Belovsky, Sidney A., designation in State Department, 813.



Belt, Guillermo, credentials as Cuban Ambassador to

U.S., 837.
BeltrAn, Pedro, credentials as Peruvian Ambassador to

U.S., 77.
Benninghoff, H. Merrell, designation in State Department,

616, 809.
Berendsen, C. A., credentials as New Zealand Minister to

U.S., 76.
Eerie, Adolf A., Jr. :
Addresses :

Charles Carroll Forum, Washington, 476.
Civil Aviation, International Conference, 529, 530, 718.
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, gradua-
tion exercises, 99.
Inter-Faith Conference, New York, 256.
"World statesmen", radio program, 135.
Resignation as Assistant Secretary of State, correspond-
ence with President Roosevelt and Secretary Stet-
tinius, 694.
Biauchi, Joao Antonio de, credentials as first Portuguese

Ambassador to U.S., 79.
Birds, migratory, conventions for protection. 229, 246, 362.
Bjiirnsson, Sveinn, President of Iceland, visit to U.S.,

175, 223.
Blacklist. See Blocked Nationals.

Blaisdell, Donald C, designation in State Department, SIO.
Blake, Gilson G., designation in State Department, 813.
Blakeslee, George H., article on Japan's mandated is-
lands, 764.
Bliss, Robert Woods, designation in State Department,

Blockade, Allied :
Article by Mr. Lnvitt, 597.
Breach of to ship relief supplies to Greece, SOD.
Blockade Committee, Anglo-American, 600, 601.
Blocked Nationals, Proclaimed List:
Effects of blacklist, 597, 599.
Post-war continuation, necessity for, 340.
Revision VII, Cumulative Supplement 4, 5, 6 : 5, 129, 222.
Itevision VIII and Cumulative Supplements 1, 2, 8,
4 : 328, 480, 609, 768.
Bloom, Sol, address by Mr. Stettinius at testimonial

dinner in honor of, 18.
Boards. See Commissions.

Boggs, S. W., designation in State Department, 812.
Bolilen, Charles E., designation in State Department. 808.
Bolivarian Affairs, Division of. See North and West

Coast Affairs, Division of.
Bolivia (see also American republics) :
Ambassador to U.S. (Andrade), credentials, 838.
Invitation to participate In Bretton Woods Conference,

Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Agricultural Sciences, Inter-American Institute

(1944), signature, 149.
Cultural relations, inter-American, promotion (1930),

ratification, 148.
Pan American Highway (1936), ratification, 148.
Pan American Union (1928), ratification, 148.
U. S. Ambassador (Thurston), appointment, 332.
U.S. educators, mission to, 138.
Wheat shipment from U.S., 596.
Bonbright, James 0. H., designation In State Department,

Bonomi, Ivanoe, Prime Minister of Italy, message to

President Roosevelt. 398.
Booty. See Loot.
Border-crossing regulations between U.S. and Canada,

changes, 52.
Borton, Hugh, articles on —
Japan, 817.
Korea, 578.
Boundary, Costa Rica and Panama, completion of demar-
cation :
Article by Mrs. Saucerman, 390.
Statement by Secretary Hull, 315.

Bowman, Isaiah, designation in State Department, 149,

Boykin, Samuel D., designation in State Department, 812.
Brazil (sec also American republics) :
Ambassador Martins, remarks as acting chairman of

Governing Board, Pan American Union, 698.
Contributions to Allied cause, statement by former Am-
bassador Cafferv, 345.
Cultural leaders, visit to U.S., 129, 391.
Independence day, message of President Roosevelt to

Presitlent Vargas, 278.
Pan American Conference on Geography and Cartog-
raphy, Second Consultative, in Rio de Janeiro, 159.
Ti'eaties, agreements, etc. :

Commercial modus vivetidi, with Venezuela (1940),

renewal (1944), 562.
Military-service agreement, with U.K. (1944), 55.
Naval oflicer, U.S., detail of (1944), 361.
Railway convention, with Paraguay (1944), 307.
U.S. Secretary of State Hull, resignation, exchange of
messages with Foreign Minister, 650.
Brazilian Affairs, Division of, 783, 810.
Bretton Woods Conference. See United Nations Monetary

and Financial Conference.
Brickell, Hersehel, designation in State Department, 812.
Britisli Commonwealth Affairs, Division of, 781, 809.
Brown, Courtney C, designation in State Department,

486, 811.
Brown, James E., Jr., designation in State Department,

Brussels, Belgium :

Inquiries concerning U.S. nationals, service for, 676.
Liberation, statements by President Roosevelt and Sec-
retary Hull, 253.
Opening of U.S. Embassy, 332, 510.
Buchanan, Daniel H., designation In State Department,

616, 810.
Bucknel! University, Lewisburg, Pa., address by Mr. Shaw,

Budget, Bureau of the, procedure for furnishing of In-
formation by State Department (Adm. Instr., Gen.
Adm. 12), 678.
Budget and Finance, Division of, 800, 812.
Bulgaria :
Armistice with U.S., U.K., and Soviet Union, text, 492,

U.S. citizens in, welfare, 772.
Bundv, Vernon E., designation in State Department, 130,

Bunn, Charles:
Addresses :

Foreign Policy Assn., Atlanta, Ga., 95.
United Nations Assn., Waterbury, Conn., 433.
Designation in State Department, 130, 810.
Burland, Elmer G., designation in State Department, 130.

486, 811.

Burma, opium, plan suggested by U.S. for world-wide lim-
itation of production, 723.
Burns, Norman, designation in State Department, 130,

Busiue.ss and Professional Women's Club, Richmond, Va.

address by Mr. Taft, 707.
Byingtou, Homer M., Jr., designation in State Department,

Byingtou, Homer M., Sr., retirement from Foreign Service
remarks by Mr. Stettinius, 580.

Cabot, John M., designation in State Department, 180, 810.
Cadogan, Sir Alexander, remarks at Dumbarton Oaks Con

versations, 201, 341, 343.
Caffery, Jefferson :
Appointment as U.S. Representative, and later Ambassa-
dor, to the de facto French Authority, 332, 681.
Statement on Brazilian contribution to Allied cause, 345.
Cale, Edward G., designation in State Department, 357, 811.



Lenrl-iease aid from U.S., reference to, 80.
Relief supplies for Greece, 305.
Travel regulations, with U.S., changes, 52.
Treaties, agreements, etc. :

Canol project, with U.S. (1944), text, 22.5.
Criminal offenses by armed forces, issuance by Presi-
dent Roosevelt of proclamation implementing the
jurisdiction of service courts of friendly foreign
forces within U.S., 481.
Defense installations, with U.S. (1944), text, 127, 139.
Double taxation and prevention of fi.scal evasion, with

U.S., ratification by U.S. (1944), 246, 732, 840.
Economic settlements, post-war, with U.S. (1942),

provisions relating to mutual aid, 80.
Migratory birds, protection of, with U.S. (1916),

amendment of regulations, 229, 246, 362.
Mutual-aid agreement, with New Zealand (1944), 443.
Shipping, continuance of control for United Nations

purposes (1944), 358.
Water power, temporary raising of level of Lake St.
Francis, with U.S. (1941), continuance (1944),
Whaling, regulation of, protocol (1944), ratification,
Cannon, Cavendish W., designation in State Department,

331, 809.
Canol project, agreement with Canada (1944), text, 225.
Canty, George R., designation in Stare Department, 811.
Capture of prizes in territorial waters, reciprocal agree-
ment with Australia (1942, 1944), 192.
Caribbean and Central American Affairs, Division of,

783. 810.
Caribbean area (see also Caribbean Researfh Council) :
Definition of territories included in, 211.
Production of war materials in, 21.5.
Radio broadcasts to, 210. 213.

Survey, economic and social, 1940-^1, by a presidential
commission, 218.
Caribbean Commission. See Anglo-American Caribbean

Caribbean land-tenure symposium, at Mayagiiez, P. R.,

181, 221.
Caribbean Research Council :

Land-tenure symposium, 181, 221.
Meetings, 181, 209.

Relation to Anglo-American Caribbean Commission, 378.
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, address by

Mr. Oerig. .565.
Carr, Robert M.. designation in State Department, 54, 810.
Carrigan. .Tohn W., designation in State Department, 192,

284, 810.
Cartels, international:
Address by Mr. Edwards, 25, 29.
Article by Mr. Bunn, 433.

U.S. policy, correspondence between President Roosevelt
and .Secretary Hull, 254, 292.
Cartography, Second Consultative Pan American Confer-

ference on Geography and, 159.
Catudal, Honor

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